by Joan Dice

How to Finish Loom Bracelet with Adjustable Leather Ends - Jewel Loom School with Jewels

Learn another way to make an adjustable loomed bracelet with leather ends. Jewels makes this look so easy! She uses supplies in the Sedona Spring Desert Hatband kit to loom the bracelet & to make the leather ends…you only need to provide the glue, loom, & Wildfire.

If you are wanting to use this type of ends for a different bracelet, trim a piece of strong leather to the width of the bracelet. Make sure you have the length of the leather a little longer than you need, to make sure you can even it out, when gluing...then you can trim off the excess ends of the leather.

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boy oh boy Joan and I can get in a lot of trouble we just talk and talk and talk and then all of a sudden it's you
know screaming at a show time so here we are welcome welcome so happy to
see everyone I'm Juliana Avalar everyone calls me Jules I'm the inventor of the
original jewel loom bead Loom and the baby Loom and a lot of really beautiful wood looms
that are made out of a sustainable Baltic Birch um and so they're all very very very
delicious so today is Thursday it kind of feels weird like
anytime there's a holiday in the middle of the week it just kind of throws my whole entire
everything off I don't know about you but I don't even know what day it really
feels like maybe it feels like a Monday I don't really know but it is Thursday and it's jewel loom School live and I'm
so appreciative I see Cynthia and Jeanette and Maria and
um of course Joan is with us and Sherry just came in I'm gonna get my little
scrolly thing out of the way and Lisa hello Lisa Lisa Lisa so it is a
beautiful day here finally on the west coast it's kind of been um overcast I think we're just living in
a forever June Gloom state but uh but July is we're you know I'm
hopeful that that there'll be more sun and uh and we'll get a little bit more
a little more daylight so uh with that said so yeah so we're um we are playing around with the Sedona
kit you know I started the Sedona kit gosh has it been like a
I'm I'm embarrassed to say this but it's probably been a month so we did the
Sedona spring hat band kit as a course
for the creative Soul Workshop and um and that was huge and everybody loved
that and it's super pretty and then I asked Trisha to make some earrings from
the pattern and so I know Lisa was um emailing me today and so we were
going back and forth but the cool thing is that yeah we will show like what you
want to do if you want to create a bracelet instead of a hat band and then basically like for the earrings and Joan
can probably is already posting that somewhere you know you could just take like a little suction each section is
like I'd say about an inch and so for the earrings I believe Trisha just did
like one one little section and if I'm not mistaken it was like the first section
and so those earrings are just so stinking cute so there's really a lot of
different things that you could do if you're not into hat bands you could take the pattern you could take the kit and you can make other things such as
a bracelet earrings or what have you you could even do like a really cool pendant
I mean especially with these colors for um the summer time that would just look
so beautiful the color palette is very very um it's like if you're driving through
the desert or you're hiking in the back of the mountains and you see that
succulent and it's got that really beautiful corally pink flower that just came out of it out of
nowhere and you're like oh my gosh I like so beautiful that is really so much
of this pattern right here and that's why we call it the Sedona spring
hat band and so this was designed by Brandy Fletcher Brandy and I have known
each other since we were little boo-boos um 13 years old or so from junior high
school and she's actually a total rock star like for real she she sings
and she also does silver small thing and silver smelting silver smith thing right
is a silver I'm a silver smith she's a silversmith is it called silversmithing is that such a thing Joe is that proper
I don't know that's a that's an awning question right hahaha but um
yeah so so she's been doing that and um yeah I really I really love it thank you
Zach I really I sat here today and actually um finished it off because when we left
at the last segment I had only been able to do where am I at the top pattern here
just this little piece and so today I actually um sat here and and finished it up and
so I have a six inch wrist um this section is just about six inches
and what I did with the solid blue up here I'm gonna do again at the bottom and that's how I'm going to adhere the
faux leather and so in your kit by the way there's only four Sedona spring kits left so there's one
two three one two three four five six
is it six tubes I think of beads and then you get the I got faux leather this
time just to kind of like you know um balance it out I don't know this is
suede um and then so there's you know a piece of the suede in there and then you've got a um a slider bead for the closure
and so by all means you could choose to use a slide connector or maybe you sew
on a button you know maybe a technique that that you would prefer but you do
get actually these two guys used to be together so it's like a four by four or three by four piece of faux leather and
it's really nice and it works super well um so yeah so that's my story for this
Thursday when you do buy the kit um like I said there's only four kits left you
will get the downloadable PDF so that you'll have the pattern it's
going to tell you what to do it's awesome what I do is I get an envelope and this was a Kelly Dell idea where she prints
it out and then she just you know brings the piece of paper down with her as she's following the pattern so I thought
that was really smart because if you try to do this without that as like no fun
Also let's just see I'm going to bring this in I'm wearing my bracelet I told you I was so excited look at how
beautiful so this is with the fire polish assortment this is the beaded wrap
bracelet that I finished off I do apologize for that um
a little bit of a sound sound issue not an echo not a screeching just kind of like a lot of jewel
but anyway so cool and I'm loving the button it all worked out really well together and it's just delicious I love
the thinness of it and because you know then it's like really nice and lightweight so I did that on the large
wisdom Warrior which by the way um Lisa had asked me earlier she was
saying how she has the jewel loom and the silver silk loom um if you don't have the large
wisdom Warrior um you can make pieces on the jewel loom
for a hat band and then you would just have to sew the ends together okay so
that is an option if you don't have the large wisdom Warrior um or maybe you're saving up for it and
you want to make a hat band you could make the pieces on the original jewel loom and again you would just sew sew
the ends together that's what we did in my book um when I did the chokers because
the wisdom Warrior had not been birthed yet so back in the day uh that's that's
actually what we did so all right um oh another quickie here I know this may be like well that's weird but it's
actually not so this is that stuff right that you put
into your your cabinets and I know some people
ask often like well how do you keep your jewel loom from wiggling and this was
one of the ideas it you know to put it on um the oh my gosh
what is it called the um cabinet shelf cabinet sticky
non-stuff what is it called I can't remember Jones Gonna Save My Day
right here so that is what shelf liner shelf liner so with the starter kits
with the jewel loom starter kits um my mom cut a piece of this and so
we're going to put it into the starter kit so if you buy a starter kit this is going to go into it and then you just
put your loom on top of it and it helps it to not have a wiggle butt
it's plastic it weighs like nothing it's it's a wiggle right so you you can put
it on a non-skid Surface such as and it does help
so just a little something we're going to throw in with the starter kits um and you know maybe you'll just think
that's really cool [Laughter] but either way we like it and so shelf
lining okay all the words Karen says liner grippers shelf liner awesome
and Lisa says she just ordered sewing down to three kids thank you Lisa
yeah this was a really popular kit and um and so uh oh oh that's huge oh you
scared me I was like I turned off all of my things that should not be happening all right so we're gonna go ahead and
get started and yeah you could go ahead and do that Joan you could you could probably
um yep there you go awesome so this is let's see here
gonna let that just kind of get its grounding there
and yeah so I've just got the the jewel loom on
you know on this and you can see how it doesn't really want to move
so I'm looking at my screen and it looks like it's going a little slow is it Joan
it is okay huh
let's see if it just needs to set for a second here so um I'm just going to back
out and again I'm just going to be doing the blue rose and if the computer or if the the phone
continues to go slow then I'll just um I'll just go to the laptop and we'll
we'll bring it down to the surface okay so let's just see what happens so
I'm going to come under the jewel loom and just for reference the jewel loom is in front of my body
and this end right here is closest to my body and this is my right hand
and this is my left hand over here and what I'm going to do is I'm going to
take the needle and I'm going to come under
the warps and grab it with my right hand and then I'm going to just pick up some
of these gorgeous Cornflower seed beads this color can be anything you want
because you're not going to see it when it's all done and I'm also just going to get some light on the situation
there we go it's always nice when when we can see so
I'm just going to pick up a bunch of um of the blue beads to be exactly let's
see how many am I picking up one two no I'm going to count on the pattern because like I can really see that okay
one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen
so so yeah like if you have leftover beads
you could use those for the ends
okay five business six seven eight
whoops nine ten what did I say 13.
oh goodness let's see there's three six
nine ten eleven twelve I think I said 13 right okay so I'm gonna pick those up
and then we're just going to pop them in between the warps
you can almost hear them just popping in
and by the way if you're wondering how I got to this point again this is like part two of what we started a few weeks
ago and so the warping is discussed as is um you know following the pattern
okay so there's the first one foreign
and I'm working on the jewel loom um bead board by the way perfect
okay so that was 13.
and we're just doing I think it's five rows of these guys
thank you I love when they just pop up and in between the warps I wanna
bring that up a little and so it's really careful too that when you are going back through the beads that you
are on top of the warp so you should be able to see that needle Glide
through the beads okay
oh that's wonderful news Donna Donna's um special
well they're all special um her large wisdom Warrior is on the way
to her I can't wait to see what you do she's so beautiful
okay so that's five
six seven eight
nine ten eleven twelve thirteen
and again just going back through trying to see if you can see a little
bit of that shine from the needle you know you can if you're on top of the
warps you definitely can see the silver part of the needle going through which is definitely what you want
because if you don't go on top of the warps then uh the the beads will fall and then that is like no fun
it does not make for a happy person
yeah the the wood products ship out of Missouri so just depending on where you're at and what's going on
um you never know she might arrive sooner
but with the one day you know delay with um July 4th you know that could be the
only reason why it might take actually until Monday okay so did I do five yeah
I gotta do one more so right now for those of you tuning in wondering what is she doing I'm making
um the bed so to speak of where I'm going to attach
the piece of faux leather um you could certainly use real leather and we have but what comes in the kit is
a piece of the faux leather and so I'm building the base
right now so let's see that was six
seven eight nine
ten eleven whoopsie 12. 13.
Okay so
yep gliding right on top let me see if I could slowly bring that up
thank you Kelly I don't think that's the first
time you've had a bat in the living room because if my memory corrects me I remember being on a zoom one time and
either the bat was in the living room or you talked about that is that correct
oh my God so crazy so yeah so there's there's that end
and so what I'm going to do now is I need to weave the um rest
of the thread through and it's you're not going to be able to nor would
you really want to or need to go through the entire bracelet you know if these
were Edo's yeah but these are 11 0's and so it's pretty firm pretty secure but
I'm just going to go ahead and weave back through a little bit here
and so it doesn't hurt to yeah see I I've already been through
these next couple of rows so it's a little tight
thank you
okay so now what I'm going to do is I want to tuck that in
so I'm going to come up a row and then I'm going to come out the second between
the second and the third bead
okay and then I'm going to
grab the warp
and all I'm trying to do is like create a little knot and then I'm going to hide it
so then I'll take my needle push that to the back
and pull the knot to the back so that it can't be seen okay
put that down and I'm just going to trim really quick and then I'll go back and clean that up
later I just don't want to accidentally I'm going to have to do that afterwards
too okay so let's make room here I have the messiest area so let me show you
where we're trying to get to this is actually the um High Desert Hot band I stinking love
this hat band so much there are still kits for this by the way and you can do the same thing so like for instance if
you wanted to make a bracelet you could take the pattern
um you know and this could be like on you know the front of your wrist right
and so whoopsie sorry yep oh my gosh this and then the blue
okay I'm gonna go a little crazy sorry but some of the
squirrel squirrel sorry
I just have to do this let's see like I could do a wrap bracelet with some of the Blues and then wear it with the High
Desert hat band that modified the pattern from the kit and do
um do a bracelet oh my heck okay sorry
I can't help it it's like all these things are looking at me and I'm like oh my gosh all right so so this is the
closure that I'm gonna do on the bracelet um in so pretty easy you're just making
like a little sandwich with your this is actually leather that came in this kit um just a little little sandwich you
know and then gluing it sometimes you know you might want to have like a clamp to
um to hold it into place I've got a lean's fast grab glue and so I'm hopeful
that it will grab so I want to put that to the side and
let me just kind of get my desk oh my goodness I have so many things going on here I'm going to pull this
over don't you just love the jewel loom look at how pretty that is I just love it
gorgeous laser Robert is the best
all right and then we'll pull our our liner out of the way and
so when I take a piece off the loom you know that I I'm gonna adjust this just a
little bit here I'd like to cup the piece in my hand
and then I put my finger over that and then I'm just kind of holding it like a
sandwich almost I just don't want it to ever like hit the surface and
then you know the beads break or what have you usually there's a little bit more concern
with that if you're using like you know big check beads or fire polish but these
are seed beads but still better safe than sorry so I'm gonna hold it and then very carefully
I'm going to that wasn't too bad
I feel that and put the jewel in yep essential limp over and then
um I am just gonna do a little knotting because
actually I'm going to leave that one over there I'll go back and Sizzle that one with the um the burner
so when you're doing this I can't say it enough just be careful that you
don't pull too tight because the warps will shift and then your piece
um will get all wonky so many times when people say you know oh my piece curled up or whatever it's
usually because in this process um you pull too tight and or when you
were beating your wefts when you were actually doing the weaving
your consistency wasn't wasn't always the same
that's what I have trouble doing what's why do you have trouble this part Becky
okay which one was I dust with holy guacamole okay well you don't get to
it's a lot of warps foreign
yeah see I just felt something hopefully I didn't shift it
I personally have more trouble um I usually have a little bit of an issue when I'm doing the earrings for
some reason I think it's because they're short whereas the bracelets I don't tend to
have the problem of the warps shifting
so I have to be really careful regardless
patience my dear patients
so what was the most yummiest thing that you had for um Fourth of July did
anybody cook anything or eat anything just that was like unbelievably yummy
I went to an area of La that I had not ventured into before and it was really fun
um and anytime I walk into a house and there's a chandelier and a piano in a
rustic home I'm just like in love and that's what I
got to enjoy on Tuesday and it's interesting there are so many
little nuggets in the LA area that you know you just you don't ever I don't
think you could ever really know all the little bits and pieces because some of these roads you know like I took
Mulholland Drive um exit and then I was making lefts and rights and lefts and rights and then at
one point it was like thank goodness I was paying attention because it was one of those like do you go straight because
that road I'm not too sure of but but it went straight and uh and then I
went up in behind into the mountains and it was so cool because it wasn't like a
bunch of mansions it was like all this old architecture and all these homes every single one of
them were different um a lot of them were ranchers and so they were single story and they just had
a lot of really cool um you know architecture and just a
whole different energy about them it wasn't like that fancy schmancy um
you know Beverly Hills or anything like that Okay so
um oh you made potato salad and coleslaw there was a lot of potato salad and
coleslaw a hot dog with cheese in it oh barbecued spare ribs
and nice yeah so where I was at they made
um they made tri-tip which
um is kind of like a well not kind of it is a California thing um Santa Maria style and there was
chicken I don't know that there was I don't eat pork really well I guess I eat bacon
first I feel like I'm cutting somebody's hair I do trim mine every once in a while I
shouldn't say that out loud my stylist will not be happy
so I'm just gonna put this again let me pull this in
this is aleene's fast grab tacky glue
oh that's so the okay so Marlon Brando had some watermelon
and he really really liked it so that's a good thing because it's good
for them of course I I um I took the seeds out but oops
oh my gosh I'm like a dang fifth or five-year-old right now sorry
foreign you may have another way that you do
this okay I need some art therapy right now so
just just bear with me okay so I'm gonna bring in
um the piece of leather and I'm gonna put it over
okay and then what I want to do is I'm going to fold it but I've got to trim it because remember I'm going to need space
to get that suede that suede through here so I could do this now
but I don't want to accidentally glue it so I'm not going to so I'm just kind of eyeballing to see
so I'm just making like a little sandwich
and I'm going to come in here
um I'm gonna let this just sit for a second um and do what it says it does fast dry
fast grab
live a little jewels fine Joan is telling me to live a little
there you go thank you thank you for letting me live on the edge okay and then I'll just yeah that's even
so we're good oh Joan Joan Knows Best
so this is working really well and I think too because this is a faux
um leather that you're not going to need a clamp where with the thicker leather the real leather you know it's it's
um definitely definitely heavier and so I gotta stand
up because I um I don't want to screw up this cut
I'm probably going to cut it a little bit longer and then I'm going to go back
and trim it
so that I just let it sit for a second here okay so that's
that's the one side and okay back in the hot seat
and then let's see if we can't get these guys cut
your fingers too usually I use a toothpick but for the
life of me I can't seem to find one right now
okay okay
so now we're just going to do the same thing again
it's gonna be really cool oh you know this might look good together too but I gotta look in the fire polish and see
which fire polish would match which one would match this
I don't think I'm gonna worry about day one two I think I'm being a little over zealous with that since I'm using the
but this is fast dry so I don't know you might you might dry you might try to it
excuse me well about Brando is outside scratching
wanting to come in because two walks is not enough there
needs to be a third
you'll understand the concept of you know Mommy is still working
yeah see this one a little bit a little bit faster
oh I'm gonna go ahead and very carefully get this little guy
my back side not sure
some people use um the E6000 I I can't deal with the
smell in the studio when I can't keep the windows open but I really have just
found this is fine you know like I I feel like the fast grab is is really works very nicely
that's good
so I'm kind of just painting it on
I mean if you want to get glue boogers all over your fingers
just like the way how this rolls it's kind of like a rolling paint brush so
it works out nice so I'm just going to bring this back in
I'm gonna stand up so I can see
okay and then again I'm going to just do the same thing leaving some space for that
suede up here
yes I'm definitely going to check in on this just to make sure and then I'm going to go back when we're off camera
and and mark this so that I can cut a straight line I don't want to
because then I'll be all milk a doodle I'm gonna trim this and
then um because when I wove it in but I'm going to put a smidge and I don't think
you're ever gonna see it in fact now I can't even find it so I'm not going to really worry about it
there we go the glue boogers off my my hand
yeah those are the backs put this through
and then we're going to take these guys
oh that might be a little loose but there we go
yay so easy peasy pumpkin squeezy
I love the look of this um this uh it's hard to tell let me pull let me pull it up a little
that's a really pretty um complimenting faux faux leather so yeah here's your Sedona
bracelet and it actually would probably look good with my
let's see oh yeah it actually does look pretty huh
now I really got a garden going yes you could Stitch It mm-hmm
yeah in fact um Brandy I have a piece where Brandy actually um uh stitched it and with the faux
leather you know you could definitely Stitch it and uh not struggle to get through it
because it's very I mean look at this it's very yeah very flexible
I mean I think it just depends on the glue you're using um Terry but to your point I think the
stitching always looks really fun too you know so you could do that you could
keep these a little bit wider and then you could do some hand sewing on the side that would be great that I love that
look by the way but the fast the fast grab is grabbed
and scrapped
oh fun okay let me come up hold on let me get the light off of my
off of my life my eyes yay
yeah it's really yeah it's really fun
I do like how that looks together actually um the it's funny because it looks like
Coral but it's called pumpkin but it looks really pretty and look how it complements the Vintage button so the
vintage buttons are in the shop too isn't it great
very pretty yeah um yeah that's
I like that a lot oh yeah hypo is really good too I like
hypo for certain um and it doesn't smell you know the
hypo um the beetle on hypo I always forget the whole name but yeah
I do like that it's just that the E stinks so I get my zap at Bass Pro Shops
yeah we used to string with fishing line oh cool Leslie nice you'll love them
they're really pretty the buttons are really really pretty and the fire polishes to die for
I'm loving my Jewel arm look at all of this amazingness isn't that crazy what
we can do with our looms I'm always um I'm just always like blown away and
especially when I see everybody you know what they've been doing and what they've done and
um it just yeah blows my mind
yeah it might be affordable but yeah I don't I don't think it's like probably the best for us to be breathing in
so yeah I love it too I love looming of course it makes me happy
and these are just fun too we have like little Stevie Nicks suede funness are there just trying to
see I'm back to the fire polish Shameless I'm sorry I just can't I can't
help let's see um this palette might
see like with the oh yeah that would look so pretty too huh the Browns that are in
the kit so this is there's one fire polish collection
that has 29 strands one that has 12 strands and the secret is that
at the end of your order you get an opportunity to buy the 10 strand
for like 33 percent off so
that's a pretty good deal but yeah look at this with this color with the the ambers and
that would look really pretty with the Sedona too but I'm loving all the pinks that I did
with the Sedona bracelet a super Gorge so yeah so okay let me just see here a
big hole at the end of each leather end would be nice yes you can do that as well absolutely yeah they're so
um listen I just always try to show an idea and Empower you
to then you know decide uh you know what
you what you want to do with that idea what you what do you want to do with that technique that I show you do do you
want to use it exactly the way I taught you or do you want to expand on it and I love when you expand on it
so yeah yeah that's 29 strands of fire polish
for 26 dollars it's like 84 cents a strand it's like it's a great
opportunity it's a great and it's a it's an opportunity where I bought into something that was being you know like I
can't go back and get it and so once they're gone they're gone yep that is what I love so much we can
take the tip yes [Laughter] I am never going to be the teacher who's just like you have to do it my way
I'm just gonna show you I learned a lot from you I learned so much from you all
like I really do I get so inspired and um and so I I love watching what you're
doing and how you use the Looms and um yeah so it's it's such a it's such a
great community of just give and take and learn and and so many lessons and
um just a beautiful way to be creative hey Joan do you want to come on really quick you can get rid of the overhead if
you want so [Music]
[Laughter] rona's still recouping from July 4th
yeah yeah because uh
are they were shooting fireworks off till one in the morning
I know I want to be people I'm not I'm not a fan because of the animals and stuff but
um hey so uh in case you haven't heard we started
a birthday club and we sent out a bunch of emails last week and
um one of the emails had an error meaning that when you click the link it
didn't go anywhere or it only asked you for your name we got a really good laugh on that
because we were just like I think your birthday is so
um we did it we did we resent an oops on Sunday so
um if you were kind of wondering hey I only put my name and
um my email and it never asked me for my birthday
sight word so goofy over at Julian it's goofy we're psychics now
you might want to go back and and sign up but uh yeah so the birthday club's
really fun just a little way for me to email you something um on your birthday a little something
something and yeah so uh you know if you want you can join that I always think
it's kind of fun and um let's see uh I finally got signed on to that
10 days late 10 days no you're never late honey it wasn't late at all
I'm so happy oh Stephanie I remember getting that email I'll have to check for it yes please
yeah so you don't have to it's just another thing you know I'm always
working with my Shopify experts to better serve you to better you know like
we're going to be doing a big theme um update here I think September where
I've got you know it's not the site won't be down or anything but in behind the scenes we're going to be doing some
stuff for efficiency to make sure that things are running smooth so always just
kind of looking at at how to better serve you and so um and just like Jules was saying before
the show she's been renaming some of the playlists so they make more sense than the names we had on them you know in
YouTube yeah so I went in and I I gave a playlist
every you know how to use the original jewel loom how to use your large wisdom Warrior how to use the small Sun Weaver
so like every Loom should have a playlist and so if you're just kind of
wondering hey I got the large wisdom Warrior you know what do I do with her how do I
warp her so we're we're gonna feed those how to playlists with the videos that
make sense um and yeah and so just trying to make things
easy I want you to learn I don't ever want you to like have a loom
in your closet
but um hey Carmen Carmen's in the house let's see I remember getting what's going on great experts on your team
I'm very very very very very blessed with my Joan and my Claudia and my I got
Leona I got a lot of people who that's a smart thing too in business I'm just
gonna tell you don't you know think don't try to do it all because we're not perfect at everything especially when it
comes to technology like if you don't get it and you're in business surround yourself the people who do and
I gotta tell you something so I'm kind of an ant Google analytics nerd
so what did I do this past weekend I sat with my laptop and I like yeah like that was my date
and so I I went to the Google analytics and
um and I was like who who are these people who's coming you know wait what does
this say I got something happened I saw that like what is he they turned to see a furious
my husband's furry but oh my God
well here you could use some fast grabb Elaine's tacky group rip it off oh my
God that is so funny anyway I'm a total Google analytics goofball
and I was having so much fun looking at the traffic and who comes from where
because I like this kind of stuff like I want to know Joe is dying
um and so the interesting thing and I have to apologize because I am always saying
ladies or you know girlfriends and guess what we have
25 male visitors I do not know if they're free
Harry I don't know the Google analytics does not tell me if they're a bunch of hairy
dudes but what they do say is that 25 of our audience is men and so I would like
to welcome all of the men and I apologize for not
from now on I'll be like hey man
and the other super cool thing yeah they're super cool thing is that
our demographics yes are typically from like that 30 something to all the way
um into the 80s and 90s believe it or not but we have been honored with 18 to
34 year olds and I just want to give you all a shout out because
creativity is like it's so
um healing it's so Soulful and when you're young and you're exploring and
you're like even remotely taking the time to watch this crazy
you know with with my loom I'm so grateful like I'm super super grateful
and I'm super pumped for you and I just want to extend like hey if you need help
let me know um but that's such a huge compliment and
I'm just I'm really mostly excited for you because I think it's super cool
um I was lucky enough to have you know a Portuguese grandma and an aunt who crocheted and knitted and my mom who
macramade you know so and and so that's like where I was
kind of learning I didn't have the YouTubes and so um so yeah so major
thank you shout out to our 18 to 34 year olds amazing love to
this category and our 25 of men
so I just thought that was I'm so corny I know I'm sorry I want to see what the
18 to 34 year olds are making in the morning I bet they are really inspiring I'm
I'm telling you I was like this was Saturday morning like sitting in bed with my coffee looking at Google
analytics that's you know just like because it's good as an owner to
understand your your clients your customers you want to be able to serve
them and I really like when I saw that pie and it said 25 male
I was like hey
oh look at Cara Cara says it's because of my tick tocks hey you never know when
I was thinking your love cuff [Laughter]
Hey listen the love cough got me right under a half a million views so it did I
had to check that out now and see how many you have oh my God so funny Terry is saying I'm
hoping wrap bracelets so popular in that age group yeah
yeah and then um Stephanie says my 13 year old granddaughter makes bracelets she sent me a picture of what she made
and I know my friend Christy has her daughter um looming and who's a spot somebody
else just bought some limbs um Judith Judith who was in Prague with me
so I think it's so cool and to Jones Point hey
if you're 18 you know if you're in that bracket and also if you're a dude dude
if you're a 25 male 25 male yeah
only 25 but we send no I mean really I love to see everybody's everything
um well not everything but you know what I'm saying it's just exciting it's exciting and I'm
being Giddy and serious all in the same breath because you see we have a a Facebook group we have the jewel
jewelry making by Jewel is that what it's called I don't even know what my own group's called she'll and so there's
a plethora of people in there and they're predominantly women and they post and they post and they post and
they post and and so we're I'm just excited because this is a new category of people
and um and so my heart is just like oh my God I
just want to see what you're doing you know like I would just love to see what you're doing are you making friendship
bracelets what are you going to do to attract them to show us what they're doing and where
they would like show it you know like if it's not the story making of Julian page what kind of
place would you like for us to make so you would show it well you know the texting comments in the video and in
YouTube I mean but the texting um Community takes pictures they can text
they can text the texting Community with a photo and just say hey you know oh yeah and then we can share
it yeah I guess yeah something like that but anyway
so that's my nerdy input for the day and
I know that's interesting because I I often wondered if I mean I didn't imagine 25 man but I often wondered if
we had at least a handful of men you know neither did I I was like who needs match
it's hot Jules bringing them in girls
no programming for my dating
it's YouTube dating oh God here's where it all goes south
yeah I think oh it's 7 58 I think that's
what's telling us it's time this is what happens when it's time to go but anyway listen I love you all and I appreciate
you all and and I'm so grateful to you there is nothing better than waking up
to what you have created and how you show it um Ileana was tagging creative
soul and jewel loom all weekend long and my heart was just bursting so yeah when
you have an opportunity to do that and you choose to do that it's I'm so so incredibly grateful but um
okay Rhonda's like the replay yep watch the replay and uh here's the bracelet this one
this is so pretty yeah and Maria thank you so grateful for you
and Jeanette love your bracelet you're still inspiring me with that gorgeous bracelet this see this is why I get
excited because we're you know we see everybody doing what they're doing and then and then there's this little other
population and I'm like what are you doing
you don't have to share but just know that that uh that I'm grateful to you so anyway
all right guys uh next Tuesday I'm gonna upload um some pre-recorded videos on how to
sew on a four-strand slide clasp and so Joan you said you
made a new playlist for finishing yes it's been up there so in fact I may
I'll put some nights in there but if I put into that I could have to retitle it because it's pretty much finishing a
bracelet is what you did today yeah right it is what I did today so I'll put
they got me second guessing myself
I saw that Maria Danielle does have a free Loom pattern on interweave and it's really yeah it's really cool
yeah oh thank you for sharing that yeah we love Danielle
and she loves the jewel loom so yeah it is awesome so we'll do that on
Tuesday and I know I wrote down something about what I'm going to do next Thursday and it's not in front of me so I have I just don't have any
retention right now to tell you but I know something let me look oh you know
what I think it might be um I might do the hamtique I might do the earrings oh it's been a couple weeks
since you used him teak so well and I I've never really done the hemp earrings
on its own it was Deb Flores was doing her thing I was making along with her so
the earrings the fun earrings never really got like their own time so I think that's what I have planned for
next Thursday oh that's a good idea right Maria says Christmas in July oh
sweet baby [Laughter] I I get a lot of comments on my laugh
I yeah I I don't know I'm sorry and I did Christmas in July Forever on Eileen's
creative living so I kind of like it's like you know how when you do something so many times and remember we
were doing Christmas in July in July annalene's creative living we were doing it in like February
oh to get it ready for July to get it ready for July so I got so burnt out
yeah because that's that's Christmas two months late for you you're so crazy yeah
it was good but you had to pre you had to get everything taped and you know into production so what did you learn
for Christmas oh Christmas on the loom is what you
said I thought no we were looming no no no we were just on Eileen's creative living we were doing
everything like everything like because you people
bought time to be on that show so all the manufacturers that were like in all the big stores they would buy time and
so it could it could be anything oh okay gotta decorate your goose
for the holidays no seriously toilet that's a real one and Heidi with
Oliver you know what what did she call it Trash to Treasure or something yeah so we were doing that this is just too
funny um I was going to say something important and I'm sorry I'm bad at
interrupting you and you're doing that no it's adorable that's adorable it's just now I can't I
can't remember so Zach says much love ladies 25 male
Rhonda says I want to know a few ladies have been in the Cherry Cherry what cordial oh what is that it's
a liquor oh see I don't what is that
this is just natural yeah today's been a dry actually I haven't had anything to drink in probably about a week and a
half I don't think I have either I don't remember oh wait uh I went
somewhere Friday last Friday night or Saturday I think I did go somewhere I might have a glass of wine
I really like our wired warped Loom projects we're only done a few that's
what I got to tell you oh my heck oh my heck oh my heck she says will there be more in the future okay here's
here's two parts to that Kelly so
uh uh yes for the creative Soul yes we are going to do more wire warping
projects for Creative soul and we were just talking about that last week yeah but in addition to that Mom and I are
letting go of some of our original artistic wire
meaning 1990 7 1998
completely different package yeah yeah totally back in the day gorgeous delish
um so I'm thinking I'm working on some numbers right now
um but I was gonna say if you are interested in the artistic wire D stash
text and say artistic wire and then I will add you to the list so
that you're part of um the first group of people that know what
the end result is as far as how many spools and and how much
oh I'm sorry stuff but I'm glad that we could put a smile on your face
sorry Steph yeah so anyway okay that's it I'm I think there was also something
else if I don't write it down anymore I can't remember I'm well it's important you could text it and put an email
well thank you marketing
explode from the marketing person I did yeah
we have an email list put it in an email [Laughter]
expects me to tell him all the time so well I am his baby mama so
I guess it doesn't we're two peas in a pod okay if I remember what I was going to
tell you I will tell you but for now I love you have the most amazing Thursday best
weekend ever and we'll see you next week love y'all