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  • How to Finish a Loom Bracelet with Multi Strand Slide Clasp - Jewel Loom School with Jewels

    July 12, 2023

    How to Finish a Loom Bracelet with Multi Strand Slide Clasp - Jewel Loom School with Jewels

    Learn to use the multi strand ring slide clasp on your loop projects by watching Jewels finish this gorgeous gemstone & Fire Polish bracelet on this Jewel Looom School tutorial. The ring slide clasp is another great option for your Jewel Loom projects, giving your design a different look. This may end up being your favorite way to finish off most of your loom projects!

    The course to weave these beads is part of the Creative Soul Workshop with Kit. Unless there is another surprise in the box for the Creative Soul community, there is almost always extra beads to make another project or to even make matching pieces for the project taught. If you would like to try it out for one month or subscribe, click here: 

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    foreign welcome everyone oh my goodness I love I
    love that it says you are live because I'm always just kind of like looking around trying to figure out am I alive
    or live and yes indeed I am welcome welcome it's Tuesday
    um which uh normally when we do jewel loom school you know we're on Thursdays but if you haven't heard I have decided
    to add Tuesdays um as well and so you can get a double dose of of uh jewel loom creativity and
    inspiration now every week and I'm really super excited about that and got
    some people coming in I love Jeanette how you always say hello from the Bronx
    in New York City she just like came in double snapped
    and said I am in the house I love that absolutely love that so super cool hey
    Sandy um so fun to see everybody coming in on a Tuesday afternoon hello hello Cynthia
    um so fun and Jeanette absolutely love what you made with the um June
    um blue calcitoni kit it's absolutely gorgeous um the a bracelet was the project and um
    she made earrings in addition to that and so always just makes me super
    excited when people take the kit and then um you know create something so hey
    Sabrina uh love it love it love it everyone's coming in and um
    so cool Lisa so fun oh working and watching I love that w w Hey listen for
    those of you that are joining and you're just like who's this woman let me introduce myself I'm Juliana Jules
    Avalar I am the inventor of the original blue jewel loom um portable bead weaving
    loom and so you can use the loom for making bracelets making earrings making
    pendants you can warp I always say if it's not moving it's fair game and so um
    we tend to use a lot of wildfire around here but we also play with different
    fabrics and fibers such as yarn and my favorite him teak which is a hemp cord a
    sustainable hemp cord and that I absolutely am in love with and
    Joan they make clothes like I was on their website the other night and they
    may close as well like which you can it's him so I'm just like oh I think I
    need something I don't know what but so anyway um we um have a shop uh it's called that's where the e-commerce lives all of the Looms and beading supplies and all kinds of
    wonderful things and in addition to that there is jewel loom school which houses all of the
    courses and some free content in addition to what you can find here on the YouTubes which by the way make sure
    you like the videos would so appreciated if you subscribe to the channel and um hey share the love if
    you're up to it right so um that would be incredibly uh grateful for that as
    well um let me just say a couple more cookies here Stephanie's in the house and Gloria's in the house and everything's
    just moving so quickly it's hard to like keep up but I appreciate you Bonnie is here from Hawaii
    I love that I love that very super super cool so okay so listen
    um over the weekend I was um finishing up the monthly
    workshop and um I
    okay let me tell you more about the workshop the creative Soul
    um monthly Workshop is a project that I design and then I curate all the items
    that you need to make that and so people will subscribe to that you don't have to
    subscribe if there's anything left then you can just buy
    every month but um this past month we did this gorgeous blue calcedoni and
    when I hold it up like this this is exactly what excites me so very Morocco
    very you know like when you're um overseas and oh where was I Jules
    Jules grab your mind grabbed your mind was it a restaurant in Australia I think so and I just remember seeing these
    tiles on the wall and of course being here from California you know we've just got really beautiful
    tiles from Mexico but I love the look of this with the blue chalcedony gemstone
    diamond cut it's got a two hole um two it's got two holes and then that
    black and gold mixed with all the other colors just makes everything really pop it's just so absolutely gorgeous so this
    was our June project and by the way there's only one kit left okay so if you're interested it is on
    the website under Bead kits and um it'll come with a course and you can just buy
    that as a one-time deal you don't have to subscribe we also did a gorgeous little pendant
    and we'll have to figure out how to show off um Jeanette's earrings because she
    also used the same materials and made a really super cool um
    cool pair of earrings with that but anyway so this weekend I um was taping
    the final segments so what I do is in the jewel
    loom school I go and tell you bit by bit how to make this and this
    particular project ended up being 21. segments
    um taking it off the loom with how I thought it was gonna go and how it did
    go didn't quite go as planned and so originally I thought oh I'm just gonna
    load what I did for the course I'm just gonna load that up for the Tuesday live and all will be well in the world didn't
    go that way okay because it took like I think there's seven segments to removing the bracelet off of
    the Loom and then adding The Strand clasp and it's because of the way that I do it right like I try to never go over
    10 minutes and if I need to tell you something in 51 seconds believe it or
    not that's one of the how-to videos from this weekend I upload it because we're not together physically and so
    I tend to show you my boo-boos or what's happening in the
    process of what I thought was going to happen but uh this is what we really got to do and I feel like it empowers
    everybody empowers the students to know that okay well if that happened to me this is
    what I would do and so I don't like sugar coat anything I really just I tape in the Raw okay and
    so um yeah and and Jeanette's saying the realism is very refreshing in those videos I really like that you didn't
    edit out the stumbling blocks and showed how to deal with them thank you so much because
    I I just don't think that would be my you know my truth right I I wouldn't I want
    you to experience what I happen to experience so let me tell you my original intention was to take the blue
    calcitony bracelet off the loom the same way that Danielle Wicks recently did in
    a how-to video with a seed bead bracelet so you may or may not
    um remember where and she said this with the earrings too and I believe Trisha has also done this technique
    um where you very so slightly bend the jewel loom so that you can remove the
    warps off the back um while they're still in looped and you
    don't cut so what we learned is that
    number one you need to start that process by tying
    off on one of the side buttons of the jewel loom you can't do that if you tie off on the
    back button like I do 10 times out of 10. and and so that was the first thing and
    then the second thing was that even though I was able to pull
    where'd they go even though see I've hidden them so well even though I was able to pull
    those top warps down and make them hide they had to the the Wildfire had to sit
    over four beads so they're never gonna hide like they do
    on a seed bead bracelet I know that you're just I apologize to those people
    that are new and you're just like
    but if Joan finds that that tutorial hopefully um and you watch what Danielle did with
    the seed bead bracelet it it'll all make sense so long story short
    um I I not I did not upload those videos for the live today because
    there was just too much you know too much uh oh okay detour you
    know just a lot a lot of detours and a lot of like having to think about okay well how am I going to resolve this how
    am I going to to do this and that's the really cool
    thing about the monthly Workshop is it's like um you're you just get a lot you get
    truth and you get the raw like how to make something and what I really love is
    when the students take what I've taught and then they go and do their own thing and this month I'm really actually
    surprised at how many people did different things with the diamonds
    because they're they're a little challenging you know you you got to kind of go in the holes at an angle
    and so yeah so okay well that's just kind of like the back story to why we
    were here why we are here and what we are doing um and here's a tutorial showing how
    Danielle finished that bracelet okay so if you go in um
    I think she started it at go to a half an hour like I think it was like 30 minutes in
    at least and then you'll be able to you know if you if you're if you have no
    idea what I'm talking about you'll be able to go in and you'll be able to see that and hopefully you'll understand that
    um when your warps are not all kissing next to each other you know like you haven't skipped any grooves
    um you know you can do that technique that Danielle did but it didn't work for me on both ends because of what I just
    told you so so without further ado yeah
    I don't know where the link came from because I copied it from the shops page
    but it copied a link from Liquidation Channel oh what in the world so I'm re-adding
    the links okay ignore the first link okay I wonder if it um hit the
    commercial you know what I mean like if there was I usually copy it from the address bar and
    I double checked to make sure that I did it so I don't know what happened because I have been on Liquidation Channel and
    year I mean months so just yesterday
    well I guess it's probably been about six weeks I shouldn't say months but oh
    my gosh that is so stinking funny yeah I'll go to the Liquidation Channel
    oh okay so um let's see I think I have to keep
    scooting over here all right so all right I'm gonna pull up
    my old sleeves here get to work so what I ended up doing so that I could just
    show you um how to attach the four strand clasp
    which by the way if you have the jewel loom Inspirations book and
    um and if you don't you should just go get it on Amazon because you'll get free
    shipping and I I can't do that and so I don't carry it um so Amazon has my book and um it's
    just you know pretty much the easiest way to secure it but anyway there is a chapter in there on sewing on the clasp
    and very detailed images still images um it's a button clasp it's round and so
    it's it's literally the same exact way that I'm going to show you how to do
    this so um as mentioned on this one end you could
    see that all the warps disappeared and again that's because I was able to do
    half of Danielle's technique okay and um
    we're gonna have to definitely do a new tutorial and talk about this so that
    everybody understands because I kind of feel like you know I'm pulling a little
    bit from here and I'm pulling a little bit from here and I'm trying to give you something here and I understand that
    that's probably a little cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs so um I'll have to talk to uh Danielle
    about you know getting together and doing something new crafty staff says I
    got your book yesterday oh my God thank you that's so that's so cool girlfriend so yeah you're totally gonna
    have the step outs for the um for sewing on you know the clasp but um anyway so
    the warps have disappeared here because I use that one technique but on the
    other end because I had tied off on the back button versus the
    side buttons listen don't go anywhere hold on I'm acting like I don't have a jewel
    loom in the house right come on there's like 500 of them so what I'm referring
    to let me get the let me get the Lumen here all right these are the side buttons
    okay so when I talk about the side buttons on the jewel loom and when I
    talk about warping and getting started you can do that by tying on to the left
    side button or the right side button but you can also start your project by tying
    off to the back button and I have gotten
    used to just tying off on the back button and Danielle ties off on the side
    now here's the difference if you tie off on the side and you end on one of the
    sides then your warps are continuous and you don't have a knot back here
    so again all of this will make sense go watch the
    um the video and and you'll get it and in case you're not
    getting it because I know you all are super smart so but you know if you're new you're just again you're probably
    like what's this girl talking about so that's just that and we will definitely
    work on a demonstration that that in you know has all of that in one video so
    that you're not chasing chasing squirrels so what happens
    um when you do tie off on the back and you're gonna have like all these warps whoops where am I going here
    you know what Joan can you take me off and just put the overhead on I'm gonna put the light on really quick
    okay let me get this light on so that we can actually see what I'm doing here okay so
    um I have already sewn a lot of the warps back in to the body of this
    bracelet and what I'm going to do first because I
    got two going here I've got needles on each one and I just want to remind
    myself let's see yeah okay so what I'm going to do is I'm going to
    leave this one where it's at and I'm just going to put my needle over into the cloth here but I'm going to bring
    this guy over and I'm going to sew it I'm gonna
    I'm gonna weave it back through
    the beads here so now you see that's disappeared from
    the top and then I'm just going to secure it by coming back through
    whoops back through those rows
    Marlon Brando is in the house and he is snoring
    um we had super great blood work done and some tests in his liver enzymes have
    gone from definite elevation to completely normal
    and so I have worked so hard with this dog you have no idea
    I was telling Joan yesterday he was so up in my business and just making me
    crazy and I was just like oh my God but anyway the good news for because of
    that also is that he's healthy enough finally to um to get fixed which means
    that he can go to doggie daycare and get some of that French Bulldog you know
    craziness out of his system because he was just oh my God he was making me
    crazy yesterday okay so I'm just going to very carefully
    um burn this off and I'll wait to go back when I'm off
    camera to just like make that even more flat so I'm going to turn the piece over
    and I'm going to use the thread from one of those very long warps okay
    and wait Rhonda says I just bought your last book on Amazon stock what do you
    mean my last one oh my God you're freaking me out what does that mean you just mean like my last book or you
    mean there was there's no more
    um I decided to use a bead of a different color just so that you can see
    the process better um I was afraid that if I used this really gorgeous kind of cocoa colored
    bead that um that it would be hard for you to see so I'm using these Rosaline
    and these are Edo's and I'm gonna pick up one okay and I'm gonna bring my four strand
    clasp over and I'm going to bring it through the
    back side of the hole and pick up one more Edo
    and then I'm going to bring the needle in and
    thread and come out and in between the fourth and fifth bead
    and then we'll pull that so you do have to kind of give yourself some little wiggle room and so you can always
    pull a little tighter so again I'm going to pick up another 8-0 and come from the back side
    and pick up another one and so it's pretty simple process
    um you're just you know you could use 11 0's if you wanted
    um but I I like the chunky edos
    okay whoops tied up in my hands here let's see
    what's going on okay so we gotta pick one up
    I cut another one here [Music]
    so basically I'm just stitching it um on wow why is it so tight
    come on buddy there we go let's go get that at the
    right angle thank you and
    got one more strand here [Music]
    okay I'm gonna go out
    and then I'm going to come down to that second row
    and I really want to get this nice and secure so there's the first one and it kind of
    looks fun with the little bubbly I it's see it's kind of hard to see but you have like all the 80s just make it
    look like like a design element to um the closure and I'm going to come back up through
    that first row in I'm gonna have to come out that one
    guy just to go back in this guy because he got a little crooked for some reason
    okay and we'll just
    see how much thread do I have yeah it's getting really tight
    and also okay
    and then I'm just going to come up and out
    um and grab onto the warp there let me bring
    that up to see if you can see there we go
    so I'm just making like a little knot
    okay and then I'll just burn that off and
    then I'll go back and trim up okay
    now here's a little tip so when you go to do the other side all right let me
    bring in the finished one here really quick so when you go to do the other side it's
    really important that your clasp when you separate it okay
    because remember it's two pieces that they'd be positioned correctly
    so you see how you have the flat head on this one end
    and it's facing up you want the other one okay to be facing
    towards your body so that when you go to put it on
    it slides together correctly okay makes sense
    so again when you're sewing it on flat side on one end is facing away from
    you and the other end the flat side is facing towards you
    and then that way when you go to put it together it actually works for you okay
    so that's I've actually got this one going backwards because I was hiding my loops
    there we go so it's actually a really nice way to
    finish your bracelet this is a four strand but I've also got it in the two
    strand and I have it in the three strand and I believe they're in the shop for two dollars
    um a piece so one piece would be equal to you know what you see here that's a
    piece okay so I just wanted to point out that little tip because now I'm going to do
    the other side um of course I've
    I've been in the process of cleaning up and reorganizing
    I gotta find my my uh Wildfire here so I'm using
    Wildfire this is the green um whoops let me get it into the shot it is uh 0.006
    and I'm just gonna cut let's see are those clasp easy to get on and off I
    never use them thinking they would be difficult to do by yourself um another
    tip Lisa that came to me about these clasps is that I would prefer that they
    be that ultimately my bracelet be a little loose
    compared to it being worn tight because to your point it is a little challenging
    to maneuver if it's too tight so I would say you know add some extra
    rows and and it'll be easier because there's not much to grab onto and so
    um I think you're thinking um you know your concern or however you
    want to call it is is valid and so my my tip for that is to make your bracelet a
    little bit like I don't know maybe like a half an inch longer
    so what I just did there by the way I know I sometimes I move really quick
    um I took the end of the wildfire and I took my flat nose pliers and I smush it
    and I do that because there are times when it's a little it challenging to get
    through the jewel loom needle because the eye of the needle is um this small
    so thank you thread Gods oh and I just pulled myself right out
    I always leave mine clasp so I don't mess up that's a that's you could do that too totally
    okay don't pull yourself back out so what um Sandy is saying is that instead
    of taking this piece off and sewing it on she just leaves it all together and
    then she you know does that and that's fine if that's comfortable for you to to
    sew it on um as you know when it's closed and then cool beans I guess I could try that let
    I'll try that for giggles okay so I have to Anchor a new piece of
    thread and whoopsie look it I almost screwed up
    okay so I want to go in so I'm going to come in the third row
    and I'm and just gonna anchor a new piece of thread here and then I'm going to come up the second
    okay and then I'm going to go through the first and the second bead
    and I'm going to pick up anado and then I'm going to go through
    the back side here I don't know if I'm going to be able to
    do it your way dear I'm trying to be cool and I don't know let's see let me see if I can figure it
    out okay so I just picked up another one and then I'm gonna go into the side and
    out I don't know maybe I will be able to do it okay so pick up
    and go through the back whoopsie
    all right looks like I'm challenging myself thank you for the challenge I love it okay so
    drop that and so it's like I'm skipping
    um to you know two um beads I'm just trying to
    keep it [Music] um keep the class positioned well
    it goes pretty quick so you know it's it's a nice a nice finished look and um
    and it comes together rather quickly oh so funny look okay there we go I've
    got to bend it a little bit
    okay so I just want to make sure all of that is pulled nice and tight
    straighten it out and then I'm gonna go back through those rows to
    make sure everything is nice and centered here
    I'm here Patty
    okay so let me see where am I and then I'm just gonna tie off here
    I'm gonna grab one of the warps
    yeah go back through
    and again I'm just going to go back and clean up these pieces and then there you go pretty fast
    and easy I mean it's you know it's not um not too hard to do you could
    um always do some of the hypo SEMA if you wanted to just for Giggles to you
    know make sure that it was nice and whoops nice and tight I'm gonna do I always
    call it a Maryland uh Meredith not Maryland there we go little Meredith knot and
    voila yeah they're really pretty um this is a
    Rosaline Edo and I don't know the exact name of this
    brown bead believe it or not this piece had been on a loom like forever in fact the loom I took it off of today actually
    had my married name on it so that just tells you um how long it had been like 13 years 12
    years sitting on the loom and uh and I just took it off so
    yay all right Joan I'm gonna get this horrible light off my face and come back on
    so yeah easy peasy I love these super cool
    um again you know I would just say to definitely um consider making it a little bit let's
    see yeah so you know like if I tried to do this right now
    I would probably need oh no it worked I mean it's a little
    snug it's a little snug it's pinching my little chunkies
    so I would probably add
    I would probably have added four extra rows
    four or
    two I'm trying to like like you know act like oh like yeah like I'm always out
    like hey [Laughter] yeah I would do four I would do four extra
    rows if I'm gonna do this clasp I I I took this piece off of a loom like I
    said that literally was one of my demo Looms from 12 years ago so um it fits but it's a little snug so I
    would probably if I was gonna do the the clasp um I would I would do four extra rows of
    seed beads so yeah it is easy huh yeah I sometimes
    forget um I've gotten so I was thinking about it today I was like Jules have you
    gotten lazy about your closures because
    I'm so um what is the word I just enjoy warping
    with hemp cord and the hemp cord lends itself to
    a button type of closure and it's like the easiest way ever to finish your
    project and so um I was just like having a little conversation with myself like have did
    you get lazy because you used to I literally I learned how to do this
    um while I was working adeline's on Eileen's creative living and so uh I
    learned by sewing on a clasp that's all I ever ever did if you look at any of my
    work from 25 30 whatever years ago um
    I I did nothing but sew on clasps so but then I got you know I got
    introduced to this whole idea of warping with with him cord
    and all those wood buttons that Robert makes and I was just like oh so anyway this was a good exercise for
    me and a good remembering remembering a good memory of
    um you know what I used to do and so and it looks really great I love it it's very sturdy it makes your project look
    um I think like for instance with with this group of beads I don't know that I
    would have wanted to warp with hemp um and then used a button I feel like
    this was really good so okay I want to encourage those who are need to be looms to give the jewel in a try I was so
    intimidated for many years oh my God you're gonna make me cry
    that is awesome you go girl I love that thank you and that and it's true
    um you know I think a lot of people buy the loom and then they sit there and look at it
    is it gonna make me something um you know and and so
    yeah it is you know you just you try it that's why I say
    easiest entry point is the baby Loom because it doesn't include you know you
    don't have to worry about the rod you don't it's not going to cost you a lot to try
    and you can practice your warping and your wefts
    and then the original jewel loom just kills it with with the warp you know
    once you do get how to put the rod in how to warp the loom
    um oh which by the way tomorrow on Bella craft publishing on their on
    their Facebook page I am going to be their guest and we are going to be
    working with the jewel loom starter kit and I'm going to be making a bracelet
    using hemp cord and a button I'm sorry I'm just I am I'm
    a hempty girl I've said that before and I need a t-shirt um but that's the starter kit that's
    what comes with the starter kit you get 100 beads you get hemp cord and you get a wood button really pretty wood button
    and um and what yeah 106 millimeter fire polish
    beads the jewel loom the baby jewel loom jewel loom needles and if I'm not
    mistaken it's in the shop for 25 there are 50 left and don't go anywhere
    and okay I'm gonna let you out we're in the middle of the live but I'm gonna let you
    out all right hello
    the prince wanted out so okay so we cut a bunch of we talked about this last
    time it's um you know you put it in your your Jewels
    you put it in the Jaws so you stuff doesn't you know slide around and it's awesome for the jewel
    loom because the jewel Loom's like it's Mama it's got a little wiggle butt and uh and so if you work on it
    um with this material it helps so anyway we cut a piece of this for all of those
    kits there's only 50 of them left and again they're 25 if you're looking for
    holiday gifts after these are gone that's it I'm doing a whole new
    configuration for next year I'm not even like dealing with it for this year so
    those need to go and they need homes and they're at like the most amazing price
    and tomorrow at noon June now I'm gonna call you June Joan am I on at noon
    tomorrow yes okay so noon tomorrow Bella crafts
    publishing we've been putting event thingies everywhere um is that noon Pacific Standard time or
    okay okay so Pacific Standard time that would be California any other West Coast State
    um and Bella crafts publishing their Facebook group it'll be live I'm sure
    we're going to share it everywhere I will be demoing the jewel loom starter kit
    um and yeah so so tune into that especially if you're new
    and you're like what's this girl talking about and I'm a little scared of that and I'm going to show you how not to be
    scared okay so make sure you do that and then we're back here on Thursday at four
    Pacific Standard Time and am I doing hemp
    I'm doing the Hem chord right the earrings yeah so yeah it's a busy week
    it's a really busy week lots and lots and lots of fun so let's see
    what's going on and can you text us about tomorrow yeah I can we yes Joan is saying yes we can
    um yeah by the way if you're not in the texting Community um
    you should be because it's how uh it's how we communicate a lot for
    reminders and it's also a way for you to communicate with me who was I a couple of people
    I just have such you know my Friday night dates are me in my bed
    uh so I know I was talking to a couple people over the weekend who needed help
    and and so we were texting I don't know it was like 10 o'clock my time at night so and that's you know if I can I answer
    at night but you know sometimes I have a life
    happily you know very few times but to my point is that the texting Community
    is awesome there to help you so please do that and Joan what was that question about wire
    foreign did you do the wire works wire work stuff I don't know if that was aimed at
    you or somebody else because I didn't know what they're talking about are you talking about the wire packs that I
    mentioned last week probably yeah so
    Joan you could get rid of my overhead if you want
    um okay so I mentioned last week that my mom has a plethora
    like that's a lot right like so way back in the day
    when I brought artistic wire into the industry with Jack O'Brien the
    Creator innovator amazing awesome soft man from Chicago who was artistic wire
    um we both my mother and I worked with that company and so my mom has
    a lot of original artistic wire that she has decided to let go of because she can
    no longer do things and so um what we're trying to figure out is and
    she's got it spread out in the living room and we got boxes and we're trying to figure it out there's there's you
    know the bigger spools that are like this there's these guys there's bobbins there's
    38 gauge there's 18 gauge there's 24 gauge there's colored copper wire
    there's silver color coppered wire I'm a little
    I don't know how to offer it I'm just going to be honest
    it's like oh my gosh what do we do like first you know for reals so
    um kind of looking at the subscription box right now which is six by four by two
    and seeing what can go in there there were 12 spools of wire in one of those
    boxes and so then the next thing I need to do is weigh that right because
    it's wire um and then the next thing is to determine well what is what is the the
    value and then what is um a great price for you
    I don't know throw some stuff out at me help help a girl out help a girl move some wire
    so yeah yeah it's there's there's some spools that I'm just like it's so hard
    for me to let them go because I oh my God
    but I too have a little bit hard of a time um
    with the heavier stuff not the thinner stuff um but I am keeping some for the
    creative Soul members so we will definitely be warping with wire
    at some point in the ball game so I'm keeping the silver literally the silver non-tarnish silver wire for a project
    but um other than that yeah we want to sell it
    so yeah so you can um maybe even just text me and say hey I'd be in I'm interested
    in XYZ I don't know really how to get rid of I don't get rid of it I don't know how to sell it I should know how to
    sell it I will know how to sell it but it's a lot hahaha Jones probably sitting there going I'm
    going to tell you how to sell a girl I know sure her hands are up in the air so okay
    um you could do like a grab bag okay that's exactly what I was thinking Steph um but
    you know I don't know throw some stuff out to me what so like if you had a six by four by
    two subscription box full of 12 different spools of gauges of colors of
    wire I mean oh here we go oh there we are
    we got an example in the house so that would be full so so we got 12 12 spools fit in there
    we took it back in the house I don't even have it here and um yeah I could go to being alone
    and check out the prices for sure it's expensive though these days you know it's expensive and I'm just trying to do
    something that's fair and um you know buys treats for Marlon Brando
    okay Sabrina's gonna re-watch he's been doing stuff around the house
    awesome all right well I don't know any thoughts job now I didn't mean to add myself I was
    trying to take a message off oh no we we love when you add yourself
    so yes people are saying grab bags that'll be fun eggs
    what what is a good grab bag price these days
    I don't know because I'm not even sure I have so much artistic wire a stash I'm
    not even sure what it's selling for right now do you know yeah it's definitely random in price because
    a gauge and because of coding and what have you but this is Artistic wire from back in the day too so
    um I don't know throw some price so throw some ideas at me be reasonable
    you can text me what your thoughts are yeah I was even thinking about checking the prices of the um you know some of
    the hot um the craft stores because they um sometimes sound a little bit cheaper
    than they'll be long website yeah
    yeah well we'll figure it out so I'm worried did you say the big spools too because that
    it's gonna yeah so that would have to be probably sold at a higher rate because those big spools hold a lot yeah I know
    it it's a plethora it's so oh it's almost a little overwhelming but
    you know we're not going to keep carrying it around right yeah so I'll do a little bit more
    homework and we'll come up with something idea put heavier for wire wrappers in a
    box and thinner for beading oh is that is that legit Deborah 22 to 18 in one
    box and anything thinner than um 22 like 24.
    um okay well 24 I used to use for wire wrapping you'd wrap it around the frame
    oh but for wire wrapping I'm thinking 18 20
    20. it depends on the type of wire wrapping I guess okay but once once I
    get above 26 I don't use it oh unless we you know there's crafts
    where you could twist them together and or use them on your um artistic wire you
    know whatever they call coiling Gizmo or something like that yeah the coiling right
    being on had a 25 grab bag okay but they had Tools in there I told Jules about
    that they had tools and other things in it too besides wire
    okay copper for Bales okay okay well those are all awesome
    suggestions and wrapping for me would be 24 to 28 yeah so
    it reminds me of when I was in Prague and um job Linux when we when we moved on to
    job Linux and we went to the Antique store and this the character that owns
    the act the you know the antique place oh my God are you the sexiest thing with a cowboy hat I was just I'm sorry I was
    seeing if it would help that glare oh because you keep saying it's more glasses
    yeah I don't know what that glare is That's So witty anyway sorry no it's just too funny
    yeah and you can you can crochet with those
    thin ones too Rhonda so they're such a plethora of yeah we'll go through it
    we'll we'll figure it out but it's gorgeous so anyway okay what
    are you saying about Prague because I interrupted you with my oh no no I was just saying that it kind of reminded me of like when I was at the antique shop
    in in Joplin X and you know we were all going through through his things you
    know he had had drawers full of antique buttons and I mean it was just amazing
    and he was meeting you know he only opened up for us
    oh wow yeah and so I kind of was like oh how could I just like meet with people
    and go here's all the wire I have what do you want you know
    yeah take an appointment and let me show you what I got and then you know and then and just go from there but that
    could take a little bit longer than I have today for [Laughter] anyway listen it would be amazing if you
    all can make it you know tomorrow think if you can um if not watch the replay over at Bella
    crafts we'll definitely text everybody um and if you've not signed up for their
    free magazine now they're uh definitely heavier on General craft meaning
    um paper crafting card making
    um they've got they do a lot of things with die Cuts Like with sizzix
    um they do a lot of you know some general craft stuff but the magazine is free and there's always a ton of project
    ideas so if you dabble outside um of what you're doing and or you know
    somebody sign up for the free mag because it's awesome we're going to be advertising in
    it and um and we're and I'm gonna be getting some some general Crafters hooked on
    Lumen let them know we're trying to figure out ways that they we could use the loom and
    paper crafts too yes and we were talking about that about doing something and and
    we have in the past but it's got to be reborn and look at
    you with all of it are those all jewel loom bracelets you have on yeah I thought I'm gonna put them I didn't mean
    to do it to show off but yeah got myself you need to show off
    oh my rings too are the appropriate fingers yeah
    so funny oh my God you are so funny I even got a necklace
    oh my I love you and who who has nothing
    well I have the wood earrings I have nothing on
    that's okay though okay I just thought I was playing right before the show so
    no I love that you showed up and represented it's awesome I obviously forgot to get dressed
    oh my gosh all right I gotta go I'm super stoked by the way if you've not
    seen the picture for July's meditation prayer pouch for this month's Workshop
    it is amazing um I did cut up
    some of the fabric from Singapore it it wasn't the fabric I thought because it
    just doesn't it wouldn't make any sense it's that gorgeous um there's a proper word I'll have to
    ask podma there's a proper word for the attire that is made that the women wear
    in India it's a it's there's a story I don't know that it's that because the
    silk is from is from The Leftovers of making that yeah this is this is fabric
    that's I don't know I'll have to just show it someday but um anyway
    uh Corey is that hurry Rhonda is saying
    h-o-u-r-i Ori oh okay yeah it's a whole the whole
    outfit that these beautiful women wear and the fabric just did not you you
    could never have cut it for it to have made sense so I took some other
    fabric I bought in Singapore and it's in the picture and if you're wondering what the fabric
    is for when we do the meditation prayer pouch you have the option of lining it
    with fabric you don't have to and it can be fabric
    from your stash or maybe a special piece of piece of clothing or whatever
    um and I just thought well this is silly this Fabric's been sitting in here since 2000
    nine when I went to Singapore and so um yeah so we cut it all up into
    uh into a square and yeah that comes with the kits I'm sorry ribbon comes
    with a kit a butt load of Chuck glass beads um Jasper Jasper gemstones they're
    chunkies oh my God they're delightful um I'm even gonna pinch some other
    little stones that I have I'm going to put them all into a special little baggie so they don't get caught up and
    yeah and so I did make extra kits this month and um so if you're not a subscriber you
    will have an opportunity to um finding its way into my mouth
    um we'll have an opportunity to to get a kit so yeah those are up now and and I
    know my subscribers right now are going to fall out of their chairs I'm I'm actually head of the ball game and it
    looks like they might actually go out this week wow
    thank you for loving me I really love you you know I do I do my
    best so all right guys and girls oh yeah we
    have to remember we have to give love to everybody love love love love love love love love
    our community so very much I will see you tomorrow and
    um the controls will be by the Bella craft people and so Joan I don't think you'll you Mom yeah unless something
    happens I'll be there and I mean in case you may ask a question but I don't know just a posted on yeah yeah that's just
    for one page at least maybe I if somebody asked a question about jewel loom or something I can answer that oh thank you
    all right everyone have a fabulous night I'm hungry and and then I gotta go back
    to work okay well don't work late into the night yeah
    hey it's 7 58. that's pretty good yeah oh wow hey you know what that should
    just be a good example of like how you know this is not all that tedious and
    crazy to do right I mean it's been broken for quite a while you've been
    done with it for a while I know my cheeks hurt foreign
    okay Mama okay I love you guys bye all right love you foreign