by Joan Dice

How to Make a Sparkle Wrap Bracelet Using a Bead Loom with 5mm Fire Polish Beads

Join Jewels for bonus 2 part Jewel Loom School tutorial, where she is teaching how to make a sparkle wrap bracelet, using 5mm Fire Polish beads & Hemptique Cord, on a beading loom! As Jewels shows us how to make something, she also walks us through her creative thoughts, so it will be an informative, inspiring, & entertaining tutorial!  In Part 2, she shows how to finish the bracelet.

Part 1 - Looming the Bracelet

Part 2 -Finishing the Bracelet (if you have difficulty hearing, the tutorial is easy enough to follow along without sound)

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Transcript for Pt 1:



Transcript for Pt 2: