by Joan Dice

Tickle Earrings with Deb Floros - Jewel Loom School with Jewels

Look at these big balls of Springtime earrings…so fun, creative, & with joyful colors. Artist Deb Floros joins Jewels on this episode of Jewel Loom School to teach us how to make these eye-catching Tickle Earrings on the Small Sun Weaver loom. And I bet you will never have expected the way she finishes them off! Just seeing these earrings fills me up with energy & happiness. And Jewels shows what she made on the earring woven with hemp & decorated with scrubby yarn at the bottom! Join us for this awesome tutorial & get tips, tricks & inspiration from Deb! 

Chapter Marks in video:

  • 18:05 - Warping
  • 21:25 - Weaving Scrubby Yarn
  • 48:55 -  Removing from loom & finishing Earring 
  • 57:20 - Jewels shows Earring she made with hemp & chunky yarn on loom

Supplies Used for this project: 

  • Hemp Cording - Natural (Roughly 4 ft)
  • Red Heart Brand Scrubby Yarn - Bubble Gum  (Roughly 4 ft)
  • 2 - Half Inch (12mm) Ribbon Crimps
  • French Ear Wires

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all right okay Joan oh I gotta get off
you don't have to you don't ever have to leave Miss Joan we love you she should
stay she really yeah she well um in the month of April at some
point I think the second half of April Joan will be either going live or
uploading some videos while I'm in Prague so great yeah so I'm not sure
which way it's gonna go but um but she'll be doing that and because she's so stinking good so he's a
rockstar she's in front of the camera and behind the camera great so yeah yeah okay
oh my God before we go any further oh my hack
you just knocked it out of the park everyone from Instagram to Facebook
everywhere there everyone is just talking about those fabulous tickle Joan referred to him as the Big
Balls of spring
there's way too many jokes that could go with me
I'm dying I'm dying and I know him teeth I I sent a a email to him teak I got a
feeling they might be traveling already though to the to the show to The creativation Nap to show that I'm on my
way to tomorrow but regardless I'm definitely going to make sure that they see it I tagged them everywhere and so
um because I just absolutely him teak is like my hands down favorite hemp cord
and not only that they're like they're that kind of company that you want to be in alignment with because they totally
are into the healing and creativity and helping kids and um colors just like the
most amazing woman and so yeah so I know she's gonna love your project I can't wait to share it and so dab dab it do
you say floor Flora Ross floor Laura Rose floor Rose yeah you know it wants
to change it to Florence yes so it is Greek
so oh no so my husband's family um he's half Greek and when they came
over from Greece you know a couple Generations back their full name was
floracos and they shortened floors oh my gosh I wonder how they did that
how they just like decided I think a lot of a lot of you know
immigrants did that um americanize themselves and you know
that's so interesting oh I had no idea okay that is so super
cool very cool yeah so you know my family came from from the Azores from
um from the floors so they're Portuguese and my father was 13 when he came here and
um but the only the interesting thing there with that culture is like my
grandma everybody was the same name so it was Maria Emilia Maria Eliza Jose
like everybody had like Mama do you think you maybe could have gotten a little creative maybe just a little bit
it's so funny but I love that I I'm I love culture and I just love learning and and
um so and I feel like these earrings are just so full of life dab I mean do you have
them handy I do I do these are my hack
I just can't I just cannot wait to learn how to make these everyone is talking about them
everyone loves them I mean so incredibly they look like they're easy
yes for the okay so they've got like that big wow that something tells me
that they're not going to be like super uber hard to make you used
the sun Weaver the small Sun Weaver right yep the the sun goddess the sun
goddess Weaver gorgeous uh curvy lady that's been around now
yeah yeah so 2019 November of 2019. so
this November 20 21 22 oh she'll be four years old wow yep she's getting up there
but she still looks great it looks great she still looks great and so you could
achieve um you could achieve the design on the original jewel loom if that's what you
have as well obviously we were working with the sun Weaver
um this month and and Beth interjected the small uh wisdom Warrior which was
she is she too like do you all know each other no I don't know her I know of her
but I don't I don't know her I've never interacted with her yeah I watched I watched it it was good yeah she's
fabulous and she has done some incredible things in her career that she also has like um healing stories that
are just you know I'm you know just great and so she just fit right into this whole you know healing and and the
heart and all of that good stuff but um okay so the sunweaver
um three different colors of hemp no no no
so just hemp as my base oh then I've got
yarn too and I I can when I turn my camera
around I can show you all them okay but but it's it's yarn um that I picked up okay
okay so could you achieve the funkiness
with the hemp I think you could just the the part of
the appeal of this yarn is that it's got like um it's funky it's funky yeah I
have some of them but you could still you could still get the the ball of the round effect
with whatever and okay that when we create it so I haven't tried it with
anything else but I think hey it would still be interesting and you would never
know like that this was made on a loom which you know I mean yeah we want to show off
the loom but it just shows how versatile this product is because you can make all
kinds of things on it things you've never seen you know thought were obvious yeah no
I'm I'm thrilled because I I do love the versatility of all of the volumes and so
it's so fun when um other designer artists take the loom
and they create something it just warms my heart so okay so without further Ado
and I do see let's just acknowledge we've got some um wonderful Robins in the house Peggy
Maria and Jones already doing her thing so I gotta I gotta scroll through here
because there's like a bazillion Jewel looms Shelley's here I love it Rhonda and Stella and Elon
Juliana and I'm just going back and forth Stephanie Stephanie's in the House
Stephanie um how are you and Mel oh Melanie from Canada and Debbie was here
before we even started so I got to acknowledge that okay so
um Joan what should what are you gonna do I think Joan's going to are you going to remove me
okay wait wait I have some more things to say about wait bring me back
okay so because we were talking beforehand
which I could see now how this is a no no we can't talk anymore beforehand because I forget things okay
or I just have to write everything down you okay you and I met
uh well I think we had met along the way but really our first kind of date was
Tucson 20 18 or 19 maybe because I don't think it
was 20 20. no well I don't I I don't think so because I I
had the truck I feel like when we met I had my car I wasn't in a rental I feel
like I had black sexy with me and I think it's when my mom and I drove in and we were yeah I think we were staying
close by at that hotel but anyway we sat across from each other at the Mexican restaurant in Tucson yes yes but of
course everyone's gonna know it was after the whole we closed it down it was their opening
night we closed it down we went over to the restaurant exactly and the uh the
goody people the Dakota people Christmas
Jen was there because okay Jen was there yeah yeah it was like who oh who just
like went right through my mind there was one other person anyway that's where our our history started and
then I started following you and watching you and I have said to you uh I think a lot
how incredible of a jewelry designer you are and you really are the queen of
um stringing and the way that you take things and you really make it all come together it's phenomenal like you just
really the other thing that I really want to give you a shout out is people should be watching how you present
because you are so good at propping your photos
lighting and storytelling just through your photos is like worth everything
because I think um it really helps to tell the story of your finished piece and and it's
something that all of us struggle with you know always trying to take better photos but you are you're also a master
at that so um no one has ever told me that so thank
you because I I really struck I mean I I do struggle with that and I believe
personally that it's just something that you have to just keep getting at and you
just have to keep trying and and hopes to live in a sunny climate no
your your background is like sweet yeah thank you thank you
it's part of the inspiration too you know it's part of what feeds my creativity so I guess it's good for it's
good for a lot of things yeah no it really is I'm really impressed and I just really wanted to
tell people that because a lot of um a lot of our you know friends within this jewelry
making Community a lot of people are making jewelry and they have Etsy shops or other platforms that
they're selling on and so I always like to try to help somebody you know look even better and so you know follow dad
because she she is very um an expert I will just go ahead and
say it because really they're very professionally and and and you're not a
professional photographer it's just that you know you take your phone and you know and you just do it so incredibly
well my I will I will thank my father who I
will be seeing tomorrow he was a photographer in his younger
days but he's always been a photography buff and I think that rubbed off on me a
little bit I think so well so I think so I think so okay well we have all of your
links I know you have an Etsy Shop you're on the Facebook you're on the
Instagram you're building your YouTube I'm building my YouTube
um I I had High Hopes last year of going full gangbusters and you know my whole
life kind of blew up last year so um so I'm I'm just starting to get a
little bit in the groove um I have a new setup I'm working on here in my studio so I'm just starting
to get different interesting content so I'd love for people to come check that out yeah here's that link right okay
yeah yeah so we're gonna have a lot of fun over there too I think okay well
we're we're going to um be all of our cheerleaders we have like
and we all want to help each other you know continue to share the content that we love and inspire people so I I'm
excited for you yeah thank you thanks so much
all right so Joan go ahead and you can toss me to the side Deb's going to take over
[Laughter] all right so I'm gonna turn I'm going to
turn my camera down um because I want to show you guys what
uh what I've got on my my workstation here so let me get at
this at the right height and Juliana you can tell me
oh my gosh see even your workstation is awesome
oh my gosh is that a piece of wood it is it's just wow
I so truth be told I got this at Walmart like it is from their craft area and I
think it's meant to like paint on it so I thought that's a great board to work
on awesome yeah so here's the little
project we're gonna make guys and I'm calling these tickles
I just had to name them that because they just look like they're gonna tickle
your ears um and tickle your neck they kind of do but it's not um it's not bad
um like not in a bad way but they it's hard to
see how these could possibly be from a loom and I was telling Juliana
um earlier that the original project that I was going to make for this live was a
bracelet and I was just not happy with where it was going I was just
frustrated with it and I think it's just too boring so I like shoved everything
aside and I pulled out this this is yarn
that I found I can't remember where I got this I either got it at Walmart or I got it at
JoAnn Fabric and it is it's scrubby and it says it's great for
dishcloths and when you feel this you know that yeah it has kind of has
that dish cloth feel but it's a really it's a really good feel and before I go further I am so sorry
for this ugly Band-Aid um I should not be trusted in the kitchen I totally burned my thumb on a
hot pan last night so um it's an ugly band oh no that's terrible I'm so sorry but it if you
could see it you would become oh gosh so anyways yeah no we're good
and I grabbed some hemp and I just I
don't I can't even tell you like something just took me it took over my body and my mind and these little
earrings came to be so um in the in the uh links
um or in the uh link to the project this is the yarn that I used and part of the
Allure of this is it's got some really like cool little threads
hanging off of it which make that like spiky effect on the actual
earring so that's what I'm going to be using I'm just using some hemp from my
stash then we've got these little uh crimp
components which I'm sure you've all seen these they're very readily available these have a little bit of a
texture on them and I can't remember the size I think they're like a half inch
and they're just a perfect size you'll need a couple of ear wires I used French
hooks so I'm going to set those off to the side
um tool wise you need a pair of scissors a ruler
and I've got some flat nose pliers
um and you need some tape and I'll I'll explain that okay so so I'm gonna I'm
gonna get started now I'm gonna like do a little bit of True Confession so
um I'm still a beginner with with working on a loom um you know Juliana our story we've
known each other for a while but I think I started working on the loom like a
year ago and I have not like I've not done a ton of
projects I've I've done a few but
um True Confession I've never done any project with beads I I think I was really drawn to doing
this because I I had been acquiring a bunch of
textiles and cording and yarn and I had no idea why well apparently it was
because of this it hadn't come into my life yet but that's cool it's shortly
thereafter so so I kind of did some of this learned some of this from watching
your videos and watching everybody else do it and in part I just kind of felt my
way through it so I want to ask for forgiveness that if I don't call things
the right thing or I don't do it the right way um I apologize but um I think that gives
testimony to anybody can do it because you just you just sit down and let the
process take you so just that that's where that's where I want to start so
you're good so here's what I did um I just kind of started in in the
center and I probably warp um in a weird way
um but I'm gonna go and Skip One of the
grooves and go up make sure it's skipped up there
and this is awkward to show
and then I'm going to come back through and let me know if I'm ever off
camera okay so I've got three warps here
and what I did look I actually
tied it on the back and I know that's probably not how you
typically do this it doesn't matter I love what you're doing
so wait let me make sure I got this right on the front here there's no weaving police
we're good all right so I'm gonna just do
a little knot back here nothing fancy
and again like I feel like this is a um a project for
beginners because you really you really can't mess this up I don't think
so I'm gonna push off my excess here so I've got three strands then I'm gonna
get about for one earring you probably only need
about two feet of this I think roughly
but I'm like a more more is more kind of person
so I just like to be safe so I pulled off a lot more than
that okay so you can be your own judge yeah and
you'll kind of see how this goes but I'm gonna tie on my end here
and I love this yarn because it's that like variegated deal so yes and this call I
mean is does this not scream Easter and spring like hello
it screams margaritas and Daiquiris uh yeah Tequila Sunrise
it's screaming Costa Rica right now so here's what I do with the other end
so I don't really like that this is sort of you know squirrely at the end so I
take about an inch or so inch and a half of tape and I just tape up the end of my
material and I've been doing this with all of my weaving so far so you know
talk about the cheapest tool in town like you don't need a needle you don't need to try and string this through
something this is your easy way to to weave with some yarn or some some
kind of cording or something yeah that's right if you now there is a wood needle that comes with the sun
Weaver and a comb but if you misplace them that is like a phenomenal idea and the needle
that comes with it I'm using it right now um it's longer so I do I was actually
looking for my baby needle um but I love that idea that's super clever so I just I mean yeah I kind of
that's kind of where I think I just have like learned my own way of doing it and
yeah and I feel like when I've sat down to work on the loom
it's just one of those like relaxing like Zen moments like put on
some you know some classical music or put on you know some new age and just
you know just enjoy the motion of this
and I'm just really Loosely using my hands to do this
I'm actually standing right now but I usually am sitting when I do this and
you know maybe a cup of coffee or or you know or a margarita or
sunrise or something whatever you're prefer whatever your preference
love it and so I just you know I just find that
this is one of the most relaxing projects
um you know I if if you do see my work most
of it is stringing and I do a lot of complicated stringing projects yeah yeah
and so you know I've got a lot of stuff going on usually in front of me beads
and wire and charms and spacers and all kinds of craziness and this is a nice
kind of break from that like look at this just this is totally Zen
now you know what I love about it too is like I thought that this was a perfect travel project so like if you're
Gathering some ideas for the summer maybe you go to the shore if you're on the East Coast or to the lake or you
know to the beach wherever whatever you wherever you might be going um whether it's the original jewel loom
or the sun Weaver and then some yarn and you know either the way you did your
little needle or the needle that comes with it it's such a perfect travel project
yeah and I I you know it's not I'm consuming terribly time consuming
um I actually did kind of road test how long it takes to make one okay and I
think it's about 50 minutes ish okay
and you know you could probably speed it up a little bit if you're more of an
expert or you're a much more experienced uh person with working with the loom but
I still have to really sort of Judge things and
um pay attention to what I'm doing right because I feel like I'm I'm still you
know still sort of learning my way of using it so yeah but it's super fun that you are
in essence a new Weaver and you're really just allowing the process
to happen and not worried about it you know you're just having fun and you're doing a great job and everyone's in love
with this project so I'm just gonna say score like so cool
I feel like until you get maybe about an
inch into any of these projects it really doesn't look like anything yeah I
don't know I don't know if any if that's like a thing it's pretty much the same because we always talk about like how
the first row is like sometimes a little more fun than humans are allowed to have just because for whatever reason and
then yeah it's like once you get a couple more weaves or a couple more rows that's like it all starts to come
together and I like the multi-color here and so you know if you
if you choose to try some other materials like you want to take three
different colors of um you know yarn or cording or whatever the
case may be like just that that transition that sort of ombre effect is
yeah it's just so cool and I think that's part of the Allure of this little
Bobble of an earring um but but I think it could actually be
just a a plain solo color too it's still you know it's still just a fun little
something and yeah you know it's a fun project for sure go get yourself like some
chartreuse yarn or something some of them beautiful pop of color and
heck in the winter you could do you know holiday colors and well I already had
somebody say Fourth of July so they're they're like red white and blue that would be great
I need to go I need to go try that next yeah yeah no you could definitely coordinate
them with everything holidays birthdays I mean just really School functions you know yeah for your cheerleading outfits
or whatever your favorite baseball team today I know go Dodgers
go Diamondbacks
Joseph I just want to go to bed
you know Joan is is a three-hole hours Joan yeah she's shaking her head oh my God
why do you do this what's wrong with you though
God you show up oh my God I can't even imagine
Joan is like Joan is like um everybody's everybody's woman
she is she's the woman for all of us yeah he takes care of a lot of us
it's so so awesome I'm thinking to myself I hope someday I
need someone like Joan like I hope I'm I'm that that uh busy that I need help
at some point I don't don't probably be too expensive at that
point I don't know and she might be like look girlfriend
you're way too high maintenance for me
oh my God so I hope I hope this isn't terribly boring watching you know watching me
weave no but look at how the the colors starting to come together it's just it's
such a such a neat yarn I'm actually thinking about buying some
of the other colors of this stuff but before I do that I want to take this
yarn and this Loom and force myself to start using Beads and
intermix Beads with this that's going to be my next my next challenge for myself
so I gotta start using beads I can't I can't fight it anymore yeah
it's one of the fun thing about that is that you can you can definitely play with what you have and just make the
warps you know the size that they need to be and
um you know use all kinds of different beads that's I love mixing it up
yeah I I think I mean there's Endless Options when we're talking about Beats I
mean as anybody that makes jewelry or is interested in making jewelry knows there's you know five kajillion Feeds
out there and you know it just takes that one time of trying something that you know you you
never tried working with before and you fall madly in love so yeah oh that's so
true so we are we are working towards about
two and a quarter inches of of weaving here okay so I'm trying to
um squish that's probably not the technical term but try to squish down the material that's Deb's version of
what we're doing um try to you know get the fibers together
but not terribly tight like they don't have to be super tight
so but I do want them to you know come together nicely so
we're just trying to achieve about two and a quarter inches
um to get that little that little poof and I'll sh and I'll reveal how we're actually going to make
the poof once I've got this done
and I was thinking sorry all right I was just gonna say I was thinking too like wouldn't it be fun to
um just add seed beads as just like a little bit of glimmer so like I was just thinking that yeah
just a little like a little Sparkle So maybe some some silver or some gold or something
like that some pretty gold put them in there they would look so cool
and what's fun is you can weave in a row
I'd love to see somebody do that yeah it might not be me so I'd love to do it
just in case I don't do it I want somebody to do it
someone take that torch and try it so look at how this so now it finally
looks like something I feel like I think it's finally starting to come
together and I I stumbled on this yarn
um so I'm pretty sure it was Joanne Fabric and I stumbled on it does that stuff too
um I that's where I've gotten a lot of mine my that that funky stuff at Michael's but I can't imagine Joanne's
doesn't have it I I normally when I go into any of those places I go straight
for the you know the jewelry supply area you know
um but I I have on occasion when I've had some time like I forced myself to
tour the entire store like I walk up and down every aisle yeah and it's amazing
what ends up in my cart does anybody else like experience this like you go
you end up like why did I buy this I don't even know why I bought this yeah but this was on one of those
kind of uh excursions like okay I'm just gonna just gonna see what jumps in and
who knows what will come of it and well then I got a loom and
so this just um this was a match made in heaven here
yeah that's so funny I love going to Joann's and walking through the fabric Isles but I'm so stinking short it's
hysterical eaten by some Vault of material
it's true they're like so high yes you know and they're so big and but I love
looking at the fabric I've never been a sewer um that's something I always wanted to
do and I think it's sort of fallen out of favor a little bit but
I would still love to maybe not necessarily sew clothing but so you know
like little bags or little um accessory kind of things that you
could add beads to yeah yeah well you can take the large Sun
Weaver and and weave her on both the front and back and get quite a long piece for a scarf oh I love that I think
I've seen that yeah nutrition actually did a video on using the large Sun Weaver the large goddess at the time
um uh to make a scarf and she she literally marked up the teeth and it's on her it's
on her YouTube channel um and it's just unreal what she did I was like you did what you did what she
had a picture with the goddess upside down uh in between two couches I was like what are you doing do you know what the
heck did you ever get to meet Christian from JTV she's not she doesn't she's not
on there now but she was there for like 500 years it seemed like I I never met her but I did watch her for years yeah
all of us look really good by the way
she she is Uber Talent yeah she does a lot of of stuff and I I
actually stumbled on her working with your loom just you know as I was
familiarizing myself with all the video that was out there and I'm like oh my gosh look at her
yeah she she fell in love with the jewel loom and she really I'd show up to do segments
and she's like okay well I did blah blah blah blah and I'm like what
yeah in addition to like all the other multi-talented things that she can yeah
she's extremely well-rounded uh I think
um I think a lot of people that make jewelry have a tendency to make other
things like I know a ton of jewelry making people who actually
um they crochet or yeah um didn't just break out crochet or
something Jill Weissman I think she was crocheting she was doing something knitting or crocheting knitting is the
other one too okay I tried knitting um I took one class and uh that I let's
just say that the like the knitting needles are still in that project somewhere in a bag like in the back of
my closet yeah I um well I grew up with crochet in the
knitting with my Portuguese Grandma so but that does not mean I could sit here
and teach it to you I'm just would be probably familiar with a couple things but
um yeah weaving Is My Jam well I think we we gravitate towards the
thing that we're the best at and we dabble in the other things
um yeah my my other favorite craft is um I like to decoupage yeah oh my god did
you used to watch the leans I yeah I think I've I so I I didn't
regularly but I know I've stumbled on like you know historical stuff from from that
well you know that's where I got my start yes and so yeah we did decouple we
decoupaged anything and everything anything that wasn't moving thinking
that wasn't moving and then of course you know we had the bread dough uh roses that uh that Joan fee uh loved
to do and oh my gosh there was so much creativity on that show holy cow we need
a show like that again well you know they're just really after her and Carol nobody
you know I don't think anybody um sustained I mean Kathy and Steve you know they did a great great job on their
show um but really there just hasn't been much yeah you
know I think they tried to modernize it a little too much when they do come out with something or make it so mainstream
that they forget who their their customer is you know who the viewer is yeah so then it's just not really
um practical yeah and I think crafting has really
changed I mean yeah you know decoupage is another one of those things that like you know you're everybody thinks oh
that's it like a grandma thing to do and and then you know technique
it's it's fun and I when I started making jewelry and started selling jewelry my plan was to make all my boxes
that I would put my sold pieces in decoupaged and then I realized what kind
of undertaking that might be and let's just say I've only done that
for a few family members and Friends so funny it's a lot of work too and what
you're trying to achieve how what two inches or two inches about two and a quarter okay
so I'm I'm I know everybody's like geez Louise Deb hurry up um oh no I think it's I think people
actually get mesmerized and and watch and listen yeah I'm getting there I'm
I'm getting there yeah I have about I don't know maybe two inches of of
weave with the hemp so I'm doing three different hemp chords oh I can't wait to
see how that comes out can't wait yeah it's gonna be very basic but but
it's gonna be fun it's not going to be really fun okay and I'm gonna add some
some beads so I washed oh my god I didn't even tell anybody this my
favorite pair of seed bead earrings from a pattern that we we did that one time
Joan and I always wear them and they got the little yellow dangly bead yeah guess
who washed and dried them
such a geek so one of them survived the other one I'm hoping there's somehow I
can fix it so the pattern didn't come apart it was the sliders
um one of them got eaten um and so yeah I was like are you I
wanted to just puke I was so upset like I can't believe I did that
it's awful when something like that happens no awful
but now you're gonna have to make another pair right well I I do somehow
think um I'm gonna be able to fix it
I'm determined to fix it well that's the I think I think jewelry
jewelry making is mostly problem solving yeah so we have all become accustomed to
let's find a way so you'll find a way you'll find a way to fix it listen when
I taught a class at JTV like years ago somebody we were making a bracelet and
somebody literally literally cut their piece off and we were put as
like cutting their head off and she teached me and she was like can you fix
this and by the grace of the bead Gods I don't know how I did it but I did
and so yeah it was so sad but we fixed it
it's like that um so you know if you're if you're stringing a piece so you know
I I do a lot of that so you I've I've only done it a couple times but you you know you you go to trim off
your your like excess wire and you actually trim The Wire yeah that has the
beads on it and you're like oh and the you know the beads go flying everywhere and God you just hope that nobody sees
it when it happens well it's kind of like the little boo-boo I showed you and Joan
our little secret until next week I won't reveal it
okay so I'm having an idea here let's see
so is there anybody making their uh is anyone making along with us I know
sometimes Maria she's really good Ileana um is good at that too like they just
magically make whatever we're making and they're like oh here done done it's already
posted in the jewel loom group I'm Gonna Be Still stringing myself
they're amazing Maria's like this little seed bead Queen oh I love it I I someday I aspire to be
a seed bead Queen yeah she's always like she does the whole nine though she like
breaks out the the whole you know uh bracelet and the matching earrings and
she's fun awesome awesome awesome the jewelry group is
um special man um I I see them and I see what they're
all doing and it's crazy it is amazing and I that's why I feel like I'm still
such a beginner with this thing but you know I think part of the part of
your creative journey is about learning and experiencing new things so we should
always be a beginner at something absolutely
absolutely and you only Are Gonna Get You know the thing is it's so great that
um there are people who are like oh I'm just I'm gonna throw this out there I'm gonna share what I made and they feel
safe enough to do that and I just it's um it makes me super proud of our group you
know like everyone is so um supportive and if anyone ever has a
question yeah that's they're good stuff they're
good stuff those little loomers
all right I am going to do my last pass here okay
and I don't know why I don't know if this is a thing but I like to tie the other end on the other side so I started
on this side but I'm going to end on this side I don't know why okay but I'm
gonna cut so that I can finish this off without having to go too
crazy with making a knot
so the um the other thing is if you are going to use some sort of variegated
yarn or something that you have to just be okay with like you're never going to
get it exactly in the pattern but for this project you don't need to worry
about it anyways like it doesn't matter so this is our this is our little woven
section look at all the texture
then I need need to start releasing all of the extra so I'm going to start with
cutting my tail a little bit shorter over here this tail and then I'm going to cut like
this tail that tail and I get all this
nonsense out of my way and this is the part where I know like
if you've got a really complicated woven project this is the scary part but
honestly I don't think you have to be very scared about this because we've just got a small section
and getting it off carefully is good but
um I'm actually going to cut and I'm just going to carefully pull
off and take my lovely goddess I'm gonna put her in a safe place behind me
I don't want a cat to get get at it could easily happen around here
so this looks like kind of a mess but um what I do is I'm gonna have to cut a
little bit more of that tail off but I just kind of do my scrunching
and because one end is a little bit shorter than the other cord wise hemp wise
I just want to give myself a little bit more so you can move this which is awesome
so let me cut these Tails just a little bit more they don't
have to be Too Short God these scissors are terrible
or time for a new pair of scissors or get find the good ones that are
somewhere in this Studio all right so to give myself less to work with I'm
going to cut over here
okay so this is what I'm left with there's this little piece
and what we're going to do is we're going to fold it in half this is where the magic of this piece
happens we're going to fold it and I'm going to tie just a regular
overhand knot with all the pieces of the cord
and it pulls it into a little Loop right oh yeah yeah
then oh God then and I'm going to kind of shape it a
little bit I'm going to tie one more knot up and that will be sort of on top of it
so just another overhand knot and I'm going to pull that sucker tight
and see you've got this really cute little poof
and wood now if you want if it would make you feel better you could drop some
glue some hypos GS hypo cement in here yeah but I have not done that with my
other ones but if it would make you feel better you could do that okay and that's a glue by being alone
yeah they do sell that yeah so then I'm gonna grab this and I'm actually going
to cut again now this is tough because you don't want to
cut off too much but you don't want too much because you need to be able to fit
your little finding over what we have left
so I'm gonna get about that close
grab my scissors this is a scary part
now I'm grabbing some white glue
okay I'm gonna just pull on those and then
I'm gonna take my
little finding my little crimp finding and I'm going to put it over those
little this is tricky and you're gonna probably get some of
your if you have this yarn you're probably going to get some of your little yarn pieces in there that's
totally okay but I'm gonna push that in there
and I'm going to use flat nose pliers I'm going to do one end and I use
um tool Magic for my um pliers because I
I don't want to mess up this little finding these these little findings are
probably made from you know aluminum or whatever I'm using a little um
like a soldering pick to push in
at the other end and I'm just going to push down the other side
and then I'm going to do the whole crimp the whole thing
and the top actually this one doesn't look too bad sometimes you'll get a little visibility of your hemp
but I think it's perfectly fine yeah and here's my tail sticking out
so I'm just going to trim that clay and if you want to just give it one more
pinch for good measure now look I mean it doesn't look like it
came off of a loom but it sure did oh my gosh
all right yeah super fun and the last thing you're
gonna do is the easiest thing and that's put it on a dang ear Wire yeah oh my gosh okay and I I like to
look at the sides and see which which side of the poof I actually like the
best Point good point and then you can judge it a little bit
so this this particular um you know this this stuff
um you know has a lot of move you know movement so you can you can do it
however you would like judge it around a little bit and I actually cheated and made the
other one because I don't think you would all want to watch me make two of these um but here's the pair oh my gosh
absolutely fabulous funky oh my gosh how lucky are we
they're so awesome yes yeah I think anybody could make this
yeah yeah and I think um we might want to I mean Joan after I mean not
just a thought would be that at some point maybe we tag when
it comes off the loom you know how sometimes you do that yeah because then you get if people want
to get right to that to better understand yeah and I I know the the the weaving of
this you know took a long time for me because I still I try to be very careful still because
I'm not an expert so I I'm so adore you I everything you did was perfect
there was nothing weird you didn't say anything weird or wrong no you can bring me back up if you're
are you done Deb yeah I'll turn myself around too okay
oh my gosh you guys how lucky are we
I love it oh where are you at oops I'm coming around okay okay there
you are so fun
we'll totally tag that you know like go to
for whatever minute it was when you started to do the finishing technique so that people if they want to because some
people are saying they came in later but okay so this is what I did
oh my gosh I love that so you're amazing it's your sister's
it's your sister earring so I weave I weaved a lime hemp it's
like a lime hemp whoopsie and then I did the Taffy
and this is 0.5 and then I did the dark purple that we all love and I I warped
with dark purple and then I took my funky yarn and I just did little Ryan
knots and then I did take some of aleene's um tacky glue the white glue and I put
it up underneath her skirt here so a little bit and then I did put some
on the top because when I put my pinch or my ribbon crimp um on there and so yeah these are going
to be really funky if I can't get the other one going because I do have to pack I'm leaving in the morning I was
also thinking it would make a super cool um pendant a pendant or something but
earrings anything right so yeah oh my God how
much fun look at you're looking at I want to wear mine though I want to wear it oh my God that so see how like once
you get going like one thing leads to another to another so honestly if if
people haven't even tried this yet like look at the different possibilities yeah
like if you want the little balls that's awesome or if you want to like go big go home and have like real cool you know
put your hair up or whatever and yeah yeah or turn it into a pendant but oh my
gosh I love this you inspired me to like sit here and actually get it done
it's such a blessing because I feel sometimes like I don't ever really get to sit and just enjoy so I'm I'm
thrilled love it love it love it so I'm thrilled I'm gonna do the ribbon cramp
um I don't know if I'll do a 12 millimeter or 20 20 might be a little
do you know what you used a 12 or a 20 the crimp yeah
um well I know it's a half an inch okay so I think that's 20. no that's 12. so
this looks like I probably am going to have to use a 20. um so yeah that seems a little yeah
you've got more works there yeah yeah oh thank you that's 12 millimeters is half
an inch great there we go first down there's Joan make this look
so smart thanks Joan [Laughter] oh my goodness okay so um where are you
next um let's see um
I'm I'm just kind of I'm doing a little bit of everything uh okay so I I'm still
doing a little bit for Jesse James beads so good okay so you'll see you'll see the occasional you know sparkly beads
from Jessie James beads from me um I've got a couple of other things in the works coming up fairly soon which
I'm very excited about okay and I'm gonna be building my YouTube content so
I did a like the nerdiest video ever for like jewelry jewelry nerdism
um tell me tell me about toggles okay the video so oh my God okay so nerd
alert like I love it if you love jewelry making you might be a nerd like me and love that but yeah so I'm gonna be doing
some some videos that go a little bit deeper on topics that's good I'm excited
about that and absolutely I'm just making I'm just making and making and
the the beads are flying and um and I'm now thinking about my next
move with the loom like I really wanna I wanna try to get some beads Incorporated
so maybe I'll start with beads and material some other material and then
I'm gonna dive into full-on beads okay I love it I love it well you have an
affiliate link with dual Loom and so we always like to make sure that people
um use the designers affiliate link so that um
you get a piece of the pie and so if you're going to be investing in any of the jewelry products that you saw today
please use Deb's affiliate link and uh Joan has that all posted yeah if
you don't have a sunweaver this is a small sunweaver and she does come with a
needle um a wood needle and a wooden comb for weaving and so that would be awesome and
I am so grateful to you I am leaving tomorrow morning to go to
the creativation NAFTA show in Ohio so I'm super excited about that I'll be
sharing all of that love probably here and there throughout the weekend and uh and then on the fifth
our our boyfriend niele my baby daddy [Laughter] we're gonna be on and I'm going to be
doing the gemstone um bracelet I know
it's so beautiful and we've sold out twice on all the gemstones so next week
I'll be doing another order um because after you see everything you'll probably want more
so that is so so fun um and yeah and then I come back and uh
get ready for to go to Prague which I'm like I don't even know I just can't I'm
so stinking excited so incredibly jealous but so happy for you and I can't
wait to hear your stories yeah I can't I can't wait either and so I have to buy a
trench coat because of the weather is going to be kind of like bringing late spring so it was trench
you know I did all this research so trench coat and some good walking shoes because it's all very cobblestony and I
don't wanna um and my big girl's shoes and break my ankle okay Stephanie says she got her gemstones today yay yeah yeah I've been
a mad woman shipping stuff out everyone's just like oh I so need help
oh my gosh yeah anyway that's a whole other story okay um over the top grateful for you Deb and
I really just I admire you and I think your design skills are like off the charts fabulous
and I know that it's nothing but amazing coming your way I already see it you are
already there and I'm so honored that you would say yes to come and hang out with us and I hope you come back
well thank you so much for having me I mean honestly I feel exactly the same
about you I'm so honored to be sitting next to you here on the screen right you know
or I knew you you were one of those that I would just you know oh she's so wonderful and she's so amazing and so I
feel very honored to be here so thank you so much for having me well it's awesome we've all been brought together
and it's really sweet and beautiful and um I love our incredible community of
talent um that shows up to watch on the jewel loom school that shows up to watch
Danielle and Trisha and Neely and Sam and all of us you know it's just really sweet we're gonna definitely help you
get to your thousand that's my goal is to help everyone who needs to get to their their thousand on their YouTube
channel because it really does make a difference it takes a lot to build
um a YouTube channel but getting to that thousand follower Mark is like gold because then it then you can start to
figure out all the other things and have such a big supporter of
um having that multiple streams of income it's very important in this
season y'all like you I don't want any of you I it's hard for me when I see somebody
speak of lack I want to just like lose my Cheerios don't talk about lack
don't I get it I'm not saying keep your head in the sand but but let's focus on
what what else can we do what else can we learn because that is knowledge is key so
just do all the things that make sense just keep keep at it keep trying try
something different try something new yeah yeah okay so there's my little
but I'm so passionate about everybody I don't want anybody to feel it drives me nuts I'm like no don't talk like that
there's enough there's enough so and we're all going to help each other stay
afloat absolutely we all gotta We're All in This Together the way I see it and
Marlon Brando has to eat yes I got three cats to feed
who cares about us we just care about our animals
all right I absolutely adore you I can't wait to see you again and um and thank
you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thanks everyone yes thanks I love you julim
community you're fabulous I can't wait to see what you all make yeah that's gonna be the fun part please make this
your version and post it in the jewel loom make sure um are you you're in the group right
yeah yeah of course so make sure you tag uh Deb so she can see what you birthed
because that makes us so happy is when you have yeah when you do what we tell you
yes okay all right see y'all bye everyone