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  • Beaded, Lacy Loom Bracelet with Beth Walker - Jewel Loom School with Jewels

    March 24, 2023

    Beaded, Lacy Loom Bracelet with Beth Walker - Jewel Loom School with Jewels

    Beth Walker, of She Is Unfinished, joins Jewels to make a beautiful, eclectic bracelet on the Small Wisdom Warrior Loom on this Jewel Loom School tutorial. You can also use the Small Sun Weaver to make this bracelet. Beth is a mixed media artist & teacher, who loves to inspire others & bring out their creativity. Enliven your imagination by joining Beth & Jewels as they converse & use the loom.


    Beth is using Silk Thread to Warp. Adjust your warps according to the largest bead you are using. 

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    hey we made it awesome I'm so excited I know the
    beautiful Beth for well the business was Beth Quinn
    designs and that's where we met many many moons ago right in the jewelry
    world going to different shows like Tucson the last time I think we
    physically saw each other was when you happen to be here in Ventura yeah at the fairgrounds
    great junk something or other and I'm like is that BQ in the corner like what it
    was so bizarre and I was like that is so funny you know out of all of our travels
    and then here you are in my in right 805 area code and so um
    but yeah we both have had this incredible love for for jewelry making
    really pretty things and um but really what's come full circle is
    that our passion and love for life and for in particular helping
    women definitely yeah you know we both have had our own journey of
    trial and error yeah for sure we have amazing children that
    um yeah and really great businesses that we've been able to just kind of like explore and learn as we're going and and
    so this month when I wanted to have like storytelling uh with the Looms and and
    with other artist designers I was like oh gotta get Beth
    here welcome yeah we have a good the Julian Community is like it seriously is
    the most precious Community um the women are off the charts
    loving and kind and supportive and every day in the group you just see like
    people posting what they're making and we both know the emotion that goes
    into design yeah yeah definitely and sometimes it's hard to let go of that design it is it is
    it'll be my favorite and then I'll be like okay I can put it out there now it'll be like no I don't want I want
    that yeah because because you've transitioned into actually making
    finish things because it's kind of funny people always say to me like oh well where where do you sell your jewelry and
    I'm like um if I had time are you kidding me right now like what when I'm making it's because
    I'm making to teach you how to use a product so I
    don't really ever get the opportunity to like make a friend a finish pretty and sell it yeah
    and so it's kind of interesting because you are now in the finished yes I am
    finished yeah like manufacture or whatever you know by myself
    yeah yeah so it's like throwing yourself out there naked in a way because you're
    like you know you're making these projects and you know that you've poured your heart and soul into them but what
    is that person going to think and are they going to want to buy it and where do I put it for
    sale which by the way what officially is your website it's she is
    and I think if you plug in Beth Quinn designs you might be able to get there I tried to match it oh yeah but um she is
    unfinished yeah because she's unfinished so I'm unfinished yeah how profound yeah
    I have a you know a lot more stories to tell I think and a lot more of a journey to go on and you know that's why I came
    up with the name so yeah yeah it's all about empowering women and
    um especially women in midlife transitions who have just maybe feel lost or that my inspiration comes to
    help them and my words and all that are on my necklaces and my art and
    yeah yes because you that is the one thing about your signature is that you
    do communicate literally in your pieces and you always have yeah and I've made
    up a lot of insanes and um all most of them have he like she is
    this or she is that and I had like a with brave Wings she flies and um yeah so that was like one of my most
    popular when I first had my business yeah I know and and it's so beautiful and
    um you know we we kind of thought that this month was going to be about the small weaving goddess and we have we
    have played with her Trisha did such a phenomenal job um a week before last she did this
    really beautiful red vivacious bracelet that she taught everybody and the whole
    thing with with the sun Weavers is that their intention was always to be about
    storytelling and so um when I found out that you were using
    the small wisdom Warrior and you were telling a story I was like well yeah duh because
    you know the warrior wisdom is about that woman who has gone through all of
    these experiences and you and I have some very similar stories and we are
    sitting in this spot right now with such a great amount of wisdom um we have a lot of work still to do and
    a lot of healing um but I think that's what's so special because I'm loving what you did on the
    wisdom Warrior and it really does just kind of tell that story of like
    there's so many levels I guess is what I'm trying to say right you're like you go through these this storm that is just
    like kicks your ass I am sorry mistake and say something yeah
    and then you have to go through this process of healing you know what they say it's like it's like you the other
    person goes on and then you're you're I could only speak for myself and then you know you're left to do all the healing
    and you're like oh
    so okay I'm gonna let you take over because I I'm a chatterbox and um and so
    why don't you show us do you want me to show you the bracelet that I made yeah show us the bracelet that you made okay
    so can you see it yeah Joan do you wanna do you wanna downsize me
    all right so it's got just a little Chinese and Beads and hearts and okay can you
    come up a little yep there you go all right you saw that lace vintage laces I love using vintage so a
    little vintage button at the end oh my God yeah and what did you warp with again
    silk so like a silk ribbon um
    yeah that's what my work is because I always bead with um
    silk when I'm knotting or something so I just had that and my stash and I was like well I'll see how that goes so I
    tried the silk and that's what seemed to work well so for me okay yeah I don't I
    don't recall us stringing or warping with any silk and I
    know that um I know beadalon does have some silk and so I'll have to get some samples
    from them yeah it's really fun to use and easy yeah just the way you work and
    you know it seems like it's well it didn't stretch right nope scratch you
    know my silk out before I tend to do that anyway okay
    um so I I do stretch it out a little bit but yeah it's not stretching or it does
    seem like maybe it could be tighter on the loom so it's kind of a looser look but um
    but yeah it works really well and I love the color so I think it adds to the bracelet with the designs and stuff that
    I use well that's nice that's really cool so
    um hopefully you don't hear all the pounding going on
    that's all right noise in the background too yeah I can't hear anything so I'm just praying I
    can't hear the craziness going on next door to my mom's house but um so that's good that you use the Silk because I'm
    always people are always like well what can I use what can I use and really the rule of thumb is like if it's not moving
    yeah you know what can I use I was like okay this is what I have on hand yeah yeah
    and um then I just have some thread you know I just took some um quilting thread that's it won't break
    so I make sure you know it's very tough it's okay pull on it and it's not gonna break so
    yeah I love um using that it seems to work really well too go through all my beads because some beads are bigger than
    others you know with their holes so oh yes yeah that's the point I mean that's
    kind of the part we're using the like the little rhinestones and the buttons and the
    things you know it's a little bit you have to go through a few more times just to make sure you oh okay
    okay so so what I love too what you shared earlier is that you know when
    people are thinking about getting into looming it's one thing to choose the loom where to start but then it's like
    oh my gosh what else do I need right and so I love like how you pulled from your
    own crafting Arsenal yeah you know and you were like okay you know what I'm gonna I'm gonna use what I have right
    and then we'll go from there and so um it seems to have worked just fine a
    lot of you know that is like leftover beads from what I didn't know I was going to use them for so I had like you
    have your feet board and you have all these little leftover beads at the end and you're like oh what am I gonna do with this and then it just goes into a
    container so I just pulled all that and I just um kind of put it together and came up with my color scheme which is
    usually it's your signature yeah it's your signature and Beth not only do you do
    jewelry but you have like home decor items as well and so you know you are
    um really let's see um you know that whole artist that would
    go to like New York you know to Javits when you know when they have the shows
    right like I'm forecasting for you I already have your booth okay
    that's awesome yeah didn't you do did you do the New York stationery one time with Gwen I've
    only had um Vegas okay okay yeah trade show I did miss
    Vegas yeah your work is going down I guess I did Dallas once too so oh wow
    okay okay nice all right well I'm gonna let you take over again and just why don't you go
    ahead and show everybody what you want to show us so I will just show you some of the
    beads I have oh and look at everything on the crown I can't whoo so cool so I
    have oh so I went to this thrift store and there was like a bag of
    um beads that were just tiny and I was like okay I'll get that was a dollar
    hahaha I love it I was like these are perfect for the loom so and then
    some aqua vintage beads that are strong and then I have some little crosses too
    and I just throw everything in here and I kind of figure out what I want to use you know at any given time so
    wow yeah I just kind of do it intuitively I guess you would say
    I um I don't speak you know like if I I'm using cream and blue so for
    this one I just kind of rotated um the blues and the creams oh so pretty
    and then I just was like oh I wonder what it would look like if you added lace so you know I kind of I beaded that
    through there too so I can like that as well nice yeah just kind of
    like take color of whatever I had and I was just putting it on and and I think I might be
    like my um when I do it because I'm left-handed so
    oh I don't know like sometimes when I was watching yours and I was like I don't
    know that I think I you know like when I was dropping them and
    so I use both my hands but yes yes and I do too I get what you're saying yeah
    sometimes I think I end up on the so I don't know it just you know so you're
    popping those up in between the warps right now and you're working from the bottom up
    you're a bottom up worker yep so is Trisha okay good I'm not the only
    one then no you're not and it's you and it's not a problem like you started in
    the same spot yeah so yeah and I yeah like I said I was
    like oh I do it different but um
    so you're going back through the hole now yep gonna go back through
    I'm Going Under under
    and I'm pushing them up against the pearls that I put on there first these are aquamarine or pink outfit okay they
    add that little bit of Sparkle I don't know if you can see it in the night but yeah exactly nice
    yeah and then let's see kind of just
    so when I did my ribbon I wanted it towards the end of my wrist so I put it
    in at the beginning so you strategically placed it yeah okay
    okay I'm gonna try this one oh just take whatever I have and just
    ripped it or whatever I don't know I heard that is that really like brilliant to it or
    whatever yeah so I just kind of went in and out like you do when you're looming
    like when I've done fabric okay and then I came back and
    around kind of pulled it through gotta kinda
    loosen it up there okay so now I'm down now I gotta go up
    and then when I got to the side I just tied a knot yep okay right there
    thread so then yeah so then I just scooted it down I might need a little more tail
    and then just knotted on the warp
    maybe easier said than done I guess
    all right like that so then it just kind of had this tail on the end [Music]
    [Applause] from there my goodness started so that's how you uh
    how I Incorporated the um ribbon in with the beads so
    and then like now I might want to use blue because the ribbons cream so yeah
    figure out what I have here and I don't think like I use different size beads together like so
    a couple of little ones and then a big one or something in the middle of it or
    so so you're filling up your warps with with beads that
    yeah they're into the warps but not all the same size so you're mixing it up yep so I mix it up all the time too
    I'm back to the board and and prior to the wisdom Warrior had you worked on a
    loom I did one kind of fabric one it was just
    one I don't remember from where but yeah like some
    um working with uh ribbons and threads and
    that kind of thing doing it okay I put yarn in it and um
    yeah so nice
    yeah so I just kind of eyeball it and then see what fits in the the
    um Warp heart
    I think I'm gonna do four here hmm but see it you do have to get around the
    ribbon a little bit when you're done
    you're like yeah yeah that's right I know it's like going near us and
    people watching all right so
    awful lot of or I have a lot of um thread here so it's kind of like
    long because I never know what I'm gonna
    all right so now I'm gonna now you're going back up okay yep I'm gonna pop these up
    our little freaky okay all right well now I have to put my
    glasses on [Laughter] nope
    there you go that's part of the problem I'm having trouble yeah I gave I just wear my glasses from like yeah I can do
    this so yeah old eyes I actually had LASIK oh
    probably a long time ago now but yeah okay but it doesn't work when you get
    into your um you know later years oh okay yeah all
    right it had its lifespan I'm gonna try to do this again
    I know these are like I think I might have
    I just love your color palette it's so so gorgeous that's so gorgeous
    peaceful and spa-like and yeah you know all the yumminess of the beach and the
    ocean and sand and right it just is so
    gorgeous and then it's got all the shabbiness to it you know that whole like Levi's on in the soft Cashmere
    sweater all right there
    there we go all right we're back on track here yeah
    it's it's kind of finicky when you try to go around the ribbon I think uh-huh yep a little bit just because I'm
    working on different fibers and stuff yeah so now I'm going down below
    I love those are those the what's this stuff oh those are vintage yeah they're
    vintage turquoise beads oh this is my other fun thing to do it's like take these like old vintage necklaces and
    then just like take the beads or you know so absolutely yeah so this one was
    probably a knotted oh I have a strand of it actually it's like right here oh my gosh and I just took it apart and I was
    like okay what can I do with that so I like the beads so much I have so much vintage
    jewelry from my just traveling throughout the country and
    um like you going to thrift shops and seeing jewelry in the case and
    you know for whatever reason thinking I can't live without it I love to like reuse you know vintage
    stuff like yeah I'm gonna go on this one again
    um but yeah so I like to go and Thrift and go to the Vintage shops and antique shops
    and buy all jewelry and repurpose it yeah I love that
    and so just for those of you tuning in we have the beautiful Beth Walker with
    us from she is unfinished um Beth is a lefty and she works from
    the bottom of the Loom up and so if you're just kind of curious as
    to how her Loom is sitting in front of her um those are just some
    some reasons you can work from the top down you can work with the
    loom side to side um you'll you'll find what is most comfortable for you and then the small
    wisdom Warrior has a three by is it 12 June 12 or 11
    long I can't remember space to beat in and so this particular
    Loom you can only create on the top of it it doesn't go all the way around so
    right yeah so it's great for bracelets and earrings
    and pendants and other items um that are smaller but you can always
    take two pieces and sew them together as well if you needed something that was longer
    that's so pretty it gets to that meditative point where you just want to like like not talk
    soothing it's like knotting for me too like I not a lot of necklaces
    oh there you can you know kind of watch TV or whatever and I mean you gotta
    mention but um yeah yeah so
    I didn't I don't know that I knew you were a nodder and I've I think that's an
    incredibly special skill yeah I love to not yeah that's like people get paid big
    bucks to not okay yeah like I know that there are
    designers in New York like that's their jam and they do knotted pieces and and
    they make yeah they do well nice yeah yeah
    no being accounting is really hard on your eyes too like
    there we go all right so there's that next one so um and Beth is using materials like
    from her own crafting Arsenal like this silk um we were talking that beadalon does
    have a silk cord and um she's using like a quilting sewing
    thread but um you can also use your wildfire and
    all the different colors that are available but always know that when you're starting out if you're just
    getting your loom and you want to you know use some of the products that you have in your in your craft area then you
    know go try them you know see what you have um especially if you're investing in one of
    the the wood Looms in the beginning because that's a higher price point but uh you know so there's versatility
    in what and what and how you can get started yeah there's so many options it
    seems like it was you know like I was like okay what do I have yeah I don't need anything
    so yeah so who watching has a collection of
    um buttons because isn't that that seems to be something that like if we're thrifting or we go to
    a garage sale and there's always the jar of buttons and it's like for whatever reason you think you have to buy it
    right and it's yeah and it's always like really cheap like so you're like justified in your mind like it's
    yeah right like I'm getting 100 buttons for five bucks yeah
    so does anybody have a button collection I'm really curious
    and Becky says she loves the vintage jewelry so she's super in on what you're
    doing yeah I used to have a jar of buttons but somehow my sister ended up with them I think I left them at my
    mom's house one time oh no Joan is this
    I say you go over there and take them back [Laughter]
    my special buttons is too too small for my desire okay well Rhonda I think I
    think you gotta hit the streets time to Thrift I love finding different buttons
    isn't it funny the stuff that people let go of too like for us
    you know we'll go somewhere and we're just like oh my God I can't believe somebody let go of that right yeah we've
    like won the lotto all right I know that's so cool oh hi Melanie Melanie's
    with us from from Canada oh well hello she's a sweetheart she's
    she does she's one of our creative Soul students awesome hi Gloria I have a lot
    of old-fashioned white enamel wait I have an old-fashioned
    white enamel box with lots of buttons from my sewing days and also from my
    clothes I bought oh the extra button yes do they really think that we're
    gonna lose a button and re-sew it on like I want to know that conversation yeah like how many buttons are in
    plastic still like they're in there like they came on a sweater and a
    plastic bag here no yeah so I'd like to know from a marketing
    perspective like when did that when did that happen what year did the fashion
    industry say you know what we're going to start putting an extra button in a plastic bag
    and we're gonna make it really hard first of all to find because we're going to put it in your armpit right
    and then it's gonna be like somehow uh the endless loop that you
    have to find a darn pair of toenail Cutters for to cut off yeah
    and then they're all lost buttons anyway it's like where do people store them you
    just I know from the drawer and forget about them I know oh my God I can't tell you how
    many times I've like come to the end of something and it's like where did all these packaged buttons come from
    yeah Robin says she throws them all in a box on their own
    they're not oh they're not good enough to be in the jar with my vintage buttons well they're not usually
    right you don't want to get those good stuff right oh my God mess up
    so funny so yeah that's very cool
    and I've gotten that different places so so it looks like you just did a row of
    uh tiny like yeah are those seed beets or were those beads you found at the at the thrift shop I found them in
    um a vintage store but they came on a hank like this okay yeah so they're real likes I think
    they're just normal seed beads okay okay I don't think they're probably vintage
    but maybe they are they look more you know just regular yeah and they're like a pale aqua color they're super Gorge
    yeah so they just like give that little pop of color but they kind of blend in with a cream yeah nice
    so yeah very nice I um so I see how you warp down the middle
    of your loom did you just do that intuitively did you know you wanted to do that were you following the sword I
    mean was there any reason why you went down the middle intuitively yeah yeah I
    just kind of that's where I warped it and yeah kind of went and I put like
    four spaces in between um for my beads because I use all sizes
    different sizes okay then you went with the largest bead which is the rule of thumb okay yep
    okay good news yeah I I find when the Looms in particular the wisdom Warriors
    and the sun Weavers when you weave the entire grid
    I am mesmerized by the power in
    just how symbolic it is to see her behind those
    warps yeah oh yeah yeah it usually brings tears to my eyes because there's
    just something profound about that visual of the woman behind behind the warps and and then the
    storytelling that happens after that yeah and I sometimes have a hard time
    taking my pieces my big pieces like that off
    and then it's just yeah it's like it's a good thing I have like
    several large Sun Weavers yeah I had one warped forever and I
    never have finished her yeah and half made like that's my studio half the time
    it's like okay I've got this made and this made yeah finish this okay better finish this
    oh at what age do buttons become vintage I mean is it the rule of thumb as
    antiques isn't it 50 years one minute oh we're gonna google [Laughter]
    look at this beautiful table you guys look it look at that she has two crowns
    and the loom and all this gorgeousness
    all right okay sorry yeah so I have like you have two looms I have another one
    over here but it's not really started yet Becky is saying that it's 25 years
    so 25 years has been just for buttons I thought an Antiques like Furniture is a
    50 I thought it was 50 years for furniture thank you
    I don't know I don't know let's go back to Becky Becky Becky's got
    the Quick Draw on Google I think or she just knows I shouldn't say that
    she might literally she could be like a auctioneer
    what'd you do I'm gonna put a rhinestone in this one oh fun
    okay so in order to do that because it's
    gonna fall over I threw it a few times to make sure that
    stays oh so it's the way that the rhinestone is
    it's not a bead it's like oh it's a yeah it's got a drop on okay yeah so so
    you're gonna go you're gonna show us how you go through it a couple of times to secure it so it's propped up and not
    falling right okay so I go through the bottom of it
    but you're on top of the warps correct I'm on top of the warps yeah yeah okay because this is your second pass or your
    first pass actually yeah this was my first yeah I did it Opposite see I I like change it up
    I think it's the left-handed thing okay no I think you're doing what what we all
    do okay yeah it looks good it looks all
    right and I mean it's it looks like it's right on the wire okay so see but how it's like still Lucy yes so I'd have to
    go through it yeah so you're just really secure like as if though you were sewing something
    on yeah yeah I know I have this strand of like rhinestone flowers and I was
    like how could I sew that in there
    played with it a little bit but can it come apart at all or is it yeah like you
    can cut this apart but um I don't you know I guess I would take this in here yeah
    yeah he'd pop them out but you'd have to kind of wrap around
    because it's chain so I don't yeah oh you could do so I wonder if you just
    could do like take a thin take the silk
    excuse me and then like I don't know like somehow wrap around them and yeah that's what I was
    wondering like secure them in a whole different con like a whole different way not leaving yeah right yeah you'd have
    you'd almost have to do it that way I think yeah like you would just hand secure them on yeah I like that we would
    add a lot oh my God it would add so much I mean yeah that's a cool that would be a
    really cool technique I tried to explain to people sometimes you know I
    um my you know my grandma always sewed in front of me my Portuguese grandma always
    sewed in front of me so I had that embedded in my head she also knitted and crocheted but I also had to learn how to
    hem my own pants because I'm such a little boo-boo and I would buy pants in
    high school and they would be way too long and so um
    so yeah yeah and so I try to sometimes tell people like well think about you know like stitching when you're
    stitching or hemming your pants by hand um it's harder to tell a younger person that because they don't you know they
    kind of look at you like your you did what yeah you just didn't take them to the
    dry cleaner um but yeah I do I do feel like you know
    the the rhythm of sewing and stitching is uh is so close to this idea of
    weaving um Becky says it may be I looked up toys once because I have a Becky Barbie doll
    that has been discontinued and I found it in other toys that are 25
    years or more are vintage but I don't know if that's the rule for anything else yeah I for some reason I I
    think Furniture is 50. yeah
    so Karen Voss says she used to sew sew all her own clothes ooh that must have
    been fun yeah and then we used to sew us matching outfits I think oh God yes
    right you wore the matching outfit that your mom yes matching outfits yes there's a handful of photos with my
    mother yes the pant suits oh forgot the darn
    matching pantsuits yeah oh man
    good record oh my God so much fun um freshwater pearls oh are you kidding
    wow that's a very eclectic piece like you are really showing the diversity of
    like how size wise typewise quality wise
    price point I mean like you've gonna it's all on that bracelet it's such a great
    example of what you could do yeah you can just
    do we have any left-handed um folks watching I'm wondering how this inspires
    you um because as you could tell Beth is a lefty and so I know many times
    um you know left-handed people are always like well what about me and how do I do this and yeah and I'm curious to
    know if you are left-handed and you're watching you know how is this inspiring you to know that um you you can you know
    you can do it as well oh Robin's dad was a tailor
    oh so she's sewed all the time oh what a blessing yes
    yeah Debbie are you're you're a lefty
    does she find it awkward to I don't know um she does a lot of great stuff Debbie how are you doing with the
    looming part I mean it just feels like I do it Opposite yeah you're just that's exactly
    what it is it's not like it's some big major thing it's just opposite I just know in my teaching that I've always had
    my left-handed students who kind of think like I have to show them a different way and so you know then I'm
    trying to you know to learn okay so Zach says I'm a lefty definitely
    um and Debbie says yep yeah so it's like I want to learn with her
    while Karen entered fairs with her sewn clothes that's cool nice
    that's way cool Debbie says she's still scared no Debbie no it's Gary cat watch back
    no let's do it he's your left-handed Queen [Laughter]
    take it on oh my God I can't believe you're double crowns look at them how so cool
    I know they're just full I put my little words on this one you saw that right it says oh you did yeah sorry I don't know
    yeah it's like a sticker and it says and a whole lot of love are we gonna find
    that on your website yeah I have jewelry that has a saying on it okay well I just mean like if some of
    the folks see because a lot of people have the crown and so they're probably gonna they're probably gonna see me like
    a sticker for it or something yeah they might want a sticker for it so make sure you go to best site yeah
    um Robin I love the pictures of what you did on the loom
    the crown trays they are super pretty Becky
    yeah in fact I think we I think the crown is the crown still in the shop
    I don't remember we have some yeah I love those crowns they're so cool
    hmm 93.
    I like it because it's so forgiving I think like oh yes like you can you know if I'm
    sitting here thinking about how I want to create but like you know I can take
    whatever and just make it into something
    yeah and it's the forgiveness in in looming I think anyway I mean really
    this is what it boils down to the practice should be in your warps no matter what Loom you're working with
    it's all about the orbs it's all about the tension yeah and once you get that down
    then everything else should just be easy peasy pumpkin squeezy you know like just
    don't take it too seriously um but practice on your warping because that really is the key to to working on
    a balloon yeah and that's what I think too like I said that first bracelet that I made was a little loose and I think
    it's just because of learning how to warp it and make sure it's tight and yeah
    you know make sure everything well we always talk about that first
    um first row of beads just being sometimes and then humans are allowed to have
    uh Karen says she made Danielle's earrings on the loom the other day and they turned out super cool Danielle
    Wicks um was with us a couple weeks ago and she did seed bead earrings based off
    of Portuguese tiles because she knows of my Portuguese Heritage and uh she came
    up with some patterns like I don't this I'm just it's like she blinks and they're there and they're awesome and so
    it's always so fun to um to watch what people then make you
    know from the inspiration so I'll be excited to see what everybody does um with their vintage items that I'm
    sure they're going to be inspired by watching you and yeah it's super cool
    yeah can you bring in the finished one really quick and after you do that row
    I want to see what how you ended oh okay
    those are those are some big boys right there because I think everything else is
    smaller but they're just like I love it they look like they're probably like eight millimeter maybe yeah yeah so
    they're gorgeous oh my gosh all right so my original where did it again okay I
    know right the end I did the button and then I just made it like that so oh
    whoops come back oh sorry oh so you did the button technique yeah I did the button technique with I just used my
    button yeah heck yeah all right so you yeah you did
    the loop and you tied the ends yep um Debbie who is saying Debbie would
    like to see it a little bit closer is there a way for you to come a little closer and then just stays
    yeah just stay still for a hot minute while you have an Eclectic mix like big
    and bold and vivacious and shiny and it's like it's like every woman we know
    it's like all all the voluptuousness and all the sexiness and all of the
    curviness and and all the shapes and the figures I love it
    I absolutely love it that one piece can you bring that little piece right up that um the end that's sitting on the on
    the crown right bring that up to the camera yeah I just want to see the shiny piece what is that shiny oh
    that is a vintage rhinestone button oh is that is that what you double sewed so
    that it wouldn't be one so this one is like oh sorry over there can you see oh
    my god I've got a glass oh button so they were glass pinked buttons and then
    it makes it tighter there I think with that sizes okay
    wow all right hey Joan can you bring me back on
    and you can you want to come back up so we see your beautiful Facebook for sure
    okay so so when people come to your website what can they what can they
    expect what can they how can they engage with you um yeah so I do have
    um like a Facebook page as well but um on my website I have a little store and
    so I have like the jewelry with all the sayings and the categories so there's um
    there's some ornaments on there and there's some art and
    um some other things that are you know everything speaks to like a saying or
    empowering women um you know so and I'm starting to do my own courses so I just started doing that
    okay oh teaching how to use resin and some of the things that I've used my jewelry so yeah you can take classes and
    I'm just doing them online as well you know so yeah yeah I'll be in your resin class
    learn to do that and you know expand a little bit that way so is your shop your on your own
    platform versus you're not on Etsy or you have your own yeah
    so she is is your shop yep is my shop and where the courses are
    and everything and your school so okay
    oh God
    yeah make things oh my God yeah yeah okay well we I Joan
    and I have been trying to brainstorm a physical offering of being somewhere where people
    can come and learn how to weave and I I think it's just time you know and I
    think it'd be great if you held a space for that too and thought about it because I think that um we need to
    figure out how to get the women back together you know and awesome yeah I think so for
    sure so I could see your your your whole thing and my thing and
    it'd be really fun it'd be really fun yeah definitely that would be a blast so
    okay so they can shop with you they can learn with you you've got jewelry items
    you've got home decor items so if somebody's decorating or they want an
    inspirational piece that has a saying on it they can they can look at the site for that and
    if they wanted something accustomed to I I'm always up to you know doing Customs okay
    do they email you that or do you have a custom button on your website there's a
    contact button on my website I do the little Custom Spot but I think that you
    can find the con under the contacts you could just send me an email as well okay do you have a YouTubes
    nope okay all right and when you do then you'll let us know
    um you've got the Facebook yep and Instagram and the insta are you on the
    tick tock I am I am so you can look for me there but I
    don't only have a few videos okay yeah I just started to delve into the tick tock
    a little bit it's so I got on to the tick tock
    um back in 20 20 when I was trying to escape from what
    was happening in my life and um I actually had no intention
    you know and and then I discovered that it was actually a way for me to express
    myself you know so whether I did a little dance or you know so it's kind of
    my I feel like it's my platform where I really get to be Jules with the truth of
    how I've how my life is that's awesome yeah so
    I love it for that um just made a few videos of my jewelry
    or how I've made things I think on there yeah yep you'll you'll figure out what
    it means for you I think it's important to to know what every platform means or you can end up getting stuck
    yeah we're forever grateful that you took the time to be with the jewel loom community and I know I know women are
    going to be inspired by your story I know that there's still a lot to communicate down the road and
    um yeah and it's um my biggest thing is to let
    mostly women I got I got a lot of love for the men too but uh you know my
    calling and my serving seems to be towards the ladies um me too but yeah to just let let them
    know that um you know you're okay and so whatever you've been through just
    keep pushing forward get the help you need make sure you're somewhere safe
    um and just don't give up right keep going keep going unfinished and each day
    new chapter so you can make it what you want and that's kind of a happiness yeah
    yeah you gotta grow through the unfinished and unknown so let's kind of grow yeah it's like
    it's like being a fixer-upper house
    I was so funny that you said that because I was like it's like the fixer-upper
    and there's lots of rooms I'm sure that need to be yeah a little yeah cared for
    so I'd rather I'd rather have that than the idea of stuffing all my crap in
    suitcases you know what I mean definitely so you gotta open up the suitcases which is a lot of hard work
    yeah a lot of hard work but just imagine putting them into these beautiful rooms
    you know with the color you want right and yeah
    exactly I can't wait 20 pillows yeah every bed needs 20 pillows right I don't
    care what anybody says it looks so much fluffier and it's so much comfortable it's so much comfortable and they have
    purpose they do yes I love throw pillows I know pillows on purpose
    so you know yeah build your house one step at a time in
    room by room yes room by room just yeah yeah yeah yeah and just make sure you
    take care of yourself I mean I think that's the first thing too it's just about self-love and I mean we try to say
    it and say it and I think it gets overused maybe sometimes or over you know people say love yourself first
    but it really is true it's 100 True like if you're gonna give everything you've
    got to other people you need to start with yourself so yeah
    and I think you know as women as Mamas and and just that female energy period
    um we do tend to take care of everyone whether it's our partners our kids our
    businesses everything tends to keep going out right going out and then I
    have found in my life what ends up happening is that I deplete myself right so empty yep and the Well's dry
    and then where where do you get your your your energy from or your you know yeah
    yeah you do you do have to take that time I feel um what is uh is it Melanie
    the she's an inspirational speaker y'all she's the blonde she wears the glasses
    um Melody is it Robbins oh shoot Robinson she just did a I just
    watched one of her reels and she was talking about um self-care and the three things that
    she does before bedtime and um and you know her writing and drinking
    water taking a hot bath and she says that she has decided to stop taking her
    cell phone into her bedroom she lives in the bathroom and she said it has profoundly changed everything
    and because it's true like if I wake up at four o'clock in the morning what do I do right I roll over and look at that
    stupid phone right yeah that's a great idea yeah like if you don't have it there then yeah I have
    notebooks all over like notebooks all over yeah well if I wake up with that
    idea you know it you know four o'clock in the morning or I'm not like journaling or writing or making up
    saying to me like all of a sudden at two o'clock in the morning I'm like oh that's a good scene you know
    Jody it's not Melody Ross but I love Melody Melody we go way back in the
    industry she has Brave girl I'm talking about oh God what is her name anyway
    Melody Robinson I think is her name she's not like in our world she's like one of those
    people who has like profound things to say but
    anyway and and you are one of those people because I know that you are just gonna do and that already have but
    you're gonna it's even gonna be deeper and bigger and so much more helpful to the women out there that need your story
    need my story need to know that things will be okay right 100 100 thank you so
    very very very thank you so much too yeah so much fun the loom is like a
    savior I feel like you can you know like it just takes your mind away from everything so yeah it's the feeling yep
    it's the healing and the you know just doing something where you're not you're using your hands and I think some of
    that time when you use your hands you don't have your brain overthinking everything so true so true that's why I'm guilty of
    sometimes at 10 o'clock at night I'll be on I'll be like Oh I'm gonna go do a live just so that I can weave and then
    John will be like I saw you did something last night do you want it to be a Blog
    she's laughing because she knows it's true anyway please anytime you want to
    come back and play you are always welcome yes in the house of jewels you are always welcome in the Julian
    community so I love you and we're cheering you on yeah all right all right
    well thank you again for having me here absolutely and thanks everyone for being here thanks for hanging out and getting
    inspired and as always please let us know if you need anything you have the text please please please go visit
    Beth's website check that out get filled with her inspiration and her love and
    um um point out those stickers for us
    yeah we need some stickers on our crowns bro definitely yeah awesome okay okay
    all right bye everyone