by Joan Dice

DIY Multistrand Beaded Bracelet with SilverSilk Loom

Learn how to make a one-of-a-kind stone bracelet in this tutorial by Jewels from Jewel Loom & Nealay Patel from SilverSilk. This tutorial teaches how to weave 2 hole gemstone beads between the SilverSilk Capture Chain & make a picot edge with seed beads. And the next step is to finish the bracelet off with a button clasp!


  • 3ft SilverSilk Capture Chain
  • 2-Hole Stone Beads
  • 11/0 Seed Beads
  • 2 SilverSilk Double Strand End Caps
  • 4mm Czech Glass Beads
  • 20g Craft Wire
  • Clasp for SilverSilk chains and Custom Findings

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Hello everybody welcome back to my channel here at Silver silk and more and
I've got the fabulous Miss Jules avlar with me looking spicy looking fly over
here with jewel loom in the house so how you doing Miss Thing Miss honey oh
so good I just got off a flight yesterday so I was at the creativations
show with NAFTA in Columbus Ohio for days I think I got in last week
sometime and it was just absolutely amazing so much creativity so many like things
going through my head like and you know how to incorporate things I I also found
things where um you know I love to empower our community our customers with
ways that they can make money in addition to the flow that they're already getting
um and so if there's any money that they do make they spend on crafts like the rest of us so they gotta make it back
right exactly exactly and then spend it back on Cross
and I have a hard time enunciating this word sub sublimation
sublimation yes met a really cool company out of Arizona
um they're called maker flow and they have a super cool assortment of printers
and tumblers and so that was they were just they were all sparkly they had all the guys and they
had one girl and they were all in these sequins jackets so you know I was all like my people yeah exactly the Sparkles
yeah and him teak was there and him teak has beautiful new things and
um adhesive or ad Tech has a new a glue gun that uses a battery like a
Tesla battery yeah yeah I mean that's the future isn't
it though that's gonna be in everything it had a port it had a port where you could charge it I was like oh my God the
technology and that little gun um it's crazy yeah you know there was and John bead was there so I got to
squeeze Danielle and yeah love me some Danielle she is
the perfect person to squeeze she just you know she's a safe place
right like she just is so um kind and gracious and humble and
um she sadly heard the first day she was supposed to be there got her fight got canceled so we didn't get but that
moment of like a tiny little moment we were eating lunch we got to squeeze
but that's okay at least I got to see her and we're hopeful to see each other again in August at bead Fest so
awesome yeah so it's good stuff sounds like an amazing trip no I could
go on and on well what are we doing today we're making some stuff well you know
every time we talk about getting together and everything it's like um uh you know I think about like what
we can do and you know Neely I was tripping out last night so I don't you know this is where we started this is
where we started and this was the oh my God moment right like I was actually on
the fiber Loom making something and the silver silk happened to fit and
I was like you have to flip and be kidding me and then that's when you know
the your loom was birthed and you know I was just looking at like how we've used fibers and just multiple gorgeous beads
and I mean look at how incredibly beautiful all of these pieces are and it's all with your gorgeous gorgeous
silver silk which by the way I need to obviously expand my color palette I'm
just gonna say I was like these were all made for you weren't they these weren't to give away
I might have to give some except for I still I need them for our demo so I don't know I didn't make a piece give it
away but you right before um Tucson uh sent me some a goodie pack
and you asked me you know hey Jules would you work with you know the copper and I was like are you kidding me that's
my second favorite color right so I did and then I was like well what am I gonna do and
I love Dakota stones and I I wasn't carrying stones but I want to carry
stones and then I found this Stone and so long story short I ended up using the
double um drilled hole so these have two holes in them and I ended up I started with
the pink ones and then we had the aqua Jasper matte Jasper the black oh my God anyway
they're all on the site people have been ordering them just for this
demonstration this is the bracelet I ended up making um down to your table yeah okay yeah let
me get mine close-up view oh gorgeous so it's a pretty easy peasy I put the
you know the copper silver silk on the on the silver silk loom and I did a real
basic you know um weave and then I was like I was inspired by a project Trisha had
actually done where she did the Peyote on the sides and then I ended up doing
like more little beads and a double so I have like I have like bigger oh God I don't want
to say bigger balls but that's all I can say
that's a good thing good thing um so yeah so I just weaved those in as an added embellishment and then I added on
your um what color is this knee oh that is the dark rhodium okay so
that's what I had and I felt like I liked it better than the silver that I had
um and then I just wanted to add like some check chain and yeah so pretty
pretty cool stuff now I have my silver silk loom all ready to go here and what
I've done with this one I've got a 20 inch piece by the way of uh chain
and I went ahead and I pre-cut it so you could see that the the little legs are in there this time around I used
whoopsie I used one of my buttons and I just think I know totally look at
how pretty pretty did you color that I did oh my gosh I did yep those are on
the side as well but um but oh my God I mean I just love your loom so much okay
let me see what's going on with my space maybe I'll do that okay so I have the
chain in place on the silver silk loom I did Skip One Groove let me angle this
okay so I have it laying into the first I skipped one and then I put the other
side um into that third third Groove and then
you could see that the button right I weaved it through pulled it through
and then just stretched that so my two ends at the bottom are separate so I just cut them off
okay so um what I'm gonna do to get started and let me just make sure so this project
for my wrist I have a six inch wrist I used six let's bring these in one two
three four five six seven I use seven of the double drilled gemstones these
are just so stinking gorgeous and [Music]
I'm gonna find the end of my pink Wildfire here and cut a piece about a yard and a half
long and I really want to start way up here as close to the grid as I can
and I'm just very carefully gonna tie that knot up there then I'm going to take the needle and the thread I'm using
the jewel loom needle and I'm going to come under the warp threads these are
our warps okay your warps always go from the top to the bottom and your wefts or
when you are weaving is from left to right okay so I've got the needle I'm
going to come under the warps I'm going to pick up one of the gemstones
and I'm going to put the needle through there and then I'm going to let it slide all
the way down now if you're familiar with working with the two hole tile beads
this is just the same process it's just that this is bigger so we're going to hand hold that
and for this project I did find melee that I wanted to go through the silver
silk we've talked about in the past about going around it going through it I
found that for this project and this pink wildfire that it was better to go
through it to hide it and honestly it's not a deal breaker if
you choose to go over it's just a preference of what you want to see okay
then I'm going to take this bead and I feel like I need to come a little closer to me
and can I come whoa hello [Laughter]
so right now and y'all I'm going to bring this up to the camera so bear with me you see how its little
bottom is under the warps okay so when you're working with a two-hole bead you want the second row to
be under the warps because you're going to take the needle and you're just going through the hole
and then you're going to come through you're going to bring that needle to the right side here
and you're just going to pull before you burn the tight could you pull the loom down just to smidge oh yeah
thanks camera excuse me there we go okay and let me get this tail out of the
way I'm going to hide this back here okay then I'm going to take my pointer
which is my finger and I'm going to help bring that up so it's just resting and then once again
I'm going to go through the silver silk and I want to align it up
so I go through the hole where you at buddy
let me do a little peek here oh
okay and so so when you're doing this when you're
going through the change you change like trying to find your way out but you also have those little those little balls in
there that you kind of have to you can't necessarily go through them right so you got to go around them
yeah it's tough trying to so sometimes if you're trying to find that little space between the the beads of yeah
chain and yeah kind of have to just make it work with Landing in a spot which it
looks like you did yeah look at that that's a perfect view of it yeah so you
know just take your time with these big guys they're absolutely gorgeous um these particular ones are 10 by 20.
and it's just stunning the gemstones with your silver silk are like they're
made for each other so beautiful I like this color combination too it's really
nice for summer to Spring to Summer transition colors and also Viva magenta
isn't that the color of the year so like this kind of Falls I wasn't thinking that but yep I knew
subconsciously there was a reason okay I'm gonna give you also just love
pink though don't you well I do love pink I you know whoa let's see
so I I'm really digging the top of this Stone super gorgeous right so let me
give you a little tip when your double
hold bead has two different patterns right so like obviously that looks
different oh that's cool too though um and you want to use
you want to make sure that you know one side of it is what's facing up with your project okay I'm going to lay the bead
down and I'm going to enter the top
hole that is looking at me that is closest to me so in this case it's this
this top left hole and then when I let it fall
and hopefully I did that right that's the side that's going to be
facing up okay so if you ever wondered like oh gosh well how do I get that side that I
want so see how I did that so it's that top left hole that's closest to your
body if you're working with a bead that has a top and bottom pattern make does
that make sense it does and I guess at the very worst case you just flip the
bracelet over and you've got a whole new pattern you know what totally right
definitely and sometimes you can't really go wrong and sometimes more times it's more about
the two hotels or like the pyramid beads so say you have a pyramid bead and you only have the pyramid on the top you
wouldn't want the pyramid on the bottom right so it is important with that type
of a bead but you're absolutely right with the gemstones you can just call it a day and
um you know they're the police the craft police are not coming to get you right
no yeah so we're all good so I'm gonna pop that up again
and so it's just a repetitive motion at this point um
yeah what's cool is that white thread is just going to disappear into the chain
since you're stitching it through and because you're using larger beads essentially it's just going to stitch
together a lot faster than using smaller seed beads oh yeah that's if there's anything wrong
with that but you know if you if you're wanting less meditation and more of just a finished design this is the perfect
design for that yes I love how you said that yeah it's um it's definitely
um a lot faster than than seed beading for sure
um the the part you know that definitely took a lot of time on this bracelet was
doing those little you know those little seed bead balls I'm gonna say I was on the phone I was having a conversation
with a friend uh we were on the phone for 90 minutes and uh that's pretty much
how long it took me to do that now I wasn't completely concentrating so I
might have been able to do that you know quicker but this part is very fast
as you can see it's coming totally yeah so I only need seven of these guys and I've already got three
I was gonna ask like for wrist measurement and yeah typically sizes
tend to be what around the six and seven inch Mark yeah or most bracelets so how many of these Stones would you need well
for like I said for me I'm I'm a six incher so I'm I'm doing um I'm doing I have seven seven beads
but for my folks that might have an eight or nine inch you know the loom knee like I can't remember for sure but
let's see what did we do we did a we did an eight
inch so if somebody had a eight or nine inch wrist they would want to be this
entire length let me bring that into the camera
so you could see it's it's a little it's like eight and a quarter actually so you
would want to bead the entire length and then this is going to be your you know
like these little guys right here you might want to leave them a little bit longer um if you have a nine inch wrist just so
that you have this extra area to figure out how to add you know that extra inch
but I think you'll be fine so I would say that you're going to be pretty good for
up to a nine inch wrist with this Loom and and that's how we designed it I remember when we were thinking about all
the dimensions and stuff um we always try to you know accommodate up to a nine inch wrist
um we have a quick question here from one of our Facebook buddies asking does
the thread show on the back of the piece yeah because we're stitching it through
it's not going through let me finish this hole and I'll bring that one up I just don't want to get off track here
totally yeah so because it's just going through um it's going through the silver silk
like I'm doing right now so I'm taking the needle I'm going back through the silver silk back through the hole so I'm
not going there the the thread is through the bead but let me show you on
the finished piece so hold on one click second okay all right so let me bring that in
and so I would consider this the top of my bracelet but this is the back and so you can't
there's really no difference right so here's one pattern
yeah and to your point it works out perfectly right because this could be worn either way this is the part that
I'm referring to as the back and I don't think you would really know that the only thing is like you you might be able
to see that Stitch a little bit more than you can see it on this side so but it yeah it's not it's in the bead
it's going through the bead and I hope that helps to answer that person's question yeah totally okay
because if not I don't know what to say you're doing great
um I had more questions and now I totally blanked okay oh what's fun about you stitching
through this is more of a comment I guess um okay the silver silk and this is sort of what prompted my comment was I was
talking to someone about about silver silk and they had referred it to as
um as a texture excuse me a textile and I never really thought of it that way
but it makes sense because you're able to manipulate it as you would any sort of
textile whether it's stitching through it or wrapping around it or whatever there's some materials in our beading
world that you really can't do that with right um but I feel like it's so
appropriate for you to use because you use textiles within your weaving projects absolutely and you know as far
as like you know I was just sharing with you how a lot of the people you know there were a lot of paper Crafters at
the um at the event and they were talking about making book binds and and like Journal wraps with with the loom
and hey let me tell you something when that happens your silver Silk's coming with me because just imagine this
gorgeous product of yours being wrapped around one of their journals and beat it I mean it's got such versatility niele
like completely it's it's it's texture it's textile it's it's yummy
I love your descriptions for everything but I uh equally love it as with your
creativity of what you bring to the silver silk world and all these cool
creative projects that you come up with yeah it's always really exciting yeah it's you know Hey listen I'm the girl
that uh I'm the the uh what did they refer to me as the fire behind the wire so in the 90s when
scrapbooking took over the world um I was like oh my gosh we got to
figure out how to put you know artistic wire on scrapbooks and and I did and so
you know we um you know you just have to think about the use of your product and and the
diversity of it and yeah it's mostly in the jewelry world but let me tell you those ladies see this stuff and they're
going to go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs I know it I love it it's gonna be also a 90s
reference that I'm very familiar with
oh my gosh and let me just say Dakota stones I mean seriously Ricky was so stinking
right with me and the jewel loom and silver sill Community he helped us
um to order these stones and we've been able to provide them
I've gone through I think two orders now and God bless him he's just been so patient and kind and he loves you and he
loves your community as well yeah we love Dakota Stones they have the most
like bad a products yeah I don't know if I could say the ass word I guess I will
it's my channel it doesn't matter they're so badass and um they have a great business sense and
um helping our community grow and yeah um it's just their customer service and
who they are as people it's quite ugly yeah no it's so good because you know I
was supposed to pick up the first order when um was it for that or was it for the
other project it doesn't matter I was supposed to pick up something when I went to Tucson and as you know I didn't
get to go and so um he was just amazing because he had taken the beads the
gemstones two twos on and then um and then yeah so quick to expedite them to
me so I could get them to the creative Soul members and um because it was their February project
I'm like oh my God I gotta get the I gotta get the stones here like yesterday
and he was so awesome to really make it happen and and they loved it and so yeah
yeah okay so that's my seventh bead
and so at this point what I could choose
to do and again this takes more you know I I won't finish adding
you know all of these little guys but I am going to set up to show you how I do them
so that you can get an idea basically it's your picot Stitch but instead of
three beads it's five beads and then instead of one set it's two sets so I'm
going to pour these guys out and this is just a gorgeous what the heck is this color
um this is an inside color rainbow
highest high oh my gosh a big word I can't say um that word opaque purple
yes thank you oh okay I don't know why I'm having such a hard time a unique color combination when I would have
never imagined it looks like a taupe color maybe yeah it's like a topaz with
a rainbow and but it's just so and this is an option I mean the way this
bracelet is right now like you could totally call it a day like I don't yeah you could pump that right off put the
end cap on and walk out the door right right so I'm just gonna for Giggles though show you what I did do because I
know someone's gonna ask so I'm turning the loom around and I I'm gonna take
um I'm going to take and pick up five of these guys five of these eleven O's
and why I want to do that on camera one
my God I cracked myself up well two
patients will have its rewards right yeah and obviously the more you pick up
the bigger you know this little cluster is going to be um I want to try to get a focused
it looks in Focus there it looks okay okay okay yeah
um uh-oh is that you screen only are you on loom somebody just took over
our somebody is on loom they just took over
our our stream is this me or you or
um I don't think so that was so weird you're still videoing okay that was really yeah
glitch there yeah somebody just came on and tried to take over
oh that's weird okay [Music] okay so I'm gonna go back through
back through the still so stinking funny back through
um that hole all right and
and then I have my first Little My First little dingleberry yeah
a little Fringe there yeah it's just like you know what you could do it you
cannot do it you could do one you could do two do three knock your socks off or just call it a day I'm gonna go ahead
and do the other side so this bracelet is at least even so I'll pick up another five seed beads
God always Under Pressure whenever you're picking up seed beads it's so crazy okay
there's five so you can see how I'm just dancing with
my loom I kind of I move it so you know I'm turning it around I'm not trying to like fuss with it in the make it stay in
one position like I'm dancing with it okay so I'm just gonna go back through
that hole and then on this pass this is where I would end up making that second
cluster so I just went back and forth um one question that you might be
thinking of is like do I continue to just to just keep doing it continuously
actually no that's why it's so stinking time consuming but it really is a cool look meaning that I'm gonna do these
four on this bead and then I tie off and I restart on this guy and then I tie off
and I restart on that guy it is a it is a it's you know it's more of a time consuming situation but if you want to
do it it's pretty cool I mean it looks really nice but yeah maybe we do a set so you can
kind of walk us through it and then do it so I'm going to I'm turning around
um and I'm just going to readjust my silver silk because it's like getting a
little flat there um so I'm going to go ahead I'm just for time's sake I'm gonna go ahead and um
let's see what am I gonna do um I'm gonna go ahead and just do where
you make um the the make it so you can see how I
got the look of mine where there's two sets like you said and how many beads is that five or four four
so I got five I'm gonna go back through
okay oh it's so stinking cute okay it really is it's working it's just kind of
bunch up and it looks like intricate beading but it's really not yeah no it's
it's it's really fun so I really do like the look I mean like um you know you could
either do it like I did or or maybe you alternate maybe go one two you know
three four you know you could do that too then it wouldn't be as time consuming maybe you'd only do it on one
side but if you do it the way I did it um I was on a phone call and it took me
90 minutes again not completely focused but I did keep going so I would say that anywhere
from an hour to 90 minutes is what it might take you um just so that you're like what in the
world did this girl show us how to do huh
I mean when you're in for the weaving you're truly in for the weaving so yeah and that's what you like yeah this is
the the playground yeah for which you can use all of your beads yeah exactly
so and now here's our second little set and again it is really stinking cute
it's you know it just it looks they look like a little baby crowns mm-hmm
okay beautiful yeah so then you know I would just like do a little
um I would just come over here and I would tie this one off and and I'm going to
correct myself um last time I think I did
I don't know that I did I might have actually just done you know one side whoops I'm
sorry just one side and then started over because you can't really hide the
knot if you don't do that so I'm going to correct myself and say that this is the better way
um just do those two and then start over gotcha yeah I like I like that better
because it's lightweight you don't have to be super aggressive with the knotting yeah no you don't
and um so I do want to hold on don't go anywhere I get it I forgot to bring my
um my Wildfire I had to just go across the way there so
I'm just going to come in really carefully with my um Beetle on Wildfire cord cutter that I can't get enough of
I have to play with one of those and they're pretty pretty cool and I leave a little bit of a just a smidge and then
Meredith had that trick where you know you just kind of like curl it into a little a little melted Ball but you got
to be careful and you just practice and you'll be okay all right perfect yay
okay awesome sauce so I mean you have kind of like this cute little
yeah cute littleness yeah I'm kind of thinking it would be fun to
alternate too you know um so yeah so at this point let's see
I'm gonna come back let's go ahead let me see for Giggles I did have a knot
here I'm gonna do this guy too let me come back into the screen so I'm just very carefully going to do
the same thing to this top one so I'm literally leaving like a
fingernail and then I come back in and I do the Meredith trick
and so I'm just like turning it into like a little ball there
awesome fantastic this thing is like killer okay
thank God for that um and then I'm ready I could take it off I could take it off let's see what's
going on maybe we can attach the um crimp on yeah
we can yeah that's why I always a little more graceful than uh let's see oh it's
so precious just so beautiful yeah like maybe you do one with it and then you
could do one without and um yeah that would look really sweet mm-hmm that would look fun too
um definitely a great option but this is Gorge this really shows off the beads
so um yeah so oh my gosh this is this always makes me a little
because I have to let me roll up my sleeves and roll up my sleeves for this one okay I want to do this
and then we want to make sure we have an opening oh my God that butterfly kills me it's so pretty it's so pretty uh
I wish you know we need we need you know how we've tried in the past to do like a barrel bead or something that
we could slide we need that can you please make that
um I'm gonna say because because the idea here is that I
need a hole I need a loop I need my Loop which is this area to be big enough so that my button will you know slide off
right so I'm kind I don't want to be like I don't want to rush this so I'm eyeballing it
and I feel like I could get away I'm just for Giggles I think I'm gonna
do that okay let's see what happens here okay let me out
oh Okay so
okay one second gotta get these guys out of the way how did we live without one of these
scooper things is what I want to know okay so I want these things I've learned
a lesson in that you really want your silver silk to be even yes it does
oh my gosh knee like seriously this is so funny it's not funny when you don't
it's not funny when you don't okay so so we'll see because I can see that it's I want to
get like here I want to go here okay and I want to get these guys all
nice and all nice and straight I want to get that little booger placed away I think I'm
pretty straight I think I'm okay so I want the balls to line up because I found that that's
important and I'm going to come in with my cutters
bear with me okay
okay I just want to make sure it's like the right spot yeah I'm being overly
careful but I think it's important if especially if you've not worked with this before
okay awesome okay now oh my gosh I feel like this is
where let's do this we got it girl we got it
okay so we're gonna put we're gonna put that guy in there am I in the camera and we're gonna put that
guy in there and let me tell you life is a lot better when you when you have when you don't cut those too short
because um but I'm gonna also show you a secret
and you're just gonna trip out okay so I'm gonna come in and I'm gonna sandwich and I'm gonna oh get back in there mama
and and I'm going to do it again
and you can correct me anytime I'm wrong with this process because I don't want to be showing anybody
something wrong but I think I did it right right yeah I mean if it's on there
secure that's that's okay and it looks like it is so I'm proud of you okay so I get to go to college
silver so College okay so there we go oh my God look at that and you can yeah and
then like something yeah you could take actually then you could just maybe take some of the chain
you know that I used in this manner yeah but just add the chain now to be a
floppity flop okay so I'm going to let you in on something um I've had to learn especially with
teaching sometimes people make boo-boos in class right so I had this woman at JTV who one time cut literally cut like
we set her head off because he removed her piece from the loom and I
really don't know how I fixed it but I did so when I was doing this piece I
accidentally did the same thing but you'd never know it but I want to let everybody know not to lose their
Cheerios if that happens because what I did the pieces are in there all right but I
felt like I needed a little extra security since I made like a boo-boo and I just took some beautiful copper wire
and I wire wrapped it all together but it's in there yeah I don't know is
that is that okay because if it's not brand okay you can tell me oh I'm so
offended okay I just felt no really I I just felt like oh my God how I just
spent an hour and a half making all these balls and and it's secure but I felt like maybe I
should secure the hair more so I just did some wire wrapping that's fun I like that okay all right good I didn't want
to go to Silver silk gel so so we have to oh my God I love them both
and what you know what totally different looks they really are I mean yeah it's amazing
how much you can add an embellish to the design to really transform it yeah I'm gonna add a step
back in here and hopefully too our our um peeps that have you know the eight or
nine inch wrist or so do you kind of understand like after you get done beating that length
that Wing um you're gonna have like this excess that's why it's important to make sure
that you have enough over your your you know your grids here your teeth here so
I want to see like you know just go along you know better be safe than sorry because you need to make a loop you need
to make a big enough Loop then to take that piece off so that your button is going to go in there does that make
sense I hope it does and you know the thing is because I think even with your
line of wood buttons you've got a couple different sizes yeah and then you've got the big ceramic ones too right
um they're not ceramic they're wood but they but they are the look of ceramic
[Laughter] I think I'm thinking of that giant one that was a pendant yeah well this one
already yeah so this is ceramic the bead dish I wish this was mine I wish this
was mine uh but we what we did was we did them in wood and so oh yeah and this
is the one this is the one where you know I did that and we were concerned we didn't want people scratching but it's
not this this bead and this silver silk they do work but I think you were you
were saying that maybe some of the silver silks were not um the same thickness perhaps and so we
didn't really want people scratching right is that the story I don't know just go with it sounds good at this
point well I think my original point was that um you can make that Gap a little
smaller just depending on what type of clasper button you're using yeah yeah so it doesn't have to be
um gigantic or it doesn't have to be super small either so just kind of to work with what you're choosing to be as
your class so all right well you have made a
gorgeous design again yet again um and you never fail of course uh it's
always a pleasure to have you on the silver Soap Channel but you know what I think we need to take this conversation
to the silkies Facebook group um there we can discuss all things Loom
and beating related and I know okay um the latest conversation is how folks
have been getting some kids Lately from Silver silk so I'm excited they will
partake in doing some Loom work with with our silver silk loom and do not forget friends that you've got a bead
board as well that conveniently fits inside of not really inside I guess just
on top yeah it comes out of the bottom or it sits on the top and you know what I yeah
that that is really cool I love your B board I
love I just love how much the loom and the beadboard speak to who
you are like they it is you you know it's just it's really
um well it's it's yeah I think it's cool it's compartmentalized
it's portable it's made of wood what's not to love about it yeah
um cool well always a pleasure to have you here on our Channel hoping that
you'll come back and teach us some more fabulous things and so guys if you have any questions you can um definitely hit
us up at our different communities mine is called the silver silk silkies and then Jewels do you want to talk about
yours for a second yeah so we have the jewel loom Channel on on the YouTubes
and then we have the jewelry making with jewel loom on the Facebook in addition to the jewel loom page
um and so yeah on every Thursday so what we're going to do tomorrow is we're going to share this video again from my
understanding Jones and control so
I'm standing the boss says that we're going to take this and put it onto the jewel loom and share it tomorrow on the
YouTube channel there but yeah just you know search my name search jewel loom the shop is jewel loom we have the
silver silk loom and the and the bead board and then all the gemstones are in there the buttons the needles all the
yummy stuff and um yeah it's all and you've got all the
delicious amazing findings and all the gorgeous colors of silver silk in your
shop and they just love each other they love each other they blend well together and you can create some amazing designs
so you guys check it out out there but um I've got that's pretty much it for me
I think so I think I'm gonna go create some stuff for the rest of the evening and
um come up with some more tutorial ideas for for our little channel here yeah fantastic thank you everyone I
appreciate you so very much thanks guys I'll see you see you around soon bye