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  • Southwest Pattern Cuff with Danielle Wickes - Jewel Loom School Live with Julianna "Jewels" Avelar

    February 23, 2023

    Southwest Pattern Cuff with Danielle Wickes - Jewel Loom School Live with Julianna "Jewels" Avelar

    Danielle Wickes joins Julianna “Jewels” Avelar for this Jewel Loom School tutorial. Danielle shows how she warps the Original Jewel Loom, shares & weaves a Southwestern loom pattern, & how she finishes off a loom project, by working warps into the bracelet & weaving in the ends to create a closure. Danielle is full of great hints & techniques, so this is definitely a do not miss tutorial.


    • Inserting Rod:  17:06
    • Warping 18:07
    • Threading needle & weaving beads onto warps:  27:05
    • Removing from loom:  58:01
    • Working warps into bracelet:  1:01:32
    • Weaving in Thread Ends to Create Closure: 1:14:54

    Parts List: 

    • Size 11 Round Seed Beads, colors can be various, Danielle’s colors are listed in the pattern. You will need approx 10 grams for the main color and just a few grams of the other colors. Danielle suggests using white beads for the moon, instead of what was recommended on pattern so the moon stands out better.
    • Wildfire .006: 
    • Scissors, 
    • a button, 
    • leather such as 1.5mm leather
    • Original Jewel Loom

    Pattern by Danielle Wickes: 

    Links to supplies:


    Jewel Loom Starter Kit, including Original & Baby Looms, hemp, & needles, plus supplies to make a bracelet: 

      Micro Tiny Loom (Loom for Earrings, set of 2): 

      Jewel Loom Bead Board: 

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      Show Transcript

      gonna press the button right oh yeah well welcome everybody I just was saying
      um Joan you're gonna press the button right and I saw the blue go to Red and I'm not allowed to touch things as we
      all know so I'm sitting here holding my hands um so that I don't
      um accidentally disconnect but thank you Joan so Jonas in the background in this
      lovely lovely deliciousness next to me is Danielle Wicks which I know you all
      know and love and for those of you that do not Danielle is a an incredible
      jewelry designer artist such a talent um and she happens to love the jewel
      loom and so we have bonded over weaving and really
      um Danielle it wasn't until until the bead Fest in August this past August and it's just
      so funny because it just feels like forever that we've been you know
      Beady buddies and and you know you took that little promo item of mine and
      turned it into a darling tiny little Loom and um in honor of you I know
      you're not using it today but in honor of you I did bring them back to the website for a limited time and um and I
      didn't realize that we had never we never did a video with the earring Loom
      that has the the risers the risers yeah we've only did one with the Sharpie
      yeah I didn't even realize that so we'll have to figure out when we can come back and play yeah
      and some of them they're they're perfect really fun okay good I yeah well they have to be they have to be Danielle
      approved so you are creative director
      for John bead yeah that's right yep okay good yeah that is that's and they just
      have like an amazing assortment of beads and all kinds of deliciousness and so so
      many beans yes well okay well tell us what's going on
      with you as people are coming in I see yeah um everyone's coming up here I saw
      Danielle at Casino Del Sol but did not speak to her because she was talking to
      a group of people
      yeah that's always hard we were just talking before we jumped on about how busy and how fast it went for me like it
      just flew by and I was working at the booth and so um that was my first time
      doing the booths I've never done one before what yeah I know I worked uh like
      making takes and stuff like that but I'd never done like standard abuse and talk about product and there was some light demoing but not like not like like
      really like doing the class or something wow wow so yeah but there were just so many
      people and we have we had like busy times and then the times where there was like gaps of course like always but most
      of the times like run and get some food and come back yes yes I remember trade show days my gosh
      you know we didn't back in the day um when I was doing the hobby shows with
      a lean with Elaine Jackson the inventor of tacky glue I mean those shows you couldn't even walk down the aisles like
      back in the day those the Hobbycraft shows for the trade were just
      so packed I mean super super packed and we barely got potty breaks you know like
      it was just that crazy and um yeah and you'd you know and you could
      only hope to get food because the lines would be long and and so it's good to hear that you had a crowd and I hope
      that people start to um I you know I always love to go to a show where it's fast and fabulous and there are people
      everywhere you get to meet you know all the folks so so what were you demoing you were at the John B
      yeah mostly I was demoing Fringe earrings and that was on a like a wire
      form okay and then I was demoing somebody just randomly stopped by and said hey can I um see how to do two
      three drop peyote because we had just done a class on that and so I just did a quick like Stitch up and showed them no
      and then I ended up having that there at the table so any downtime we had her I was just kind of looking for something to do I just go by and just oh my God
      that is so cool what a blessing for those people Danielle I'm sure they really yeah yeah and it's so cool that
      you could just like um you could you just know that you know I feel like I
      have uh you know the artistic wire in my in my background where people would ask
      and I feel really confident about that and I feel obviously very confident about weaving on a loom but when you say
      big words like that you know I and I'm gonna be spending time with Jill Wiseman in the check and
      I'm just like oh you're gonna be a seed beater just spend a week with her and you'll be seeing that
      I know she's she's absolutely amazing I can't wait to get that time together I
      got to meet her which is in Tucson so that was really great so bummed I didn't get to go but you
      know I had to stay back for my family so yeah yeah that totally makes sense oh my God and I'm a homebody so getting me
      to go somewhere is hard oh I've never had a great time but oh do I drag out the packing and I make a big deal out of
      it I'm like oh I gotta go out of town and I whine about it and then I get there and have a blast and then come home tired and whine about it a little
      bit oh that's so interesting but okay did you have your own hotel room yeah yeah I
      did and okay so like did you're really in there because you're I mean dinner and you're up so late and then you know
      you got to be back on the next morning so yeah yeah I know seems like our industry is like that it was like that at bead Fest
      too it listen when I came into the hobby industry I was in my 20s girlfriend oh
      so you had fun
      no and Elaine was so strict she wanted us like all in our rooms at a certain time and I kid you not if we would like
      sneak out it was like our mom and it was so funny but you can't have
      like a trade show in Vegas or in Anaheim and then tell a bunch of 20 year old girls that they got to go to bed early
      but it was so funny we had so much fun we'd be out yeah and then we'd have to get up and be on our best behavior for
      her that's awesome yeah it was good you must have such great stories I yeah oh my God
      I you know obviously love this industry so well we'll we'll have to figure out a time when we can be at a show together
      and yes yeah yeah and have fun and and all that good stuff so all right so
      Anisa and Vicki and Lorraine and Vaughn Von I love your name Maria's here
      and Hermie Herman is still haven't heard back from your um sweet granddaughter and mil oh you got
      Melanie you got your Jewel box earlier today oh my God the tiles the tiles the tiles was that um
      was that was that your creative Soul box that you got with the gemstones
      because that's crazy if you already got it did you see that Bonnie um says that she
      sees your large wisdom I did see that yeah I love it we have matching ones let me see there
      we go oh my goodness okay well
      um it is freezing here in California uh we're like it's so ridiculous like we
      were at 40 degrees Jones says it's like 80 in Nashville it's like 40 something here
      well right now it says it's 51 and drizzling so we're getting a round of more we're getting more storms for
      California that's pretty cool yeah and my um I don't have heat back here
      and so my little my little heaters on that's why I'm all bundled up I don't mean to be like all crazy looking
      um so that that's my boohoo story about freezing but Danielle we um you know
      they're so so back in the day when I started weaving we learned how to sew on that button
      clasp so it was a three-hole button you know that's that's all we did at a liens
      like we would we were sewing on that little round button like all day long that's how we we also were
      weaving with um warping with fishing lines nice yeah and um and so for the
      longest time you know that's all I really knew was you know sew on a boxed button you know
      and uh and so then what came after that
      it must have been the whole idea where you know adding on by the way here's I finished my bracelet from the starter
      kit isn't it yeah and the pretty
      yeah so this is um the variegated rainbow and the blue
      speckled beads and the daisybutton that come with the new uh jewel loom starter
      kit and so I was like oh I better make one I had not made one yet and I'm really loving it so super fun lots of
      happiness but um so then I kind of became addicted to doing this style
      because um you know a lot of my training with
      lean was about being able to teach people wherever they were at right and
      so I feel like this is such an easy peasy pumpkin squeezy ending but then we also fell in love with the
      slide connectors from all of those yeah not from being on yeah let's see yeah I love love love
      love that and I love that color combo you guys one of your kits um and I can't
      remember which one but oh that's so funny
      God knows everything yeah and then there was the ribbon you know
      oh that's what I went to before I was I was doing the ribbon crimp before
      and I loved that and then I fell in love with the button closure and then the
      slide connector and so um so there are all these different ways
      and then you came along during one segment and started pulling stuff and I
      was like what in the ever living what is she doing you know because I've always
      been like oh my gosh if you pull at the warps then it might get all funky but you have a method to the madness that
      makes it perfect and so people are always asking you know they want to see like different ways and so anyway
      roundabout way to get into where we're going uh there's just many different ways that you can end your your piece in
      fact Leslie rondowski she does the technique where she she sews
      the warps back into yes yeah I I actually learned from her yeah her
      videos like when I first started out I I learned from watching her and a couple other videos like um just on YouTube
      right just yeah yeah she's got an excellent one on doing that technique so there are different
      ways and again I um I tend to be that that teacher that likes to make sure
      that everybody can you know do do the project and and so I you know I would
      love to get back into some other things I really need to get with tiara cast I had hoped to get with them during Tucson
      but you know not being there but anyway we can zoom so but you're gonna show us the
      technique today and you're so I appreciate you so much because I you
      know my intention was just oh she'll come on and she'll show us the technique and then and then you like have a
      project and you have a pattern and I'm just like I'm so grateful thank you
      thank you that wasn't my expectation and and I know the community is just going to be like Head Over Heels
      grateful as well because it's a beautiful bracelet so I'm going to give you the platform
      um to do your thing and uh you and you guide us you guide us
      all right yeah so you had said you wanted to see warping it as well I so I have samples in various stages of like
      yeah process um I have one that's ready to take off and then I have a broadaluma that doesn't have anything on it yet yeah and
      you know Danielle it was if I Joan tell me if I'm correct I think it was Anisa and then I saw her in here and I I hope
      I'm enunciating your name correctly honey but she Anisa Warren she was
      having um she needed help right Joan you could just shake your head if that's true yeah
      yep so she wanted to have a better understanding of warping so we thought
      you would actually what I could do is include I can warp it for this pattern
      okay cool this is the one that um June shared and then I can
      um maybe do a row or two and then we can switch to one that because you know these take a while so they're not really
      oh my God look at how beautiful that is
      um we'll we'll take this one off and we'll okay okay I got this one oh my God I did different colors so on this one
      the brown from the um the blue so you can do anything you want you don't have to stick with the colors in the handout
      oh my heck anything yeah I'm dying over here Joan actually said in the blog post
      that she's posting um color suggestions to you okay yeah so
      yeah all of that stuff that's her baby she's like Jules blah
      blah blah blah blah blah um okay yeah every night we coordinated so she's gone
      if there's anything that she needs she will she'll let me know and we'll we'll put it there we'll put on the blog Zone
      yeah and if there's anything you need you know that that we're here to to do that for you as well so okay so
      Joan do you need to get me off and and and let her overhead come on
      let me see if so it's gonna show my ceiling at first because I forgot to switch it before we started apology okay no worries
      and I know I can do that from right here
      um but for some reason I'm not seeing where
      usually there's a little button that lets me flip it let's go to settings
      and back camera oh there you go okay so we're good yeah I'm used to um I've been working more in
      Zoom and so I get confused between zoom in here okay so here we go
      how's the lightning is it okay it's doing okay seems okay
      all right and so I've got the um in case anybody's wondering we're using is this the original and I mean fun story here
      but when I first got this um I actually got this a really long time ago I was in at the craft store I'd
      lose I was probably at Michael's and I picked this up and I remember seeing your picture on like how cool would it be to meet her
      well guess what I got you oh yeah
      I was in with a friend I remember I was with my friend Marisol we were um walking around
      actually oh my goodness it was a friend from mops you know I have a new friend who's also named Marisol so it's confusing but I
      have um a friend that was in my mops group and we were doing a MOX Project and we actually bought your loom for
      that oh my goodness yeah that makes sense I have a whole story I
      can tell you on that this was that something like 2013 I think right half
      that has my um my maiden name on it yeah this is probably my original so this one
      has um let me see what's that have uh oh yeah you do that is an original
      Hudgens yeah yeah we were both there together buying this one she got a few and
      um this is probably one that I got later so that's new yeah right so that other one is uh you gotta
      what is it called is it vintage yet I don't think so I mean I think it's
      more like more recent as in like within the last few years it looks the same I mean I don't know I mean the one that
      has my my other name on it had the name that yeah Hudgins yeah that's like 13
      years old I think is it really oh my gosh yeah I think um 2012 is when the
      loom came out what year is this so that's eight well 12 years 12 almost
      13 years wow yeah that's pretty she's getting up there
      I can't believe it because that doesn't feel like very long ago to me so it's like yeah whoa how'd that happen
      foreign 's going really fast right now so I get very nervous like I look and it's oh my
      gosh it's 20 23. the other day I was looking at calendar dates in 2024. oh that was very scary for me yeah
      and so um I'm just going to make a 14 14 works and the reason I'm doing that is this is 13 columns right one two three
      four five six you just count across the number of columns and that's going to be 13. so I'm gonna need 14 warps for that
      kind of an extensive warping process here
      it goes pretty quick you know we can and I just I start mine with a knot here like on the side I know there's like a
      bunch of different ways and they're all great ways to do it right so so Danielle really quick
      um Danielle is tying off on one of the side buttons you will normally see me tying
      off on the back button um you all three are referred to as the
      buttons on either the top or the bottom of the Loom and you can you can start
      wherever you're most comfortable so you know uh
      Danielle does it that way I use the back one I'm not sure where Trisha starts or
      Amber I've seen him do both I think yeah from one of the projects maybe depending like
      if they're trying to yeah what they're making but yeah I usually start there and then
      I'll just head back and just do a trip around the button back here oh okay
      and I just kind of go through whichever whichever one to start
      yep and then just kind of eyeball it yeah to the bottom I'm an eyeballer
      and since what I've been working with 11-0 I'm going at every single every
      single little Groove so there's two and then I'm gonna try to count on live which I actually do really bad with
      counting on lives people know to watch me and like shout if I if I miscounter
      Danielle um let me know if you agree with this but my thought for most people is that if they lose the tension it's on that
      first warp and or the last war I think so too yeah and what I'm doing
      here is I've got four on so far it looks I I tried to explain what I was doing I
      did this for like one of my Michael's classes and people saw it and went and tried it and then I got a lot of
      questions and I think it's because you just develop it's like knitting or crochet you developed kind of like a
      like a practice hand to it okay I feel like that's true because like I don't know how to tell someone how much
      tension yeah I'm applying like I probably look well like look what I'm doing here
      right well you know what I did I didn't I do it maybe last week or in in this
      back to back to the basics uh series with the jewel loom I did talk about the
      distance between the top of the warp warps and and the plastic so we thought
      perhaps that it was around two inches like if you were to look at the side of
      the Loom right now like two to two and a half inches if you're you're probably pulling too tight if it's like more than
      that and so you're doing perfect of course but like that side view right there
      yeah like right there see see the distance between the top the warps
      oh I see yeah and then and then the loom itself so so that's usually
      a a sign that you're you've got a really good tension and you're not pulling too
      tight or not too tight oh that's good to know yeah I didn't know that yeah I do I do tend to pull
      too tight toward the end and then my first one will get loose like you were saying yeah and it's one that I was warning some
      folks about because they seem to do the same thing yeah
      but you'll get there like it's one of those things you do at once and you're like again and you're like okay that was
      easier and yeah it's practice yeah so let's see two three four five six
      seven eight nine ten eleven two more
      the only thing worse than counting on lives is doing math on lives it kind of blows my mind like when Sam's
      doing his lives you know how he's calculating discounts in his head me
      [Laughter] that's cute yeah
      yeah I see 13. okay five six seven eight nine ten eleven
      twelve thirteen okay now we need one more and the reason I remembered is because on an even design one way you
      can test your math is on an even count design you might find that you'll tie off at the same side
      and on an odd count design you'll tie off at the uh at the other side does that make sense
      yes that's interesting and it helps me remember if maybe I
      missed a beating that's how I caught that last one okay so I went around one more time back here
      and now I'm gonna come over here and just do another knot over here nice to me
      I'm gonna round it a couple times so I don't lose my attention so it's really interesting how you are a
      side button user and I'm a back button I think it's
      really you know and the funny thing is that we did I started off as a side button warper I mean obviously I wrote
      the instructions right and that's how we did it back in the day because um that back button is part of the
      patent so the back button didn't used to be you know it's it's new oh okay I didn't
      realize that either that's neat yeah so the buttons actually all of the buttons
      are part of the patent so so but this back button was not there's no design before this without that
      button there's no design that's how come I have the uh design pattern on that yeah oh gotcha yeah well I meant like a
      version of yours that didn't happen back right right
      because I've only ever seen ones with your with your back button on there yes that you've done which I just mean in
      general um you know like uh uh looming in general that was part of the the pattern
      was to figure out how to release uh release how to reduce waste
      yeah yeah so great job look at that Warp yeah they came out pretty good and um
      what I noticed is I did a little better on the bottom of keeping the back side in the lines but still
      all that matters is that I got the top right yeah your top looks perfect and I do
      tend to have like a I do a little bit better when I'm because I've got my camera really close to me
      and so I'm working at kind of a weird angle but it's definitely something that like I find I can do pretty quick and I
      enjoy doing yeah and that that key step there at the end when you've got that last knot to tie just going around a few
      times yeah is hopeful I also used to use um when I was brand new and I had a
      really hard time with getting started I would tape it at the back I would just kind of do a little tape oh that's so
      cute and because the tape is not going to be enough
      um but I would use it as a place just to make things stay put while I got it on there right and then afterward it could
      it could slip a little bit and that'd be okay and now you're all grown up yeah
      all right and so there's always um there's always a part where I have to pull the um
      yeah and Meredith uses the belly method yeah we were doing yeah so I'm doing the
      building method right now okay so for those of you that can't see yeah there you go so I always say use that belly
      because you know nice great job oh my God it's a beautiful beautiful warps
      perfect Perfection my friend Perfection oh thanks and so hopefully that helped
      um the answer the question if if um you know if there's still questions of course I'm happy to answer them or an
      email or you know all that well I think to your point you know the warping and I've always tried to say is
      like you you just have to practice and you know practice with the beating thread practice with hemp cord you know
      just and and give yourself you know some Grace because it's a new thing that
      you're learning um you know and and once you do it multiple times you'll be fine
      you'll be good yeah I totally agree
      and this Loom was just so much like um so much liberating for me because I could take it on trips with me
      and all I'm doing now is just kind of I'm just going along I'm starting a new strand this was going to be my weft thread okay
      and it's still wildfire that's another thing I was thinking is if like when I was brand new to looming
      I had an easier time if I um used one of the bonded threads like wildfire
      versus trying to use like a nymo oh yeah yeah nine was great and it's beautiful
      and it's flowy and stuff it's a more expert thread for like once you've gotten it down you know right and right
      and believe it or not that's what I started with because I didn't know I don't even know if Wildfire was around
      in late 1997 or whatever it was when I started
      beating so but um we were we were using nymo that's amazing yeah so that came out in
      is the whole time I've been beating I've had the luxury of there being all this stuff because I got a late start yeah I
      think I picked up my first seed bead and oh gosh I know when I started doing jewelry it was 2007 but I didn't do you
      see meetings very cool even 2010 2011. okay
      I tried to remember times going like fast and I am losing my memories so it's
      way too fast it's happening yeah way too fast super Speedy I'm gonna
      grab some seed beads here I've got on the side um oh I love it Vicki says she still uses tape do you use the tape yeah that
      I mean it's like the serious packing tape right yeah so just to get you started yeah
      just to get things to stay put so I could tie that little knot or
      to kind of forgive things that I'd gotten wrong and when I was originally trying to work better
      yeah this or that that mostly the um I mean I don't think I've done that in a while but it was mostly helpful but when
      I was just starting out so there's the first three colors I didn't pull out all the colors this
      pattern if you like it and you're going to make this one yeah um the first row just has those three colors so I just
      grabbed those oh gotcha just got a needle I've got my weft
      thread running underneath okay oh you also start differently than I do too this will be fun to watch
      yeah and the only reason I I start this way now because I totally used to not I used
      but the only reason I didn't is because what we're going to do at the end to pull this through yeah if you've
      got a knot I think it would still slide certainly it would slide with like um oh but it does make a difference
      yeah because what we're gonna do it relies on the fact that you can do this okay
      and then when I add bread I do the same thing over again okay here's where I ran out when I ran
      out I just left it yep left in place and then I came along
      and added this one very interesting way we're about to do this
      and so I'm just going to pick the pattern up the first one is these 13 beads uh and I put these in the wrong order but
      um there's a and then B and if anyone's new to like Loom patterns I'm assuming everyone on here
      is you know has done like a pattern before but I can I can talk more details if you
      want yeah and I you know what's funny too is like it's I I don't know what happened
      you know like for the longest time I was so oh I'm not
      gonna do seed beads and then it's so weird because that's how I started and I
      don't know I don't know what mentally must have happened I don't know if I got in an argument with a seed bead
      that like somehow you know really messed with my mom I don't know it was so funny because I used to always say oh I'm not
      good you know I was so into like the go big or go home and it was Kelly Dale that that re
      literally rebirth my passion and my love for seed beading and uh because she got
      me to do that chevron pattern with her and I was just like oh my it just like reignited all this love and so yeah if
      you have not used a pattern before I really just recommend that you try this
      one and do it because it's uh very meditative and and it makes you feel
      really proud when you're done it so does it was one of the things that
      got me hooked because you can just go to the like Office Depot and get some graph paper in the same color color pattern
      out yeah get a beautiful design done yeah it's super cool anyway sorry go ahead no no no no it's good I like
      hearing all this stuff I just strung the so this was the first row right I just strung a b a a a c a a
      a b a right and so each one of those letters
      um everyone refers to a color of bead so it's a chart so there you go yep yeah
      sorry that's the top there I I didn't realize it was cut off yeah that's um
      yeah color is there yeah so it just makes it really easy
      Vicki says she's never done a pattern but I love them it requires using my brain
      I know what you mean it's it's then if you make a mistake too it can be really it can be a tough choice
      um I can share actually I can share an error with you right now it's one that I
      decided I was going to live with because when I when I discovered it I was pretty far away you know it's so hard to tell
      on here let's see what'd you do see how the pattern you should see a
      blue triangle Ah that's so funny though see I would have never known
      now now it's all I'm gonna see that's all that's so funny but it's gonna be
      awesome I looked back what is that that's it I'm okay I'm gonna live with
      that it's fine yeah good for you yeah
      and everything's loose you know but I'm gonna go back through with my needle
      so I'm gonna go back through these beads and this is just to help me you only have to do this on the first row to help me get it to stay
      for me this is one of the hardest parts so I struggle a little bit with yeah trying to get everybody into their
      little Alleyways can on the first row can be a little more fun than humans are allowed to have I know
      exactly but it's really just the first row because you're just you're making
      room for all those little guys once you've got the first row on there everything's gonna be smooth sailing
      yeah I mean just give yourself some grease I remember when I first struggled to make these um start
      there were times when I walked away and came back later yeah
      I won't do that today yeah don't leave us we'll do that today
      but this is like you know when when I was just starting out and it just takes a minute I'm using my fingernails but
      there's also this tool called the beating all lots of people use that the one thing I noticed is like you'll get
      one and then one will move and you'll get one and we'll move yeah but once you get it all set you're good
      yeah so what Danielle's trying to do right now I'll let her focus on that
      um when you have all those tiny little 11 O's and or even the 15-0's you're not
      skipping a groove on the loom and so the the warps are literally one right after
      the other and you you um you wouldn't want to skip a row
      because then the warps would be way too spread out
      so when you're trying to get that first row like Danielle is now um up and in between each one of those
      very tight warps it uh it can take a little time and so
      you know it's always good to see the truth of what has to happen and so I love that
      Danielle is showing us because then you can see that it's achievable
      achievable that's a word correct yes okay
      it's a brave thing to do live I think but it's still yeah no it's what happens
      I don't mind sharing because I know that somebody out there is gonna sit down and do this and they're gonna be like
      you know she skipped that really hard part and yeah yeah
      sometimes they just pop right on for me too yeah I've noticed a difference between the bead you're using
      so and I was just talking about this I'm doing a class for Michael's in not this
      Friday but next Friday okay we're gonna talk all about seed beads and the different kinds of seed beads oh good
      okay so you all should tune into that is that one of their paid courses or
      knowledge courses actually not no it's a free class and
      for the time being we have one more premium class coming up and then we're going to just be doing some free ones
      for a while okay we're not discontinuing the workshops we're still going to do some workshops
      yep but they're going to be free okay for a little bit because they we've noticed that um
      Michael's got a new website and if you guys notice that the new website you can't um you can't
      sign up for the premium classes if you're in Canada oh strange and a lot of our like fans
      are in Canada obviously because we're a Canadian company yeah and so they were really cool about
      it and they're like look until it's not a quick fix yeah until we get it fixed yeah we're gonna go ahead and let you
      guys um just teach all your classes for free right so sorry guys I kind of just lost the
      bubble there and
      I know it's gonna work for me but yeah do you need to be in a different
      um oh what is it no I think what it is is um somebody says I try one of those Combs
      with the metal teeth to help separate them that's really good you actually have you make those for the Looms I do make them
      but they're not that Tiny But now watching this guess who's gonna let me know I'm making a phone call
      right now actually that would be really cool is that something you could make yeah
      and you could just Dimension it exactly like because necessity being the mother of
      invention here okay I'm gonna cheat you guys I'm gonna cheat here's what I want to do
      I'm gonna get half of them in because I seem to be able to do that these are those really wide pieces
      I'm gonna do this yes yes I've done that
      and I lost I lost one beat over here yeah he's still here though
      okay all right so that's gonna stay put there
      and then we start talking maybe talk to him because we're like if you don't get on there
      no we'll be good we'll be good and I've got the other samples so it won't be yeah no it's it's it's straight up legit
      I feel like I had the same thing when I was taping one of my videos for
      um for the workshops for the monthly workshops like I don't go back and and edit do you go back and edit nope you
      don't no that's interesting I don't I first of all I don't have any time and second of all I just feel that if we
      were in person doing a workshop um you would have the experience of of
      the boo-boo of you know yeah the reality of what might happen
      and so I I just try to it's a learning opportunity for
      everybody and I think with online courses you you can lose a lot of that
      if you try to do editing and make it look perfect exactly yeah I don't do any editing oh
      my God I would die [Laughter] hardly enough time to
      have to film February's wish up thank God they're so so full of grace
      what's that that's coming up right that's the one you're um that's the one I just shipped out yeah and there's uh I think I just
      checked too there's four kits left and that has the beautiful gemstone of
      Jasper Aqua dyed Jasper and so there's four uh four seats left
      in that class and the class is an online course and so you have access to it like
      whenever you are ready so see you can watch at any time even if you're like
      not free in the moment I want to share oh um a mistake I just made real quick okay see how I came up here yeah
      um that was a mistake I need to not be under right yeah
      and I'm under all that oh yeah yeah yeah yeah you got to go back down so I kept going so that'll happen if you do this
      cheating way you'll end up not where you need to be yeah Debbie I
      was just Debbie Kern says don't die on his jewels I'm just getting started [Laughter]
      God willing of course yes and Jody says I prefer seeing them
      unedited so that I can learn from the mistakes if they were all perfect uh yeah in fact oh
      I know a big mistake I made that was this was kind of funny but when I did
      the hat band uh I I said something wrong and the great
      thing was that I got to go back and correct it and it was length and it wasn't the biggest thing in the world to
      you know that I did but um but to your point Jody yeah it it
      we don't have that opportunity of being in front of each other uh and so you
      kind of have to make those those core I think anyway I I don't like
      them to to be edited so it helps that we can see
      it happens to you too your church could not hear that because it's kind of like
      one of those things where I'm always to edit or not to edit
      and there's such pressure now on like YouTube and on Instagram to do 20 second videos like the
      algorithm right now if you're producing content online yeah and you're longer than 20 seconds
      you're dinged for that yeah so try like alluring people with seed beads in 20
      seconds that's not gonna happen it's like a lot
      of that stuff doesn't pertain to our people we need to remember that like people are always they try to like you
      know they try to put their stuff on you but they don't understand that the creative Community is different and we
      don't We Don't Need It Fast and Furious we're actually here to learn and
      um you know I don't know I do what I want to do
      I don't care about I'll give I can't even enunciate it I can't even enunciate it that's how
      come I think it's really important to have your own platform too you know like having the school you know because
      uh creatives you know they need more than 20 seconds right ladies am I right
      and that's one of the things I was trying to figure out is and I'm so glad to hear you say that because I can't
      really make short videos I try and you know they're just they're all along yeah
      I mean if you have a um a finished project you know
      uh and you're doing a story or something that's one thing but I don't know to
      show the beauty of what we actually do I think I think it's silly
      yeah I agree yeah so poo poo on you Instagram and Facebook
      people you do not know our people Carol says I've never used the loom
      before and it looks like a difficult start row I'm so glad to see Danielle's steak very happy
      yeah yeah I'm sorry guys I am usually a little quicker and I think
      is truth though it's truth it happened to me that first row is
      it can be a little bit of a pain in the tush how did you get platform it looks like
      it did it eventually we get there in the end but oh my goodness oh yay [Laughter]
      perfect school so that that's um what the
      platform is so sorry Danielle go ahead oh no no that's absolutely fine
      and so I've already done I've done that one so I'm just gonna pick up my next one here
      definitely not um self today
      oh Judy that's a great question um Judy says how do you know what to use
      for making your warps I.E Wildfire so personally I
      um I mean Wildfire is my goal go-to it always has been and so obviously Beatle
      on uh is my manufacturing partner for the jewel loom and they make Wildfire
      but if I didn't you know I I love it like I
      sell it I love it I use it um and so that's my choice
      there are other threads out there um
      and and so I think you have to play around with what works best for you like is it the Super G
      is really delicious but it's very Co it's very expensive
      um but there's a lot of color choices yeah one G why do I always call it Super
      G that must be I think that's super we can call it that what's your take on that like do you
      have like some Rhyme or Reason because mine is always Wildfire but do you choose one over the other sometimes
      I do yeah I love thread and I think that um I must have every kind of thread out
      there and I've tried them all and I love them and so I just keep I just keep like adding more thread to my life even
      though I have so much of this yeah like um I do I do use 1G a lot I use KO I use
      Miyuki duraline oh that's those are all really fun ones
      there's a there's a what's it called there's a bead for oh never mind the
      screaming dinosaur sound in the background I had a visitor um there's email there seems to be like
      a the right thread for every project so if I'm working with like a size 15-0 or maybe some smaller 11s like um one of
      the things we're going to talk about in my upcoming class is like check 11-0 can be a little smaller oh yeah and for and
      for example when I when I Loom with this Loom a check 11 is perfect for this
      uh in in width can be a difference between 1.3 and 1.7 millimeters
      it's much more the Touhou beads are very voluptuous and that's why I love this yes I've always loved them for their for
      their girly voluptuousness um they're round they're very round and
      the Czech seed beads um are more on you know they're not so voluptuous
      they're very they're very like um flat right yeah and even Yuki so like if
      you're working with an easy versus Toho I can show you my other sample here
      um so here's one made all with Touhou okay
      and here's one made with Miyuki oh yeah yeah it's the same pattern yeah same
      number of columns right when you lay them on top of each other oh my gosh so funny
      two the two entire columns wider oh funny wow because those point four to
      point five point zero five sorry that actually adds up over time and if you do
      you know 13 columns you're going to get a really different width wow
      and that makes a huge difference on the warps so what I just did here in this row I made I may have messed up the
      pattern here when I restrung this side that's okay but this uh Touhou is the largest one so
      this was the most like the most challenging I feel like to work maybe I don't know interesting
      but it worked right it worked and you just have to like in I think also if you're when you're at home and you're
      sitting there and it's quiet and stuff you'll you'll have an easier time than I did yeah I'll just be like you'll be
      able to do it yeah one thing that I like doing um and I'll do this after every row
      sometimes it gets harder if you have lots and lots of rows okay I'll show you how to do that on the finished one but I always make sure I can slide oh
      and make make sure you can slide just a little bit right why
      um because what we're going to do when we get rid of our warps is they're going to have to slide inside of
      it so yeah oh so you don't want you don't want your
      wefts to be so stink and tight that you can't pull the thread
      yeah and so I've only got two on here so I can exaggeratedly show that but I got
      you it's like really far along and you're just going and going and going and this is also why you probably would
      not want to go back through every row and reinforce it because there's no
      sense in it your your pattern is so tight I mean I don't do that with seed beading
      um but yeah yeah for sure because then you'd have one too many wefts
      yeah you would you would have way too many and then okay when you when you've got so many
      um so many rows that you can't Slide the whole thing yeah just make sure each row
      moves when you've when you Stitch it huh when you're doing your I'll do one more
      row and we'll switch over when you're doing that when you've got your you know every time you're adding a
      row here if you go back let's throw another one on really quick
      I'm not really following the pattern anymore what am I doing and maybe like 2A here
      I don't um uh Joan can you put Vaughn's um question up because I don't I don't
      understand it fond says I taught myself to loom and
      didn't know that wasn't a thing until I started watching videos sometimes it
      doesn't work do you know why that is well yeah okay
      so um yeah and I'll show you I'll show you why it doesn't work sometimes and back to
      what we were saying about threads some threads are harder to do this with than others okay
      um so here's our regular row like we're bringing on a row and we'll bring it up under
      oh she wants to know what tool you were just using but that just looked like something from your desktop right I like
      was that oh yeah this was just a bead Skipper a bead scooper gotcha yeah just a bead scooper
      you can get this at the craft store it's just it's a scooper to put your seeds back in the TCB tube nice
      um like at the end when you've got them all over the place like I will today yeah
      and so when we Loom um am I still there guys looks like I'm frozen yeah you're here
      um so normally we'd go back through with a needle side and I I do that on occasion because at this point I have a feeling for where that thread is in
      there but the reason it doesn't work some of the times is because accidentally somewhere
      you come shirt a thread and if you're working with nymo or one of the other nylon kind of threads that
      Fred yeah yeah for sure you're gonna puncture it got you Wildfire is harder
      but possible you can still puncture Wildfire so the first time you're doing this you're brand new and you're not
      quite sure you can use the eye side of your needle to go back
      I actually don't like doing this I'm showing you this as just food for thought I don't really enjoy doing it
      because you have to really bend your needle pushing I'm pushing up on the wall of the bead inside to get it through it
      right so that's one way but for sure I haven't punctured any threads if I do that once
      you get the hang of it and you know what it feels like you can get your needle in there and just put gentle pressure on your needle as you're running through
      and make sure that you're not puncturing any threads and just to be sure you can just kind of slide it and see
      yeah I didn't puncture any if I can do that there's no I didn't sew through my thread yeah I get it because you don't
      because you yeah you need to have that flexibility to move to move the rod rows so when I am
      putting my needle through my beads I consciously uh M lifting the needle to the top
      part of the beads like I've always done that do you know what I mean yeah yeah for sure so you
      just naturally have that as like I naturally have a conscious flow where my needle goes into the row
      into the beads no matter what size they are I've always been aware of that and
      so my needle and the pressure in my hand and fingers is that the needle is
      kissing the inside uh of the bead on the top up to the
      ceiling yeah yeah I've always done that yeah exactly and so that's that's
      totally the same thing you described it exactly yeah you know what when you get
      ready to pull the warps all of this conversation is just going to make like so much more sense
      because you'll see people will see why and and I'm appreciative for that note
      because I wouldn't have thought about that especially with the knotting
      I shall not do knots anymore well I mean totally do them it just depends on like like where no I know
      what your favorite plan is for yeah like ready to finish it and stuff and that's all totally up to you I've for the
      longest time didn't do this kind of finishing style because I wasn't reliably getting it so that it would work it's an advanced technique that you
      you grow into as you like start working I feel like and now I can pretty consistently do it I'm Gonna Knock on
      Wood right now yeah because obviously the Beady gods are not on my side tonight so we'll see oh this is so cute
      hey Danielle do me a favor can you um uh uh lean the loom right now like forward
      I want them to see the distance between the warps and the bottom of the base so
      what we were talking about earlier when you know that your your tension is right the distance between Danielle's
      um finished piece there and the bottom of the jewel loom is perfect so what is
      that like a two inch Gap right there maybe two and a quarter inch ah we'll see because sometimes people I think
      might bend their looms a little too much and then that's when when the danger of it snappy
      yeah that looks about that looks about right about two inches okay yeah give or take a tick there but
      yeah it's working yeah okay cool
      yeah it helps I think it might psychologically help people to understand that you know if they've if they've
      warped too tight yeah and I'm more likely to do to loosen
      too tight so I've never really had that problem to worry about that's probably why this oops this one
      here um is still still going why you're ancient why you're original I would put
      that one in a case [Laughter] and it has all the like um
      you know it's because it's the one I learned on it has all the places where I accidentally cut and did stuff like ah
      it's your baby good times I had good times yeah good memories so um the cool
      thing now um I hope I didn't go too fast or too slow for that matter for for this if that made sense to everyone the the
      looming I didn't do a perfect job with that but it's usually much easier I think I was a little bit like distracted my kid came
      in like twice while I was trying to do that one part at one point he was crying because I
      haven't upgraded his video game on his iPad and I'm like oh God seriously but kids for reals
      um so yeah this one is ready this one's ready to take off should we do it yeah do it okay super stoked to see this
      all right and so um I'm gonna grab uh some chain nose pliers these are just regular like kind of chain nose
      pliers and I'm gonna just kind of work at the the side where I knotted you can take the knots off first or not depends
      what you want to do and
      just figuring out which ones are on top and a belly method again very gently
      with the belly method here just gonna Loop that off
      I missed one
      okay so I am going to say that that takes a
      little practice you think so well I would say that
      um you know you would want to make sure that you're not putting that you're not
      bending the loom right a little oh yeah a little too much right so so yeah yeah
      so just that would definitely do what what so wait a minute are you saying you
      cannot cut I you can't cut those off yeah I know if you cut if you cut your
      warps you can't do this math I mean you can finish it another way but then if you want this do this pulley thing you
      need these Loops intact oh very interesting okay
      okay so you don't cut them off so you very carefully have to figure out how to
      oh so very carefully bend the loom a little bit more to get the loops off of
      that back button without yeah okay it honestly wasn't that it wasn't too
      bad it shouldn't be too bad with the seed beads because you're you're you don't have all the weight and the
      tightness so okay yeah you made it look really really can you maybe show that one more time on
      the one we did over here if that no I I got you I'm just I had no idea I'm so
      I'm I I didn't realize that you didn't cut on either end it's something I could mention that
      might help is when you're looming your your warps yeah if you come around the button from the same side you'll end up
      with um with them on one side versus the other yeah does that make sense yeah so that
      you can get under it and and even if not though even if you didn't do that and yours are kind of right everywhere you
      can just go one by one Loop by one Loop and that'll be fine too right you have a fiction it's interesting you
      you noticed that because it wasn't something that I've ever thought about before it just kind of well I think from my perspective it's because I deal with
      the people who have unfortunately possibly snapped their looms so you know
      my my Consciousness is in that right so I'm just like I know like uh
      you know how are we going to achieve that without them uh bending the loom
      too much and then putting that pressure because I honest to God didn't I did not
      realize that um you didn't cut them off so this is good this is really good
      oh yeah because I think when we did this together last time we were using the little bitty earring one and you go all
      around that one so yeah this is so good okay
      so what I did here is I fanned them out see how they're all yep fanned out up here so just none of them are Loops
      together I'm doing the same thing down here at the bottom okay and if you miss one it's okay because you'll see it as
      your as you're going and one of the things that you just want to be
      you know don't don't be uh like if it doesn't work for you it's okay because you might still have some success with
      one or two of the of the strands and it's going to save you time anyway because now instead of weaving in
      14 strands on each side should we we can't see what you're doing
      down there oh I'm gonna Raise Myself up a little bit guys okay so I'm gonna go
      as high as I can here and fear fact I wonder if I could work
      sideways I bet I can yeah maybe that oh there you go
      yeah I usually work in the other direction but yeah I think I can do it
      okay so at this point it's come off the loom you did not cut it off the loom
      you're not very carefully figured out how did how to bend it just enough to
      get the the warps off so that they're still intact on each end
      yeah exactly okay and these are what you're seeing here is my starting weft is here it's
      just hanging out here's a spot where I added thread yep here's the end of my weft thread and these are all warps okay
      two Edge warps don't have a loop on them yeah sorry I went off camera and your two edges here again the one side might
      the other side probably doesn't okay okay so I use Gino's pliers when I'm
      working with Wildfire sometimes you can just do this with your fingers it really depends on how tight your stitches were
      how tight your side is over here the side that's going to be tightest is the one you pulled when you were stitching when you pulled this way against
      that side it's going to be tighter also um I think it was was it Maria I
      think Maria was telling me that she starts on the side that's totally great that works too you
      can start on the side I've always started in the middle because I think the person I learned from taught me that way and I I just always kind of remember
      that but as far as where to start go for your Center or um
      I haven't personally tried the side method so I can't speak to it with any um experience but uh for me what I just
      I do is I start in the center and so let's look a little closer at this we've got we know we have 13 rows
      so our Center is going to be this one here and this pattern is helpful because it marks our Center
      nice and I'm going to grab the one the one strand
      and try to do this one so you guys can see the whole thing and when you first start pulling go ahead and just hold it
      flat just to keep it in place and you see what's happening what's down here yeah
      as we're going and I'm just making sure as I do this that I haven't
      hooked any of my other ones right
      here we go so we're watching right here
      so what happened there's that one just disappeared it didn't disappear it's still there but it's smaller see it's
      like yeah it begins to be there add up to that end yeah and so I and the hard part for me is if
      I get distracted or interrupted and I come back later I don't remember where I was yeah and so I I pulled this way
      first and now I gotta pull this way coming today so now you're alternating
      and you're going to do the middle again or closest to the middle my Middle's gone your middle is gone yeah it came up
      and so I'm gonna pull the next one over okay so because each of these is one
      continuous Strand and now what it's going to do is it's going to take this really big loop here this is the one we just pulled up on and it's going to pull
      it down on top of that bead okay just by pulling this one here
      Henry and every time we do this um
      it takes a little longer because the little strand is going to get super super long
      so now hopefully it makes sense to everybody where you got to be really careful with your your wefts and your
      needle because you don't want to go accidentally through the Wildfire or
      whatever you're using because then they're not going to pull yeah that was that's the only reason
      that like you ever really need to worry about whether or not you I mean puncturing your thread is probably
      not good to do but yeah it's still your ethical piece is still going to work out right it's going to be fine No One's
      Gonna Know and these little Loops here they're gonna try to get you know Tangled with
      each other so every time just try to isolate try to isolate that one yeah maybe some pain or safe
      that's another great use for the tape too I think I did used to tape them I just hold them now but I used to
      definitely do that like I'm asking I mean it'll just pull out of masking tape so you need to like use powerful like sticky sticky tape
      that leaves the residue yeah and see how that Loops I'm going to do
      it on purpose up here see how it's catching itself yeah it's gonna hold that other friend in with it yeah
      yeah let's get that out of there yeah so you definitely want to get that out of there
      we go you know one one of the things that some
      somebody said and I apologize I can't remember it might have been one of you guys that said it
      um that said this was terrifying well I totally agree
      [Laughter] it's fascinating I'm I'm kind of tripping out right now
      well I figured like you know I always just try now because I I make a
      lot of mistakes on my lives but everybody's still still says it's okay oh my gosh I'll just keep trying then
      because you know everyone's so nice why not it's like you're just hanging out with your friends and can have a laugh about it yeah
      so I really thought yeah I had a hard time on my last live with Sam and I feel so bad but you know
      I hindsight I wasn't feeling well I should have said something I didn't and I don't know
      just had a little bit of a challenge with um doing one of the steps and you know I
      felt really bad but you know sometimes those are the best lessons because
      everybody can see like oh okay well well they're human yeah
      she's just goofy not from another planet
      real person
      oh sorry was that strand a loop or that was the single or is that a loop you're
      pulling off actually no so um yeah
      that one's still a loot this one up here is the edge where one of the places where we would have had a a knot onto a
      button yeah and the other place where we had the knot onto the button was was this one
      over here and we haven't dealt with that side yet we've just left it alone we just did the
      left because I'm like I've been doing the start in the middle thing um but I am intrigued now to try the
      start on the side I'm trying to think of how how I can't think of why it wouldn't work I think it would work
      but I wasn't brave enough to try it today because I haven't tried it myself yet offline
      I can't stop the video okay so I was going to show another
      thing that it's doing to see what's doing this like Curly keysing yeah it's curling yeah
      if at all possible to help it not do that yeah sometimes if you just put your finger in
      it good idea help to guide it yeah
      there we go beautiful okay so one side is done yeah
      and we still need to weave this in but I use this to create my closures so yeah okay it'd be kind of fun and so the only
      other thing to think about is um remember when we started we
      started in the middle here pulling straight pulling yeah we're heading over here now we're going
      to start at the bottom and another way you can tell is the place where you're supposed to pull is um the opposite
      direction of the the place where you pulled last time and so since we we started up here blowing up
      on the top now you're going to pull on the bottom yeah okay
      Vicki wants to know if you've tried this with hemp or suede as the warps
      um I haven't I have a feeling hemp would only work if you waxed it a lot yeah because it's really catchy
      yeah um I have done this with 1G yeah and it was KO fire line yeah I
      think it's a good trick for uh for this uh diameter of thread
      where the hemp and the cords are going to be like I mean well did it Trisha use the yarn
      didn't she do this technique with her um coaster did you really did she what did she um use for her was
      she using maybe beading wear for her warps or is that a different project uh Jonas
      isn't Joan is like what did she say I did it with yarn for
      the coaster okay John did it oh wow so yarn worked with this
      I am I'm I need to watch that that's very very very cool I didn't know this why don't you post
      that link to your and sorry I thought I thought Tricia did it as well for some reason
      I think she did too well now I don't remember the one that I watched the Downs coaster is is uh
      I'm sorry because Trisha's coaster was that really pretty pink one
      Jones all studious back there she may have done it also I quickly
      showed it on our show together the first one oh you did that was so many shows ago okay you did
      yeah she did and you can use beading wire for warps
      yes yes absolutely Judy and I would I'm curious if anyone tries
      this method with the beading wire I have never tried that yeah Oh you mean with a like artistic
      wire yeah and I wanted to share one more like thing we're down to our last one yeah
      yeah yeah this one's going to be the hardest because remember we were mentioning earlier whatever side is the side you were pulling on when you
      tightened uh so this side is super tight and it's got all this thread
      it works but it's going to be terrifying when you first try it
      and I always get scared I'm gonna break my thread it's it runs smoother with other threads Wildfire is the strongest
      and so it is actually the one that's the toughest to to get to move okay the good news is once you get it moving yeah the
      whole time it's just that first pull yeah so don't panic you've got it
      well the good thing is you're putting your hand on it to secure the beads and you can feel if anything was like
      going wrong so yeah exactly they do really well and because you do
      this one last you've got the benefit of all those other little boobies supporting it
      and there we go nice wow holy guacamole that's incredible
      absolutely incredible John I want to make sure that we um we Mark or tag when this stuff you can
      do your chapters and then just get out the part where I couldn't get the
      no that's fine I just wanted to post this is a short you know like just carve yeah
      it's hard in this there we go oh God Judy is just loving this man she's like you like it oh thanks Judy yeah she's
      yeah no it's super fun um so let's see um do you want me to keep
      going or or how are we I know I went way over it's already 14 over so yeah that's
      okay because I think this is really good stuff so I you know Joan are you okay
      John's okay yeah Jones back there doing shots
      man I wish I was there shots of water um
      so you're re-threading your needle with that bottoms that bottom thread yeah
      yeah I just pick a side any side these two I'm just going to weave in okay and the way I'm leaving those in is the same
      way I'll weave in this one so you'll you'll get to see that right on one side and let me bring these other bracelets
      back over on one side I just did a button loot a super easy button Loop
      uh went through the buttonhole yeah I can show that if you want really
      quick yeah that's gonna open up a hole I could just see it now I'm gonna have a new obsession
      oh yeah okay so I can definitely show that so we've got um from where we are here we're kind of exiting out right
      here yeah and what I do this will just come down I mean there's more than one way to do this yeah
      less worried about puncturing threads now than I would otherwise be yeah I'm gonna come out through
      one of the three and it this will be different depending on your design but my Center are these three beads here okay
      so I'm just coming out from just before those three Center beads and then I want to travel up one
      if you open your piece just a little bit like that just have it kind of pinching it open what you'll see is you can see those
      warp threads in there and you can go under them
      so I'm gonna go under this one yep
      hopefully and then under the next one
      so just um I know it's really hard to see it but I went under both of the warps yeah
      it's coming up
      and so now I'm where I want to be right here okay oh you're doing your
      buttonhole gotcha oh yeah yeah I'll do the I'll show the square stitch on the other side in case you guys want to see
      that too but I do have a button hanging out here somewhere it's right here wow so I love this just
      for that because that's for that yeah that's awesome
      and all I'm going to do is just string and then this this count is up to you whatever count you'd like to use it
      looks like I did four so two on each side so I did a blue and a brown
      and 11-0 still yeah I'm just working I'm actually working with the same colors
      that are here in my pattern I'm kind of matching it this is a level of perfectionism that is not required okay
      um but I'm just going with the color blues this one and then this one's going to be sitting kind of over the center so
      I'm having the brown one here then I'll go back to Brown and then to Blue
      so I've got two seed beads on either side of my button Shank tried to match the pattern so they're
      going to be connecting to here sure so and I come over here
      and go back through this one so we're exiting over
      here on this side I skipped the next three minutes go down yep
      so kind of like when you're sewing on a boxed yeah exactly yeah so from here the way
      you can get it to hug that seed bead is see we're we're exiting our hair yeah I'm gonna come back through all those
      beads so we'll just go we'll just go back through here oh yes
      uh okay so this is very similar to the instructions on on adding
      um when I sew on the boxed three hole
      that's probably where I got it from [Laughter] you remember where I named half of this
      stuff you're so cute and then when you get back over here yeah you remember how we were we were kind of
      exiting from under these warps here but we really wanted to hug that bead right so just come through it in the opposite
      direction from where that thread's headed up yeah and then you'll get a little
      snuggle there yeah that's sweet super sweet look at how so stinking cool
      so loving this I'm just gonna go through this once more yeah
      oh my gosh bring on the button inventory
      one more thing I guess buttons will be a part of my
      shopping [Laughter] oh my gosh yeah please get me something
      there's so many beautiful buttons out there oh my gosh the mold some of those molds are like 200 years old
      well so beautiful how amazing
      I made two things for the trip are you done two wood products
      to like to go with you to wear or like for projects to go to the Czech Republic for the students oh oh that because
      you're doing some kids but that's right okay well no because I'm yeah because I'm teaching and and so I designed a
      loom just for the trip oh really oh no I didn't know that yeah
      and it's beautiful is it like an exclusive Loom Just For
      The Travelers or can are you gonna also sell it I don't know what they're gonna decide to do about non-travelers it's
      really pretty yeah that's awesome I like that yeah
      it's Gorge so that's pretty much done but I mean I need wire would come yes Vicky
      I know I asked uh I told Robert to get on and watch but he's he's probably eating dinner
      Robert's like oh that Danielle every time she gets on there I get another Loom to make yeah
      he loves it and he did something recently to one of
      the Looms and I just about fell out of my chair so I can't say anything about it though [Laughter]
      [Music] to do what
      what about her Stephanie got her bead board
      today what's that Danielle is that it's gonna have some new features yeah
      it's pretty wicked one of the Woodlands
      you need any testers I'm just saying oh I thank you for saying that guys
      [Laughter] yeah so here's a I'm on the other side
      okay so we got the button on yeah I didn't bother weaving this in yet because I figured it's the same thing
      yeah you just you go through you just leave it in yeah and I'm gonna do the same thing here I'm
      just gonna head over to get those Center three you're in the second one you did before
      and you have a lot of thread on this side because this is the side where that super long work strand ended up
      again I'm just picking up those warps to travel up through that room travel back through up yeah
      but now when I'm here I'm going to go ahead and go through these surveys
      oh okay and this is up to you how wide you want to make this but what we're making right now is there's a really
      really great high def picture of it in the pattern on the third page yeah that shows the configuration but I just went
      through these and I'm going to square stitch some rows and it takes it takes a little bit of
      time but um and that's because that's how you're going to make your Loop
      yeah so I picked up a seed bead okay you see how I'm exiting from that one oh my
      gosh we're co-mingling techniques right now y'all look at what's happening off on loom and off loom beading is
      happening and we're using big words
      yeah this is called The Brick Stitch this is square stitch so this one is
      already failed um and I'll do it I'm going to do this over and over again so you'll see a bunch of times but
      um you pick up one bead yeah and then you go through the next bead that's just you
      know in the row wow you pull down wow
      with your super super long warp strand that goes on forever and so you see how it's kind of like
      it's kind of like that oh my God I just want to go back up through that bead
      wow so you you put the instructions on how
      to do that I put a really great photo of it um I've done a bunch of square stitch classes
      yeah so they could find yeah if you if you like type in square
      stitched and yellow eggs or square stitch um on YouTube You'll see like a thousand videos of this and Danielle I'm
      assuming that if a person didn't want to add the button
      uh the button and leather oh yeah
      slider weave in and go to that yeah then you that's the easy peasy pumpkin squeezy that's what I would do yeah
      right something you want to do all this funky town stuff like where you've got this little folded what I'm doing right
      now is constructing that and then you just literally fold it over and you do the same Stitch that I'm doing here to
      connect it so those three in the center
      that's really all it is and then you throw some leather on there here you're good you are so incredibly generous I'm
      sitting here and I got I'm like tearing up right now because yeah no I'm so
      grateful like this is beyond uh anything I could even remotely
      ask you to share your time and your wisdom and you are blessing us like a
      thousand times right now this is just so stinking inspiring and cool and empowering and um
      I'm so grateful super I'm gonna make Meek right now
      we're all crying we're all crying over here in different parts of the country yeah
      that's so cool I would imagine too so um Joan can help me maybe walk through
      my thinking here so I'm thinking adding the button looked really simple
      um but if you didn't quite understand how to do that off Loom technique
      you could possibly do could you do the buttonhole Joan that we just did in the
      class you know how you did yours we could do that so your piece would have to be longer right to accommodate so you
      could you could do that could you could you just hand sew a loop Danielle or would it not be sturdy enough you could
      lots of times any of that um this was just to achieve a certain look because I wanted it to look Western okay gotcha and I have tons of leather I
      was trying to use up but like um you know a lot of times we do in fact I
      have one sitting right here it's not the same kind of design you can just do a seed bead Loop
      oh my hack you could just jump right out from here and do something real similar to what we need to get through that on
      there okay and then just make a loop that's wicked love it all that stuff
      okay good good I wanna I need to be adventurous though and try that offload technique but yeah we can do like a
      special class on that if you want to I thought I would have more time to cover it but it's it's really the same thing like you're just adding like from here
      you would just pick up another one and wow can we just pick up a video
      Yeah does it sit there and you do that until you reach the end of the row and then you go back through
      that row again right so you're just piling them on top of each other kinda yeah
      each one is sitting on top of the one before it because you're doing I mean you could kind of even say it's a
      ladder stitch in a way
      huh so you just keep doing that yeah
      it's funny because when people try to talk to me about like off-looming terminology and stuff I'm just I feel so
      silly because I honest to God have just been you know a wire worker and a weaver
      like I you know that's been my jam and
      I uh you know I think all those other things are so pretty but
      I don't know I don't know um the terminology and I'm not I'm not
      proficient at that I think Jill can fix that because she's
      how long are you guys going for oh my God we're gonna be there like for uh from the 19th through the 5th or
      something for Jill to convert you yeah well she she has a class going I should ask her
      if I can but I I'd probably I might be teaching at the same time I don't know that's look at that that's so cool John
      do you want to bring me back up I don't want to touch anything
      oh my gosh seriously we got there you just blow my mind really oh thank you yeah it's
      um it's so it's uh it's so cool because there really are a lot of different things
      that you could do I think many times I try to
      um you know stay in the lane of you know trying trying to get like a project done
      and what what you're reminding me is uh to also embrace
      these other things you know to it's it's kind of like for me you know even though
      I'm the mama of these Looms there's still so much to learn and and
      so I'm excited to expand my my palette of um knowledge and I'm so grateful to you
      thank you my God thank you thank you thank you so much it's so delicious so delish so you're so
      the pattern you're letting you're letting um the jewel loom Community use is that the deal right yeah yeah go for it and
      feel free to sell your work you don't have to tag me or credit me for it it's I mean it's a standard pattern and if
      you guys like these patterns these are so they're so easy to make with like software yeah do you use the
      um you use one too right yeah so I actually my my childhood girlfriend
      Brandy she she does the patterns because I um I just can't in addition to
      everything else it's like right yeah that's what I was just like oh my God I can't believe we don't have the video
      with the you know the Aries with the risers but you're going to come back
      so much you know I was saying that I feel um it's hard not to birth these things
      that come to me but in the same breath sometimes it's like oh my gosh you know I gotta educate
      everybody so I'm so grateful that you um are here to to be a big Auntie to to
      the jewel looms it's an awesome Loom my leg up oh thank
      you I you know what I have fallen in love with my um original because it it really has been
      the starting point for so many people to get into looming and you know I get all
      these messages about how people are doing things now with weaving and the original jewel loom is just like
      she's you know she's the mama yep it's the one most of us all have
      already you know it's already it's invented our bead stash forever and yeah so yeah it's the it's the go-to yeah uh
      that's really cool that's really cool to hear so all right so the next time we're gonna see you is when what do you got
      going on what's coming up um tomorrow I have an earring class that I'm doing I'm going to be okay
      um some wire work oh cool we're just gonna make some pretty Crystal
      pretty ones okay and is that tomorrow that's just on your Channel or oh that's
      a it's a Michael so it's you go to Fridays I think it's still the same link like you go to classes and
      if you click on their jewelry or upcoming classes and then jewelry okay you'll see this one for tomorrow okay
      um and that's it until the following week where I'm doing that kind of C major 101 class yeah that's really cool
      I I'm gonna see what Dave that's a third I'm gonna see if I can't I can't yeah
      for that one I'm gonna do like a whole PDF that has just way more detail than anyone ever wanted to know about seed
      beads okay good I'm getting some help writing it from the company because they obviously are the experts on seed beads
      right beverage to come up with like you know a go-to document for people to yeah
      um and we're gonna drop that in the chat so I love that I love that that's very generous as well so thank you John B
      John bead right yeah we're doing that yeah so big thank you on that too so
      um are you gonna be with Sam or Neely yeah actually I'm gonna catch up with Rachel tomorrow we're not live tomorrow
      but we're doing like them we're going to pre-record some stuff okay and then um I also have my own
      pre-recorded video that I'm going to Premiere probably later tonight or tomorrow depending if oh if I get
      ambitious tonight I might do it or I might do it tomorrow or something okay and Danielle is that your YouTube channel that we want to nurture
      oh yeah yeah I didn't even remember I'm so great at marketing myself um I have been posting more to my
      YouTube it's mostly as a way to support questions I get on Insta okay because I can't do long form stuff on there so I
      just I'll send people to my YouTube to see okay if if I get a question usually it leads me to do like a project video
      or something yeah that's smart trying to do that more and more but it's hard everything you know how it is it's like
      it's busy and like you're so swamped all the time but yeah when I can if I've got a camera next to me it's not that hard
      just set it up film it it's the editing like you were saying earlier the editing yeah and I'm not even in on editing
      I have to edit a lot because I get interrupted like half of my videos yeah you got the baby still yeah oh my
      gosh yeah I'm not alone though because I have friends who their dogs interrupt their videos
      and it's all of a sudden you'll just see a paw so I know we all we all have stuff we
      were like we gotta make work right yeah I've I my biggest thing is Marlon Brando
      right like either wanting in or out or partying
      oh well good okay well we will have to figure out um when we can get together to do this
      earring um my so oh those are beautiful
      I made a new pair I should have put them on I stink and love these let me take this one off this is
      uh the beaded pattern 100 it's the pattern that comes with the
      large wisdom Warrior and then the kid is also sold separately but I really loved
      it and I was like oh well why can't I just make a pair of earrings which I did
      um so my thought was you know to take your pattern or whatever and and to put
      them on on the little boo-boos the little earring
      yeah yeah so you know you don't have to like reinvent the wheel you could just take
      something that exists and then I have one yeah I know what you mean you need one that's lengthwise I have a
      lengthwise cactus yeah or I also have a mosaic tile that I just finished and I
      could just do one section I was like Hey I'm all about go to Italy together yeah
      oh my God we go to Italy we have to go to Portugal because I need to get to Portugal okay they can be Portugal tiles
      those beautiful tile work in Portugal too right yeah all Mediterranean yeah I'm going to Portugal people
      okay tell me this name of the city and I'll name the pattern that oh so my family if we're Portuguese so
      my dad came here to this country from the Azores is ours okay and from
      specifically the floors so f-l-o-r-e s yeah s that would be a great
      pattern name wouldn't it yeah floors yeah okay yeah yeah Portugal is really
      you know they got the chickens the Portuguese chickens so a lot of people collect those chickens and they're
      they're roosters actually they're beautiful and that's a thing and cork you know
      cork comes from from Portugal oh wow I didn't know yeah that's cool so
      I've always wanted to go over there and go shopping and
      yeah I think we could go over there and teach I think I need to there's some classes that might need to be taught there I'm
      just saying I just think that our Italian and Portuguese friends would love to see us yes
      and Jones like I'm going I'm gonna put myself we need Joan because we can't function
      without you so all right oh all right Daniel well we'll definitely
      um offline figure out when to schedule this earring thing because I think it'll be really fun and again so incredibly
      grateful for your time and generosity I mean you my gosh thank you like a
      thousand trillion million times oh I appreciate it thank you too yeah okay well have a blessed evening
      we'll get back together and figure out our next Duo
      um and thank you everybody for watching and hanging in there it was like like please wasn't it amazing please make
      sure to give Danielle like a bazillion bazillion trillion loves and follow all her links her affiliate
      links are um so Danielle has an affiliate uh link with jewel loom
      so Joan has been listing them correct and she's shaking her head yes so all of
      those links help to um support Danielle's uh seed bead
      addiction it's actually money it's not seed beads
      so please make sure to uh to use those but and to watch her and definitely take that
      um take that Michael's class coming up on the seed bead education I think that's going to be phenomenal
      well thank you thank you so much yeah all right honey love you too
      thank you okay bye everyone oh I can't touch anything