by Joan Dice

Small Sun Weaver Loom Six Tips & Likes With Tricia Giazzon & Jewels on Jewel Loom School

National Craft Month is here & Jewel Loom School is celebrating by putting the Small Sun Weaver Loom into a different artist’s hands each week to see what they will make with it. Their creativity is their only boundary. The Small Sun Weaver, made from sustainable Baltic Birch in the USA, is a versatile loom, on which you can bead weave or fiber weave.
In this tutorial,Tricia Giazzon joins Jewels to teach how she makes the bracelet she designed for this loom, using hexagon beads, glass pearls, & 6/0 seed beads. She also shares 6 tips & likes on the Small Sun Weaver, in honor of the hexagon beads she will be using.

Six things Tricia Loves about the Small Sun Weaver:  

  1. It’s super relaxing to play around with designs. 
  2. So fun to weave and create designs for my Etsy Shop! 
  3. I can’t wait to teach some fun designs with her on my 3:00 pm est.Thursday Lives on Facebook!
  4. I enjoy sharing the designs I create with my friends on my Tik Tok Lives, they enjoy the beauty of creating even if they aren’t Jewelry makers. 
  5. I Feel extra creative & driven to create more fun designs to share with everyone!
  6. Love the textile feel of a wood loom.  It feels peaceful and grounding. It makes me want to come up with more fun designs! The sky’s the limit.

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[Laughter] she keeps us on our toes Miss Joan does
oh my gosh yes she does yes
we're live it is Thursday welcome to Jewel Bloom School live I'm so excited
because the beautiful amazing Uber a talented Tick Tock Queen
I don't know about it I'll take it take it all take it all the pink poodle
the poodle to her pink I'm a pink yep yep
and my pink or downstairs actually eat dinner
last week it was such a riot when um Danielle's boys were coming in to bugger
and oh my gosh the parenting conversation just um was was really really fun and so
that's what I love about all of this um hey so we are for the month of March
and I'm so I totally am so stoked that you are the first designer of the month
um you know the I've said this before so like the blue looms the blue original
Jewel looms were based on like a like a need you know like I really
wanted um I wanted my own Loom and I wanted to share that passion with
um beaters and I wanted to bring bring something back to help you know to help
people do that and so it was very um it's a very I would say like it pretty much like a project driven Loom
the concept of it you know like here's a bracelet here's you know whatever it
might be and then when the goddesses were born in 2019
they somehow I crack up now thank God I can crack up
and not you know start crying but they were literally born um literally in the worst time probably
of my life you know like the biggest storm that just came through and ripped
my heart right out of my body and how I got through that you know by the grace of God of course but
um so they really they were so symbolic to like this
female energy and surviving and they
just you know they were they were just like little little ladies you know they were just like these little Souls that
like came out into um the jewelry world to help uh women
and I know that there are men that love them too and I think that's super cool and and have at it guys but uh you know
so they so they so they had like this really awesome run and then as time time
went on then the wisdom warriors were birthed which um you know they you know
the big one the hat band One the big large wisdom Warrior was yeah it was birth to specifically take your Beating
to an to a whole different level um and then the small wisdom Warrior was
born and then um in time you know the the goddesses
evolved into the sun Weavers because the sun was coming out you know like
like we had 2019 with the storm in my personal life right and then we
had 2020 or the storm kind of like took over
everybody's life yeah in the world for sure yeah in the whole flipping world
and and then as as everything started to you know whatever
um you know the sun Weavers it was like we need some sun like like literally we need vitamins at this point
is there so their their whole purpose the wood looms specifically the the
Looms that are shaped you know it's a shape that's very similar to what people would refer to as a goddess I I've
always looked at her and just thought you know I love her voluptuousness as a woman
um because within that you know there's just so much that lives right and so
these looms are about storytelling I I think there might be a couple like
literally maybe just a couple instructions where it's like start here do this and then do that and voila but I
have always wanted to have them free-flowing very fluid and
Trisha you knocked it out of the stinking part in January with the large Loom right the large Warrior or the
large Sun Weaver yeah that was fun it was so fun and you you did exactly what
the intention is with these looms you just grabbed stuff and you were like you know what I'm gonna tell this story with
all these ribbons and we watched you week after week it was ended up being a
four-part series where you really took the large Sun Weaver and um you did a
phenomenal job and I'm so grateful I'm grateful as well yeah I mean you told
you did exactly what the intention was so it is perfect for you to be here
today um when we start working on the small Sun Weaver and we're gonna take that
same concept you did end up making um a beautiful
very loving bracelet because it's got all the Reds
but I asked you some questions and I said you know what I want you to think about
and you will answer them throughout the throughout the hour here yeah but I wanted you to think about six things
that the sun Weaver what came to you while you were working with it you know
what spoke to you um whether it be something inspirational or technical
um you you embody all of that female energy you know you do you just you have
all this loveliness about you and you're building your business and I'm so proud of you you're out there
I mean so I'm always giving Trisha Kudos about her Tick Tock account because she
literally has an organic following that she's not paid for
um she you know these people are following her because they want to see what she's doing and I I'm on Tick Tock
myself so I know that's not easy and you're also building building your YouTubes which Joan and I are like
constantly trying to like help you know shout out and I know you're so good you're a great designer you're a
great designer you really really are you own that you own that and you can really
do some really cool stinking stuff okay I could talk about you and everything else forever but I'm going to let you
take over um and then we'll peek in and I'll kind of talk about what I'm doing I did
mention it in the email how I warped my goddess and I'm just praying that it
actually works okay that would be good it better be good because I've not done
it this way before and I kept working on it yeah I haven't done what I did what's
that I said I'll be curious to see that what you've got going there yeah well I'm gonna we'll come back to me but this
is all about you so Jones going to be plugging um Trisha's links which you all
I know a lot of you um have and you do follow her make sure you do if you're not the YouTube and The
Tick Tock um YouTube right now we're still we're still trying to meet that magical number
for you right right yeah I I think I'm at 7 55 now so it's growing yeah so we
need 245 people okay we can do it collectively if you share Trisha's links
in your own social media um if you want to it would be a very beautiful blessing for her so as Julian
was trying to get to our thousand last year Trish is now trying to get to her thousand and as an independent
um uh you know we are always looking for different
different uh means of flow and you know yeah and so it's actually biblical the
eight streams of income and I follow that and so I'm always trying to look at
different things um because if something's down something else might be up and so again as an
independent artist and listen if that pertains to you if you're listening take notes because we want you to do
well too and there's a lot of chatter out there about economy and all of that stuff don't fall into that trap
be proactive this is when things happen for people who have an open mind and an
open heart right so listen to what I'm saying I'm coming to you from my heart I'm telling you so okay all right now
I'm gonna shut up happy we can do this together that's
fine you know me um you were speaking of the
um Sun Goddess that the the large sun goddess and what I did with it I felt
like through that time in January I really got to know her I really got it's
true the enjoyment to know her ins and outs and it was just like um a form of
therapy for me and I say that a lot about Julian and because I totally mean
it and you know I I was a non-believer to begin with and I have just come completely the
other direction you remember that hallelujah hallelujah so but it is absolutely been a gift to me as well so
I just wanted to say that and today yesterday I always have my back for sure absolutely and you know what the cool
thing too about the large Sun Weaver that you were demonstrating on is that you know basically she's just bigger her
her teeth you know um you know the grid and everything they're bigger so they accommodate
macrame chords you know much thicker cords um and so it's really fun you know what
you can do on her and same as the small one you can leave on the front and you can weave on the back so um yeah so it's
yeah they're both just they're gorgeous and I love I love them thank you for
that January was awesome you killed it okay guys so today we're going to be
making this gorgeous bracelet let me turn my camera down soon here
um we're gonna make this gorgeous bracelet and it's going to be really fun we're going to be using some hexagons
some pearls and some seeds that's all you need and a little bit of leather so
let me get my camera turned down and we'll go ahead and get started Jules does that sound good yeah do you want to
make Trisha's um uh bigger and me smaller or you can get rid of me or whatever you want to do
Joan oh no that's mine
[Applause] we get there there you go
okay guys so I am going to go ahead and turn my camera down so we can see what we're gonna get into this week
um I had so much fun creating this uh bracelet and remember it goes black for
just a moment guys so don't don't worry I am still here
that's what I always tell everyone because it just does the cameras are switching you know it just has that
brief LOL in it and I'm still here but I think what inspired me this week were
was the loom itself I just felt like I was I've been craving doing some uh
looming with leather lately it's been a long time since I've done it but I didn't want it to be too
overwhelming or too too much work to be honest I do a lot of Designing
day-to-day you know I do a lot of different projects so I like
when I'm sitting down to do something for myself I like to keep it simple so that was the idea behind this
bracelet so like I said we're going to be using uh some one millimeter leather
some of these six millimeter pearls some 6-0 seed beads and these gorgeous hexagon beads which you can find all
that stuff at um this is the red one that I made and I
did put one of the gorgeous wood buttons on it as well but tonight we're going to be doing a version of it more in like
Earth Tones and turquoise let me turn my other light down here that'll help a little bit and turquoise
and I just think it'll be super fun and easy to do this is a group of
beginners project I think it's just something that anyone could do
and um just just a good all-around starting point when you're going to be using the
sunweaver so I have this gorgeous bead board here and I have laid out all of my items that
I'm gonna need for this as I said we have our hexagons our six millimeter pearls and our 6-0 seed beads I have my
button Lane here and then my one millimeter leather I did go ahead and
um thread my needle because that's one thing I've learned that I don't like to do on camera
so and what I do is I just take a little bit of wax and I wax my thread I prefer
to do that only because I get I feel like it gives me a little bit more of a
gliding effect um when I am beading I've been doing a
lot of seed beading lately um on um some of the other looms and it seems
like when you wax it it just kind of all flows better so all I'm going to do is
just take this one millimeter leather here and all I'm going to do is just tie it
onto one end here we're just going to be doing two warps that's it it's a simple project I'm
going to take some of my leather and I'm just going to pick one of these tines down here one of these grooves on the
bottom are on the side and I'm just going to wrap my leather around it a couple times
and bring that up and I'm just going to simply just tie a knot
this doesn't have to be crazy tight or anything like that just enough to make sure you have
it on there okay and then what I'm going to do here guys I'm just going to lay my leather into
one of these top grooves here along the top the one millimeter fits really nice
in the top grooves here it really works out well and I'm just going to pull that
leather around and I'm gonna you see how I'm flipping my loom to get it on the other side
so I can lay my leather into a Groove across into the top of the Loom what
we're going to do is just make sure that's down in a Groove there and then we're going to be skipping five grooves
okay and that's just to accommodate our hexagon beads but then our our other
beads will fit within that as well so I just want to make sure I think I have four there so I want to hop over one
more and we're just going to leave those five grooves and then I'm going to do the same thing
as I did earlier kind of keeping this taut and I'm gonna flip my loom again
and end to end and we're gonna go five grooves across on this side as well so
let me just make sure one two three four five perfect and then I'm just gonna do
the same thing I'm just gonna take this leather and wrap it around the Times a couple
times and then tie it off okay I'm just gonna take this
end that I have over here on the other side laughs I'm gonna cut this leather
just like so and I'm just going to tie those together just to make sure that
everything's hooked in nice and snug okay I did on my original one that I made
um I was able to untie the knots and then I was able to utilize the leather
um on the ends and that makes it nice if you can get the the knots untied if you don't go too crazy you can utilize that
material right so I'm just tying this off a couple knots
um Terry asks wondering is the large sunweaver the same as the jewel goddess
large yes yes it is Miss Jules confirms yeah
the only thing that has ever changed is the design that is lasered onto the
goddess body so there were the chakras that was your version one right then you
had the flowers and now you have the sun and the butterflies right right I do love this
design those butterflies I just adore so all I'm going to do here is
with my thread that I have prepared I'm just gonna um tie a couple knots around the outside
the left most warp again we only have two so that keeps it kind of simple
and I'm just going to just tie a couple knots there to make sure that's held on
there wow okay so now that that's that's taken care of we have our work done we
have our thread tied on we're ready to roll with our beads you can see on this one here that I started out with the
hexagon bead and then I did a pattern of the 60 Pearl 60 and then back to the
hexagon just a simple pattern that anyone can do so let's go ahead and
start with our hexagon I'm going to count here so you know we have one two three four five
six seven hexagon beads you will need for this project okay so I think I'm gonna go
um with my turquoise just kind of keep it all in that color family and then with the
um beige or cream colored pearls I think that'll be pretty
it'll accent everything so I'm just picking up my hexagon bead and I'm putting that needle into the bottom most
hole okay so as I have it on here you can see here's the top hole here's the bottom hole and I'm just going to run my
thread through there just like so
and I'm gonna put my needle underneath the warps I'm gonna just slide it right
on dirt and grab it with my right hand and pull that thread across all right
get my see how many things I can catch on with my thread that's always my
my goal I guess right so we're just going to hold that hexagon X excuse me
hexagon bead up between those two warps just like so and we have the part that
we did not put the thread through up toward the top I'm using just go from the left side
through the bead over to the right side making sure that we are
going over top of those warps because that's going to be what's going to hold your bead on there okay
so I'm just doing pulling it nice
snug I'm not you don't want to you know pull too awful hard because it'll warp
it'll make your warps warp if you can think of that and it'll be wavy on the sides I don't
know what's a better word for that but it just kind of gets wavy on the sides and it doesn't look as nice if you are
pulling too hard on your um uh wefting thread okay
so then I'm just going to take my needle and I'm going to put it through you can
see how this is tipping down here in the front and that's kind of how I want it because I want to be able to put my
needle through on the bottom through those two holes and glide my
needle across just like so and I'm supporting that bead with my
left hand as I'm pulling the thread through okay
so I want everything to flow nicely and be held in place
and I'm going to do the same thing I'm going to go up and over the outside warp through the bead and over top of the
left side work okay and I'm just going to pull that thread
and that's going to lock in your hexagon bead you have to do both holes to be able to
get it to set right in your warps or it will not look good with one end tipping
and the other one not so so we have our one hexagon on there so
the pattern calls for four six O's across and two pearls
so I'm just going to pick up some 60 seed beads let me pick up four of those
all right I think that must be a Western PA thing all right
I don't know I don't know where it comes from but yeah well yeah yeah
that's definitely that's that when we first moved to Jersey
um and Josh started he would start he started saying that yeah I'm like what is yeah
I'm like it's yes your morning
it's so funny yeah we have some things um a lot of folks laugh because I'll
instead of saying I'm gonna clean the house up I'll say I'm going to Red the house up have you ever heard about it no read the
house up red read the house up yeah never have heard that yeah that's a
Western PA thing so go figure I I don't know I know what it means it means tidy up the house but that it's just you're
gonna get it ready I guess you're gonna get it ready and you can't say all the
words because yeah because yeah everything is like like cut in segments out there I guess
so I've just pushed put my four six OC beads on my thread I've pushed that up
between my warps and I'm going from right to left with my needle over top of
the warps and through the beads okay we're just gonna lock that in foreign
and then we're gonna pick up two of our six millimeter pearls I'm loving this
bead board I know it's Super Rad it is I like it a lot
and I'm just gonna drop those down
yeah Donna that's um funny yeah so you could do beading and and fiber work on
the sun Weavers I did a choker when they first came out on the large one
um a wrap bracelet on the large one did a wrap bracelet on the small one
you could do pretty much anything yeah it's just the spacing of the teeth are different whereas the wisdom Warriors
have very tight um teeth for beading so that you could do your 50 your 11 0's
right so yeah that's pretty much
so I've already changed Direction you have well what I thought I was gonna
do in the middle of my warps foreign
so I just I just picked up those two pearls and did the same thing I put them on my uh warping thread and dropped them
down came across over top of the warps and through the beads okay and I'm just gonna pick up four more six O's
I know I do that I will switch mid project all the time
go in with a plan but it doesn't always stick you know I'm gonna have to use these gorgeous no
because then how am I gonna ah I thought the three I was I'm gonna use the three
O's for my loops oh yeah but now poopy
new piece oh I know I might have some over here I
might have some five mil I think it's five okay
yeah those three O's are nice I like using those in projects so cool
all right let's see what I got and my crafting Arsenal
okay and I'm just gonna pick up another hexagon bead because I've done my second row of
seed beads there okay and everything is nice and snug and you can see how the thread is snug along
the sides but not pulled extremely tight or anything like that that's so
beautiful don't okay so did you talk about how like if you're just gonna work on a
section on the sun Weavers to do what you're doing like try to go to the far
left or the far right so that you can have that open space there on the side to get your fingers under
yeah I like um to go in the center when I'm ish when
I'm working Ah that's just me personally I like to do that yeah and it doesn't
bother me to have I don't I like having the wood underneath so I can lay my fingers on it and support
isn't it fussy we all have our our own little okay so why don't you tell us
um one of your six um things well I'm gonna I have them on
my uh phone that I did right up but um
I have that it's super relaxing is to play around with designs what I like about her is the sky's the limit
basically you know I can just play around with different designs and use
different materials on her and it just brings me joy and I love the relaxation
and calmness yeah I get when I'm looming
that's something you I just have not found with any other um tool
yeah I find with the sun Weaver that it it is the one Gloom
for me where I don't feel like I have to perform I feel like I can literally grab stuff
out of all of my Arsenal and I can like yeah literally be creative
and not have to be so worried like I literally just took what I thought it
was gonna do apart never done that yeah yeah I like that free
yeah definitely definitely was the intention um I don't I want people to just like
have fun and explore yeah absolutely oh my heck that's gonna be so beautiful wow oh I just love these
colors so much I mean I really like the way the red one turned out too turquoise just has my heart right
at the same time that's true they would look nice together probably yeah super pretty
laughs so I'm just adding some more seed beads here on the other side of my hexagon
I'm struggling overall I've been there too my friend I'm still
putting this darn first row is always such a pain yes it can be oh my gosh
it's so funny for sure trying to do something I haven't done
well yeah sometimes trying new things you know it's a little rough road but
it's always worth it it's always worth it yep yeah
Maria's getting a surprise face for us there for some reason a surprise face I
think that's what she's doing oh Janice says she can't decide between the large and the small sunweaver
well um what do you think is keeping you from deciding Janice like like what are
you do you have some sort of idea of what you want to do like what's the where do you get stuck
yeah and and also I mean to add to that if that's okay um yeah what what
projects do you like to do do you want to do larger projects do you want to
stick with more jewelry type projects um do you want to Branch out a little bit and try you know doing wall hangings
and things like that have the ability to do that because you can use
um the large Sun Warrior for jewelry as well um but it also gives you the capability
to make larger pieces I think actually well and she's just so pretty to like
yeah yeah work with and so um you'll be really surprised like what
kind of emotions are triggered and yep um I think everybody kind of has a
different experience with her I agree yeah I agree with that totally
they're both very powerful both sides both sizes are um
you know are very powerful they both have such a nice yeah and she says
um don't do that do as I say no as I do right things
congratulations new babies I have a camera arm over here that keeps
catching my uh thread it's quite annoying so
that's what happens when you have all these camera arms and lights and
so my thought is that I think I could have actually done my sorry ribbon
last because it's being a total pain in the tush right now to
try to do what I'm doing um I'll have to show it here pretty soon
okay I just want to erose please do
a few rows in
I love the silence I know we're thinking and more
into it big time right yeah that's what's so cool about um about the slim you know though I yeah
I think that's part of it Jules you know just having that peace and not quiet yeah
calms you down and you're free to create and not just
feel pressured like you said you know it just yeah flows just like the thread
flows through the beads you know right okay let me get this harsh light off my
face so I don't scare anybody and then since you're rolling over there Joan do
you want to um bring me up and I'll show I'll talk about what I think I know what I'm doing
there we go okay so these are actually little five
O's I'll bring in my wait where's my scooper
yeah these bead boards are super cool okay yeah so um here is
which by the way the sun Weaver both small and large they come with a wooden needle
this one says You Are My Sunshine and they come with a wooden comb
Sunshine is the best medicine okay and what I did
is I okay so this is the front
and I warped with the sorry ribbon right and I I tied up here at the top
and then I came down to the bottom and then I flipped it over
and I came down and then I wrapped it around
and I skipped a bunch of grooves and then I came down again
and I lied hold on
the first time okay okay so I started here I'm gonna talk in my sexy voice I
started here and I came down oh oh I know what I did I started here oh my God I'm such a mess
I started here and then I came down on the front and then I flipped it over and I stayed yeah
and then I came over here
this is not making any sense what did I do
you're a woman after my own so funny oh my okay just whatever I'll
get it and and it'll make sense anyway I took story ribbon I weaved it from the front to the back
and then back again okay my intention with this piece
is to make a necklace okay so so these pieces okay these
pieces are going to be a part of the necklace right they're going to be go what goes around my neck
okay there's no warps there's no him on the top okay interesting I know exactly
that's what I said okay
um this is why I love her so then I came to the back and she's upside down
okay yeah and I warped her with some 5.5 um him
and I went up and down each little little Groove
okay and I filled in the middle here so my focal area is going to be all the
way down here at the bottom so I'm building my fabulosity in this
area and my vision is to
I think I might even start tapering in but I'm not 100 sure but regardless I
want to have some beads and then I want to do some looping
and then I'm going to do some different knots and weaving
with the fibers okay so oh that ought to be gorgeous yeah
yeah oh did I freeze oh there we go and
probably a little bit of the neutral okay and then this craziness
gotcha right that's pretty any time I go somewhere where there's a fabric section
I just look to see if there's anything um fabulous and unique at a good price yeah
and I just grab it even if I don't even know what I'm gonna do with it I just grab it so I also have let me bring in
my palette over here well here what am I doing yeah so I have
um good mix of beads right now that are in that teal blue kind of family so these
are five millimeter and um eights and some threes
so this is quite like all over the place like I just grabbed things and I have
this vision and and it's probably a little bit more complex than maybe you would do not you
Trisha but like in general like if you were just doing this for the first time but then I'm not going to tell you not
to that's right Weavers are all about whatever speaks to you I think you should try it
um I think I would be just stuck getting started I don't feel in touch with my
creativity lately I think I need to find some ribbon to start with so why
um um well what do you do on a daily basis like if you're not in touch with your
creativity lately is it because you've got other things going on like are you not taking any
time to um you know even just the simplest thing of
putting your feet in you know on Mama Earth will will ground me many times or
you know even if you can't do that because you're like you know there's snow everywhere
um you know Pinterest is always fun from the standpoint of color palettes
you know like I love going to Pinterest to look for color inspiration
and and that um many times will help me
I'm guilty of being this blue girl
or other colors in the world um but I definitely love my blues and so
um but I think yeah that's a tough one when we kind of and you know what Don't Force It like
first of all first and foremost and most important and I hope I'm enunciating your name correctly
d-a-w-n-a I I don't know if that's a different you know Donna
um well you'll you'll tell us
um rest maybe you just need to rest yeah
my my she's not my therapist but she's my Ministry coach and but she has but
she helps me um you know spiritually and all that good groovy stuff and she told me last
um visit like a week or two ago she was like you know Jules you don't always have to perform and I was like thank you Jesus because
sometimes we just feel like we have to do and do and do and do and to have the
permission not to um is so good so maybe
maybe just take some time and rest and drink some teas and like you said maybe
go play go find some ribbons go find some yarn see what speaks to you
um Trisha had a beautiful collection of ribbon and buttons for her
large project that she did in the month of January watched that series
um you know this this is a great example of doing something structured what what
Trisha's showing you is you know you can make a bracelet it can it can be
um here are my beads and this is what I'm making right and I think for myself too when I feel like I have a creative
block I do go to Pinterest a lot like you said yeah but I return back to
what I love the most yeah color wise material wise and it never
fails me yeah you know because I know in my heart this is where my happiness lies
yeah I like to make a lot of um jewelry that has laces and trims and
you know um brooches and just different kind of
you know things that really yeah sing to me and I oh it never fails me that if I
go back to that world and start pulling those things I get inspired okay that's
me personally but yeah you know everybody's different and I think that okay so she says Don uh
is that correct okay so she says that she does a lot of quilting and
embroidery and she's used to having a pattern and so that's exactly why you're
looking at these girls you're looking at the Weavers like what am I gonna do with them
um can you bring me back up in a little tiny Square Joan
so um I'm just waiting to come back up
and a little a little or Square a little a little little can I just be little I
don't want to be so big I'll get there I have this terrible struggle with that
too Joan so don't feel bad honey every time I'm in here with two people I'm like is this right is that right
well I'll just start talking so so I love this because exactly what you just
said is it just screams sunweaver right screams the hottest
um there is you know it's all fluid and it's so
different than having a pattern to quilt with or to follow a seed bead pattern
um you know like I said there I think there's a couple if I'm not mistaken I do believe that um Sarah Lovecraft did
a bracelet that's in the school and it's a PDF project if I'm not mistaken okay
and um outside of that I feel like there's no other real formal
um projects you know we've just been playing with her online but I I could
see where when your quilter you do embroidery you're following patterns
um and then you look at this and you're just like oh my gosh there's no Direction
two they are they're the ones sunweavers are the Looms that give us permission to just be ourselves right
and we should always feel that way but they really are our personal Looms where
we get to express ourselves for us it's for you it's for you it's
not for anybody else um with that said I'm not saying that you can't make something for somebody but
they really are for for you they're your gift to yourself right and so
um when you're ready you'll know which size you want and we'll be here to help you like you
know we're not just saying you have to swim or drown but really with them as
long as you know how to do your warps and you understand the concept of the wefts which is weaving
um you'll be fine I agree completely Joel's well said
you'll be fine yeah yeah and there's lots of resources out there
um yeah and look at and now you have you do have this beautiful bracelet pattern
to follow with Trisha um and so you know there'll be bits and pieces of of structured
um instructions but not as much as you know like what we do for the other looms I like people to just really explore
them you know right I agree completely yeah I think that I'm
just gonna scooch these down just a hair because I'm going to be able to yeah and
and just really quick to Jones point because we were both kind of um posting but
um there are other there's three more artists coming on later this month one
that I know I I can only assume you all know uh Deb floors yeah
and so Deb is a Jewelry Artist um she's you know phenomenal She lays
out um she does really great stringing and layout of things so it's going to be
really interesting because I would say that she's very structured with her jewelry design so it'll be really cool
to see like how she jumped out of the box to use the sun Weaver absolutely
yeah she's an excellent designer oh she's a she's phenomenal and so she'll
be the very last Thursday of the month um next week we have sherry welser who
she is she is just this fun
um firecracker and she is a mixed media artist she has taken guitars and
um and turned them into mixed media art wow and
um so it's gonna and she's getting married and she's moving to a new home wow so it's gonna be interesting to like
kind of see how far did she get and I told her I want you to come on and and
and talk because she too is a um you know she's um been through a lot in her life and
we'll let you talk she'll talk to everybody about that and then the next Thursday is Beth um
Walker who is from she is unfinished and I can only imagine what she's done with
the sun waiver so um you know between the four of you uh
and and Trish I know you've got more you've got more things you you wrote down about what oh yes you have lots of
fun tell us one more before you take her off the off the line sure sure um I'd like to uh use her it's fun to be
able to create the designs for my Etsy Shop yeah um I really enjoy putting them
in there and seeing you know how customers react to the pieces that I put
so much heart into yeah that's so sweet yeah I I love that
and sharing it on my Facebook lives all my Tick Tock I like it because
especially Tick Tock I don't not everyone that comes into my lives or
jewelry makers right but they're seeing how easy it can be yeah to just Express
Yourself exactly you know yeah that's super fun yeah no that's way cool that's
really cool your bracelet's gorgeous my bracelet oh this one okay I'm like
wait a minute wait well you did a goddess bracelet earlier
today so I did I did yeah yeah that was fun I enjoyed that my girls on there
supporting me I always appreciate them and Miss Jones was there just a fun time
I enjoy this so much so what I'm gonna do here guys we're gonna get ready to take it off of the
Loom I'm just gonna take um my thread here and I'm just gonna tie it off
on the one side with a couple knots I will go back and glue the knots that I have here and here just for good measure
make sure everything is holding snug and it's not going to come untied on us okay
so I'm just tying those knots I try to keep them more toward the inside if I
can especially if I don't have um
a situation where I can go in between beads to tie it off like where I am
right here um it's just that single bead so I can't really go in between beads and hide that
knot you could end it with seed beads if you wanted to be able to do that but I
really don't think you can see it especially I'm using the beige Wildfire on the light colored
um uh the tan colored um Leather So it Blends in a lot better
so if you're going to have a knot there it's the you know a good way to do it okay so I'm just gonna
um cut those threads like I said we'll go back and we'll go in later and make sure that I do put a
little bit of GS hyper cement almost and you can right trim those off simply
and then like I said last time I did this I just simply untied my my leather
it seemed like it worked well um because my knots aren't terribly tight I am able to do that okay so I can
just untie that you could snip it you know if you're unable to get your knots untied you could certainly just snip it
and you'd have enough plenty to work with to tie off and such or to you know put your button in your
buttonhole and but the leather is um the texture of It kind of lends
itself to being untied yes yeah very nice absolutely absolutely it makes it
really nice so what what I've been doing I have the loop side here so I'm just
simply gonna go ahead and tie this end off just with taking these two these two
um strands of leather together and just making a knot there at the end because I want to be able to have that as my
buttonhole for my button and I want to make sure I'm not tightening that down too much before I see and make sure that
my button can fit through that hole easily okay but not too Loosely so you can see that that'll work right there so
I'm just gonna snug that and that was the end that was not cut that's correct wow to me I mean that's just the easy
part you know the easiest way to do it very very smart yeah
so I I just to me I'm all about you know let's make this as easy as possible and
then as as enjoyable as possible yeah definitely so I just want to get my knot
centered there and I'm just kind of adjusting pulling in my threads gently just to kind of make sure everything's
because you can see how when I made that knot I pulled a little too hard and I gave us that little bit of a
snake shape you don't want the snake shape yeah and that is because the you
pulled hard and so therefore the warp shifted yeah we talked about that so it's a great learning moment yes
absolutely so I'm just gonna go ahead and work with that a little bit just to kind of get everything straight and nice
the way I want it you know don't think it's you know the end-all be-all that
you have to start all over there are ways to kind of work with your beads and your
um threading materials your warping materials to kind of get everything straightened back out put it back in
place yeah doing that yeah thank you just being
very gentle as you're doing it don't be too aggressive you want to make sure you're caring for
your bead work that you put all this time into for sure so on the ends what I
decided to do before I tied my button on I wanted to do
single nods on each side oh good because I felt like I wanted to have that security there before I tied the button
on again so things wouldn't shift around and get kind of weird shaped on me and things like that so again I'm just
making sure as I'm putting these knots that everything's gonna be where I want it here
and I'm just going to slowly work these knots down and do this one first
and just gently put it where I want it making sure as I'm going that again I'm
not pulling too hard on anything yeah just
being concise yeah and to where I'm putting these knots okay nice yeah
so now that we have that one on we can do the other side
you know it's pretty impressive that with all the talking with all the sharing
literally in this moment in less than an hour you pretty much have made a beautiful bracelet oh well thank you I
appreciate that I am used to talking while designing so
it helps a lot that definitely helps that experience so
but um I'm a gabber too so it's not just when I'm doing it online usually on the phone
with somebody or you know so I'm just again just working that down
put it in a good position making sure everything's good here and then I'm just going to Simply take my button yeah and
I'm just going to put my threads of my leather up through those holes and don't forget guys you can decorate your
buttons I did not I kind of like the rawness I like the rawness of that
I think it looks good with the the pearls it kind of Pops it I think so too and then I'm just gonna put those
threads up through there and now you could go ahead and drop them down through if you don't want to see the
knot up on top yeah you could just put it through again so basically what I mean is you can just thread down this
way and thread down the other way but I I'm not concerned for that I don't mind it at all so I just want to
do a double knot here or you could just tie it I just tied
that simply just put some glue on it so there's a couple ways you can do it there
and I'm just gonna work that knot down and I want my button to be
and you're going to want to measure at this point and make sure you have size wise what you're wanting put your button
in the correct position for that okay
thank you such a great item if you do have an Etsy shop and
um other things and Trisha can probably validate all this like it's never too
early to be working on your you know your next offering so no or
holidays even I know it's not even summer yet but I try to all year think about the holidays because yeah this is
the busiest time so now what is something cool that you can do we have lots of this leather left here if we
have just a couple minutes I'm thinking we could put some of these 6-0 seed beads that aren't for sure huh
on to the end yeah you know just to give it a a real pretty
finished look yeah um I'm just gonna put three maybe on
each one and I feel like that whole kind of natural organic look is still what
people desire they still want the Simplicity of of things I mean you know some people
like their their uh multi-carat diamond bracelet tennis bracelet
I wouldn't turn one away yeah but uh if we're talking beads and I love
them right right I love the Simplicity of that I love the natural and I think you're
right A lot of people do enjoy just the leather the beads just a simple little
design but your beads are I love what you're doing so stinking cute
right over that one millimeter leather nice okay I love that yeah
only one more here and we'll tie it off very cool
and you could even make put a few more extras or drop these down to a different position I love that yeah and tie it off
a little lower give it a little bit of Interest I like it
just fun yeah no it's good stuff there you go I'm just leaving a little
bit of that leather on the end just so it um it's not going to slide back up there easier easy but you can go ahead and put
some GS hypo on those knots as well so there we go I'm going to bring the big one over to
uh-oh Lobster Chico I was just going to get the big uh
Sunway oh that is love it fantastic huh yes perfect
so I'm Joan if you want to bring us our faces back and I will switch mine
oh [Laughter] there we go so so this is the large
sunweaver and then this is a small so you can see there's there's there's some
difference there yeah but um same potential you do have some
different teeth that like I said earlier accommodate thicker materials but you can you can weave on both the front and
the back so in case um you weren't sure this is I made this
one on the small sunweaver how cool so yeah so I just took a heart pattern and
I took some blue painters tape and I put the I figured out which heart and then I
put it under the warps and taped it with painters tape oh wow and
um literally just freehand you know so Donna that might be helpful
in your mind right when you're thinking about patterns um to just do like some traces so have
some beading and and lots and lots of fabric and and then a gorgeous bun yeah
yeah so and and still very um free-flowing and right out of the box
but the bracelet is to die for absolutely both of them the red and the turquoise
cruise ship bracelets yeah you can't go wrong with those beautiful beads you
just can't you know yeah just they're stunning did you tell us all of your um
six points well let me just check um let me go to my checklist
um I feel like um it kind of gives me a little bit of
extra creativity and a little bit more drives me when I have
um something in front of me that is easy to create something beautiful on yeah if
you know what I mean it kind of just it's not as overwhelming
um you know I like I said I work with some different companies and and I have a lot of responsibilities that I need to
not a lot but enough for for my health situation anyway um and I feel like when I can do that it
with the um sunweavers and you know those type of
looms it just does it drives me to create something even for myself you
know yeah and I just um the other thing was I just love using
the textiles and that would be the same reason you know just that whole
of those laces and ribbons and you know there's something to be said about that
you know yeah it's kind of it's interesting I just feel like I personally get
permission like it's weird like my thing with these girls it's like
I get permission to just be me and play around and do what I want
to do and I don't feel so um I don't know I just I don't feel
restricted I don't feel like I have to like it's a freedom I don't have to pick something that necessarily I'm selling
you know like I can just go to my stash and grab things and really have like a
very authentic experience absolutely it's yeah okay so are what's coming up
in your world are you gonna be on where I know you okay so you work for
Jesse James you do a lot of stuff with Jesse James I do when I work with dress setup buttons as well so I put two
videos out a month for them I also do tick tocks for Jesse James beads as well as I will do my YouTube videos so if you
haven't checked out my YouTube head on over as we said um I do do a Facebook live every
Thursday at 3 P.M that's Eastern Standard Time if you'd like to join me there we're always learning something
fun and uh you'll be seeing the Looms throughout that as well so yeah we love
that um I definitely love we love I talk like there's like a committee
Marlon Brando and I love that okay I love you Marlin [Laughter]
I'm tracking myself up here he's been outside scratching at the door because he's I haven't taken him for a walk yet
he's slightly peed but uh death floors just said working on the loom is my zen time that's right that's right yeah
they're speaking of Deb there she is Hey listen when Trisha's on The Tick
Tock or the YouTubes um and and anyone else that you support it is important to like and comment
because um it helps her clients to see that people are actually watching so if you
are on one of those um obviously a lot of you are on the YouTubes but um but if you are on the
tick tock uh go and like her videos and comment because it really does help her
client relations too yes it sure does yeah yeah thank you for that yes yeah it really does so
um Okay so it's good to see you I was just thinking
to myself I feel like I haven't seen you I know and it was like it's been crazy at least once a week
before but we've just kind of you know yeah you know both got our our worlds
there that yeah we're working in little little shifts um you know and that's and and all
beautiful things and I'm super excited about going to the Czech Republic I watched a video the other night
and I was like I can't even remotely believe I get to go here like I just yeah yeah so I'm trying to bring back 15
I know that's a whole lot of like which which suitcase gets the clothes and which one has beads
so I'm trying to like think about packing you know very Sim you know from
very simple way of very uniformed you know I'm not like going for a fashion
show like I'm gonna be very and then I heard they do laundry so
there you go maybe I won't worry about packing for 15 days I'll pack for 10 or
something yeah and you can switch if you're washing it you can switch your outfits up you know
yeah like who's gonna remember no just as so many people that are on
the tour that's it yeah yeah they won't care they're going to be into the beads too so oh my gosh which by the way um
for the creative Soul workshop for April and May
um the Box um will be
I'm going to take all the funds from April and May and instead of doing projects I'm going to shop which means
for those people who are in the creative Soul membership and if you are not and
you want to be um text me and let me know because that's we're going to take those two months and
then when I get back in May um box it all up and ship it out so
it'll be more product driven but we'll all come together I'm sure I'm going to enlist your help to
um to brainstorm on project ideas and so fun to me yeah yeah so that's going to
be a super cool thing so you can text the number Joan has that and just say um
check creative Soul box yeah and then I'll put you into a certain Community if you're
already in the creative Soul box you don't have to do anything so don't you don't I know you're there
I see you they're so cute I want to be in you're already in
I know it's it's very heartfelt I'm like I know you're in you're you're good I
got you girl but for people who are not currently subscribed yeah me that you
are interested in the check creative Soul box Ed
[Laughter] I'd have to live vicariously through you
I'll be having my knee surgery in May so I'll be like I'll be happy to see beads believe me
so amazing thank you all right Trisha thank you from the bottom of my heart always you deliver your demonstrations
we're just like so amazing I've watched you Blossom and
you've helped blossoming for sure Derek you have helped with that you can support in your kindness everything is
just it it's just I don't know if I could ever thank you for everything that you've done for me you don't have to I
want to see you fly I know you do
all right I love you and I love all of you for watching and um you will be back and don't forget to
um support Trisha and all of her fabulosity and next week it'll be
um uh Sherry Sherry Wilson yeah I'm excited she's really sweet so very
cool okay all right love you guys see you guys take care hmm