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  • Learn How to Use the New Original Jewel Loom Stand - Jewel Loom School with Jewels

    December 18, 2023

    Learn How to Use the New Original Jewel Loom Stand - Jewel Loom School with Jewels

    Join Jewels as she shows you the NEW Jewel Loom stand and how it functions! Stop your Jewel Loom from wiggling around or use it as an upright loom! This stand was years in the making to come up with the perfect stand with more than one use! So exciting & so clever! 

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    you're oh my God people who are just joining they're and don't know they're
    just like what is this all about this is insanity welcome to jeel loom we have
    fun we just listen we put the F in fun around here and if that's not your
    chance then I don't know but we do have a beautiful little
    that's not very little we have a very beautiful Community um that uh we share a lot of the same
    interest in different products and so Joan was just with Nee and apparently
    there was you know a little going on so and so I'm getting Joan after Nee
    so but hey there every everyone it's Juliana how you doing I've missed
    everyone um there are times in life where I just wish that all of my creative buddies could be within Arms
    Reach so that I could just snuggle with you and hug you and we could create and make food and laugh and uh I would I
    would just I adore each and every one of you so much I I can I know we're all
    together in spirit but we'll see one day we will definitely find each other so hey I'm the inventor of the jewel loom
    the original bead Loom the the blue one I'm the mama of the blue one that has
    like the most amazing warp ever and we got a new stand
    so many years ago Robert wanted to do a stand for the jewel loom and I think I
    just kind of had my head in so many other places right like I was just like
    why why do we need a stand for the jewel loom like I couldn't really comprehend
    it because of the way I had always worked with the loom and so I really wanted to make sure that it made sense
    that it actually worked and in the middle of all of this of course we're like birthing new looms like you know
    like rabbits and so yeah so finally um
    Robert got it all together and got it out to me and so I've been posting about it sent out an email today did a short
    on it and um and here she is so here is the jewel loom
    stand and it's super clever I I gotta tell you Kelly Dell from off the Beed
    path she was um other than myself the only other person to receive the jewel
    loom stand and in addition to that she also got the wisdom Warrior stand and
    the beadboard all at the same time and the the urgency in that moment was to
    really get her feedback on the large wisdom Warrior stand but she was totally digging the jewel loom stand as well but
    neither one of us were really sure like we were using it wrong and when we when
    Robert corrected us we both were just like oh my God like
    are we just are we just silly silly beaters that just did not even get it so
    anyway I'm going to show you what neither one of us got and we were just cracking up but yeah so this is the new
    um the new jewel loom stand it does come assembled comes in a box it's shipped in
    the white box um in fact if you have received any of the earring looms it
    it's coming in that same box so it's pretty small um six in and just shy of three across so if
    you're thinking about like where it would you know be in your crafting area
    um it's just not really all that big at all so six by we'll just call it three for Giggles um yeah because if I
    measured from here to here that would be three jewels oh well but uh yeah so I'm super
    excited about it we did actually pre-make some of these we don't normally do that but because it's pretty simple
    in its structure um we wanted to get some because we knew a lot of people
    would want one and so I want to say we're almost we are we are halfway
    through that inventory that was pre-made for you and don't forget Robert and
    Karen are going on a much needed um vacation like at Christmas and so wood
    won't be shipping Christmas right so like Christmas Eve Christmas Day and then
    like till New Year so it's just like a a period of time right there so if you want this bad boy I'd get my order in
    okay um do that and I'm going to show you how to use it I'm trying to think if
    I need to say anything else Hey listen I'm going to do the best job that I can you know I got a lot going on in my personal life I love you guys and you
    have been so incredibly supportive thank you for just letting me be me for um for
    those of you that don't know I'm going through a lot of Parental things right now with my father he's not doing very
    well and so you know thank you for letting me show up and do my best I love
    you okay so without further Ado and I see Robert's on here and he's he's got the LOL going um so I I'm gonna
    say Okay so let's talk about let's talk about the loom so you're going to well
    first of all you're going to be able to use this in robber again I was like well do you think we need to make like a comp
    compion so that you could have one standing and then one where you know it
    would lay down and Robert's like Jewels it does both I'm like what again you
    know anyway thank God he's so patient with me okay so it lays in here it'll
    just lay so like if you're a person who just wants to have a little cradle for your jewel loom to sit in while you're
    beating it will also just lay right lay down into so would this be
    would this be vertical or horizontal if it's laying down I'm so bad with that
    anyway it's laying down all right so if you want to use the stand and be able to Pro you know work with it while it's a
    little bit propped up off of the um off of the counter also those people who don't really um like it when the jewel
    loom Wiggles because we've talked a lot about that you know what kind of surface to work on obviously it's not going
    going anywhere in this so I thought that was brilliant and I had to like horizontal thank you
    Robert so I just it was just so stinking funny I was like okay well then we could do the other one and like it won't be
    assembled and then we'll just like put it in the box and then they could he's just he's probably on the other end just
    like man this girl think Horizon oh Cecilia are you a
    teacher or what I like that okay and I need things like that in my brain so thank you so okay horizontal position
    but if you want to work with it in the upright position this is what's going to happen Okay I'm going to place it over
    here for a hot minute you've got your jewel loom and what you're going to do
    right we've warped okay but now we got to take out the rod so I'm going to stand
    up because I like to use my belly all right and I'm going to you know that I
    put let's bend down a little bit here so I will I will take my pointer and
    I'll put that over the warps okay and then very carefully oh I can see it's
    super tight so I'm not going to try to remember if it if it won't come out we're going to turn it and we're going
    to try it the other direction because we never want to force it whoop There we go
    so we got the rod out we got our warps and they're really
    nice and tight and we have that perfect distance remember we don't want this to be too bowed because we don't want to
    put that stress on the flexible plastic not bendable okay
    remember that okay so now I think what I want to do you know what Joan can you bring on
    my other camera and let's see let's see what we got going on with the other
    camera because I tried to make it can you do okay cool oh switch ruy
    there we go okay so let's let's see okay so there it
    is and I'm going to point it this way for a hot minute and then what I'm going to show
    you is I'm going to bring it up to the camera very slowly so I stay in and you can see that there's like a little dip
    on this side and then a little hole on that side right so what you're going to do
    so you're going to take your jewel loom and you just lock it into there okay and
    now I could actually let go of it and I'm going to turn it around and I want to show you that it's little button see
    it's little boo boo button back here it's resting into the little dip so at
    this point you've got your loom and it's just chilling out and it's in the stand but to make it even more secure what
    Robert smarty pants figured out was very carefully so I'm going to
    turn it okay let's see I want to make sure I get the right angle
    here okay and I'm going to kind of just where we going where we
    going okay so I'm going to take one end of the rod and I'm going to put it back
    into the back hole hole right of the jewel loom and then do you see this little hole right
    here the other end is going to click right into
    that is that flipping amazing or
    what super cool um Joan bring up my other one so I can put it up to this
    camera there we go
    okay so let let me show you the back side so again one end of the rod just
    goes into the top hole right here and the other one just snapped right into
    the back a't that cool and so let me bring this little
    platform and then I'll bend down a little bit
    here so yeah so now you've got like this whole situation where you can have it in
    front of you and do your beading and then when you're ready to remove it you just very carefully remove
    the rod so once again let's do that again just so that everybody has this we're putting one end of the rod this is
    the top of the Loom back button this is the back of the Loom and then here we're
    just going to insert the bottom right into there
    is a killer or what cracks me up and both okay
    seriously both Kelly Dell and I were we were not thinking
    about the loom being warped like we just didn't have the whole process right and
    so it was just so stinking funny because we were like oh well duh it was just really a funny moment so
    anyway I mean it's super super easy peasy
    and yeah I just think it's so stinking cute you probably got a sneak peek of it I've been sitting it right back there
    like during the last couple of lives just to kind of tease you but um I know Maria loves it and there are many people
    who have already ordered so yep so let's take it out let
    me bend down again I just want to so very carefully you're just going to remove that Rod okay and then that comes
    out that goes to as side and then again right we just remove it and then if we want to use it in the horizontal
    position look at that so cool and so it's really nice and
    stable in there it's just amazing like I love I love when there's like these
    little genius things right that really solve a
    problem and we have been talking so much over the years about the jewel loom wiggling and the different things that
    you could do but this is great because this really eliminates a lot of the the movement and
    a lot of that you know question of like how do we keep it nice and and still so
    yeah shout out to Robert and Karen bravo
    bravo great great job I've not thought of stopping The Wiggles until Jules mention
    it yeah yeah I mean you know you just get people sometimes I mean God bless
    them right they just I don't know I don't know if they just like really needed to say something or they were
    just you know whatever but I have had people like oh it you know it moves I'm
    like yeah it moves it weighs like five ounces it's made of plastic it's gonna
    move so yeah awesome yes bravo bravo Lots of braavos
    so yeah so we have um I don't know how much inventory we have left now but Roberts they just keep making them and
    they're going to be making wood until I believe like the what is it Christmas Eve or something like that they'll
    probably put it in here um still going to take orders but you know they just won't uh ship until I think like January
    2nd or something like that um but up until now I think it's um all the W wood
    orders received between now and um
    uh and Christmas Eve will go out on time a [Laughter]
    Robert oh thank you it's been it's been um the things that we have to move
    through in life which I'm really adapting that concept you know how sometimes people are like well you just
    have to get over it you'll get over it and what I've learned over this this
    season this Collective season of many different challenges in my life over the last few years is that when you actually
    navigate through it you learn more okay and it hurts and
    it sucks and it's painful but you do learn more and I
    think that gained wisdom is worth everything
    and so I've really adapted the philosophy idea of getting through
    something instead of getting over something because when you get over it
    sometimes you don't learn the lessons so uh that's so cute a Robin you're a
    sweetheart I think you might have been number one today Robin's on it she's like email
    received shop in the cart off I go she's super cool yeah so hey you know
    what we have an email list and um and it would be wonderful if you joined it's
    the best way for savings I have what's called flows in place and so I'm
    constantly thanking you or reminding you or something there's like a whole flow
    series and and there's always like opportunities for coupons and for savings and so if you're not a part part
    of the juwel Loom uh newsletter list make sure you did you do get on that and
    yes I do email I'm quite the email Queen so but I always try to make it worth
    your time I'm not always trying to blow smoke I just really um share what might
    be going on what's Happening and uh always try to make it worth your while to open up the email and um and so yeah
    so what else is going on that was a very quick demonstration so listen um I know
    that I still owe you um the earring the earring demo and
    I need to do that on the earring Loom which I got to tell
    you I'm so loving the new configuration of the
    earring Loom I had no idea that just this added area
    and that little Notch that Robert added for us to save our lives when we're tying on I mean man I
    really really really um I loved all of those upgrades and so I know I owe you
    the demonstration so my intention where's my I had a crown oh I had a CR somewhere
    here so what I want to do is I just want to make a pair of simple earrings I'm going to use some gold seeds and then I
    want to add the crown earrings that came in that and so we were hoping that I
    would be able to do that today but with everything going on being at the hospital non-stop it's just been it was
    I just couldn't get it together so my apologies on that but I um definitely will be doing
    that so so I think we're Joan have I missed
    anything um um thank you to those of you that
    answered the questions if you have in the um jewel loom Facebook group I asked
    you about you know what you'd like to see more on I really want to focus on the things that um that you would come
    to juwel loom for and so uh thanks Janette and so uh thank you if you
    filled out that poll if you left what how you felt um Maria I read there's a
    reason for that what you asked and so I can I
    can explain that to you um but yeah there's a lot of great things going on
    and we're so you know since Roberts in the background here okay Christmas Eve will be shipping all next week okay
    cool yeah so we're shipping all the way up until Christmas Eve for the wood products and um you know my if I can
    take some time to be with my family obviously um I will do I will do that ah
    you're so sweet Robin thank you but thank you all because wow what a year I
    mean really if you think about it July of 2020 was when the jewel loom
    e-commerce Shop opened I don't think many of you probably realized that prior to that I I wasn't in the e-commerce
    game you know my career whatever I was doing a lot of different things you know
    I was on air Jewelry Television traveling the country the world for trade shows um doing a lot of Consulting
    things like that I did not have an eCommerce shop and so when I you know
    when when things happened in 2020 um I knew I had to do something and I I mean
    really I I had to build it from scratch and so to look at so July what was that
    21 so TW we started in July of 20 so then July 21 22 23 so July of 24 will be
    four years that we have been hosting the jewel loom shop and
    working on on the jewel loom shop and it has been quite an adventure
    and oh my God I totally forgot because I've been a little preoccupied thank you
    do you know that in that time we are over
    orders I don't even know because Robert's adorable he's he's always like
    saying little things and I'm just like what is he saying what no he's wrong
    like there's no way you know and so like I had to go and actually look and I was
    like oh my God you know to think to think about the space that we operate
    in and to think about what we do I just got to tell you there is
    genuinely like so much love and passion that goes into your products that are
    being created and um yeah I just
    uh yeah we're just so stinking grateful thank you cuz we love what we do like I
    love the fact that I Can Dream up things and work with Robert and Karen and be
    like blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah it's like when it's like uh you
    know when the sun Weaver come C came out she was originally the goddess on Jewelry Television
    and to think about that accomplishment just like blows my mind and I'm so
    grateful to JTV for giving us an opportunity to go on air I mean that was an incredible undertaking and um we're
    you know and that 5,000 doesn't even include that Venture so that was in just
    amazing so thank you guys thank you thank you thank you thank you so much and thank you to my sweet and precious
    Joan in the background um you make my world uh
    easy and you make me look really good and we love you and I know NE loves you we you're like our co-share
    baby and so oh and you know what I'm I'm I know you just said I don't have to apologize for anything but I never don't
    not show up and I couldn't make the silky thing the other day and I do feel really bad um oh but wait let me show
    you because I want to do I want to show you what I did so hold
    on but wait there's more oh my gosh I got
    stuff okay oh God all right so what I
    wanted to do for the silkies um event that I wasn't able to because I had to
    be at the hospital um if you recall we had the silkies ornaments and so I just
    made these tiny little ornaments so all you would do is you I
    mean if you've made Rings it's just that these you just going to make them tiny right so look at like the backs
    are one two three 4 five um five rows of
    four o' three o' one two three three across and then I did a bunch
    of pony beads and seed beads these are all the beads that I got from prosa when I was over in the Czech Republic and I
    thought oh my gosh they're so festive so I just made I did four and then what you
    would do is just like with the Rings you would you know you would cut them off
    and then you would make tiny little ornaments to hang onto let me grab it the silky
    ornament so that was my project that I didn't get to share but
    I'm going to I'm going to because look how far I got so I just basically have to cut these off and um
    and then be able to uh yeah I can't wait to see can't wait
    for Jules to see what oh I haven't you know I didn't make it through what did Ne do to the
    ornament you want it is it cool or what there she is oh my gosh it looks like a
    Mandela really and he had no clue what he was going to do with
    it I love him he just started glueing okay oh my God so you got he did I he's
    just G to paint the front of it where it says silver silk silkies and then he did all the gluing on the back and you know
    he's gonna put some flatbacks on the front like I did but then on the back it
    looks like oh my gosh it is gorgeous and it looks Indian he didn't intend for it
    to but it also reminded me of a peacock too oh my gosh okay I got through a
    little bit of watching you guys and I just I thought it was so precious I love how he referred to me as jewes
    Avalar it was so cute and he was so complimenting and I
    that just really touched my heart I couldn't watch more I was gonna cry but yeah I can't wait to see his and yours
    look fabulous and I just think that these are adorable to make cute little you know
    cute and again yeah I mean they're just gonna be like little bead balls right
    and then you can just put like a headpin or something up in there and a jump ring and then add them uh to the little holes
    so yeah when you did that we're definitely putting it silver soap page
    yeah yeah yeah so anyway okay
    um you could probably get rid of my overhead so they're not seeing my
    side my side view so yeah lots going on promis to
    catch up and uh I've got to if any of the creative Soul folks are
    watching you want to know what I did okay so the kits are all ready to go
    they're delish they're super delicious there are six left okay and I will post
    those I had three people I think so I have to reach out to them first but my
    bestie my bead bestie distributor friend showed me some pictures of some
    buttons and oh my god seriously there was a gorgeous blue
    button that has to be in that kit like so he's not going to be able to send it
    to me till next Tuesday so um but I think you will agree that it's worth the
    wa I'm ready to go but I just saw it and now I can't not buy it for you
    I was just like how am I not going to add this it is so beautiful it's like this cobalt blue and they're antiques
    they're antique buttons from the Czech Republic and um they're like a cobalt
    blue and then they've got like a copper um a like an iridescent oh they're just
    they're stunning and I was just like I don't care if people just get them and stare at
    them so that's for December um they're totally usable of course I wouldn't buy
    anything you couldn't use but I just was like oh that's G to put me behind but I
    hope it's I hope you get it I hope you're I I know you are because you guys are you girls are like always cool about
    that kind of thing and it's for you so all right thank you thanks for
    wow I needed I needed a giggle I needed to just
    be so okay plumber is here I have to go Maria thank you love you love you thank
    you everyone okay so we should see you next Tuesday I mean wedes no
    Thursday Joe will'll tell me so we'll see you next Thursday in between then I do hope to just tape something for the
    silkies um because I have the ornaments pretty much done I just have to take them off of the Loom and um and so I
    would like to get that done for you I apologize again I know I don't have to apologize I don't have to
    it's not like I was out having a great time thanks Bonnie so much thank you
    yeah yeah both both parents need a lot of love right
    now so crazy okay all right
    well Gloria thank you yes thank you Janette thank you thank you everyone
    thanks for watching thanks for watching on the YouTubes thanks for watching on the Facebook and um we'll be back next
    Thursday I want to get those earrings done I want to have like some hot you know gold
    earrings Joan is in the background toing she's like doing the same thing she's
    like she wants some some pretty gold earrings too so okay love you guys we're
    going to check out so I could go check in