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  • How to Macrame Bead Clusters on the Sun Weaver Loom - Jewel Loom School with Deb Floros

    December 09, 2023

    How to Macrame Bead Clusters on the Sun Weaver Loom - Jewel Loom School with Deb Floros

    Deb Floros joins Jewels in this Jewel Loom School tutorial to demonstrate how to macrame bead clusters on the  Upright Sun Weaver Loom, made of sustainable baltic birch, using beads from the November Creative Soul Box. This wonderful technique can be used in your necklace, bracelet, earrings, & even keychain designs & is another different & creative way to loom with beads! This is a great opportunity to learn from Deb’s creative processes & add what she teaches to your jewelry making arsenals. 

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    welcome everyone well this is different hi hello hello hello it's Juliana the
    julum Mama how's everyone doing at Friday on a Friday at 2m who this is new
    I don't I don't think that uh we've ever done a 2 pm on a Friday but for dead floors we will do
    anything we will do anything we will come on whenever she says to come on so
    we're so lucky um so today is all about the creative Soul box that was put together
    for November what month are we in we're in December so it's a creative Soul box
    that I I know just give me the grace as I navigate these couple of weeks with my
    dad and everything I'm a little cucko for Cocoa Puffs okay so the November box I was just like I really you know I love
    being able to reach out to my designer friends um because it takes a
    village let's just be honest it takes a village uh you know I
    love curating product like that's definitely my jam I love finding stuff
    and I love sharing that with the creative Soul members and lots of times you know there's a baby that's birthing
    with that and then other times it's like you know what I really I really need help I need my girlfriends and so I
    reached out to de and I was just like hey what do you think like you know it's a collection of all um it's a very
    Sisterhood type of box it has lots of powerful colors in it yellows um Reds
    and deep purples and it's just that very tribe sister powerful yummy collection
    and it's sold out so I'm sorry for those of you that are like oh my God that
    sounds totally delicious but but hey if you think it sounds delicious let me know let me know that I'm on the right track and um as I continue to shop for
    you uh I will keep that palette in in my pocket for you so
    without further Ado um let me just tell you a little bit more so Deb is using the small sunweaver this is the small
    one and there's the big one all right and the Grid on the small W uh small
    what is she the small Weaver sorry girlfriend sorry okay the Grid on the
    small sunweaver is similar to the beating grid on the
    wisdom Warrior but it's it's wider so for instance like you're gonna you'll be
    able to fit definitely like a 05 millimeter hemp in here um maybe
    something a little bit thicker Deb's going to be actually working with some materials that I'm excited about so
    she'll let us know like how thick that is so so this grid has a lot of
    potential and then of course you have you know the teeth up here so like if you wanted to use something even thicker
    like a yarn or a fiber or you know like a what probably like a 2.5 leather cord
    or something you could just use the teeth and then the material would lay on
    top of the grid but wait it gets better so there's wait Deb Deb will have
    to tell me if her has hers have anything in the back I'm not sure that we do that anymore I could have an original Sun
    Weaver in my hand and not even know it and be telling you something not correct but
    hey who am I just the owner I don't know but what I told you is the truth on the front so I'm gonna leave it at that
    Robert's probably in the background going no no she doesn't have anything on the backside but Deb will confirmed
    because Deb's got a a recent shipment so without further Ado before I screw up everything I want to bring Deb on and
    her hair is looking hot she's looking super sexy okay here she
    comes how do you like that for an [Laughter] intro and her price just went
    up hey Dad does your what does the back of your sun Weaver look like it's plain
    it's plain plain yeah this was one of the original ones from way back in the day so just a little backstory so people
    don't think that I'm whatever it doesn't matter what you think but I'm just gonna tell you so
    originally she did have grids on the back side of her so when she was introduced at Jewelry Television way
    back in 2019 so we're also talking about back in the day when wood was like $6 a sheet
    and then remember inw cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and I think it was like up to $62
    a sheet and we had to make some changes to keep the prices for you all
    the same and so one of the things that got changed was that the sunweaver um is only got the grids on the front you
    never know unless I just screwed it up so whatever it's all good it's all good she's amazing she's fabulous you're
    gonna love her and just to clarify my faux paw Deb how you doing You've Been Everywhere like I I'm like scrolling
    whoops I'm scrolling and there's Deb and I'm scrolling and there's de I'm like
    how many lives can this girl do in one day all right you tell them you tell
    them um yeah I I've been I've been um around
    lately um and I'm having a blast ha yes you yeah yeah I've been having a blast
    it's um there I have a lot of things um in the works at all times and um you
    can't really see behind me but I I cleared off all the the big like project
    boxes and they're all on the floor now so that you can't today it's kind of
    it's kind of scary all the like craziness that all this stuff is so it's
    it's down on the floor I totally understand we both have a lot but you
    know what I just wantan to I always go back to that night at the restaurant when we were eating Mexican food all
    those years ago at Tucson uh 2018 maybe or 17 and you know you just you
    definitely had whether you spoke it or not I knew it like you had a vision you had goals
    you knew where you wanted to get to you got you know you retired your day job and you knew that you wanted to really
    birth the designer jewelry designer even more that's that is you and it's so cool
    for me to just kind of like chill out and watch you do it and do it so
    incredibly well I have so much respect for you and um I'm so honored and
    grateful that you would take the box and you would share your wisdom with the creative Soul members because they are
    um well my entire Community is delicious but a lot of these folks have been with
    me for three years like nonstop they've been on this they've been on the path of
    subscription it's like that's an honor you know that speaks volumes and when I
    do reach out to other designers I always reach for the best so thank you thank
    you thank you and you're gonna you're going to show them how to take some components that were in their box
    because they had a plethora of different things um and you're going to do something new and different so I'm going
    to turn it over to you because U my gift is
    talking you are very gifted and talking so we're just gonna shut the
    jewel up and thank thank you and I love you and I will be back here watching
    okay thank you thank you my
    dear so um thank you Juliana this project um so I'm actually gonna flip my
    camera because and I'm going to actually shut it off while I do that so I am
    still here I promise you um I'm going to keep talking I just want to get the camera set
    up and now you should be able to see
    what I have so Juliana um sent me the
    creative Soul box um and this has such a cool eclectic combination of things um
    and the first thing that I saw that jumped out at me are these amazing check
    button beads I think that's what they call them they're like a button shape
    and they are there's greens and um copper purple and like a white
    wash um it is just really really really cool um this this little collection of
    beads so this screamed at me and I thought okay what can I do with these
    and I've had just a little bit of an obsession with Mac lately um I I'm going
    to say it's not a little it's a lot um and I thought I wonder if we could do
    macra on one of the Looms and when I saw these beads I thought oh my gosh I don't
    know like this might be a little out there but I tried it and it actually
    worked and this is the product of my my
    trial and error and it's just kind of like a little cluster you know each
    there's three you know there's trios of these beads little clusters of the beads
    with macra in between and it's not really like I'm
    calling it macro because it's really really tiny macroom so it really
    showcases the beads and almost looks like the beads are just kind of
    suspended out there um and then the closure is always
    challenging I think I mean at least it's challenging for me and I was able to use
    a Lobster Claw and then I um attached just a jump ring a large jump ring to
    close it so I love this I think this is a really cool bracelet I I will be
    wearing this something I'm going to cherish and keep for myself um so let me just give give you a
    little bit of how we're going to do this and what we're going to do it with so I've got enough beads because Juliana
    gave us a plethora of those um the
    material we're going to use is um this is a brand I'm not even sure I'm going
    to say it right gabad um it's spelled g u d e b r o D
    and it's waxed polyester thread and um Danielle Wix actually
    turned me on to this and I've been obsessed with it ever since in fact I
    think I have a date with Michaels later today to go and get some they're one of
    the companies that you can buy this retail from um John beid is another
    place that you can get it that's how I got it um from Danielle and it is according
    to um so this is a bobin of it you can get a larger package of it um this is 75
    ft and it is 38 mm so it's tiny and that's why I
    say it's sort of micro not macray because we're doing very small little
    macraes little macra knots so this is a this is black and I thought
    you know the black was perfect for these black beads um and I think um retail you
    can get this at Michaels in black and white or like an off white maybe like a
    brown color but John beid has it in a bunch of colors so it is made in the USA
    um from what I understand so this is a cool product and it just feels
    nice in your hand like you can get a good grip on it um and it's not overly
    slippery it doesn't fall apart um and it just knots up really
    tightly and nicely so I know it sounds like a commercial for this but I am
    pretty obsessed with it so that's what we're going to use and I'm going to
    start by we're going to we're going to um use two strands
    and the first strand I'm going to pull off is about a wing span so your
    wingspan your you know hand to hand if you put your arms out straight unfortunately I can't show you that
    hilarious view on on the camera um but I'm going to start with
    cutting um my that's going to be my shortest piece and then you're going to
    want another strand of this that's about two two and a half wingspan now you may
    not need all of that I always cut more unfortunately than I should but I'd
    rather have more uh than not enough so let me do that off camera I'm going to
    do two and if you could only see how funny this looks
    um okay I got about two and a half there and then I'm going to cut that from the
    little package and set that aside and I still have a ton of that left which is
    great um let me put this out of the way now this is probably the hardest part
    for me so the first thing I'm going to do is make sure that my cord here is kind of
    I've got it at the the center point now I'm going to do something a little bit
    crazy I'm going to grab my Lobster Claw and I'm going to string it on to one end
    of this cording and I'm going to get it to my center
    point and let me make sure I'm still at Center here so I'm at Center okay so
    I've got my Lobster on if it will focus for me there we go got my Lobster on and
    I'm just going to um do an overhand knot here and see
    secure that Lobster Claw onto the cord I want to get
    it so I didn't quite get it as close as I would like
    but for the sake of this project will be fine um so I've got my I've got my
    Lobster cloth secured now um we're going to want to put this onto the
    loom so hopefully Deb can remember exactly how she did this the other day
    so I'm going to pick one I'm going to pick one um of the
    Juliana these are um teeth yes
    no going to put that through so we've got it on secured on
    one of the bottom ones and then I want the this to be these two cords to be as close close
    together as possible so literally I'm ju I've just got one one tooth so this is
    just straddling one tooth and then what we want to do and
    again this is crazy we're going to string beads on before we tie this onto
    the loom now it's going to take a little bit to get these on here um but believe
    it or not these do and I need to sit down now because I've been
    standing to do this so we're going to put these beads onto
    our two strands and I just need to get this just
    right so it will go and the waxed polyester will stay pretty um will stay
    pretty um together on those ends I promise you once I get the first one on
    then it will be easier but I'm just going to get slide those onto our little
    button and then pull that onto my cord and if you um if you guys saw my
    last project um we actually added beads to the you know to the strands
    before we tied everything down there too and um we're going to we're going to get
    them out of our way when we're working with them so I'm just stringing them on to get them on and these particular
    beads because they are multiple colors I tried to kind of make the the trios kind
    of different trios so you've got enough beads to have you know several different
    colorway trios um but you could pattern this
    however you'd like if you want to do three of the copper ones three of the
    these pinky purple ones um you've got enough beads to
    really pattern this out however you would like
    and um make it your own design and I know this is not the most
    exciting part watching me string these on but I think it's good for you you guys to see the the laborious part of
    this because this probably is the hardest part of the project getting the
    cording onto the loom and then getting the beads onto the cording and getting
    it all ready to go now this bead I think has a little bit of paint in there so
    I'm just going to get that out of the way with a little beading all giving me
    trouble so and these um these button beads I
    like them in a trio because they they kind of
    interconnect and they make that really cool little pattern um so you can
    um you can see when when they're together they sort of naturally go in a
    in the right direction direction to um like they're not going to be all in line
    with next to each other they're going to kind of flip-flop and get into a really cool cluster
    shape so that but you could you could even do
    one or two if you like if you like the look of that better um but I I like the
    idea of this little sort of cluster of beads and
    hopefully I can get all of these on here I'm sorry this is it's harder to do this on camera than
    it looks um so we're g to put this guy so I
    um I found that when I did this project and I got started I put on let's see so
    I've got 1 two 3 four five six seven one two
    three four five six seven yeah seven trios but I
    found um that starting with a smaller number of trios was a little bit better
    a little bit easier because you didn't have as many beads on the loom as you
    were kind of adding so um what that means is if you
    don't add all seven of your trios you will have to at some point when you're
    ready remove one end so untie one end
    and um add more beads you know add more beads and then retie it onto the loom
    which shouldn't be an issue shouldn't be a problem um this material is easy
    enough to work with that you shouldn't have a problem now I just trimmed off my
    ends actually just made it worse so I want to keep my ends kind of
    fresh to get all these beads on so I'm sorry this is not the most exciting part
    of this I should have actually strung the beads on first for you
    guys so you can you can string all seven of
    your clusters or you can string on a few of the
    Clusters and I think I'm going to start by showing you guys with just a few of
    the Clusters because um it's taking me a long time to get these on here longer
    than I recall it took me to put these on here you got um it's 222 so I mean how I
    think you're fine the macra part is really um to me the fastest thing yeah
    um so I'm just struggling to it is you know Friday
    afternoon been a busy week I hear let me tell you last night I'm I I just I even
    said gosh I hope I I said all the right words because man I was
    beat yeah I oh there we go all right I've almost got the third Trio on here
    good Lord um but yeah this is could you thread
    that needle could you thread that stuff the goo the wax that you're using and
    onto a needle and then put them through the bead or are you like constantly yeah
    would that be too much um I don't know um that's a good question okay um
    it's uhuh it's pretty thin
    Maria says you have more patience than I do I would revert to a collapsible [Laughter]
    needle I think when you're working on it um uh uh without the cameras right like it
    yeah it never fails like that happens it's just a process but it's a good like
    let everybody kind of see your little tips like are you cutting that now at an angle to make it more like a point I'm
    trying that but it's actually not working the way that I would like it to
    that way so well so it's it actually works better when it's a like a straight
    cut oh okay so so definitely want to work with a bead that has a decent hole
    I mean that's that's definitely a good ey a definitely good idea right with when it
    comes to this product you're using right now yes yes they're an amazing they're an
    amazing company like I can't annunciate their name either goo goop and they've
    been around forever they've been around forever yeah and they're they're if I'm not mistaken they're in Philly I think
    they're outside of Philly oh okay yeah yeah they um this product is being
    promoted pretty heavily by John beid right now as a you know one of their new
    exciting products oh good okay well yay so it's kind of a
    Hot Topic thing for them all right so gosh darn oh I've almost got it almost
    almost got it and you know what you can do too is if you see you got bring them
    in bring in those Flats bring in whatever bring in the tools yeah all right so I'm just going to start with
    three to show you guys and if we don't if we don't get through all of it that's okay you'll get the you'll get the idea
    and I can talk through the rest of it so now I've got my beads on okay I'm gonna
    remove myself okay thank you Jules so let me move all this nonsense out of the
    way got all my little cuts from my cord so this I would say so we all Juliana
    really likes us to have a nice taut um warp it's going to be a little tougher
    with these beads because they're pretty heavy these are a a pretty heavy check
    glass but what I'm going to do is give it my best shot and I'm going to get
    them onto one of the teeth down here pull it back around actually I don't
    like that particular one where I'm at let me put it here put it
    here come on now and and then I'm going to pull it around to the
    back and then I'm going to tie it as tight as I
    can but the thing is I want to be able to undo this again which I've been able
    to with a beading all um you know when I've been when I've
    worked it before and so it's I've been able to un get it undone and I'm just a little bow
    there and then getting my cords out of the way now my beads have all slid up here I want them all to go down here and
    be out of my way and now I need to get on my other
    strand of cord so this one's a lot longer and a little trickier because
    it's so long so let me get these guys out of the way let me move all this out
    of the way cuz Lord knows where it will end up had a little seedbead incident earlier
    this week I'm sure you've all experienced the beads going everywhere in your studio or
    in your craft room and then you have to figure out where they all
    went okay this one I want it to be really close to this middle so this is
    our Center section this is what we're going to be macing on so I want my
    second cord to be just right up next to it so I want one
    tooth to separate from these from this Center um warp so I'm going to pull
    this down here
    onto three of the teeth and then I'm just going to set it right next to
    right next to that first warp if you can see that so they're really close
    together and then I'm going to pull it down and also put it in that
    same placement and I'm just checking my and the beads are going to be kind of
    here in the way but that's okay because we're going to be working around
    them and you just get your cording where you need it to be so I'm putting it right there next to
    it and then I'm going to get down here and tie this one on as well oh no
    you know what what am I saying we're not tying this on at all what am I saying dub we're not tying this on we're we're
    going to get it on back in the back okay let's rewind this part of the
    story I'm sorry you guys it really is it's Friday and I'm tired too not for
    the same reasons Juliana is but I'm tired too all right we're still going to
    come up here just like I started it and we're going to get right up next to it
    okay now starting over from this part of the story
    we're going to start our macra so if any of you have done any
    macra probably in my view the easiest
    macra Stitch or motion is um a square
    knot so I'm going to start a square knot
    and I always so I always start with the
    D or or the yeah the D and then you're going to so you're make sure this stays
    in here you're going to take this cord pull it off to the side the cord in your
    right hand you're going to go over the cord on your left and pull that other
    that right hand cord up through and behind that um
    that Center warp and then you're going to create a
    p and pull that up or under to complete the
    full square knot and you know what I just lost my placement
    here let me make sure I got it in the right spot yes okay so now I've got a knot
    here so this is secure so this is now tight so let me show you show you up
    close I've got just one teeny tiny square
    knot and to start um to start the project you just need about six square
    knots to get going that'll be kind of a little lead in to your beads so I'm
    going to do two square knots again and if you've not done this before this
    really is very easy to do you're going to push that cord the the left cord over
    your middle warps take your right hand cord and push it under and into that
    D and then pull and it's just going to cinch up a nice pretty
    knot then you're going to take the other side your right hand cord
    pull that leftand cord up into it and because you've got so much cord it takes
    a little bit to pull it through now I've got two really really pretty little nice
    micro knots and I'm just going to get this
    lead section done so this is knot
    number two and a half and
    three so the full square knot is making sure that you do the knot on both sides
    there's also a stitch where you can just do one one um half of the square knot
    and it creates kind of a a curve which you could absolutely do with this um
    project so if you don't like the full square knot it's too you know it's too much of a pain to go
    back and back and forth to do those um you could do the half half um square
    knot and it will just be kind of a curvy look which is actually kind of cool and
    would be interesting with these beads I think I actually started this thinking
    that's what I was going to do but I just love the clean look of you know a full
    square knot so now I've got I just kind of count the bumps on
    the side that's what I call them one two three four so I've got four I'm going to do a couple more and
    then guys we're going to add beads to the
    mix and this is kind of um this is kind of
    nice because you've got you've got real a nice light background to be able to
    see what you're doing so this dark cord this is actually the Black Version shows
    up really nicely on this laid wood
    so come on now through there all right
    all right so this is my little starting section just a little little bit of
    something to get us started and this is now very secure onto the
    loom as well so you see we're just using the tiniest bit of this
    Loom um so we've got you could do this on a smaller you know on a smaller scale
    uh Loom like the little ear I'm thinking about doing something like this on the earring um
    Loom all right I pushed up a trio of beads see how they just kind of they
    kind of bunched together they they just want to naturally go into that formation
    you want that you want that to happen and we're going to create a square knot
    around this and the cording is actually going to just settle into that little
    Trio of beads and it's going to kind of fit into kind of the channel between them so I'm
    just going to pretend like they're they're not really there I'm just going to do the same same thing do my square
    knots just like I would if I was just knotting
    onto the um cord itself so it's kind of grouping around that top bead or pulling
    around that top bead and then I do want to make sure that I finish and do the
    second half of the knot and get this nice and
    secure so this this um WX AED cord has a
    nice grip on it so it's going to hold on to there so now you see you've got
    this this little cradle you've created for this little grouping of
    beads so it's nicely holding that pattern and I
    did four knots in between each group you
    could do L you could do more um you could add more beads if you
    want and certainly if you want to make your bracelet bigger than mine so I have
    like a 6 and 1/2 in wrist so the one with the seven groups
    fits me perfectly but you may have to add more if you've got a little bit of a bigger wrist so but you can add as many
    beads as you want you could do you know you could do a much different pattern of
    this you could macrom all the way to the center point
    and do some groupings in the center if you so desire to do that so
    just a once you once you kind of get the concept down you can you can change it
    up and do whatever you'd like to do and I I see you know possibilities of
    this same project with different beads too you don't have to use the button beads they
    just have a really cool look to them because of their shape so they they make
    a a really dramatic look so now I've got I've got my little
    set of knots next to the beads there so my starting point my little cradle my
    four knots there and then I'm going to pull up my next
    Trio and they just slide right up into their formation the way they like to sit
    and then I've got my not I've got my cords all messed up down here at the bottom
    okay so now we're just going to not and it just naturally pulls it right
    they pulls them right into place so it creates that little cradle of that top
    bead and I like to pull it pretty tight especially around the beads so
    that they're holding it into that lovely
    pattern and then we're just going to do the rest of our little knots here now
    something that um I'm experiencing that I experienced when I first tried it is
    because you've got the grooves on the loom at the bottom and you've got so
    much cord it's going to want to it's going to want to get tangled up down here so you just kind of have to be
    aware that you've got a lot of cord and you don't want it to get all tangled up in
    the teeth down there so just something to be aware
    of and this is a lot of cord to work with
    so just have to you guys are probably used to that with
    projects when you're actually weaving too
    so putting our spacing in between and I like to pull this cting
    nice and tight for these little knots and try and get them to be as you know
    the same as possible as as like as possible and get them nice and
    neat and I have to always kind of double check that I've got the right
    amount and then I've got three more beads I'm just going to slide them
    up and another thing about these beads is they make a really beautiful sound
    when they um when they connect with each other they just have a really nice sound I don't
    know I'm I'm geeky like that with beads so just going to do the same
    thing make my first knot and tighten that guy up and it just
    just gets that bead cradled so nicely and
    then get my other knot
    going and secure those beads in there so now guys we've got two or three
    trios of beads and I love the way these beads
    look they're just so cool and these colors are so
    nice they I think they um make this bracelet incredibly versatile for
    whatever you're going to wear it's so colorful you can just put it on with
    anything so I'm just creating come on I'm just creating my
    [Applause] knots and I like to make sure too that when I'm doing this that I've got plenty
    of clearance on both sides of my workspace space because inevitably you're going to
    catch something and something's going to fly off and join you in your project
    something that you didn't intend to join you
    so so we're gonna get this other knot in and I am Juliana are
    we good for time hello hello how we doing hello uh
    it is 2:4 three okay so I don't know what uh what is left but I just have to
    say this is so stinking cool and it's I'm always like blown away when you take
    one of the Looms and you do something on it that's like not the original
    intention you know not that I have these big intentions for my looms because
    really they're birthed more from the story of life than they are anything
    else so this is really cool like like we've not we've not done this I mean
    correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think we've done this so it's so exciting to see um and
    and once you get all those little boogers on there yeah you know when you can get
    them you know pre- strong and everything um it really goes very fast yeah
    the um and the act of macra I mean it's to me it's very much like weaving um
    it's just very methodical and you know you can do it in complete silence you
    can listen to a book you can listen to I've been listening to you know holiday
    music in here and just kind of you know macing my little heart out and it's just
    it's very calming and soothing and um I feel like I'm almost jipping the rest of
    this Loom because I'm just using this tiny little bit but it's I mean this really works I mean it really works for
    this kind of a project if you don't have like a lot of people will Mac with um
    like a clipboard or some kind of board and they that's very hard for me because
    I I can't really I can't really get around the cording and I can't really
    see it well enough so this is a great if you don't have a tool to um to Mac on
    now you do because you've got this so yeah no I love it I love the versatility
    of the Looms I love when a designer C customer anybody like I love when people
    get a hold of the Looms and they do things and I'm just like it's like when Christian Ross took the large at the
    time it was the weaving goddess when we introduced her on Jewelry Television back in 2019 and I see her in a photo with the
    with it upside down and I'm like in between I thought she had it in between her in between her knees but it was like
    in between the couch or something and I'm like and she's got it marked up and I'm like what and what is that girl
    doing and she figured out how to knit a damn scarf on the large how the heck how
    the heck so oh my God sorry I didn't mean to say the DW um such a potty mouth hardly sorry I
    know hardly hard bring in The Shard um yeah like I just I love it I
    love when people take the Looms and they can come up with some traditional things and and and like you say you might have
    been using a clipboard or you could have been using some other type of tool and now here you have the sunweaver and and
    she's macroman so it's very cool I love it I
    love so what I just did was I untied my my warp so I untie so all I
    had it was tied in like a little bow which I know is probably not very secure but you saw me do all that and it didn't
    know it didn't come off but because we are macade up here this is all not I
    mean this is all together like it's not going to um come apart so I just put on
    another bead let's see if I can get another Trio on just so that I can show
    you um you can let me get rid of myself I'm gonna check out I'll be in the back just call for me
    if you want me back okay all right so I've got another bead
    on figure out what you guys are seeing here so I've got another bead on here oh
    oh wait you know what I pulled the cords the wrong way oh gosh
    darn okay let's get it on the same
    way we're going to put that on the same way so you've got you've got your your
    project still intact and you can add more
    beads so I would have added probably I would have tried to add all
    seven um groupings I think if the you know if the
    beads weren't so hard to get through on camera um so I wouldn't have had to add
    beads just yet but again you're going to have beads sitting down here so when you
    start to get closer to the end you're going to find that you might need this
    space so um you know you might have to add your beads once you've kind of
    gotten a little bit further along but I think you could add easily add
    seven um groupings you could easily add seven groupings to this um and get you know
    get it all set up and then you wouldn't have to take it off but you see I I got
    it off there no problem it's just getting the dang beads on to
    actually string this next grouping but
    um it's not a problem to take it off and I'm trying to use a variation of
    the colors break up the
    colors so now I've got my next group so
    I'm going to I'm just going to tie this back on to show you this is how easy it
    is so let me move this guy out of the way and I'll pull this down
    oops and get us tied and secure down in the
    back just get us into a little
    bow I know I can tie bow all right so I got that secured
    on and you know it's not the tightest warp on the planet definitely
    not but I've now got three more beads
    on and actually that's really not very tight let me try that again yeah that
    was not tight enough
    so get that tied in a little
    bow see if that's a little bit tighter that's a little
    better okay so now I got to just make sure when you sort of reorient yourself
    and you've got um you've got more beads on just make sure that your core
    are um are on either side of your project again so make sure that they
    they haven't um gotten all tangled up and somewhere crazy in the
    room so I'm just going to do the same thing I was doing
    before and get my first half of my square knot
    secured second square knot pull that cord
    through and then I'm just going to do my four
    knots and this is a little looser but it's okay it's still holding it securely
    for me and just going to do three more
    and I really like the smaller recording like I said a
    really dig it but you could get a larger cord you could you could find a you know
    a different kind of cording here this is not something that has to be done with
    this particular cord I don't have stock in this cord or anything but I just really
    like the um the feel of it and I like the look of this micro macro
    micro so but you could do you could do all different kinds of options with this
    once you get the idea of
    it you've got you've got something fun so same
    same thing got same pattern going those top beads so that top bead gets cradled
    by that cord then you've got two and then this you know when you wear
    this the beads will just kind of move around they still stay in position but
    they you know kind of move around on your wrist you know and they keep that little cluster formation
    so Juliana in the interest of time I think what I'm going to do is um I'm
    going to create a little bit of a mini bracelet here um just gonna going to
    finish this one as if it were long enough to um this could fit um Marlon
    Brando maybe his his Pew yeah or you know what not for nothing it's you know
    you can add that to a keychain adding stuff to your keychains is like all the rage with the you know the people
    yes yeah the peeps the peeps out there so um I dig it like go for it I think
    it's good stuff I'm gonna let Marlon Brando in he's scratching at the door so I'll go off and you can you
    canate okay okay all right so now we are going to release this little cool guy
    from The Goddess so I'm going to take take this end
    off and now we didn't do much back here
    because we um all we did was get this um
    this clasp on now um you'll see I've got a separate Loop and if I remember I I
    remedied that so we're going to play with that in a second but my whole bracelet is secure these knots are
    holding all these speads in place so I'm not worried at this point about these
    you know this coming unraveled or anything so what I did now you guys that
    are more experienced might have different ideas about how to finish this
    there's and I know Juliana always talks about know how you're going to finish
    something when you start it and I really didn't know when I did my first one so I
    kind of I kind kind of um I winged it a little bit so I've got a lot of cord
    left I told you um you know this was about two and a half wingspans we still would have quite a bit of cord left if
    we would have finished this bracelet but what I like to do is um cut kind of all
    this excess off the end so that I can work with the end that um I'm trying to
    work with and get my my clo osure done so and and I want to tie a
    knot um to get us started so I'm going to snip this off and this these cords
    will all be uh the same size or close you know close enough so the first thing
    I want to do is I want to tie a a knot at this end so you see we've got our our
    little macet knots nice and clean what I want to do is just tie a knot at
    the very top of those square knots and
    this is a little bit tricky because you got to get four cords through there at least It's Tricky
    for me so I'm going to pull those cords and I want to get right
    there at the end of my square
    knots I just had a cat walk in here it's kind of scaring
    me um so I put I put a knot right here at the end of my square knots so it's
    just making sure that those um square knots are tight and and you know
    captured they're not going to go anywhere so the next thing I did was I I
    know I've got this at this end which I I'm going to deal with this this is this is not working for me so we'll we'll
    we'll remedy that um so the next thing I'm going to do is take this nice
    chunky um jump ring and it's nice bright
    silver and I'm going to put all four cords through it and let's see if I can
    do this on camera for you guys I'm going to pull it
    down and then I'm going to tie a knot to secure it so I'm just going to
    do an overhand knot and this is tricky because I want it to be
    close to my um the end of my bracelets
    I'm actually going to use my beading all to help me get it in the right spot
    this is a little bit tricky I'm I used to be really awful at knots
    and I I think now I'm just sort of awful at knots so I'm going to pull
    that and then give that a
    tug so it's not super tight so I want to
    I want to do a couple more knots and what I like to do um is I like to take
    two of the cords so to grab a couple of them and
    separate them from the other ones and I pull it
    around around the where the knot is and I tie it like
    around the base I know this Probably sounds strange but I'm trying to get that
    um that uh jump Rings stabilized so then I'm going to pull it back around the
    other side and stabilize it on the other
    side so I've got a knot through the ring
    then I've got a knot around One Direction and then around the other direction now another thing that I
    did is I used my friend GS hypos
    so this is my my um glue of choice for anything that is um cord related so this
    is I'm I'm not going to do it um right now because we we don't want to end up with glue everywhere but that's um what
    I would do is dab just a little tiny drop on one side one tiny drop on the
    other side and then you can cut this and you could cut it all the way up to the
    knot if you you want or you could leave a little Fringe um I did leave a little Fringe on
    my original piece um just some little fringes looks
    a little boho that way so how are we going to contend with
    this so I think I think we can do something
    different so I definitely want these I definitely want this Lobster
    Claw so I'm trying to think I don't have a lot to work with so I'm going to
    do going to do an I'm going to try and do an overhand knot I don't know if I've got enough to do that I don't think I
    do so let me think here so we've got we've got one Loop and then the our our
    Lobster Claw is on the other so so maybe what I want to
    do is cut I might cut this off and cut this in half and see if I can reattach
    this so this is going to be risky may not work but we're going to try
    it I'm actually going to cut this one will be a touch
    [Music] shorter and then I got to cut this off
    this might not work
    so uh I have an idea though so um Juliana's comment
    about um about this being a purse charm guess what that's what we're gonna
    do and I'm not and I'm going to I'm gonna we're just gonna Juliana you said
    I I'm I'm um I'm not afraid to to take chances yeah well I'm that's what we're
    going to do we're going to take a chance but for starters I'm going to show you what might make this a little bit cuter
    as a purse charm well I think too in this in this situation with this project Deb that
    this is a technique right so like yes so cool what you did because people are going to have
    to practice they're going to have to best understand all the little ins and outs and twist and turns so I mean cuz
    I'm following along but I'm like I would probably end up doing what you just did
    before I tried to like go the distance so I think it's wonderful and not for nothing it also
    that box having a plethora of beads in it um now you can just make more gifts
    like you still got time it's only the eighth yeah yes ma'am so I started pulling this cord
    apart so you'll you can do that and make this a fringe okay then let's pretend
    like we we already glued this and I'm going to just leave some
    tiny little fringes there and then I'm going to reach behind
    me call me back in I'm going to grab some
    oval jump Rings oops couple of oval jump rings and my
    Lobster and we are going to make this a purse charm that's what we're
    doing um I think for I think for my bracelet I'm going to
    when when I get this on here I'm going to pick my bracelet back up and I think I'm going to be able to explain to you
    what I did I hope I can explain it um some the the closures to me are
    always the hardest um and I think that's you know that's the that is one of the
    big challenges when you innovate something new here on the loom you kind
    of have to figure out you know how are you going to how are you going to close it so here's our
    little our little purse dangle which we didn't really start this project making
    that and I and you can work with this little end down here to get it like dangly and
    cute um but I got I got this guy
    on and I feel like maybe I had I had
    more of a tail when I attached the jum ring so when we
    originally put this on the loom let me grab some of my my extra
    stuff just grab a piece I think I may
    have I may have tied a not a knot
    somewhere and like had more cord back here maybe I tied a
    knot here gave myself more cord and had my
    Lobster attached and then cut the Lobster off or maybe I didn't
    have the Lobster on I know I feel like I had the Lobster on but I must have given
    myself more back here um and if I can figure that out and remember how I did
    it I'll I'll take a photograph and I'll put it out in the group for you guys to see but the key is you want to be able
    to do kind of the same thing I did here is get that Lobster are secured and
    get a couple of knots around the edge so kind of back you want to go
    through you want to have at least two pieces of cord through the lobster and then you know wrap your knots around the
    um the Warped section and the macet section so that this is on securely and
    I did use glue on this side as well and I already fringed this out so you can
    see how this um how this polyester cord
    fringes so I I'm not sure I was in camera for that entire discussion there but I I have two cords through the
    lobster and knoted around One Direction knoted around the other direction
    glued and then fringed out my extra piece once I cut off the length of it
    so I'll have to go back and see if I can figure out how I had how I knotted this
    on because I definitely had more cord to work with when I did this
    one so I feel you guys on on showing you that but look we have a cute purple too
    yeah no you did great no I love this see this is here come bring back your sexy
    face hang on let me turn off my camera and I'll flip myself
    get my camera turn [Music]
    around are you coming back oh no am oh there you are yeah no I think that I
    think that this is exactly um it's just truth it's just it doesn't
    matter I mean we've both been at this for like ever and you know you're
    constantly if you don't try to do something and I don't know I love it I um
    sometimes get a little well I don't get a lot of it but it usually just comes from one person out there who seems to
    want to be mean to me and um and it's always about like this idea that you
    know Perfection and stuff like that and it's sorry yeah I'm sorry this
    is like the you know what I'm tired I normally don't cuss much it's
    okay just it's like we shouldn't have to apologize there really shouldn't be
    um you know alen I was blessed to learn from alen
    yes she had some really strict ways of teaching and she was
    always just trying to help us you know get to this level of professionalism so
    that when we present presented something that the front side of our project and
    the back side of our project looked great and and and so I love that because
    I always strived to do my best work but that's like one thing yeah that's like
    one thing yeah that's like um I'm doing a project for NAA I've been asked to do
    a project I'm going to be a part of creating um I got the letter i in the
    word creative right cool yeah and so obviously like
    when I'm producing that over the next couple of months I'm going to be you know very into my detail very into my
    process Etc but there's all this other freedom to just explore and it doesn't always
    have to be at like this unbelievable level to where people can't achieve that
    I don't ever want anyone to look at my work and go oh that girl she is just way
    too much like I'll never be able to do that I want them to to look at the Simplicity of um hold on I know there's
    something here let me you know like the Simplicity of just
    doing the awareness cuff right three three rows across six millimet one hole
    shiny beautiful bead put on The Flipping button you know warp with your hemp te
    and call it a day it doesn't have to always be science like yeah back off folks like you know and I loved what you
    just did feel I feel like this is this is I mean I I've I only did the one so I I'm
    not really practiced at it but um but I feel like this is great for just showing
    you guys that you can do even more on this Loom you can do some mac I'm I'm
    even thinking wouldn't it be cool to combine macra and weaving in some way
    and that's kind of where I started with the thought process was could I do both
    but that was a bit for me to take on for this project but that could be something
    that we could do we could try yeah um now that we know we can do we know we
    can weave and now we know we can do Mac so could we do both why not why not yeah so and we're
    not going to know unless somebody tries right so I I love where these these
    Thursdays are just all I want them to be like happy
    hour like I just want to be able to take all the blessings of the Looms come to
    the table and and I don't ever doubt that anyone doesn't bring their heart to
    this show you know like it's all heart like Sarah always says all heart heart
    you know from Jesse James she always says that and I love that because I I feel like that's so much of like how
    just most of us are like we just are so passionate Danielle is in the background
    here I don't know if you saw that or not Deb but Dan Danielle's been out here um
    um cheering you on and talking about yeah so you know and that's and and and
    the whole community so it's all good stuff like I want to see people try this
    I I want to see people try this and I'd love to see so if somebody has this box
    and they use these beads like how did you finish it how did you make your
    closure um that's the part I struggle with the most for anything on the loom I
    like I'm like how am I gonna I have this great idea but how am I gonna finish it
    I I'm right there with you girlfriend last night I was doing uh what was I doing I was doing that over there and I
    was like oh because Rhonda said oh I could see this with leather I'm like yeah' but I use Wildfire dang it so so
    then I was like oh poop I didn't you know like I'm always like no how you're gonna finish it before you start it and
    then I do the same thing I do and Danielle says you have inspired a Mac spree for me oh that's great I I am just
    I'm obsessed with this this cording and for me it just it opened up
    like something in me to do this again like I I've macade off and on and it
    just was like eh not you know but now I'm just super like super into it and
    trying to find different patterns and different things to do and these beads were just so cool with the the button
    style they're so yeah those beads were some of the beads that that I found in that house on the last day of our trip
    to the Czech Republic and I I literally have just
    I've just been feeding the creative Soul members with the beads from from that trip because they never made it to the
    website in fact we're we're doing December right now and so my mom's in
    there counting beads and bagging beads and and all that good stuff and and so
    yeah you know what it just needs to be fun you know there's a time for
    like real precision and you know here's here's how you do this to this and
    that's cool like you know but I I don't know I also just love being
    able to take the products and figure out something different so I appreciate you
    so much well I appreciate you and I'm I'm inspired to try kind of that next
    level of this with you know know something else so um I'm I'm going to
    I'm going to tackle that next but um I am going to try and figure out how I finish this
    bracelet dang it how did I do that I should have taken pictures I normally do
    and I forgot this time oh my God that's so funny that's all right yeah you know what you're in the
    group that's the great thing like and I love when everyone communicates and just kind of comes back with hey I figured it
    out they were can't remember it was a couple not even that long ago but man I did something and the group gave me such
    Grace I'm trying to remember I don't know I'm always asking for Grace we all need it we all need it you
    know it's just yeah it's all good stuff so um thank you everyone who's watching
    and all of your somebody did somebody said something and I was going to ask you but I didn't want to interrupt
    you nothing and Jane and all the love
    and the kisses jumping and wait oh was that it jumping on now is that seon no
    it's tell me the name again of that product it's um it's by guten guten
    broad gut I think it's guten broad G broad it's spelled g u d e b r o d yeah
    and it is waxed polyester thread
    and it's 38 mm and you can get it at
    Michaels and um John beid um those are the only two sources I know of but it's
    it's made in the USA it's a great product yeah no they're they and they've been around for ever in a day so
    Stephanie Howard said can you put glue or Fray check on the end of the thread
    to stiffen it maybe she's this was in the beginning so she could could have been talking about you were having a
    hard time feeding it through the yeah I think you can um you could because it's
    waxed you could probably also use wax like if you have one of the little wax
    things you could probably keep waxing it um but I think freay check would work
    I've never tried it on wax thread but it might work Danielle's saying yes and so
    um knowing that Danielle is a representative obviously from John she's probably got the whole kitten
    Kaboodle so it also works with collap collapsible ey needle which is what
    Maria said that was and she says I dip what's happening
    how would you get fireworks I don't know I went like this and all of a sudden it
    gave me fireworks oh my God that was so weird
    that was weird okay Danielle says I dip the ends into no I dip the ends in insta
    needle oh I don't know what that is I'm writing that down yeah inst needle
    Danielle you need to hook some girlfriends up we don't know insta needle Ina needle yeah okay yeah I'm on
    that immediately after this okay and Caroline Bishop says you are a
    firework a yeah that was very weird how come I
    didn't get no fireworks you know what I I saw um I saw Nee on with somebody once and he did a
    heart and it like hearts oh see what are
    you now it only does it once there we go it did it again well
    why I what how I don't
    know it's magical what is happening can the other
    folks see it or is it just you and I can you guys see the hearts no because Caroline said you are a firework Deb is
    doing the magic trips why don't I have magic tricks I don't know you should be
    able so hold the heart and then hold the heart hold it like hold it and see if it
    and then it oh and then it's got to start what's weird though what's weird
    though is when NE when it happened to NE he was on this side of the screen too so
    maybe it's just like the guest I don't know so
    weird my my mind is blown I'm I don't even know who we are
    now I I I yeah she said Rob that also happened on a soft Flex
    live and Mar can see it Rosario can see it Stephanie can see it Ilana so juul's
    got no heart yeah whatever giving we're giving all the
    heart to you I'm giving all the hearts to you Juliana can you do Shamrocks
    too that's funny oh my God all right
    well I got to um I gotta regroup and go see go at some point try to get over to
    the hospital so um Deb thank you from the bottom of my heart I know that the creative Soul members are going to love
    this they love being inspired by just ideas they're they're so amazing they're
    talented and fabulosity Peeps and they they just love being sparked so I know I
    know that you brought that well great thank you so much for having me the box is lovely I have another idea in the
    works for that all right I'll let you know yeah all right so glad to be here
    with everybody good good well we love you and we love your sexy hair so keep that
    up we'll [Laughter]
    do like it's not even happy hour yet it's not even happy hour yet I don't
    know what I'm gonna do with myself tonight might be the night yeah
    it very well could be but I hope everything goes well Julia okay Hey listen have a great holiday season all
    your friends and your family and um happy New Year if I don't see you and
    definitely let's play again in the new year for sure yeah and um I'll see you
    hopefully in Tucson that's hopefully the plan so yes
    ma'am for sure please yes yeah okay all right honey thank you bye everybody bye
    everyone thank you for being here thank you for being here something might get hot
    Carol okay all right ending stream I get to touch the red