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  • How to Macrame with Wildfire & Leather Chain on the SilverSilk Loom

    December 21, 2023

    How to Macrame with Wildfire & Leather Chain on the SilverSilk Loom

    Give your SilverSilk Knitted Leather Chain a different look by using Wildfire & smaller hole beads (11/0s & 3 to 5mm Fire Polished beads) to macrame. Let Joan teach you how during this Jewel Loom School tutorial. The Wildfire aids you in using smaller hole beads, plus does not hide the Silversilk. And the SilverSilk Loom, made of sustainable Baltic Birch wood,  holds the leather chain steady to make the macrame easier. 

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    hi I'm Joan D and I'm here to show you
    how to do some mac U macet onto Silver
    silk knitted leather um leather chain on
    the silver
    silk sustainable Baltic bir slom sorry
    my brain is going really slow today but
    um and I'm also having a little bit of
    camera problems it's not wanting to
    angle the way I want so that's why it's
    kind of close
    because hope hopefully it'll make sense
    when we get to the other part so um
    thank you for joining me today we're
    going to be using like I said before um
    Sil silver silk knitted leather chain
    and I'm I'm also going to use some um 4
    millimeter fire polish some 11 beads and
    um um wildfire because I wanted a cord
    that wasn't going to cover the silver
    silk too much and plus also go through
    the beads because they're smaller whole
    beads so I couldn't get um any thicker
    cord to go through it twice you know
    because I need a needle to go through it
    so um well let's get
    started sorry for the slightly wonky a
    angle but this is about the only way I
    can get um my camera to work today um
    first of all I'm going to show you how
    to um set up your loom for
    this you want to tuck in one end of the
    silver silk and you know this is made
    for thicker cords so this should work
    out really
    good and then tuck it into this um off
    the very
    end and then move your cord up see I
    don't have very much
    showing on this end right
    here so then tuck it in to the top
    Groove go down
    should smooth it out I had change cord
    sorry and I'm not cutting my cord that
    way I can leave it as long as I can when
    I'm done but I tucked it in here now I'm
    going down to the thicker cord at the
    end there and now we got it all held
    place okay just to show you this is my
    left hand this is my right hand
    so I I know it's showing it sideways but
    I couldn't get it to angle to where it
    actually looks like now um
    before we get started for anyone who has
    never done a square knot before I'm just
    going to use um thicker cord to show you
    and I like tying it underneath you know
    because since we're using Wildfire it's
    kind of harder it's harder to show but
    um usually I'll put two knots there but
    since I want to take this off I'm going
    to leave it here so for a square knot
    once you get that on there on your left
    side take the cord across the silver
    silk and the um right cord take the
    right cord back over the cord that just
    crossed underneath the silver silk and
    over the cord on the left
    side and then pull now for step two of
    this knot you want do it the opposite
    way take the right cord across both the
    silver silk and the left
    cord take the left cord back over the
    cord that just
    crossed under the silver silk and over
    the cord on the right
    side and that's your knot so now we want
    to get
    ready to um take this off so we could do
    um do it with the um silver
    silk I mean with the Wildfire so um I
    just want to um send out a lot of love
    to Jules and her family right now and
    I'm sorry you couldn't be
    here and um but we are thinking about
    you and your family and praying for
    you okay I cut 45 in of the silver s and
    this is for about six to six and a half
    inches of weave U weaving and I'm going
    to take it through wax because we're
    going to be doing a lot of knotting so I
    don't want it knotting in places where I
    don't want it to you know so we can un
    knot it if it happens normally I don't
    use wax on my Wildfire but in this case
    with all the extra noting I'm going to
    so I'm going to take it
    through I mean you could get bars of
    this this is what I just happened I got
    I got it from my local bead store but
    I've got beads wax bars um to use
    two so I'm just running it
    through it just gives a tiny bit of wax
    it doesn't going to coat it a lot in
    fact I'm going to do it a second time to
    sure I have enough on
    it I meant to hold on to that other
    end before it went through but it got
    away from me
    I do like this one though with the slots
    because it's a lot easier to hold this
    so just feeding it back through and it
    made a little Groove for me because I
    you know I did the same for bracelets I
    made yesterday and I forgot to show you
    those at the beginning I'll show them to
    you real quick while we get set
    okay get that out of the
    way yeah before we get set up um here's
    the bracelets I I made U we're going to
    do a different look
    today so I used like a a maroon
    color um silver silk with a 4 mm fire
    polish and gold beads and this one I use
    I'm not sure I don't know if he still
    has this in the shop or not it might
    have been a limited edition I'm not sure
    the color but it t a goldish greenish
    creamy color but then I use like a red
    clear bead and red fire polish I mean
    red seed beads and a red clear bead you
    know just for some variation on both
    them you can see I have variation just
    to add some more texture and looks to it
    okay so today on the brown I'm going to
    use these creamy color beads but let's
    get this
    started so I want to tie this since I'm
    doing about six to six and a half inches
    I want to take it about an inch from the
    end if you want to because we're going
    to be cutting off this end if you want
    to leave a little bit extra cord at the
    top you know make it long enough for a
    PA earings or or you know to use for an
    earring or something else feel free to
    do so um don't worry about scraps you
    know save them you know like I said you
    can make earrings or a small pendant or
    even um nay glued them together on the
    um Balter Birch ornament you know made
    for the silver silk
    silkies so I tied a knot and I'm going
    to turn it around because I want it
    underneath that knot
    underneath but that silky ornament it
    looks like a Mandel on the back is so
    pretty so I'm going to do the final knot
    underneath too G take this wire you know
    just do an overhand
    knot easiest way you can if you think
    you can twist it around after
    you let's see I want to take one and
    through trying to figure out what I'm
    doing um while you're talking it's kind
    hard so that's just a regular knot I'm
    there now um I'm going to use
    needle I use a big eye needle because it
    just if I have to unstring it and
    restring it it's just easier for me but
    you can use like bead weavy needles here
    I mean you can even use your jeul loom
    needle but it might be a little bit too
    um you know I'm I use the big eye needle
    when I'm bead weaving if you've seen one
    of my t i mean when I'm
    um use I mean weaving on the loom too if
    you've seen any of my other
    tutorials so I'm just taking some up
    here um but sometimes you don't want to
    take it too long I'm take you know
    moving the thread you know so then
    needle the thread that we're going to be
    working with in too long but I don't
    want this double thread getting in the
    way because sometimes when you're noding
    you can't tell which cord you're
    doing okay so on the left now it doesn't
    matter if you're left-handed or
    right-handed because you're going to do
    step one way or the other you know when
    like you know when I was shown you at
    square knot the first the second step is
    the opposite of the the first
    step so you're going to end up doing it
    one way or another so with um one side
    I'm going to pick up two 11
    o and I picked a sparkly one because I
    Sparkles just to add a little more
    Sparkle to to my
    design and I'm going to put um four 40
    and then two more 11 O's I mean not 40
    but 4 mm fire polish and then I move mov
    them up oh you know what before we start
    that I skipped a step we want to do um
    just a
    minute we want to do two sets of square
    knots before we get started and that'll
    hold our cord in place
    too and I forgot that so I got to take
    my beads off of this so remember do the
    square knot take your right cord if you
    want to start on the um well you need to
    take your left core but if you want to
    start on the right side and then go
    right left right left that's fine too um
    just remember you still have to follow
    the steps and do
    it um exactly the same all the way down
    so I got my left cord over the silver
    silk and over the right cord the right
    cords going over the left cord under the
    silver silk and over the cord that's on
    the left
    side now we're doing the opposite the
    right cord is going to go over the
    silver silk and the left
    cord and um the left cord is going to go
    over the um crossed cord under the sil
    ver silk and over the right cord so
    that's step two to a square knot now
    we're going to do one more square knot
    right cord over the silver silk and left
    cord left cord back over the um crossed
    cord under the silver silk and over the
    cord you know you might if you've done
    square knots before you probably um have
    a better um way of doing it for
    yourself um if this seems confusing you
    can look up square knot tutorial
    because what we're doing we're adding
    the beads in between the
    knots so then my for my second step I'm
    going over the right
    cord bringing my left cord up over the
    cross cord under the right under the
    silver silk and over the right
    cord there's my T square knot so that
    hold everything in place now we can put
    the seed beads on um or the beads on two
    seed beads on one needle
    then a fire
    polish and then two seed
    beads and I'm moving it up I'm going to
    do the same thing for the other side two
    beads because I want each side to mirror
    The Other Side Fire
    polish two SE
    and I'm moving them down now we're going
    to go back to our square knot
    again take the left cord over the silver
    silk over the right cord bring the right
    cord up under the silver silk and over
    the left
    cord okay and then step two the right
    cord over the silver silk in the left
    cord left cord goes over the cross cord
    under the silver silk looking over the
    cord so we're just going to I'm just
    going to do one um knot in between um
    each set of beads I mean you can do as
    many as you want to change up the look
    to so now I'm going to do the same thing
    the two
    um the two seed
    beads fire
    polish two seed
    on the other side the same thing two
    seed beads fire polish and two seed
    beads we want to bring them all the way
    up to the
    top and I found what you know once you
    get the Rhythm you'll find it easier but
    sometimes when I'm doing this and I if
    I'm F going slow you know like actually
    I did a tutorial yesterday and then I
    found out I had no sound but my beads
    kept sliding down because I was going
    slower today it seems to be working
    better so then I do my square knot
    again and then the second side go right
    on the right go
    over I'm just moving the strings
    okay okay so I'm going to go right over
    cords silver Silk's going to go over the
    I mean the left one's going to go over
    the cross cord under the silver silk and
    over the right
    cord I'm going to do one more
    and then I'll come back when I about
    done weaving now since I'm weaving about
    six to 6 and 1 half inch area weave I'm
    going to um I end up using about 32 fire
    polish so I oh I am going to use 32 fire
    polish so I counted those
    okay two seed beads fire polish and two
    beads okay move them all to the
    top take your left cord over the the
    silver silkon over to the right Wildfire
    the right fire Wildfire goes over the
    one that just crossed under the silver
    silk and over the left
    yeah the left cord for the Second Step
    goes over
    both and then um the right cord crosses
    over the
    crossover um you know go back on top of
    it under the silver silk and over the
    cord okay so
    um I'm going to keep working on this and
    come back until we get to the end but if
    you're trying to figure out how many how
    much to
    second I'm just kind of measuring the
    section and for the um one
    knot and then the grouping of beads
    about see what is that one two 38 of an
    inch so you can figure it out from there
    and then you know add a tiny bit here
    and tiny bit there and then I'll show
    you how I figured out the length I
    wanted when we get to the
    endcap so I'll come back as soon as I
    get this almost done
    wheat okay I got the last of my beads on
    and now we're gonna finish it off I want
    to put two more two square knots over
    the um underneath these two sets of
    beads I'm just trying to keep them up so
    they don't get caught in the knot so you
    know you have to play with that um while
    you're making the
    knot trying to keep those beads
    up you still not like you were doing
    on okay now I'm G to do step two maybe I
    should have left a little bit more cord
    I think I accidentally shortened
    it I told you 45 in you may want to go
    48 Ines if you're doing this length
    bracelet this
    and Under and Over
    now the second knot maybe leaving the
    needles on would make it a little bit
    easier I gives you a little more
    length okay there's my two square knots
    now I'm going to take it over off
    because I want to tie on the back
    side I'm going to tie a
    knot tie it once and tie it
    and the next step you want to be really
    careful I want to use the thread burner
    I want to make a little ball so it
    doesn't come un knotted let me try to
    tighten this as much as I can okay
    whoops and my thread
    okay so being really
    careful not to burn any of them that's
    part of the design you know below the
    knot okay my thread
    burner make a little
    knot you know just that means burning
    the end you know meling the end a little
    bit when I see making a little knot I
    just want to make a little
    ball that way doesn't come out of the
    knot okay
    okay now my wrist is 7 and a/4
    in I might want to go 7 and a half
    though because that's measuring like
    right here if I want to go a little bit
    further up my arm so I put together the
    clasp and yeah it's mixed metal um I
    didn't have any clasps that was antique
    copper and I didn't have any incap so
    antique gold and I said oh well let's
    just make it all antique and do what
    metal so
    um the measurement
    is one and 34s I also want to measure
    what's inside here so okay 1 34s we want
    um and if I have a 7 and a qu interest
    that's I probably made it a little bit
    too long that's um five and a quter
    weave but I said I wanted a little bit
    bigger and I made it
    six so um and this is like the endcaps
    where the silver so will go is almost 38
    of an
    inch so this is six I'm going to have to
    leave 38 of an inch on either
    side of the knot you know on the ends so
    um to make it
    longer I mean to make it so those will
    fit in so let's
    see about 38 of an
    inch okay
    y okay now for this next
    step I sure hope this works because I
    had to peel off my
    um um I forgot what is that dip that I
    forget the name of it right now that
    goes tool magic and it in the my old jar
    is awfully thick and I didn't find my
    new jar so I hope this works
    out okay so I have the backside facing
    up where I put the knots I'm gonna put
    this up because I want the SS to
    and it looks like I'm going to have to
    open it if you need to open your incap
    up some just
    um take like your you know thin set of
    pliers like if you have tweezer nose
    plier or I like using my bent chain nose
    because they seem to have a smaller tip
    to open it up a little bit put the tip
    in just open it a tiny bit it usually
    doesn't need
    much okay I'm just going to take these
    apart to make it
    sure make it easier on me
    okay so the the SS is
    up and I squeeze this
    in and let's
    see now take the one the um flatten
    those pliers with the tool
    magic push it down and the tool magic
    keeps it from Maring the
    incap I used to use the Nan JW pliers
    and they'd end up shooting across the
    like bullets because they'd slide right
    out of
    okay press on the other side
    if you have any little
    um wires sticking out I forgot to smooth
    them out before I um did this you know
    by rubbing my fingers over it between my
    fingertips but you don't have to worry
    about the silver so
    Fray so there's my um bracelet and I
    compare it to the other two you know I
    use different an caps on all three of
    well thank you for joining me today and
    I'd love to see what um you come up
    with by changing up the beads to the
    colors of the cord you know you can make
    it your own by making it seasonal or um
    even um holidayish or year round
    and also um don't forget you know you
    can even change up the beads too for a
    totally different look like maybe using
    three millimeter fire polish or even 3
    millimeter um gemstone beads so you know
    have fun playing with it and um and
    please post what you make I I'd love to
    see it on the jewelry making with jolum
    Facebook page and I just um thank you
    for joining us and I hope you all have a
    um wonderful for holiday season