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  • How to Weave the Fall Tile & Fire Polish Cuff - Jewel Loom School with Jewels

    September 02, 2023

    How to Weave the Fall Tile & Fire Polish Cuff - Jewel Loom School with Jewels

    One of my desires in having space for the biz, was to be able to create whenever it called to me. So I got the arty bug to make a Fall Arrangement using beads, Hemptique Hemp, and my Jewel Loom. I made a kit and show you in this tutorial how to weave a cuff, using the kit, on the Jewel Loom. This tutorial is a great way to learn how to weave with 2 hole beads. And if the cuff is too thick for your wrist, decrease the number of warps to make a thinner bracelet. Aso llisted below are how to add the button closure & the link to how to warp the Original Jewel Loom. 

    How to Warp the Original Jewel Loom:  (note: make 6 warps & skip 4 grooves between warps)

    Part 1: How to How to Use 2-hole Beads to Weave a Fall Inspired Beaded Cuff on the Jewel Loom (tutorial starts at 20:37 mark) 

    There are limited kits available so if you want one, get it now! If kits are SOLD OUT text me at 805-768-0568 with the words Fall Arrangement Kit and I will see what I can put together for you. Get the kits here:  

    Part 2 Adding a Button Closure to the 2-hole Tile Cuff Bracelet:  Learn how to remove the beaded cuff from the Jewel Loom and add a button closure. This technique will work with any multi-warp closures made with cords, as long as all the cords will fit through the buttonhole.  



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    Transcript Pt 1:

    hello hello apparently I am live
    in my new place hi Maria and Cynthia and Jeanette yo New
    York is in the house Jersey over here I feel like I could just reach reach New York
    oh I'm sorry to hear about your mom definitely be praying for her
    oh boy well hospices
    um a really great organization it's great when you can access that to help you hopefully
    everything is good with my volume I
    uh the other night when I did a quick video it was night time already here in Jersey
    and so the lighting situation wasn't at the Forefront of my mind tonight and
    um anyway Joan and I were just cracking up because I you know I'm like oh my
    gosh I I still don't have like a I'm sitting on a bar stool that my my girlfriend put into the apartment but I
    don't have um I don't have a chair to sit in and so
    I'm like well this is where I'm at I'm at the bar [Laughter] not literally but uh so we'll do the
    best with the lighting the lighting looked really good with the overhead and in the end that's all that matters ah
    thanks Christy I did find a little light one of those little you know Magical Lights
    but anyway um I missed you guys I feel like I haven't been here all month has it been all month because I don't know if I was
    here uh for the first Thursday or no Jones in the background going no girl it
    was me [Laughter] she's got her hands up in the background
    you know so thank you Joan thank you for stepping in and making your big hair
    even bigger and and sharing the silver silk love my gosh those were great great
    projects and we um love Neely and we love his product and I
    cannot wait to get my care package with the three needle um
    chain that he came out with because not only obviously did it work really well
    on the silver silk loom but I definitely want to try it out on one of the other wood Looms
    and I'm sure it would work on the original jewel loom as well so super excited about that and so Joan loved
    your projects they were phenomenal total total wins yes and I love that she broke
    out the little silver silk um necklace kit that was really a lot of
    fun you are very ambitious to try and put those seed beads on I was
    cracking up I was like is she seriously gonna try and weave in seed beads to
    that wide area and sure enough she did so great job great great job Leanne I
    see you I do believe I don't I can't look at my phone but um if I'm not I've got you
    um hello hello everybody
    hey Kara just posted Kara um from Arizona just posted a pair of
    earrings that she made on her Instagram sweet like they're so so hot you have to
    go check them out and I do believe it's just under her name Cara Simmons
    we can check that out and let you know but those are so good yeah well my new background is very
    there's y'all we just landed okay like I know I didn't talk much about this
    change but and it happened very very very quick um you know I was in California have
    been in California for the last nine or ten years and um prior to that lived here in New
    Jersey for 14 years raised my son here and um and so I have been had been at my
    mom's house I think you all knew that for the last three years since covid and some other life events but uh I just I
    needed space I needed space and throughout the country
    um California in particular you know um homes are just it's crazy
    crazy residential commercial every you know it's just it's just crazy and I had been preying on it and
    um it just made sense like well why don't you just try to go back to Jersey where your kid is and you know see how
    that works even though it's expensive here too but literally by the grace of God I um
    I was looking online one day and looked in this little town and this adorable
    little apartment for you know a price where it would allow Brando and I to still eat
    um popped up and I kept thinking oh it must be off Market it must be off market
    and it wasn't and so I immediately called
    um and texted the uh uh
    what you call it the realtor and uh and it was still for rent and so it's a
    rental and it's an adorable one bedroom I have a bedroom and the really cool thing is that my
    girlfriend one of my jersey girls she was living on the top floor on the third floor
    right above me and they bought a building
    that they were going to be moving into that they have been renovating and so all the things that she didn't want to
    keep she literally put down here so when I arrived it's like I feel like I've
    come to an Airbnb so a bed and an armoire and this amazing
    piece behind me and you know the funny thing is I slept on this couch once at
    her house and so you know I'm just um it's all furnished by her I mean God
    bless you Jackie I just I love her so Jackie is also the person that did my hair when I was here in Jersey so
    um so I'm super stoked but I'm so grateful for that and and yeah and so gradually I'm buying
    things because I you know how much stuff I like I don't have pots and pans I don't have I mean Jackie gave me
    silverware she gave me plates she gave me bowls um I had brought coffee cups I had to
    get a coffee maker I still don't have a pot to boil water or a strainer it's
    like my you know everyone keeps asking me like did you make a list did you make a list of what you need and I'm gonna do
    that this weekend you know like you need like foil I don't have foil I don't have Saran Wrap
    I don't have a broom you know and it's so funny like all of
    the things that um that you need when when you move so I
    chose not to to do a pod or anything um I shipped all of the business stuff I
    think it was like 41 or 42 boxes for the business
    and then I literally put everything else was in the car I didn't have a trailer I didn't have a
    thing on the roof it was me Josh my son um and Marlon Brando all in my uh little
    baby SUV MDX and I don't know if you heard but we broke down in outside of Amarillo and
    um that was insane scariest thing ever so the lights started coming on to check
    my some system and and then all of a sudden on the 40 flipping East the car
    starts jerking back and forth It's I've actually been afraid to drive
    I I'm getting I'm getting over it but it was very traumatic so we pull out you know we limp over to the side of the 40
    East truckers I swear to you not if every truck driver in the world must go
    up and down the 40. um and so anyway long story short I I
    called 9-1-1 and just said hey this is not an emergency but this is what's happening I don't know what to do
    because we're like out in the middle of nowhere and um she was so precious she kept telling me that she was going to
    send a deputy to come check on us gave me the tow truck numbers uh Joshua took care of all of that he was amazing he's
    such a rock star and um and so she kept telling me how the
    deputy wasn't going to be able to sit with us and you know it was just all
    such Divine you know and this this Deputy
    shows up and uh and he literally sat with us and we got to sit in his patrol
    car in his truck until until the uh tow guy showed up and it just really was so
    surreal and he was so precious and um yeah so that was Vega Vega Texas
    and the cute thing was that the other two deputies so he was the only one that
    night working the other two were at the Cow Festival
    going on in Vega and I was just like this can't be any cuter like what do you
    mean the cowl Festival so like I totally want to go next year because I'm just like I'm this is kind of cute and
    interesting you know so anyway so we got we made it to Amarillo on the
    tow truck and Josh had secured a suite at the embassy and we ended up hanging
    out there for a few days while the car got fixed and I was really bummed because we were supposed to stop and see
    Robert and Karen in Missouri but Joshua had to get back to work he had been out in LA and New Mexico
    prior to that and actually um had ground what do you call them
    floor seats like 21 back from the stage for Taylor Swift so him and Julie were
    rocking out and I I picked him up in La so anyway it was just so so amazing and
    it's always so great to have your kids with you and thank God I mean seriously thank God he was with me
    um to help with Marlon Brando to help with the breakdown to just he secured like
    all the rooms along the way I didn't have to think about that and it was just really precious so I love you Josh thank
    you for being with your mama but anyway so it's taken a hot minute to um get
    unpacked and to to just figure out where I'm at and I'm calling this my artist
    Retreat it's like adult camp I um have not you know lived alone for
    quite a while and so uh it's it's I'm really excited about the opportunity
    to just think and to design and uh you know to just really think about where
    jewel loom is going where Jules is going you know again I have no idea what kind
    of a conversation we'll be having a year from now but uh for now I'm in South Jersey and we're just going to enjoy
    every minute of it so and was the deputy single okay I'm pretty sure he was but I'm
    pretty sure the man had like five kids and the youngest one I think was five
    um so but he was a total sweetheart and and that's fine like I'm not opposed to
    children at all uh although that would be that wouldn't be a big Undertaker
    but I do have my dog so yeah he was handsome and he was a sweetheart but
    um you know we just we talked a lot about different things and Marlon Brando and I sat in the back of the of the car
    of the police car and I was just like you know I've never been in the back seat of a police car so I'm glad I wasn't
    being you know in the back of the car for you know other reasons than just staying safe so
    anyway I um I'm so grateful you're here again I'm grateful for uh Joan stepping
    in and being Jules and I just I love that and uh I had a lot of fun I was just like as
    I'm putting things away I started looking at all the two hole beads and I was like you know I haven't done anything with that in a while and um I
    just really was inspired by the Fall colors and of
    course you know I'm here and uh you know
    that we're gonna have like that transition of color coming right now everything is still green it's still
    extremely hot next week it's supposed to be very hot um we're we're doing three walks a day
    if not four so it's an apartment it does have a deck but the deck is like on uh I
    have to go out and so we're doing 21 steps down and up at least three times a day
    needless to say my pants are not going to get tight which is a good thing I'm totally I'm
    totally having fun walking I'm I'm in the city and so it's like being in a
    tiny baby little New York so uh all the restaurants and the oh my gosh the
    people here have just been unbelievably kind and in fact Lori from Jersey right
    yeah Lori um was telling me that she actually goes to one of the restaurants that I'm by so we're hoping to hook up
    at some point I know that there's a lot of East Coast people that are
    um that are Jewel members and so I'm excited to see see how we can all get uh
    together at some point I will be going into New York um in October so I'm real excited about
    that I've not been into the city uh gosh
    I think I did come back for a show in the last nine years but definitely
    you know it's it's been a long time so I'm super excited to go into New York and and hopefully see some of you and I
    know a lot a lot of you are up in northern New Jersey so Mel says I really need to get back to beating oh honey
    okay well you're a phenomenal designer so just remember that and we all have to take
    breaks so when you are ready you will pick up whatever speaks to you and uh and get to
    designing again so oh and Leanne you are on the East Coast okay awesome Lori there you are
    so yeah so we have yeah Carmen I know you're in north northern Jersey so yeah
    we'll have to figure have to figure out a spot let's see we're flying to Sarah crew Sarah
    cues okay Syracuse yeah nice yeah East Coast is great like when I
    moved here back in 2000 um ironically enough we had just moved here right before 9 11. I mean we were
    barely in our home and um so so Jersey the East Coast has
    always had a really special place in my heart not only because my son stayed here but when we came out here as a
    family um we went through 911 with this entire community and the coastal or Coastal the
    well yeah the East Coast you know um so so there's always been a very uh
    big big spot in my heart for for the East Coast
    yes I didn't personally know Wendy but um very you know it's been it's been a
    week and so I want to honor everybody's feelings about that you know Wendy
    um uh Whitman passed away I didn't know know her and I know that she from what
    I'm reading she was a huge beautiful um light within the jewelry community
    and I know many of you are grieving and so I want to honor that I know that
    there's um also a lot of
    emotion and feeling about Sierra cast uh changing well not just changing
    direction but you know they're closing I'm a little in shock because I was just
    getting to the point where I wanted to really work with them and develop some things for the jewel loom and so I'm
    just like ah crap you know so I'm still praying that something comes together for them you never know something could
    shift there but um yeah yes we were just yeah we were just
    talking about that so anyway and and Melanie no you don't give
    up and and uh you know I'll reflect back on to 9 11 because I had just moved here
    and uh I remember I was also just in talks
    with my partner we were we were starting we were starting the talks about
    jewelcraft I don't know if you all remember jewelcraft but that was one of my businesses and my silent partner and
    I had just started talking about that he was a New Yorker and I
    um I just remember talking to him thinking oh you know like this is not going to
    happen now but he was like the opposite you know and then he helped me to see
    like all of those Souls right who
    boy that's very emotional I had no idea okay uh
    so all of those Souls that day they didn't you know they didn't perish for no reason right
    so so Melanie yes if Wendy told you don't you ever give up don't you ever
    give up okay and those people that lost their lives on 911 that's why I keep going keep going right we do it we just
    do life and I know things are interesting that's putting it mildly but
    we just do life and we love and we give and we do our best we just do our best
    so Mel you take the time you need all right honey because we love you we love your work we know where your heart is
    and then you come back when you're ready okay love all right Rhonda I've been
    limping on the whoa where'd you go but you're born in Santa Cruz yeah I'm a California girl too so
    is a stockpile the Tierra cast yeah yeah I'm gonna have to look and see what I can't uh get and so travel across the
    car multiple times broke down in Arizona yeah it's quite a halt 2 800 miles
    2 800 miles
    and I drove them all not because my son didn't offer to drive that I needed
    I needed that consistency to keep my mind focused and to not become
    overwhelmed with the change so God bless him he was like so patient
    with me um but I love driving uh so I do need to get over this kind of
    like trauma of the car breaking down because it's all fine now it's all fine now so okay
    um let's go ahead and get to it because it talks a little bit more than I wanted to those of you uh joining us uh we're
    gonna tag it to where you can just get into the demo so if you don't want to listen to all the blah blah blah you
    don't have to but I haven't seen everybody in so long and so I wanted to just definitely make sure to catch up so
    listen um this is the bracelet that I made first all right and I just want to see
    you're gonna have to bear with the technical stuff because of course I'm just getting back after a month there we
    go Okay so uh this is the fall Arrangement bracelet that I made the uh that first first
    night just a couple nights ago and I went with a bunch of different colors
    that I had um put some kits together and holy cow they all sold out
    um what we are on right now there's five kits left and there have been four
    versions absolutely mostly the same I've just had
    to change out a bead here or there but what I want to talk to you about too is sizing so as you know I'm I've got that
    six inch six inch wrist I felt like when I got done with this it
    was two rows too long okay so if I minus
    those 10 beads and these are all my leftover beads
    okay I can make another [Music]
    10 rows so I did some math the other day and I'm
    just going to try to adjust the camera here again just bear with me as I kind of get my groove on with this new setup
    so I think it was was it Barbara and I somebody and I were
    doing math and with that with the leftover beads and taking away the two rows that were too big for a six inch
    wrist it did appear that you could definitely make up to a nine that it might be nine inches might be pushing it
    just a hair but I do believe for the most part you could do eight and a half and then remember we always gain
    um space with our closure so I just kind of wanted to throw that out there the other thing too is that when I got done
    with mine and this is kind of funny I didn't realize that I I didn't utilize the gold as much as I wanted to and so
    this bracelet that I'm going to be doing next I'm definitely going to use more gold
    um I you know I did kind of have like a pattern I guess you could say and I
    could take a still shot of this so that it's up on the website and you can really see
    um you know what I did to lay it out but I utilized the six millimeter fire polish
    again I'm gonna have to see what's going on here let me pull this out I wonder if I shouldn't
    let's see okay so you know I have a row of the six
    millimeter squares and then I go into some fire polish and
    um Maria's saying you really want me to graduate to two whole beads I can't
    believe you don't do that yes Maria come over to the dark side but
    um yeah okay so let's get started because I miss you and I'll talk too much okay
    so I have the jewel loom you know what I think it might be too let me see
    let me see if I whoa
    when you're so used to everything and then I forgot that I needed to kind of like
    play around before I went live
    so forgive me the cool thing is that it's a really nice close shot
    all right so I'm going to be working from one of the new kits these are the
    last five by the way so you still have you still have your big ginormous this
    button is to die for by the way it's made out of wood so if you wanted to scuff it up with some sandpaper and then
    um uh paint it you could do that but I think it's really sexy with the black
    and then you have your three yards of your five millimeter hemp cord which
    I usually like to go with a one millimeter hemp when I'm doing these bracelets but
    it does take a little bit more maneuvering when you do that so I just did the five but know that you could do
    the one you just have to go a little slower okay so I'm going to put that to the side and then these are the strands
    that are coming in the kit and then there are some coppered
    color five millimeter that I stuck I found and I put into the kit there's 20 20.
    or ten one two three four five there's ten
    ten or Twenty I don't know what I did anyway so you're getting an extra
    strand of the two of the six millimeter but there's still some six millimeter fire polish so anyway
    it's still beautiful and there are
    there five left so okay so let's get started
    um I'm gonna bring my gold over here this gold strand is
    gorgeous and this is some of you have a darker peacock
    um green most of you have a darker this lighter one is in some of the I
    think it's inversion I don't know I was just like making new ones
    all night long last night
    so again all of the things that I always say to have prepared prior to going live and
    look at me so just forgiveness give me some forgiveness and some Grace tonight as I get back into the groove
    so just so pretty I love the Indian Sapphire that comes with the kit and I
    just lost a bead alrighty and yep and then the fern so we
    have the fern these are all just so beautiful actually
    it's kind of fun because you're seeing how gorgeous everything is as I'm Taking It Off The Strand hi Nancy I got your
    message thank you so much and I'm just going to go ahead and bring
    over the original six millimeter fire polish again if you buy one of the last five
    kits your kit may be um a little different but still beautiful it's mostly all this
    gorgeousness here all right and I'm gonna get this out of
    the way and so if I'm not mistaken I'm gonna do that
    okay so this is the top of my loom and down here where's my finger pointing
    this way is my body and so um and so I've done one two three four five
    six warps because I'm going to be going five across all right
    and if you're not familiar with warping your loom I did ask Joan to find
    um a video that she could tag that would show you how to warp your loom
    and I'm working with a very big piece of wildfire and I'm using the green of
    course all right now where in the world did my needle go
    jeez yeah you could tell someone's been gone
    someone has been okay there we go
    um thank you Leanne yes you're gonna skip you're gonna skip
    one two three four so skip four groups
    okay and yeah this piece of wildfire is like super long and I just got a knot so
    hold on oh my gosh I'm like a rookie tonight there we go that's okay though
    all right so I've got the end of my Wildfire and I'm just going to
    tie it they gotta have my glasses on because then we'd really be in bad shape so I'm
    just going to do one little knot there and I'm gonna bring everything over to the left side and I'm going to bring the
    um needle and thread under the warp so I am under the warps right now with my
    needle and my thread okay and originally I had started with a row of
    two millimeter but this time I'm going to start with a row of just some six millimeter fire polish
    so I'm picking up five and I do see that that's off camera I
    apologize I'm not sure how to get everybody I kind of like the fact that we're really close usually I don't get
    this close so maybe this is better people are always asking me to get a little tighter so maybe this will make
    some folks happy and then I'm going to take the needle and thread and I'm just going back through that hole
    and then I'm going to pull because I am working with a lot of the
    Wildfire I'm just being very careful not to go too fast
    and then I'm just going to give it a nice little tug and I'm going to go back through that
    row and my needle is going to be on the bottom this time
    and I'm gonna have to turn myself so bear with me
    so I try to stay under at least the first one and the last one this just
    kind of angers it a little bit more and if you weren't underneath all of
    your beads are going to fall off so hopefully hopefully I was underneath and it looks like I was
    and then I'm gonna go back through the top so it's kind of just like a
    extra little security blanket to keep that first row nice and tight
    okay yay all right so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to pick up my first row
    of the two um two hole
    uh six millimeter and let me see I'm trying to think let me bring this guy in
    here can kind of see um so yeah okay so I'm gonna pick up
    I'm gonna pick up one of these travertines I'm going through one of the um one of the holes and then I'm gonna
    pick up I'm gonna pick up a fern
    and then I'm gonna pick up a peacock
    and then I'm going to pick up another fern and then I'll pick up another travertine
    okay so the needle let me just bring that into the camera the needle has gone through
    uh just one of the holes the top hole on the two-hole bead all right and then
    we're just going to let those fall and again let me get my hand out of the
    way I'm just gonna guide the wildfire
    and just like if these were seed beads Maria we're gonna let them come under the
    warps all right and then we're going to take our pointer that this is my fancy tool
    my pointer and we're going to let them lay on my pointer and we're going to pop them up in
    between the warps just like we would if they were seed beads and then we're going to go back through that hole that top hole
    making sure that we're gliding on top of the warps just like we would if they
    were a single hole beat okay so we're going to bring that all the way through
    so now one hole of the two whole beads are secure
    and we're going to give that a nice little tug and then what I'm going to do is I'm going to take my finger and I pop
    those beads down all right let me bring that up to the camera
    so you can see that they're little bottoms that bottom hole is now under the warps
    and this is still my left hand holding the needle and now the holes are under the warp so
    I'm going to take the needle and I'm going to go through the bottom hole
    and I'll do a little wiggle wiggle here so you can see so the needle is through the bottom hole and I'm going to wiggle
    so that you can hopefully understand and I'm going to turn
    okay and then I'm going to pull through
    I'm just pulling the wildfire and then I'm going to use that pointer
    again and pop those back up
    and now the needle's gonna go through the bottom hole on the top so if you can just kind of
    visualize like for Giggles maybe this is two rows of seed beads
    if that helps you to kind of digest the the concept Anisa and Maria
    okay and then I'm gonna pull it through and now my first row
    of two whole beads are secure on the bracelet
    let me get a good shot here we go
    all right so now we're going to pick up our next
    row and we'll do the Indian
    come on buddy get the Indian Blue Sapphire we're going to get a gold
    oh yes okay yes decisions okay then we're going to get the gold
    now how which way would I oh here we go that's better and let me see if that's what's making
    that I'm going to take that off for a second
    because we're not looking at me okay um where was I at okay so we have an
    Indian blue a gold um we have
    this time I think I want to do one of these guys so I'm mixing up my pattern a little bit
    sometimes you gotta there we go
    pick that up and then I'm gonna pick up another gold
    and then another Indian now this is just something that I'm
    doing you in no way shape or form have to follow my my pattern my direction
    um you can oh look at who messed up I didn't go underneath the warps
    that's okay it's all saved
    oh that's super pretty super super pretty
    if you um did the gosh was it one of the very first
    creative Soul courses was a big old honkin uh bracelet like this but I think we
    went six across and if you did do that you could follow
    that pattern to do this bracelet as well
    oh and then you know what the Mexican top the Spanish tiles that that you can also kind of follow
    or you just do what you want to do hey and listen you know what's really fun two three millimeter fire polish
    beads would fit next to one of these six millimeters on the um
    like you could do four or you could do like a row so you would use some three millimeter fire polish and that would be
    a lot of fun in fact I was going to work on another design and use some of those
    okay oh that's super pretty all right so then I'm gonna do this row again so I'll
    go back to my travertine and then a fern
    and a peacock and another fern
    and a travertine
    okay and then we're gonna let those fall
    and again we're going to pop them up take the needle and thread and I'm going
    back through the top hole
    oh this one's really gonna be it's actually going to be a little lighter again this is one of the last
    five kits that I'm these beads are from and I'm loving it I like the lightness
    too so what oh I totally missed two whole beads
    okay a little wiggle wiggle check out the outline out
    I'm gonna have to train myself all over again and I'm just making sure that I'm going
    on top of the warps you know I want to make sure you're not going through that hemp
    and you could see just periodically I go back and I just make sure that everything is uh
    lined up so okay so now if I wanted to I could do another row
    of the six millimeter fire polish or I could do like a whole different row
    of some of some
    six millimeter and I'm just thinking thinking thinking
    thinking okay so let's see and again if you have
    some three millimeter fire polish throw those in I think that would look really great
    uh uh five millimeter hemp cord yep
    and it comes in the kit here we go
    so now these fire polish I'm using are the fire polish that came with the first I think round one and two
    and three and then it was this last batch that have kind of like more of a coppery
    but it's all gorgeous I stink and love this this is so pretty
    a lot of contrast okay so now let's see what are we going to do we're going to
    so my whole intention was to get some more gold in here so let's
    let's pick up a gold and I mean what you could do is just
    keep repeating that pattern but I kind of want to mix it up a little so I'm going to go gold
    um I'm gonna go gold travertine
    wait a minute what am I gonna do I'm gonna do no I want that on my second row okay we're
    okay we're gonna go travertine
    and then we're back to okay we're back to Fern
    and then we're gonna do a gold
    and then back to Fern and
    back to travertine
    so we're gonna pop those up into the little warps
    and the needle once again it's a big project but yet once you get
    your rhythm going they really come together very quickly what's the difference when you use one millimeter
    hemp is that it's a lot it's a lot more time consuming and work
    to get over the one millimeter and through the holes on the two hole beads but it's phenomenal and I love the way
    that they feel and look it just takes a little more time
    and I'm just making sure that they're nice and yeah it's super gorgeous in person right
    now this is really
    okay and then the next row let's see what am I going to do here
    on the next one the next one's gonna be
    the blue and then I'm going to do the green peacock
    no I'm not yes I am yes I am and then I'm gonna do I'm gonna do a
    gold okay this is what I was just I was like laying in bed last night thinking about placement on how I wanted these
    things and then we'll add those
    um for both because I like how they kind of break up the monotony of having to
    stay focused on the two holes so I just like to add the fire polish to um
    to add a different dimension to take up space to act as like a design block
    you know like a color like when you do color blocking so they just they're kind
    of fun and you know they just kind of give you like a little
    a different look but today I was like also like oh my God the three hole or the three hole oh Lord
    that'd be fun the um three millimeter fire polish
    um hello please tell me you have a hole okay
    Okay so
    he's so pretty I'm loving the the color
    the ferns are really really pretty
    wait a minute yeah okay
    now wait a minute am I picking up the right thing
    so again just taking that needle gliding through the top hole
    and over the warps and all the way out
    hey Patty so Patty and I are hopefully gonna get
    on a zoom here next week and talk about how she was able to
    Warp the large wisdom Warrior from the front to the back
    um because I've got people asking and she took it upon herself and did a really great job and so
    hopefully we'll be able to do that next week sometime it'll be a lot of fun
    this one's almost looking like a trellis with the with the contrast and the
    colors so you know sometimes just having this
    nice little break of just doing a row of a single hole bead is kind of nice
    pretty it looks like stained glass and
    a trellis and a lot of really pretty things
    very cool Okay so so at this point
    um you know this could be your block of a pattern
    you know and you could certainly mix it up so let me let me go back
    and let's see what we got here we've got the travertine
    and this time I think I want to use I'm going to switch it out a little to the shinier
    green because that's super pretty
    and a travertine
    so it's always a good idea too to take all of your beads and kind of lay them out and you know make sure that you're
    going to have you know enough based on the pattern that might be in your head
    um you know you want to make sure that it's actually going to work
    and that you have enough of the different colors
    okay little buddy where you at
    I see you
    goodness okay so that's weird
    I'm gonna just go in at an angle here so hold on trying to see what's happening
    oh my goodness
    this is the funniest thing come on tell me that there's I see the hole when
    let me see what's going on here oh maybe we got a piece of glass stuck
    hold on let's see oh yeah there we go okay sometimes that might happen you also if you you see
    that there's a hole and yet it's not going through you might just very carefully take your needle and clean out
    the uh clean out the hole
    what in the the Jimmy needs is happening I think I'm losing in lighting
    come on buddy
    okay so these little guys are being a little pesky what's going on did I get
    you all I did thank you oh my goodness
    oh this is really pretty I'm I'm loving this color combination just as much as the first
    okay so then yeah so we'll go back to the Indian
    Sapphire and the gold
    and and um oh okay so it did flashy there
    so I guess we'll come over here and do this in some more gold
    and another travertine
    it's five
    oh no it should have been a blue hold on hold on
    take that off it's supposed to be blue
    and not that it would have been the end of the world but you know it looks like a mosaic yeah
    yeah this color combination is really different than the you know it's it's like it but it's funny how it's kind of
    more glassy I guess a little more glass shiny
    yeah Maria you are the seed bead Queen over there all of your beautiful patterns that you're always doing
    okay and so then I'm going to do one more row here
    and that'll be another travertine
    and let's see are we doing yeah we're still on with shiny guys okay so we're
    gonna do this one and a peacock
    and shiny and the chocolate
    okay yeah it does doesn't it run it
    and then I'm going to go through here so again just to remind everybody that
    these last five kids are a little they're they have
    a lot of these colors mostly these colors um but the six millimeter polish bead is
    a copper and I gave you an extra strand of um
    of the square bead because you're only getting I think it's like 10 or 20
    fire polish so it's a little bit different just to keep in mind but it's all this beautifulness
    and then another quick row a fire polish and again if you had three millimeter it
    could be a row of three millimeter too that'd be really fun
    so I'm going to pop these up
    so yeah so that's I mean that's super cool I'm I'm happy
    that I use more gold
    so super pretty okay so I'm gonna Joan do you want to
    bring me back up Joe oh
    the lighting's so much more better now awesome
    so yeah so um the way that I ended the bracelet was just our typical you know tying of the
    knots and then again because it's a five millimeter hemp I I like to wrap the
    ends with the wire just the five the 0.5 I shouldn't be saying
    five millimeter the 0.5 is more squirrely where the one millimeter is
    more thick and so you know the ends are just like on the five
    they're just a little bit more Dancy so and then I just added the button
    and I think that we've got um a close-up on that but yeah so I hope
    you love your kids let's see were there any questions that I missed or
    Joan did you want to um come on and tell me anything
    there's nothing to say you got all the questions [Laughter]
    [Music] yeah it looks like
    um getting excited about next week's show I can't wait for that one
    is potties when Patty's gonna be on for
    with you oh well Patty and I are gonna do a zoom
    yeah to talk about what she did oh I see what you're saying I thought it
    was a shadow yeah why wouldn't we just do that okay but taddy and I need to talk about what that looks like
    that's our production manager Joan [Laughter]
    boy I hate this angle what angle well my cameras you know I got a
    different setup today too [Music] so it looks like I'm looking down when
    I'm not it's just the camera's way of pie
    otherwise if I could do that you'd be looking at my chest [Music]
    I'm not saying anything else that was awesome while I was gone right
    [Music] [Laughter]
    Hey listen if there's anything that you didn't understand about making this bracelet let me know but Joan don't we
    have um uh like I'm pretty sure the the how to use your original jewel loom takes
    you through the closure part I could post those too I'll put those in
    the blog because um actually Jules has a whole series you
    know step by step broken down to several things about how to put in your rod
    you know how to make something on it yeah so I'll see if that's the button ones in
    that one because I could just put the playlist yeah the original jewels
    because it was that original one that I was looking at that you know you had broken down the little videos
    right that original one you made I couldn't find the second one you made like last year or something
    I you know what we've done so much
    I think we've done so much I think there's like 250 videos but then I'll go
    look at another Channel that's got like two thousands
    yeah but you gotta look how long they've been on and then some of those do like three to five shows a week too yeah
    yeah no they've been on a lot longer than yeah no we've done
    Amber and Trisha and yourself and myself
    support a lot of a lot of love into this channel thank you guys so much for being here
    and um thank you for buying the kids and if you have any questions just let
    me know and um yeah I'm gonna work on something else
    too I've got some other colors that I think will look really pretty together
    I think I'm gonna I'm gonna do the three millimeter movement
    oh I love the three millimeter I am addicted to Tiny beads I don't know why
    because I just got it I bought like five strands of two millimeters this last
    week but they are gemstones because I just gotta make a little tiny
    necklaces like you know 15 16 inches to hit me right here so to eat it for later
    look at you yeah
    we're going to jail okay I think it's time for me to get off
    she's had a long day she had to also work with nelay and all kinds of stuff I
    love you guys I've missed you thank you for being here I'm so so grateful and
    thank you thank you for joining us and thank you Joan this is gonna go into a laughing fit now all right we're gonna
    go before we get in trouble and we'll see you next week and hopefully it works out to where I gotta talk to I gotta
    talk and see if it works out if it works so if it does that'll be awesome okay she's lost it
    are you gonna take us off last night for you dead talking okay
    Transcript Pt 2:
    okay so I wanted to make sure that I
    showed you how to finish your bracelet
    um if you recall here's where we started
    this was the fall Arrangement
    um version one
    two and three meaning that several times
    I had to uh change the kit up a little
    bit because you all were just so
    incredibly gracious and um and thank you
    thank you for buying the kit and thank
    you for creating with me I really
    appreciate it and so uh some of the
    let's see like the last five kids were
    more reflective of this color palette
    which is still incredibly gorgeous we
    were saying that this one looks like a
    stained glass kind of folly but um yeah
    and I wanted to use a little bit more of
    the gold which I did and so I wanted to
    make sure that you understood how to
    take it off of the jewel loom and so
    just really quick a recap on part one I
    started off by alternating some six
    millimeter fire polish
    and when I went off air uh after part
    one I realized I only had five
    left from my kit and I thought oh okay
    let's do something different let's like
    do this flat surface here and then we'll
    still end it off with a row a fire
    polish so that when it's on your wrist
    it's going to look
    different it'll have like this different
    movement to it a different flow and I
    actually really like it so anywho that
    was just my jam
    um if that's not speaking to you you are
    always free to let the beads land where
    they may so I am going to cut this off
    of the jewel loom and what I like to do
    is I like to put the project
    in my hand I like to cup it especially
    when we're working with these Czech
    glass beads
    and then I'm going to very carefully and
    I apologize there goes my fan hopefully
    that's not messing up
    the volume too bad
    it's a hot day here so
    I turned it off but it came back on
    all right so let's get that out of the
    and so now what we're going to do is I
    just like to take so there's six warps
    we just put my hand underneath there is
    to make sure you can see so there's six
    warps I'm going to spread those into two
    and get them aligned as best as I can
    and then I just like to make like a
    little knot here
    and I did mention in part one that the
    0.5 hem cord is a little bit more
    squirrely than the one because it's
    obviously thinner
    but it does make working with the two
    holes a little bit easier
    once you get your Rhythm down and you
    get some practice I would definitely
    encourage you to warp with the one
    millimeter hemp because it is delicious
    and of course that's the Hem teak my
    favorite uh my favorite
    so again I'm just going to take and do
    it over here
    and then you can see how I'm just very
    carefully walking that knot down
    and then at some point I'm gonna hold
    the warps and then I individually take
    them and just pull it snug
    you want to distort anything or you
    don't want to shift the warps all right
    so I'm going to go to the other side
    going to take these three
    and this is just one of my go-to
    closures because I just find it to be
    the most simple
    when we're working with the hemp
    and then we'll take the three over here
    see how it's a little squirrely
    but it's still delish this is the dark
    purple that comes in the kit
    okay so just
    oh and then pull
    there we go
    all right so with this end I have longer
    pieces and I'm probably going to go
    ahead and use this end for my button
    because I not only want to get it
    through the whole
    I want to go back down in order to
    have like a more clean
    finished look so I could use all the
    length possible
    and then we'll take this end
    we get these a little bit more even
    so now I got to get them by
    this group
    you can see
    the two of them where's the Third
    where you at buddy
    always got to be a little
    a little stinker
    it was all bunching up in there so let
    me just kind of
    yeah just be patient with this step
    because you can see it's a little
    more detailed Okay cool so now all three
    of them are out
    and then I've got to get them down into
    the other side and then I'll just make
    all of this nice and even
    if I get everybody in here
    okay awesome
    all right so let's see where did they
    all go now
    there's three guys
    and where'd you all go
    oh my goodness where'd you go okay
    there's the second one
    because when you're on trying to video
    there we go there we go okay so now I'm
    just gonna
    um pull them
    so that it's all nice and tight
    so see it just looks so much nicer when
    when you go back through the Baton by
    all means you could just leave them on
    the top and then tie them and I like how
    this looks
    so I can see that some of them just need
    to be individually pulled it looks like
    maybe this side a little bit more than
    the other aha yeah there we go okay nice
    and then what you can do is you can grab
    these six warps
    um and do if you have the length I think
    if you're if you're making a longer
    bracelet you're gonna find that you know
    your warps are not going to be as long
    um you know that's when you might want
    to advance to like say the large wisdom
    Warrior just because it's always nice to
    have those
    longer warps
    I'm just making a knot
    okay cool
    and I'm I'm ultimately going to bring in
    some artistic wire like I did on this
    and wrap those together
    but for now I'm just going to go ahead
    and leave that so over on the opposite
    end I need to make my Loop for that
    button to go in
    and so
    just kind of eyeballing it and unless
    you know for sure that your Loop is the
    right size don't make your knots too
    tight because then you're going to have
    to undo them
    if it's not the right
    there goes the
    and I hear Little People's
    okay so let's see how that's gonna work
    oh yeah that's gonna be fine
    so now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to
    go ahead and cut a piece of artistic
    um this is the non-tarnish brass and I'm
    just gonna grab like a six inch long
    and I'm gonna cut it from
    the spool this is
    what is this this is 24 gauge so you
    could use like 24 or 20
    okay and then I'm gonna pinch these
    and then I'm just going to take the um
    whoops The Wire
    and I'm just going to start to wrap
    okay and then I'm just massaging it as I
    wrap it
    around to keep the Kinks out of it
    when Brando just
    came out of his room
    I'll be snorting because he can smell
    the food that I cooked him
    oh yeah I'm just gonna see if I can't
    get in here and
    wrap it around
    so and then we'll just bend this one
    and I'm just gonna cut this
    um anytime you have a tiny piece well
    first I'll do this big one I'm gonna
    hold the tail so it doesn't fly
    and I'm actually gonna see if I can't
    bring in
    this little piece just because I don't
    want it to end up on the
    floor and then either in my foot or
    Marlon Brando's paw
    and we'll just kind of squeeze it
    so I can still feel that there's a
    little something there
    and so I'm going to put my hand over the
    do that more over the trash can because
    again this is really small I don't want
    it to end up somewhere it shouldn't it
    um and then what I'll do is I'll just
    trim these guys up
    they're a little more nice and
    and then you can do the same exact thing
    on the opposite end here once you have
    all that dialed in
    and I just again I'm gonna take let's
    see did I have a piece I had a small
    piece let me see if that I can
    manipulate this little piece here
    a nylon gel Pliers are always nice to
    have but the warmth from your hand also
    uh will help to relax The Wire
    and then we're just gonna pinch
    and wrap that around
    just do your best
    Okay so
    so I'm just gonna get in here and cut
    this piece
    and let's bring this piece
    over whoa
    um maybe some
    rounds would be better for manipulating
    I like the flats to smush it so that it
    doesn't snag
    so I'm just kind of squeezing this
    little accordion
    and then again I'm just going to take
    these guys and trim
    and so that's like our end it's kind of
    fun because it you know you could almost
    add like um a charm in here to kind of
    make it
    you know like another embellished focal
    piece of some sort so
    oh my goodness okay so I'm a size
    um six inch I have a six inch wrist
    and if you recall if you watched part
    one I removed
    the last two
    um rows because this one just ended up
    being too big so this time I started
    with the six millimeter fire polish and
    I removed two rows and see it's fitting
    me much much better
    and I'm so excited look at how fun I
    love how the transition of like the fire
    polish and then if it's kind of scooches
    around it goes into this really cool
    really cool look isn't it gorgeous oh my
    gosh yay
    I'm so excited I can't wait to see
    everybody's again thank you for
    um thank you for being patient while I
    got this part taped separately
    and so uh yeah and Hey listen if you
    haven't watched part one please go and
    do so please note that for the first 20
    minutes we were we were chatting it up
    um uh hadn't been on for a while uh this
    month in August or last month in August
    and so I just kind of got a little
    chatty apologies but
    had to say hello to my peeps
    and you can fast forward 20 minutes if
    you don't want to hear me
    and learn how to make this I am super
    stoked I'm totally wearing this out
    tonight all right thank you for spending
    time with me thank you if you purchased
    the kits as of this recording I think
    there might be three left and so you
    could go to and check them
    yay happiness all right thank you let me
    know if you have any questions text or
    email bye-bye