by Joan Dice

How to Make the Bright Lights Vega Nights Bracelet Jewel Loom School with Jewels

Learn how to make a beaded bracelet, embellished with loops & decorative beads, on the Jewel Loom Bead Loom using seed beads and Czech glass beads. You will learn how to make your base by creating warp threads on the loom, then embellish it with decorative beaded loops with the Bright Lights Vega Nights Kit. You will love this bracelet with the fun dimension & different colors. Jewels teaches you how to do the embellishing with loops & adding special beads in the center of the loops, which gives the bracelet a different look, plus adds more color to the design. In this four part tutorial, Jewels breaks it down into 4 parts: warping your loom, weaving the base, embellishing the base, and finishing the bracelet & adding the closure. By making it in 4 parts, you can find the steps you are looking for in the tutorial quickly. Throughout the tutorial, Jewels also gives helpful tips  for this project & that will work in any of your loom projects. Take your weaving up a notch & see how Jewels creates this gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Below are the tutorials for each part:

Part 1 Warping Your Jewel Loom Bead Loom:  

Part 2 Weaving the Base of Your Project on the Jewel Loom Bead Loom: 

Part 3 Embellishing the Base of your Bright Lights Vega Texas Nights Bracelet:


Part 4 Finishing Your Bracelet & Adding a Clasp: 



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Transcript Pt 1:

well hello
so I wanted to get a a jump jump start
ahead of it all of those words
um on the live that I'm doing on
September what is today September the
2023 and so I wanted to get step one
part one dialed in and um so that I
could really focus on the technique so
here we go
um I'm going to be working with the
beige wildfire
and I'm also going to be working on the
original let's see original Jewel bloom
and I'm using of course
a jewel loom needle
and I'm going to be working with the New
Bright Lights Vega night so Vega Texas
has a print on my heart forever and a
day and if you haven't heard the story
you know I broke down
um in Vega and the dispatcher was
amazing and the deputy that sat
um with us until the tow truck came was
just seriously an angel you know totally
a God God sent angel of protection I
believe so I put together this um kid
it's a modification of a kit I had put
together for a memory pouch and so I
thought well we've done the pouch let's
do a bracelet so this is a gorgeous 8-0
Rosaline luster color and it's just so
so beautiful and then I've got a
11-0 that I'm going to be using for the
loops this is going to be the base and
then if I need 80s for sewing on the
clasp later then I can pull from here as
typically a tube of eight o's with these
bracelets let me show you the bracelet
by the way so you know what the heck I'm
talking about so this is the bracelet
it's called Ocean's desire this
particular one this was in my book
um we're going to be doing this so the
first step is to build your base so
we'll be doing one two three four five
six we're gonna go six across with the
eight O's and for my wrist I have a six
inch wrist
so I'm going to build the base I think
it's like about five and a half long and
then the clasp now this is a this is not
the clasp that comes in the kit because
this is a reel
this is a real silver
um expensive oh my heck I think I paid
like 30 bucks or something
for that class but um yeah so we're
gonna do that and then
um just as a separate idea if you only
wanted to be the middle of your bracelet
we did this in the past this is this was
the Earth Tone kit one of my most
favorites we warped with um hemp and I
love love love love love this and it's
such a fun fun design so you could
always just do the looping in the middle
of your bracelet if you chose to but
with this particular demo
um project I am going to be warping and
using the Wildfire for both the warps
and the wefts so
I don't know you could still just do the
metal totally well we'll cross that
bridge when we get to it all right um
let me show you the kit that I put
together for you there are
um gosh at this taping I think there
were we were down to 15. so this is a
combination of Czech glass that you're
going to get in the kit and it's a
variety nothing is the same
um you'll probably have a big one or two
focal beads in there that you can or
cannot use in this project and then I
also put together
a bag full of gemstones now I'm just
going to put those in my hand I'm going
to take out the three buttonhole clasps
that you're going to have in your kit
because we're going to sew our clasp
onto this project so I'll just put that
to the side and then there's some aqua
Jasper every little baggie is a little
bit different the main
gemstone which is man-made is the aqua
Jasper but then in some of the kits I
sprinkled in little chips of
um like a topaz quartz and I don't know
there's come a couple other it looks
like some lapis got in this one so just
a fun fun assortment I'm going to keep
this to the side just so as I'm building
my projects I know where to pull from
and so yeah so this is our new kit and
it's all right here if you want to take
a lookie and um like I said I think at
this point we were down to about 15 of
these and so yeah all right I'm gonna
push I'm going to put all of this to the
side because for this part one we are
just going to focus on building the base
which again is just going to be this
area right here so let's go ahead and
clear the area
should have some backup uh backup noise
right beep beep
and oh I'm also have my scissors and my
Flats on hand
they kind of act as a
third third hand there
um let me bring in the jewel loom so I'm
going to put the rod in the bottom hole
and let me just kind of give you a
visual too so you know where my body's
I um this is my left hand this is my
right hand and this is my body so if you
look at the bottom of the jewel loom the
bottom of the jewel loom is closest to
my torso
and what I'm going to do is take the rod
and I'm going to put that in the bottom
and then remember your jewel loom
not going to force it oh
let me pull back out hold on see when
that happens that's such a I love it
when that happens
turn the loom and just kind of
reposition the tension don't ever force
it because the jewel loom is made
from a flexible plastic not a bendable
plastic so do you see what happened just
right there when I first tried to put
the rod into that top hole it was like
yeah I'm not going to have it I'm not in
and so
um and so yeah so I just turned the loom
and and repositioned it and and it
worked so all all good but definitely
something to remember about the loom is
that it is you know it is a flexible
plastic not a bendable plastic so I'm
working from this big old ginormous
spool of
I'm going to turn the loom over and this
button right here is closest to my body
all right and I'm going to just make
a loop and we're going to put that oh
and I tell when you're when you're
working with the slider color
uh wildfire
you got to pay attention because it's
very light
I guess I could have pulled some black
out but I really just for my project I
haven't made a full bracelet in a while
so this is going to be really fun for me
and um and I want Brown
and so let me just get a little bit of
this loose here so we're going to be
going six across which means we want
warps and I'm working from the spool
and so let me just bring it up here I'm
going to lay this down because I'm just
working with a section of the Loom I'm
not worried where I really start I just
kind of typically start off to the side
here from what I would refer to as the
middle lining up with that back button
so I'm going to lay
the Wildfire into one of the grooves
and then I turn my loom over and I help
to guide the Wildfire all the way down
to the bottom
and I'm just eyeballing it okay if you
want to get technical and count you can
but really just kind of eyeball it I
think you'll be fine and then I'm going
to turn it over again
and now I'm going
around that back button now I'm working
with the Ado so I want to skip one
flip it over again bring it all the way
up to the top
skipping a Groove
flip it over wrap it around
and we're just going to continue to do
the same motion same process here
skipping a Groove
oh it looks like my
Groove down my
did you pop back in I'm going to fix
that later I'm not worried about it
so my my thread bounced over one
but it's on the bottom so I'm not gonna
no kitten
and we're just gonna let me come up to
the camera here
so what do I got four so I need seven so
I gotta do this a few more times
this is my last my last one
if you ever feel like you need to get a
grip just do see how I I grabbed it with
my pointer because you don't want to
lose your tension so if you ever need to
readjust your hands so what do we got
one two three four
five six so I need one more I need seven
warps because I'm doing uh six beads so
it's always one more Warp than it is
the beads you were doing across
Ed so there's my seven and so now what
I'm gonna do and let me just give myself
a little
space with that
um so now I'm just gonna grab the warp
and I'm going around the button make
sure you don't grab the metal rod
because then your warps are going to get
loose so just go around that back button
a handful or you know a few times
and then I'm going to put pressure with
my thumb
and then I'm going to come over here and
a waste so I'm just going to clip it
I don't know I have
several lunches I guess you could say
and then what I'm going to do is I'm
going to find the end
ah it's so light colored
and then I'm just coming under all the
so the goal here is to get a knot and
really however you get to that
um you may be like oh well Jules I I do
it this way and that's fine whatever way
you do it the goal is to just get your
first knot so that you don't lose your
tension Okay so
so that's how I did that and then again
so I'm just going to come under all the
and grab that little Wiggly towel
through the loop
and pull it up
so probably okay with just those two
knots so I'm going to go ahead and trim
and wonderful okay
so where was that area
you know what it's so far down I'm not
going to worry about it I might try to
fix it but I think it's fine so what I'm
going to do now is I'm going to remove
the rod and I don't want to confuse you
so let me tell you what happened down
here my my warp my thread went over too
instead of one at the very bottom
it's not a deal breaker because I'm
making a bracelet I'm working up in this
area it's not going to like ruin my
project I I'm just not going to go back
and worry about it so give yourself some
leeway to make a little boo-boo like
that and
call it a day it's not going to distort
anything it's all good so what we want
to do now is I'm going to take my
um in and listen if we weren't recording
this would I have stopped and gone back
and corrected it probably I mean but
again people are so hard on themselves
and if it's not a deal breaker for the
project then then just
don't worry about it okay so I'm going
to take my pointer I'm putting it over
the grooves just to hold it now for this
I may need to let me see if I could get
it without putting it on my body I think
I'm gonna have to push this end up
against my chest here
oh and once again it doesn't want to
come out that direction so I turn the
loom around transfer that tension and
then again
pop hey hey
all right awesome oh my gosh
okay and then typically the distance
that you want to see between the bottom
of the Warped jewel loom and the top bed
of the warps it's a good it's about two
inches maybe a little bit hair more but
I've seen people wear man they have
they've just done it a little too much I
would you know you got to be careful
because again the plastic is flexible
it's not bendable and also when it's too
tight you're losing the base you're
losing the length of of the warps for
your project so I would say again that
from the bottom dip here of your jewel
loom all right where it's warping two
the top bed here to the top of the warps
you want about a two inch it's about a
two inch spread nothing too much far
over that okay
so listen we are already into this for
uh just about 15 minutes and what I'm
gonna go ahead and do is I'm gonna come
back I'm going to upload part one and uh
we're actually going to have a part two
and then tonight when we go live that
will be uh part three because it just um
you know you I just like to keep things
in chunks
simple chunks so that you can um you can
learn better uh with with what technique
you need to versus sitting and watching
something for so long all right listen
that's that's a good warp that's a
really good warp all right I'm gonna
upload this and then we'll get started
with building the base
Transcript Pt 2:
hey I apologize for all that fan noise
in the background didn't realize it was
so loud but it is a hot day in New
Jersey as it is throughout the country
um I've turned it off for this one and
hopefully I don't melt I have got a
little surprise for you I'm gonna do a
sneak peek on a new item
and um check it out
is that so stinking cute
oh my goodness absolutely love it and
this is the new boo-boo bead board it's
a little it's a little paw we're making
adjustments to the little piece of cork
there it'll be a little bit smaller so
that you can put your needle in
and yeah isn't it adorbs I'm so stinking
in love with it it's a little boopa okay
let's get let's focus
all right so I am
going to pull my um my loom into the
shot here I've got my eight O's my
uh luster oh my gosh these are so
they're beautiful Okay so
it's going to be pull this back out
so like I mentioned earlier my um
my wrist is six inches and so yeah so
it's just a little bit over five inches
that I'm gonna build so it looks like
it's five inches in like two rows okay
so when you're sewing on the clasp
basically typically
um it's going to add like almost an inch
so it'll it's going to depend on how you
like to wear your bracelets this one
this one's really snug so
you know I don't want to get myself
locked into here before I get ready to
tape but you can tell once I lock that
it's a snug fit
so if you want this to be a little bit
more loose I would you know maybe only
minus a half an inch from my wrist size
knowing that the clasp is probably going
to add on another inch
so yeah so I actually might make this
one a little bit longer now that I think
about it so let's see where it goes
um again one tube of Edo's should get
you pretty far close to maybe an eight
inch wrist but
um you know you might want to have some
extra and your base can always be a
bunch of different colors typically
you're not seeing the base unless you
only do the beading in the middle and
then you will
and so um it's up to you what you would
like to do all right so I'm going to
bring this back in I have my jewel loom
needle and here comes the fan
I don't know what's worse just letting
it run or having it randomly come on it
it's hot here y'all and I don't really
know that um
I can get away with it not coming on
because it is so hot
and it just might be what it is so
um let me find the end of my thread I'm
working with about two yards
and so I'm just going to take the end
and I want to center it on the jewel
so I'm just oh God it's so hard to see
the end of that I always lose it come on
buddy all right so just a little a
little loose knot there a little tie on
I usually start right below or right at
the top hole so this is my left hand
this is my right hand and this is my
body and this is the loom away from me
okay so we're going to bring all of this
to the left side of the Loom
and I'm going to come under the warps
and I'm going to pick up six eight O's
one two
and these are a Toho size 8-0 you could
certainly use
if you wanted to but in the kit you're
getting the tohos
so we're just going to get
all the beads into that in in between
the warps there
and then I'll take the needle
and I'm gliding back through the beads
whoops I was
gliding back through the beads and I'm
on top of the warps
okay and then I take my right hand and I
help to stabilize the jewel loom by
holding it down in the middle and this
is first row is just going to kind of go
everywhere just let it glide take your
and we're pulling and we're pulling and
then we're going to give it a nice
little tug
and on that first row I like to
turn the loom and then I'm gonna go back
through that row but this time I'm going
through the bottom
of the bead and I'm going
easier said than done
okay yeah so I'm going under the warps
and this is just like
my little way to secure that first row
from not going everywhere especially
since we're going to be
sewing on a clasp I just kind of want to
give it a little extra
and then of course I'm going to go right
back through it again
and I'm only going to do it that one
time because I still need room in that
first row to make my Loops to sew on my
clasp so I don't want to take up all the
space in that hole all right so there's
my first row it's it's really nice and
secure really straight
and I'm in the right spot so now I'm
just going to continue that same
same technique same motion picking up
six beads
and by the way there is a part one to
this series in part one I showed you the
kit that I was working with and all the
different supplies and then I warped the
loom and at that point we were into it
at 15 minutes
and I just wanted to make it easier for
you to watch and consume the content
and um
so I'm not sure that this is only going
to be 15 to do this entire base we are
already approaching seven so we'll see
what happens
you'll you'll get the gist of what I'm
doing and I may just be able to
um to stop and then
during the live I'll be showing the rest
of the process
so you're just gonna keep doing this
this is building your base
um if you just wanted to make friendship
bracelets this is what you would do you
would just make the bases and you could
if you weren't going to do looping you
could certainly just use 11 O's
and um and or Adams they're always fun
or six O's or whatever you want
the technique is what it is right the
process is what it is you warp your loom
and then you build your base if you want
a thinner bracelet then you would use
less beads
oh yep just always want to make sure
you're on top of the warps if you're not
on top of the warps and you were pulling
and you were pulling
um then you got to that point your beads
would fall off if you were not on top of
the warps
and by all means if you wanted your base
to be you know multi-color you could do
that you could do a pretty ombre I have
project in the book with where I used
cubed beads
I made in an ombre
pattern so where the shading you know
the colors
they look what's the proper term I'm
looking for they fade into like you know
different a different color pattern
this part is very calming
you know there's something very peaceful
just picking up the beads
and putting them
onto the warps
kind of shut your mind off and just
so under the warps
picking up six
obviously you could pick up more
make it something wider but you always
need to know what you know how are you
going to finish your piece right so our
caught on my shorts our button um pretty
you know dictates this
this uh thickness
we wouldn't want to go any wider with
the three hole button
and now the
now it's off
so it's let's see I guess it's not
really what we would call summertime
anymore it's September
but in most parts of the country we are
still experiencing hot weather
and of course with the humidity it's uh
you know
even hotter
now it gets so quiet it's so weird and
now Brando's snoring in the back so
probably have missed out on some snoring
since the fan has been going
I love working with the 80s because
they're you know they're bigger and
um they're easier to handle they're
easier to see of course this light color
is a little
little challenging
um you know you might want to have like
an odd light or some sort of an overhead
if you're working with the
lighter colors
so we're just counting along let me see
where we are with our time
and we're just going to pop them up you
can feel them pop up in between the
and you can see that you know every time
that I pull through I'm just really
making sure that there's no looseness
but I don't ever want to pull so tight
that I distort
the um the warps meaning you know that I
pull so tight that now they're kind of
pinched in so you want to be careful of
and again we're just gonna
those up
and I I use my pointer to really support
that row
and then again I'm pushing the needle up
towards the ceiling as I'm going through
just helps me to know that I'm actually
on top of the warps
let's see what is this five or six
okay and then we're just gonna let that
those up
and I'm going through the top
once you get your Rhythm down you should
be able to get these bases done you know
fairly quickly I'm going to do a couple
more rows and then I'm going to go ahead
and um
go you know upload this video for you
and you will just continue to make your
base as long
as you need to for your wrist size again
I'm a size my wrist is six inches
my oceans desire piece that I did in the
book which by the way you can get the
book uh jewel loom Inspirations is
um in online everywhere but you can get
it on Amazon so I actually have an
author page and everything there and I
don't sell it in the jewel loom shop
it's you know the size of it and
everything makes it a little awkward for
shipping is from my standpoint anyway
with all the things I sell and um you
know I can't offer free shipping on it
so if you're a Prime member and all that
good groovy stuff but look locally
um many times your local bookstore will
have it Barnes and Noble
Sheriff Hobby Lobby and has it on their
website or in their store but they do
carry the jewel loom and Michael's has
it as well and so you know it's a great
book like I'm not just saying it it's
just because it's mine
um but it really is a great book so
oceans desire is a the you know the
project that we're making but we're
making it with a different color palette
called Bright Lights vegan nights
and um
so yeah so I'm probably going to make
mine about five and a half inches long
because I don't want it to be so tight
and then I'll gain another half an inch
three quarters of an inch with the um
with the clasp
where are we at
we're at 15 minutes so I'm just going to
to work on my base and then we will have
the live
September 7th
2023 they'll be alive to start the
and chances are you know that sewing on
the clasp I'm I'm thinking is probably
going to have to be also another whole
part because this is a big project you
know sitting down and doing this project
all at once
is a lot and and so I used to do these
on the lean's creative living and we
would we would work on them during our
breaks and so it was it was a process
you know a few day process of just
working on it and doing the loops I
would imagine if you sat down it would
you know it could be a Five Hour project
just depending on how fast you go and
but it's a beautiful beautiful sacred
weave it's very special and I'm always
excited to share it with you and to
um you know to show different color
combinations so I hope that helps you to
get started and again when I see you on
the live September 7th 2023 we'll take
it to the next step and and we'll go
from there all right have fun
Transcript Pt. 3:
whoa I was coming in Fast and Furious hello hello welcome to Jewel school
Jewel School Jewelers school we were just talking about the jewel School live event with JTV and so um I'll be excited
to to hear from those of you that are going to be attending in a couple of weeks I believe it is and so
um Joan's going to be there and so we'll be we'll be minus Joan on uh one of the
one Thursday after next yeah she's in the background doing peace signs um Thursday after next so but um hey we'll
make it work uh we we will miss her and I will try not to end the stream
um when I'm not supposed to so hello Maria hey everyone I'm Juliana sometimes
I forget to introduce myself I just you know I just feel like the whole world knows who I am but that's not the case
I'm Juliana people call me Jules that's my nickname and I am the inventor of the
jewel loom the uh blue portable easy to use jewel loom that we're going to be
playing with tonight and uh being alone is my manufacturing partner they make the original jewel
loom they make the baby jewel loom but um yeah so you could find the jewel loom
all over the world and that's a pretty cool thing I still need to get a map because I want
to see where the jewel loom is I want to like start asking people uh so yeah and then we have our beautiful wood looms
that are manufactured right here in the U.S in Missouri uh by the lovely Robert
and Karen and the boys the boys bless the Looms before they go out so but
anyway what are we doing what are we doing Maria Leanne Robin everyone's coming in welcome it's a Thursday night
it's 7 P.M Eastern Time 4 P.M Pacific Standard time so I am now
in New Jersey um and so I just want to give a big shout out I'm doing my jersey girl hoops
my jersey girl Hoops my New York my East Coast hey
I'm loving them my girlfriend Jackie she had a pair on and I was like I need
those and so she brought them she brought them over so I'm loving it I
love a big pair of Hoops I just think they're way too much fun hey Mel how you doing
so good to see you sweetheart um yeah so oh good Maria loves them
but I was on a a two hour Zoom uh and then a Facebook uh for the industry
today and I forgive me I've got my my sexy voice which some of you may not
mind but if I clear my throats that Joan's cracking up if I clear my throat
a few times that's why Hey listen earlier today um I went ahead and I uploaded part one
to this project which was warping the loom okay so that's part one and then uh
part two was me actually showing you how to build the base now when I ended part
two I didn't have the whole base completed because at that point we were already 15 minutes into it and I wanted
to just like show you what we were doing talk about it and and then off air go
ahead and finish it tonight we're going to be focusing on the loops and so the
loops are these fun dimensional uh pieces this is the oceans desire
bracelet this is the one that I did in the jewel loom Inspirations book which
if you don't have that I would say go ahead check out your local bookstore to see if they have it or if they can order
it for you um it's on the Barnes Noble uh but it's also on the Amazon
and so if you're a Prime member um you could probably I don't know if you get free shipping with that I think
so um I don't personally carry it in the jewel loom shop because
believe it or not selling a book in addition to all the other things books are just like
they're weird with packaging whatever and so you know uh please you know visit
the Amazon visit the Barnes and Noble but by all means if you have a local bookstore go to your local bookstore
because I'd like to support um the small bookstores as well funny thing is
I'm not attached but I'm like next door to the town Bookshop here and so my
girlfriend's like you really need to go introduce yourself because she'll probably carry your book and maybe even
your loom and you could do an author thing and blah blah blah and I'm like oh my God so cool yes of course I should do
that all right so let's just see what's going on Jeanette's in the house how you feeling Sue I miss seeing you
very cool very cool yeah so we're going to go ahead I'm going to show you the looping we're going to work on that
um the kits um I reworked one of the creative Soul kits
we had some left over and so I reworked it so that you can make this bracelet
I want to say that there might be 12 kits left it's called Bright Lights Vega
nights not Vegas but Vega so if you heard the story about me breaking down outside of
Vega Texas and the deputy that sat with us for
quite a long time until the tow truck came that whole situation has had
such an impact on my heart and so I was like oh you know this kind of reminded
me of like if the if the lights were on the patrol car and the tow truck lights and all those big old truckers driving
by which God bless the truckers in the U.S I'm just gonna like pour my love out
on you I don't even know how you deal with others on the road because I saw some
stuff like people would pull in front of Truckers they're not going to be able to stop okay so
please don't pull in front of a trucker you're not going to win and it's really
really dangerous and so yeah so my heart just like goes out to the to all the truckers in the U.S I I just was ah I
just couldn't get over over what they had to deal with on my cross-country trip I saw a lot so uh in the photo and
I don't know John why don't you go ahead and and let's go down to the overhead
okay perfect and let's just see here
I'm gonna try to get I'm gonna pull this out for a second so I can show you
all right so we have a huge assortment of glass beads and there's going to be
all kinds of different shapes and sizes there's a ton of Aqua Jasper
um there's other gemstones in here as well but every Kit's a little bit different
so but you will definitely have the Jasper the aqua Jasper but as far as the other gemstones it might be topaz cords
that might be lapis um but it's a variety of different
stones and you're going to have your 11 0's and then I've already used my 80s I
guess I could have grabbed another kit so it's a tube where's that here we go
so it's a whole tube of Edo's this is a lustered Rosaline absolutely gorgeous
this is what I have left um after doing the length for a six inch wrist which
I'll talk about here in a sec okay um oh and I think I not I think I'm
going to add which is not in the photo on the website I'm going to add some
bugles y'all if you saw my drawer full of bugles you would probably just I don't
know you'd probably tie me up and then I don't know take them all because when
I tell you I got bugles uh Mama's got bugles so I'm gonna put at least three
this one is a twisted gold bugle let me bring it up to the camera look
how whoops look how pretty okay so it just depends but I'm kind of
thinking it would be fun with these bigger guys maybe to do like a fringed
fringed look I I don't know that more than three would um yeah you could do a pendant too
Joan that's very true so I just I saw the Bugles and I was like you know what I'm gonna share them they're just
sitting in a they're sitting in the door they're sitting in the Jewel and they need to go out to everybody who buys a
kit okay all right that's my my uh my I don't
know bad interpretation of my East Coast accent so I'm gonna go ahead and bring
in my loom and this is where I finished and I just want to bring the ocean's
desire in let me scooch this up a little and so you can see that with this one I
did go let me scooch it up I did go a couple more rows because this bracelet
fits awfully tight and if I swell up I can't even close it so I decided to just
go ahead and add a couple extra rows isn't this one Gorge the ocean's desire is really gorgeous I
should try to put together that kit okay so
um when I finished my base I still had plenty of thread so I didn't cut it off
because I'm just going to go right into my loops and what I'm gonna do I I'm
Gonna Leave the top row and I'm going to leave the bottom row without Loops so
I'm in the perfect position to just go ahead and take my needle and I'm going to put some more light on
this situation just so I can I can see a little bit better
does that let's see I don't want to like blind you I hope that's okay Joan is
that okay with that light now okay it just helps me to see better so
um yep all right so I'm gonna go ahead and put a loop on
three of the Edo seed beads so I'm gonna take the needle
and I'm going to come through the first and then I'm going to come out in between that first and second bead and
this is my right hand by the way so I'm on the right side of the Loom and then I'm just going to pull that all
the way so I'm taking my needle and thread and
the more beads you pick up the bigger and fluffier your Loops will be and the
less beads then that you pick up the tighter your Loops will be so I like a
little bit of a go home go big or go home so I'm going to go ahead and do one
these are my lavenos two
come on buddy I got extra light you should be easy to see um four
five so I'm gonna pick up five eleven O's and I'm just going to grab one of
the smaller decorative beads I'm going to refer to this palette as my
decorative beads hey Nancy and one
two three
four whoops five okay then what I'm going to do is
I'm going to go back through the first bead and then I'm going the needles going
through the second bead and then it's going to come out between the third and
the fourth beat and this is going to be my first Loop
oh my gosh see look how fun seriously one of my all-time favorite
this is how I learn this is all I ever ever ever ever ever did when I first
learned we were making these on the aleene's creative show creative living show like Non-Stop
so we were constantly making this style so again I'm going to pick up five
eleven O's one two three
four five and [Music] let's see what do we got here we got a
bunch of little things going on we'll get some Duos oh this is pretty let me pick up this
blue bead that's probably the hardest part to this is figuring out what beads to pick up
because they're all so pretty okay so two
three four five now I'm going to take the needle
and I'm gonna go to the right side of that third bead and then I'm going to
come all the way out and there's my second Loop so let me
bring that up to the camera
okay and now we're gonna do our third Loop and so I'm all the way out here on the
um outside of that we'll call that the six speed from the right
and once again I'm going to pick up one two three
four five and you know what let me I'm gonna pick
up a little gemstone that'll be fun that was all the way over here
and one two
three four
five okay and then I'm gonna go to the right side of that sixth bead
and all the way out and that's my third Loop okay so that row now has three loops on
it already
okay and then what I'm gonna do is I turn the loom around
so that I can start to work on the next row so this time I could alternate so I
could come in and I'll come out I'll go through the first two beads and then I'll come out
the second in between that second and that third bead all right
you could certainly make a loop on every single Edo I mean that would be
something um it's gonna take a while and it's going to get really tight but it's a
super cool look so again I'm going to let me make sure
I'm in the frame here so we're going to do one
two three
for four five and
um maybe I'll start to go well no I'm kind of you know since this is by my
wrist I'm gonna kind of stay a little small I kind of I'm Gonna Save my big eyes for
you know what's going to be seen so three
four five and then I'm gonna go on the right side of that second bead and then I'm
gonna come out at the fifth bead in between the fifth and the sixth speed
okay so there's another loop
and so again we're going to pick up five one two
five and let's see what
um let's get a little red in there so get this red oh I'm gonna get these
guys out of the way
so one two three
four and five and then I'm gonna go on the right side
and then all the way out
okay so I have my first five loops and then once again I'm gonna turn the
loom so every time I'm done with the row I turn and then I'm going to come through I'm
going to repeat that first row which was on the loop on the first the third and the sixth bead
so this is going to be a really fun bracelet super fun it's going to be warm
and Fally but it's going to have like still going to have some punch to it
so one two three
four five and ooh this one's speaking to me
look at that pretty one okay that's like a teal super pretty
uh one two three
four five so we're gonna go on the right side of the first speed
and then we're coming through the second and then out and in between the third and the fourth
oh that's really pretty okay and then so you can kind of see
like by picking up five beads how big that makes your Loop so if you wanted
your piece to be tighter then you would just pick up less um 11 0's
and let's see I don't think I've used any purple so of course the hole on that
guy oh cool so that one goes from the top to the
bottom to three
four five and where are you at okay so we're gonna
go in the right side and then all the way out
oh it's gonna be so pretty okay I haven't made myself one of these in a
long time so one two three
four five and let's see what am I missing
let's see let's see let's see what can we go with let's oh let's do let's do
um I feel like I need a pop of something I guess we'll do this little tiny lapis
chip that'll work and then one
two three four five okay
okay and then we're gonna go out whoops
out that bead okay
perfect and then I'm going to turn it
now in the book we do talk about how you can skip a row in the base of
your project and if you do skip a row it just kind of helps the bracelet to flow
back and forth let me see I don't know
looks like I might have made loops on
every single one of mine I just like that tight you know the the
tight you know loot feeling of the bracelet so I don't think I'm going to
skip on this one either so we just did three so now we're gonna go back to
two so I just want to make sure I pull tight enough here so
um coming out the second one
and we're gonna pick up five
and let's see what are we gonna do here this is always the oh that one's a cool
okay and then I'm going on the right side
of that bead and then out in between the fifth and the sixth
oh my gosh look how pretty this is going to be a really fun
bracelet like I gotta scooch some stuff over here
okay so we're gonna pick a five one
two three [Music]
four five and
I guess we could do like a topaz
okay and then I'm gonna go to the right side and all the weight out
and you see how I like help to guide the loops and I just take my time
so pretty
super pretty okay and then we're gonna turn
I feel like I'm gonna need a new shirt for this there's a dress in the window across the
street and I'm like oh my gosh okay it just got a little too tight here
hold on my there we go
this would look very pretty
so again we've got one two three
four five and
uh oh my gosh oh should I do no I'm still a little too
close kind of like to save some of these bigger guys for
um the middle of the bracelet oh that's going to be a fun one
color though what color what color what color [Music]
oh look at this I didn't even see that let's do that white one that's awesome one
two three four
five and okay so we're gonna go through the
first bead the second bead and then out between the third and the fourth
oh yeah that's really fun okay
and one two three
four five
maybe this baby blue one huh
and then we're going on the right side of the third and then all the way out
okay and then we're going to pick up
the dark blue one Hermes in the background um
um yeah what up and I can't see that I I get all like oh but I got that color there
I haven't used any of my Jasper let me see if I have a small actually ooh what's that that looks pretty
there's so many different cool beads in here I always like to give you
cool cool beads let's see what we've got four five
and we'll go all the way out
okay and then we're gonna turn it is really pretty Nancy it's really
pretty and now I gotta kind of stick my head in
here so we had three right so it starts to get a little tight but
it's really I like I like the look of that so I'm gonna do
just that's the second bead so I'm only doing two loops
and I do feel like I could do a is there
oh there's only one red in here right now let's go ahead and oh but I've only
got three red all together so I'm going to want to Pace myself with the red
so let's put those guys over there oops I just lost a seed bead
um oh you know we haven't used got a lot of those guys let's do a little lavender
one two three
four five and we're going to go in the
side of the second bead there and then out and in between the fifth and the
did I just see what I think I just did I did didn't I oh well I'm okay so let me show you what
I just did because I'm talking and I'm demoing I only picked up one seed bead
and then I picked up the decorative bead and then I picked up five more but guess what it's not a deal breaker it still
looks cool and I'm not going to lose my Cheerios over it okay so you know something like that
happens it happens and you could certainly back up and start over again but I'm not going to do it I think it's
fine it'll be My Little Secret with you and the rest of the world
for whoops four five
five okay um
oh that's kind of big though what about this big chunky now because he's going to take over
oh my okay do this guy this is really pretty I'm gonna do that one
and then one two three
four five and then I'm gonna go on the right side
oh I gotta really get in here I can't see okay so I'm on the right side of the
fifth bead here and all the way out
wow look at how much we got done
I love looping I just can't even tell you how much I love it okay so
we're gonna do if you ever do get to the point where you're just like you know what I feel
like I need to not do something on a row and you want to skip
a row you certainly can I'm I do want to go ahead and get in here and do you know
what I might just do seed beads on this one yep that's what I'm gonna do because this guy got a little big and that's
cool um I'm gonna just do seed beads I'm gonna do 10
seed beads so one two
four five six
seven eight
nine whoops 9 10.
and I'm on the right side of the first bead then I'll come out that third
okay yeah that'll be good so this will just be like my filler row so instead of
leaving it blank with no Loops I'm just going to do seed beads
so four five six seven
eight nine ten
that'll be nice because it all gets smushed together when I do that next row
and then we'll just go on the right side and all the way out
okay and then we're gonna turn
what is the leftover beat that's so funny and gonna go through the first and the
and I'll go back to making the loops with a decorative bead three
four five oh what's that that's Gorge
holy cow where's your hole at okay oh that's really cool
so let me scooch up here a little too
digging into my mat here three four
five no four where's the fifth one
and on the right side and then all the way out between the fifth and the sixth
a little short here on thread oh look at how pretty that is
this is going to have a lot of conversation
so now I'm definitely want to sneak in some Jasper I think that might look super cool
so one two three whoa whoa
four or five
getting a little tight in here
there we go whoa
oh I love it I love how this is speaking to this very cool
okay wow that's a big guy
um holy guacamole what am I gonna do what am I gonna do definitely feel like I need something here
to balance this out so keeping the tension I want to make
sure that Loop stays nice and tight so three what do I got five
and what do I want to kind of snuggle up against the Jasper
what do I let me see let me see maybe a piece of um like a tote oh yeah like
here I wonder if that would help for it to ooh or do I wanna oh I don't know if I
want to dangle that might make stuff ooh is that that's
the same guy okay let's just do this one
two three for
four or five and I'm gonna come through the right and
we definitely need to have something there in the middle so
[Laughter] so pretty okay so now let's see what
we're gonna do here one two three
four five and I feel like it needs something
I need color because I've got like kind of like a collage collection of
a little bit of Pop there but I think I need pop pop so this looks good ooh or
do I want no that's too much of the same let's go with this guy
so one two three
four five and oops make sure
oh yeah nice nice call Jules
okay and then one two
three four five
oh what's what's what's
stir up the pot let's stir up the pot what do we got going on oh what's that no I got too much glue
um maybe just one of them do you want one
does it need to be I feel like it does I feel like it's got to be something in
that size so let me see what do I got here
don't want any more glue on that row uh and I only have one more white
so I gotta save that what am I gonna do there's so many pretty beads I don't
know what color I want um any ideas tell me what to pick tell me
what to pick Amber topaz you want to think another Amber topaz there's like an Amber topaz
over here am I not seeing something oh that's
pretty rad to put that in the middle somewhere
maybe one of these guys maybe that's the answer let's try that one
two I I was thinking red too but I only have two more Reds
so I kind of wanted to balance them so I'm just gonna go with this one
okay this will work okay oh yeah that's fine
that way we don't take away from that piece of Jasper what do you think let me bring it up to the camera
um no it's not heavy to wear Believe It or Not Leon it's not now it's certainly not going to be a lightweight friendship
bracelet like if you were just doing seed beads but no it's not
um it's not heavy but when you have your Loops that go all the way around to your
wrist you know if you're typing probably not gonna you know
be the bracelet that you're wearing but it's definitely a cool statement piece
yeah we did we got the men green right okay let me see how much thread I have
and um I'm gonna do one more row here so
we'll go ahead this will have two loops on this row we have probably just enough
thread to do two more Loops so let's see so one
two three four
I wanna see I want to do one of these guys
I can't see where are you at buddy
there we go
mess with me won't ya that's so sexy okay
let's get our last Loop in here oh my God I can't even this is gonna be such a cool bracelet one
two three four five
and let's do we want to do one of these big guys I
think so one
one two three four whoops
four or five
and all the way out holy guacamole
I just can't
okay so I'm gonna turn it around and
um yeah that's I mean I could probably figure out how to do three more
how are these laying right now
let me see if I can't get a couple more loops with this thread I hate to waste it
three four five and I'm just gonna do something
little so pick up that little guy one
two three four five
oh that's really that's like a slate oh so gorgeous
one one two three
four five and
smooth that'll be pretty get really tight on my
thread here one two
three four five
oh and we're gonna barely get one more out so we're probably gonna have to tilt
tilt my loom here one two three
four five and oh I think a baby blue oh no this
guy see this guy what's the hole
is it oh there it is I thought it was sideways
so one two three four
and five right nope four okay fine where are you at
okay oh my gosh so so pretty
all right so I'm gonna turn it around and I want to
just go through that row
okay and then come up
here and what I'm doing is I'm just going to grab I'm gonna grab the warp
and I'm just going to tie it off to it
okay and let's see if I can't do that one more time
okay and then I'm going to take the needle and push it down to the back so that if not goes
okay and then I'll just Source my scissors I'm just going to trim it and then later
on I'll take the Wildfire burner
and so yeah so I'll just keep working on this and
um and then I'll have the finished piece and then
we're gonna sew on a clasp where did my class go
where'd you go buddy oh so in the kit you have you have a button three button
three hole button clasp and we're going to sew that on so I will probably do that as a part for
all to itself so that I can really concentrate on sewing it on and showing
you I know I've done that before but I think that it'll just be better so I'm
gonna finish my bracelet off camera I do want to show you really quick so you
know in the past we've done like this was the Earth Tone kit and we
did the warps with the hemp and it looked really really cool
um and then we just did the middle of our bracelet and that looked really cool so you do have that option that you
could do that but I just haven't made myself a really big chunky bracelet in a long time
so I'm super excited about this one it's going to be a special piece
so let me turn off the lights and Joan if you want to do the honor
oh my poor throat so prior to oh God it's so hot and humid
I apologize for having the fan on in the back but it's hot
so um yeah so before I came on Katie hacker and I were chatting it up and we were
um she was having me do photos so they're doing something at interweave and she's
like shows me a photo that the I from a long time ago and she's like can you do this
but vertical you know like um landscape so I'm like up against the ball before
going live and it's like one of these
so when you see that you're gonna know that it was right before this live and I
said to Katie I said you know you really need to come on with me and she was like yeah
so we're gonna get Miss Katie hacker to come on and play and that'll be a lot of
fun so yeah I know over the um over the fan you can't hear Marlon
Brando you can't hear him snoring so but anyway so there were I don't know
how many kids are left there were I think maybe 12 or something like that when we started very limited
and uh yeah that's my story so I hope you enjoy that I can't if you do get the
kid I can't wait to see your version of it you're probably going to have a lot of extra beads
I would assume at least some you know you could probably stream some for some
earrings or something like that yes it would be super awesome to have Miss Katie hacker on we love her
thank you Robin thank you Sherry and Maria and everyone watching and everyone that will be watching and so again I'm
going to finish my bracelet off camera I'll probably do one of those time lapsed
things that I like to do I don't like to do something and then not have some video of it and then I'll do the sewing
of the button on as a part 4 video in between now and hopefully soon I'll get
that uploaded and then I'm dreaming of what we're gonna do next Thursday I'm not sure
always open for ideas yes thank you Maria thank you thanks
Joan Thanks Gloria
thank you Jeanette thanks all of my all the peeps all the Looms All The
Luminaries all right love you guys we will see you again thank you thank you thank you
thank you
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