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  • How to Weave a Goddess Pendant on the Loom - Inspirations with Jewels

    February 23, 2024

    How to Weave a Goddess Pendant on the Loom - Inspirations with Jewels

    Show off your inner voluptuous goddess by weaving & wearing stunning woven goddess jewelry. Join Jewels, as she demonstrates how to weave the beautiful goddess pattern on the loom. She creates a pendant on the earring loom, which can also be used for earrings, & discusses how she made the bracelet. The link to finish the bracelet is listed below, with the pendant tutorials . This pattern was created by Christiane Ross four years ago for the Jewel Loom Community. Jewels brings this gorgeous pattern back with a colorful kit. 

    This blog contains 3 tutorials: how to weave the pattern to form a pendant, how to add a slide connector to your finished pendant, & how to add your finished beaded bracelet from a bead loom.

    Tutorial #1- How to Weave the Goddess Pendant on a Loom

    Tutorial #2 - How to Add a Slide Connector to Your Finished Pendant

    The goddess kit is available for presale in the Jewel Loom store: https://jewelloom.com/collections/patterns-how-to/products/jewel-loom-beaded-pattern-goddess-bead-kit?aff=11  

    Here is a picture of the bracelet & pendant Jewels made on the looms, plus a bracelet she wove a few years ago, making one half of the goddess, using two hole & fire polish beads. 

    Tutorial #3: How to Remove Your Beaded Bracelet from a Bead Loom

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    [Laughter] welcome welcome my my goodness okay
    visualize that you're a school teacher or okay just visualize you're in
    school and there's the hallway and all the lockers all the lockers remember remember back in the day and all the
    students are everywhere and everybody's like lined up next to their classroom door that is what's going on in the
    YouTube chat right now it's like everyone's lined up in the hallway at
    the door just waiting to get in you know it's not their school books it's their it's their notepad and their looms and
    they're like you know they're waiting to get into the creativity room with their teacher
    Juliana I love it thank you thank you so much for like I love that you um uh you
    come and you watch and you chat and you line up and it just it makes my heart so full so Joan is in the background and
    big props to Joan for um always getting everything dialed in for us and hey I'm
    Juliana the inventure of the jeel Loom how you doing how you
    doing I follow this really cool woman from the Bronx on the Tik Tok her name is Cindy she's so stinking cool I don't
    know she must be like maybe she's in her late 50s or something she dances she's
    got the accent she's always doing something today she went to to the Asian market and she's showing everybody the
    things that she bought and I'm just like this woman makes my heart like so
    happy and you know we need that we need like giggles and happiness and and uh while we're together here I hope to
    inspire you and to teach and and to have some giggles and um and that's just
    really what it's all about right so let's just loosen up and get ready for class um holy
    cow holy cow I okay when Christian Ross
    so a little background Christian worked for Jewelry Television Network like forever in a day um anytime I went there
    she would have all of my things dialed in for me like she would even like take it upon herself to make projects um
    using the jewel loom and she was just you know she's the person that you
    always like want on your team like she's just so much fun and such a doll um and
    so anyway she made this pattern and I feel wasn't there a date somewhere 2020
    so she made it in in 2020 um which the the goddesses the you know original
    goddesses were released to Jewelry Television in November of 2019 and so
    then this pattern that Christian made for me and you uh came out in 2020 and a
    lot of us dabbled in it and we were super stoked and we did some things um one of the first things I did was this
    project this is half of the Goddess made out of six millimet squares and round
    fire polish it is it's literally a piece of art and I love it so so very much and
    it's kind of like this little secret when I wear it because it's not necessarily like you can tell that you
    know it's half of the goddess or anything or a goddess at all but it's like you're it's like you're Wonder
    woman cuff right it's like you and the cuff know you and the cuff know what's
    going on on the wrist so I absolutely loved that and um some people in the
    free Facebook group made things uh Claire from South Africa she used the
    pattern a couple of times and I had forgotten that Claire figured out how to
    weave fibers I mean it's crazy so you'll be
    able to see that uh if you're in the Facebook group you can you can just go
    to search and you can look for you know goddess and then like everything that everybody ever posted but if you go to
    the jewel loom.com shop and you go to the goddess pattern
    kit I've started Gathering all these images and I've been putting
    them I've been putting them into the product page so that you can see the
    ideas the bracelet that Judith created Judith is from Over the pond in the
    UK is outstanding she figured out how to just take one right like a goddess and
    cerate on this bracelet it is stunning I added that to the product
    page um so you could see it somebody else used pearls um Claire made a a seed bead
    bracelet and so yeah so like I'm so excited okay so what excites me about
    this is obviously I mean come on I love I love the
    female outline I love you know the goddess is just so voluptuous and and
    and she just you know she's all of us right she's like this embodies the femininity the
    femaleness and obviously you know I started off with her as a diecut with
    spell binders like oh my gosh back in 20 I don't know Stacy are you
    watching was it like 20 I don't know 2011 or 2012 I had the goddess die and
    um I I have to find some of those I think I think I have some examples of the of the diecut and of some of the
    projects but she started off as that and then she ended up being you know a loom
    right so oh I want to tell you a little secret too and I forgot I don't know maybe I said this to you Joan I can't
    remember Joan shared with me today that jewelry television has the original um
    goddess Loom from 2019 with the chakras because I don't do that anymore
    I don't print that any that one anymore they have it on their website so if you were ever
    wanting a goddess Loom which is now called the sunw Weaver and you wanted it
    though with the the chakra patterns just like this one you can go over to Jewelry
    Television um don't know if it's going to be easy enough for us to post the link or not but
    um you can go get it over there and they're at great prices so and Robin is
    saying yes they do I seen it I know we were tripping out I was like I thought they were all gone so I was a little
    surprised myself but I totally want to help them like if they you know if they found some
    somewhere it's like what were they doing in the stock room at JTV were they just hanging out
    multiplying was Rick's beadloom involved you know what I'm
    saying are they half little rookies and half little goddess
    looms because I was just like so excited uh you know to see that so anyway if you
    want to support that um I totally I totally uh you know I love Jewelry
    Television they've been so good to me and so I definitely um if you've been looking for the large or small correct
    me if I'm wrong Joan I do believe that they had both sizes yeah okay so you can
    H head over there and it looks like Joan was just able to share that link so that's that on that little note um so so
    what I've discovered with this pattern is okay so first of all I got inspired
    to put a kit together and the kit has four 6 8 10 kit has 11
    colors sold out I'm doing pre-orders right now so if you want the goddess
    pattern kit you're going to you're going to buy it and then I'm going to gather them all up and see where I'm at on
    Sunday and I'll get a new order in and it says in the notes like you're you're
    pre-ordering this kit and the intent is to hopefully get them out like that first week of March the new kits are
    going to come with the new goddess button Robert made us a goddess button it's
    fabulous okay they're also on the website sold separately if you bought a goddess kit
    and you got the daisy button and then I had a aha moment I am more than happy to put a
    goddess button into your next order okay I'll just
    so let me know but again if you place another order for whatever I'm more than happy to do that
    because I should have done that but I just can't think of everything okay it was like a big thing to like get the kit
    together so okay so moving on um several
    weeks ago we did kind of like I'll call it a part one of you know kind of like
    the the low down on the goddess pattern we talked about it it's in uh the
    playlist and I think I think the playlist is called uh you know like how
    to use your goddess pattern on your loom or something like that uh so that was kind of like part one it was a it was a
    verbal um presentation of like what to expect you know let's get ready then I
    uh over the last couple of nights listen this is how excited I was
    I went to Bingo what is today Thursday Bingo was and I know I'm a nerd I'm a
    total game playing nerd give me a Bunko team a bingo team you got cards going on
    like I'm in I'm in in fact I walked by where all the people all the people on
    Friday night in my mom's complex were playing and I was like a little mythed
    like I didn't get notice I would have been there with my Dober but anyway so I get home it's 9:30
    at night I'm so stoked about this pattern and my project okay holy cow so
    I wanted to get the top goddess completed and when I had to leave to go to bingo she wasn't and so I come home
    9:30 at night I'm tired but I'm pumped I'm like I'm gonna get this I'm getting
    her done because I knew that the next day Wednesday I wanted to complete this bracelet for you and um and so anyway so
    I'm just so excited about this and this is where I want you to get your pen and paper because I want to speak to this
    project I want to give you some insight okay I did this bracelet on the original
    jewel loom you could do it on the small wisdom
    Warrior um yeah if you have a larger rest you
    might want to use the large wisdom Warrior um the Grid on the sun Weaver on the
    large Sun Sun Weaver kind of big so it's going to be hard to do the 11 O's but this one was done on the original jewel
    loom so here's the first um thing I want you to know I
    used the 0.5 mil the thin hemp cord by
    hemptique this is a gorgeous neon green
    okay when I was warping the jewel loom there it was it was impossible not
    to skip a Groove so when you are warping and you are going to be
    using 11 o seed beads you don't skip a warp I mean you don't skip a Groove okay
    but because I wanted to be all fancy and I wanted to see if this worked I had to just
    lay the hemp cord down as best as I could so I did that all was well in the
    world the Gap was obviously bigger than it needed to
    be I will tell you that the first row is absolutely more fun than humans are
    allowed to have you are probably going to cuss at me please breathe through it just
    breathe through it it's G to work get those little bad boys up into their little warp alleys it'll come together
    the second row you still might be a little peed off okay okay maybe it's
    iffy all right this was my experience you may do it and be like what was that
    girl talking about this is so easy she's full of it that's fine I could
    be I could be I don't know um but it so so the gist of it is like the first two
    rows for me were slightly more fun than humans were allowed to have but
    thereafter everything went really well um I want you to be really careful when you're putting the needle through the
    beads not to grab the hemp cord because then that's not good because because now
    you're thread is through the hemp cord and that is just not going to be a lot of fun I go through the first row back
    and forth twice which makes the second row easier can you do that with Leos and
    and the Hem cord she's such a boss all right girl so
    Joan says she she she does it and it makes life easier and make sure put that
    up on the screen screen and then people can see what you had to say so Joan goes through the
    first row um and then back through it again and then she says that the second row is easier
    so that's awesome um the first goddess all right she is
    2.75 in okay so if you are following the
    pattern and you downsize this the way that I did every goddess is 2.75
    in which means that I have a six-inch wrist so I had to add five rows in the
    middle to separate my two goddesses in order to have a six inch long long piece
    is this all making sense okay so I didn't want you know I didn't want this
    goddess to be under this one's you know her head on her on the SEC on the first one's booty and so I wanted to separate
    them so I did five rows you can see better on the back I did five rows as a
    spacer well then I kind of got bummed because I didn't
    particularly like the presentation of the color at the
    end I was like okay I'm not digging that I'm not feeling it I should have maybe done like like five rows of the
    brightest colors but then I was like wait a minute what if I can go back in
    and do some Dimension with the loops and guess what it worked look at how cool that is so I was
    able to like get rid of the color palette those five rows of beads that I
    just wasn't really all happy about and and do the
    looping and then I went ahead and uh finished it off so I uploaded how to
    finish it it's already uploaded so it's in it's in that
    playlist okay so I just kind of want to hear from you let me know if what I'm
    saying is making sense okay because we have this very
    Diversified pattern and you know I just feel like there are so
    many options and I want you to know that you can explore
    um one of the things that I did do okay this
    was 12 beads across okay so I did 12 beads
    across the pattern is 18 beads so what I did was I eliminated one
    through three and 16 through 18 I did not do the three sides I brought it in
    and I only did row four through row 15 okay makes
    sense should be pretty simple um so I
    think I think that's the story on you know and the thing too about using the
    bigger beads y'all I just stuck with squares and six mm Square two whole
    squares and fire polish round do you know what I'm thinking I
    mean you can you can mix it
    up because remember whatever fits in there so what do we have that
    matches a 6 mm warp we have 3 right three
    we can do um gosh you could just do like all kinds of
    I mean you could do the fun little looping technique as well you know like you could just have a little um Square
    full of and then go back in there and loop on them so anyway I I just I
    love the idea of this I can't wait to get with Brandy and what I want to do
    for the future is I want to figure out more like art patterns because that's
    really when I look at this I'm like this is Art and imagine making all of her
    this big and then framing so stinking cool okay um oh I'm like whose birthday
    is it Janes like join the birthday club all right so I'm gonna put these
    aside um Again part three on how to actually take this gorgeousness off of
    the Loom and add the new goddess button and do the bottom Loop that's already
    uploaded into the goddess playlist so hey Leanne awesome all right so I'm going to
    put these to the side now what I want to do for this this time around because I'm
    like oh well I need to I want to do something what's next right like what
    what um you know what what
    other expression of this pattern you know can we do and so what I came up
    with was and let me just kind of get a little better situated here okay so what
    I want to do with this one is I want to use the earring Loom and I don't
    know if in the end it's going to be an earring or just a cute little pendant
    but what's speaking to me is the yellow and the orange in the kit these
    are just two of the colors that come in the kit I mean there's
    11 I don't know if I want a third color I don't know if I want to do the square
    blocks but I do know that I want a happy goddess and yellow and orange are
    happy so I might just do that I haven't decided we'll see I'm going to get started and then we'll see what speaks
    to me Maria might have some input but um okay
    so let's go ahead and get the I Joan we have to do this I think if we
    were and then add me right add me back in and I get
    tiny do because don't I have to be do I can you hear me if I'm not on the
    screen oh you can okay so okay let me scoot this over a little
    so with this one um I want to I want to do 10 beads right so I have
    11 warps already dialed in on my earring Loom okay I have 11
    warps but you can see this is much wider and again what I did for the
    bracelet let me bring that in for the bracelet I got rid of
    rows 1 through three and 16 to 18
    okay so for this one what I'm going to do is I'm going to get rid of rows 1 through
    four and 15 through 18 but I need for her arms to still be
    connected so I'll come over here and very lightly just so I don't
    forget color the space in so I'm reminded to do some
    blue okay so this will give me this will give me 10 beads
    across and the reason why I'm going 10 beads across is because I want to use
    the 20 mil slider okay let me just check her are her is
    she going to get downsized in her hips too so she's going to have a hip her hips are going to be not so
    voluptuous and I do think because it's 2.75 inches long I do think I'm going to
    eliminate the two bottom rows let me scooch this up and that's fine she can be
    round we'd like a round goddess so I'm just alternating it you
    know a little bit Sandy says matching earrings one one matching one of the
    goddesses and the other earring matching the other goddess well yeah and Sandy I was even thinking how fun would it be to
    like do half of the Goddess right half of the goddesses one earring maybe this is what you're saying you know half of
    the goddesses is like your left ear and the other half of the Goddess is your right earring that would be totally cool
    and I was thinking about that I just don't know if I'm going to do earrings or if I'm going to do a pendant so
    that's why I'm going to do the entire goddess and then just make her a little less voluptuous so okay so um I'm going to
    bring my earring loom in and I am using the Green
    wildfire oh oh I really want to tell uh oh I just got a little bit of a knot um
    I want to tell you that I want to tell you that I
    cut two very big yards of wildfire and
    and it got me from the
    beginning to I do believe I got through my five rows okay so that's like three
    inches so two yards of wildfire took up the three inches so
    just so that you know and then I just um tied in a new piece you can't even see
    it because I wo it back in all right so okay let's get this party
    started I'm just going to
    attach I might need a little more light but we'll see what happens here so I'm
    just doing a you know a loose little knot here I do want to get some more light on the subject so hold on one
    second there we go yeah and Sandy says yes that would be
    cool too honestly I think you could do a lot of really cool things
    okay oh I do tell you what I'm going to bring in the green because okay well now
    shcks okay you guys help me out here's my thing happiness
    Sunshine um I love I love love love the transparent frosted cam Ruby that's also
    in the kit okay so I
    need okay the blue part I really feel should be
    orange and I was kind of thinking like the squares I was just going to do multiple yellow for you know just more
    Sunshine like her body is full of sunshine she's you know her body herself
    is just like nothing but happiness but we've got all this space out here do you
    like do you like this being so you see let me bring this in this is the Black
    Diamond it looks so cool cool on the neon so I need this color all right I
    need what do you think would look best The Siam Ruby because I'm kind of leaning towards
    that I feel like if I do green I mean then she'd be Portuguese
    but which is not a dealbreaker but I'm really I don't know do you like this
    as as that outline color Joan do you have an
    opinion I think she says oh Joan says green all
    right what does everybody else
    say are we getting any so Joan thinks I should do the green okay so that would
    be on the outside like Dutch bulb colors what does that mean like the oh
    and Maria says the green all right okay well let's get started we're
    just going to go with the green okay so we're adding
    green whoops and Sherry says green wow all right I trust you
    girls this is going to be a co- co- project right co- project okay so then
    what we're going to need is we're going to need 10 10 of these little guys first because
    the first row is blank and that's the uh row that the slider's going to go over so
    we'll just pick up um 10 so what was that
    five okay which green is that it is transparent Beach
    Glass oh that totally makes sense oh my gosh how could I not think of that myself
    okay I didn't even look at the name of course we're going to go this way this
    way all right so let's get these little boogers in
    here oh first rows are just always a little more
    fun okay did I pick up too many beads all
    right I'm going to have to start down here and then scooch up because I can't
    I feel I always think of Danielle when I'm in this moment it's like oh
    gosh it's also here I got to stand up for a second because I can't see see
    that's part of the problem sometimes too I just
    like let it happen however it needs to happen boy these are Wiggle Butts what's
    going on here come on
    honey maybe I have one too many beats now I see what's happening
    always the first row get in
    there it's this one right
    here so come on now no
    don't do
    that hopefully I'm not breathing too hard did it go no oh my
    gosh hold the Press I don't want to lose like what's underneath my
    uh underneath my the set brow is important take your time thank
    you look at my students they're like telling me I love it I love it I love
    it these little bukas suas are like so close together come
    on I don't remember this
    being don't want to L you there we go it's like this first part is going in
    and then this next part is not having
    it there we go I think I just need that one this one come on get in get in there
    for me yes did I get it oh my God are we
    in thank you [Laughter]
    Jesus okay so let me just make sure yeah we're
    good so I'm just going to hold this
    okay thank you thank you all right so so sometimes that happens and you
    just have to be patient and um you saw how I pulled it down so I wasn't like trying to fuss
    with it up here in the top yep so we're just
    gonna okay nice okay and then I'm going to come under let me get the let me get
    the pattern back into
    this so I'm working with another long piece of wildfire so I have to be really conscious of like where it's at so like
    I mentioned I'm going to skip the first four so then I'm going to come over here so we'll have um two
    greens and we're going to switch out the blue to the
    orange and then we're going to have three more greens so three and three is
    6 plus 4 is 10
    okay yes hip hipper Ray is
    right okay oh wait a minute did I not pick up enough oh I didn't pick up enough did
    I my eyes are I only got two oh poopies okay it's all right we're just
    going to pull these off I didn't pick up enough green I only picked up two I
    needed three patience is a virtue yes of course
    it [Laughter] is there we go you know what it's I love
    when it's just the truth right because because uh this is just what happens
    it's what can happen and if you are watching your fearless leader here
    right have truthful moments then you know I can correct them
    and then um and then hopefully it helps you so 3 + 4 is seven and 7 + 3 is 10 so
    I did not do the proper math
    okay so now we're back in
    business so it gets a little bit easier
    when oh how did that happen
    god wow I think my I think my excitement has just like gotten me all
    discoed I have one too many oranges on here and and you know what I really
    think it is I think it's this dang long piece that I'm trying to work with but I
    don't like to have to start over um so it's my my choice of working with a long
    piece is kind of also I don't have my eye on all of the uh the beads
    okay okay I said the first two rows are kind of more fun than humans are allowed to have now the third row will be a lot
    of fun so let's
    just let's just get that
    okay holy guacamole and we really want to make
    sure that the needle is going through the beads and on top of on top of the
    warps okay so if the bead if the needle's not on top of the warps um the beads will
    drop and that is definitely no
    fun all right so back in business um Row three we're going to come over we're
    going to do one two so two
    greens and then uh two
    orange and then we'll do yellow two yellow and two
    orange and two green so once you get your Rhythm down it
    really should be a lot
    it's that long piece of
    wildfire okay all right and then what is this row
    four so row four we're going to come in and it's just going to be one
    green um two orange cuz we're replacing the blue with
    orange another green two more
    yellows another green two more
    orange and one green
    okay so see once you get
    going oh my gosh she's going to be my little Portuguese uh goddess these are
    okay so row five what do we got with row five row five we have we're skipping
    four so we're going to have two
    greens no we're gonna have
    two we're g to have two oranges because the blue is now orange oh my gosh this
    is so funny hopefully she's not a hot mess when I'm all done with her then a
    green and then uh four oranges
    one two
    three four and then a green and then two more
    oranges right
    awesome oops
    super pretty that beach glass is super super pretty
    whoops okay yeah isn't it cool jod all right so
    that was one two three four five so the sixth row we're going to come
    in and we'll have an orange and a
    green and then two
    oranges um two yellows two more
    oranges a green [Music]
    and wait a minute wait a minute and just one orange so I going to suggest that you
    use painters tape and you block out uh the rows that
    you're not using because it's a little hard to
    remember or something use something cuz yeah yeah oh
    yeah so it definitely gets uh a lot easier to get the beads up into the
    warps after after those first couple of
    rows okay okay and then that was row six one two three four five six so now seven
    I'm coming in and this is where we're making it different so we got
    orange and we got a green and then we have two
    what that was weird okay now I got to go back and count okay orange green orange
    orange yellow yellow orange
    orange green and
    orange okay so we can see her little top of her top of her you know patterns
    coming together her little
    face you can get the paper with the DS with your colored pencils and color it
    to make the earrings okay um somebody said something
    earlier what and Leanne I'm over here trying to figure out what dits
    are oh my heck one two three four five six seven okay so row
    eight um orange two
    glass uh four oranges one two [Music]
    two 3 four and then two
    glass and an
    orange yeah that fiber woven piece that Claire did um is just amazing so
    stinking cool jod said jod right I think jod said she peaked into the shop and
    just saw
    it super cute doing the goddess on top of the warrior right what a story okay I
    keep losing track one two three one two three four
    five am I on I'm on row nine
    okay um an orange three
    greens uh two yellows and and three
    greens and an
    orange Brando's trying to push the door open you gotta push it
    the colors are very very pretty together let me bring these
    up they're definitely got the Spanish Portuguese Vibe going on all right so
    that was row 10 right or nine that was row nine um
    so 10 so we've got an orange and two
    glass and another
    orange oops and two
    yellows and an orange and two
    glass and one
    orange definitely have the Spanish tile Vibe going on which I absolutely
    love so she'll be our little Spanish Puerto Rican Portuguese [Laughter]
    goddess all right so that was the third okay so we're down here on row 11 let me
    just make sure one two three four five six 7 8 nine 10 and 11 okay so we need
    an orange oh it's a whole row of oranges
    isn't it so it's 10 so one two
    three four five 7
    8 9
    10 Maria says she loves it
    oh come on getting a little fumina
    here okay had to get them all pushed up into the
    warps and again I just want to make sure that I'm on top of the warps when I'm going back
    through okay so that was
    11 so 12's going to be four
    whoops four oranges one
    two two yellows and four more
    so definitely a different look when she's a little more
    she's already showing her happiness okay and then what was this
    same right so four two and four again so
    one two three four one
    two do I have that right y
    okay oh yeah I love my um I love my
    black attire I like jewel tones but mostly I wear my blacks and my
    Browns oh you're talking about like the color palette this is a very bright yeah this is
    a a very bright color
    combination so then here we're going to have what are we going to have one
    two three four five six seven eight 8 n so we have 10
    again oh but wait wait wait wait this is the fourth one so we're on this one and
    we're doing we're skipping row four okay so it is it's going to be so
    it's still 10 oranges
    again beating thread is everywhere okay so
    one [Music]
    okay so I think the next row is where she should start having some sort of an
    okay so that was four blocks and that was now we're going to start
    the indentation okay so now we'll start to see a little bit of her waistline so
    one green um eight
    so eight oranges and then another glass let me just make
    sure yeah
    okay I feel like I got to scooch her up a little while I still
    can okay so going under the
    warps and what did we just do we just did we just did those two rows and now
    we're coming over here so we're going to have row five we're going to have two
    greens two glass one
    two two
    oranges two
    yellows two more
    oranges and two more
    whoops so this is the beginning of the fifth one so now we're going to
    have two more again so now now we're getting curvy we're getting her getting her waistline in
    here whoops so two
    green two orange some yellows
    two more orange and two more
    okay so she's coming to life uh one two three four five okay so that's so again
    we're going to have two Beach Glass
    and looks like um two into six y uh six oranges
    one two three four
    five six and two more Beach
    trying to get her to scooch up a little
    okay so that was that was one two 3 4 5 one two 3 4
    five and that was that row I am not sure what's going to happen
    here okay well keep going Jules one I'm just wondering if there's going to be
    room so we'll just keep going and see what happens
    two three two
    yellows and
    one two three and one yep and
    oh I forgot to go under so Joan had to leave us um it has
    been an hour uh I want to finish this so by all
    means if you I know you East Coasters might be um tired or hungry so I'm going
    to go ahead and stay on and just be cuz why not um but just know that Joan is not in the
    background any longer uh you know with links or anything like that so but I'm
    just going to keep going because I want to finish this and I need to know uh how it
    works it's kind of interesting I've got some the orange beads okay so where was
    I that was my one two three four five I'm starting my six one two three four
    five six okay so this is h
    four four oranges one two
    three four oranges and two
    yellows and four more oranges one two
    four so if you're just uh peeking in whoa who is
    that someone just texted and said this is going good I don't know who that is
    um can't see your name but thank you
    so Jo oh gosh you know what look up Jules it is going good dude I'm loving it all right definitely
    fun you know so you can use your own three colors that speak to
    you okay all right so good I was a little worried about whether she was going to have a waistline she does and
    now we're going to have like her bottom half so I'm happy okay 1 2 3 four five
    six so we've got that so we're going to have 10 oranges one two
    three four five six seven
    eight n 10 right yeah
    10 I know
    Joan does so much for everyone so
    appreciative okay so under I forgot to go under earli but
    whoops string is caught hold on all right so that was that row
    now so it looks like it's going to be about the same all the way down
    basically because we got one more let's see one two 3 four five six one two let
    me get that back in here sorry six right 1 2 3 4 5
    six one 2 3 four five six okay so this is the seventh one so we're going to
    have um four oranges two three
    four two yellows [Music]
    one two three
    whoops did that oh two of them fell off three three and four
    it's got a I don't think I went on the top yeah I could tell I was like I don't think I'm on top of the warp
    there sure
    enough oh my gosh the color combinations are
    just really going to be a lot okay so then um now we just have
    10 oh I need more oranges
    Robin's loving Robin it matches uh matches uh your gorgeous jewelry that
    you did it was so beautiful I shared it on the uh jeweling
    page so pretty and your dress everything's beautiful
    okay so I kind of do like
    I feel like I don't have much
    um because that's one I feel like the next thing is to do another solid row of
    10 I don't think I think I'm going to skip that one and I'm going to go
    into the 3 four and three 6 plus 4 is
    10 let's try that for cuz I'm not oh boy think Jules think I
    don't because if I want to start to taper off I kind of have to skip a lot
    of this you know what I mean
    so so I'm definitely going to skip 25 I'm skipping 26 I'm skipping 27
    I'm skipping
    28 I'm skipping
    29 would have me start curving kind of back
    in so let's try that so let's do one one glass
    whoops okay so we're gonna yeah maybe start tapering down so that's Robin I'm
    thinking like I'm G to skip all those rows I just said and I'm going to come down here to
    29 I mean I could go to
    30 I don't think that would be a problem so 29 would be one
    two three can I get three more rows in here
    I think I can so what do you think about that you
    think 29 would be one green 30 would be two greens and 31 would take us to three
    greens tapering in three more rows I think that might
    work good night Leanne so I think I'm going to try that I think I'm going to go um 29 30 and
    31 okay so 29 then did I already put that on here before I do it again no okay so
    29 29 would be row five right okay so that would be
    one glass and then um I think I'm just not going to do any
    more yellow so that we can see her bottom so we'll do
    one uh 10 that' be eight so eight oranges [Music]
    one 2 3 four
    six 7 eight and then one more
    okay oh yeah it's going to get tight under here with your my chubby little
    fingers so okay I like that I think that's good whoops but I got to get
    these guys up
    here iaha come on Mama
    okay did I get through yeah I can see the needle shining
    so so I may only be able to get one more Row in here with my
    fingers we'll see let's try one more
    row um that was row 29 right so now we'll do 30 and row
    30 is one two and then uh two two four so six
    oranges one two
    three four five six oranges and two more
    glass now of course I'm working on the earring Loom which you know you we could
    have done this on the original we could have done this on you know any one of the other looms that you know had a
    bigger space but um but this is working this is
    definitely tight for just these bottom rows here let
    me okay did you get in there just trying to pop these little guys up so I'm GNA do
    this okay I can see I can see I don't know are you on
    top of the warp buddy come on no you didn't get through that
    bead yeah it gets a little tight when you're trying to work this low but let
    me see I got to make sure the needle is on the because that's going to just be more
    fun than humans are allowed to have okay I think
    it's I think that's through oh that's good that's super good
    oh my gosh look at her just come to life so fun okay so there's no way I'm
    going to get another row in there with my chubby little fingers yay oh my gosh these are our
    little um fun festive little goddess I think she'll
    make a good pendant so what I'm going to do is um
    I'm actually going to put a layer of white glue on the top and the bottom um
    oh shucks though I do need a another row for the bottom slider gosh darn it let
    me see I'm going to have to figure it out okay we'll we got this far let me
    see I'm GNA have to stick another row in here so
    four five six
    78 nine and 10
    okay my have to oh I didn't go
    under Robin cheerleader back
    there it's gonna be really tight oh my gosh I don't know I don't know okay come
    [Laughter] on I felt these guys snap in so I'm just
    gonna really I'm just G to do the best I can here come on
    buddy it's like I need something to help me get under there oh did I hear it did
    I hear go
    in oh no it's like they want to go
    sideways where did they
    go I'm G turn it around let's see if that helps except for I'm not [Laughter]
    left-handed they're like getting oh boogers okay let's try that again
    because it's like I got to get the first three ah there we go there we go come on
    come on do it for Mama there we go thank you [Laughter]
    Jesus okay stay in there stay in there stay in there this is stinking
    tight oh I got one bead come on oh my
    gosh am I in no I'm on the top of that one dude come on you gotta be on the
    you got to be on the top not the bottom here okay let's see is that on
    top it looks like it's on top right of the
    warps gotta kind of bring my head over here I will be so mad if it's not on the
    top it's this one right here has got me a little can't figure out if it's on the
    top of the stinking warp or not
    let's see here shall we just try I think it's on the
    top all right I'm just going to hold it hold your breath hold your
    breath please yes thank you okay man that was
    tight y'all oh my gosh that's that's like
    working every possible I mean I definitely could have like scooched up a little bit more but
    not very much too funny okay so as mentioned what I'm
    going to do and let me just um let me just get it out hold on
    whoops by the way I have way too much Wildfire you don't need to cut that big of a
    piece I probably almost have a yard left so you could probably get away with like
    a yard and a half so I'm just going to take some of leen's white um you know my favorite
    alen's tacky glue
    remember we're going to have that slider going over that first row
    yeah boy I got to be really careful here I don't want to like glue my
    okay all right so let's see here I try to hide
    so I'm just putting the needle underneath one of the warps so I can tie
    a knot and then I'm coming back through this natural little Loop that it
    makes we'll just pull and then I'll take the needle and I like to go back through
    the back to pull the knot to the back as best as whoops
    possible and I did notice that these guys moved so just want to get them
    back the glue dri clear so if I have any glue boogers I'll just clean them
    up okay so I'm just going to snip this I'll bring the wild um fire
    in I love that tool so
    yeah so I'm just going to let that dry and then I'll add I'll do I'll I'll do
    that um I'll record it so that I can you know show you how I got it off the loom
    and then added the sliders but that's my intention is to do that so yay hold on
    hold on let me I gotta I gotta be me and I gotta be Joan all in the same breath
    here yay yeah I'm super stoked so many color combinations so
    many sizes so now we've got you know we've got the
    original right so this is the full pattern again half of the goddess with 6
    millimet squares and fire polish all the way down to this little our tiny little
    Multicultural she's all of us that's what she is she's all of us
    isn't that awesome and then oh my gosh Marlon Brando and then the bracelet look
    at all the different variations so cool let me see if I can't hold all three of
    them isn't it crazy that's why I'm so pumped about
    this about this idea and I'm really I'm excited to like figure out some more uh
    patterns like this that it like an art you know expression that can be
    downsized and just like all of the different looks and then if you go and
    look at the um you know the example on the shop
    it's like crazy so anyway thank you thanks for hanging out for the extra what 24 minutes here I'm so appreciative
    and hopefully Joan gets a good night uh good night rest and all of you East Coasters thank you you're so
    sweet for hanging out I know it's like after what after8 o'clock there so um
    it's our dinner time that's probably why Marlon Brando is scratching at the door because he wants me to go cook for him
    because that's what I live for anyway I hope everyone is uh well
    and uh have a it's Thursday so have a great weekend um I'll tape taking her
    off of the earring Loom and and I'll get that up into this playlist so thank you
    thanks for hanging out with me have a great night bye you're welcome Robin thank you
    thank you for your beautiful Expressions this week I love your pieces they're just so
    gorgeous so beautiful all right have a great
    night good night Ros rosaland I'm coming to Vegas make sure uh we
    talk April all right