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  • How to Weave a Multi Heart Pattern Bracelet on a Loom - Inspirations with Jewels

    March 01, 2024

    How to Weave a Multi Heart Pattern Bracelet on a Loom - Inspirations with Jewels

    In this Jewel Loom School tutorial, I demonstrate the Friendship Rainbow Bracelet kit, using a multi heart pattern. Please scroll down below the video to see more information & thought processes for this project. 

    This kit was originally created for a simple no pattern needed rainbow bracelet. My thought was that you would simple alternate the rows of beads that coordinate with the color of the rainbow, which I still think is a great idea for creating a super quick and easy bracelet.

    Many of you that bought the kit kept asking for the pattern and I was like there isn't one, LOL. So when my pattern designer presented this multi heart one I was like "Oh, this is perfect for the Friendship Rainbow Kit"!

    So here we are with a new direction which I love! If you bought the kit and did not get this pattern, please email me at jewels@jewelloom.com with your order number and I will send it to you.

    Materials Used:

    All of the above items are available in the jewelloom.com shop. Other Items needed include, scissors, wildfire burner, flat nose pliers and a bead mat.

    As you can see, I already started my bracelet before the tutorial and have some notes for you: I used .006 Wildfire Red for both my warps and wefts - this turned the transparent rainbow yellow into a vintage retro look! I love it! If you don't want the look, I would suggest you use Frost. I also think that the Blue would be gorgeous.

    I started with 2 yards of Wildfire for the wefts, and that got me through 3.5 Hearts. I cut another 1.5 to finish the other half of heart and one more heart for my wrist size which is 6 inches. Each Heart Section is approx 1.25 inches. My finally piece should be around 6.25

    I would highly suggest that you focus and be patient when working when this pattern. This is the first time I have worked with a sideways shape and it was a little challenging until I got my rhythm down and focused.

    I use a 20mm Slide Connector but you can use any closure that you choose. The Slide connector in the kit is 13mm and was included for the original streamlined idea of simple bracelets. Buy your color choice of 20mm slide connector here:

    I hope all of this info helps you. Please email me or text me if you need help. -Jewels

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    welcome everyone four o'clock on a Thursday what does that mean what does that mean Shout It Out shout it out let
    me get a shout out what is four o'clock Pacific Standard Time on a Thursday mean
    let's get a little hoot going I love it all the students are lined up in the
    hallway I've seen you come in all the you know Maria's just like going for just going for a record going for a
    record ontime student I love it so hey everyone it's Juliana the uh inventor Mama of the
    jewel loom and here's my loom right now I've got my hearts on it isn't that
    great I just love it I can't wait to share this with you and so super excited um yeah so if you're joining us on the
    Facebook hello hello hello I can't um I I think I do see or I'm not too sure
    that I see the comments from the Facebook I see everything that's scrolling through from YouTube Joan
    shaking her head in the background saying yes you do I'd be lost without her um and so
    welcome welcome Facebook peeps welcome YouTube peeps I'm so grateful each and
    every time you choose to tune in and if you're new um and you're just like what
    is going on over here this is the home of uh the jewel loom it's my home
    Juliana uh everything that I love pretty much under a big bead weaving umbrella
    and you could see all the different looms back here that I have and as I just mentioned I'm the mama of the
    original blue jewel loom beading Loom and the baby Loom which we haven't had
    the baby loom out for a while gonna have to think about that but yeah so we do a
    lot of fun things a lot of beading a lot of bracelet making earring making um
    chokers just depending on like what what um Loom I might be using pretty
    much dictates dictates dict that's okay that is not coming out of my mouth
    correctly but that's what it does um and so obviously if we're using the large wisdom Warrior you can make bigger
    pieces like chokers and hatbands and all kinds of stuff and we really I really do
    need to spend some time with the large wisdom Warrior I know Iana has been been asking me uh for months now and so I
    really I do need to do that hello Robin hello Jenny Gloria Rhonda's in the house
    everyone is coming in one by one oh gosh I just had a total
    flashback holy guacamole what grade would this have been do you remember the
    cart and it had all the milk and the chocolate milk on it do you remember that oh my God why am I flashbacking to
    elementary school because that definitely was not Junior High and it was not high school
    they were not serving milk that was a elementary school who remembers that the
    cart and you'd like get so excited because there was like milk on the cart and I don't remember like why there was
    milk on the cart like did you have to did you have to buy the milk on the cart
    was it like part of the the you know like going to school I don't know that's
    so interesting um always wanted to punch the holes in the cartons for the straws
    to go in Joan and ginger let me tell you just our
    little destructive terrible twos they're always looking for a good
    time and something to do so funny I think I saw Nicole just scroll through really quick hi I know super long time
    honey nice to see you very cool very very cool oh my goodness so it's so
    great to see everyone so let me just tell you a little bit about what's going to happen today um I I had put together
    a offer for people who were signing up for the juwel loom email you know
    newsletter the emails that I sent out and in that offer was a free PDF on how
    to make the friendship bracelets okay and so if you um signed up for the for
    you know the email then you went to a landing page and you were greeted with
    the free pdf uh to download free instructions and an immediate 15% off
    coupon okay so like all as well in the world that was a a great thing and then I thought okay well we're tell I'm
    telling people here's how you make them perhaps I should have like a kit
    to uh you know available in case they want to actually make the thing right so
    I put together the friendship bracelet kit it had um seven tubes of all rainbow
    colors based on the rainbow and a 13 mm slide connector and in my mind okay
    in my mind I'm just thinking you just make a rainbow bracelet right like you do maybe one or
    two rows of one color you follow the rainbow because you could see the image of the rainbow like all over the
    interwebs and right
    except for that everybody kept emailing me asking me for the pattern and I'm
    just like but there isn't a pattern like and
    then Brandy my you know my bestie from when we're little my rock star she just
    like performed in Prescot Arizona like with this whole female
    killer band thing where all these women were killing it rocking it you know and Brandy plays the guitar and sings so
    incredibly well so anyway she's designing the jewel loom patterns so she's also a beater she's also a silver
    smith like she's the whole package um and so she had just designed a heart
    pattern for me okay these hearts and I was like oh sugar I should see if she
    can't make that reflect the seven colors of the rainbow and of course this is like on is
    today Thursday I asked her on Monday I'm pretty sure it was Monday she's totally exhausted she just rocked it out o over
    the weekend right and I'm just like you know 911 can you help me and um and God
    bless her she got it all dialed in and um and so yeah so so long story short
    you know we like and I love this about us right because we just kind of like if
    things need to be washed and dried and massaged and and tweaked we can do that uh so now now the
    Friendship rainbow bracelet kit still seven tubes of beads we've got a 20 mm
    uh slider clasp in there now instead of the 13 and you get the heart pattern so
    that's my story I'm sticking to it and I'm super excited I know all of you who
    already bought the friendship kit are just like double snap uh where's my
    pattern all you have to do is email me okay so just email me or if well it's easier if
    you email me because then I'm just going to respond and I'm going to attach the
    pattern okay so just email Jules at J loom.com if you bought the friendship
    kit already and your order number if you happen to have it if not I definitely need your first and last name so that I
    can look up your order okay so don't lose your cheer Ros you're
    going to get the pattern all is well in the world those of you waiting on the goddess um she
    should be here those pieces I'm hoping I paid for priority so I'm hoping they'll
    be here by tomorrow Saturday and then as mentioned in the product description you
    know I would be shipping those out uh next week sometime so we're still on schedule for that and um I know a few of
    you have asked me for the pattern if I did not respond can you just nudge me again I'm so like there's so much going
    on so forgive me okay and I kind of think that might be it um the pattern
    the kit how we've massaged it I did make notes so the YouTube
    has an area a line a line a word okay so when you go to the jewel YouTube channel
    it says home um I believe it says like live shorts okay and then there's a tab
    that says community and the community tab is where I made a bunch of notes
    about my journey making this bracelet and so you might want to look at that
    post it would be great if you um said
    something respond to the post like thank you thank you
    Jules that would be good because I think like if you interact with the post then you know like the YouTube algorithm or I
    can't that word either I have a very hard time annunciating certain words I think I've shared with you before when I
    was on elen's Creative living there were some words that I simply could not enunciate so I drove from Lomo
    California all the way to Woodland Hills okay get the map out lpo California to
    Woodland Hills like what three stinking hours to
    go to a voice professional
    seriously to learn how to enunciate okay obviously it didn't it probably worked
    for the time being but I don't know I I I say it's my Portuguese my dad couldn't
    annunciate certain words either so it just won't it just doesn't work anyway
    without further Ado thank you thank you thank you for being here I'm going to get into it and so let's go ahead and
    I'm going to scoot Sean over and so Joan if you I don't know what you need to
    do and I need to find now can you hear me if I'm not up there
    though okay you can awesome all right so what I'm GNA do is I really so what I found first of
    all and I probably I probably don't even really need that whoops
    sorry so what I found is that once I started to do the
    pattern I I kind of just started to refer back to and I'm going to put some light on the
    situation I just um started to actually refer back to the
    actual beaded heart oh did you want
    that did you want both both of us up there Joan
    there [Laughter] she it's got a my we
    got here we go it's gonna be one of those okay backing up a little bit so
    what I what I was able to do or what I found uh by all means you can follow a pattern you can look at it while it's on
    your screen of your computer or your iPad or what have you you could you know make a copy of it I found that this was
    kind of simple in that once I did one heart I could kind of just go back and see what I did because it's just a rep
    you know you're just repeating over and over um so some notes I do want to point
    out that every heart is 1.25 in so when you're thinking about size
    you might want to write that down so every heart section so from like this uh
    row of yellow all the way down to here is 1.25 in and if you look at my entire
    Loom right now this is
    four four and a quarter if I'm not mistaken yeah four and a quarter or four and a half just about four and a half it
    looks like so my wrist is a 6 in and I'm using
    the slide connector so by time I finish the other half of the heart and one more
    heart it's going to be like 6.25 Ines long which is going to be just
    perfect um a couple other things to note I used red
    wildfire and what I what happened and it's kind of Pretty stinking cool is
    that the red Wildfire made this bright rainbow yellow bead look very vintage
    and so this very bright palette turned into like this really cool retro vintage
    look which I personally love if you don't like that I would suggest that you
    use the frost Wildfire um and then you'll get a clean look through this bright yellow bead and
    you'll you'll have a totally different look the other thing is that we did this pattern in brandy showed it to me with a
    black background and excuse me that was really sexy but there's not black beads
    in this kit so just know that that could be an option obviously as well um you
    could repeat this pattern over and over and over again to do a hatband just know that more than likely you're going to
    need more beads um and so yeah so very
    cool pattern I love when there's just like so many different things so many
    you know like little nuggets of information and knowledge oh one other thing and I put this in my post I think
    it's pretty important I started with about two yards of wildfire and that got
    me from my very first heart all the way down here to a half a heart so it did three and a half hearts
    and now I have a new piece of wildfire and it's like a yard and a half probably
    didn't need so much but I don't I just want to make sure so and I went into
    this um second row let me just bring up the the loom really quick here so you could
    see that I came in up here on the left side I weaved over and then back because
    I want to start back over to my left side this is just kind of like out in midair there's no knots when I'm done
    I'll go back in weave it and um tie it off in the middle okay so um what I'm
    going to do is I'm going to transfer the needle over into my left hand and come
    under the warps and by the way this is a 11 warps across because we have 10
    beads um wait a minute no I think we have the opposite of one two it's 11
    beads across so it's 12 warps sorry okay I get excited alrighty
    so yeah let me just I just want to make sure that's one
    bead and it looks looks like one bead so now I'm going to go into two so I've got two two
    yellows and I am really quick here let me just
    pull I'm G to split my screen oops oh no no no
    no here let me just do this there we go then we'll come over here and we'll
    come over here yeah so I'm just making my pattern a little bit bigger it's up on the
    screen okay so we're going to have two yellows and then we're going to have a
    um purple which is actually the amethyst here's a tip don't put this
    color very close to this color this is your sugar plum it's acting as like the
    Indigo um in your rainbow and this is your amethyst which is acting as your purple they're very similar and so if
    you put them next to each other it's slightly more fun than humans are allowed to have separate those two okay
    um and that will save you a lot of angst all right so two yellows one amethyst
    and then we're going to have two of those pretty sugar
    plums and what do we have after the Sugar Plum we have a gorgeous Sapphire this is so stinking
    pretty okay and these are all rainbow transparent Rainbow by the way so they've all got like that really cool
    Shimmer um and then we have C which is the green and we have a which is the
    yellow and a really fun orange and then
    two Reds
    whoops get on there
    okay we got a little so um Nicole I think you were
    asking about pattern only and funny enough we were talking about that today in my um
    one of my coaching calls and so uh that is going to happen
    very soon and um and we can we will be doing that so okay so now
    I'm just going to go back through those seed beads and you want to
    make sure that the needle is on top of the warps as it's gliding
    through so let me just bring that up to the
    camera okay and then you're just going to pull that all the way
    through okay and then just a you know just a a nice little pull but not tooo
    hard because you don't want to distort the warps like you don't want to pull so tight that you know you have an
    indentation um on on the warps there okay so then the next one is is I'm
    picking up three yellows so
    one two
    whoops one two three they're they're camera shy I have decided because this only happens when when I'm on that I
    can't get the beads is it them or is it me I don't know all right so two
    two sugar plums and gorgeous Sapphire and a
    green and an yellow and it looks
    like an orange let's see get back in line okay and then two
    Reds so funny enough doing a pattern like this where the image is going
    sideways takes a little more concentration I was a little surprised when I started to work on it I was like
    oh which is I just think it's psychological because it shouldn't make
    a difference but um the way I was processing it I was like oh I really need to focus so it's probably just the
    way my brain works okay so you going back
    through and then we just always want to make sure that on that pull there let me
    bring this up I've got my computer really close oh my gosh and the dog is scratching at the door so that there's
    not like a little RI rain you know like a little ribbon of wildfire so you just want to pull tight enough that that gets
    um pulled in so again coming under the warps and I'm just going to push myself
    back here hair because I keep bumping into the computer all right so now I've got four
    yellows okay so four yellows and one sugar
    plum and it looks like one sapphire and one green and one
    yellow and an orange so pretty and Two
    Reds so it's a pretty it's a pretty simple pattern once you like get your Rhythm
    and you get going so I bet you could whip this up as a hatband pretty
    easily because you know once you kind of know and you're just repeating the
    pattern that's basically like right in front of you
    right and then we're going to take the needle and we're going back through when
    I when I do this I'm like consciously making a connection between the top of the bead my hand and my
    eyes so that I can really tell that you know it's going through and that it's on
    top of the warps so what happens if it's not on top of the warps well your beads fall off so
    and that's like not fun but fixable just you know not fun all right so one two
    three so now we got five yellows
    one two three four five one two
    three um and man he's like one two three four
    five he always waits until I come back out
    here a and it looks like an orange and a
    red and whoops the red didn't pick up the
    red and then a yellow
    okay can you believe this is the last day of February February 29th
    so crazy why why is he being punished he's
    not being punished he was in the house and then he just like you know he won't
    come out here then he randomly we'll come out here um I have to shut the door because I'm out in the back of the
    studio but no he's never punished poor guy I had to like give him a bath at 9:30 last night his skin is just really
    raging right now 1 two 3 so six yellows and it fun to watch these hearts come
    come to life it's really a um sometimes the most simple icon can make a really
    powerful statement and I love that because I feel like this pattern is really doable even if you're a
    beginner because look at me 30 years and I can't pick up these damp beads
    oh my God okay six A's and then and then we got a green these greens are gorgeous
    too right yep we're just going straight to that and then we've got another
    yellow okay and then we've got an
    orange okay 5 six 7 8 an orange and then um is that 6 7 8 9 10 11 wait I'm
    missing something this was six right so that's
    six seven 8 n is the orange and then two
    more yellows right yep okay so that's 11 I'm asking you and you're on the
    other side of the cyber
    okay so that's the rest of our heart let me turn it look it it's so
    pretty a't it cool I I feel like there's like this was a Gen X heart back
    in the day and I can't quite put my excuse me like what what product or like
    what it was on like it was it on a album I don't know but it's really like
    bringing Gen X vibes okay so then the next
    um the next two rows are all yellows so we're going to have 11 of
    those one two three four five
    six can I make a comment seven yes I can't believe I was looking at
    that I thought why isn't she making the heart pattern I'm looking at the whole time I thought it was a boat with
    this cu the way it was turned I thought about the heart you seriously
    thought I was working on a you know what I can't blame you for thinking that because if you look at it it does does
    kind of look like a ship you're you know what you got you got some valid points there girlfriend
    oh my God you are so funny okay five 10
    11 if you need it to be a boat Jan it can be a
    boat but it's a heart oh my God that's so but you know what I know now I'm now
    I'm looking at it and all I'm going to see is a ship like a cargo ship
    too funny all right so through back through the
    beads okay so again we want two um two rows of just of just the yellows so let
    me one two three
    four five whoops come on buddy FES
    six 7 8 9
    11 yeah it's really kind of crazy how the red
    um how red Wildfire just really changes the
    whole look of that yellow bead really makes it very vintage very retro
    looking almost missed you it does look like a cellb from the side oh my God that's so
    funny okay let me measure really quick see what's going on here so we've
    got whoops what do we got got five inches
    okay so five inches so I'm going to start back
    over and okay so this time oh so we're
    starting the pattern over so don't screw up Jules hold that thought I'm going to bring this over sorry for my
    arm I got to make this a little bit bigger so I can see what I'm doing so I don't screw up everything yeah so we are
    going to do that now we're going to go from six on down okay cool let me cross that
    out let me get this over here so I can see perfect okay so I'm under the warps
    hi Rosalinda um so now I can't unseen the
    cellbone I know well you'll unsee it when it's when it's right because see
    look it because they got it's got the voluptuous
    top that's so funny what was I know it's driving me I can totally see what this
    was on when I was like growing up in high school okay so the next one then
    because we're starting with the far left side so that's going to be six
    okay so six yellow beads and then a green goes all the way
    up to green and then another yellow and then an
    orange and then two yellows so yeah so basically you know you're
    definitely using your pattern and then it's really kind of cool too because I can just look up here and go oh okay so
    then I'll start repeating
    just want to make sure I'm on the top there oh when it gets tight like that and I can't get it to move with my own
    pressure from my hand I never force it I come in with the flats and I pull it's
    so bizarre but it's it just shifts I guess like the tension somehow and um
    because if I try to pull it with my hand my you know the it just uh um will
    break okay so now we're going to come back under and we're going to five
    yellows so one 2 3
    four five and then we're going to have two sugar
    plums uh I take that back is it Two Sugars
    hold on oh boy everything's like a little shiny right now I'm going to just keep the yellows
    on there I'm going to have to look over here uh one two three four five so one
    two three four five goes oh goes straight to uh to a
    beautiful e and then a c
    and a yella and a
    be and wait that should only be that should
    be one no I did that
    wrong hold that thought okay hold on I got to pull this pattern up so that it's
    bigger because I don't have the eyes there we go okay so we got five yellows
    we got a beautiful Sapphire we had our green okay and um one two three we had
    our green and then we had a yellow okay so I was doing good and
    um and then we had a orange and then we had a
    red and then we went back to a yellow
    oh for goodness sakes
    okay and then I'm just going to go back through that
    row also you know if you like what you're seeing it always helps if you share and
    we love shares um sharing is
    caring okay so four yellows so now I'm moving on up okay four yellows so one
    two three four yellows and then we're going to have a sugar and after sugar we're going to
    have a beautiful Sapphire and then we're going
    to have a green and a
    yellow and then an orange and Two
    Reds I don't know if you saw the picture Maria on the
    um well definitely on the jewel loom shop page but you can see your earrings
    uh loud and clear I wore them during a photo shoot recently right after you you
    sent them to me so they're pretty cool you have to check it
    out and thank you again everybody was just like in awe okay so that was four four and now
    we're going to go down to three
    yellows so three yellows and Two Sugars
    whoops two sugar so three two and then a pretty
    blue and then green yellow
    whoops [Music] green yellow orange green yellow orange and
    Reds oh my God I love them are you kidding me I've worn them so many
    times they're super cool thank you thank
    you okay and now we're going to have two
    yellows you look like a teenager in that photo thank you um
    two yellows and now we're going to get in into our am
    and Two Sugars
    and a beautiful blue got to get this out of the way beautiful
    blue uh green yellow orange
    [Music] green yellow
    orange green yellow yellow orange and Two
    Reds [Music]
    okay did anybody get a chance to watch the live yesterday um on bellcraft
    publishing with an and Tiffany
    wsor boy I almost thought I didn't have it on
    there okay so now that was that was two yellows right so now I'm down to
    one okay so we got one and we got two
    amies one two AMS Two
    Sugars Two Sugars a blue right um where am I at two okay one
    two AMS Two Sugars one blue and a
    green yellow green yellow two double
    D's and a yellow
    Cactus oh this is so
    pretty big thank you for to Brandy for coming
    through she's like when you need it I'm like I was hoping to have it for tomorrow
    night she's like okay let me work on it all right so that was one so now
    we're just going to go down to a what do we got one two three
    amies one two three amies okay and then two
    sugar whoops come on buddy
    Two Sugars
    and um and what I just do there an e so now we got a C so green yellow
    red [Music] green
    green yellow red
    and two yellows one
    two definitely want to give a big shout out to all the new YouTube subscribers
    so incredibly grateful that you choose I know what a conscious Choice it
    is because when I choose to subscribe to a YouTube channel I'm like it's because it interested me
    it's because I found the information you know valuable so I'm so grateful to
    those of you that are current subscribers and new we just went over um
    3,000 and I just think that's such a beautiful thing okay so I have half a
    heart we need to like we need to to make it full size now Okay so we're going to
    work the other direction and we've got one and
    whoops one
    two and two sugars One Two
    Sugars and beautiful
    Sapphire and a green sapphire and and a green and a
    yellow with some double D's one
    [Music] two and a
    yellow it's a very satisfying
    pattern because you just like instantly get to see it come to life and that's what's really cool I
    like that a lot okay so now we got
    two and um one amethyst and two plums one two PL whoops
    one two plums a beautiful blue beautiful blue a green
    yellow orange
    and two double
    okay and um just just so that there's no
    misunderstandings on those particular kits they are priced at the Rock Bottom
    so they don't take any discount codes um try to keep the retail
    reasonable and so just pre thank you for your
    understanding all right so three yellows one two
    three yellows Two
    Sugars um three two okay and then a
    green and a
    yellow whoops
    little guy and orange oh my God he's
    back so Joan was saying that she was working on her
    um her wine uh her caddy I can't say the W word her stem wear
    caddy so I'll be excited to see that okay and then
    four so one two three
    four okay and then that's one sugar one
    sugar and a blue and and oops a
    green a green a [Music]
    yellow orange and two double
    D's oh I'm doing the loops mentioned instead of the oh well I can't wait to
    see that I who used it the other day they they
    used their coasters for um to help display their jewelry that they
    made I can't remember now but I thought that was super
    cool okay almost done all right so that was
    four right so now we need five 1 2 3 four or five one
    two three four five okay and then so one two
    3 four five we're going to go straight to the
    blues straight to the blues um a
    green a yellow wait get your eyes focused one
    two three four five okay a blue a green a
    yellow an [Music] orange a
    red and a yellow oh I had a feeling that red one
    was not going to go over the the G Loom
    needle okay so that was five right so now we're
    on one two three four five now we're on six oh wow so we're almost done so
    one 2 3 four five six
    yellows okay and then
    whoops uh green a green and a
    yellow green a yellow and a rainbow or orange I keep calling
    that rainbow orange and then two two of these
    guys is that [Laughter]
    correct is our heart is our our heart full yay it is it is it is okay cool
    so all right um okay so instead of doing two rows of
    yellow I'm only going to do one because I started with one and so I'm going to
    end with one so let's just do 11 right
    one two whoops come on
    three okay that actually went really
    quick all right so let's pop these bad boys up in
    there and again we're just going to go back through and we're just going to
    make sure that the needle is on top of the warps and then pull it
    through okay and what I want to do is I want to
    get the beads out of my way okay and I'm going to turn
    here I'm going to take the needle and I'm going back through that
    whole bottom
    row and I think I'm going to do it
    again okay and I'm going to do this whoops say
    hey hey hey it was pushing the pushing the thread out I definitely do not
    want little ribbons of thread that's going to make me not a happy girl come
    on get back in there it gets challenging uh with the
    wait come on okay hold on gotta get this guy tight
    and that guy tight okay and I'm going to turn again so I can see what I'm
    doing oh gosh yes yes Maryann welcome
    back so I'm just coming up in between oh it's a little hard to see
    there we go so I'm just bringing the needle uh through like the first three beads and then I'm going to come out in
    between the third and the fourth you can you can do it wherever you
    know you feel comfortable what I'm want to do now is just
    grab I going to grab onto one of the warps
    here ow that'll wake you
    up and then I'm just like to take my need uh oh uh oh uh oh what
    happened let's see hold on okay we're all
    good okay so I just like wo it back in there and I'm just
    gonna cut all right let me I want to get my
    screens back to full so that I can see what in the world I'm doing there we go
    okay okay so here's the whole whole bracelet let's see what that
    ended up giving me so yeah six and a
    quarter awesome yeah because that's six and then
    yeah that's just about a quarter of an inch so five
    hearts if you're going to use like the slider um my wrist is six inches so you don't
    actually not the end which end are we talking about Judy because this what I just cut off I
    did knot I I hid the knot in the warp and then I pulled it to I pulled it to
    the back and then I'm going to take the wild the burner and then I'll I'll burn that down
    but I'm not sure which end you're referring to so tell me okay
    this this this this piece so I use the flatnose pliers to
    smush the Wildfire because sometimes it's
    just a little too um thick to get through the eye of the jewel loom needle
    that was it so that you're good all right so let me see for Giggles
    if I can't can't get this
    rethreaded thank you okay so it's a little short let's
    see so I'm just G to come in here and I'm just going to go through
    like two
    beads least I thought I was please don't
    break and don't oh my gosh what a mess come on Jules pull together
    sister okay okay and so I'm just going to find a a
    warp to
    just feel like I'm to got some glare coming from somewhere
    so I can't really hold on I'm just got to get this a little [Laughter]
    closer like I have glasses on and obviously that's not good enough okay
    some of you can relate right so I'm just gonna try to get my
    way out of that knot and then bring it
    down okay there we [Laughter] go all right and then again let's just o
    the back side's pretty red too I like that okay now
    um I'm going to cut this end so I know Danielle has her little
    trick uper sleeve where she does that really cool process of like getting the
    piece off of the Loom um I'm not always comfortable with that because I don't I
    just I try to leave one end but Danielle Kind of does that the best I don't
    feel qualified so I'm going to I'm just going to cut
    whoa and then we'll take these guys and then we'll try to see um sometimes what
    happens is like this end will'll do the Danielle trick so we'll see for Giggles I think she kind of starts
    like doesn't she just grab one and yeah there we go so freaking
    cool and yeah we just want to be careful not to distort
    so I'm just pretending to know what I'm doing here no I do know what I'm doing
    but she does it with a lot more grace okay I think if you start to pull
    and it doesn't come with you then that's a sign not to do
    that there we go so I'm just pulling these so let me
    show you what's happening because you're just St in the middle yes I did not start in the middle I started to the
    left side um does it really matter because it seems to be doing
    okay so here's the warps that I cut and I'm pulling them very carefully Maria
    suggestion is to start in the middle it's a little more hard to find the
    middle when you have so many warps but I'm curious to know see like
    you could tell immediately when it doesn't want to be pulled I don't want to like there we
    go there whoa but did that one get caught in there hold on hold
    there we go yeah you definitely want to pay attention when you do
    this okay so there we go it's like every other
    one and it won't pull if if it's
    wrong okay what's going on
    here ah you know what that's all about that's because I tied a knot to the warp
    it's not going to go anywhere aha see the trickery
    [Laughter] Danielle because if you have your
    knots on the warp like I did and I just so happen to have oh but it did this one
    so that doesn't make any sense unless you know what that was like that was somehow in the middle let's just see for
    Giggles let's see let me try it again I'm like trying to be all fancy
    but it's just not yeah they're not
    pulling no nope so that's very interesting Maria
    says she does it not yeah a lot of people don't right
    so and maybe this is why okay so we just have to do where's the
    burner yeah if you're going to do that technique then you absolutely cannot do
    that because that's definitely not going to
    work are the warps no they're
    Wildfire but it's the red Wildfire that's making the yellow beads just look
    like super
    cool okay so I guess what I'm just going to have to do here is uh
    I just ordered some hemptique for pro another project I'm working
    on their mermaid have you seen it the mermaid hemptique it's so
    cool okay so I'm just going to do old school sorry to let you down
    [Laughter] Danielle I just did another project
    though and it work really well but that's okay this we we can do this too it's not a deal breaker right
    JN oh is Joan gone Joan is
    gone yeah their side is like
    candy I guess it must be past five o'clock because we lost
    Joan okay so then I'm just going to very carefully
    trim these
    off oh my goodness those are so oh I was like why are they so long
    duh so we'll just tie
    these is it oh my gosh it's
    804 but that's eastern
    time yeah we are just preparing for sunset here in
    California and dinner hasn't even been
    these long pieces are
    funny oh for goodness sakes come on now
    do you put a dab of hypos um the hypo G
    stuff Maria on your ends then if you don't do any
    nodding I feel like I've done both in the past sometimes I not sometimes I
    don't not okay I gotta be careful not to be doing that too
    tight okay so bring these
    oh my gosh so much fun okay the hypo yeah I like the
    hypo sometimes you got to open these up a little
    what's going on there we go okay well
    that's oh my goodness I've never had these not is it just not open
    enough hold that
    okay I'm just opening this up because it does not want to go over for some
    reason there we go there we go was a little
    stubborn oh I hear you Marlin
    Brando see if this one I like to match up the direction that I
    oh my goodness okay let me see let me see well this way look at how fun okay so that worked
    out really well so that was 6 and a/4 inches long five hearts and I have a 6
    inch wrist and I've got some playroom for sure so I think I don't know how You'
    like to wear yours but if you did one more I mean you wouldn't you probably
    wouldn't even have to do one more heart like if you had a seven interest right if you like to have a little
    looseness right or you could do another heart but either way stinking cute right oh my
    goodness okay let me come back up hold on I can do all the controls on my own
    like a big girl right now so let's
    see yay oh I love it I love it so
    much very cute let me bring it up to this screen too no it looks better on the other
    screens very fun that came out really nice and you
    know what it didn't really take all that long too because like if you focus and you're not trying to do it on air goes a lot
    quicker let me just see if there were any questions that did not get answered after our lovely
    Joan uh flew the coupe I got to tell you too look at all the beads that are left
    out of that kit like you could definitely probably get to I mean it's like barely touched you
    know the the least amount you're going to have obviously is the yellow okay but you'd have enough probably yellow to do
    the part section you probably would just have to choose an eighth color for the
    background and again when Brandy showed me the one with the black was pretty dang sexy so yeah I mean tons of beads
    left and I still have to put the beads from my my mat my gosh look at oh it's so pretty
    it's so
    pretty very fun yes it's a very happy bracelet I think it's a bracelet that
    definitely needs to be worn you could you could wear like layers with
    it oh could you do could you do
    that who's doing a ring you have enough beads to do a ring
    seriously right so that's one heart I bet if you did two hearts you
    could get two hearts on here I got chubby fingers so let me do
    it this way though because it's hard to tell let me put it oh that makes more
    sense who's doing it who's gonna make a heart ring oh my God that is so
    cool okay I'm totally making one so if you choose to do a heart
    ring make sure that you lay it out so that the heart is in the middle
    okay because you're going to have to think about this so you'll want to measure your
    finger okay and then you're going to want to put the heart in the middle of all of that however many rows that is
    and then you'll have like you know to the left left you'll be probably one color to the right
    you'll be one color and then you just focus on the heart in the middle like that I can't I don't even know who I am
    right now I know who I am I'm the jul
    Mama come on tell me that's not can I get a come on
    now where's my come on Nows that's so cool I love it I love it I love it okay
    I'm going to take this off camera and I'm going to remove my
    overhead and I'm going to thank you all so very much your ring size is a three and a half and I think I'm like a
    2.75 so if what did we say one and A4 inch
    is is the heart pattern
    so yeah I think that would be I mean you could do more Hearts I'm just saying you definitely want to make sure that the
    one heart is in the middle like that because that is super stinking cool I mean I need a heart ring like
    yesterday I'm GNA break out the baby jewel loom see what did we say when we first started we said oh I haven't seen
    the baby jewel loom in a while I'm gonna do this on the baby jewel loom you're so welcome Maria come on now Robin that's
    right come on now all right you guys I love you and I hope you have a beautifully blessed
    weekend um we have another storm coming so
    yay but I'll be beating away so um show me what you're working on this week and
    I would love to see that and thank you thank you thank you um and we'll see you
    again God willing we will see you
    again thanks everyone thanks Maryanne
    cheers bye Jenny Bye Zach Bye Maria bye bye bye bye
    bye David all right see you