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  • How to Decorate a Wine Caddy with Wire & Beads - Inspirations with Jewels

    February 16, 2024

    How to Decorate a Wine Caddy with Wire & Beads - Inspirations with Jewels

    Learn to decorate your sustainable baltic birch wine caddy, which is in the new Home Decor section of the online Jewel Loom store. Jewels shows how to use beads & flatbacks to decorate the caddy. The wood can also be decorated with non-water based products.

    You can choose from 2 stem or 4 stem wine caddies, which set on top of your wine bottle, then hang your wine glasses from it. You can also get matching coasters. The holes were put along the sides so you can decorate your caddies with beads, wires, or with anything your imagination wants. Check out the design choices here:  https://jewelloom.com/collections/home-decor?aff=11 

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    hello everyone welcome it's juwel Loom School live on Thursday February
    15th still sending the love out to everyone um I posted the uh woven heart
    that I did way back in 2019 on Jewelry Television when we came out with the uh
    the goddess line of looms and so um I
    love that heart I really should do a workshop on that because I got a lot of compliments and and comments so maybe
    I'll I'll put that in the old the old brain there so welcome
    welcome I'm Juliana and I am the inventor of the original jewel loom the blue one right here sitting in her
    little uh sleigh in her cradle on her throne as Maria likes to to point out
    and um and so yeah so we do a lot of beaning on a loom because I have a
    variety of bead looms and I also have a variety of what I would refer to as like
    mixed media fiber art Looms where you can use Sor ribbons and fibers and um
    Yarns and you know all kinds of cool things to weave with um period Ally we
    do um stringing we'll have most likely it's a guest who is doing that say Deb
    floros or Joan dice or um Amber or Trisha you know we'll have somebody on
    who does something a little bit different and um and so yeah so I funny
    enough if it's not on the loom I I like me a good stretchy
    bracelet that is my secret pleasure um I do like a stretchy bracelet and I'm you
    know I I learned um from Katie hacker you know how to to do the stretchy
    bracelet and with the with the uh the the core you know how she ties off and
    uh uses the hypo cement and so you know there's a connection there right like I learned from one of my peers and so um
    you know that was a lot of fun and so I what showing up is julan right now is
    actually Joan Dyson she is saying she has a ton of stretchy cords so we may
    see some stretchy uh stretchy bracelets from from Miss Joan but yeah so we do we
    do different things my background is um General craft forever I've been in the
    creative Industries for 25 plus who's counting but probably more
    like 30 years now and so I have pretty much done anything and everything from
    paper crafting to home decor to jewelry making to uh Japanese knots with ribbons
    to um decorating geese to uh faux
    finishing stained glass I mean you name it like I I I worked with elene Jackson
    forever in a day and so I really got lucky to uh to learn a lot of different
    applications so to day is really exciting because I felt like you know
    we're doing all of these really cool wood products and the Looms are off the
    charts like amen right can I get it come on
    now but in addition to that I was like you know um people love home decor
    and typically you can find stemware in a house and so I asked asked um Robert and
    team hey can we do some stemware caddies and he was like yeah and I said you know
    uh I would like to introduce those to the creative Soul members and that's what we did this
    month we put a kit together for the creative Soul subscribers which there is
    one we thought we were sold out there is one kit left so
    Joan probably has the link to that and um and but that is it as far as like
    getting the actual caddy in addition to all of the beads that come with it so
    far I have been able to make a pair of earrings which I am super super loving
    let me bring you closer let come on in darling so there's the
    earring and so so yes I was able to make a pair so all of these beads were in the
    February kit um and then I started working on my caddy this
    afternoon and I'll just very carefully so look it oh my gosh I've already made
    six of my I'm just referring to them as like chandelier
    legs and I suppose that if I drank too much wine I would probably be wearing
    this not that I've ever done that
    before but so there's tons of beads and then we made you these look at these
    little heart charms these are little Baltic B uh Birch heart charms and then look at the cute little um The Rose
    there's two Swarovski um hearts in there they're
    Flats they don't have they don't have holes and then I still have a lot of
    beads left oh and I was showing Joan I was showing Joan like I was able
    to make a little bead charm for the bottle or your or your stemware very cute right so I always uh
    for the subscribers I'm I'm always working on the value of everything that you get so I even saw Maria mention
    about a kit that she purchased that wasn't a subscription and she was giving
    a giving a shout out on how there were still uh a lot of beads for her to play
    with so I um I like I said I started
    this so I did not get my Royal Talons paints yet um they've
    been overseas at the very big show in Germany in Frankfurt so um I know
    they're working on it and I'm super stoked I was gonna go to Michaels and try to figure figure out what to
    buy but I couldn't I couldn't figure it out so I
    didn't want to screw it up but I love I love how the Baltic birch wood wood
    looks you know just as is especially with this gorgeous pattern um so if you
    wanted you could just do like a protective coat of beeswax onto the
    Baltic Birch or you can you know use products on your wood to enhance the
    look I'm kind of digging the unfinished look right now I also want to and I'm
    going to back back up and I'm going to Bow this this down and so the first thing that came to
    mind and mind you I still have four four holes that I can I can um decorate okay
    but here's what came to mind carara realtor right you make these you sell
    your homes in Arizona wouldn't this be an awesome gift to give your buyers or
    your sellers right Lisa here in California plus all my other real estate friends
    all over the country I mean seriously way way too cool I was even thinking
    about Deborah with her cosmetology business which she was just featured on
    a television show in Texas I don't know if she has shared the link with everybody yet but I was just thinking
    about this from a giftgiving place as well as for yourself
    but so cool however you use it whether you keep it for yourself or you make them for somebody else I love love love
    this idea so some really simple um thing
    I I mean really all I did and I'll just show you too basically took some 22 gauge wire
    strung some beads and then I thought oh my gosh how cute would it be if all the little hearts were sitting on top of the
    caddy so then I would I put the water water the wire underneath and a heart
    and then I just did a swirl it's kind of hard to see the swirls but the yep there you go I just swirled um the uh wire
    there and so these are sitting now you wouldn't want to do standup Parts on the ends because that's where your wine
    glass goes so let me show you that really quick okay and but what you could do is
    I found some flatbacks okay so here's a flatback so like if you didn't want to put anything
    here at all you could cover up the holes with some really gorgeous Crystal um you
    know check um flatbacks and that would be that would
    be awesome but anyway let me just very carefully because I've got the wine glasses over here you kind of have to
    like disengage at the same time okay there we go by the way my sweet sweet
    friend Armando Chavez who I went to high school with um when his mama went on to
    uh Heaven uh she had a lot of
    stuff and who am I not to go to a home that has a lot of stuff right anyway we found these um wine glasses and the
    funny thing is that they were from mvin mids hasn't been around like forever
    right and so um anyway I love them so Armando thank you I'm I'm showing off
    your mama's wine glasses and so all you would do is you turn them upside down
    and then they just go into the little slots here and this this
    bottle of Josh Chardon um is a little bit shorter for some reason than the other wine bottles
    and so they're just kind of like sitting on the table right now but look at how Gorge is that so
    beautiful and again you can see why you would not want to put hearts on these
    two sides because you're going to have your stemware slide into the slots there
    and then if you didn't want to do anything here like any dangles you could just do some um you know flatbacks and
    glue them on with some E6000 and call it a day so I once again I'm just going to remove these at the same same time um
    I've actually got a a four slide over here let me scooch this
    over really quick I feel like a bartender right
    now okay so this [Music]
    one this one look at this people tuning in are like I thought this was a weaving
    Channel it is a weaving we're weaving home decor into our beaded life but this is
    this is a four stemware caddy holder isn't that so cool and then this is the
    one that has the grape um design on it but so much fun just in case you were
    wondering like what the difference is so you would put two more pieces of stemware um into the slots there these
    have holes on the ends and so uh this is the grape vine design so I'm going to go
    ahead and scooch that back over bring Josh back in which of course that's my son and so and the brand actually
    has very good Chardon um and cab they have a good cab
    all right so I'm gonna come over here um not too sure how I want to do the camera
    work yet let's see I think I'll see how this goes
    okay so I'm gonna I'm going to bring that over okay so Janes got I think you can make me
    little little ER I'm yeah you want to switch that
    right I know I did it um last time I was on all by myself let me try
    no there we go is that working yeah it's kind of just like a little
    process there so after I did all of that I've made um six bead strands I've made
    made a pair of earrings I've made the little wine charm I still have all of
    these beads left so I could make another pair of earrings if I wanted um and I
    could definitely make some more wine charms I'm sorry let me get my hand out of the way
    okay so there's a lot um oh and here's another strand here's another strand so
    you have a lot of beads to play with so basically what I did was um I took
    a piece of 22 gauge wire now what comes in your kit is 24
    gauge I decided to go ahead and use 24 for the uh wine charms or the bottle
    charm and I went ahead and cut some 22 I was just kind of liking the more heavy
    um thicker wire for this so these peacocks are fabulous I feel like they
    look like little Dice and I think that my Bunko peep would love these I'm like tempted to
    take it with me tonight because tonight is Bunko by the way so which me Lu okay
    so I've gone through all of my well I still have let's see here's I've got two hearts left oh but I want to save those
    for a pair of earrings so we're not going to use those okay so I'm going to
    add one of these decorative beads and then I've got some silver fire polish
    and so these might end up being like a little shorter oh maybe I do another peacock
    let's see let's do another peacock I mean really they're just absolutely Divine and listen you don't have
    to add all of these gorgeous beads uh to your wine uh stemware caddy if you don't
    want to you could certainly uh use them for traditional jewelry making do some
    stringing like our um our Deb floros our little stringing
    goddess you could do that um you could do whatever you want I just like to give
    you really awesome quantity and quality
    and inspire you with some ideas I guess it would be nice if I
    could see oh my goodness holy guacamole how come I can't see the hole there come on
    buddy oh this is so funny not really but there we go
    okay and we'll get another silver one out here and I'm GNA just this
    definitely is a little bit heavier using three of the peacocks
    so and because I've got the stem that's going to be nestled into
    that slide on you know on the caddy I don't think I'm going to go as long
    because well let's face it every stemware piece is going to be different
    right you may have um stems that are shorter and so you know you want this
    piece over on the end here to lay to lay right so I I'm going to say I'm only
    going to do like what is this three three and a quter inch maybe okay so where's all
    my where's all my tools um I'm going to go ahead
    and okay and I do think let me see I
    might need to put another silver oh wait wait wait because I've
    got to go up and even though this might be where
    my jump rings come in um okay I'm talking out loud talking
    out loud thinking thinking I
    might okay so if I do it this way can you still you no because if I do a jump ring that's going to have that's going
    to have [Music] some um height okay so I'm just going to
    do and no judging because Mama doesn't always do these Loops that one came out
    just fine all right so what I'm GNA do is I've got like
    ginormous jump rings and let me bring over the let me see let me bring this
    into let me see if I can't slide this actually underneath the
    um underneath get my tools feel like a like a dental technician right now with all
    my tools what I want to do
    is let me see here I don't know if I'm going to be able to do that and get
    my hold that [Laughter]
    thought hold that thought see I just have to become my own camera person
    right okay so there's the hole where the slide is I'm G to come in a little bit
    more there we go Juliana okay so well then I got to kind
    of get this funky arm going in
    here and then we can do this
    and hold that with my flat this is so
    pretty and then we're going to lock that
    in I think I need new glasses because even with my glasses on I'm having a hard
    time I think that kissing I'll have to go back and check it out
    but there we go okay so that works out really really
    well and I just for Giggles hold on I want to see what happens I want to see what happens
    with with the glass
    did that oh yeah see totally there's all this room under here so very cool very
    cool so yeah so I would you could see why I was talking about um I was talking
    about not making this one as long as the others because we don't want it hitting
    the actual body of the glass so okay very cool so I'm going to take these out
    okay yeah so you could see and then see where on some of these I just look at these cute little charms
    then that work out really nice they're just beautiful so so pretty oh I like that a lot that is so Gorge
    yeah I totally can see these as surprise
    gifts I think my realator friends need [Laughter]
    these okay let me go over this
    way okay so same thing um you know you're
    just going to string
    these it's very simple uh what did I do okay I did with
    guys and I need more silver and another
    peacock and by you know this is just my example you can certainly string them
    however um however you
    like and I mean this is a lot of beads you can make these shorter if you're
    just like Jews I love the idea but I want to have some more beads for jewelry then do that you know you could cut
    these little guys in half I you know me I like long go big go home right so you
    could definitely change it up um oh my gosh I can't remember the total count of strength right now but it's a
    lot so you have lots and lots I this bead though in the
    dark because I don't seem to have an Eli right now there we
    go a that's cute Robert thank you they literally just showed up at the
    door by the way so Jane Jane uh was very
    excited to get her creative Soul subscription and I said everything's
    supposed to be here today so we'll be packing all weekend and uh and so uh so
    the Box literally just landed at the front door Marlon Brando of course wanted to you know what is it with dogs
    like you know he's 26 pounds he thinks he's going to eat the UPS man I'm like
    dude that's that's your bread and butter right there don't eat the UPS
    man' oh my goodness okay this is embarrassing why
    can't I find I see the darn thing why can't I
    find it's so funny come
    on there we
    go yeah they're so um they're super cool I was saying that our realtor friends
    need to make these and uh and have them on the counters of their
    homes that they they sell for their sellers or their buyers and sometimes a
    realtor represents both sides how do I know these things I have many many realtor
    friends great realtor friends but just as a gift in general
    like if you're um I have a girlfriend that does um organic wine my sweet friend
    cricet Cricut reps uh a organic line of wine
    and did I do that right wait what did I
    do oh I did one too many hold on hold that
    thought um yeah so Cricut does really cool
    parties um and she reps a really cool line of organic wine I could see
    these um Iana you could have these on your on
    your uh tables at all your at all of your boutiques you're doing you
    know uh let me get my retail
    words it's not a loss it wouldn't be a loss um oh my gosh you know it's the
    item that draw PE draws people in and you could actually use this to display
    your jewelry that would be hot that would be super
    hot you know not for nothing these could be charms right like you could just like
    make these and then you could do like little S hooks and put the S hooks in the holes
    and then these guys would be hanging from them and you could sell those like
    Mama is in her money mode right now so take notes I think that would be a super cool
    idea and you just price it right right because you've always got to have that item that helps to pay for your table or
    your booth okay if you want to know more of what I'm talking about then just ask me
    but I'm just thinking that would be a really cool idea I just see I don't know why I'm seeing like I'm seeing gift
    giving I'm seeing money making I don't know and usually when
    that happens I'm I'd hate to say it but I am right so
    all right where's another jumbo another
    jumbo and like I said we um I thought we were sold out on this kit but there is one left and then the caddies are sold
    separately so you don't you could buy a caddy all on its
    own I got to move this way a little got little too much in the
    way so just want to get this
    here the S hooks would be a great way to switch out the look of the caddy too
    yes yeah like yeah that's a great idea
    behind the behind the jeel lumid Joan great idea Joan okay so I'm going
    to yeah so for these pieces you know I cut like five inches long of wire
    obviously way too long I don't need that long of a piece but that's okay so we'll
    just trim that and round those
    pliers so I'm just going to grab
    those going to walk it
    up do a little rolly
    roll and make sure I'm in the camera there I'm going to bring this in a
    little tighter and then just grab that with
    my flats I'm looking for my
    bent oh this one's a little tighter how
    come okay there we go wa out
    to I love the sound okay so and then you're just GNA
    you know straighten them out because you are making these with wire so let's
    um let me
    see oh my stomach is
    growling I just think they're so stinking fun so I did I see what I did
    here I should have make sure that you oh okay that just turned that's all okay
    yeah whoops
    um okay so yeah so I mean you can see just
    look at how fun it's just so incredibly beautiful so I have a party to go to and
    it says to bring two of something that you love I might have to make two of these and bring them
    because I just think they're really super cool
    nice okay so so that's the caddy and you could just you know you can do as many
    let me just tilt this up a little here you can do as many of the holes
    that you want if you don't want to do that like I suggested you could take your flatback and some E6000 actually
    look how cool it would be to take flatbacks and put them in between that would
    decorate it even more okay I'm getting crazy I could just like bling this whole
    thing up to the so it's seen in outer space um just to give you a
    little quick thing on the earrings I mean you know that was a very simple uh
    head pen oh those are pieces of wire that would not work so I just took a
    headpin and um slid it actually did I take let
    me see what did I I think I might have taken a seed bead first did I I did I
    love these they're so pretty I'm going to wear them tonight to Bunco um let me find so I have like
    these tiny little 11 O's of course they're so so tiny so I'm just going to
    pick up a a silver whoops silver 11 o and and then took a a heart from the
    kit and we'll take another heart from the
    kit and I think I'll take a fire polish okay
    so it doesn't have to like you don't have to get like all let me bring this up to the camera easy look how gorgeous
    easy right you don't um have to reinvent the wheels you just get a head pen put the beads
    that come in the kit and so then we'll just do a um loopy
    Looper I know there's fancy tools out there to make loops and there's all kinds of ways to move your hands but
    this is how I do it so forgive me not the best Loop but that's
    okay aren't they so cute and then you just put your ear wire color today so the other thing that I did and
    I guess there could be a couple different ways that you could get to this point I cut a
    piece let me see I cut a piece of the 24
    gauge you can't do wire working without nylon job pliers by the way in my humble
    opinion all right so what I did did here was I literally just
    made I just did [Music] um hold on for a sec let me see if I can
    I need to get that
    out okay look like a little Kink yeah thanks
    bab there's just like a lot of um there's just so many things you can do
    right so I'm just going to do a little one on that and then I want this
    one to go the opposite direction so I'm G to go this
    way and then I used I guess you could see in that one
    with me I just used the top of the wine bottle and then
    I crisscrossed those two ends
    let me see maybe I could do this see how I'm just using the top of
    the wine bottle and then I crisscrossed crisscrossed I wrapped and then I like crossed over the ends just a
    form a round piece if you have like a
    ring mandrel you might be able to use that but really you're just trying to get you
    know you're trying get the shape of the bottle and that works really well like
    if it's in front of you use it right so that works really well and then these
    two guys okay so then what I did what did I do what did I do I used another
    head pen I sat here this morning and I just like was having so much fun I was just
    like oh I could do this I could do that I like when there's like aish Board
    of morish Borg of ideas of fun things that you can do that are simple quick and
    easy lots of times when we're on the loom did I say that right
    lots a lot of the time let me slow down a lot of the time when we're on the
    loom we're doing really super cool projects and they're they take time they
    just do but they're gorgeous when you're all said and done but I love like it when we can do something and it's and
    it's fast easy and beautiful so anyway I took um I took a peacock looks like I
    took a peacock and then I took two fire
    polish so one one two fire
    polish and looks like this is just a smidge too long so I'm going
    to cut that and then we'll just make a
    loop and okay and then I have to remind myself what I did oh yeah that's right
    so I should probably open that back up it was hours
    ago so then I just brought in that little ring okay that guy is way too
    tiny how' I get it that small holy cow let's open that back
    up we need this to be a little bit bigger so let me do that without
    screwing it all up so let's get this back in
    here [Music] and
    yep perfect and then I just got to close
    this okay and then let's see how that works on this one so cute now obviously you
    can leave it wait where where are we oh that's the
    um you could put it as a decoration for your top of your wine bottle it's kind
    of fun right it's like a Barret like a hairpiece um or by all means you could
    attach them to the stemware like people do right like here's one that I I made
    at a different party but this is a charm so same idea this wire is
    different wire though it's not artistic wire it's like a hard wire probably I don't even know but it's
    different but we can make our own we can make our own okay I'm going
    to remove that come back in here get this out of my
    face and scooch this over and where there in any questions that had come up
    Shaquisha sending you love Mama and let me get this so I don't look
    like I'm sitting low like Lily Tomlin so there's just there's so much
    so so much that you can do with this kit and I just love it it's so pretty look
    so we still got to finish these wait where we at where's the camera so over
    here but they're just Gorge gous super gorgeous I'm crooked let me get my wine
    glasses my stemware from Armando's
    [Music] mama just hold these
    up this so pretty oh my God I seriously I just can't I just
    can't it's so stinking Gorge so beautiful
    beautiful yeah so you could you know you don't have to put the ones on the side where am I at like if you want to save
    your beads and maybe you just have the chandeliers on the front side you know the front and then the back that's fine
    too or you can make them shorter I just went to town I used obviously a lot of
    beads that came in the kit because I wanted to really show them off to
    you so super super fun yay
    all right Joanie do we have any
    questions not anything that um you haven't answered yeah oh what wire gauge
    did you use um the wire gauge I used to string the beads was 22 gauge artistic
    wire in your kit you have 24 gauge which is going to be perfect for like you know
    the ring for the you know for the for the stemware or bottle cap
    Rings um yeah so I think 22 would be is it it
    it helped to work with a stiffer wire to do the um to do the
    strands was it like maybe this is my question when you said it was a stiffer wire was it um like um I want to
    think now I can't think of the name of that wire not stainless steel but um
    half hard wire of it yeah German style oh yeah
    I yeah I I just felt when I started to string um when I started to make these
    little chandel I'm referring to these as like chandelier pieces because that's what they remind me of by the way when I
    started to string these the thinner wire was just a little too wonky and I felt
    like the beads needed more support and so that's why I switched it up to 22
    gauge but I don't I mean German style wire is a lot more expensive I don't
    know that you want to use that on this but maybe on your
    rings on your little stemware Rings memory wire works good for stem and
    David to the rescue of course it does I by the way love it that you come to this
    I mean how long have I been talking about like the jewel loom men where are the
    jewel loom [Laughter] men to find David and
    him my My Little Adorable Virginians but um thank you for that thank you so David
    is saying that memory wire works good for stem rings and we appreciate you and
    he's wearing his glasses in the hot tub don't drop your phone
    oh my gosh you have to check out his um their artwork because it is
    unreal um yeah we need to have you guys on I'm
    gonna talk to you you need to come on because you're like so cool holding tight tonight the
    phone like I don't know what's going on but what is going on in the virginas hi
    Jenny I didn't really get to say hey Zach Amber hi honey a I'm just gonna scroll through here
    Maria of course always a good student Betty a Lisa you're so sweet Lisa's my
    California real estate Guru goddess Lisa okay so this is another
    segment we have a lot of really we gota like have like this gonna be fun um
    uh what was I going to say Lisa is the hostess coach as well so she is a big
    time real estate oh yeah big time California
    realter her and her hubby but she always do but she also does the hostess coach
    so if you've seen me posting on the jewel loom page her really pretty pink
    and black like their their posts and then like the other day she had one from Julie uh Julie
    not Julia why am I what is her name Julia Child's I was gonna say Julia Roberts uh about food and happiness and
    stuff like that anyway I love my Lisa and she's super cool and we need to have her on too because she could show us how
    to cook pretty recipe
    so hi Sabrina hey so Joan I saw a post that
    you made I hope it's okay I mean you posted it in public it must be okay but you were doing a shout out for
    tennesseans Knoxville area I hate for somebody drive six hours from across the state Hey listen if I I want to be on
    that list because I will make lunch I don't know when but I will
    so I need to have an honorary California seat for the time being in your
    Knoxville area okay I mean come on now yeah so Jo Joan was just basically
    saying and go ahead Joan oh we're just putting um Colleen my friend Colleen and
    I were um thinking well somebody we saw a post from somebody we didn't realize
    she lived in um Knoxville and I said you know we're saying wow I didn't know that so we put out a post saying you know
    anybody in the Knoxville area we'd love to have lunch with you um you know if you let us know we'll put you in a group
    chat we'll figure out when we could go so we've got two people other people besides us so far but it's going to be
    fun so it's just you know another way to make more speed friends yeah no I love
    that I really love that I'm jealous very Jello I be there I'm sure at some point
    in this ball game but well I bet if you put one out a lot of people would show
    up I bet they would knock door so what do we have Lun come
    have come have lunch with Jews
    yeah that could go in a lot of different
    directions and we ain't even had a drink yet
    get just to watch how you uh word it yes I will watch How I word it I
    definitely will watch How I word it so oh my goodness well I am super excited
    about everything I'm super excited about creativity and coming up with new ideas
    I'm super excited about all the upcoming months there's some really beautiful
    check glass collections that I've been able to put together we're going to have
    in April that very special Papa Joe project that my girlfriend Brandy
    designed and it's probably going to be a tear jerker I'm just GNA say but I'm I'm I wanted it
    to be for Father's Day and I feel in my heart of hearts that a lot of you are going to want to
    make it so I think from a Time standpoint that I need to release it in
    April so that if you do want to make it for Father's Day you're going to have the time to do
    so because it's it's it's going to take time to make this project but it's so
    good I can't wait you got me curious I know and my girlfriend Brandy is like
    well what do you want to call it because I and and I was like Papa
    Joe my dad Papa
    Joe oh my gosh now you calling something else too besides Papa didn't you um Papa Joe Papa Joe no
    papa Joe was his name Papa Joe dad I was thinking you called him something else too I don't know I can't remember yeah I
    can't I don't I don't know I mean J is is port for Joe Portuguese so no another
    name for Dad it was another name for Dad I can't oh I don't know maybe it was
    Papa yeah you're not that formal my father well F yeah like we
    loved calling him J because that's his that's how you say Joe in Portuguese a
    Jose so J and so I we would love to call you know we loved calling him that so
    but oh okay yeah and Robert you do have a good point the coasters are Beyond cool they're so beautiful and so many
    people added them to their order um with no extra shipping that's a cool thing about the creative soul group too is
    that from time to time there is room for from a weight standpoint so the shipping
    that is collected um they're you know ever so often is weight
    available and these don't weigh much and so we were able to add up to four of
    these um in the subscribers orders of course they paid for them but they didn't have to pay shipping so um but
    these ones are just absolutely gorgeous and these are look at the detail on the
    grap Vines look at that yeah so cool so cool I mean you know not
    for nothing you could you might be able to get away with it oh
    my don't go there I know exactly where your mind just went I can't anywhere I
    don't know I don't know should I be in the Knoxville lunch group I
    get might get arrested I don't
    know can't wait to get mine and paint oh Rosalinda is going to paint them and resin them please show that oh yes res
    that' be cool because that would protect it even more oh that's gonna be hot
    remind people do not use water-based prod products on it yeah you do have to on all of your Baltic birch wood
    products you got to be careful that you don't um you know it's wood So you
    you're not using like a water-based I think somebody once tried to use watercolors and that was that
    didn't work out um so acrylic paints you know work really well I actually found
    this really cool set of paints let me show it to you and I looked all over to make sure it didn't say water based okay
    and so I looked at it and it said acrylic so I thought oh it's safe and then when I get it home it says
    permanent acrylic base and then it says safe non-toxic
    waterbased I didn't know that acrylic could be waterbased Robert what do you
    think about that we'll see if he's if he chimes in
    and he says something what I was thinking about doing is on one of the
    back as of one of the buttons I was gonna try putting some um like um
    coating on it and then paint over that to see how it would look and then put some more coating over it okay so Robert
    made me a bunch of Baltic Birch tags like pieces of wood but they're in the
    shape of a tag and I'm gonna be taking my you know my journal and my tags when
    I go to the National Art and materials trade Association creativation show and
    New Orleans uhuh oh my gosh like in four to five weeks from now oh I oh that oh my
    gosh you got a lot of work to do I'm dying um so I'm gonna go around there's
    going to be a lot of paint
    markers different applications I even want to go to maker
    flow and see what happens to the wood that's a great idea yeah I'm totally on
    a mission so I'm going to just like take all my tags and I'm G to have like you know um I'll do samples on the tags and
    then be able to write on the back to kind of like oh okay this was Royal talents blah blah blah or this was maker
    flow blah blah blah so it's going to be a lot of fun because I'm going to come back with so much info for you guys I've
    used wink of Stella and Luna without having problems but I have also resined
    most of them okay that's I never heard of wink aelle and Luna to know what it is
    yeah he says it should be fine I think that's what we use oh okay the acrylic
    paint okay yeah well what I'll do is You' sent me a few defective buttons a
    couple years ago I still have them and what I do is on the the side I mean they didn't print right or laser right do it
    on that because I can always use the other side you know what I mean nobody's gonna see so that's what I do when I
    test out stuff so I'll do that on one those buttons yeah you just did it you said I don't know what to do with these
    so you can figure it out you figure it out color them in make it
    work test that's my pain test
    well I I'm probably gonna take a little break over the weekend I might do something on one day but for the most
    part the next four days I'm going to be like getting all the subscriptions together and out um and I'm going to be
    like inventory Queen Robert has sent me some new products earrings
    buttons I can't by the way Robert I can't
    like so I just so awesome I'm so stoked yeah
    from first glance they're Super Rad okay lunar paste is made by Ranger I wonder
    if Ranger is gonna be there this year I don't know I'm totally up yeah
    I'm going to test out everything I can because I really want to equi you with
    the knowledge of what can you do to the Baltic Birch and I know some of the Lun I mean
    the ranger some of the Ranger paints I mean they like um ventage made wood stuff and then
    they used paints on it so yeah yeah they have beautiful things vintage yeah we
    love that so all right well um there like I said there was one kit
    left I have no clue at this moment if it's gone but um you can get the caddies
    you can buy them individually and then you can um you can uh see saying they're
    so cool the new items the new items are really cool sh he's doing a
    sh I didn't tell quit teasing
    us Birch that was painted six years ago that still looks incredible okay cool
    yeah so okay lots of fun stuff peeps lots of fun stuff so yay again oh my
    gosh I just can't my realtor friends need this my business friends you need
    this in your home look at this so cool whoops wrong direction it's just so
    Gorge that is you know I've already got a thought of doing something
    different oh you do that yeah I have see if it works out why you want me to say
    or do it first I'll say it because somebody else might want to try it okay so there's
    five holes along each side right yes so what I want to do is loop from the
    first to third the third to the fifth you know make long Loops so they hang
    down in loops and then the second I'll start the second and go to the fourth so
    you know just be strand just you know something different like traditional
    chandeliering yeah something like that and do you want to do it with what with silver silk or with I was beads
    so you're just gonna string beads and then go from Lo to because I figured maybe I might be
    able to make a charm to hang at the bottom of the loop or something you know yeah figure out do
    charm I don't know these I don't know that well when I get mine I'll play with it and figure it out that's just the
    idea of my head now I have a couple extras so I'll um I'll send uh send an
    extra one with you okay so you can play around okay
    otherwise too I got a lot of crystals that I've been sitting on for years I can even try on them too oh yeah you
    know the crystal beads or whatever and these somebody Ginger actually gave me
    these really funky ones and I thought what am I gonna do with those and actually they'd be cool on the bottom of those strands Ginger and the word funky
    come on funky
    ginger be honest all right well I can't wait to see what
    everyone does Rosalinda please make sure that you share um your resin technique
    and if you want to come on and show it um you know listen any of you any of you
    are always welcome if you want to come on and do something with me if you want to show a technique that can be done on
    the wood if you have something that you love doing on the jewel loom I mean uh we are are so
    so excited to have that opportunity like we really want to see I can hold up to
    10 Faces by the way okay that might be too many because we're just we would talk too much but but there's space for
    you in this screen okay well we can always take everybody off the stream and
    just have two up at a time or something yeah I'm just being funny but seriously you if you are somebody that has you
    know the interwebs and the wi fives and a camera and a comp you know like if you
    know what you're doing and you can come on um I'd love we
    would love to have you so please reach out however you know text me email me
    reach out to Joan Joan's helping with this project we would love to hear from you we would love to see your beautiful
    face your handsome face um so yeah dumpy shy it's 8 o' okay I gotta go
    play Bunko and I love you and wish me luck um I'm super stoked because it is
    Filipino food tonight so oh you don't want to miss out on that I don't want to miss out on a philipin I've never had
    Filipino food oh you gotta move to Cal well just come to California
    specifically yeah Ox like we we're a mecca for Filipino food and for Mexican
    food that's to die for like our yeah Ros know she knows the
    nard the nard all right I love you guys Joan thank you as always for just
    keeping it all together so appreciate you and I will see you all later okay
    good night I'm taking my [Laughter] wine