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  • How to Weave a 2 Hole Slider Beads & Hemp Bracelet - with Deb Floros & Jewels

    October 06, 2023

    How to Weave a 2 Hole Slider Beads & Hemp Bracelet -  with Deb Floros & Jewels

    Want to learn how to make a gorgeous bracelet with harvested slider components from other jewelry? Now is the time! Deb Floros, of Deb Luvs Jewelry Designs, joins Jewels for this Jewel Loom School tutorial to teach how to make this bracelet. She uses hemp to weave the bracelet, plus uses wood sliders she took off an old bracelet to reuse. You may even have some similar items, of different materials & shapes, you can use in this design to make yours look different! Jewels also shows the bracelet she made, using Deb's project as inspiration. Jewels explains how she added her embellishments. 

    Watch Part 1:How to Warp the Loom for the Hemp - 2 Hole Slider Beads Bracelet - With Deb Floros. This about 2 minute tutorial shows how to warp the loom & put the sliders on the warps.

    Watch Part 2:  How to Weave a 2 Hole Slider Beads & Hemp Bracelet - in this part, Deb explains how to weave the hemp, especially weaving around the sliders. She also shows 3 different bracelet endings as inpiration on ways you can end your bracelet. 

    Here are some close up photos of Deb's bracelets & how she finished them.

    Here are photos of Jewels' bracelet, using Deb's project as inspiration. She uses 2 beads instead of sliders, then embellishes it with scrubby yarn, SilverSilk 3-Needle Chain, & wire. When putting the beads on, during warping, she put them on the 2 inside warps & they rest on top of the outside warps. Watch this tutorial on how she made the coils (

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    Transcript for Part 2:


    oh I love that it always says you're live yes I
    am welcome welcome everyone to juwel loom School live it's Thursday night
    it's 7 pm on the East Coast 4 pm on the west coast and all the other time zones
    in the middle and hey um you know I do know some people Tune In from from other
    countries as well and uh if you're not here live and you're joining us uh
    afterwards hey thank you thank you for being here always so um honored that you
    take the time to watch the videos we absolutely love inspiring people and
    teaching you mostly about how to weave on a loom in particular the jewel looms
    and so tonight we're super excited because we have Deb floros right did I say it Greek enough
    she's in the background like like shaking her head because I was like is it Italian is
    it span I've never asked her but it's Greek so pretty cool right anyway makes
    me hungry for like I don't know hamus and feta and how many times have you heard
    that I'm sure she's like I've heard it a million times so listen there's so much
    going on right now um Deb is gonna join us she has created a killer project um
    so much so that I was so incredibly intrigued by how she made this project
    that I broke out my silver silk loom and I started to here's my silver
    silk loom this is Neely it's like our my baby daddy um and I was just like going to
    town going to town I was like how did she do this why did she do it that way and I'm weaving and I'm weaving and then
    I put my own spin on it with my beads you know because I didn't have sliders
    and so when I went to bed last night it it I think there's a video actually floating around of kind of like phase
    one and then as I kind of got rejuvenated and I got back into it
    today oh my gosh it was just so cool it was like all this stuff just came to
    life and I started to tell my story and I started to pull you know pour my heart out into it and so I love when somebody
    does that so I'm I'm very intrigued and inspired by Deb I she is a signature
    designer uh which basically means that when you see something online like if
    you know who that is and I know when it's a Deb I just know that's Deb and so you
    know even on the Tik Tok which by the way if you're on Tik Tok I just want to um say that Deb is uh maybe
    uh I think she might be 47 people away from or 30 something away from 1,000 and
    what that means on the Tik Tok kind of just like it does here on the YouTube uh you have to have at least a thousand
    people in order to go live and so I noticed that today and I want to give uh
    her Channel a big shout out on the Tik Tok if you happen to also be over there please make sure to go
    follow Deb loves design she'll tell us the proper one and and then maybe Joan
    could post that but um that would be a huge help because when when you get to
    go live um it makes a very big difference and I did notice that today so let's make sure to go follow her on
    the Tik Tok so that she can um start going live I don't know if that's what she wants to
    do but now that I have put it out to the universe she really has no choice so um
    there's your next there's your marching orders St she's done dying in the background so a couple of things um
    those gorgeous etched laser 6 mm beads they are almost all gone and I just want
    to I want to show the gray ones because I don't know if you all just couldn't
    tell how gorgeous these are in the picture because maybe I took a sucky picture I didn't think
    so people have been buying them but seriously I want to keep them for myself
    they're so beautiful I just didn't know if you couldn't tell how freaking delicious look it look it there's the
    shot oh my God why didn't you buy these first
    people they're so beautiful okay this is the gray it's like a light gray etched
    with um with a swirl Sun seriously they're to die for the
    other one too I don't know again I thought my picture was good and I'm not saying that there's like like a lot left
    because there's not but these are the two where I'm just like what happened because I really thought these were
    going to go and then a lot of the other ones are all sold out this is the Deep pink but again I think the shot is over
    in here the light seems to oh now they're falling
    everywhere anyway I just wanted to show you those on the camera because they are absolutely
    delicious and especially the gray because I I know I was like why aren't people buying the gray because I'm GNA
    I'm going to pocket the gray if they don't buy because they're so stinking beautiful okay anyway um Joan Joan is
    gonna let you know what I have put together for materials that coincide
    with what Deb's going to be showing us Deb another reason why I love her is that she is all about repurpose recycle
    reuse do it again second time around you know like we would have fun
    on a Sunday going to all the places and I love that about her and I love that
    she thinks about the end user who you know may who who enjoys doing
    that as well but may need to and you still have Alternatives and so she's GNA talk about that which is awesome sauce
    um Janette and I hope I'm saying your name correctly because we've never
    talked Janette I think it's correct if I'm not if it's not tell tell me how to
    say that um she used the large vintage button from the creative Soul kit last
    month September and I posted it in the school and she showed how to to turn that
    button how to make a bigger shank so she could use like a leather cing super cool
    we're going to get together on Tuesday and um not sure if it's going to be pre-recorded or live but we're going
    to tape a little something something just as a little like quick quick tip kind of idea I want to start really
    helping the um Community the Jew Loom community that designs a lot with the
    Looms and shows a love for the Looms I really want to like give you a shout out and and be able to give you a platform
    to come on with me and talk about and show what you've done because I think
    it's really important and so yeah Hey listen it is my birthday
    thank you thank you for all the love Joan you're killing me with the banner in the
    school I was just like okay after this is done and after I take Marlon Brando for the walk I will sit down and I will
    read everything I'm so grateful but I also want to give a huge happy birthday out to Amber it's Amber's birthday today
    too we are birthday sisters and so make sure that you're giving Amber Scott a huge shout out and a big big
    hello um um what else is going on there's one other thing but I'm G to keep it under wraps until I know to
    actually talk about it and yeah so I
    think well I'm going to give you Deb's gonna come on well I'm gonna let her show you hers
    first but I do and I'll do I'll do all this other stuff later because I want to get Deb up here so Joan if you want to
    grab Deb there she is yay hello hi
    thank you so so very much for being here I know that Joan has all of the
    different places where people can find you I wasn't sure if you were like giving your Tik Tok a shout out
    but is it do you how many do you have 947 I think as of this afternoon I'm
    only maybe about 16 people away okay did it get up to Okay cool so
    um gosh that will be an exciting moment um I you know I've tried to grow it like
    not with like weirdos because there's some of those out there but I grew with
    weirdos because you don't really have a CH like in some situations you don't they just follow you you don't know you
    don't know but I I have blocked many like if they're Naked Weirdos then
    I'm totally yeah blocking nauy for sure for sure the
    people but thank you thank you for saying that heck yeah no I'm I'm like I'm like everyone's cheerleader here so
    um your we both love Nee we both love silver silk and there are so many things
    that you could do with silver silk and I you know kind of came upon it on
    accident kind of like a couple years ago when I was playing around I had the fiber Loom it was called the fiber Loom
    and I was like I wonder if that stuff that cool stuff will will work on here and and it magically just went into the
    grooves and I was like oh my God and actually this is the first bracelet I I
    ever made pretty simple you know just gorgeous silver silk with some beads um
    and then I was like oh well my neay needs to have his own Loom and so of
    course you know we talked about that and I showed it earlier but this is the loom we're referring to too and um it fits
    all the silver silk really well and and and bigger materials you're going to be working with the hemp and you're going
    to kind of speak to if a person doesn't have a silver silk loom if they can use a different jewel loom and I'm going to
    let you handle that I um I do have a video out there floating
    around with what I ended up doing but I'm going to let you go ahead and take
    over because we want to get into it there's a part one where Joan seriously how smart is this
    girl like I I I just when she showed it to us I was like who are you right now and
    where have you really been going when you say you're going out to lunch
    because I think you're sitting in on some sort of techno seminar I was like I didn't even know you could do that so
    major shout out to Joan for being the tech tech Goddess that she is big shout out to Joan yeah so I'm going to give
    you the platform you're walk us through at some point when you're just kind of like in your weave I may say hey Joan
    bring me back on and I'll show off some of the other pieces we made for
    inspiration uh just so that it's not too quiet but yeah it's your platform baby
    all right baby so thank you thank you for having me again I'm always so
    excited to be here and this project is something that I in my head came up up
    with probably about a year ago and I sometimes when I come up with something
    I'm not in a place where I can write it down or I can't really sit down and do
    it at the time so I'll put a little reminder in my phone and I have to say
    that reminder came up many times and I snoozed it you know just like you know
    don't forget to do the dishes or something I kept snoozing it and I think it was because I wasn't sure this would
    actually work so um I love working with sliders and
    I'm going to show you some sliders so you know exactly what that means in a minute but um I love working with
    sliders they are typically found in like a stretch bracelet or something like
    that and I like to use them and challenge myself so find different ways
    to use them so it's one of my signature things that I do um I've made necklaces
    bracelet lets earrings and I just love working with these pieces so um so I
    about I guess it's about two months ago now I find I finally said I'm going to do this so every week I block off a
    certain amount of time so that I can hone my skills so you know maybe do
    something practice something that I don't do day in and day out and so there
    was a day about two months ago that reminder came up and I said okay today's the day I'm doing it and I sat
    down with the loom I started playing around and um it worked and I was so
    excited I rushed to get just a a sample done and I I reached out to Juliana like
    right away and said oh my God what do you think about this so um so this was a
    long time coming and I'm excited about this so I thought maybe first I would
    show you um what a slide lider is in case you don't really know I can show
    you some examples so let me flip my camera if you guys um don't mind for a
    moment you're going to see my ceiling fan I'm in Arizona so um it is still a
    little warm here and I do have to have my my uh fan on
    still so I'm hoping everybody can see my workt there so let me move this
    out of the way really quickly um these are sliders these are some examples of them so for example
    this is a two-hole slider it's wood it's really fun here's another two hole it's
    a shell bead and then you might run into something like this so This is actually
    a Four Hole slider and you can kind of see through it but
    it still has um a place for two pieces of cord or stringing wire or whatever to
    go through and then you might find something like this little tiny guy
    that's also four hole and then I thought I had a round one yeah I do this is a
    round one just really you know all the I have a vast collection of these things
    and I just pulled out like a small sample of them but this goes to show you
    that you can really do just about anything with these things and today
    we're going to um make a loomed bracelet and um I found that I like to work with
    the larger ones and I'll explain kind of the the reasons why you may need to make
    some modifications if you pick a different kind of slider so that's that's sliders and I I would encourage
    all of you so I'm going to get on my soap box for like half a second so all of these came from Harve they're
    harvested from um necklaces and bracelets that were previously loved so
    somebody loved them before and then they cast them aside and um I either bought
    the piece of jewelry and cut it up or I bought the pieces and parts that somebody deashed and um I personally
    believe that you should never throw anything like this away so you know we
    should reuse these things if you have a slider bracelet in your the bottom
    drawer of your jewelry box or way back in the back of your closet now is the
    time to bring that out cut it up and you can reuse those pieces and create some something completely different so um
    that's my soap box for a second and let me show you this is the Prototype that I started with so um
    truth be told Deb is still a bit of a novice Weaver so you'll see this isn't
    perfect weaving and this was also me rushing to get this done because I was so excited that it
    worked um but these are slider beads that are wood and they're
    curved and a little flatter on the bottom and I'll explain to you how I how
    I put it together these are similar to what we're going to work with today they're also wood curved flat absolutely
    flat on the bottom and then here's a fun idea too this is a solo slider this is
    um lucite and it's um it's just one big
    honken slider and I found a fun little um lose site bead to go with it so you know the
    the options are endless I like a trio so um we're going to do another Trio today
    but um this is just really kind of a a fun thing and I love that these look
    very Bohemian they look very much like a statement bracelet this I mean look at
    this big honking Guy this is this is absolutely fun so if you just want to
    wear one bracelet um you've you've got a big uh honken bracelet to work with so
    that's um that's what we're going to do today I'm going to make a completely new bracelet and I've gotten it started so
    let me kind of summarize where where I've been with this one now Joan the
    genius that she is created did the video the first video so that you have an idea
    of how we warp this project um but let me tell you before we we I actually show
    you if you were to choose let's say you have a slider like this in your stash
    and you really want to do this the material that you need to use um you
    need to make sure is going to fit so I can tell you that a 1 mm um hemp that
    we're using today would never fit in this slider so if you want to use
    something like this you'll need to rethink what you're going to use from a a stringing perspective and you may not
    be able to use this particular jewel loom Jewel uh Loom you may want to use
    the original Loom because it's meant for smaller um smaller materials
    so um you know these these all these bracelets I just showed you are all
    similar in size so they all work with this Loom and they all worked with one
    to like 1.5 millimet um hemp so I'm just
    throwing that out there because today we're just going to show you this idea this concept and you know these these
    particular beads aren't available from from um from Jewels but um but you could
    go and find these kinds of things you can um search on eBay you can do um you
    can do a a Google search to see if you can find such things if you're part of a
    destash group you might find that people are destashing these kinds of pieces and you can also buy some um from big box
    stores they may not be exactly this type but um you may find you may find some
    that you can work with that's a slider to try this out um and Jules also is
    going to share a little later a project using just regular beads that is somewhat similar to what we're doing
    here same kind of concept so the sky is the limit guys so this is just to show
    you a technique a way to use something that maybe you haven't used before on
    your loom so now I'm going to show you where we've B so um you're actually going to
    use two separate strands of hemp so this is a 1 mm hemp and what I did was I took
    one strand and I wrapped it around the back and pulled it all the way around
    and you've got F uh four teeth showing I don't know if that's a proper term
    that's a dub term I guess um and then
    you're going to put on your slider beads so you could actually string them on um
    before you put them on the loom so you could create a loop like this and then slide them on and then put you know then
    warp this particular piece of hemp um you're going to want to bring it down
    secure it at the bottom and then you'll take a second
    piece now both pieces that you're going to use your warps you'll need about a
    yard so you may not need the full yard but we say safe side use a yard so
    you're going to add that piece and it's going to go up around it's going to go
    down around and come back up through the um through the um particular um Notch
    next to the notch that we're already using for the previous two so you you'll
    do the same thing pull it around secure it at the bottom and then you're warped
    now these guys are going to be on your on your loom then and they're see they
    slide so there's a reason they call them sliders so you're going to have these on
    your loom and what you're going to want to do is push them down to the bottom
    when you get started so you're going to want to push those guys down out of the way
    and another like design decision you'll have to make is how much um how many um
    you how much weaving you need to do here how much weaving you want to do between
    your sliders um and some of it may depend on the size of your wrist so totally up to
    you maybe you want to do the solo maybe you want to do just one guy in the
    center maybe you want to do a whole bunch of them um but you'll want to you
    know engage you know some sizing of your rist to figure out how much you want and
    how these things um will sort of sit on the project and you'll also need to
    allow for some room to complete your closure so um again I'm I a still a bit
    of a novice but um this is the closure that I did so I created a loop I did
    some wire wrapping to secure it and it adds a little bit of Pop of metallic and then I've got a large hole
    bead so um for this particular project I've got a gemstone large hole bead that
    we'll work with um and it kind of matches this sort of neutral tone that we're working with so so those are the
    design things that you'll need to figure out when I um grabbed so then I grabbed a I
    think this is about eight yards of 1 mm which is a bear to work with because
    it's so much um you can um do your weaving and tie on you know tie off and
    tie back on if you run out so if you're uncomfortable with a lot you'll just
    want to make sure that your knots are strategically placed I wouldn't recom recommend that you do any of that in
    between your sliders so um just something to think about there um so we've got a lot of
    material you'll want to make sure that there are no cats around to grab the the
    strands you'll want to make sure that there's nothing that all of that material is going to catch on as you're
    moving it through the loom um but I started the process I've got about um
    two 2 in here of wo a woven section then I pushed up my first slider and I can
    show you on this guy what the bottom looks like so you'll see that it just kind the
    um hemp just kind of goes through that warp and just becomes part of the base
    so you've got sort of a little cradle that you're creating for it when you're looking at it here it looks like those
    um those slider bees are just kind of sitting on the warps and they are so
    when you first start it won't look like that but when you start to weave that
    that's what will happen is they'll just sort of start to settle down onto your warps so I've pushed up my first one and
    I decided that what I wanted to do here was create um five rows and then I
    thought that we would start here by me pushing up this bead so that's the first
    bead the the second bead that we're using and so
    now I'm going to start I'm going to show you um I'm going to show you what I do
    now even if you try to do this this um bead is curved it will
    never go on top of that um that slider but you'll want to bring it around like
    so just kind of under and around and you're just going to pretend like it's not even there um and another silly
    thing I do is I put tape on the end of my hemp um to use as kind of a needle I
    know it's kind of dorky but that's just what I do um so I'm going to come around and I'm just going to pretend like I've
    been weaving all along and that bead that bead's just there
    and it's going to look a little wonky I always think like my first my first few
    strands of or my first few passes are always wonky cuz I'm I'm still a
    beginner so I feel like um it always looks a little wrecked in the beginning
    so I would even say that when you start after each one of these beads it looks a
    little wrecked a little wonky and look I'm all tangled up I did nothing with this
    when I put it down and yet it's still it still gets Tangled anyways all right so
    going to pull that through and it's just going to create
    that little Loop underneath just going to like create a little foundation and
    I'm going pull that there and I'm going to do five
    rows and I want to actually end my five
    rows on the opposite side of where I started because I kind of want those
    little foundational passes to um gosh darn I
    want those foundational passes to be on opposite sides if at all
    possible um doesn't have to be but I just think if you do see the
    bottom it it just looks a little bit better if it um if it's you know one's
    on this side one's on this side one's on that side just what I like to
    do so I'm sorry this is like a lot of
    material and then keep
    going and it's just as if the beads if the beads were not even there
    they're just we're just going around them just working around them
    and something else to think about when you're sizing this bracelet so I have to
    say um my first attempt because it was rushed it's um probably wouldn't even
    fit a child it's just so it's so small uh my
    second one was pretty small too and the last one was just a hair too big so I
    suggest for this kind of a style of bracelet that you probably want it to be
    taut to your wrist not tight but taut um
    so it's a little bit cuff is and you know that that would be a better
    way for this to fit but of course it's personal preference if you would like it looser that's perfectly fine
    too and I do think this just looks a little wonky as you're getting started
    but it's um it will it will tighten up as you go
    along and I try to um actually one of the things I've started doing is holding
    that last you know holding the last row up a little bit until I get all my
    material through and and then kind of push that guy up so
    we've got got a good start here I want to be able to show you guys
    I wanted to at least show you the pass underneath the slider at least
    twice um but this is kind of a long project um the weaving you know the
    weaving of the hemp and then the finishing of the bracelet is a little
    bit um a little bit challenging too so this is a this is is a a commitment a
    time commitment project maybe not for Jules cuz she could probably whip this up in about you
    know half a second she's so fast maybe some of you other guys too
    because you're all you've all been around watching this for a
    while all right so we're getting we're getting there so now that's starting to
    look look a little legit as
    weaving almost ready to add our next one and you see um this one is not in my way
    and if you are doing um a project with more
    sliders um and you're you're going to be getting pretty close to that end and you
    just be aware that that that is going to take up space um away from you if you're
    planning on eating that space as you go so just something to to be aware of but
    I like the idea of just um you know just having like a focal or three
    pieces you could do two and I was even thinking these um these wood beads are
    really cool but wouldn't it be interesting to add um Like Glue on some um rhinestone cupchain and really like
    throw the whole thing into a different vibe just kind of glue that onto the top
    just saying something to think about all right I'm going to do one more
    pass this way and then I'm going to go back the other direction so I've got got
    I'll have five um five rows when I'm when I go back in the
    other direction
    have everything like tightened up I want to start I want to go under the the next
    spead on this side I think even if you did like one
    extra pass it's not going to be substantive enough that it would make it
    look weird so bringing it all over here and
    then cinch that up and to make sure that bead is pushed back I want everything to
    be kind of tight and then I'm going to slide up my next bead it's a slider so
    we've got our little Trio and I just love this sort of all
    neutral look so here's my cord I'm just
    going to pretend like I'm just doing another pass not going to pay any attention to
    that bead it's just there it's just not not causing me any
    trouble going around that and it's going to look a little
    wonky in the beginning but it's going to tighten up as we go so it's just got
    that little little Loop underneath the bead and we're just going to keep
    going and now that we've got our Trio on we're going to
    create to finish you know the the length of the bracelet and truth be told I'm not even
    sure this is going to be long enough but for the sake of our demonstration that's
    what we're doing today we're going to pretend like this is going to fit me or someone that I
    know and I love I just love the I don't know the the movement of
    hemp on this Loom it's I think I described this before um on on this on
    this uh Channel that I love the sort of
    Zen feeling of just weaving just a simple weave it's a simple weave just
    really not um not having any sound but the sound of
    that hemp going through the warps I don't know it's just sort of
    meditative and I've done this in complete silence and I've also done
    it with music loud music I'm here Deb H Joan do you want to make me uh the
    little can you make me little or wait you know what don't make
    you're weaving now right Deb what you're you're just weaving right now yeah I'm
    just I'm going to put everybody to sleep I'm going to get everybody into a meditative state state and they're all going to fall asleep and we're in
    trouble okay well I'm gonna go ahead then and um start doing a little show and tell okay fluff my hair while you're
    doing that since you're doing the same motion yeah um I did want to point out that when
    I gosh probably my first half an inch to very possibly 3/4
    of an inch of weaving it was a poop
    show it was just I don't know why I was I was just having a um and and we we've
    all experiened that and so I just kind of want to say like for me and I know you all are going to get on there and go
    Jules it was a piece of cake but if it's not I just want to let you know that it's normal because what happens when
    you're doing the weave is like it takes numerous back and forths you know as
    you're doing the Ws right um to really see the look of the weave come to
    fruition yes so you know you're going to the left and you come back and you go to the right and you're like H and you do
    it again and you're like and you do it again and you and you're like oh my gosh be patient stay with it um it all
    comes together and so if you don't have that exper expence then you're a rockar
    uh but if you do at least you know that you're in good company and um so that's my little story on that and I did not
    get to show off so I finished my pendant from last week's show I think that was
    last week I can't keep my time frames together but I ended up stringing it onto some gorgeous silver silk and I
    flipping love it so we'll have to have Joan show off the things that she made too that totally totally in on this pie
    piece okay so going back to you know I showed you that this was the original
    piece that we did so Deb's working on weaving she's got this whole New Concept where you can use repurposed pieces
    which I absolutely love I cannot wait to hear about your treasure hunt for that
    and um uh oh oh there we go okay so there was that so that was the first
    thing I don't necessarily remember what the second thing was I feel
    like it was a combination I feel like it was this more masculine palette again
    with the gorgeous whoops gorgeous silver silk and just some beads and then one of the Jew loom
    buttons then we kind of went into let's see I don't know if that I don't care
    I'm not going to worry about it anyway then this is where I use some double hold
    gemstones and did some wire uh weaving and that I flipp and
    love this piece and just the way it feels J will have to tell I think this is called this is the pipe chain because
    it's more sturdy Joan is that correct is that pipe no is there a hole in the middle
    that you fed some no it almost looks like leather look at it and it's super leather one that could be used like that
    or there's pipe chain where you could the pipe chain you could feed like what that's the pipe chain this is pipe chain
    yeah okay so we did the pipe chain on the jewel loom
    um and then I don't know if you remember this go big or go home piece that I did oh my gosh love this with the
    button that's my favorite yeah so stinking cool this the silver silk is
    like so amazing um and then I love love love this one too I think we did this
    one in the jewel loom in the creative soul I can't remember we've done so many
    projects but um I think probably now this one just makes my hard go crazy
    but yeah this is the one that I did with fibers and really gorgeous um sorry
    ribbons I even weaved some beads in there you've got your silver silk you've got a jewel button and uh and then of
    course M's you know findings that he has from the shop as well so there's just I
    mean to see the evolution of where we started with silver
    silk and the loom the this whole idea that we could
    be weaving with silver silk and then and then have that you know that silver silk
    gets its own Loom like what and you look at everything and then I'm gonna show I'm gonna go ahead and show my piece
    again when I saw what Deb was doing I was so intrigued and I was like I must
    know I must know why I must um I had no
    sliders but I just I remembered I had these big huge voluptuous beads and I
    was like please let the one millimeter go into that hole and it did thank you
    um and so yeah so here is my take on Deb's
    project love it and what I ended up doing um these big delicious guys around
    the shop and um so I did what she did
    okay I set up my loom exactly like she did I started weaving with the turquoise blue 1 millimeter
    hem and well I take that back I did a row of fire polish these are the 5mm
    fire polish because I'm really liking the idea of starting with a row
    of beads when you're going into especially a fiber project project
    um you know if you're going to use a slider then obviously a row of os before your 6 mimet beads but anyway so I
    started with that and then I started my weave and you can kind of tell like this was my wait what was my first part was
    it this side I don't know whichever side looks a little more uneven but anyway so
    I did the weaving just like she did um had added these big old I was telling her it
    looks like a it looks like a nest it's like this gorgeous birthing Nest I just
    got it caught into the wire and as I was putting everything together I was like oh I want some silver silk I don't know
    how this just happened all right I'll deal with that later oh come on now hulie all right um
    but I added some of the silver silk whops some of the silver silk is like little fiber embellishments and then I
    looked in my du I looked in my I got in my je where I keep all of my things and I found this big old hunken
    18 gauge coiled wire bead that I did and I was like come tomor like you
    need so it basically stuck a piece of 24
    gauge copper up through whoopsie up Through the Wire bead and then I I bent
    it like into a horseshoe and then I fed that into into the two beads and then I pulled it
    forward and then that's how I made to close it I did the swirls I love it yeah and I would just
    like to say I was doing swirls with before most
    people I'm just gonna say I'm just for it because after all I am the fire I
    what what am I the fire behind the wire that wonderful article that was written so anyway all kidding aside I
    flip in love this I'm going to have to figure out how to untangle my little piece here and by the way I used this
    material right here numerous times now if you go into because I got it at
    Michaels if you go into Michaels and you see the scce of this type of fiber where
    it's really funky it's normally what I have found is they keep it on an endcap
    on an endcap and um it typically is what you would refer to like a power panel so
    it's not as big as an endcap you know so it's like this big yeah
    yeah anyway regardless of where it's sitting just buy it just buy it take
    your coupon and go buy it because I am not kidding you when I tell you I have had this material for a few
    years now and I'm still cutting away at the same with the same skaines so it's a
    plethora of fiber you can use it a lot of different projects and um and yeah it
    just rekindles that desire to go and there we go and go buy more in in more
    colors so this is my take and then I used um I just added these to the shop
    these big old hunken gorgeous wood buttons so they're in there as
    well and yeah so we're just uh let me see let me see if I could get it on here
    whoops it's a little heavy it's not heavy to to wear it's just more um it's
    there's a lot of weight in the middle so when I go to I'm gonna put it on down here out of
    camera it's a hunk a hunka burning
    bracet bracelet okay okay there we go oh my gosh it can't I know I just can't
    look it it's fantastic it's so so fantastic fantastic makes this bracelet
    look so boring no I but see listen you like when I do a signature
    piece what is it y'all it's go big or go home right like I think people kind of
    know I I remember when I did my piece for Jesse James last year dear God I
    thought Sarah was just gonna die because my first piece for that whole winter
    thing whole Winter Camp was like so in your face big and like I had to tone it down but
    that's just I really think for me especially like I really I you know I'm
    a true Storyteller when it comes to creating and there are times when I'm
    pouring it out yeah I'm pouring it out and let me tell you I've had a lot to
    pour I've had a lot to okay and so yeah I think I think it's the way
    that we like makers we we do like tell our stories we it's it's like therapy um
    yes for us just saying super therapy and that's how come I you know I love
    birthing the Looms like when I when I birthed n's Loom it was from so many
    different places you know first of all I adore him I just think
    he's such a Precious Precious soul and
    um and so you know to to develop that loom for
    him was an honor and you know that had a whole story with
    it and a product with it for the silver silk chain you know when we did the
    goddesses also known as the sun Weavers the sun Weavers also known as the goddesses you know they came with a they
    came with an extremely amount like like passion and hurt and healing and and joy
    and all the words all the words and it was so deep inside when I gave birth to that goddess line and
    um and every Loom has been like that every Loom has been like that and so
    yeah I don't know how we just got off onto that tangent but uh that's my birthing story about looms
    but I yeah so just the whole go bigger go home that's my thing super stoked and
    I love it I love it I love it I'm going to wear it tomorrow night uh I bought a new duster you know like a I think
    that's right top yeah like a duster like a coat but not anyway I'm pretty sure
    I'm gonna wear this that's it's fantastic so this is how my back so my
    my my ending is one of my typical endings you know make it easy peasy pumpkin szy yes um how did you put that
    on your bracelet um so what I did if
    you there's there's a picture somewhere of the of the bracelet Nancy just being
    in the stage of the warps with the two beads
    okay and I was like this is not enough
    and so when I took it off of the Loom it's
    50 oh um when I took it off the
    loom I didn't like seeing the backside so Nancy what I did was I started to cut
    silver silk and all these gorgeous you know
    know pieces of fibers and then I just did I I did a simple Rya where you fold it in half you
    fold your fiber in half and then I tucked it under the
    warp and I tied them on I did that with the silver soap too so that's pretty
    impressive because the this really skinny um three needle chain is flexible
    enough to do that and I I just I love that so much
    okay so um one one Juliana one one quick thing so I
    love your idea of putting beads along the start and I'll I'll tell you what I
    did after like my second or I I think it was maybe my third bracelet or yeah
    third bracelet I figured it out I actually tied on to both ends yeah or on the outer
    um warps but I still think it's a little wonky and I think the beads would
    actually help that tremendously yeah I'm I whoopsie I
    highly recommend putting a row of beads first and then start your weaving because you can also do you know like
    you know how I've started to go under the beads and back over so I'm like really getting them in there nice and
    taut so that they're not moving and then I start you know I start my weave but
    here's the backside Nancy and everyone like I literally was just doing a ria Loop there that like very simple you
    know again take you take a piece of I'm sorry I don't have a piece but like just imagine the
    beads are a piece of fiber you put them into a horseshoe you know and then you put them under and then you flip that
    and then you just tie it on it's pretty simple um I closed mine off like I said
    earlier by putting the warps through the button and then I wrapped them and I
    just did the bottom you know my ends are very typical of what I normally do I
    love what Deb did with hers um I think I think at this point
    Deb what do you think about um about
    timing yeah so dub is slow um yeah no you're not slow this took a lot
    girlfriend I I was Waring until the cows came home last night
    like um what what I think would be best so in this stage of the project uh Deb
    would just continue to finish to warp I mean weft also you know known as weaving
    and um and then she would be taking it off the loom and finish finishing it I think
    because it's almost into the hour yeah correct me if I'm wrong but I think
    we're either going to need to like tape that or come back and do part three at
    some point you're going to Hawaii yes next week yeah so we won't we won't have
    you back next week but why don't you just show off some of the ends because seriously these this community is very
    smart and I think I think if you visually get rid of me Joan um and let
    her show all her finished ends so um I'll I'll just I'm just going
    to Bear my bear my um inexperience here so you'll see these aren't perfect guys
    but the last one I did I like the best so I'll show that last but the the first
    this was the first one so the first one I did I cinched up all the cords and you
    see this end is kind of messy but I put the bead onto the cords tied an overhand
    knot and then just um you know frayed my end then um I created a loop with the other
    end so this is the end that's hooked over the top of the um Loom and I used
    some 24 gauge wire so this is just craft wire artistic wire from
    Beeton um and it's a it's a double Loop you know it doesn't look you know all
    that great but it's going to be wrapped around your bead so that's um that's one
    example that was my first one this one also looks a little wonky and truth be told the uh loop does
    not fit over the bead but same thing I you know I wrapped around in this case
    the the um all of the pieces and then added my bead then knotted and over here
    you know wrapped and then I've got my my Loops this one I I don't know the end is
    kind of wonky but I actually like this longer Sil
    piece um and I love this giant bead that I found um and the adding the silver on
    this side also ties it back to that I wear a lot of silver jewelry so if I
    have this you know sitting next to some other bracelets you know that silver ties back and you can just put the you
    know put the bead through the loop this Loop is a little too big for my liking
    this is the bracelet that's a little too big and this is why I should have tied
    both U both ends or used beads I actually really love that
    solution um but I'm you know I'm still learning so this um journey of making
    these bracelets I'm glad that functionally you can put a slider on a
    loom and create a bracelet but I'm still working on the fine-tuning of the
    finishing Deb I think they're vantastic I don't I
    mean the thing about weaving is that I
    I especially this kind of weaving where you're using fibers and everything I just feel like there's so much truth in
    your very first piece yeah you know and I know that as
    designers we're I I do respect and understand what you're saying about you know like like it's your new it's a new
    thing a new thing in your wheelhouse they're spectacular I mean I think they're like off the flipping charts
    spectacular and you know there's so much to be said about as a designer coming up
    with an idea and then along the way perfecting it and and that's what you
    just showed us you know and I and I do the same thing and that's why I was so intrigued by this project was what did
    she do and I know the Maria and the janess and and and the lories and and
    everybody and Cara I know they're going to look at all of this the whole entire Community is going to look at this
    project and Joan included I bet she's like gonna go thrift store shopping while she's gone but uh she's busted up
    but yeah I just think it's I think it's fantastic so if you want to come back on so we can say goodby and um Joan what do
    you want to come on really quick as well
    have to do the celebration online happy happy happy
    birthday make
    everybody oh the crown it used to be wearing a crown I know I can't believe I
    don't have one you need one I I got I got almost just said I have a hamburger hat I have a oh my God I have a have a
    hat I have hats and no crowns that's next on the list that's
    next on the list so um I just looked and you a couple minutes ago you needed 15
    more people for the Tik Tok so we'll just keep pushing it you're gonna get there totally I'm excited yeah thank you
    so very very very much I you know if we get an overwhelming hey I really didn't
    understand how to end it we'll revisit it when you get back from Hawaii and um
    but honestly guys I really just think that if you know looking at her uh examples of how she ended her project
    and and what we have done I think you should be fine but if you're not you
    know all you have to do is reach out and say hey I need a little more and so
    we'll get Deb back when we can and um yeah so gosh I love it I just um I love
    that you showed you know we mainly have been showing the silver silk loom obviously
    with silver silk and so it's fun that you know you took the weaving product
    because you know there are people out there who maybe are just like well I don't even know what silver silk is which
    please who is that who is that that doesn't know there are people I'm sure just like they don't know what looming is so it's just a beautiful beautiful
    connection all the way around I'm so appreciative can't wait to see photos of you in Hawaii and um please come back I
    love having you here and I love being inspired by you I love being here um and
    I I you know I just want to continue on this journey with everybody learning um I'm going to keep learning I'm going to
    keep trying new things and um you know I'm happy to help if anybody has a question I'll um I'll go into the group
    and I'll put um pictures of these three bracelets in case anybody wants to just
    take a you know zoom in and see you you have to take the imperfections with it but yeah know I think that's a great
    idea do some close-ups on that black one because I think people are going to really be intrigued by well all of them
    but I would take shots of their you know their their bottoms and their tops um
    what I know I've been shouting out your Tik Tok but real what is the biggest thing that the juwel loom community can
    do to help you oh gosh um you know I'm I'm in all the social media places so um
    you know I'd love for follows on Facebook I'm dub loves jewelry designs on Facebook and it's loves
    LVS yeah um I'm on Instagram as dub loves
    designs Tik Tok as dub loves designs and I have a little infant sized um YouTube
    channel called Deb loves jewelry okay and it's it's it's in its real infancy
    stages but it' be nice to get some more followers and I'm promising more content
    um in in the coming months so it would be great everybody gave me some likes and follows and all of that I would
    really really appreciate it okay so we're super close to the Tik Tok which we're pretty sure that's just going to
    happen in the next probably 28 to 48 Hours organically and um but what we if I hear
    you correctly um the next big thing is like let's help to build your YouTube Community yeah okay yeah that would be
    awesome um it's hard to get anybody to see any content I'm putting out now so
    if I can frontload of some followers then it's gonna snowball eventually so I
    just gotta push it over the edge eventually yeah that's great no we're I
    I want to make sure that we help you do that and um you know there's so many different ways to monetize your content
    online and I truly believe that we should be helping each other do that and uh because together we're we're stronger
    and we're bigger right so if we're each you know I learned a long time
    ago that um if this person is doing well then I'm doing well and if I'm doing
    well then he's doing well and if he's doing well then she's doing well and collectively in our creative world it is
    better that we are all doing well yes because then we all can rise together
    and it's just like an energy flow of awesome sauces so don't ever you know
    don't ever get your panties in a pickle and think oh I don't want that person to do well because that's not
    good that's not good for you or the you know it's just not good so no yeah thank you so much for having me thank you to
    Joan for her help and it's so good to be here with everyone we love our
    Queen all right have a great time in Hawaii I'm gonna take BR for his walk
    and I love you guys thank you jul community you are the bestest like
    ever bye everyone bye