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  • How to make a beaded bracelet on a bead loom using vintage Czech Glass Beads

    September 29, 2023

    How to make a beaded bracelet on a bead loom using vintage Czech Glass Beads

    The Original Jewel Loom & the Coiling Gizmo in the same tutorial? Yes! Watch & learn from Jewels, as she walks us through her design processes & gets her creative juices flowing, using the Vintage Disco Gltiz Workshop kit. Jewels shows how you can use different sizes & shaped beads on the Jewel Loom with vintage Czech Glass beads. She & Joan talks about other possible designs for this kit, including off-loom designs. And she even whips up an off-loom pendant or earring design to go with her loom project, using wire & the Artistic Wire Coiling Gizmo Deluxe.

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    all right okay everyone yeah we got the thumbs up from the the um hey do you
    have like a do you have a black screen or what is it called behind you or are you literally a wall
    yeah yeah it's just a white wall I can't hear you I gotta turn this up um welcome welcome to jewel loom School
    live I'm so excited tonight we have the wonderful Joan dice
    um joining me we were chatting we were chatting about the creative Soul box for
    um September and we both were you know like well you could do this and you
    could do that and I was like yeah you you know that's exactly like this box is so component driven this month
    um and the majority of all of the bits and pieces are vintage and so I am just
    going to back up a little um for those of you that don't know where you are um or who I am I'm Juliana Avalar and
    I'm the inventor of the jewel loom B Bloom the uh the blue one here whoops
    and this is the jewel loom uh Channel where I love to weave creativity life
    and love and so we mostly talk about creativity
    but we are always weaving life lessons and uh and and somehow love gets in
    there and other try you know other things love triangles why do they say love triangles there's no love triangles
    that's so funny I'm like cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs right now over the whole you know Taylor Swift
    Kelsey saying football delicious dude I don't know you all may
    or may not know what I'm talking about but I kind of went down the rabbit hole and so if I start singing you know
    Taylor Swift songs I never was a Swifty until Josh and
    Julie went to the concert and I and so like I'm just kind of you know
    kind of just in the background trying to be cool but anyway on that note so this month
    um I was really lucky several months ago I got a hold of these gorgeous big huge ginormous two-hole
    as squares and their vintage glass and so on the back of them they have
    like a you know beautiful gold and then on the fronts they have all these iridescent colors
    and so the box was full of
    vintage items and I was like excuse me
    I was lucky enough to go to a storage unit where I found some more vintage items
    from a designer that in the 60s designed Disney
    outfits for Disney so she was an an artist from Disney so
    um so these really cool crazy I think it's like I can imagine them like on a
    jacket like if they weren't on some sort of uh you know Regal jacket or something so these are in the creative Soul kit
    and normally I do a course and so you
    you would not see um really any of this process but as I
    mentioned it just felt like there were so many options for the for the
    um kid this month and yeah he will definitely soon get a song
    Kristen Kristen knows what I'm talking about and so um wow so
    so the kit is just a combination of a real a lot of really cool things and one of the one of the materials that I was
    in you know visualizing was wire and you know a lot of you may
    remember me or know me because of artistic wire you know that was way back
    in the day back in the 90s when I brought um met Jack O'Brien who uh had the wire
    and I ended up working with him to bring it into the Hobbycraft industry and so
    I'm actually known as the fire behind the wire there was a big article written on me and so I used to do
    a ton of wire working like a ton and um and then I got into the looming and you
    know so I love them both I love them both for sure but yeah so anyway
    um we we definitely will put the link to this video in the school so when people
    are members of the creative Soul Community and they get a monthly kit uh
    based on a design that I typically have designed unless I reach out to Trisha or
    Danielle or um well haven't reached out to Joan yet for a course yet so look at her she's
    like I'm freaking out there
    she's she's She's Got Talent She's Got Talent but um yeah so so I thought that
    and and you have some ideas as well oh and so I just want to talk about two so
    if you don't remember there is there's kind of like a part one to this actually this is kind of like
    part one B I guess but if you recall a couple weeks ago I did a video
    on on the box and I was talking about how my girlfriend had just worked the
    New York Fashion Show week and the model there was a mo I mean
    there was a bazillion models but a model came in with multiple layers of squared
    of a necklace and it was like all these squares and she's telling me about it yeah and then she's telling me that in
    the back there's like a like a focal piece like a medallion so for us
    I'm thinking and if you took this class if you were called The Jewel drops
    now the jewel drops became drops because we sewed them together but if you leave them flat
    they're they're a medallion so they're just a patch of seed beads with all the
    loop-de-loops and if you want to add bugle beads or whatever you could and then you know that could be in the back
    so all of a sudden it became very um
    I very much wanted to empower all of the students to not feel like they had to
    use all of these components on the loom I wanted to empower everyone
    like if it's speaking to you to do stringing you know string if you want to take one
    of the squares and put some head pins in them and do some really cool earrings or
    you know you could just put one of these on on some flipping silver silk
    I mean come on now can I get an amen to that amen
    [Laughter] super hot super simple I mean one of the
    pink ones on top of Neely silver silk just like a little pendant oh my God
    it'd be so awesome so you know that you know you talk about The Medallion in the
    back and I was trying to think how to get a delay right we could weave stuff from the front and the back and connect
    the front and the back with the silver silk so it lays right see what I'm saying
    and I was trying to figure out that until you said silver silk no I think
    silver silk lends itself to this kit because in essence the silver silk chain
    is very vintage like you know it it really screams that you
    know it's very Royal it's very vintage like it's you know it's very put your
    crown on so I think let's see what did she say Stone bar beads between yes absolutely
    so before we get any further I also want to mention to you that the the creative Soul kit had
    completely sold out um and so the version I'm calling it
    version one that the creative Soul Community bought and um has that sold out
    but what I can do is I can put together
    a single strand with a lot of other yummy stuff
    not necessarily again it probably won't it won't have the Vintage Disney you
    know those were those were for the community for the creative Soul people that bought in at the beginning but it's
    on the home page and if you watch this demonstration and you're like holy guacamole I need
    I need a strand of that and I want a kit you can go to the home page and you're
    going to see where it says join Jules on YouTube and I just put that as a
    placeholder you're not going to see what you're getting so you're going to have to trust me
    that I will put something together with one of the strands because these
    bad boys retell well they're they're not even on the market I mean they're just not even on the market so
    they're not cheap so I'll do one strand of these and then all of these other delicious
    you know like I have whoop I still have some of these gorgeous discs and I I
    have I have stuff I have stuff I can make a really pretty thing so if you're in awesome I'm gonna call it's called
    version two creative Soul uh vintage disco um
    Glitz version two and so just so you know the other thing is that I added
    some buy the Dozen artistic Wire by the Dozen and the deluxe coiling Gizmo
    to the website and there's a coupon for that artistic wire a coupon there's a
    Code a coupon code Joan's going to share it with you
    um if I did but I'll share it again okay I think it's YT 30. basically that's
    going to get you 30 off on the by the Dozen artistic wire
    and the deluxe coiling Gizmo so that code yt30 will give you 30 off
    of what on The Wire packs they need they need you need to buy them
    because they need to go home with you so
    what else do we have going on as far as housekeeping I do have a bead a seed bead cell going on and um was that seed
    csb20 um yes I had that one up too okay
    but it was um look let me make sure um okay
    yeah so that's for all the Touhou seed beads so lots of good stuff going on in the shop that if you want to help
    support um you can go over there and and do a little shoppie shopping so
    did I say it right I said it right this time
    for bestie she doesn't even know it because I'm always like thinking about her and her beautiful name
    it's important to me to enunciate it correctly I go crazy when people spell Juliana wrong
    like because it's got two ends I hate when they pronounce my name wrong
    how could anybody pronounce Joan wrong do people really do that
    in Indiana you would think Joanne would be with two ants but Indiana j-o-a-n is
    Joanne and that's where you know I moved there when I was six but I still get people here doing it
    I didn't even think about that I would never look at your name and go and and that you were a Joanne that's
    funny oh well so I'm
    um I kind of got like this camera craziness all around me right now and
    I'm sitting on a little stool because the only way to kind of show you the coiling Gizmo is to do it from the
    computer so I don't know if you want to make me big screen all the screen
    and let me take myself yeah there we go okay I'll look like a
    little little lunch but yeah don't put yeah not my overhead just my can you hear me though
    Okay cool so so I have let me just bring this down
    so I have the racket to the court to the deluxe
    coiling Gizmo it's connected to the table here okay so and you definitely
    want to work on a surface that um you're not gonna damage excuse me
    like if you're working on like pressed wood or anything like that and you try to screw this on there I don't want you
    to like put an indentation in your table so just be conscious of what you are
    working on I'm going to show you the sample this is what I made so this is one of my little
    funky chunky little beads and this is a three process
    so three step process and I'm working with 26 gauge wire
    and so I'm working from a personal school so I'm not working from one of
    the by the Dozen um five yard spool uh this is something that actually came out of my stash
    oh that is so funny Cara says she bought the Gizmo when I was in Scottsdale [Laughter]
    so I'm start with the rod so these are the two
    smallest rods in the kit and I'm going to start with the one that is
    um like number three in line right so it's not the smallest but it's next to
    the smallest and I'm going to put it into the holes
    okay and then I'm gonna take The Wire
    and I'm actually going to take the wire so it's in my lap and then I'm going to just take a little
    bit of it here and wrap it around the handle
    okay and then I'm just gonna let my hand rest on the dowel here and my thumb is going
    to guide the wire okay and then I'm just going to push forward
    and I'm keeping an eye on the coil to make sure that it's not like going over itself
    come in a little tighter there so that I can actually see what I'm doing
    and I can see that it's a little loose so I'll scrunch it together you know this has been demonstrated I
    mean probably at least 100 times on Jewelry Television I used to demonstrate
    it all the stinking time
    so you could see that every once in a while I just like pinch it together and you know if you really feel
    confident you can kind of get your your tool going pretty fast you just don't
    want to coil over the coil because that's not the result that you want
    so we're going to make this
    a couple maybe an inch and a half whoops
    let's scooch that we're just going to do a little bit more because I want it to be small
    okay so let me bring this up to the camera here so you can see that is my coil
    so that's like step one and then what I'm going to do is I will
    undo it from the handle here
    I'm gonna find the end I see you okay
    okay and then we'll slide that off and then I'm going to bring in my wire
    and I'm going to use the flush part of the wire cutter and I'm going to get as close to that as I can
    okay so now we have two pieces we have the original coil and we have the wire that is still on
    the spool and so I'm going to take the end of that
    wire and I'm going to feed it through the coil and I'm going to let
    coil drop oh might be a little
    feels like we've got a little pink there we go Okay cool so we'll just let that draw
    and then I'm going to do the same thing where I come over here and I wrap it around the handle
    okay and I'm going to bring everything and put it back in my lap
    go through the holes and then this time I'm just going to give it like a little necktie you know
    like just let's see three four five six seven
    eight and where'd you go then I'm gonna slide
    that coil up
    all right and I want it to I want the towel to be facing me and then I'm just going to wrap it
    around the handle okay and now I'm going to feed the coil up onto the dowel all right so very
    carefully you can see I have my Pinchers and they're pinching very lightly they're just they're going to help guide
    that coil so we're going to push forward on the handle and you can see how the
    coil is feeding itself up onto
    the doubt I'm going to try to bring you a little closer without causing a complete crash
    how's that a little bit better okay and so you can see
    the wire bead being made and you just want to keep a nice consistency because you want that to be all the same size
    and then we're going to end it with the same little um ending that we started with so that the
    they're even okay so then I'm going to take that off let me bring it up to the camera and you
    can see it not cool so this would be fine as it is
    you could certainly um you could certainly use the bead in this
    uh two-step process and let me just cut it here
    and we're just gonna cut one
    I'm gonna cut the shortest one
    foreign so you see that beautiful bead
    absolutely gorgeous we could just use it that way I don't let me see I think my
    head pen I don't know if my head um is big enough
    oh yeah see it's not big enough but you could put a head pin through there and
    just like you know like here's one that's finished right
    this is heavier wire and if you take a look at these look at
    the rondelles on the end and then you could just take some wire and actually make make your own ending your own findings
    isn't that Gorge but what I like to do is I like to do it a third time
    I like to do it a third time so I'm going to take the bead okay with the tail face up to the ceiling
    and I'm once again using the wire from the spool
    okay and then I'm going to bring in the super
    tiny rod
    bring everything towards me here and I'm going to wrap this around
    and I'm just going to do whoops out of the way I'm just gonna do a little bit of a neck
    here and then I'm going to bring that bead up
    wrap it around
    the handle and then ever so carefully I'm going to start to feed it
    up onto the rod and the idea is to keep it all nice and
    tight so that you have like this chunky funky bead
    so what it's doing is it's taking that whole bead and then
    kind of like making it into a round bead right instead of a long wire bead
    you kinda hung up over here bear with me
    okay and then we're just gonna cut that off
    just want to make sure I don't cut the
    and then we can just let's see where's the ending at
    there's one where's the other ending
    where'd you go I'm not sure where that went
    we're just gonna pretend that this is an exit
    so now we got two of them on there if we wanted to and so my whole I'm going to come back
    up here so my whole thought process was that you know you could then take your round nose
    pliers and then add them you know like if you were gonna do a
    choker right they could just become your little dangly dupes off of your piece
    if you're going to do a choker or a necklace I would highly recommend that you use
    the large wisdom Warrior or the large Sun Weaver because you're gonna need the length and it's going to be a little
    bit more challenging on the original jewel loom because you only have so much Carmen says I haven't used my
    colon Gizmo in so long I know me too and I would I told Joan I
    said I'm gonna I'm gonna do something with wire [Laughter] she was like wow okay
    um when you use the bigger rods and you use a heavier gauge wire you get
    big chunkies look at the difference 26 gauge you the last two
    um the last two rods and this is probably
    it feels like it's an 18 gauge wire I can't I can hardly do these anymore because of my wrists but they're so
    beautiful Kelly I think I sent you a bunch of them I know I dribbled I dribbled finished
    wire pieces into was it a month before last I did I put some stuff into the kids but
    look at this one how gorgeous so the fun thing too is like
    um you could take your head pen and
    take a bead okay so there's a bead and then take your wire piece
    look at how pretty that is oh like
    I don't even know who I am right now I love this I love this so much
    and then like could you do something
    you know what I mean like I don't know how I feel about that but I think if I did another one right I could
    do another one and I need a little bit I'd have to
    smush this a little because I've got to do the loop but now I've got like a pendant
    so stinking awesome very very fun I love that idea okay let
    me put this one on on here and um I'm gonna have to undo that let's see so
    let's do another one
    feel like what happened here affiliate the top and the bottom is that
    what happened might be what happened oh well
    I think it's still usable okay
    so now you got two right oh come on get out of town
    okay these beads are not the beads that are in version one version one has some
    gorgeous I mean they're so stinking gorgeous they're like a blue
    gold a b come on now
    um but I was thinking would this be interesting where you could take
    the square and put your head pins
    up and through there right oh my gosh come on
    how sick and cute is that you look a little Martian [Laughter]
    okay yeah I mean there's just so I'm like I'm just thinking like this could
    be that little focal piece for the silver silk right so like you could just have your little
    drop and that's just one of these so the
    creative Soul Community when they for when they got their boxes the full boxes they have two strands well actually they
    have three strands they're going to be making jewelry until the cows come home
    so very stinking cool what did Maria say these thirsty classes are good no
    they're good for mine too and Joe we gotta keep Joan out of jail anyway so
    that's my little wire inspiration I just love love love these little nuggets I
    think they're so fun and unique and they just make your piece look very special
    and different I'm gonna undo um this piece before I cut my arm off
    I a couple of times leaned over it's like gonna have a booby trap
    so yeah okay so Joan do you wanna um were there any
    no questions okay unless I missed one but what do you
    think I got some Loom stuff too but I wanted to show that wire stuff while my hands
    were still happy wait where are you honey yeah I didn't
    know I went off but the one you showed where you stuck the head pins up here you could you know one of those drops
    what get rid of my overhead because there's too many of us on the screen okay let okay yeah you know you step the
    two with the and if you had Loops at the bottom you can hang maybe a little bit
    of chain and have some dangles for more decorations for your pendant we're going
    to make an earring because you could you know for make a loop at the top with the tops of the head pins
    that's why I'm saying I feel like the September creative Soul vintage disco
    Glitz Workshop kit you
    all of these cool components where you like I did my table is full of
    all kinds of stuff that I pulled out from my personal drawers behind me and and just got inspired by the wire
    you know there's just so much that you can you can do I'm gonna cut one of
    these um squares really quick because these are Gorge these are the ones that
    have like the teal pink there's another thing I was thinking
    about with the um squares um somebody might be I mean I'm still working on designing my head but you
    know making it like some kind of pendant here but have it connected and instead
    of going around the neck it just goes over your shoulders and maybe something in the back like a small pendant
    so it just lays on your shoulders to sit around your neck oh that's hot like a shawl yeah
    right yeah well it would it would end up being kind of square shaped you know the hole to go over your head okay
    yeah you'd have some kind of pendant that I mean some kind of hook the hook you know I guess if you use a toggle
    clasp or something you can hit the back pendant onto that yeah no I love that I just think that
    there are so many different cool ideas and if my hands would work I would use
    the round nose pliers but I can't get them to really maneuver right now so
    this is one of the other tiles with the the teal and the pink look at how it changes
    hey I'm teal hey babe I'm pink and I'm purple also
    but if you just do just do stinking and what I love about
    this is you got three colors oh one of them shows a gold but you know if you
    want solid gold just flip it over but mine was laying there and it looked almost gold yeah and then I picked it up
    and it was purple or pink yeah no that we do have so on the backs of the Vintage
    two holes um they are gold so yeah so really
    really um just lots of really cool ideas let's see I love those large beads yeah Nancy so
    if you weren't um here earlier I am able to put together a version two
    of the creative Soul kit it doesn't have everything that's version one came with
    um and so right now it's just with a placeholder where it says it's got an
    image of watch jewels on Thursdays but uh you you'll just if you're interested
    you can let me know you can go ahead and buy you know I will put together something that is
    delicious so oh good you just got yours wow okay
    awesome good news yes the color shifting is fantastic well
    when I got the opportunity to buy these beads I was just like how can I not
    um many times that's what I love about the creative Soul Community is that
    I mean we're in three years now three years I can't even believe it
    and the you know just the support and the grace and the love of letting me
    birth every month what is you know what is worthy what is right what comes
    to me what I can get my hands on because I like for it to be different you know we mix it up a lot I love when Danielle
    does comes along and she helps us out with patterns and I love that and I love
    um I think Trish has done at least I think she's done
    maybe three she's still a couple and and I know sometimes what happens too is like if
    I'm s whatever then Trish you've had her add to one too
    she did she did the Sedona hat band
    in the birthday bracelet yeah but that happened what she did with those resin flowers oh yeah seriously
    she knocked it out of the park so big congratulations to Trisha she she got her a thousand subscribers so now she
    has to work on her her watch hours so super stoked for her and uh yeah so we
    all kind of wanted to pitch in and help each other out with that but so do you
    have something to show us do we need to go to your table or
    um I'm not set up to go to my table I just came next to me because the one camera I have set up because my you
    remember my laptop shows me all Angelic uh well we like Angelica Jones
    next time I'll let myself be Angelic so I can set up the um tabletop
    um so you don't have anything to hold up that you want to show everybody uh no but you know I
    you know what I'm wanting I don't know if you could see this um let me wait let me try this I have to oh
    excuse my chest let's do it this way
    sorry yeah no words what I was thinking do you see it
    uh I see your table and I got it and it's showing upside down okay
    so what I was thinking was putting these two blue beads in between each one
    that's why it's laid out and then put gold beads these gold beads yeah this
    isn't working um yeah on either side of the blue beads because for some reason I like Rosa threes and then dangles directly below
    this little thing yep can you see that yeah no it's a little dangles I'm just
    trying to think what I want to dangle off of them I so that's what I'm thinking but I'm
    thinking that for a bracelet okay and so the blue beats that Joan is showing are in version one that's what the community
    received in their workshop kit and I added those because it did appear that
    they would match uh two of them and it sounds like you're telling me I'm correct that two of them would go in the
    middle of a square bead where I think you might need a couple of these little rondelles you know pretty those you know
    they're fill in the space which I would put them in the middle that's what I was thinking oh okay
    okay so let me take myself off so I can fix mine okay
    yeah and then if you want to put me um on the overhead I'm just gonna show a
    little bit of what I was thinking about for the loom work so like if you just wanted something you know again there's
    so much in this Workshop kit and if you add your
    akudumones [Laughter] like you're going to be able to get
    a lot of different things I will be excited to see what Kelly is kind of a master at
    stretching the kit out and she always tells me like Jewels you give us so much
    and I can do this and that you know so um so yeah so
    if you want to you want to put the overhead next to me Joan
    okay so what I got going on here is I I did warp with the
    0.5 hemp cord by him teak and I'm using the
    Green wildfire and of course a jewel loom needle and I'm going to for
    my bracelet now Joan just showed it I don't have one out here but Joe can show
    us when she comes back on in version one everybody got a vintage
    glass gold button it's to die for
    you know where are you going to use that in this plethora of
    expression just waiting to be had for me when I started to think about
    laying out my bracelet for y'all I was like you know what I think I want to do a slider so I got in my stash and I got
    one of the 20 millimeter gold sliders and I'm gonna do a row of Edo's I've got
    no idea how many I need so I'm just going to kind of start picking them up because remember we have to fill the
    space right so let's just pick up tomatoes and see what
    happens and
    remember now nobody's going to see these edos because they're going to be underneath the slider so they can be
    from your bead soup they don't have to match no one's ever going to see them
    so let me just see if I need one more and it does look like I just need one
    more and let me tell you what that is so that's two
    that's three four five that's nine
    so if you want to take note nine eight O's
    equal one square one one big Square okay nine eight O's so I'm gonna get
    those up here this is going to be my first row again nobody's going to see it because the
    slider is going to go right over it and I just want to make sure that my
    needle is going on and because I don't have like a bunch of warps to
    keep this very stable I'm going to come in here with my fingers and I'm going to sandwich
    the beads so they don't get all crazy
    okay and then I'm gonna go back through them
    I'm gonna go back through them but I'm going to go on the bottom this time and I'm going under the warp and this is
    just something that I've started to do um it just kind of makes me feel a
    little bit better about the process
    and then once again
    okay so that looks pretty sturdy so now what I'm gonna do
    is I'm gonna pick up one of my
    big guys here so let's see how the open got so many things going on let's get that out of the way
    and I'm holding this just because it's glass it's vintage it's huge
    okay so here's one of my here's one of my I totally forgot about this
    okay so I'm not gonna go back and do it just for time I could probably go back and do it
    afterwards but what I was thinking is there's going to be a gap
    right you're going to have like this this Gap and one of the things that Trisha
    does very well is she adds
    decorative trim I think it's fair to call it trim she does really good beaded
    trim to her bracelets so what I could have done I'm thinking
    um is that I could have picked up maybe like say some 11 O's
    and then gone in but I'm gonna wait to see like I'm gonna
    wait to see see what I feel about that so I'm gonna kiss that up there and I'm going to go back through the hole
    and these are so amazing oh my gosh seriously I can't
    yeah so it's very much like our little six millimeter ones but not
    and then I'm going through the bottom hole
    and you know it might not even be a deal breaker might be okay with with how it looks in the end
    so there's my first one very exciting okay
    and now what I gotta do is I've got to decide so earlier earlier I was playing around and let me
    just bring these into um let me scooch these out of the way
    okay so I had the fire polish these beautiful little fire polish
    and these guys which putting together version two for you
    I'll be able to add the fire polish and these gorgeous little discs
    Okay so if I'm not mistaken I was able to pick up a disc
    five millimeter fire polish pick up a disc five millimeter
    pick up a disc five millimeter pick up a disc and I'm going to bring that up to the camera
    where'd you go
    okay so I'm pretty sure that's not too many but let's see
    nope just perfect oh my heck all right super gorgeous
    so then I just want to make sure that my needle so much like our experience last
    week with the blush burgundy kit where we were mixing it up
    we've got the same opportunity to do that with this kit I mean look at how cool
    so you can really make a very interesting bracelet
    with some pretty simple pieces and then the focus Stay On These vintage glass
    pieces people are going to be like where'd you get that like for sure I am sure they're
    going to be all right let me do one more um let me do one more big guy
    and here's the tip so we want
    the pink side of the bead to be facing up towards the ceiling so I want to take
    my needle get the cameras here and I want to go through the top hole
    from the left side to make sure that the pink is facing up
    to the sky
    perfect all right if I wanted the gold then I would flip it over
    and do the same entry the fire polish are fives Maria
    they're five millimeters and like I said I'll be able to put a
    strand of those into version two's kit
    this will come together very very very quickly
    yeah if you don't try to like you know just keep it simple so that the tiles
    are the focus I bet you could get this bracelet done in under an hour
    it it's it's lining up so beautifully it
    really loves it's loving the looming very very much WoW wow okay
    um I think these other guys are going to be just way too big but for giggles
    for giggles okay let me just say something really quick I'm gonna take two of these guys
    let's see let's see what they look like so we need something
    so we could oh we could do we could do one of the gold let me get one of these
    guys one of the gold ooh could we do a disc a gold a disc and then one of those
    that might be hot okay hold on let me pick up one of these and then I'm gonna pick up one I'm gonna
    get this gold guy this is an inversion
    um one okay and then let oh okay that's so cool
    oh is it gonna be a little too big though crap yeah it's gonna be a little too big so let me get rid of the discs
    or no well let me just see let's see if that
    if this works oh my god look how beautiful that is
    I just can't okay I'm gonna do that I'm gonna do that
    so for version one the creative Soul Community you have
    um your be your big guys look a little different they're predominantly blue a b
    so you should be they were this I believe they're the same size so you should be able to do this same
    thing look at that that is stinking cool let me bring that up to the camera a little bit here
    wow wow
    okay I'm happy I hope you are
    I'm wondering if I would want to go under back through and over because
    I'm seeing a little bit of a bouncy bounce so let me see if I can't achieve that so
    I'm going to go under the war back through the beads under
    and this is just going to give it a little bit more stability like a little bit more oomph
    and then I'm going to go back through whoops
    well where are you there we go
    wow that's really incredible I am loving that so much it's so very
    very pretty alternating between would be awesome yes
    hi Deborah I miss you how are you
    Deborah is kind of like our not kinda I'm just going to give you the
    title of choker choker Queen she makes um outrageously cool chokers
    so now we could go back to to the fire polish so what was that a
    disc a fire polish a disc
    a fire polish a disc fire polish
    and a disc
    okay so I'm totally gonna encourage you like whatever's happening in between
    each one of these vintage glass tiles
    like go for it I mean these bracelets are going to be
    so stinking beautiful oh my gosh
    so happy with this so happy
    I'm gonna bring this over into this camera there we go that lighting for some
    reason looks a little different aren't they amazing Deb
    so it's very um very Regal I love this you know what's happening here it's like a very
    Regal feeling hmm okay so I'm gonna do I'll do another
    tile just kind of keep showing you
    these guys are just really going um on so much easier I don't know why I
    mean I didn't necessarily think they were going to be like hard but I'm just really surprised um I think it's because
    you know you can hold them and really help it's not like all the little six
    millimeter ones right I think that's the big difference
    and so you're kind of just whipping them up here
    okay and then so what did I do I did a bead and then I did a gold right so let's put
    that over there and it'll be
    and then I'm going to go under just to make sure
    yeah going through this particular um row twice is feeling
    it's feeling nice wow
    we're getting back through for some reason is challenging I don't know what's
    I don't know what the problem here is let's see
    go through you once buddy what's the problem come on now
    I could see it going through I just can't tell if the gold bead is
    like turning
    okay so there's that okay what's happening
    there we go jeez
    okay so I think I have one more tile in here
    what are you thinking hey Betty did you get my messages honey
    you can let me know privately
    so let me just for Giggles see what we got going on here
    thank you so that's five inches right there
    so for me I have a six inch wrist so
    um I will have one more row like this
    I like this little combination with the with the little donuts and the five
    millimeter fire polish it's a nice little note to take about what equals
    what we haven't done that before so seems simple but
    it's kind of fun to know
    and I'm not going back through the fire polish because it's much more lightweight than
    than those big beads
    much more likely
    and then we're going to end it with another row
    of seed beads what did I say nine one two three
    four five six
    seven eight nine
    okay so we're gonna go through those I'll guide them
    and then I want to go back through them down below here
    what's just so beautiful
    it just makes you want to wear it and like be outside and go hello
    I'm gonna do that hahaha okay um
    trying to think how I want to tie this off I think I can maybe I could do this let me see for
    for giggles I can't somehow get a knot in here
    because again No One's Gonna See this but still I wanna
    I guess I could just do an air not again
    wait what the heck let me just see if I can
    my Tail's a little I'm sure
    nope that's not gonna work
    okay well I'll tell you what I'll just use the
    Wildfire burner and then make like a little a little
    ball on there
    make sure you practice with this before you
    use it because you don't want to accidentally
    burn something off that's not supposed to be burnt off
    okay so getting your teeth cleaned
    I held it up to my size nine
    oh a ring that would be pretty badass what
    would you do would you see would you make a a base
    so I am going to tell you I have no idea let's see I hope this goes over
    so definitely want to hold this glass and the loom
    oh my gosh seriously I just can't
    it's so beautiful
    wow so
    I'm not sure I'm gonna um
    might have to think about this one because I don't think this is gonna go
    well okay so do I do something like that but then what am I going to do with
    these ends I think if I got a really tight knot I could stick it in there huh I could do
    that I could do that I'm not going to try to do that without
    having proper lighting so let me get this back into the screen
    so beautiful so that is one two three one two three four five
    six one two so there's seven on a strand
    I only use six and the people in the workshop got
    14 15 16 17 18 19. 20 21 22 23 24. 25.
    was it something like that you're gonna be making stuff till the cows come home
    Jules you wear it on both sides what do you mean like I could you mean turn it
    over right just the gold yeah it's interchangeable oh there's a big word
    [Laughter] interchangeable yeah on my hack
    okay so we got a bracelet we have uh oh what just happened
    oh do you want to get over you want to get rid of my overhead Joan
    um so we've got the bracelet we could definitely do a choker we could
    do earrings we can do a pendant we can do a ring
    I mean y'all this could
    so much did you see the wine rack remember I showed you last week the the
    wine thing that we're gonna do so I do have this crazy idea what if we
    did what if we what if we did the wine thing and I sourced the cork
    see that big Crystal and then I come up with something for
    like a home decor for December I don't know I'm just thinking out of the box let me know what my creative Soul people
    think [Laughter] maybe some
    Bugles and yum nums and it doesn't have to be a wine bottle
    it can be you know like if you don't drink wine it could just be a decorative bottle so this is an empty wine bottle
    with water in it and then I have four glasses but I just got to thinking
    wouldn't it be fun to just like embellish that so here's I'm sorry I squirreled I
    apologize I just squirreled I get excited I turned and I saw something um but getting back to the
    kids tell me other creatives do that right like I'm not the only one
    um so yeah there's just a plethora of things that you could do with this kit just a plethora
    I'm super stoked about it super super stoked Joan you want to come back on
    oh my hair is falling down can you see me yeah what do you think
    about that which one you mean the bracelet I I mean the bracelet and
    this I'm definitely gonna do I definitely want to do this and I want to attach it to some annelays
    yes and I also thought of something I want to do with wire with one square you
    held up your bracelet and you know I want to feed two pieces of wire and put
    some you know almost like gemstones going across either side and making a
    bale up here and hiding it you know yeah so it almost looks like a gym you know
    like a gym pendant oh sweet I'll post pictures if you know
    I'm trying to make one and post pictures in the um both groups yeah no I love
    that I just and is that too big for my finger I
    don't think so no I'm in saying
    for a belt that would be hi Kirsten that would be so hot
    oh that for about no you could do this you could do
    you could do this if it was smaller I'd even put like the little gemstones on each side but that I
    think would just be so spark but see I just think that just the one with the play of colors would be so cool so you
    could play with it while you're wearing it well this has got the teal purple
    pink look at it go look at it go yeah oh my gosh so let me just think how I would
    accomplish that I think what I would do
    is I would okay so you know how the bracelet was
    just on the loom so the bracelet was just on the loom
    so what if all of this was just you do the tile and then all of this is your Ado's for
    your band and then and then
    see I was thinking of simple wire wrapping okay and I have to go to the loom every
    time so no this would be in the middle the T the tile would be in the middle
    and there would be eight O's on each side just like we do all of our other rings and then we would sew the better
    easy because it would be a good idea I wasn't even thinking that I was just thinking wire wrap because I made a wire
    wrap Wing last week so that or that was wire weave yeah you could say that too no I'm telling you this kit lends itself
    to like I couldn't bring myself to say this is what you're gonna do now I just
    showed you because some people do need structure and I respect that
    so we did this bracelet and it was very simple and very cool
    but there's so much more you can do you know what would be cool everybody
    submits all their designs and we can put together a video of it you know just like blast each picture for seven
    seconds and put it on the business page I'm in just shown the inspiration from a workshop kit no I want to show off our
    community any and every time I was just telling Lori that I want I want to start
    bringing on our community like I want people to come on I think stream yard we can host can
    we host up to like 10 or 12 people so like we could we could just like we
    could start featuring like look at everything Cara does she's so good at posting Eliana
    Maria's constantly coming like there's a plethora of people in the community that
    I think could be really stoked to come on and give their take to a kid
    yeah that would be fun I'm just saying
    especially this type of Kit where you could come up with like a thousand different designs yes a thousands you
    might be a lot well even just using like one bead you
    could do like a bunch of different things if you just miss one bead right okay so here's an example if you have a
    six inch wrist right so there's the bracelet I still had one left over so now I got a bracelet and a ring
    right and then you can even just have a bracelet with a focal and then do stuff
    on the you know yeah you could do friendship Style I mean there's just
    or seed bead around it or you know all kinds of stuff yeah no I love this
    collection and that's why I was like okay I don't feel like it's just one
    thing that I want to communicate like I you know from a creative designer standpoint it's like
    there's so much you could do you know right I hope everyone feels that way
    Deborah's saying the Leather silver silk would be interesting that would be hot
    hmm that would be way hot okay now I'm gonna have silver silk all
    over my living in Florida tomorrow and I'm going to be matching it up with all these beads
    I'm thinking the same thing I have a box I have a stash I still don't have any
    three needle Nila needs to get me some of that
    Pokemon I I showed I showed Ginger the three needle and she stole my purple oh
    she's so naughty she is
    I have I still have another piece of it but not as big as I've used off of it so
    um just to kind of go over everything again Betty I saw you in here
    Betty um Betty strong that is strongman uh respond to me
    privately just let me know either way easy peasy pumpkin squeezy and
    um huge shout out to Lori Plummer for the way she is showcasing her jewelry
    um she uses these little pillows they look like little sandbox sandbags with
    canvas they're like made out of I think it's a canvas and she's really good at
    signature pieces meaning that she's adding well first of all how do I know this
    the shop right down the street here carries her stuff
    wow that she made on the Mama Julie
    all of you bring tears because I just love what you do um my hair is falling out sorry it's
    just is what it is and no ever and ileana's so she's been working I was
    just an issued to work in the streets she's been working the streets ha
    ha ha she's been working and you know everybody just does so
    such an amazing work and what I love is like everyone has different goals you know like some people like it's oh it's
    my love it's my hobby I do it for myself we are in your court oh I just want to
    make like a little extra money we are in your court you know like oh I need to
    supplement my income girlfriend I'm in your court so I just love seeing what
    everybody does and yes I get very proud and very emotional also
    it's all good stuff um version two will be similar to version
    one but it will not have all of the all of the quantity and and everything but it will be delicious so if you want some
    of the tiles and you were unable to get them I think I can put together 10
    pretty strong kits I'm not gonna have an image overnight you're going to have to
    distrust me so if you want one awesome sauce
    and if not how do they get it on the front page it's if you go to the
    front page of I it says it's got the picture where it says joint
    jewels for YouTube but if you if you hover over it it's the kit
    oh yeah it's the kit
    you want more I know I said add to cart yeah
    I didn't have time I was right before we went on I was just like oh crap like I still have some stuff
    and I could put something together to make something delish so
    and we got codes for discounts on The Wire uh y t 30 30 off on the artistic
    wire and the deluxe tool and I just posted that about
    well I guess it's been about 20 minutes ago okay because it's almost 20 after eight now
    yeah you're doing I could post them again yeah okay because I know we had some later you
    know later Rivals I'll post them again okay because yeah
    yeah so uh yeah if you're calling Gizmo the coupon
    that for the calling Gizmo and the um
    and the artistic wire is only good through Saturday right
    I think so I think that's what you said yeah I might change it I it needs in the it
    needs homes it's too it's too much for me here I so I probably will go change
    the date for just to be in infinite until sold out because I just it needs
    to go okay just let me know oh let me speak to
    Leanne Leanne I was so glad you're here honey so yes it's gonna be a replay
    we're gonna put the link in the course so that it's easy for you to find it in
    the school so we'll do that and um yeah it'll be on the blog okay we'll
    also be on the um YouTube channel too and in the school yeah yeah so
    okay I think we're good for Brando he's been so patient he's like
    had to go for a walk for like three hours now oh poor baby it's not been
    that long he's fine I gave him some melatonin and knocked him out no yeah
    I gotta get him for a walk so um send I guess text me
    to about the tiles and everything if you need or just go just go grab
    the those that are online right now
    first come first serve yeah they'll sell tonight Leanne don't go to the school right now because the link link won't be
    up there that quick so because doesn't YouTube have to populate it the link doesn't come up for a couple hours
    um the school well you have to put it in the school I had to put it in the school
    it'll be there tomorrow but uh the Youtube will be there I mean after the
    show just give it less than a minute and then you can start watching it again so Leanne you can just refresh the page
    yeah you can watch it from here from the YouTubes but but tomorrow I'll go throw
    it in the school and Deborah's driving so don't be up to talk don't don't drive and shop at the
    same time [Laughter]
    yeah okay okay and just text me Leanne if you need help buddy okay well I hope
    um I hope this was this was good for
    all of the version you know for the creative Soul Community I really am excited about it I just I
    just feel like there's so many possibilities and we'll we'll post our examples
    yes I'll start working on mine well we're going to Dollywood tomorrow so I'll try to work on mine during the
    weekend I'm going to dolls yes all my trips to Knoxville I never went
    to Dollywood I can't believe that I have to come well like I said you know as long as we
    have season passes which we had every year when you come we can go together and you can get them free
    sounds good I'll tease my hair okay oh they have I saw a shirt and I
    should have took a picture of it no actually I do have it I got to send it to you because I took it for you it's
    something about big hair and I had a picture of Dolly all right
    maybe I'll post it on the group page [Laughter]
    so do do that do that okay and um think about this idea I
    think it would be really fun if we did that for December that's what I'm kind of leaning towards
    I gotta Source the cork I gotta Source the cork I'm not sure where it comes from oh I was gonna say wouldn't it be
    fun to do something really blingy like a cozy for the bottle that just wraps around the bottle you know like you do for I mean you like Cokes have their own
    cozies and stuff just wrap around the bottle it's all sparkly yeah yeah no I
    think I think that that could be a second idea definitely another month
    for that could be a whole other month yes thank you because we yeah we always need ideas
    all right I gotta get I gotta get MB buckled up and out to the streets
    okay well nice seeing everybody here thanks for joining us thank you guys
    thank you hugs and kisses so honored to use the Looms I love watching what you
    do thank you so much bye