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  • How to make a friendship bracelet on a bead loom

    October 13, 2023

    How to make a friendship bracelet on a bead loom

    This basic bracelet is great for beginners & advanced alike….plus an easy way to create a different look for all kinds of people by changing up the colors, sizes, & types of seed beads. Join Jewels on this week’s Jewel Loom School Live to learn how to make a friendship bracelet, including her tips & tricks. She will be adding a part 2 to show how to use a slide clasp to finish the bracelet ends, before adding a clasp of your choice. When Part 2 is completed, it will be added to this blog below.

    Part 1 - Creating a Fancy Friendship Bracelet

    Part 2 How to Add Slide Ends 

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    Transcript Part 1:

    it looks like I'm live hello everyone hello hello hello
    hey um I'm here and uh my my amazing uh Joan is not here and
    I'll just give you full disclosure I'm dealing a little bit with sinus congest question and
    puffiness and so I'm trying to save my voice and not lose it uh during during
    this demonstration so if I sound a little lowkey and maybe a little
    sexy that's why um so yeah how's everybody doing you know what if you
    could let me know that you can see me and hear me that would be great since I don't um I don't know so hi Maria hi
    shaa I'm just always going to make it sound fabulous I know a little
    something you got an angel Zach yes everyone everyone Ana hey um y
    can you hear me okay you can hear me awesome sauce all right so um yeah I've got a little bit of a shadow coming from
    somewhere I'm not too sure hey Amber a thank you you're such a sweetheart
    I love seeing your name and your and your face so yes okay good good I'm glad I
    sound amazing yeah if you could see my eyes they are just like doubled over so I'm
    just like oh I hope I can see well enough to to do this demonstration but you know I feel um obviously you know
    come on the elephant in the room with the friendship bracelets you know the whole Swift y
    thing so it's so cute I mean really I never was like you know I I listened to
    Taylor when I was um well when she first came out and it was like country music
    and so I really enjoyed it um back then but I just kind of obviously I got older
    um you know and she kind of like was exploring her her journey and stuff but
    I think that this friendship bracelet thing is phenomenal because anytime
    anyone does something to help uh expose
    our craft our passion I think that it's fantastic and so um you know there's
    this whole thing where you go to the concerts or what have you and people are exchanging friendship bracelets and you
    know it's it's just a really sweet thing and I thought well wait a minute friendship bracelets really
    started off by you know beads right like and and even like do you remember if you
    were at camp and and you were making a loom out of cardboard and you know it was like a a piece of cardboard you put
    the slits in there and you'd you'd War around and then you would do your friendship bracelet so I just thought
    well what a fun a fun uh thing to do and and to treat um everybody with so
    hopefully uh for those of you that are just getting started it's something that will inspire you um as far as looming
    goes because it really is one of the most simple things that you can create and
    I'm going to go ahead and get into it let me just take a look around
    um another thing hey Terry um all the seed beads in the shop are at
    25% off okay so there's still stock left uh orders
    have been coming in all day but I did Che take a look I'm going to be working with the 3os because my eyes are so
    swollen that I need to be able to see would I don't I don't think it's a
    problem working with a three but as you can tell a lot of my examples are
    created with 11os and 8os but I was a little worried about being able to see
    tonight um with those and even I'm just puffy all all the way around so anyway
    I'm not familiar with too are they consistent in size I feel like they are Terry um I've been using too
    since since I um started beating way back in the 90s um on a creative living
    that's the bead that I was first introduced to now I will tell you
    that remember give me a little Grace here um I will tell you that the myuki
    um those are super cool super super cool and on my recent trip trip to the
    Czech Republic Mama fell in love with some Czech seed beads the bbos are
    delicious so you know I think that there was a time in my beating life where I
    you know maybe um what would the right word
    be I don't know maybe just lack of use maybe I I would always just say
    too but I'm loving me some myuki and I'm really loving me some of the matbos
    which are check and they're all delicious they're I only use the best
    like you know Chinese beads are not necessarily
    um the best right but uh you know to me Japanese seed beads are the best mat
    tuo's given Japan a little run for their money and my
    very humble opinion so yeah see Maria loves the preciosa which are Che seed
    beads and so um oh Lori that's so funny yeah so I started with seedbeads way
    back in the day in the 90s and then I got exposed to check decorative beads right the two
    holes the fire polish um and then it was it was our lovely beautiful friend um
    Kelly Dale from off the Beed path who reignited my passion and love for sleat
    Beats and so very cool thank you Kelly I just love her so yeah explore I used to
    yeah I mean I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Japanese um seed beads and I definitely
    think the check is like I mean I'm in and especially with the matbo they are
    just delicious um and those are check so I hope that kind of helps you Terry I guess you kind of have to to play around
    um and yes pricing pricing is always a key factor isn't it because if you're
    working on a very big project then uh and you have to buy multiple colors of beads then yeah you definitely could
    question whether or not um you know you go with one brand over the next so um I
    did turn off my Big House Fan tonight and uh unfortunately that means that
    perhaps you might be able to hear some background noise I apologize for that if that's the case but hopefully it's not
    too obnoxious um the Phillies are playing I believe tonight and I'm pretty sure the whole you know Town's going to
    lose their Cheerios if they if you know when they hit the ball like they do
    things I don't know like so anyway
    okay all right one yeah she is she's really fun I just I adore her so okay
    perfect um and has a romance with myuki but we'll get in yeah yeah try him out I
    mean all of these that are on my screen over here this is all too and this one
    okay so I just want a little story time um so Alexander
    uh precious son of my girlfriend Cindy he made this oh my gosh I don't know he
    might have been eight years old and he gave this to me as a gift so see isn't that cute like a um an you know just a
    first time bracelet and he did this on his own a little friendship bracelet it's not going to fit me but well
    actually I guess it does yeah you know what it does but I just like cried because I just thought wow and look at
    his weave when he was eight years old I mean that's pretty stinking Pretty
    stinking awesome um but yeah so these are this is right here I'll bring them up to the camera these are Ado toos
    everything on this mat right here it's all Japanese too um you could see how
    you can mix it up with color you know change your colors up do
    solid colors um these are a these are yeah I think these are
    gosh I made these a long time ago so um and you could do really tiny ones
    too I mean these are this is a very thin example right here so a very simple easy way to get
    started and then you can take the concept and you know take it up a notch
    so you know this is just really pretty all on its own it's an 80 seed bead and
    then I just upgraded you know the clasp right so that just kind of makes it look
    a little more ritzy a little bit more matur like um so you know you could do
    that as well and then if you want to take it even um up another notch you could add like a little Pico
    stitch on the sides and this is a button hole clasp right here so many different
    you know many different things that you could do to keep it youthful or up it a
    little bit mix up the colors have fun I've never worked with
    the 3 O's as far as you know doing a friendship bracelet but I think it'll be
    fine so I'm going to scooch this out of the way here and I'm going to bring
    everything else
    and okay so whoops where we at I am going to scoot this over a
    little bit let me bring this down and in we're going to do little maneuvering here I wish I knew where
    that oh I bet you it's the overhead of the ceiling that's messing up the lighting there oh
    well okay so what I'm going to do try to get a couple more things up out of the
    way you know no better no matter how big your table is it's just never big enough right so I'm going to take the rod that
    comes with the original jewel loom and you can make these on any of my looms
    you can make it obviously you can make a very long one on the large wisdom
    Warrior you could do it on the small wisdom Warrior you could do it on the small sunweaver you could do it on the
    large Sun sunweaver I mean just depends on how big of a bracelet you want to
    have so I'm going to take the rod I'm going to put it into that bottom hole and just to give you an idea um the loom
    is in front of me and this is my right hand and this is my left
    hand okay so we're going to take the rod and then we're going to really
    carefully just bring it up and snap it in you don't ever want to like force it
    we need to remember that the plastic is flex fible not bendable okay so just
    always keep that in the back of your head it's flexible not bendable so um
    yeah Maria Maria has a true true love affair with the original jeom and I
    don't blame you I do do I do too um it's it's fun I of course love all the other
    looms because they are a different type of expression of creativity and it's
    just fun they're so beautiful and you know they do cool things but the
    original jewel loom obviously has a patent and an award you know with it for
    a reason it's got the best warp ever so I'll go to the mat for that okay it's
    yeah they're all beautiful right okay so let me turn the loom over and I've already tied because again puffy eyes I
    just wanted to make sure I got that done and I did it right one of the things I want to point out is
    that you always want to make sure that you're not on this back button okay that
    the knot that you made is facing you because you want it to pull with you if
    you it tension is key it's just all about the tension so that your warps
    will be most taught and so you want to make sure that that um knot is in the
    front of the button facing the grooves facing you okay so then I'm just going
    to take the wildfire and I'm working with the green and it's the uh let me just bring
    it in it's beeton's Wildfire it's the 0.006 and it is the green color one of
    my most favorites whoops and there go the 3os okay so I'm
    going to take the thread and I'm going to lay it down and I'm going to flip my loom
    over okay and because I know that I'm only going to be working with a part of
    the Loom I don't really worry about where it lands um on that first you know
    what Groove I choose I'm just going to kind of go wherever it lands um and then
    I'm going to line it up as best as I can again I'm not too worried about it being precise
    just try to eyeball it as best as you can okay and then I'm going to flip it
    over and I'm going to come down and I'm going to put it around the back button sometimes people will catch the
    rod and that will not be a happy day if you do that so just um make sure you're
    going around the plastic button back here all right and not the little sneaky
    part that's uh sticking out here of the metal rod now when I eyeballed the 3
    earlier it appeared to me and I'm a little hard time seeing
    here that I needed to skip one Groove but let me see if indeed I'm making such a mess
    over there um hold on really
    quick my gosh you think I'm a a a ky Garder stuff's like everywhere all right
    so what I'm going to do is I'm going to pick up my needle that's already and um I'm
    just I'm I'm going to see if I need to skip one groove or two
    grooves it's a big one this is a 3 mimer I feel like I might have to skip come on
    baby yeah I mean I think it's a little see this is one of those beads where I
    kind of feel like it could go either or so let's let's back up I'm
    going to I'm going to skip I'm going to skip two for giggles and let's see what that looks like so let me come undone
    I'm going to make sure I still have my tension and
    boy is that two one
    two okay and then I'm going to come up here and one two yeah because three of
    are chunky monkeys so I'm thinking that will be good with
    that so okay so one two and then what I'm going to do is
    flip this over and go around that back
    button and I'm going to be doing three rows of three O's right so three three o
    so I'm going to need four warps so it's always one more warp than it is the
    beads that you're going across okay so let me turn this around
    again one two and then we're going
    to so I'm just going back and forth and I'm wrapping around that back button each time so let me bring this up to the
    camera and you can see that we now have four warps and you can see that there
    are three little Alleyways right and that's where the three O's are going to Nestle into that's where I'm going to
    weave them into so then I'm going to flip this back
    over and I'm going to take the wildfire and I'm just going to start to wrap it
    around the back button a few times just to like help get it Anchored In
    and then I'm going to bring my scissors over let me
    stay you know what it is if I ever sit here again remind me to go that way say
    Jules are you closer to the window because um I know what it is it's the barrier and the ceiling is lower and
    it's creating it's creating a shadow which is like you know totally driving
    me cuckoo okay so we get over that um so I'm going to bring this
    down and then the goal here is to Simply tie off right and so this is how I do it
    but you may find um a different way to do it and that's fine the goal is to keep your tension and to to tie off so
    we're going to take the end and I like to just try to get
    under those warps and get through the loop here
    here and then once I know oh did I just lose let me see hold
    on no I'm good I thought I lost it that's no
    fun okay dear oh my ring light yeah that would have helped huh I don't think it's
    charged I didn't even really my eyes I don't know Amber if you heard but my eyes are um I'm suffering from some
    really bad allergies and my eyes are super puffy and um and so
    yeah but next time I will do better okay so I'm just going to do that a couple of
    times whoops boy those beads are everywhere and yeah okay so that's good and then
    I'm going to trim all right and then what I'm going
    to do next is I'm going to um I'm I no it's not
    fun and then I'm going to remove the rod so many times what I'll do I'm going to
    switch cameras to this one is I'll take and use my belly and see my pointer I put my
    pointer on top of the warps to kind of hold those into place all right and then I'm going to just very carefully pop up
    and out now if the rod didn't come out easily like it just did I would leave it
    in I would turn the loom and that redistributes the tension it's like the
    craziest thing and then it pops out so don't ever fight the rod okay
    um because again the plastic is flexible not
    bendable something else I want to point out all right do you
    see you see the distance between I'm I'm going to going to refer to this as the
    bottom of the Loom okay this is like you know the belly okay so this is the belly
    right because really this is the bottom but so we'll say this is like the belly this is where the you know the the
    indent in indent indentation of the Loom and you could
    see the warps all right and what I want you to
    try to achieve is we're going to take this sewing tape measure we're going to hold
    that and what does that say 2 in okay if you warp your
    loom and the distance between the belly and the top of the warps is more than 2
    in you have probably you
    have you have have just done your warps way too tight and you have put way too
    much tension on your loom so that's one thing to try to um
    like a goal to achieve is again you know you've got the belly of the jewel loom
    right and you have the top of the warps and this is a perfect example because
    the distance between the belly and the warps is 2
    in okay so if you go over that you're probably your your loom is
    probably bowing too much and you're putting too much stress in this area
    okay and this is a good War Mama juwes got's good
    [Music] warp all right awesome okay so what we're gonna do now um oops I'm gonna
    turn it this way and by the way I work with my loom in a in this position but there's
    no reason why you can't work in on your loom side to side you're going to get to where you're
    going either way so it's totally up to you whatever you're comfortable with so I'm going to get the the beads
    out because they've obviously been super stoked to come out and
    play so again I'm working with Ros that are quite
    large um normally I would work with an 11 o or an 8 O uh but my my eyes are
    very swollen so so these are um a let's see what is
    this one this one is the transparent rainbow Smoky topaz I know the 3 is still available in that the Terra Cotta
    I just used that was it and then this one is really
    delicious this is really beautiful look at this
    one this one is a gold luster green tea and they're stock on that one it's
    really really pretty so to do my warping um I've already pre-threaded my jewel
    loom needle and I'm using the beige wildfire
    and I'm working off a pretty ginormous spool of wildfire beige again it's the
    0.006 okay so I'm going to take the end of let me get back in the camera
    here wait I don't know um and I'm going to just tie
    off and I'm just going to make a little knot right there and I usually try to Center my
    project and I have a 6in wrist so let me bring in one of these let's
    see and so yeah so if I start like right below that top hole where the rod was
    in you know I could probably come down a little bit further but that's a center I
    like to Center my project so that there are equal amounts of warp threads on each end so
    um again I have a 6 in wrist do you need a row of 11 O's or 8 O's if you are
    going to finish with a slider well you know Maria you
    do and that's why I love you thank you okay Mama's got to find some cheers
    to you Maria thanks just saved my
    life kept thinking I'm missing something I know I'm missing something okay if I were an
    Ado hold that thought [Laughter] y'all where's Mama's got Mama's got 80
    somewhere right
    um these look
    like thank God yeah because that would have really sucked so this will be interesting
    actually to see how many 80's equal 3 three O's hopefully that
    works this could be another science project so um I'm going to you know what
    I could do hold on hold that thought let's see if this
    helps it also looks like my big head hold [Laughter]
    on I got my little my little
    stool let me just bring you with me okay is that slightly
    better I don't know I almost feel like I just went back into it oh well we'll figure it
    out so um again right hand and well Amber I would love to
    Spotlight my work but we have had a trouble in the past if we take me off
    then I lose my volume you so tell me right away I'm going to
    remove now you now you
    have okay how about now now there's
    back how about now can you hear me now one two three Amber can you hear me is
    the feedback gone one two 3 one two 3 one two 3 there's an echo there's still
    an echo now there is an echo yeah now there is an echo okay hold
    on yeah so can you hear me
    now you should be able to hear me okay here this that's what I was trying to do earlier how's that one two 3 one two
    three good are we good yes yes yes yes yes perfect perfect okay
    yay I got trees growing out of my head okay all right so um I've got the needle
    in my left hand and we're going to come under the warps and if I'm not mistaken it looks
    like we're going to do two two and two so six OS so let's hope that
    works okay so we've got one
    okay so I think that's I think that should be
    good now I've moved myself over into a cluster of stuff okay and then we're gonna yep
    perfect okay so so 6
    8os equal 3 3os if somebody wants to jot
    that down okay so I'm going to go back
    through those and because it's a first row I'm just going to hold them I'm going to pinch them and help keep them
    in the little Alleyways and the little warp ways there okay and then I do now I have like
    this new thing I'm really obsessed with I like to go under so after I go over I'm coming back
    under and trying to keep the needle under the warps and back through all
    those seed
    beads okay and then I'm going to go back on the top
    yeah perfect thanks Amber all right awesome sauce so that's
    really nice and snug I'm going to bring it up to the camera so just it really helps to lock
    in that first row so okay and then I'm going to come over
    and I'm going to pick up my three O's let me scooch up a little
    bit so I'm back under the warps and we'll just do
    terracotta Smoky topaz green tree so
    [Music] pretty okay and then I'm going to pop
    them up and in between the oh beautiful they really like that space so
    definitely skip to they just like they just went in there like they were
    driving into a boat dock that was hot okay and then we're just gonna come
    through I'm working with about two yards of wild fire by the way I'm going to
    bring this up to the camera those are some big
    ones so I mean we you know you could do another row of if you wanted like
    you could totally mix it up so I think I'm going to for Giggles so I'm going to grab six more
    because they match I didn't really care about the first row if I'm using a slider because
    it's going to go over all of them so it could have been like from my bead soup mix you know I wouldn't have cared if
    they were whatever color um but this happens to work out
    so we got some co-designing going on with Mama
    Maria and we're just going to pop those up so very nice fit I like how they're
    um you always want to make sure that your needle's going on top of the warp so so I'll bring that up to the
    camera you can see that the needle is going through all
    the beads and it's on top of the warp oh I think this is actually going to be
    cool I'm loving these lives where we're designing together and it's not planned
    it's just like it's happening periodically and I really love that cuz it makes me feel like we're actually
    together together okay so then I think I'll just reverse it and I'll go green tree topaz
    [Music] terracotta yeah this is really really
    pretty and the cool thing is that these will go very fast once you are all set
    up and um you know you have your thing going on
    there okay so again I'm just gonna probably I don't know I'll see if I want to do two
    back to back because you could do that too like I could
    do um I do have more of those right okay so like maybe next I'll do two
    rows but the friendship bracelets are are fun um for you know all of your leftover
    beads right it's a great way to to use all those
    leftover beads that you might have and you can see that I I go back
    and I'm always like adjusting and looking and pulling and just making sure
    that everything is nice and aligned I think for giggles I'm going to
    do another row of six o or 8
    O's let's see what is that five and then this is
    six and we'll pop oh yeah that'll be
    fun you know if you're making gifts this year for people this is a great idea you
    know very economical um very easy and and even I
    think it's a great Boutique item too Lori like Lori I know Lorie's got her stuff in boutiques um and
    so I think it's an inexpensive one too you know that you can
    make and and um and sell Maria says the sample seed beads in
    the chat creative Soul box would be great yes they would be and I got lots I
    got lots of those okay so let me see what do I want to do boy that terracotta bead looks like a big one there we go
    pushed it down they're kind of funny they want to pop up okay so this time I'm going to do
    terracotta topaz this green tea is gorgeous
    [Music] the October creative soulbox is coming
    together quite deliciously um it does look like I'm going to have
    extra and um they'll be there there's a
    slight difference but um but they're going to be just as
    delicious so this weekend I'm going to be getting all that dialed
    in oh this is just really gonna be really pretty I'm so glad you um remembered the
    uh the
    Maria good call what did
    a um so I'm just trying to think if I'm GNA
    have enough three O's so let me just eyeball I think I'm going to be fine I think I'm going to be fine so I'm
    going to just do since I did two there I'll come back to doing one and so let's see how that
    goes and then I'll go back to two rows of [Music]
    and you see how when I'm um you know how I hold my loom I put my fingers
    right here on its belly um I always work on a non slip
    surface you can always put you know some U actually beeton's got that cool little
    mat that keeps it um from wiggling too
    much but I do have my rhythm you know where I transfer my
    hands and um help it to you know not wiggle
    everywhere yeah I want to see that
    too how old is she did you
    say so if you're not on top of the warps and you're going through the
    beads what'll happen is that yeah see your beads will
    drop so hopefully I I'm not sure I might no it's good
    keep getting the corner of the table
    here okay so I'm going to go back to doing two
    rows yeah isn't it really pretty together it's like a little
    just a little
    surprise yeah that green tree is just so Gorge oh my gosh okay so back to
    terracotta topaz and the green tree is that what it yeah gold luster green
    tea it's gorgeous oh she's nine a oh she's using the original jeom holy
    cow that's
    awesome and then I'll go back to just doing one row of
    oh my gosh I've had the pleasure of meeting Lorie's daughters and Holly is M Holly Molly is
    delicious she is and I there was something that I saw and I was like oh
    my gosh that's so Molly can't remember it was I think it was a ceramic
    project okay and then we're gon to go back to the green and topaz so I'm going
    backwards or the other [Music]
    direction oh that is so
    fun can see it's going together rather quickly here now that I got my rhythm down and I
    know what I'm picking up sometimes that's what takes all the time
    right and so I'm going to go back to two yeah I know so I mean this is just a
    surprise color combination I I um am very
    oh need one
    now I'm grabbing the other this Wildfire has a mind of its
    own all right so now we're back to terracotta
    topaz and this green not for nothing this would make a
    pretty beautiful hat band
    like like it doesn't even have to be like some seed bead pattern right wouldn't this be so
    pretty I think it'd be really fun I like hat
    pants or a choker I mean this would be a really cool choker
    too so yeah back to let me bring it up to the camera show
    you how far I've
    come it's really cool it does have a classic look yeah all right so
    one two
    three four five
    one thing I do want to point out um you just if you've noticed when I'm pulling
    I I Look to make sure that there's no like little excess amounts of wildfire
    sometimes if you don't pull you know tight enough and you're you're never
    yanking on it like you're an emergency room nurse um but you you know it's always a
    bummer if you go back and and you see that little ribbon sticking up of wildfire that can just like ruin your
    day so I'm always that's you know like I hope you're watching my hands you know
    how I'm constantly kind of fidgeting and pushing up and
    looking it's really you know kind of a good good thing to know so where are we
    all right so we need to go back to green
    topaz what color are the um they
    are they're on the site um they are
    the rainbow green something or others I don't
    know I don't know I'm working out of this bag darn it but you'll notice them when you go to the when you go to the
    site I'm so sorry they're the pretty [Laughter]
    ones I would have you know look it I did good I have these colors I just I didn't
    I wasn't prepared on the I'm so sorry but they're they're on the they're on the
    so I'm back to doing two rows here two rows of
    BOS oh yeah huh belt with would be cool I was even thinking like if you just wanted to do like um something to hang
    off your um your keychain you know like just some fun
    something fun you know that the kids I'm always trying to think of things that younger people will enjoy to kind of
    encourage them to bead um I know they like to put stuff on their
    keychains okay so back to
    transparent rainbow parot no I feel like for some crazy reason
    it's an inside color green
    rainbow something or other try again it's not
    parido I'm so sorry I feel so
    the cool thing about the 3os is they scoop up so easily I love
    [Music] that they're just a really nice
    so I'm back to doing two rows of the
    and this is just a by chance like okay let's do this like it wasn't
    planned out or I didn't use um you know the beading pattern
    program he's down here grumping
    man grumping
    grumping oops my Wildfire keeps getting caught on the
    side of the
    table you got your package today do what what did you
    get come on tell everybody because I know but I'm gonna let you tell
    everybody Shaquisha has
    um has an angel I don't
    know I don't know if she knows who who the angel is it's not I mean I'm always your angel
    but the but the gifting angel I'll let her tell you all about
    it that's the second time I've only picked up
    a so did she tell you everything did you get
    everything you could tell everybody what you got she has a a very sweet angel who
    happens to be one of my besties that I had no
    idea a we love you too that's so incredible that we have that
    person as a common uh common
    such a teas well tell them which looms you got
    she was gifted a very beautiful package from um a mutual friend that I
    had no idea that they their connection and so it was just too
    funny the small the small wisdom Warrior the small world I love that the
    small world she should be the small
    world I love that the small wisdom
    sweet you never know where you're who's paying attention
    huh it is a oh it is such a small world exactly I thought you were saying the
    loom was a small world it is a very small world I'm
    always tripping out on the connections that we all have what do they say it's the Kevin
    Bacon what is that like three what you're always how many connections away
    from from [Music]
    okay I'm going to see how long this is Six Degrees of
    Separation yes okay so we are at almost okay so I
    definitely have some more roast to go I better speed it up what time are we at it's already 8:00 I'm probably going to
    have to do the class um um in a part
    two which is fine I can do that and upload
    it but I'll definitely keep beating because I like being with you
    girls six degrees Yeah so
    what she okay there she goes she's telling you what she
    got did the other package show up too um there were two
    so you got the earring um she got you the
    earring Loom set and the small wisdom Warrior and a
    silver silk beadboard so you got a little Jewel and
    you got a little [Laughter]
    I know I'm excited to see what she makes
    huh I'll have to um track that cuz it went
    I know I just measured it but why does it look like it got longer fa so quick let's see oh wow okay
    so so one more row of yeah that's perfect so I'm going
    to do one more row of three O's and one
    more row of
    and in case you're wondering ing because I will do um I will remove it and do the
    closure in a second um part two because I'm definitely losing
    air and uh but I will tell you that um it's the 13
    mm slider or Ribbon crimp that uh equals
    all of these beads and I I'll get that in a second here and show you so you know what I'm talking about oh good I'm
    excited Danielle's got a lot of really great patterns she did a couple for um
    for me already I think that they're in the on the YouTube
    channel okay so yeah I'm pretty sure this
    is look how pretty it looks
    fancy all right so it turned into a fancy friendship bracelet
    ain't that funny it they it almost looks like um like wood beads I'm working with
    11 O's I only completed half see these three O's are like are like
    killer for doing quick stuff all right so I'm going to go back through um the but I'm going to go
    on the
    okay and kind of feel my I want to do that
    again okay cool and what I will do is come back
    down I have a lot of leftover um thread I I feel like this is very
    substantial I don't feel like I have to weave back through it but I want to take
    I'm just weaving back up and then I'm going to tie off in the
    here and just grab onto the we the the
    warp take the needle through the
    loop I'm just going to do that again so all I'm doing is just
    nodding on the warp and then I'm going to hide it
    and what I like to do at the end there is kiss everybody together and then take the needle and push it down to the back
    so that the knot um follows the needle and goes down to the back side of the
    project okay and then I'm just going to carefully cut it and then I'll go back
    with the Wildfire burner and make it shorter so yay let me um see what I can
    do here to to get it well if I remove this one
    hi so the lighting is a little bit
    better isn't that great oh my goodness
    yeah it's really pretty it ended up being a very fancy I'm going to have to change the title fancy friendship
    bracelet but that's okay because that's what we wanted to get the message is that ours are pretty too okay 13
    mm um this is the slider so that's 13 mil
    um which is this okay and that that
    equals I don't know if I can do that without it falling it's kind of hard anyway it's
    this it's the right width okay so 13 mm
    slider ribbon clasp equals three three o seed beads or six
    80 seed beads or
    I don't know it would probably be like maybe 11 11 O's I don't know we'd have to do we'd have to put them on the
    needle and see but oh my gosh I love this and I've got a lot of 3os left over
    so I for some reason didn't think I was going to have enough so that was one
    tube one tube of those three colors and not very many as you
    could see and I still have quite a bit I bet you I could do another bracelet I'm surprised
    I was really like uh how far am I going to get and um just looking at my
    piles here I'll bring you back I'll bring that back up really
    quick let me see there we go do you see them all that's I'm pretty sure that was
    that's probably enough to do another bracelet so that's good to know so if you have a
    tube of three O's and you do the pattern like I did where I added some then
    you can get two bracelets and that's good that's good
    news that makes it more economical especially if you're doing gift giving I
    think this would be a phenomenal gift yeah I like it I like it a lot okay
    TS has nothing on [Laughter]
    Jules thank you oh my god thank you guys look it
    yeah it is it's gorgeous yeah fancy fancy friendship bracelets because we're
    fancy we're fancy girls I'm just looking back through here
    I know Maria and Amber were more than uh capable of helping and answering hi
    Jennifer so cool so incredibly cool so yeah
    um make friendship bracelets because they're easy especially you know if you're still
    getting your Rhythm down on how to use the loom
    and you're still learning how to do your warps and um I think it's a great way to
    start you know I usually
    say start with a bigger bead you know um like that's how come I've always done
    the awareness cuff with the 6 millimeter fire polish but I'm feeling really confident
    about the three o's with the 8os like I'm really I'm loving this a lot I had
    no idea how happy I was going to be with this so I'm really really excited about
    it so so I will tape um removing the
    bracelet from the loom because I'm finding it already very hard to
    breathe and so um I don't like talking like that either so I just wanted to make sure I came on tonight to be with
    you and I thank you for your grace and um I was hopeful to get it done and off
    the loom but I'm going to pre I'm going to tape that and I'll upload it and a lot of y'all have already added the
    slider so I know know most of you know what to do but for those of you that don't I don't want you to think I'm
    leaving you I will finish it and I will add it so um yeah super simple and a
    great fancy fun look so it looks it looks fantastic I wish you
    could see it in person like it's really good stuff let me take this one off again um and again I'm going to be
    working on those creative Soul boxes um this okay a
    peek there's stuff everywhere I don't know it's hard to kind of I don't know if you could see
    but look how pretty all these are there's um Carnelian a lot of etched
    Stone some daggers this is just one tiny little bag out of like
    several it's going to be a fun box and I'm already envisioning
    like a really cool go bigger go home bracelet a thank you I do need homemade
    soup I do so anyway um I will let you know it's not they're not on the web
    because I need to fulfill the um current membership first and um and then I know
    a couple of you have reached out about wanting one if I had extras so
    there there will be extra and so I'm super stoked about that thank you Zach I love you girls thank
    you for always being so kind and supportive and gracious and I want you to know that I
    really appreciate you very very very much so I'm going to um I'm G to go take
    Marlon Brando out so we can go pee on
    everything we could go pee all up and down on Pitman and I think I'll wear a hat to
    cover my head so you're so welcome thank you all so very much and don't forget I will I'll I'll do part two and will'll
    get that up there but um try this out try the bigger bead with a smaller beads
    and do the do the pattern and um I think you're going to really love it let me
    just show it to you once again I'll get a better picture tomorrow too you know when the sun is out and there not all
    these darn Shadows so weird a love you girls okay all right
    have a beautifully blessed night have a wonderful weekend and
    um I think that's it for now and don't forget the seed beads are 25% off so go
    play go play in the shop all right I appreciate you I love you and I will see you
    again and blow kisses to Joan we miss Joan and Amber and Maria thank you as
    usual for just helping me out especially Maria thanks for saving my
    butt okay I'll see you again all right bye
    Transcript, Pt. 2
    okay everyone I'm going to um go ahead
    and add that slider to the opposite end
    um I've taken it off of the Loom and
    these are the two
    ends that have the
    loops I will say that I highly recommend
    that you go back and weave these two
    rows several times to really um tighten
    the strength on the
    ends and then what I'm going to do is
    I'm just going to uh take the two warps
    oops and I'm just tying
    those and then the second and the
    oops looks like I got a couple of them
    in there let's see
    here and we're just going to tie them
    again and then I'll take the third and
    last I'll bring that up to the camera
    for you so you can see oh my
    goodness is it my fingers or is it the
    warps I think it's my
    okay so let me bring that
    up so all I did was I just tied all of
    those together together you could
    certainly rethread each one of the warps
    and then weep it back in if you like um
    and then what I'm going to do
    next is just very
    carefully cut that
    and I want to be super careful with the
    burner but I just want to give like a
    little bit of a knot by burning it
    down got to be really
    then I'm just taking the slider and
    pushing that
    through okay and then I'm just going to
    take the flat
    nose and close that shot
    so these particular sliders don't have a
    um an attached chain but I'm actually
    going to look for some pretty chain to
    add um and then I can add the drum uh
    drumstick don't add a
    drumstick a lobster CL my goodness
    Lobster clasp yeah who needs to
    eat anyway oh my gosh so fun you know we
    started off with just wanting to do like
    a really simple um friendship bracelet
    and I thought well I want to use the 3
    O's and then Maria reminded me about
    adding a row for the slider clasp and I
    was like oh okay well then I'm actually
    going to do alternate 8os and 3 O's and
    so it turned into this very easy peasy
    fancy friendship bracelet and I'm really
    excited to wear it so I'll have to
    finish it up by adding some um findings
    so it can actually close but look at how
    gorgeous isn't that
    fun awesome super super easy way to
    finish your projects by the way always
    good to know how you're going to finish
    them before you start them just a little
    okay all righty happy friendship