by Joan Dice

How to Warp Your Large Wisdom Warrior Loom

Jewels shows how to warp the Large Wisdom Warrior to make a wrap bracelet. The knobs at the ends of this loom makes it just as easy to warp as the Original Jewel Loom, but with no rod.

The Large Wisdom Warrior, made from sustainable baltic birch in the U.S.A., is built to either warp/weave on one side or both sides. Jewels designed this loom, so longer projects can be made on it, such as chokers, hatbands, & belts. If you want to create a long project, like a belt, wrap the warps around both sides, wrap the warp around the same knob, then go back in the opposite direction. 

This tutorial is the first tutorial in the Jewel Loom Jewel Box's Beaded Multi Bead Size & Shape Wrap Bracelet. The Jewel Loom Jewel Box is a monthly workshop with kit. A few of this wrap bracelet kits are still available to purchase: 

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oh my goodness it's always so much fun
when I am demoing on the large wisdom
Warrior as you can tell you know she's
she's pretty long that's why we love it
we love her when we're making our hat
bands and our chokers and our wrap
bracelets like we are today
um so I just wanted to go over a little
um you know just a closer look at how to
add your cord I'm using the repeat the
1.5 millimeter repeat from beadalon it's
a sustainable uh cord that is made from
plastic bottles it's super cool
um it's going to be laying on top of the
grid because as you can see
you know the the
um the little grooves they you know
they're tiny they're made for you know
like wildfire beating thread I do
believe I've been able to get the 0.5
millimeter hemp into one of the grooves
so when you're working with something
larger uh like the 1.5 millimeter repeat
it's just gonna lay on top of the groove
okay so I went ahead and I tied my cord
to the back uh or actually this is the
top button and the knot I always want
the knot to be on the top of the button
so that when I pull the cord or the
beading thread or whatever material I'm
working with There's No Lack there's no
you know like sometimes what I found
happening is say the knot would be way
over here and then people would always
say Hey you know I'm losing tension on
that very first warp well lo and behold
it was just that little bit of space
that they weren't pulling tied on and
then guess what there was just that
little bit of lack in the warp so get
the knot pull it towards you and since
we're only going to be doing two warps
I'm just going to work down the center
of my wisdom Warrior Loom
and I'm going to come all the way down
to the bottom I'm going to prop up her
top there
and I'm just going to do an eyeball you
know so I can see that I am pretty
straight okay and then I'm going to
Let's it's like this reminds me of a
time when I had to like uh I had a huge
Tahoe you know Tahoe truck and I had to
get out of a very very tight space
um but it had super awesome steering and
I was able to do it that's what I feel
like when I'm maneuvering the large
wisdom Warrior for videos anyway okay so
the cord is laying on the grooves and
I'm getting ready to wrap around the
bottom button and I'm going to do it
twice so I come around once and then I
come around again and I just do that to
help secure
whoa uh the tension with the warp that
was cool
that was super cool okay all right so
I'm gonna eyeball
um for this particular project we are
skipping seven I think that might be
close let me see one two three four five
six seven I gotta go over one okay
and then I'm bringing
the repeat back up to the top and then
I'll turn around because I've got my my
all right and then all I'm gonna do from
here is what we would do uh with our
other loomed projects is I'm I'm going
to tie off
um I do just want to make sure that I'm
it looks about right skipping seven one
two three four yep okay and then once
again I'm just going to wrap around the
twice now when you're using a more
expensive material like the repeat or
leather you really do want to learn how
best tie off with uh the last less waist
right so
um so try you know try your best to keep
your tension
the instrument let's see
is it a cello
um so yeah so I'm going to just trim
this I again I don't want to waste this
product because it is a higher end
product and
okay hopefully that's enough
for me to maneuver and I'm going to save
that of course this is also where let me
get in the screen sorry about that this
is also where I talk about
having the Flats on hand the flat nose
because they can kind of come in as your
see how that helps and then I'll just go
through the loop basically you're just
trying to tie off okay so don't like
like oh what is she doing I'm simply
trying to get a good get a good knot
so that my warps don't
come apart or get loose
so let's see let's see how that worked
yep do we do okay
awesome all right so there we go so for
this particular project let me see if I
can't do this we are making a wrap
bracelet and so
um we're just doing two warps where
we're going to fit random sized and
styled beads so from Square beads to
round beads to seed beads to check beads
to I have a whole plethora of yumminess
over here but yeah just that simple so
practice don't you know don't get a
fluster if your warps are not tight on
the first try
um we always say to practice and when
you're working with a big Loom like the
large wisdom Warrior
um give yourself some Grace and just
practice uh you know maybe maybe even
get some yarn you know like something
that's not all that expensive that you
can play around with okay all right I um
I'm super excited to get going on the
wrap bracelet next I'm going to come in
and show you how I got started
and then we'll just uh yeah we'll be
beating we'll be beating for a while
okay see you right back here