by Joan Dice

Jewel Loom 101 Ginger & Joan Style

Welcome to Ginger & Joan's first tutorial. We're taking a different approach to most jewelry making tutorials - Joan Dice is teaching Ginger Branch how to use the Jewel Loom & we want you to learn along! We're making a very easy bracelet for beginners. This 3 part tutorial is done Ginger & Joan style, with the friendly chatter & laughter.

Part 1:  Joan is showing Ginger how to warp with hemp. The warping techniques are the same for any material you chose to use for the warps.

Part 2:  Joan is showing Ginger how to weave with beads. Ginger is using large beads for a quicker project. But any size bead can be used, as long as the warps are spaced apart correctly for the beads.

Part 3:  Joan is showing Ginger how to remove the bracelet from the loom & finish it. Joan also shows the bracelets she was working on as Ginger made hers.

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Transcript - Video 1:

hi i'm ginger and this is joe
i don't know i think you get a stroke
okay you introduce us okay
i'm just
okay today we're doing something we've
never done before we're doing a tutorial
and we're going to be doing it with them
on the jewel loom and we're going to try
to be serious
you know we can't stay serious all the
time but you know we're we're going to
teaching you and what we're going to be
doing is i thought we're going to take a
different direction from other tutorials
i'm going to be teaching ginger on
camera how to use this
and i'm putting the um all the links to
like how you can buy
um jewel limb because you there's you
know the original june room baby ulum
and other jewel looms and this thing and
this thing we'll show that another one
when we get the beads off
because i already got it loaded with
show me show me okay so first of all we
got to get our little buddha bellies or
as um jules calls it her
goddess bellies and we're gonna
press one in into uh
this or this okay here just and then um
well put one end into the one of the
holes okay yeah get the one by your body
and then slightly bend it okay let you
get in there
slightly bend it
and then put the other end in the other
okay and this is to help you with your
warps because um i mean you should
strive for tight warps while you're
putting it on here but sometimes when
mine's just a little bit loose i know
it's gonna tighten up when i take that
rod out
well i'm gonna chase it i tried this
and i called joan and i said look at the
back of mine i said it looks like a cat
has been in the yarn barrel it was all
over the place i had it
all over the place and then i thought
i'm gonna pull
that's the other thing why what probably
happened was when you get a new jewel
loom sometimes you have to slightly bend
one of the ends and you don't want to
bend it too much just very slightly you
know i just took it with my pliers
because it can break can it jump
this can break and i'll tell you more
about that in a second but like just
take your pliers and just slightly bend
the angle just slightly just work on it
opening that slightly bend the angle
you know like right now i got it here
that's perfect for me because i did it
before the show and that way it'll you
know until you get it where it it pops
in and i can't see it
well come on okay let me use my breasts
and just slightly you then that way
work on it so you can get it in and out
easily they can see your cleavage well
it's gonna show
i can't help that
she's jealous
okay so then later on you're gonna be um
you know taking it out after you warp
so um
she's got me laughing too much now
the other thing you want to do is before
you bend it if it's in a cool place like
your house is cool like in the winter
time or something
before you bend it and put the warp in
kind of warm it up with your hands
because a lot of times cracking is done
i mean this is
i can't remember if they say flat
flexible not bendable but any case you
can't it's not made to bend really far
just enough to get that um wire in
what if you stuck it in a pot of boiling
water that would do it no that would
melt that that would work
yeah and it's remember use your little
goddess belly to help bend it you know
so that way you're not bending it too
much i've got a big gutted belly that's
my second booty belly
okay so now next we're going to do is
warping it um and we're gonna today
we're gonna use twine and leather would
work do it just as well but just
if you use leather
take the rod out because if you get use
a nice leather especially like leather
cord usa
it's gonna stretch out as you when you
take the rod out and then you're gonna
end up with a flat loom
so leave that's the only time that i
know of that you leave the rod in so
where did you get this cord down
don't you don't show the brand
i got it out of my stash
where did you get this chord john jewel
sells these wonderful cords
i just had this in my stash i thought
we'd use
some of this stuff i've had for years
and she has a lot of different colors
it's probably break when we start
warping it anyway yeah
yeah well
i'm trying to make that yeah
so what i usually do is i unwind a bunch
you don't have to but it just makes it a
little easier on me
so go ahead and unwind the patch that
way you don't have to do it while the
image is a bunch
okay so what we're doing is we're going
to be making three um rows of beads our
bracelet and so whenever uh the easiest
way to know how many warps you want to
make is take how many rows of beads you
want plus one and that's how many warps
you need
because the beads have to go between the
warps okay so since we're using three
rows we're going be um
we're gonna be making um four warps
okay now what
i'm sorry this is like take four and uh
and it's raining here and ginger's
arthritis is really getting to her so
we're trying so i'm going to warp this
for you so you can see what's going on
and ginger will comment and ask
questions okay
so yeah don't go to the other room and
start playing with your phone okay so
you want to um
closest to your body you want to tie a
on this knobby whatever you want to call
i would call it a little tit but that's
i thought of that too but
there's a little nipple yeah
okay now um i just taped it out of the
way because i don't like things hanging
down when i'm working
we need to make four warps and the way i
came up with four warps is we're going
to use three rows of beads and so just
think of it
the number of rows plus one equals the
number of warps
so we got you know three rows of beads
plus one equals
four warps
so i'm just picking a groove to put it
in you know
don't worry about
you know just make sure you have enough
space for the four warps because there's
going to be some space between here
so you want to keep it tight
and put it in here
and then you're going to flip it over
i'm going to eyeball this just a minute
i'm trying to make sure i'm in the
camera sorry
okay now i'm going to flip it over again
i'm going to put it around the knobby
make sure you don't get on that um
and we determined that the um when we
were um
are you on the wire you're on the wire
yeah we determine there's seven space i
don't want to go in the seventh space
when i put the bead up to the um grooves
one two three four five six seven
and try to keep your warps tight
one two three four five six seven
and once you get used to this you could
start eyeballing it
and um
you know i mean i i
counted forever until i got used to
seeing it and every time you put it
around that knobby on the back i put it
on the knobby each time so you can see
how i'm warping it around them knobby
so we're going a little bit slow here
because like i said we're not used to
showing things on camera
joan is really a whole lot better
showing this stuff than me i'm just kind
of long for the ride
but i do want to teach her so she can do
things on her own and she you know she
is learning because we have already done
this like four or five times our very
first video we didn't like the quality
of it so we're redoing it
so see now i got four warps
i got four warps now yeah
and um
i bet you could play a guitar on that i
could play you want to try it
it does sound like a tune when you're
using like wildfires so yeah yeah it's
more tweeny
so okay so now um
can you do me a favor
right never mind
i cut the string off to get it out of
the way because i don't like
pre-measuring when it comes to warps
now i'm turning it over
and i like
wrap it around the knobby
and then i'm going to feed this through
and i'm going to tie knot in it
i like doing it a second time too
i'm checking my warps to make sure now i
got out of place just a minute
they shouldn't have
but i saw that one shift them
then what i do then i just like doing
this for my own security you don't have
to do this
and then i just tie a knot here too
you know that wasn't wildwood flower i
was playing i was playing that song from
okay so now you could see that um now
the next thing we need to do
is um
put your little um pitch the jewel loom
to your buddha bailey
and then you know you don't want to bend
too much but enough to get that
if it won't come out easily one way turn
it the other way
i hold on to the warps while i'm doing
this too
and then just snap it out
now you got a nice tight um
loom to work with
and now
so we're going to go on to the other
part okay
okay so that was warping um and we're
we're doing this in three uh a series of
three videos the next step is um
oh first we gotta remove the rod i
forgot that's part of the warping uh oh
so now you wanna remove the rod
let me grab mine
once again you want to use your little
goddess belly
and then you just slightly turn it
i mean you don't want to bend it too far
your warps are going to go out of place
and then you remove your rod
i'm going to bend to that
just slightly not a lot see your warps
are okay because your warps can move if
you bend it too much okay okay i did it
i did it
okay so now our next video is going to
be on um
looming we just figure i mean on weaving
the beads and we're using big beads i'm
using like eight millimeter she's using
ten millimeters so we can make it faster
did you fall asleep or get bored as she
if i get bored i'm going to sit on the
couch while she tells me and then she
tells me
we'll see you in our um the second part
of this video um bye thanks for joining
Transcript - Video 2:
hi this is ginger and joan again i'm here for part two of our um jewel loom
series just to remind you this is our first time doing a tutorial
so i hope you enjoyed the the last one
okay so now our next day aka warping for a dummy
[Laughter] um our next step we're going to be doing is um
actually beating the warps since we already walked we're going to be the warps now there are some things you're
going to need you're going to need um jewel loom needles can you see that
but there i got a couple suggestions i don't know if they still make these i found them in my stash
big eye needles on big eye needles because i'll use when i'm not using a really wide um make not
a real wide brace that i use which i don't have anymore in here but the small big eye needles too
so when i saw the long ones that are longer than the jewelry needles i thought i'm going to try that today
ginger's using the jewel loom needles and then another thing is um
ginger is using what the black wildfire which goes with her no not smoke
well smoke oh yeah okay well anyway she's using the wildfire and i ran out of red wildfire and i
didn't realize it so i'm not going to show you what i'm using
who's that because we're our beat along girls and sometimes we have to cheat to get things
done because no stores here sell it i have to order it on the red line have you ever used
fishing line that's what this is [Laughter]
not far from here remember i told you you bought some too yeah
okay so um so we're going to get ready to get started so just a minute and we're going
to flip over to the other camera
okay ginger do you have your needle fit threaded yes i do
okay what you want to do is um what we did was um we took um
we took our um thread and um you know we took an arm length and i
always do like plus four for four inches four to six so i have a
tail later which i'll get on my way i'll show you so then we've
threaded it through and we're going to take one end
and you want to tie it the end onto here tie it
tie it tie the end yeah so and make make sure you have at
least a four to six inch tail i mean there's a reason for it i'll show you you know later that's towards the end
try it one night or two
i do too i mean but you can do one but i do too just to make sure it's tight because it's gonna kind of hopefully go
into the um oh gosh and plus it's gonna hide since you got black on black
black on black i want my baby back
if gray was gray see this is what i'm doing just do it like this
i'm having a hard time see my fingers i tell you what my fingers just
don't work hardly anymore i will be you know different people use
different techniques i'm showing you what i like to do because um
like when i learn different techniques i usually watch more than one person do them because i usually find ways that
i like that's easier one way than another
oh there's one
okay i got two now what okay so then what i do next is i take
just to get the tail out of the way for right now i tape it onto the back
you know so not getting in my way
okay so just wrap it around to the back and tape it on there
i lost my needle lord okay now what okay now now we're ready
to bead okay so just pick up three beads well no
first you put your um first we're gonna have to pray
okay first um we're going to be working left to right which i forgot to tell ginger let's move
this down because we want the first row to line up with this hole for your size show it show it
well i had to line it up see this is where see the whole ginger needs about uh we're figuring about six and
three-fourths bracelet yeah and so ginger's um
is going to line up about near this hole so that's where she's going to start and so you pick up
put your needle underneath the um warps to the other side
okay so this might be easier to have for you to have some
beads on the other side okay okay so the
wait you've got mine hooked in with yours look here
we got her we got her our fishing line and their
can you get it down i just wanted to make sure it's getting out the right way
i'll have to uh i'll have to hang it okay there it went there it went oh my god
[Laughter] so instead of warping for dummy we're going to do
beating for dummies being for dummies okay so now i'm going to put
my three beads
no that's not it if you can see the holes just poke at the holes and slide it through what is
it three beads i'm gonna stick on here yeah three beads you have four warps so you can only use
three beads because they gotta go between the warps
okay now what okay now
you're gonna slide them all the way to the end all the way to the end
okay okay now this now i'll show you i have
to fix my oh i know how you do this
now i'm gonna stick it okay yeah you've done
a little bit like this before yeah so you stick the beads in between
um the warps and then you feed your needle back in from the other side from where you started
oh i gotta go under that end of that warp each time no no you go above the warp so you make sure
your needles see see how you can see the needle above the warps in between yeah yeah yeah
make sure they could see it on yours see you you can see the silver part in
between so you know that the needle's above the warps and you want to you go underneath the warps the first time and
then above the warps the second time so that way it locks it into place
okay otherwise if you go underneath again you're just going to be threading your um
your beads and the beads because y'all see it i wish i'd gotten another color thread so everybody can see it now we're going
to go in under it again okay now what i do yeah but now i do something different
i like locking my first row into place so i go underneath that first row again
and go through the beads go through the beads while you're going underneath the warps
this helps meet my beads from sliding around
my gosh it's a good idea
because otherwise my beads were sliding all around when i was trying to do it you know before
uh-oh what happened here
okay so is this the second time going through yeah but then there's a mess right there
at that end oh
you got wrapped around now give me your needle get it over here so that they can see it
she had it wrapped around the loom so we're just trying to untangle it
this is the part that i get my phone and i go in there and sit down on the chair so
some reason this is really loose
can we see it okay now
i'm just feeding it back through i'm going to put it through again i want to tighten it because that's really loose
and i don't know why it's in the first row and you want to make sure that the strings are hugging
the you know your ends when you wrap around they're hugging the um your warps because but don't you think
the first row is the most important it it holds it in place and that's why i
like you know strengthening it so it holds it locking it in place
because otherwise i was having problems with it sliding all up and down when i was weaving you
know the whole bead thing yeah if i can lock the first row in place
or it is in it you've got it tangled in your fishing line again shut up
it's tangled in my flyers too you know if we were getting paid for
this it'd be a different story this is ginger and joe
that's our best but you know our stuff turns out really pretty
okay now my fishing line i forgot to get it out of there let me just unstring
take it off the hold that i think we caught a carp
we caught a loom with your fishing mine
yeah now pull it off it okay
now back on that yeah i'm just gonna lock it in place so i did this twice just to get the
beads locked in place
thank you joan okay another way you could have done it which we're going to get at the end but when you have smaller beads to lock into
place you could use that tail right away and to lock them into place okay below now what
now we're going to do the second row we go under it uh-huh
okay and then i'll put three beads on
okay see everything's the the strings going under it now we're going to go over it
well this big i kneel is a little bit too flimsy i'm going to have to switch the jewelry needle
okay i had to keep on threading it jules jules did this for a reason
i know and you know me and you do the same thing we gotta try it our way first to
see now this is going to kind of hang around
so if then i go in under are you just going that one that one you
go under across when you pick and then you go over when you're coming back this way yeah but i'm not going to tack it
down anymore this is nice you could start your next row okay then i go under
put three on i'm just not good at teaching because you're just messed up you're doing good
i mean well i've tried to work too it's just you and your fishing line you
now this is getting easier the first true rose i thought i was going to have a two row um
bracelet now i even make them one row the same
way so it's two warps in one row and i made a really cute um
charm bracelet that way so i had the beads and then um jewel sells these really cute charms
that you can paint or color you know with like aren't they yeah and i colored those and i did it for um
with flowers and i um made up you know with
and i hung them on there and it was really cute so i had a charm bracelet that i made on the loom
that was neat okay now see my my what's this is it's called string
what is this called wildfire wildfire okay
uh my wildfire and i'm using the six pound
you can use four pound and that's what i did one yeah she's using the point zero zero six inch
i couldn't tell you what the difference in the poundage is except it i guess the only thing i could figure out it'll
catch a six pound fish without it so strong i'll catch a six pound fish without breaking is the only thing i can
figure out but don't quote me on that oh my god you know you don't catch fish with
wildfire wildfire is originally a fishing line was it really yeah
see that's how that company started see we're not in wires and stuff we know something new every day
martha stewart said that she said you need to to learn something new every day she
ought to have learned how not to get into prison didn't she
can you imagine though why if he's watching this he's probably shaking his head at us
yeah i have to tell him we want to do a tutorial with him oh lord he come running the other way
he does anyway but he sees us especially ginger we're talking about white white yeah from being alive and
famous we love him today
these are buddy [Laughter] [Music] i hope you all see what i'm doing
you know what
wonder how many inches i need for my my bracelet right here
inches of these beads
well i was thinking six and a half to six and three-fourths can i tell them where i got my beads
or no no
i got mine out of my stash i have no idea where they came from
you know like if anybody else sometimes you have beets in your stash for like 10 years i don't remember we got it
it's like i'm getting ready to make 16 bracelets for my aunt and um
and i told her some of them some of the seed beads i need i said i bought those
eight years ago and i've never used them since don't worry about it
that's crazy make 16 bracelets but if you're doing it for a family
member i figure if i make one or two a day it won't seem so bad um okay well i'm gonna
call you in the wait and see how well i'm not gonna start him until after you go home
go back to georgia
i'm not watching what i'm what i'm recording here so i hope you all can see this
if not tune in to jewels and shooting
well some of this we're not going to show the whole thing oh we're not going to do it no not you beating all the way we'll pick up towards the end i'll chop
part of it out you know because that's a boring part how much of this do i need um for you
well we're gonna have to measure cause i don't know about ten like on this one it was like how many
rows but it's eight millimeter here's the ten millimeter one two three four
60 beads can i show this to everybody look at this this is jones that she made
we did the i did the ending differently than what we're going to do it i think but there's all different kinds
of ways you could do endings um and i figured this is like the easiest braid to start ginger out with
the loom oh yeah so pretty
okay so here i'm going back again i like experimenting on endings coming up with different kinds
my back's starting to hurt i think i might let joan finish this
i'm getting the hang of it now this is fun
so um that's at 16 rows we'll check and see how long yours is or even 15 rows just
to see okay 16 or 15 one that one's four five six seven eight
here let's see how long it is right now it
yeah that's about three little three and a quarter so i got about three
you got about halfway
so what's the funniest thing that ever happened to you can you say it on air
i'm sure i got a lot of clean ones and
um well
one time back in the 90s when i was younger my girlfriend and i
took some of my clothes to the salvation army box
and i dumped them all in and then she says
oh my gosh my niece could wear some of those clothes
so wait a tucky dunk though yeah so and it was night time it was at a shopping center parking lot
so i said now i only weighed like 100 pounds
and i said well stand here and grab my ankles
and i'm gonna you just told me you just hold me
and i'm going to get that stuff out now it was darkest pitch in there
so she was holding me and i was throwing the stuff back out
and about this time these two old women like my age now
was coming down through there and thought that we were stealing so they parked their car right there
and she let my feet go oh no so you're inside i'm inside that box
and we're right on a creek and i thought and we've you know notorious for rats down there and i thought oh my god
i am going these rats are in here so when i finally jumped out
i jumped out of my out of that box and got in my car [Laughter]
and i chased those poor old women now i know i wasn't gonna do nothing to them
but i just wanted to scare them like they scared me and they went flying
they went fine they were scared to death they thought you're coming after them yeah yeah
i mean i was like 24 or 25 years old but um
don't you think that my wrist is well i measured seven inches but i know
i've measured seven inches before but you keep saying your wrist is eight inches well total so you know the beads are
going to be so it'll be six inches but since these are bigger beads we need to make a little bit bigger you know longer
so i think if you do six and a half inches
okay so warps aren't going to be right against your skin it's going to be raised up because of the bigger beads that's why i'm saying you want it a
little bit longer you know just like when we're okay i'm stretchy breath okay let me ask you this
the where's that where's that bracelet you had measure
i i measure that well because you're not going to macaroni measuring macrame too
am i going to macrame this no you're going to use you're going to use one of these
she's going to use one of these oh
well total that's about six inches okay so i'm saying six and a half just
because these you know they're not so this is gonna see how the warps not really against you well yeah mine but i
guess this is like four and a half what did i just say that was six
yeah sure but now you're talking about rats i had
a dream last night about rats oh lord
i don't know so we're just saying i forget why all my family was in a hotel
and i went down to visit my youngest brother and his wife and there's other people in there
their room was infested with rats and they kept staying there
and so and there was even like a nursery school on the other side of the wall but they
were it was the cleanest nursery school you ever saw but that room was messy with rats so i went off about my way and i came
back a couple weeks later and they're still staying around but it's the cleanest room you ever looked at they had to get rid of the rats themselves
i don't know what brought that where you got that stupid dream on did you eat before you went to bed
sometimes when i eat right before i go to bed i'm i have a
crazy crazy dream and especially if i eat chocolate before i go to bed i've
noticed i had a dream about nela you know jules
baby daddy and i wrote him the next day and he and
it was really weird i dreamed he was doing a workshop with um flat mesh and he was weaving
clothes with them can you imagine expensive that workshop
would be because your dreams are awfully detailed but they are i always have the most detailed dreams
i mean now my my threads come off now i'm going to tell y'all something if
you've got if you have a hard time um getting your thread through that eye if
you'll take your flat nose and just flatten it flatten it just a little bit
it will go this it will go through like a charm
i still need bright lights for it to go through so like if i'm working the living room just with my little lamp i come in here
where i have bright lighting to thread my needle again see how
i don't know if you can see it see how flat that is
i think the only way i can do it
i am lord i watch it not go anywhere
now okay so now i'm taking this center
you haven't seen this but i'm making actually kind of a replica of jules love
cuff she did a shorty video of it online on
youtube you know like 15 seconds long that thing got
over 38 000 hits in a debt in a 24-hour period and then she looked at the
analytics of it and it was all men so we're thinking can you imagine what they probably thought it was the love cup
i hate it when i get that okay one more row and i'll have six
i got a bunch of rows to go but we'll stop when you're gray
when my husband goes on motorcycle trips joe comes joan comes down to see me
and i'm working at the thrift store now i'm oh what am i gonna do when you're at the
thrift store that week you can come down help me cook i'm in the kitchen
and it only took two days though yeah three oh you do three days
but um i find the best stuff down there in that thrift store
oh my gosh and that's it some of the thrift stores around here they have the prices of antique stores you know like
furniture and stuff yeah and then i go down to her house and we go to the thrift store oh my gosh they're so cheap
i want to take a u-haul to buy some of that in the really nice furniture for dirt cheap it's unreal we've got
two high-end communities that's in the gated communities that's in the
uh mountains and so one day a week is one of them and they take the truck up there and have
deliveries i mean that pick up stuff okay now i've got my six right here okay well i can switch over to my other loom
okay okay so now what we what you need to do then
i swear i think it's gonna be too big but maybe not look at it
maybe not in the class okay let's go for it okay you can fix it if it's messed up
there's different ways i do it if i'm i've made mine too short before yeah and but now some of yours
like they're loose do you want them tighter yeah they are no i'm fine they don't fall out
we're doing okay go ahead and lock the last row in place like we did go underneath through and then over the top
and through i just like at least lock in the first and last and then i'll show you how you can end it well you did
pretty good let's see this is one we'll fix that with this thread quit aggravating me okay
so i'll keep doing this while you're fixing that
when you make me you know i love you
okay i'm walking it
okay okay now i've locked it okay now wow
tie it at the end like you did down there
i can take my needle off cana yeah if you want to then you have to put it back on well no i don't wanna do that
is this maybe i need you want me to do it for you and show you what i'm talking about
yeah let's um and then i'm going because i'm going to have you go through some needles to hide we're switching places
you finish it off john no yes i won't i don't want to pull with it you do okay
so all i'm doing now is just tying it
see i took the needle underneath and then through the loop here to make a knot
i mean others do a lot nicer than me but this is the way i do it
and now i'm going to i want to hide some of the thread
and i'm gonna come through here i just gotta make another knot up against there but you
know this just straight strength
come on
see i'm trying to be nice usually when i make jewelry a cuss
i think
so i just feed it through a few rows that way you know it's not going to come undone you can see i did a couple knots
too um
wait just gonna let me do this okay
yeah that's good that's through three rows um and can you give me my blue scissors in
that little box yep talk about those scissors joan
these oh yes because jules is looking for a pair of scissors these are oscar fisker scissors and to
me they almost look like little kids scissors but uh a lot of bead shops sell them as
wildfire fireline scissors we got them for five dollars and i they've gone up a tiny bit in
price but this is i mean so i imagine any fiskars would work but these are awesome
and plus they fit in my tool kit you know i could easily throw them in my little bag with my wildfire
so i just trimmed off right against the bead and now we gotta do the other end with
that tail i told her to take
so if you ever want to be friends with ginger you got to know how to finish her jewelry
i'm adhd
i can only sit for so long okay
so this one was kind of droopy so i'm going to use the tail to try to fix it
so you always want to try to pull your line so you know when you don't want like a
little um sticking out you want it to hug the warps but you know you don't want to get too tight but
you want to do it tight enough so uh the wildfire hugs the warps
okay this is short oh gosh i'd never be able
to do that practice
you'd make a good surgeon [Laughter]
you let me say that next time yourself you can tie that liver right up
and say oh i supposed to paddle liver i've got a kid in here
and what you could do is get my little burner out of that box it's probably underneath those bags here
it is don't look at this burner don't look at it it's another brand
i've got three burners but this is the one i have near me
you could use a cigarette lighter couldn't you yeah but i'm always afraid of burning the warmth
there so i just made a little ball so it won't get untied
okay so that's um this is
i don't know if i have it on screen yeah you do i can okay so this is um
uh we got it all um threaded and now um the next step is going to be finishing off taking it off the loom and
um adding on our closures so that will be part three the our final part
so um you know i'm gonna mix these up
ginger was talking about our little bead board look at our little bead board isn't it so cute
jules has those for sale and doesn't she yeah
and on they're um they're 19.99 and she has this little
thing you could stick your needles in i know when you like you have to walk away for a few minutes just stick your knee
needle in this little cork it's really pretty so and it actually goes with one of her
other limbs though how much are they they said 1999 1999
1999 is there five easy payments
you have to talk to jill's about that but i don't think so like qvc is just five easy payments
i got my smart watch for five easy payments and i'm putting links in the looms and just to let you know that i do
um help jules and i do have an affiliate link so that's what i'm gonna use on there
so you get a kickback yeah
the only way anybody don't want to give me a kickback that was jill's idea yeah that's good so order from these
um those links yeah what do you get five dollars each time i
don't know i don't think you did no not five dollars i'm just kidding there's a percentage i just don't know what it is
so uh okay so um we'll see you next time then we'll be
right back bye
Transcript - Video 3:
welcome back to um the um jillian's
beginner lesson with ginger and joan
ginger joe
questions for dummies
if you can't make a bracelet from our
instructions there's something wrong
with you
yeah yeah
anyway uh in this part three we're going
to be showing how to finishing off your
um project um which is just a simple
large bead um
and so we'll be taking it off the loom
and then um showing how you can finish
it off we're using 10 millimeter beads
and look here
yesterday our hair looked so good we
were talking about this and then it
stormed last night we both got natural
curly hair look at this mess
look at this mess we're hoping
we're hoping it looks good a minute
later yeah it looked great yesterday
no it's not frizzy but earlier but
there's something i mean this is it
is really curly oh i know it currently
on top but i've been out in the rain but
the thing about it is you can't do
nothing with natural curly hair so it
just is what it is
yeah it is
at least
joan is going to
finish this off because if you can see
my hands i've got
osteoarthritis and with this rain
i'm just i can't do it so okay
um now i'm going to show you how i take
things off the loom and the reason why
i'm showing you this way
is because you know if you have a larger
wrist you're using that more room on the
then um
and which means it shortens these
and that means you have less to work
with for whatever you want to do to
finish it off so i'm going to finish
this one off with a button
this is what the button looks like
and so
okay so what i do
is i ain't tie the knot so i could have
because when i start cut normally most
people just cut these but then i find i
don't have as much room to work with you
know when i want to use a button for a
um there's been times that like when
i've used leather or something like that
i'll use i've made um
barrel sliding barrel knots and barrel
knots that i would um glue onto the
string to hold them in place so i didn't
have to use any of these
but and this one i've already tried it a
few times
i'm just going to untie the knot
has anybody taught you this would you
just figure this out i like figuring out
things myself that what what will work
for me because i've done oh even like
macrame ends onto rings so i could use
um well i guess this isn't going to work
so we'll do the best we can i'm just
going to go ahead and cut it as close as
i can
probably because i knotted it
yeah this was the original um that
ginger knotted
so now i'm gonna look at it
i just want to make sure
sorry for the pauses we we're having to
watch this to see if it um everything
keeps showing
um didn't take
uh camera production in high school did
we jump
so the first thing we want to do is
gently i mean you want it tight but you
want to gent gentle you don't want to
make these so tight that it starts
pushing the beads down because then your
beads are going to be all warp you know
this part will be all warpy
so i'm tying the ends right now
yeah see what i'm doing i see everything
you're doing okay
we're supposed to get snow here saturday
one to three inches
last i heard it was just possible
flurries well i hope so cause i'm
leaving for jasper saturday with my
granddaughter and dog
how's old tom doing he's a mess
heart poodle and part too and i
tell you what
he can look at you like you have no
sense whatsoever
he's full of shits yeah
okay so i tied the ends now i want to
figure out which part is going to go
into um the button now a lot of people i
just want to show you a lot of people
put like two strands in one buttonhole
and two strands and another one
and they'll tie a knot and have like a
little fringe that's not me or ginger
ginger hates tassels and that's a
tassley look
so what i'm gonna do is i'm going to see
if i can
take this
and feed them through one buttonhole and
then back through the other
you need a
little needle or something
that's why i got these pliers here yes i
can grab them
so i just now i got
these in it might be easy to try and
twist it to try to hold them together
just so you can feed it in
now i'm feeding it into the other
i like that a lot better
and then what i'm gonna do
and this is where glue is your best
i'm gonna get um
some cord here oh here's some no let me
get you some glue
i got blue over there
i think i did it for you well i won't
use it until the very end but yeah thank
you it's right next to that
black box
so i'm going to just tie a knot here
because this is going to be kind of
hidden anyway
and this is our favorite glue
g is hypocement but i'll use whatever is
except for don't
except for uh
except for um
super glue on stretchy bracelets oh my
lord oh my lord we've got to take a
break and let me just explain this to
you about what we're seeing just real
quick i'm going to be tying not just
watch me while she talks
decided to do a stretchy bracelet and we
uptown knoxville and we were sitting at
the table and everything and so
we put all of our beads on
glued it
super glue super glue well we didn't
know that super glue
ate up the stretchy so don't never do
and we had all of a sudden i put it on
my arm and those beads went everywhere
the restaurant was really crowded
and so we were picking them up well i
counted them joan went to the bathroom
i counted them and came up with one
so and we just had just enough beads so
i looked under the table and there was a
priest sitting right next to a swear i
swear on the stack of bibles this is
a a priest was sitting next at the next
table and under his foot was my bead
so i got down by
195 pounds of me got down on my hands
and knees
and i thought oh god please don't let
the priest know that i'm underneath his
foot and i grabbed it i grabbed that
bead but getting up
was another story well about that time
here come joan and she said what are you
doing i said i found my life's bead
put your hand here yeah so i come out of
the restroom seeing let's see
see it's not too big you're worried
about that yeah so i'm going to make a
knot here and then another knot that it
can go in between yeah okay
but that was our story and sticking to
it we just
so we learned a very valuable medicine
and uh so don't never use
super glue
with stretchy cord yeah so we did write
wyatt and
white white right white guy i can't talk
today and he said that uh really rubber
c mint's the best for stretchy cord and
the second is the hypo mat yeah
so what i'm trying now is to tie a knot
here because her bracelet is a little
bit too small
she was worried about being too big
yesterday and we didn't add any more
rows but when we put it on it's a little
too small what are we going to do about
we're going to do a little stretch thing
to make it work
it's just a design thing sometimes
could you couldn't you put that knot
just a little bit farther up well what
i'm doing is putting this knot at the
bottom then we're going to do another
towards the end oh okay
there's always a way in here yeah
wait here not the watch
see now i could put the knot there
and ginger doesn't like tastely look so
this won't be too much of a tassley look
for her
i don't know there's something about
that and gypsy rose lee
with tassels
hanging down off her boobs you know i
mean there's just something that
which i'll do yeah
john's got the boobs and she's got the
yeah i've done it on well not on
facebook live on a zoom call
okay so i'm just now feeding it because
i want to make sure the button can go
through this
let's try it before i tighten everything
now will that um hemp cord give any
i don't know
because i've never worn a lot of hemp i
just started using hemp when i started
using the jewel loom i just started
doing looming about a year ago so i've
used a bunch of different types of
yeah that's a lot better oh that's
fantastic and so then the last step i do
this for security
i knot all my um
i glue all my knots
so i just stick that little bigger right
in there and give it a little make sure
that each of these strands coming out
has some glue on it
is it coming out
it is now
that stuff stinks don't it
i can see how people get tired
now you're going to start sniffing it no
i'm not
i'm 70 years old i don't want to have
causes of brain damage but i've got
enough brain damage uh but i'm 70 years
old i want to live just a tiny little
bit longer
and she's already telling me to come
down to her house with a u-haul for a
you got to get all those beads and all
those tools out of there i tell you
that for her husband
yeah gary said tell joan come down here
at the u-haul get all this mess out
oh lord
something that costs five hundred
dollars gary
sell for 50 cents 50 cents get it out
get it out
so i have to sell it and then split the
profits with them
no you don't
just keep the profit
i hate sticking that back in i did too i
can't hardly get it in there sometimes
i i had a clean next year i was wiping
it with a kleenex
can you get it
can you get me a paper towel over there
in the meantime while i'm waiting for
the paper towel i'm going to trim some
of this um knots off
you know just to clean it up and then
we'll see what
if ginger likes what she likes on there
what she doesn't i'll trim it off some
okay thank you you're welcome
okay now let's put it on you
this is the first time i know ginger
wants a tight bracelet i know it usually
i like them i can't stand anything
confining or tight or
boots or anything like that oh i love
that joan now let's see about the
tassley look are these okay or
or do you want them shorter no it's all
right okay sure yeah
it's pretty oh i love it
it's a another ginger and joan
collaboration oh yeah
just a minute we're going to flip around
well that's it for our tutorials um but
uh yeah look at ginger's bracelet on
isn't that pretty i love this and see i
like mine that kind of hangs down like
this you know i just wanted to thank
while she was making that i was making
uh you know i mentioned earlier in the
this um i want to show you well first of
all remember i said that made a shorting
video 15 seconds
in that one day
i did my version what i think they
thought it was
beetle on shade everybody
and so i um i used some of her plain um
buttons and i um
did it in uh paint them in gold and put
hearts on them
because i couldn't find anything that
would go you know good and i thought
that was real pretty so
and that's the love calf my version
i hope you all enjoyed this oh also
you know i we showed it upside down
before but this is the um
the b board that's in
jewel shop
you know the cork for the needle
and um
in the book of esther
and it says perhaps this is the moment
for which you were created isn't that
beautiful and we created
so that really strengthens you as you
beat too so you might consider getting
that um you don't put the links in the
in the video
description but i enjoyed this didn't
you yeah i sure did we always
oh well then you if you have to you can
head home monday yeah just to have it
you heard your granddaughter still have
a few days with horses i know it she
rides horses
okay yeah ginger planned on staying uh
for 10 days but her doc her
granddaughter is out of school and she
wants to go down and play with the
horses yeah
my daughter-in-law takes care of two
barns so they ride trails and i never
thought that she would like anything
i think this is fire polished beads
eight millimeter but i'm not positive
hold up your your little wooden thing
so they can see it
i'm not that best at painting
where is it
describes us
okay well until next time
it's been a pleasure and i hope you did
learn something from this
and it's get your jokes sign it up love
you guys