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  • How to Sew Seed Beads Along the Edge of Fabric for Beaded Earrings - Inspirations with Jewels

    February 05, 2024

    How to Sew Seed Beads Along the Edge of Fabric for Beaded Earrings - Inspirations with Jewels

    Watch & learn as Jewels demonstrates how to sew seed beads along the edge of fabric to make beaded earrings. She uses items from the January Creative Soul Box, but will be teaching techniques you can easily apply in your jewelry making. 

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    all right it looks like we are live live live live live live I love it
    okay hi how's everyone doing today it's
    Juliana the jeul loom Mama the be Loom Mama hope everyone is
    doing well um it's kind of an interesting presentation today because I
    definit def itely was not in my comfort
    zone definitely um stretched
    my creativity uh and and I know some of you are gonna giggle because it's probably
    just like something very simple for you and God bless
    you but um hey I hope you're all doing well um it's Thursday and yeah so you know
    we're just kind of like hoping not to float away here in California because here we go again with the storms and so
    um phase one came through and uh and and I think we get to stay dry until
    Saturday and then it's just gonna be like five days five days of rain right
    we're never allowed to complain again so um hey if you're just
    joining thank you so much thank you for being here uh this is juwel Loom School
    live and really it's about Community it's it's the night the day where we all
    come together from the jewel loom community and we share um I am usually working on a project sharing something
    um that I have put together or that I have learned and so it's really a fun
    time for all of us um periodically throughout the month there are other
    videos that are recorded in uploaded and of course I'm always trying to do a
    short and so um shorts are really fun and kind of challenging because you have
    one minute to tell a story and uh it's always uh an editing Adventure let's
    just put it that way and I had one of those today so um but it was fun so I just kind of um you know I did some
    earrings today and that's and and I'm non Beed on the loom earrings so it was
    really kind of weird for me you know like where is my loom what am I doing and of course
    I've done jewelry by hand you know forever you know so it's not like it's something
    foreign but when I'm always used to putting um one of the Looms out on the
    table you know and then and then I didn't use a loom so I'm just like whoa
    this is weird but um hi Stephanie hi Maria hi Zach hi every everyone it's so so great to see you Cynthia and Melanie
    of course um excuse me but um yeah where was my other where was my other brain at
    right now so for those of you that are watching over on the Facebook hello um I can see that uh like when
    you're on the Facebook or on on the YouTubes I can kind of see where everybody is at in the chat and so
    that's super cool but um yeah so if you haven't been here before this channel is
    mostly about jewelry making on a loom I'm the inventor of the jewel loom the
    original blue jewel loom and so we work with the jewel loom but I also have a full entire line of wood looms and so
    they're scattered behind me there and so we do mostly that and we dabble a little bit in home decor and a little bit in
    paper crafting in fact we had a beautiful conversation was it just last week um about paper crafting and
    bellicon with Anne Butler um she's a publisher and she's invited me to teach
    and so we're going to be keeping you um updated on the Deets for that event
    because it is amazing and so um and so you can you can watch that video and uh
    learn more about it and I don't know Joan if you have that link handy but maybe sometime we can we can throw it up
    there oh and there's Gloria oh from Chesapeake that always just sounds so mysterious Chesapeake
    and I don't I don't know that I have been in all of my travels which funny
    enough for the first time ever I will be in New Orleans uh let's see March for the uh
    NTA and creativation trade show so I in everything I've
    done I can't believe that I have never been to Louisiana and so I'm super
    stoked about that I can't wait to go and just um have a great time and see all of
    my industry friends and be able to take a lot of footage uh for all of you
    because it's where the cre where the creative world meets right so we just experiened through uh Jill's eyes and
    n's eyes and Sam's eyes and Rachel and Danielle um whom I'm missing Britney and
    Kristen and tamy hanaman and Katie and the list just goes on right so for days
    upon and Deb Deb our lovely Deb um we were sing Tucson and so that is where
    you know the jewelry World merges um and and shops and has all that kind of fun I
    did not go you know because I just have way too much happening right now and so
    um I was not able to go but I am going to napta which is um more of the general
    craft paper crafting world the Arts world and so so I'm super stoked about
    that you know so I'll definitely be um doing a lot of lives and video videos
    with other designers and artists and um I'm I'm excited I'm so excited to share
    that part of my life with you because that's that's where I started so hey Caroline hey Lori Lori a so fun Carmen
    and Ilana and Sabrina everyone's in the house so tonight I am working with the
    January creative Soul kit which the majority of all those items were um
    sourced from Thailand and Nepal and so there are just some really spectacular
    pieces um you know there's there's these gorgeous bone pieces this one says
    Namaste on it and so Joan and I were thinking you know all you got to do is
    get some of n's um like that new leather product that he has and call it a day
    like this is a focal piece go ahead and put your jump ring in there um and use
    some of nay's leather and you've got a project it's a pendant right um and then
    there were two buttons that were also in that kit again these are bone super
    super beautiful and so that this was the January um creative Soul kit and so
    there were a lot of really high-end very gorgeous beads um I had fun today I had
    a lot of fun look at the earrings that I made aren't those
    gorgeous so I just thought oh I have to just like do some simple um some simple
    earrings these right here I included lava beads in this kit and so you can
    put your essential oils on there I am addicted to
    um essential oils like I really I really love
    essential oils and and I tend to put them you know in my um on my points I
    I'm actually a dotera wellness Advocate like since 2017 I don't know if you all know that but like that's how into it I
    am and so what you can do is you can put your essential oils on the lava beads and then and then you have them hanging
    from your ear and then and then you smell amazing so yeah so I just had fun with
    this kit I um I if I have time I'll I'll put together another simple um you know
    earring with a head pen a jump ring and an ear wire it doesn't have to be more
    complicated right it's super easy I actually did a short on YouTube and I have a closeup photo of the those
    earrings um that I did in a post so make sure you check that out because it would
    be really great for YouTube to know that you actually like what I do um and so
    like And subscribe and send love and all those things that would be just
    fantastic now I will tell you um sewing seed
    beads which you know the seed beads that were in the kit right they were um I I hope I announce this annunciate this
    correct correctly H Haku Haku so they came came on strands they're like old
    they're super old like 19 was it 1920s to
    1930s and so everybody got um a strand and a half and they were not cheap okay
    they're not very round I'm just going to say that right now um so it was interesting sewing them around the
    appliques that were also in your kit I mean there was just like so much in your kit right and so so
    um Mama juwel stepped out of her box out of her weaving
    box and I actually taught well taught myself I don't know if that's the
    appropriate thing I learned from another
    YouTuber rashan embellishments all I did was you know up
    in the YouTube slot say how do I sew beads around Fabric and I learned from
    her okay so I ended up using Green wildfire I mean hindsight should I have
    used black probably could I have used blue yes but I used the green and I
    don't think it's a dill breaker my beads are are green and blue so I'm not going to like you know punish
    myself but it was very uncomfortable at first I was just like what am I doing
    and it's so silly I'm a weaver right I do this but when you have to put
    something new in your brain you know it's just an example of where I want to
    encourage you to like never give up on what you're trying to learn it's like when you're learning on the jewel loom
    right you're trying to get those warps dialed in and lo and behold if one of them doesn't drop and it's not tight
    enough and you you know you're like oh my gosh you know but you just have to try and so I you know like if you were
    here you could kind to see like I I started like this section right here and then I finally got my jam and I was like
    I'm not starting over because this is my first pair and I'm going to be proud of it and um and I just really want
    everyone else to like be empowered to try something different and something new so yeah um and I was just thinking
    with the larger ones that were in your kit um you know Joan and I were talking
    about it so like if you had a paper hole punch with the really tiny hole up you
    know you could like put a really tiny punch into these and then you could put your jump ring and a ear wire and call
    it a day right or you could you could definitely sew um some seed beads in and then do that same thing so there's
    really just a lot and I didn't even use you know all of the beads there's still
    more beads um I didn't even use the hemp that was in the kit I didn't use the bone pieces that I just showed you so
    just kind of like a little FYI I always really do try to put um a lot of quality
    you know I like really great quality beads to be in
    the Box I don't I don't do
    poopies I don't do poopy beads so anyway on that note so what I'm gonna do okay
    and we'll just do this until you know because it does take some time to get
    all the way around and also you know when I was doing this I I was
    remembering when um Trisha when Trisha taught us how to sew around the cabbage
    on because I don't know if you know that story but when my when my mother was doing the kits and she goes um so what
    do you plan on doing with this one it doesn't have a hole and I'm like you need glasses like you're driving me
    crazy what are you talking about and so I went over and sure enough didn't have a stinking hole and I was like oh my God
    I totally bought cabs on M like like on accident like when I was over in the
    check like why why did I buy cabs but they were super stink and pretty and so
    I thought okay well we we have to figure this out and so Trisha God bless her she came on she did a whole um a whole show
    on how to sew around the cab and it reminded me of that when I was doing
    this and so that made me feel really good too all right so I'm going to go
    ahead and um you want to switch me Joan and I'm also going to put some more light on the situation because you
    actually got to be able to see when you're doing this um and so I'm just going to switch out some power cords
    here yay I don't want to go too bright and then burn everybody out but um okay
    so these are the hak Haku Haku um seed beads that everyone got in
    their kit and um you know they're not
    round they're vintage they're old uh again like the 20s or 30s like they're
    they're just still very um they're old but they're super cool they're all from
    I think this were these guys from Thailand or Nepal oh boy now I can't
    remember but anyway the cool thing is that you know when my friend was over there um buying I just love a story and
    so I love when I can get things that have a story and that they're from somebody we know and it's just really
    cool so here's my finished one it really I really am proud of it okay so this is
    the little embroidered um beautiful piece that was in the box I mean it's
    really gorgeous look how pretty that blue thread is I mean come on now is
    that a jewel Bon blue or what so beautiful and you could see what
    inspired me with with these beads because these were these were a oh I need to have
    those and so I literally had I had everything here and then I bought these
    and again they were not they were not inexpensive but I love spoiling the
    creative Soul people so I I have my needle and thread now I'm working with a
    jewel loom needle because my fingers will not hold a small needle anymore
    okay um you could certainly work with a shorter needle and you could certainly
    work with uh bigger beads in fact uh ran over at ran embellishments where I
    learned from she was working with I believe it was a four or a 6 mm
    pearls and so you know um that's just going to give you a much bigger look
    right so any who all right so let's get this party started because I I'm just
    going to tell you I'm a little nervous isn't it silly I'm like oh my
    God I have to teach them how to do this so I'm gonna do the best job I can all right so I got a knot at the end of the
    wildfire and that's what I'm using I'm using wildfire and I already have my knot see that down at the
    end and what I'm going to do is I'm going to take the little embellished you know embroided patch
    here and I've got to hide whoops so it's a
    fine let me reposition my body and my face and everything else I'm going to do
    it this way so you're taking the needle yeah and then you're just getting it in
    between the fabric there right and then it's going to come
    out and I'll go ahead and turn oh but if I do it that way I'm going to be backwards hold on hold hold your roll we
    got to do this because I need to be I'm right-handed and I need to be coming out here okay so did you see that so I took
    the needle and the thread and it's h it's hiding it's sandwiched right in between the fabric so if you were doing
    this to another piece of fabric or even if you were going to take the bigger one and do it to the bigger patch here the
    bigger embroidered piece right you would do the same thing you just find that
    little area of fabric where it's been you know pinched together and you would sneak your needle in
    there so I've already done that here and I'm going to pull all the way
    through and then I'm going to go let me pos position my hand better I'm going to go until the the knot hits and it just
    hit all right okay and then here we go okay I'm going to pick up a blue
    and a green and a blue and again these are in no way shape or form um
    identical they are very much not identical okay and then I'm going to so
    you're going to just take your needle and what you can do is you can eyeball like what what the width is right so you
    see that so you want to skip that amount of space then you're just going to come
    over here and just to note when I didn't have proper lighting I was not in
    enough and I had barely picked up a little bit of material and then it it um
    came apart so you really do want to be cautious of that and you want to make sure that you're in just enough so that
    it actually anchors and so then I'm going to
    pull okay so we got our three little three little beads
    there and then I'm going to come up from the back side no I'm not I'm going to come up
    from the front and I'm going to go through this last bead see I got to remember I got to remember the
    steps and I got to be able to see okay so I'm going back
    through that last bead and it's all kind of weird in the
    like the first you know it's like the first row on looming it's just all that
    okay and then we're just going to pick up two this time so we're going to pick up the green and then we'll pick up the
    blue and every once in a while well I did find that the green was a little small and so for the jeel loom needle
    you know how the eye is just a little small um or I'm sorry sometimes it's just a little too big so all right and
    then once again we're going to come from the top and then after this one we start going from the
    bottom it's so funny because this is the kind of project where I'm just like oh I
    so can like relate to my students right now right and it's good it's good to
    kind of do something that also stretches stretches my uh comfort so that I can
    have a better understanding of where my um or how my students might feel right
    when they're trying to do something on the
    loom okay so yeah so those first ones and now
    let's do let's see let's pick these up so
    two and so from here on out you just keep doing the same same step right and then we go back
    through and as I'm doing this the whole time I'm thinking of my grandma Avalar my Portuguese grandma and I'm just like
    I know she did this like I know this had to be in her wheelhouse she was a crocheter and a
    Knitter and um and I'm just thinking I bet Grandma Avalar like I bet this was
    her Jam whoops yeah see kind of
    really a thimble might be in order for this
    so once you get you know get going and you can imagine like if you had bigger beads and a bigger piece of fabric
    right oops goodness the earrings want to
    so make sure I'm not
    too what what I noticed when she was working with the bigger beads is that they really positioned themselves very
    well um where the seed beads are just so tiny and so um you're kind of at their
    Mercy but as long as you you know are guiding them I found it to you know
    be fine now there were a couple of times whoops am I too far
    down there were a couple of T ow times oh I'm too far
    over and I'm too much on the top okay hold on I gotta like something's going on with my lighting here that's making
    it a little challenging to see okay um oh heck what was I GNA
    say oh I did find oh my gosh I did see you have to concentrate on this
    stuff this is not like you know drink wine and and uh
    have a conversation um I did find a couple of times that it was a little bit of a
    struggle not not too many but a couple of times my needle didn't want to go
    through and so I just used the flat nose trick you know where we don't we don't
    force the needle we just grab it with the um the flat nose pliers and help to
    guide it through kind of dis distribute the
    um I think I'm doing pretty good what do
    you think I kind of think I got it going on okay except for now I just forgot do I
    have to still go through here I do right I didn't do that yet yeah you got to
    concentrate all right little guy where's your where's your opening
    at yeah I spoke too soon where's the bead going from oh there we go there we
    there we go looks great Maria's like my cheerleader tonight she's like girl you got
    this yeah I'm definitely proud of myself for trying to do something that is not
    what I do like it's just I don't typically um you know create
    the bead work by hand and so I'm I'm very proud of myself
    for for taking this on and for having the um courage to do this with all of
    you if I keep losing my my seat bead there we
    go thanks zck
    yeah actually I really I'm feeling really good about um the rhythm of all of this
    and you know and what a great um a great technique like if you're traveling you
    know if you want to add something to your your uh Loom
    Arsenal right uh oh what' I
    do okay got to pull a little tighter on that
    one You' gotten almost yeah actually I think I'm halfway around the halfway
    around the world right
    now two of my words try and experiment
    yes well sometimes the creative Soul kits really lend themselves
    to you know experimenting with different ideas
    um and so I'm really happy that
    as soon as I saw these I was like oh I'm this is what I'm doing but then when I
    actually had to come down to it and and figure it out and teach it I was like oh
    gosh oh looks like I froze or no okay we're
    and I did use in the end I just brought in my uh Wildfire burner and um you know
    that's how I you know I weaved in the end of course
    um but then I I did use the wildf fire burner that thing is just really important to
    have wait a minute did I not go through there I didn't did I see I can't I gotta
    concentrate hold on I don't think I went
    through because you can tell when you don't go back through the
    bead I just got to get to where it's out there okay there we
    go maybe I did get through that okay well we're just G
    I definitely want to get um some bigger beads and try
    this to see what the flow would be
    whoops yeah I think it's super important to
    come out of our comfort zone and do
    things and this was definitely um one
    for the books so I think I'm just going to go
    ahead and keep going cuz it's moving along quite quickly what do you think um Joan okay yeah I got permission from
    whoops yes so I bought this really cool um
    duster it's black I found it at Ross and um it's got some lace down
    towards the bottom and I want to sew on some embellishments because I'm
    already working on my my trade show
    attire I got to represent my uh my jewel loom
    blue I'd like to get some rhinestones put on one of the dusters I
    bought but uh I'm not sure if that's going to
    like the little choo choo that
    okay so we're almost whoops where' the green bead
    go so it looks like I've got one more that I can squeeze in there
    so yeah what did I do here I can't remember I think I was closer last time
    because we're gonna have two blues oh that's two greens I mean listen it's not
    a deal breaker I'm not going to like go to go to be gel right
    have two of the same colors next to each other but I do want to make sure I get in here that's a little
    low yeah you gotta really make sure you're on the okay all right
    cool so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to go down and then I just did
    like a loop of beads so how many did I do on each side
    what is that 2 4 68 so
    16 okay so we'll pick up green
    blue green and I just want to make sure okay
    three four ow
    six seven
    8 9
    10 11
    12 13 14 almost there
    14 15 16
    okay and then where was I here okay and
    then I just went through did I come back this way I think
    I did let's see what happens okay there we go yeah and it's
    so cute oh my God I can't now why does that one look short
    I guess it's not all right and then I just went back
    through some of the
    beads oh my God proud mama
    moment okay and just kind of want to go back in here and
    sneak sneak into the
    fabric couple of
    times now I would um you know you could cut like a little piece of fabric to put
    on the back if you wanted to like hide you know hide what you got going on back
    here I mean I'm trying to keep it as clean as possible I think I'm doing
    okay I'm just going to do one more though for Giggles always got to have one more for Giggles
    right like when we're warping
    and just making like a little
    ball then I gota go find this guy come over here
    buddy all right and then we will just
    so I've got my chain and my
    flats just going to open this up a little [Music]
    I just want to make sure that's kissing enough
    nice look at what Mama
    did [Laughter]
    yay oh my gosh how fun oh my God I'm so
    happy that I challenged myself to like figure that out um it just feels so
    rewarding and so we've got these I kind of spoke to what you could do you know
    with these guys um these earrings are just unbelievably Gorge I mean seriously like
    so stinking pretty look how pretty these are and then we've got the lava
    beads I mean this is um in fact since so all I did was I
    took the head pen right so you got like a little head pen it's got like a little flat
    bottom and then we can take one of the Thailand beads and then this is actually
    check glass and I had a little guy here we go here's a little
    guy so you know this is just a fun simple way to like make some quick
    earrings I like to make sure you can't feel that I know that's old school and
    there's a tool that does that now but I don't have it
    so and then we'll just do this other pair oh look at I just totally made myself new
    earrings super cool all right now I got to find the the straggler there was supposed to be another bead here
    somewhere I bet it rolled off into the carpet uh eater
    somewhere I don't see it dang it oh well I'll have to find it and then
    and then finish making that but come on now so cute I can at least put the jump
    ring no did my jump Rings also okay who's been on my table somebody was on my table eating my
    eating my components all right let me let me scooch this over so you can just
    get a nice a nice look
    my goodness that's so funny unless I used them because I was just like a crazy woman over here like um Jules I
    saw it just above your mat you saw jump Rings no I thought you
    meant that bead I thought you were still looking for that bead you see that bead above my mat yeah because you had like a
    little bit more distant View and I was able to see a little white bead laying there a where did you go oh well it's
    not the end of the world okay I just want to let you know you're not nuts I saw it yeah I'm not nuts
    thank thank you for for confirming I can't not deny or confirm
    that you are slightly nuts so oh my God let me see let's put them on she said
    Maria says she sees it
    too matches my sweater
    right oh my
    gosh I'm so digging these they're so lightweight oh my gosh is that so cool
    underneath the matte upper right corner no that's part of the
    um I know what you're seeing it's it's not
    it you can even drop some dangles yes yes totally I think you covered it up
    when you moved your mat I they're little I know what you guys are seeing but they're little they're pieces of of this
    material that I'm working on so it's not it's not a bead um which earring is it
    this one let me see what these look like
    okay I are you sure because it looked like a dut little tiny like seed bead
    that right there yeah I guess yeah that's it it's a part of the table
    okay let me pull this closer those are really pretty it's hard
    to tell but those are really fun see I would do mismatched earrings
    and then these little guys with the lava beads totally wearing these
    on so cute oh my god well I I am
    happy so proud and happy totally out of my willhouse
    totally God I'm shedding again must is it winter so happy oh my gosh all right
    well perfect [Laughter]
    yay oh my goodness status report on your status report on your what hi
    David is your beautiful wife watching with you Maria says status report on oh on
    the on the project project yeah I know I feel so bad so Royal Talon sent me an email today
    and she's like what's going on I haven't heard from you oh she's napping squeeze
    her for us um I've not done anything outside of what we've done
    together I have to though because I really but but I had to get creative Soul dialed in and
    um so yeah so I will probably be working on that next and that remember I said
    that when I when I do I will just like randomly videotape live and you guys
    could just I'll just Beed um so yeah no nothing since last Thursday just been
    swamped literally swamp thank you for making me swamped um the goddess pattern
    kit I think it's almost sold out and um I'm really excited about it because I
    have found and gathered a lot of the samples and I think there's going to be some really cool things birthed um that
    are in addition to the seed beads I believe there's going to be some pretty cool things that are going to come from
    from this little uh beautiful pattern oh what do you got oh if anybody got this in a
    previous kit I just happened to pull up I looked at this kit let me show yeah
    you can rid of the overhead what did you use
    you must have put it in a kit because I picked it up and it had a loom in it
    what an earring loom in it I mean that's I don't know if I did it but I had to
    have gotten this from you no of course you got it from me but you mean it was already
    painted yeah oh my gosh wow so it's I'm
    I I don't remember doing it but it's paint on one side and it's painted in like a clear coating on the other side
    oh my God here let me come with you oh how can how can you get me with you you
    can get rid of the one okay yeah there you go so is that so cool okay well hold
    on and I just have to say I'm such and I'm gonna say it because my girlfriend Brandy who's my girlfriend since we're
    little she calls me a dork all the time and it's a term of endearment so nobody lose your
    Cheerios I feel like a total door who has the goddess pattern and who has a
    goddess button and I just didn't even process like put the goddess button in
    with the goddess pattern I forgot there was a button and
    like I said I pulled up this kit well it was in with some other stuff and I was trying to remember if some of this other
    stuff was actually a kit or stuff I bought yeah and then I saw this I said oh wow that goes with the bracelet you
    know what I feel like I have one too but I have to say I think the reason well no see this one I must have
    given you my goddess cuz I didn't even use a goddess on the end of my original remember when I did this oh so it didn't
    come in Creative Soul kit you gave it to me I I must have gifted it to you cause no
    sorry no thanks you're welcome I'm not gonna send you a gift anymore but now
    I'm thinking gosh now I need to get one of those kites so I can use his butt on this bracelet well and originally I
    think where my brain was is that it was too big for what I thought we might be doing and then the goddess like birthed
    into all these different things and then I found myself going oh why didn't you
    do that I'll make it right you know I will but my point is I can't like it's just
    so beautiful Okay Lori says I have one friend that always calls me a dork as a ter vendor yeah no BR anyways she you're
    such a dork I'm like I know I love you too um anxiously awaiting that popup
    video session okay and is that a goddess button yeah
    uh Joan so sorry about that I was wondering why did she paint H1 she sent
    it to me as a gift sorry yeah yeah you thought I painted oh my
    God no I didn't think about like I said I honestly pulled it up just 10 minutes ago during the show because you know
    I've been working on one of the kits and it was and the it was in with the
    earring Loom from like three months a two months ago or something oh I mean I
    don't know if that's when you sent it to me or if I just combined stuff you just got your you just got crap everywhere
    there's some pretty cool stuff in here so I want to tell Lori Lori this is half
    of the goddess pattern so there's 18 across so if you do half of it you do it
    you do it with six millimeter beads I think Jan's
    gonna yeah just a minute yeah it I I almost just want it
    to be artwork to tell you the truth like I just think it's it's beautiful I
    feel like it should just be in a frame here we
    go are you trying to get rid of yourself no I was looking up the goddess
    pattern the gift oh I was like what are you
    doing now you know what I do behind the scenes usually it's quicker than
    that so funny yeah anyway Lori so this is just
    all six millimeter uh squares and pyramids and some fire polish I think I
    snuck in a row of fire polish somewhere but it is it's really
    really beautiful yeah so when you put it on your arm though I mean you're you're
    kind of like the only one right that knows which is fine because it's rad and
    like people are going to be like oh my God that's so amazing a Trisha thank
    you so yeah this is um yeah half of the Goddess pattern so Maria don't tell my
    secrets she said I was [Laughter]
    shopping oh my God all right
    um I think we're I think this has just been really good like I feel really
    powerful about just stepping out of my comfort zone
    like I talk to the creative Soul people a lot about color because I can't possibly do
    a box that's going to make everybody happy right like color-wise and so you
    know um and I love color and so you could see me working with blacks and Silvers and
    oranges and reds and um greens and purples and blues and aqua I mean I love
    color and uh and so uh oh trying to get that we get
    the comments kept coming up every time I click oh wow Trisha which size did you order the large or the um or the
    small yay congratulations you're gonna love her
    yeah I know Robert we have like it's like the El season just like
    swooped right into into January so really blessed and so unbelievably
    grateful for all of you like and I'm so happy for you like I'm genuinely happy when you get any one of the Looms
    because it does open up a whole world of creativity and oh the large okay okay
    cool very cool yay yay so I probably will um I'll have
    you know we warped her we warped the large wisdom Warrior last week
    and um I gotta I gotta get to business on those pieces because I'm
    kind of in that place too where until I finish those you know
    I you know I don't know you know because I got the eye that goes over
    here and I've got to like weave in
    stuff so she's got a little hoola skirt I love okay I'm just going
    to yeah look at how cool it looks
    yeah I get so I know you all think I'm crazy but I get so excited with the I've
    said it a thousand times I'm going to say it again when the large Sun Weaver
    goddess is Warped I just go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs I can't it's so hard for me
    to take the piece off of the Loom I don't don't know I don't know what it is
    I just think that it like has all these variations of expression that you're you're just so caught up in it all it's
    really hard to like dismount you know I just got fibers on
    my nose oh god um so yeah and then I just and when
    I take it off you'll see what I'm but look at just when you peek inside on her back side she just holds so much I mean
    really this is one of the most beautiful you can't even see it
    but I love her so how did you do that did you weave strips across so you can
    make those or were they tied on to all the warps oh so I did traditional
    weaving you know traditional weaving with yarn and then I well I did her
    warps these are her warps with the gold fun stuff that we got at Michaels and then I just started doing
    very simple
    knots you know like little very simple little ryion knuts oh okay that's what I
    was wondering how that layers it's layers upon layers
    of you know but I do I do want to try the Pearl
    paints and see what happens um I want to like kind of mute this I want to get rid
    of that so that's what you maybe use the stamps on strips of those like oh yeah
    that's right she's supposed to send me that she might have forgot too yeah
    because she she's going to some Island so she may be gone you don't get your
    stamps oh no CA she that they'll have their show on February 7th so she's
    still home okay I'm glad you know Ann's schedule more than I well it's because
    that's when after the show is when they're opening up buying tickets for Bellon that's why I remember that oh
    yeah yeah we're gonna have to help everybody um remember that I had to find
    what time they do the show oh and if it's a Friday I'm not
    home on Friday afternoon oh no that's a Thursday they do it on a Wednesday
    Wednesday it's a Wednesday yeah okay that that's great if it's a Wednesday I'm more free on
    Wednesdays with my busy social life with your busy social life I know what are
    you doing well Fridays is my grocery we go
    out for L you go grocery shopping that's our exciting afternoon that's hey that's
    fun I love grocery shopping especially big fabulous food shop you know we might
    hit like maybe a couple home improvement stores or
    something Joan is the life of the party oh you should have seen Colleen
    and I in U Walmart there's a great big display of um Dr SE books so we're going
    down the back aisle I'm saying really loud I start quote you know I started saying all the uh green handbooks yeah I
    was you know like I was reading it col is just dying I said I told you I
    know it oh my God I'm so proud I bet you are
    so proud you need wear jewel loom shirts
    out yes we're gonna have to think of a really funny quote with JW loom in it oh
    my God you have to see something and then I know we've got to go but look at this what I
    found what so this is part of my trade show attire look at these are this is this
    Rad or what look at so it's you know how they wear these now can you see it I'll
    make it a little tighter so it's all the sparkly jewel blue now I can see the Sparkles yeah
    ours is like in the shape of the bag yeah oh that's pretty cool yeah I could
    do my um phone and my notepad or well what who needs a notepad anymore but my
    phone my lipstick my eyeliner my lash
    brush you know maybe a bar you know so that I don't I don't like you know oh
    and if I'm not wearing my glasses I could put my glasses in here but it's so much more safe to wear
    your your purse this way I do tend to wear mine cross body anymore yeah so um
    how many smaller purses so Dave wants to know how many beads will fit in
    there I wonder what Loom will fit in here oh hold the camera I'm thinking at
    least the one try your jeweling first
    yeah well and it's warped I was thinking either the ba or the baby room Loom and
    the or the um you know the one and the one um what mini loom or is that yeah mini loom
    that's try that because you can make a bracelet on
    that one minom will go in here I mean for that'll fit you and and the earring
    looms will go in here definitely earring looms now you need your kudamon will go
    in there and you also need to put your wildfire and a few tubes of beads to
    design with wildfire and a tube of beads well you
    need three or four at least no look I mean there's a lot of stinking room in here yeah so you could
    put your beads in a patch and put them in there yeah no you totally could so I got one in black as well because when
    you find something you know you always have to buy it in multiple colors right because you may never see it again yeah
    that is so cool no I think it's super cool is the black sparkly too it's is
    that a question oh gee it comes in Sparkle and nons
    Sparkle let me like not get Sparkle well I've got maybe you want to bazzle
    it oh yeah like I got time to bazzle anything I would like to figure out if a
    jewel loom sticker will go on here so I might see um if I can get like something
    it'd be really really rad if I could get the Jill Loom sticker don't we have a
    Jill Loom sticker I thought I had a sticker yeah but what if I got an embroidered
    like embroidered jewel loom sticker and then it goes on here and then I'm like
    where am I from I'm jeweling hey baby yeah I'm the jewels and jewel
    loom see that's what your shirt should stay on the jewels of
    Jewel God I might come home with a date why what's so bad about that one
    there's nothing wrong there's nothing wrong I'm ready I'm ready I
    think years I like that for a shirt for you or patch good right no I'm saying I'm I'm
    the Jews of Jewel I love that no I love that and I'm gonna have it made i'mna
    made je let's get that straight God and then I could get what
    it says I know the jewels and julu I know the jewels and jeul oh my
    God we or ask me [Laughter]
    about I'm sorry wait Dave says hang your littlest
    Loom from the strap for a conversation Dave stop it oh you know
    you know to protect it why don't you use your business card one instead yeah the one that before Danielle turned it into
    a loom yeah look it Dave you're so rad dude okay I'm gonna have Robert design
    me a little um Loom clip or just s you one with a hole in it
    so you but a keychain ring on it no seriously what a great
    idea all right Robert if you're watching I need this I need something like this
    probably the original business card thing and but I got to be able to clip it on to here or to here probably maybe
    to I don't he's gonna tell all of us to shut [Laughter]
    up Maria she's the winner winner ask me about my jewels on a
    shirt oh my God we're going to jail oh my God we're going to
    jail I gotta go before before I get I don't
    know I love that one insert look this is we're gonna take
    advantage of this oh yeah look it so I got to put it back in
    whoops hard to do you know here we go here we go there we go let me pull up the stand for
    that yeah very cool so I did that with one hand a
    purse oh my God see we put the F in fun at jeom that's you know what would be
    cute you know what the or what you could do I didn't think about that use this is
    the business card one okay you could use Like Glue on on Bale use a glue on Bale
    for the ring on top you can even make it a necklace to wear to this show so I I feel where you're going I
    think it's all about representing your brand when you're hitting this trade floor like I'm no wait till you see the
    blue duster I ordered it is so cool I can't wait to see that when you get I
    want I would like a before and after picture I think um I think I should show
    you all my outfits I think we should do yeah I think we should do a fit check typically
    those are done on Tik Tok but I'm willing to do one here I've never done one but people do them all the time so
    anyway yeah ask got Nee for ideas he loves
    posing I think we're all posers we need a fashion show before you go I in I'm
    totally down oh this is where I wish I had the sunflower shop Lori they have
    some but you know it's all I think I have a duster for every day I just have to personalize them now so and all my
    jewelry I just have to have all my jewelry dialed in and what is Caroline and I have a small bead have a small
    bead on Fab on the loom you know that's hanging from your purse or whatever well
    you know when I was working on the book that I was able to put the warp jewel loom on my
    head when you're working on the book where's a picture of that was it is
    it in the book no but I'm gonna find it I'll post it it's so funny I was so out
    of my mind one day if you've ever written a book know what I'm talking about and I was just
    like so I literally I literally somehow got that Loom right on my head and was
    able to like you know or David David's
    like how did I get over here into Crazy Land was on his wife and and uh David
    and his wife were on the tour at in the Czech Republic
    oh cool and David's a phenomenal I mean like off the charts jewelry designer and
    Tammy's wife is so like she does like Nate well she is Native American and she
    just like kills it like they're both just like yeah so it's raining and we weren't
    supposed to have rain until tomorrow now I have to get from this point to the other point in the rain with all of my
    computer equipment I'm not happy hopefully it's just like a freak thing
    anyway okay we're boring you now sorry love you all and sometimes this
    happens sorry but that's why it's Community
    Thursday you know if you need structure and you'd be better off not watching it
    live and skipping through where there is structure we're just very happy people
    we are very happy people and we'd like to put the H in happy and the F in fun and I am the Jewel of the jewel what see
    you says Dolly says um it increases your face value smile
    a that's really good I need that yeah okay I had to read it upside down and
    you guys saw it backwards that's what took me so long to read it you're welcome Mar
    all right we will see you next uh week for the big julum Community event again
    um assured for giggles and all that good stuff and oh Dave says he's in the hot
    tub twice I've almost dropped my phone
    laugh I'm not asking any [Laughter]
    questions oh Lord oh my God I love it so much
    fun okay so much fun all right good night [Laughter]