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  • How to Make a Beaded Embellishment Using a Bead Loom - Inspirations with Jewels

    February 06, 2024

    How to Make a Beaded Embellishment Using a Bead Loom - Inspirations with Jewels

    Learn how to use the original Jewel Loom to make a beaded embellishment, which can be part of a necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring, or even a decorative piece on a purse! Jewels takes us through the steps of weaving the base, then showing how to embellish the top with seed beads & decorative beads to form loops, giving the piece a flowery look. Watch the tutorial below.

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    hello everyone it's Saturday night 7:30 uh Pacific Coast time and uh
    hanging out I had to bring everything in to the house because of the big storm that's headed our way I'm here um in
    California and so I'm beating um I'm working on my project for NTA so it's my
    big centerpiece my big embellishment and I did decide because I had to bring
    everything in and I'm working on a very small surface um to use the original
    jewel loom and I've already I've already got it a war time
    areia and uh and so I'm just going to bead I'm going to build my base I'm
    using uh the blue wildfire and then I'm using the from the midnight beads
    in a bag and I gathered some other beads
    uh to help this piece pop and um hey Zach and so yeah so I'm just hanging out
    I'm beating and and that's the gist of it so
    thank you for being here um Maria can you hear me okay oh hey Jenny I didn't
    expect anybody to be um around because I think it's what it's like 10 is it 10:30
    on the um on the East Coast so yeah if somebody get us tell me that you can hear me okay
    um I'm just gonna start beating so I'll just wait to get the okay from somebody
    and we are streaming over on Facebook and on um here on the YouTubes on the
    jewel looms and so yeah so it's kind of mysterious okay thanks Maria so anyway
    um as I mentioned I'm working on the original jewel loom I've already got everything threaded
    here so I'm coming underneath the warps right now and I'm going to pick up
    10 10 so so I'm going 10 across so I have 11 11
    warps and um and so yeah so this is this needs to be like a probably going to do
    10 across and 10 down so that I just kind of have like a nice square and then I'm going to embellish really big Loops
    all around that so I've got to pick up six seven
    8 9
    10 and Marlin Brando is behind me snoring man just
    totally he's really uh tired so the first row when you're going
    across like this you kind of have to there we go got to have some patience because all the beads want to dance and
    so I'm just going back through the beads and making sure that I'm on top of
    the warps and I can see that the needle is definitely on top of the warps
    hey Wendy so gonna just guide that
    and then just give it a nice little tug and I think you know I think I'm
    going to push this up because I might want to take advantage of the space down
    here so that I don't waste the Wildfire um so that's I'm going to yeah I'm going to scooch this
    up and so let's go ahead and get another row
    these are so pretty I'm not sure where the I'll have
    to look to see this is the color that's in the midnight beads in a bag
    kit so there's six seven
    eight nine and 10 and Wendy says yeah she can hear me
    that's good I don't know if you can hear Brando [Laughter]
    snoring and then we're just going to go right back through the beads and I'm making sure that the needle is
    going through them and on top of the warps if you're not on top of the warps
    then the beetle drop and that can be a little more fun than you want to have it's really pretty
    like every it's all you know beautiful right now right uh oh don't you do that
    Wildfire what come on now come on now oh thank
    you okay I've got a little too many things here I'm really in this very small little
    surface nice so is everyone having a good Saturday so
    far we had our um creative Soul Zoom group call earlier today so that was
    really fun to catch up with
    everyone really pretty in Perfect
    Harmony yeah I took him for um a little bit maybe longer walk than I would have
    normally because we're going to be um you know we're getting hit with this
    storm and so I wanted to make sure that he got out and about and got some
    exercise so he's out he ate he ate his
    hamburger and his uh I made him a little shaved steak some broccoli
    carrots and then of course a bunch of treats so he's fat and happy right
    not sure what's going on just gets a little tight over
    there yeah color is just really really really
    I love it when you can feel the pop up you know in between the warps it's really
    cool it's like oh it's good it's good
    stuff very
    pretty snoring dog oh my
    gosh what will we do when we don't have the Snore except for his snoring will live
    long his legacy his legacy will live forever right on the
    YouTubes oh yeah and a puring kitty cat yeah
    so I made um I made chicken
    soup in the crock poot so I um got some ground chicken and some vegetable broth
    and yellow pepper shallots garlic and um let that cook all day
    and then added some Spanish rice and the Spanish rice just like brings it home
    and so good I'm so fat and happy myself right
    now uh no no because it proably it went to the harbor it went to the post um the mail
    has to go to the harbor post office darn it I did not see that so I won't get to
    see it till Monday um at the earliest because if we get the flooding that
    they're talking about they've um you know we've got mandatory evacuations and
    they might put road closures and especially at the harbor you know because of the the water but I'll get it
    I'll get it I'm sorry I didn't I don't get notices I just go over there you
    know so yeah you sent me a surprise I can't wait
    nice fun yeah I was just there too I was just what's today Saturday I think I was just
    yeah I was just there yesterday uh shipping orders and um so it Maria like
    you said it must have come today okay
    yeah I love scooping up the happy mail I like happy mail thank
    you it'll be fun I to I'll have to do an
    unboxing let's see how many do I have one two three four five six seven eight
    nine oh one more
    row now I gotta think about whether or not that's going to be a big
    enough I'm not sure about this might have to go bigger
    because that's 10 right
    there so if you're just um joining in on the Facebook or the the YouTubes uh just
    to kind of give you a heads up what's happening um this is a Saturday night and I had to bring everything in from
    the studio because uh I'm in California we're kind of laying low right now
    waiting for well not waiting it's well yeah it's coming so it's a what do they
    call it an at atmospheric uh
    River so it's quite bizarre anyway I think we're like in the highly likely
    because on the coast right so we're going to have super high waves we've got Gale warnings all the things so anyway
    I'm just working on a project for Napa the National Arts materials trade
    Association um and I had said that when I work on my embellished piece I would just come on and and weave with you and
    so here I am so that's what's going on and um I am using the original jewel
    loom size 80 seed beads and blue gorgeous Wildfire one of my favorites
    and right now I'm contemplating whether or not going 10 down is going to be
    enough I I'm I feel like I need to make a couple more rows so I'm going to go
    ahead and do that so and uh if you're not in the know
    about Marlon Brando Marlon Brando is the company mascot he's my fur baby and uh he's
    behind me snoring big
    time and so he uh he goes to town on the snoring it's
    quite quite hysterical the funny thing though too is like I don't hear him at
    night like he's not really obnoxious like other Bulldogs um but he is
    unbelievably a rude sleeping partner he he sleeps down by my feet
    um but he literally will take up I mean he's all of what 28 lbs and uh he will
    literally like like by the end of the night have me on the edge of the bed
    it's so funny I don't know how they do it when they're so little like
    yeah doing an Ado base has got to be like the most relaxing for
    me I really um it just you know it goes so quickly
    easily [Music]
    you okay back there buddy
    God oh my God it's so
    funny and bring it up to the camera really Maria that's interesting
    yeah but you you know you do a lot of pattern work with your elos so that makes
    sense I the funny thing is I started with like back in the day with
    aen we all we had were everywhere like I don't really remember having well
    we had 11os because we were making you know the big bracelets but we had tons
    of just like like everywhere hey Colleen
    yeah oops uh oh let's see what I got here
    48910 I really have enjoyed the bigger ones too the six O's and the three O's
    yeah try and experiment yes yeah
    yes yeah that's I had so much fun Thursday you know doing the sewing around the the piece of
    uh the earring piece that I was working on that was really fun all right what do
    we got one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 okay I was
    thinking 15 so let me let me do one more and see how
    goes okay so where's that four five one
    more yes Maria those are your two assignments for the year bigger beads and two
    holes okay so let's see
    here so I'm just like doing a visual of so I
    kind of want like because I'm G to have to do really big loops
    around and I think I think any more rows and it'll just be off so that's what I'm
    going to do there so I'm going turn it around and scoop these guys up so this color was
    transparent rainbow Sapphire so this was in the um what you Callie in the
    midnight kit the midnight beads in a
    bag scoopity scoop all right so this one will go to the side and now the fun
    part okay so I'm definitely going to
    use whoops I have
    to scooch up here a little
    bit and
    so right off the top I know I don't want these big guys so I'm going to grab
    them and put them over
    here I don't know oh I might use that okay so that's probably okay right
    now with this palette and then I wanted to add in some of the this
    gorgeous fire polish right here it's like a opal and maybe some of
    this oh oh oh oh oh oh okay Loops are you good going too
    fast um I got to do a visual in my
    head bear with me I gotta do a visual in my
    head because we're going to have the big loops and then so I'll want small
    pieces okay I think I'm good go go ahead cuz we can still grab
    some of those I think I'm going to wait and put the Sor offski in the middle and
    um yeah okay so this is
    another this is another here I think I'm going to have to scoop some of this up
    though didn't make the
    okay that pile's so delish okay and then scoot these guys
    over and sco those guys
    tell me that's not beautiful okay and then we got
    these these fire polish are like
    amazing okay and
    if I want to
    do might have to just alternate a little bit and see what happens well
    actually I just don't know if this is going to be
    enough I think this is a little heavy this gold is a little heavy I'm G to and
    we've already done it with these because you know I'm adding like one big huge embellishment so we've already got you
    know a lot of gold going on over here so I don't
    think we'll see what happens we'll see what
    happens because it's also a matte and I want this to be like really shiny so the
    silver silver should be okay let me get it just like a little silver out just in
    case obviously these big these big guys are from my personal St stash of
    traveling got these had a super cool um beach shop in Colorado and I feel really bad it was years ago I cannot remember
    the name of the shop but it was a really cool um okay where am I going this is like so
    full okay oh yeah those will be really pretty
    okay okay so what I want to do
    is I'm going to start with loops on the
    outside so I've got to come wait because I'm just going to end up right where I was
    okay don't overthink ites we can always come
    um or can I figure out how
    to yes that's why I just poured the silver
    um okay I think maybe I'm gonna if I do
    this and I go like that and then I
    turn okay let's try it let's see let's see what we got going on here
    okay these are going to be big ones big
    16 so let me just see what this looks like so that's
    16 seed beads so if I do a focal and then 16
    more okay we'll try that let's see for Giggles what happens and I'm going to pick up a little focal bead here
    something that's bigger we'll just do this little guy and then 16 more of 11
    okay so that's a really big
    loop okay he's like going to
    town all right so
    now Rando are you sleeping and
    snoring he's out of it okay
    so I think I want this these need to be a little bit a little bit
    bigger three
    for 16 so I think we'll go a little longer
    16 17
    18 18 and then we could pick up a bigger Center bead here okay so we'll do
    that gosh they're all like shiny so I can't see the holes
    three oh you can't see me picking
    [Music] okay so this was this one's 18 a focal
    and 18
    so I'm going to do a loop on every other
    bead look it's turning into a [Laughter]
    flower so fun okay so I think I'm going to keep with the 18
    so that the edges are full okay so we'll do
    that Brando
    body he's
    [Music] yes I I am Maria it's not consistent but it's
    okay so this [Music] is
    yeah so I'm going on the right side of the bead through the next one and then out and in between so I'm
    going to have a loop on every other
    bead I'm going bring that up to the camera
    super cool huh
    okay so we're all talking about how we're going to have to um put these in
    our suitcases and I I think you probably saw Ann's o i mean that thing is huge I
    thought the I was big but the O is like yeah really big I know it looks like a
    huh I'm excited to get the uh Paints in from Royal Talons I finally gave her my
    list so hopefully hopefully it uh it gets here
    and then I can I'll definitely tape that because I'm sure that's going to be
    really fun
    let's see
    [Music] 18 hey Deborah how was work we missed
    you earlier but I'm going to wait to see how the weather plays out and then I'll um
    either schedule something for tomorrow or uh or uh
    let me see too you know if I get rid of oh I can't get rid of me huh because
    Joan says you lose my voice if I if I don't have these two screens but this is
    this is good right because this is like the bigger part of the screen and I'm tiny
    so yeah no Maria this would be an awesome
    bracelet it was good awesome how did the your debut go did you share did you
    share your um your big day with everybody
    [Music] feel free to um talk about it Deborah
    here too so everybody knows solid color bracelet flower on the end snap class
    sweet it was
    fast oh my God he is
    oh my God it's like like what is he dreaming about oh my God so
    it's too much is just too
    much all right so go going on the right side
    here and coming out I can't I can't even say anything to
    him I wonder if I said
    chicken oh good make sure you tag so that we can see
    it Brando
    out so this one why are we laying
    different oh my goodness so I'm just working on my
    um my bigger embellishment for the NAA project that I'm doing and so
    um and so I thought well I'll just come on and
    bead am I excited what am I excited I'm always excited but who said
    that what are we excited
    about so I'm just doing I'm picking up 18 seed beads a decorative bead and 18
    more seed beads to make like these big Loops so they'll go all the way around
    um I'm trying to debate too if I'm going to go all the way around then come back
    into the middle which is a
    yes I'm real excited about my letter yeah I mean um I think it's going
    to be fast fascinating to see all of these letters and you know a
    lot of um you know a lot of the uh I think
    crafty yeah I do think crafty chica has the does she have the
    exclamation point somebody has an the exclamation point
    [Music] um so you know I think it's I think it's
    going to be pretty fascinating I mean I can't wait to show you know take pictures and show
    everybody and I'm just we're all very curious like how big of a space is this
    G to you know like if you think about creativation with an exclamation point
    right um and you know these ginormous letters you saw ANS I mean that thing
    was was it I think it was like 18 High 18 wide so I don't know it's going to be
    really interesting to see what happens all right I've lost count so hold on here and I can't see what we got
    five 5 + 4 is nine 10 11 12 13
    14 15 16
    17 18 yeah so I'm real excited I was thinking about how I'm
    going to pack it I think it'll fit in my
    carry-on [Music] um I mean and I can't think of a you know like you it would be horrible if
    they tried to take it from me I don't see any reason why they would
    but um so I was just thinking I'll pack my one suitcase and then I'll just bring
    the carryon with the letter in it so that I can guard it we do have the option to send it in
    but um you know when you're shipping stuff in for a trade show
    and you know I don't really want to take the chance of it of it just getting
    lost so yeah so I'll
    be I will definitely be carrying it with
    me what is that Maria went over to what oh is Danielle on Danielle murmured
    that's so funny I had no idea I just came on so I didn't know she was on as well
    that's too
    funny it's too bad we didn't have the technology where we could just merge you
    know like that would be so
    you're looming with me awesome I love
    oh okay Zach so did you you have backtack
    clients today Deborah I mean did you get to enjoy the
    release of the of your
    segment okay so now I'm going to turn
    so here cuz this one I only did
    16 did I bring my I didn't I totally forgot to bring in the eye I worked back
    to back on seven clients 10 hours sweet baby oh my
    gosh uh with the two holes well I don't see why not you would
    just have to you would just have to place it out
    Maria a people texted sent congrats and videos
    of themselves anding a that's so sweet I'm so excited for you that's so
    cool super cool okay hold on I got to
    think so these are not necessarily going to be too close to this piece I don't
    know why I didn't bring my eye
    in cuz there's oh
    there's also going to be I still have to make the other one of
    this right I didn't bring it in right
    no I did
    because I still need the big piece okay I'm going I'm just have to do some visualizing here
    because trying to put it all
    yeah the center of the
    crown kind of just it's hard because I'm trying to like piece together
    this look you know what's in my mind so it's uh I'm trying to pull it
    all okay so this one was only 16 a center and
    16 okay we definitely have to do
    that well I guess we're going to do this
    okay so
    that's huh I mean it's right in front of me and yet I'm looking out the screen because it's a different perspective
    see I wonder if I should start adding [Music] in
    let me see how this
    goes blue
    guys I'm MRA well you know it is in New Orleans so thank you for saying that because now I feel like I'm on the right
    track if that's the vibe you're getting then that's good good
    news yeah I've never been to New Orleans I can't believe out of all my
    oh yeah that looks
    pretty so funny that's
    good what are you making
    reminds me of the head pieces the dancers wear during the parade
    fun oh that's so cool how that picture
    inspired you so much I saw that and I was just like that is just so
    incredible do one more of those and I'll do one more of
    those okay talking to myself over
    here it's a different color or is it it's hard to
    tell not fast but steady every night yeah those those I'm telling you those bracelets can take a while to
    make if you have a lot of loops and but it's worth
    16 yeah oh 500 crystals that's
    it thought it would have been I had a lot more than 500 crystals on
    mine but you're using uh different beads too
    right or are your crystals bigger is that I mean like there must be a difference right because I went through
    like at least a gross if not like it had to be a couple of
    5 mm yeah a lot
    m it's really
    looking yeah it's really looking
    everywhere so
    oh I got a stretch that's a
    lot that's a lot um you know when you're just being consistent in the looping and
    the loops are bigger and everything and you got to stay
    [Music] steady
    so yeah if you're just um oh did we get kicked off of are we still on YouTube we
    must be still on
    YouTube oh Deborah you're on Facebook that's why I just see the Facebook
    icon but anyway let me just tell people if you're just now tuning in wondering what's going on um I'm working on a
    project I feel like I'm in this weird lighting I'm working on a project for uh
    Napa the national Arts material trade Trade Show Association creativation the
    craft and hobby World um I was asked to design h a project using the letter I
    and so over the last I don't know month or so I've been kind of showing you know
    the process of of what what's happening in fact Let Me Hold fall over okay so this
    is so you've got like oh why is it all blurry that's
    weird it's awfully odd how come that just happened
    um huh I don't know why it's doing
    that yeah that's so weird maybe because I have my my background blurred so it
    thinks it's part of the background that's really funny anyway so I have all this fabulosity maybe I could sneak it
    into here there we go so this is the piece and
    then there's like more all of this
    yumminess and so the embellishment that I'm working on is just one of many so if
    you can visualize like a crown right and so anyway there's just like all these bits and pieces and so it's
    just a process of a lot of steps I mean like a lot and um and so
    I had said that when I when I beat again I would come on and um just share the
    process you know um and just hang out it's a Saturday night and I'm in
    California waiting for some ginormous storm to hit so I had to bring
    everything inside to work on it but it's kind of funny that it's picking up that this is the background so it knows a
    human versus uh what what what is not that's kind of strange
    anyway so yeah so it's just like all of the all of these steps there's weaving
    with fibers there's weaving with um with the beads like I'm doing now and I've
    already made well let me put them on here they might be easier to see so I've made like
    these really cute little Jewel
    nuggets you know so you can see like I'm trying to and then I had you know and
    these all they're not going to be like in a row straight across I'm going to make it like you know you have like the Crown Jewel right in the
    middle and so actually I think this one was going to kind of go
    somewhere like in the this area and then I still have to make one more of these
    guys so you know you're just going to have like this big see how it's
    all let me turn it a little bit so yeah so you're just going to have
    like all of these Jewel nuggets I am so tired just from those
    two room that was a lot my arm is like I need some deep blue now
    that's so funny oh goodness so yeah so I
    think I kind of had a different visual for this middle piece
    and um I don't
    know I I actually might I actually might weave my way into
    the middle and make some sort of a nugget there
    uh you know what I mean like start to maybe fill in this piece because I know
    that this will probably be the same but uh yeah Maria it's the
    midnight midnight Midnight beads in a back bag that I'm working with this one is
    midnight and then these three fire polish are from the new beads section on
    the website so I think this one is called fuchsia and this was that opal and this
    was that half Aqua gold this is midnight beads in a
    bag these seed beads are black diamond and these are the sapphire and those
    come in in the midnight kit and then the silver seed beads are
    just from my personal stash
    so yeah so I'm trying to see let's see I
    think I do have enough eating
    thread it's going to be pretty stinking cool when it's done it's just like
    getting there you know like all these all these little and this one this
    will be really quick I just have to make one one more of
    these and then this is a lot of work
    too so but I don't think I'll need I don't even know if that's going to work
    ultimately with the color palette we'll have to see what happens with
    but anyway where was I we see how much longer my arm uh hangs
    in there so that was so we did 18
    16 I think we have to go back see this is where it gets
    tricky because
    check by cones yes yes for the longest time there were
    little 4 mm beads black
    ones that I accidentally put in as
    bacon 4mm bacon nobody said anything and they still bottom so I was like okay
    surely they know that's a bico not a bacon it was
    funny I'm just trying to decide oh my gosh the decisions the
    decisions it's like a little
    fairy yeah I agree Zach it's gonna be like and I'm gonna be so like torn
    because it stays with them which is cool totally cool but I'll
    be like ah you know like i' I'd like to just bring it [Laughter]
    home so I'm just thinking right now so like I just don't feel like I can I got
    to think about what I'm doing next here I don't want to rush it I don't
    want to feel rushed
    so I got to look at it like this for a
    while every time you I know every time every different every different position
    it gets like a
    different I've got this picture too I don't want to lose you though I took a
    snapshot of like a really rad
    crown [Music] this
    dog all
    right yes I mean I'm yeah I'm pretty sure they're they'll keep them
    for the next show it's just going to be interesting
    to see how it really turns out because yeah like where are they going to keep her where are they going to keep these
    13 plus exclamation
    um any you know it could all it could all change too it could you know they could be like okay keep them until the
    next time I don't know they have offices so I'm not
    sure hopefully it gets some media attention you know I'm sure they're working on that too so that would be
    awesome so I had 15 rows right 15 divided by three is five
    so I could do five and then the metal five could just
    be like the heart right and so
    then and then you could I could have the loops on the top and then I feel like they should be a little bit more
    droopy so that's how I'm going to break it down I'm going to break it down into fives that'll help me
    okay usually when I'm Thursday nights I'm a little bit faster because I kind of know what's happen you know this is
    like all like you're like witnessing true the true design process
    of what am I doing what am I picking up
    oh for sure Zach yeah no as I mean whenever I get an
    opportunity to come on like this and and work on it um and then absolutely when
    it's all
    done I mean I don't think there's a pro yeah I don't I don't
    know there's the third bead but
    yeah these would make super cool earrings
    where you
    I need some more
    silver it looks so pretty it looks like a treasure hun H just like all these
    really cool jewel tones
    I don't wake you
    it's kind of cool to be able to look at it and then look at it over here too because you can kind of see what's
    [Laughter] that's so M
    oops all right I'm going to do one more I think that's all my uh hand can't
    take it's a lot of
    work uh a Jenny you're so sweet yeah I got one more Loop in
    me so how many did I get I'd like to get five out but it's my back is uh not
    happy in this God that just would be like a
    really cool piece for your you know a Barat like a really cool
    piece um a hair piece can't get that out of my mouth a hair
    [Music] 18 hi
    Sherry it's a Saturday night weaving date night
    just weaving
    okay so how many did I end up
    doing did I do four
    rows well I guess I would count how many rows are left one two three
    four six seven8 nine 10 11
    12 that's only three rows oh God I'm gonna be I'm gonna be doing this so the
    cows come home oh my gosh
    that was only three rows you guys oh right 12 because I had 15 and they're
    still holy guacamole so if I
    do do one two then that would be three four
    no two more is that correct because we said fives one one two three four
    five one two three four five yeah I still have two more flipping
    rows oh my God that's a lot of work yeah I'm definitely I'm definitely
    goingon to cry when I have to walk away from this but that's
    okay but I I can't my my hand and my back are done
    yeah that's a a lot so um three rows took me how long oh my God an hour and a
    half but I think it's because too like I I I'm trying to talk and kind of like
    pause and stuff so I think the rest of it will not be so so timec
    consuming but it's going to be pretty rad and it's definitely going in a different Direction than I think I might
    have started with like for instance I'm not I don't think I'm I don't think I'm going to use the swore off ski after all
    I I mean I could maybe do a little a little bit in the middle just for some
    pop I might do that um but these fire polish and
    everything are really super
    pretty so I think that's a great start oh my goodness I'm going to go have to put deep blue all over
    my oh it's so funny totally worth it though it's gonna
    be super bitching when it's done it's definitely going to be super
    cool so I'll be dreaming about that about like what cuz I'm I'm going to have to get
    some um I'm G to have to start a new piece of
    thread and honestly I'm inclin
    to well there was two rows I still had to do huh God that looks a lot more than
    three rows y'all how can that only be three rows it's going to be very
    voluptuous I mean look it that's only three rows and I still
    I don't know so I'm just I'm kind of feeling
    right now like I want to go to the opposite
    end and I want to work on the opposite
    end in order to figure out how to bring it all
    together I think that's what I'm going to probably do
    because then I could tell a lot better like how
    how it's really going to look and what really needs to happen in the middle I feel like if I
    assume what needs to happen in the middle I think I could be making a I think I could maybe be making a
    mistake so I think I need to let those three rows be rethread start at the
    opposite end and do three rows and then really take a hard look at
    it to go from there and surely agrees with me
    so that's what I'm gonna do oh my goodness
    yay yeah the gym do the those are the tiny yeah the tiny little guys with the two holes I mean I don't know what the
    mermaid what her pattern is what Danielle's pattern is so I have to go
    look at that to see but
    um yeah I was sharing today with the creative soul group got a really cool pattern a very
    special pattern coming in April and then Danielle and I will be
    meeting at the show and uh we'll have to get a a John B
    Danielle pattern going on the jewel so for uh later on July
    August so okay thanks for hanging out with
    me yeah it's super cool so that's what I'm going to do so I'm gonna relax I'm GNA get
    some it's because I'm I'm not on my normal work table my chair is low I'm
    sitting on my bedroom I'm sitting on my pillow like if I weren't sitting on my pillow I would be be like probably six
    inches shorter so I'm all discoed because I had to bring everything in because of the storm so um but it was
    really fun so thanks for hanging out with me and Deborah congratulations again oh you're so welcome Sherry it's
    just kind of fun you know to hang out and go through the design process together and not be
    so like you know just thank you for letting me do that because it's fun it's like we're we're
    all together so makes me feel happy all right I love you girls have a
    yes I I will be I will be safe I'm monitoring the situation I've put away things that if they blow you know like
    I've put those things away um and uh you
    know my M my mom's house is a little higher up than where the flooding
    happened a couple weeks ago so I'm hopeful that um you know but I don't
    know this whole thing they're saying it's like the storm picks up the moisture and
    then it just like like it it dumps and that's what is you know the scary part
    and plus you know we've had all the fires around us and um you know people
    build their homes on hills and so there's been a lot of evacuations
    already but I think you know we're pretty flat so you know it's all good um
    the hangout with Jules was delightful yay all right okay well sweet dreams to
    all of you and have a beautifully blessed weekend um and for the creative
    Soul peeps I will let you know if I've got service tomorrow um I'll either schedule another one for tomorrow or
    Monday okay