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  • How to Make a Bracelet on a Bead Loom Using the Rainbow Sugar Plum Bead Kit, by Julianna C. Avelar

    January 19, 2024

    How to Make a Bracelet on a Bead Loom Using the Rainbow Sugar Plum Bead Kit, by Julianna C. Avelar

    Learn from Julianna C. Avelar, as she designs & creates, using the exquisite Rainbow Sugar Plum Bead Kit, which she curated. This kit contains so many possibilities to use with any jewelry technique. It is fun & inspiring to watch her design, talk herself through the process while she constructs, & see what creation she finishes.

    This tutorial is in 2 Parts, which both can be viewed below.

    In Part 1, Julianna shows how to warp the loom & weave the base.

     In Part 2, Learn to attach a button as a focal to the base, plus how to decorate around the button with loops in this Willowy Bracelet design.

    This kit comes in 8 different colorways (under different names), so you can create a bracelet in colors of your own choosing. All these kits are limited edition, so may not come back in these exact configurations, when they sell out. Check them out here: 


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    Tutorial 1:

    hello everyone we are live juwel Loom School live is
    live oh it's so great to see everybody um I believe a few people were in the waiting room uh quite early and so I
    always get a kick out of that because um I'm just so grateful that you take the time to come on in and hang out with us
    and so for those of you who don't know I am Juliana Jules um Avalar the inventor
    of the original jewel loom right there the blue jewel loom and uh I've been in
    the Arts and Crafts world for pretty much ever I started in the
    199s let's see Joshua was born in 91 and I believe it was like 90 four or so when
    I ended up in a small little town called Loke California and um I went on a job
    interview with an agency when with an employment agency and they said look for the paintbrushes on the wall and I
    thought okay whatever that sounds cool and uh and the company was artist
    Incorporated and so little did I know that was alen's creative living yeah so
    Alene Jackson the inventor of tacky glue in the gold bottle I had no clue and so
    it was super fun um I actually got the job and it was to work in
    production and so I would take the big huge Drums of glue and break them down
    into 2 O Bottles 4 o bottles 6 oz bottles all with a paper and a pen no
    computers yeah so quite an interesting time and so I did that for a hot minute
    and then uh ended up on the television show and uh and so the rest is history
    from that but yeah I've been in this world for a really long time elene had a
    beadloom Tiffany her daughter who is still my
    bestie uh taught me how to bead and so when we weren't taping we would all go
    to the kitchen and there would just be beads everywhere and um that's where I got my passion for beading and I said
    you know what one day I'm gonna have my own beadloom and I just put it out there I
    just put it out there and I just thought why not you know why can't I and so it took
    I'm GNA say what was it 2012 or 2013 I believe uh when the jewel loom birthed
    and so yeah so probably like I don't know 14 years later or something I ended up having my own Loom known as the jewel
    loom the blue bead Loom that's pretty much everywhere all over the world and
    so um super stoked super happy and uh so incredibly grateful from there obviously
    we have birthed many many uh wood looms and they're just so fond to work on and
    love sharing my passion for weaving with you and so today is no different uh I've
    got a project I um yes manifest your dreams yes they they definitely were
    manifested and continue to do so but when I was on alen's Creative
    living I um my business name or how I went by was
    Inspirations by Juliana and I used to put together these
    kits called beads in a bag and I mean it was hysterical like I
    would put these together and I was selling them on alen's Creative living which is like no joke right like you
    think QVC and all the like when you had an item on alen's Creative living back
    in the day yeah so what a blessing and and so I would curate all the beads from all over
    the country I was working with bead venders from New York and you know it was just so much fun and shipwreck back
    in the day and um and so yeah so I had these these kits called beads in a bag and and uh and they were you know a
    concept based on a bracelet um much like what we have done with uh the willowy
    kit that we did with Serenity um the Earth kit the um bright bright lights
    vegan nightes still in love with that that place in Texas I really do need to go back and then oh Shu we were just
    talking about the one oh c cab Cabana nights so now I have I just counted I
    believe there's going to be like seven new beads in a bag kits I'm super stoked
    about them they're absolutely gorgeous um you're going to get your your 11
    O's and your decorative beads and a a vintage check glass gorgeous buttons
    they're all different so one button per kit the retail is $25 there's no further
    discounting on these because they are jam-packed with value and I am keeping
    them at a price that um I believe is
    right so um I did I asked aana or I didn't ask her specifically but I I
    threw it out there like hey what what Loom do you want me to work with and she came back with um the large wisdom
    Warrior which I almost went ahead and did that but with this kit I wasn't 100%
    sure with the length of the large wisdom Warrior uh how far I would get and so I
    really I really wanted to do something a little bit more um doable
    which the small wisdom Warrior and we haven't played with her for a while and
    she's such a Powerhouse she has the beating grid okay so it's about
    2.75 in across and then this is where we tie off we've got a knob and then you have the exact
    same footprint down here so another beading grid so when they're really tiny like this and they're really close
    together and we say beading grid this is what you should expect to see okay um
    the sun Weavers have a little bit different grid and but but these on the
    sun weav uh sun on the weaving War oh my gosh on the wisdom Warriors I got so
    many looms I can't keep them straight it's like having a bunch of kids you're like hey that's you just get to the point where you have like a lot of kids
    and you're like hey Jimmy and he's like no I'm John and you're like whatever go clean
    go clean the bathroom so you also have a really nice um length it's um just about I believe
    what do we got like 12 inches or so so you can make a really nice substantially sized bracelet if you need to um or many
    different you know little projects so we are going to be working on the um the
    small wisdom Warrior let me just find my words I do want to show you something
    really quick though before we get started um I was playing around Joan and I before we came on here and let me just
    tilt down really quick so I brought the stand in for the large wisdom Warrior
    and I just wanted to show you that the small
    also works okay so I'm going to turn this to the side and we're just going to take the
    pen here and slide that in okay and if you wanted you could use
    your small wisdom warrior with your large wisdom Warrior stand it's got a
    little wiggle giggle okay so when you put the large wisdom Warrior into the
    stand it's really nice and secure and it doesn't move but if you wanted to you
    could um you could use this I'm sure Robert's working on
    something I don't know it's possible but for now if you wanted to which I do
    believe a lot of people have both because they're collectors why not um you could do that okay so just a FYI
    I thought I would bring that in there just so that you know um listen some people were talking about the
    um original new jewel loom stand also working with the baby I don't think so I
    just tried to do it and it it's not it's not made for that you can lay it
    down you can lay it down okay uh on this stand but but I I don't
    think propping propping it up it just wants to like come forward so you know if becomes a need
    got no problem with making a stand for the baby I mean why not so we'll
    see always something going on we have like a whole year full of like amazingness all right I'm just going to
    move this over let me just put it right here for right now okay and I am working with the blue
    Wildfire I did get Wildfire back in the shop so there's Oodles of wildfire and like I said the small
    wisdom Warrior and of course juw Loom needles and I am going to be warping
    with f uh 0. five hemp cord now
    listen I'm going to see hemptique in March at the
    national Arts material trade Association trade show in no orans which guess what
    I've never been I'm so stoked so if anybody knows about Louisiana and New
    Orleans let me know let me know like what we need to know CU we're really
    excited about it um gonna talk to them about how I can carry it I can't keep
    cutting it it's just like I just you know it's too much so in the meantime
    show HTI all the love in the world they're such a great great company
    sustainable products the way that they manufacture and everything and they're just a delightful familyowned
    company so if you want himti please just go to the um their website and buy it
    and like I said I'm working with the 05 millimeter right now and we'll see if I
    can get it back into the shop in a way where I'm not like cutting him te cord
    until it's like three o'clock in the morning um I am going to so this is the
    rainbow sugar plum kit Okay and like I said
    there's more I only had time to get
    potero Blossom up and that is based on a
    road my mountain that goes from the farmlands in Oxnard California okay so
    like if you're hitting wiimi Road and you're going and you're going through
    the fields where I was raised out in the fields not in the fields kind
    of on a ranch out on Wood Road and lagona when I was a little boo okay so
    you're shooting up wiimi road and you cross over Wood Road and you're going through this just amazingly beautiful
    beautiful landscape um all all the fields and over over to this side over
    to the right you have um point meu you have the Air Force Base and if you were to go to the right you'd be like hitting
    up towards Malibu okay and then if you go to the left you'd be going towards uh
    what we refer to as this town called Camaro which cam is really cool um and
    then as you're going up the hill right and and what I would do is I would stay on Wii road to go up the hill and I'd
    go and it's like this and I am not kidding you I am not kidding you this road challenged me and it goes up and
    it's tight it is tight and black sexy loves that road man she would just like
    you know hug hug the road and oh my gosh anyway so it's so beautiful it's so
    incred incredibly beautiful there would be these beautiful yellow
    flowers like during a certain time of year like in spring right and and they
    would just be blossoming everywhere um I need to find out what the name of them is but anyway just absolutely gorgeous
    and it just made my heart so happy it just made my heart so so happy and if we
    have time I'll show you that one it's the only one I was able to get up on the site in addition to what we're going to
    work with tonight so um but I'm still gonna be doing all of that I gotta go
    grocery shopping then I'll finish working Marlon Brando needs food okay let's go to the table Joan I'm going to
    show everybody what we got here okay so first of all your kit is going
    to come in you know one of the jewel blue I just I love putting our products um in this little baggie for you I just
    feel like um I just want you to know it's important right like I really appreciate you and I love just putting
    all of your yum Noms into one of these little blue bags so I'm going to put that to the side for a hot minute um you
    do have your eight O's which I'm going to be working with you've got 11 O's in this kit you oh
    so the creative soul group got this vintage button in the month of December
    I mean look at this so these are antique glass check buttons it's so beautiful
    I I'm just thinking it could be a part of my bracelet versus the button closure
    because I want people to see this I want to show it off it's like a table what's it called when
    you put a a you know like a nice centerpiece you know something to show
    off okay so you've got that in the kit and then these are
    all and you know it's it's a variety of beads so if you go well Jules I saw that
    one um you know they're all different but they're mostly the same you know what I'm saying so don't don't get we we
    paid a lot of attention to make sure that uh for instance like you know you got a lot of these Beauties you know I
    don't know that every kid has one of those but it's all very similar okay so this is the pile of the
    rainbow sugar plum bead kit if you use
    these beads based on the willowy bracelet that we made a couple months ago I mean seriously it's like a ton you
    get a lot you and and if You' bought my kits before you know that I don't mama don't
    play like I really make sure that you have a lot of lot of beads
    in there so again these are at $25 plus shipping I just I can't take any coupons
    I can't take any discounts they're really I feel like this is a great price
    and um you know we got to buy dog food oh my gosh we went to the vet
    yesterday series L is that not listen utmost respect but my
    gosh expensive anyway um worth it though Marlon Brando needs some relief no
    Stephanie this is not the December box December box um was more of the Blue
    Aqua turquoises this is called rainbow sugar plum and it's a beads in a bag kit
    it's brand new so let's go ahead and scooch everything over for right now and did
    I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself I'm using the blue wildfire and I do have that in the shop so it's back in the
    shop okay um let's bring in the small wisdom
    Warrior and I'm just going to turn her this way for a hot minute and I have
    this multicolored variegated um hemp I love their variegated
    pieces so this is like a blue purple anyway what I like to do is I'll make my
    Loop okay and then I'm just going to put that on the back well this is like the
    top button if you're looking at it from a design standpoint okay so we're going to pull that nice
    and tight and then we're going to um do another
    [Music] knot okay that feels really good and
    then what I'm going to do is I'm going to turn this around again so that it's now facing me I think
    I need to scooch over hair here um and I'm going to be doing four warps and so
    I could just lay this down right smack in the middle I don't need to work all
    the way to the left or work all the way to the right I could just um really just
    like let this fall and I just want to make
    sure okay there we go okay so we're just
    going to have that in the groove and I really want you to pay attention to how I I fuss with my finger so to speak you
    know like I'm really guiding my material I'm helping it to lay down into the
    grooves I'm taking my time I'm not rushing all right so I've got my right
    hand this is my right hand and this is my um left and I'm just going to pull
    the hemp all the way down here to the bottom and I'm just going to do my best
    in lining it up I'm not really going to like be too worried about it one of the things that I like to do on warp one
    this is a warp okay this is warp one especially with the wood Looms okay is I
    like to go around the button once and then twice okay and then I'm going to
    come right back over here and I'm working with so we're just going to skip a
    Groove and then I'm going to bring that all the way back up to the top and again I'm going to wrap it
    around that back button skip a
    Groove come all the way back down to the bottom
    here okay
    and skipping another Groove and coming all the way back up and
    skipping okay so let me just wrap that around the back button and then I'm going to come back into camera here and
    I'm just going to wrap it around again and again and what I'd like to do hold on oh I'm
    gonna have to crisscross everything here that was a little bit of a stretch
    let me just get that out because I want to like use this to um tie off
    with and so I'm just going to take the original tell and then the new tell
    and get that nice and tight and we're going to do that again
    whoops and for Giggles we'll do a third
    one okay all right and then what I'm going to do is I just I don't want this
    to be in the way what do I got one two three yep that's what I want
    okay so we're going to turn around and let's just kind of get
    into um I feel like I'm falling off my table so bear with me as I
    scooch everything up a little bit there we go okay cool beans so I'm going to
    bring in my um these are my
    right yeah okay these are gorgeous transparent rainbow sugar
    plum who doesn't like a little sugar plum okay and then we're just going
    to release release them out of their tube um I'm GNA put on a little more
    light here hold on I forget at this time of day you know
    the Sun starts to go down here in Cali and um I've already got my needle
    pre-read pre pre-threaded so I'm find the end of my
    um my Wildfire and I'm just going to do like a little knot off here to the side
    so just to kind of give you some idea right hand left hand so this is my far left
    warp my first warp and then uh three more warps after that so I have a total
    of four warps because I'm going to do three beads across okay so I'm going to
    take the needle and the thread I'm going to transfer that to my left
    hand and the loom is in front of me so this part of
    the Loom is furthest away from my body and this part down here is closest to my
    body okay so
    again my Wildfire is very very EXC Ed tonight it's dancing everywhere um left
    hand needle and thread come under the warps so I am
    under the warps closest to the wood I'm going to transfer the needle and thread
    to my right hand then I'm going to pick up three
    these are too size 80 seed
    beads so three on my needle and then I'm I'm going to help them and just let them go all the way to the end and you're
    guiding them and you're guiding the wildfire and then we're going to with my
    left hand I'm going to help prop them up in between the
    warps okay and I'm going to bring that up to the camera so see how they're up
    and in between the warps and then with my right hand I'm
    going to take the KNE need and I'm going back through the and my
    needle is gliding on top of those
    warps okay and then I'm going to pull and I'm going to help guide the
    Wildfire it's really funny different colors of wildfire are a little bit more excited than others this blue is like
    it's just kind of like everywhere it's so beautiful though it's well worth it okay and then we're just
    going to pull all right nice so that's our first row and
    then once again needle and thread are in my left hand I'm coming under the warps
    the needle is closest to the wood base here transfer it over to my right
    hand and pick up three beads three
    so what we're working on is we are working on the base of our
    bracelet so we will build this base until it is the length of the desired measurement uh in
    my case we want it to be about 6 in
    long so what you need to do is some map definitely before um if you have I mean
    one tube of 8o toos uh three across should get you a pretty
    lengthly bracelet if you go uh you know any more
    than that across you might need to have you know more
    beads so again I'm just guiding the wildfire and then I just give it a
    little tug there coming under the warps and picking
    up the three beads letting them
    fall Wildfire is like grabbing onto everything it can let me grab onto your
    chair let me grab onto the corner of your table and I just want to point out too
    um this is my left pointer okay this is a my pointer finger I I'm helping the
    beads to prop up and in between the warp so propping them up towards the ceiling
    and then using my pointer finger as a resting place for the beads as I go back
    through them again I'm going back through the beads and I'm on top of the
    warp and let me just point out too you can
    see that where I started was about you
    know that's probably a good two and a half inches at least three maybe even what you want to do is you always want
    to Center your project um and so I don't let me bring
    this one in really quick and let me go sideways and I'll just kind of show you
    so you have a better visual so this is my chevron
    bracelet and I like to build my bracelets so they're right in the middle of my loom so that I have close to equal
    amounts of warp on each end so that whatever it is I'm going to do to you
    know to end and finish I have enough warp to do so so it looks like I'm going
    to be beating until just about the end of the hairline there so let me bring
    this back in coming under the warps and picking up
    three and then once again we're just going to pop those up using my pointer
    finger as support guiding all the the
    Wildfire now you don't have to use this kit to make a bracelet you can do a lot
    of other things you can make pendants you can make rings you can make earrings um you know so you're not
    limited to a bracelet but I feel like you can use the
    techniques that we are learning on how to build a bracelet you you're going to
    use the same type of techniques to do those other pieces so this is a base every project needs a
    base and then periodically I'm just I'm looking at how things are going are they
    you know is my base straight are they aligned I'm always making sure that I pull just tight enough so that I don't
    have any loose Wildfire there's nothing like having that little loose ribbon of
    wildfire on the side and it just makes you want to pull your hair
    out so I try to um really pay attention to the structure of my base as I'm
    for and we're just
    pulling you know once you get your Rhythm down this goes quite
    fast and you're not you know behind the
    camera and you can certainly use the original jewel loom you can use the
    small wisdom Warrior um if you have the earring looms and you want to buy the kit to make some
    really beautiful earrings you can do that you can use the mini wisdom I mean
    really all of the Looms um would be just fabulous with this
    kit and of course if you want to warp with the Wildfire you can do that
    are there enough to do a four bead base like one more um I think the count of an
    Ado gosh it's in my book who's got the book handy I think
    one tube aatos is either 320 beads or
    380 and I'm so sorry right now it's not coming to me but if you did that divided
    by four it'll tell you how many rows you're going to get um and I do think
    that that quantity is probably googleable as
    well I know Miss Kelly just did um a video on seed beats and I don't don't
    know if that was included in there or not I haven't had a chance to read it but what I'm saying is that in the
    2.5 tube of 80 seed beads there are typically I think it's 320 or
    380 so and then again um was that Linda who asked I can't see um do the total
    beads divided by four and then that'll tell you how many
    rows and if you find that then I can probably help you with the
    answer yeah a huge shout out to all the new
    juwel loom community members I'm so grateful that um we've been getting new
    people joining the free Facebook group uh lots and lots of new subscribers here
    on the YouTube channel lots of new followers over on the Facebook page and
    you know it really does your follow and your subscribe really really helps
    the company helps the business helps the brand and I'm so very appreciative of
    that and I just want you to know that you know it's not just clicking on something it it really
    helps so thank you thank you thank you and welcome welcome
    welcome 82 rows okay
    there's a plethora of of inspiration in the Facebook group so many people post
    every day and there's always something
    and I'd really like to get back to um
    featuring um some of the community members Janette was on here and you know I think it would be
    really fun if you have a special love for the juwel loom products and you want
    to come on and be with me on a live um I think we
    were doing that our Hope was to do that on Tuesdays so if you're somebody who's not
    camera shy and even if you are camera shy I'm
    your girl to help you get over it but um you know out let me know that you'd like
    to do a segment together and you would like to show your favorite love um you know what you do on your Jewel looms
    whether it be the original blue jewel loom the baby Loom any of the wood
    looms and people love that and I think it's really important
    to um showcase you we have so many talented um people and we have people
    who are just using the beads oh is it 500 50 beats Maria holy
    cow where' I get
    320 I think that's for that project I made for the ocean's
    desire or maybe it was 500 it's been a while since I wrote the book which by the way the book will be
    coming um Back available and I talked to bellcraft
    publishing and we're looking at March where I will finally be able to um give
    you some information on where you can uh purchase the
    book and so I'm really excited about that I got my rights back I do believe we're working it out to where it also
    will be on Amazon but it'll be um on Amazon and on uh through Bella
    so I can't add it to my shop because it's the it's um well what would the
    proper term be it's size it's um it's
    too big for the shop ofice shop plus it's just makes more sense for
    it to be with Bella and with Amazon so I will definitely keep you
    updated on that yeah thanks it's the book I as you probably know gosh what year did that come out 2016 or 17 I
    can't remember now um but it had a really great run with F&W and then sadly
    fnw um went bankrupt and they sold it to penguin and then penguin uh was doing
    great with it and then they decided not to print anymore I was like excuse me um so mama
    was like give me back my book so I got my rights back and uh now we're going to
    you know which is awesome because now we can do you know we I my you know Ann
    Butler owns Bella uh publishing and so she's super stoked to not only offer the
    jewel loom Inspirations book but to start building more
    Collections and um she's you know she's the right
    person all right look at here you want me to come up to the camera really
    quick so you can see um I really love the hemp because it gives you an
    opportunity I think to really keep your warps nice and and
    straight and uh they're just looking really really good I love looking at the piece when it's on the wood Loom and
    they start to come into the design I don't know there's just something well anytime I work on the
    large sunweaver um you know the original weaving goddess
    Loom I get her warped and I swear I cry I cannot
    warp her and not cry there's just something so
    unbelievably emotional and it's not like not like you know sad it's just like
    this really beautiful connection
    oh 305 beads
    okay I like even warps because then if you are going to add a button um it's
    kind of nice to be able to tie you know two and two together so I typically like
    an even amount of warps so like say you know three beads across six beads
    across almost picked up a fourth one how you doing back there Joan Joan
    had a hot wild day
    today she's on a long long day she working overtime at this
    point you know there's um I I love a
    base you know like this is our base and I love just making bases and then adding
    the clasp and wearing that like say with a piece that's more
    chunky so you know there's always fun expression just with with having a nice
    base too you don't always have to go don't always have to go big or go home
    but you know me I I do I do like those Loops a Lori you're so
    welcome yeah I've been weaving um at night on the sunweaver the large
    sunweaver it's a part of my big project I'm doing for NTA for the national Arts
    material Association Trad trade show and
    um I'm quite proud I I'll have to show you my base I did a really great job of weaving
    all the the fiber and uh and my warps are like really really
    nice and I didn't distort my shape and and so I was like all proud last
    night and so while I'm doing this too um we did have my father's Service uh this
    past Saturday and I must say that it was very beautiful his Pastor LED um I got to
    welcome everybody and so it that was a little a little hard I did have some
    tears of course but it was um really precious to turn around obviously I was
    in the front Pew and when I got up to welcome everybody to see like the church really um you know lots of people there
    especially all the people that he worked with over those 42 years for the city of
    Oxnard um you know that was just really really uh touched my heart and um I made
    it through you know I boohoo a little of course who could you know that that would be tough not to and
    um and so the pastor Pastor Toby wanted to play my dad's favorite worship song
    and it was so good I have to find it for you I believe it's called I have hope
    but it's a re was remade by Rachel somebody so I'm going to find that um it
    was like hands in the air you know like if I hear a good worship song I'm just like hands in the air and it was really
    good um beautiful flowers were sent and we had a celebration afterwards at the
    Nights of Columbus and that was really cool and people came we had tacos of
    course if you're from Oxnard you know it's like we have um the best Mexican
    food and we have a beautiful uh Hispanic culture here and I grew up in that and
    um and so we had uh the carneada and so we had let's see carneada the um see I'm
    not going to be able to say all the words correctly we had chicken pork and beef and we had uh beans and we had rice
    and of course we had uh chip and salsa
    um and yeah so it was just precious to
    uh see people from my Dad's life and my dad's past when we were little you know
    people we would go to um Red Rock with and go swimming and it was just really
    nice so um I I know many of you have left your condolences on the different
    pages and I am just you know and my family we just so grateful and
    so uh you know it's it's a lot when you when you lose anybody
    right but I am going to tell you well maybe I won't tell you right now because I don't want to cry so let's keep let's
    keep weaving but anyway yeah good stuff
    Big Life 87 years fun
    guy tons and tons of uh especially since I moved back home 10 years ago my gosh I
    was looking through all the photos I can't believe like just how many things we did and um you know I'm so grateful I
    got to go fishing with him and go boating and and so you know we're Portuguese and obviously fishing you
    know my father was that was his life on the azors right and uh the Azor Islands
    outside of portug and so really just super stoked which
    I'm going I'm going to the azors you all like mark my words I don't know when the
    trip is but I really uh would like it to be within the next two years I really
    want to go and um if you want to come with
    [Laughter] me like I'm like wouldn't it be fun
    so Portugal is known for Cork and they have a the majority of the cork Source
    um comes from there and I would just love to know better you know like what
    comes from Portugal what comes from the azors there's a lot of hiking a lot I mean it's just the azors are beautiful
    absolutely beautiful that sounds like a beautiful sendoff yes so the thing is like you can't um
    boy taking taking ashes internationally not easy so that
    probably won't be the case um it'll probably just be me and and I don't know
    you know I don't know if my little brother will be up for going with his family um but I think it would be
    fun so Pottery yes you're right there I duh
    I have some pottery so it looks like I'm getting close cuz I said probably down to the
    end of her hair
    right Bonnie says that's right that's right okay Bonnie we we need to get this
    tour together so if I'm not mistaken it's kind of like you would fly in probably
    to Lisbon and then um fly over I'm assuming to to the
    azors so my dad was from the um the
    floors Lori are you serious Lori says she wants to go to Portugal um but she's
    never traveled well I'm a great traveler especially inter
    internationally I have been I have flown all over the world by myself
    um and I love it I love flying I really do and I just find the
    whole process so empowering so um start saving peeps I'm going to start
    saving and I'm So I must have missed something here let's
    see yes I'm real excited about the a new John bead findings and I'm excited to
    see them at NTA in March um hoping to be able to sit with them and and Danielle I
    can't wait to squeeze her of
    course I'm also doing a really big event with uh bellcraft P publishing in
    April and um an and I are meeting tomorrow so I'll get more details but
    she puts on bellacon every year and it's a pretty big to-do and myself and my
    brand juw Loom uh we're going to be a part of it so I will let you know the
    details and these are um other designers who are you know from the paper crafting
    World General craft world so it's going to be like a mix
    of projects and opportunities to learn oh and I'm real excited so Julie McGuffy
    who is like one of the craft Queens um there she's got a cricket at her house
    and I want to learn how to use it I I definitely have a background with
    digital Die cutting from sizzix uh but I never use the
    Cricut and so I'm excited to figure out what all the rage
    [Music] is with the Cricut
    Machine okay let me bring in my bracelet and see how far we've gotten you'd like to learn too Joe
    nice okay so let's just see here there's going to be a row all right
    so it looks like I still have a few rows to
    go you use your Cricut all the time see I think I would use it too and I'm just
    thinking about like the creative Soul Community you know what can I create you know just fun little things so I don't
    know if you all know but I I had die Cuts with spellbinders and um that's how the
    goddess actually started so I don't know if you know that the goddess was a
    diecut before she was a jeweline or aoom so in her previous life she was a
    die cut and um oh my goodness I had a design team that made some of the most
    incredible designs with the goddess D cut I had Gorgeous
    Flowers um and some keys you know like L like
    keys that you would put in a door I had these really pretty frames um it was a it was a really nice
    collection of paper crafting dieses
    oh did you really Lori that's so funny yeah I well I love both companies
    of course spellbinders and sizzix you know I was with sizzix for many years as their International spokesperson and I
    traveled the world for them and with them and and so uh forever grateful for
    those opportunities
    wow this is just I wish you could see like I I hope it's showing how beautiful
    it is um but it really is so so yeah paper
    crafting is great I paper crafting has evolved obviously
    right and uh but you know from scrapbooking
    to I mean actually if we really want to be honest and go back you know we've got
    um you know like paper mâché and paper napkin
    applique you know there was a lot of things that people were doing with paper
    before scrapbooking and then we had scrapbooking and we had C card making
    you know the Stampers W Nelly those Stampers they are serious I love my Stampers okay the
    original Loom is nice thank you uh but there is just something special about
    the wooden looms that draws me to them so which do you think would be the best to buy
    whoa all right Jenny okay so let me um Let me let me ask you what is your
    Beating experience I'm G do just a couple more
    rows so great question Jenny but I want to I'm going to come back at you now and I'd love to know like what have you ever
    used a loom and what were uh what type of
    beating have you
    done it's like Jeopardy I feel like we're on Jeopardy right
    now let me ask you so I'm excited I can't wait to what has she answered
    yet so Jenny was asking you know basically where to start like what Loom
    right because the jewel loom is an award-winning Loom the warp Bonnet is
    hands down the best I'm I will go head-to-head toe-to-toe um on that
    statement it's definitely you know definitely um
    has the best warp very strong very sturdy warp um it's easy to use very
    portable very affordable like if you're just getting started um so you know it
    the original blue jewel loom uh definitely um is going to always be my
    favorite when it comes to the warp now Jenny says love to loom but lost my loom
    I do most types of jewelry making but miss looming so
    [Music] much well you know I think that you are
    definitely looking at two different you know I mean let's you know
    the original jewel loom price point very reasonable starter kit
    $29.99 um with the original jewel loom the baby Jew Loom and the beads to make
    the Chevron beaded bracelet that I've brought into the camera a couple of times now uh and the Jew Loom
    needles so you know that's the plastic entry with the best warp okay
    the small wisdom Warrior that I'm working on is obviously incredibly
    durable um you're going to have this for a long long long long time and but the
    price point is definitely different you know
    so if you know how to loom then I have no problem telling you to go with the
    small wisdom Warrior I feel confident in that um if you're thinking well gee it's
    been a while I should probably get my feet wet again then I would just say
    maybe you should you know start with the original Jew Loom and see what you
    think I don't think you can go wrong with either obviously my love for the
    original jewel loom you know that's like my first child that's my first
    child uh but my others that came along are they're just as awesome and you know
    a little different what do you what do you think
    Jenny listen if you're going to use the loom and you want to start building your collection then you know I I obviously
    you know the small wisdom Warrior she's a Powerhouse she's sturdy she's
    awesome all right so I feel like this base is definitely long enough and I'm
    just going to bring in my Chevron you know this a little bit different but I am doing six Ines so yeah plenty plenty
    plenty now what I'm going to do from here is I am going to take the
    needle and I'm G to go under the
    base as best as I can so it's just kind of like locking
    in um that row and then I'm going to go back on the
    top and all the way out so we are already at our hour
    mark and um let me go ahead whoops let me go
    ahead and turn down the lights so I don't scare everybody when Joan brings me back
    up hello hello I'm back so we got the base done to our
    bracelet and we've um we're already an hour in and
    so what I'm going to say is let's rejoin next Thursday and I'm going to work on
    the middle here I because I am
    also I am loving this button so much I think I'm GNA sew my button into the
    middle and then I think oh gosh are you killing me y'all look how pretty that is
    so I think I'm going to sew my button into the middle and then I'm going to do all the loops around that and I feel
    like that needs to be a concentrated presentation so let's come back and we
    will do that next Thursday
    um would you like me to show you the other kits real quick because I
    can C I can just do that let me get this off the
    screen and I'm going to scoop up my really quick
    here and then I'll show you now keep in mind portero and rainbow sugar plum are
    live on the site I've got to I've got to go grocery shopping I gotta go it's it's
    like late and it's going to be dark but uh Trader Joe's is called my name and
    Marlon Brando can only eat um the meat from
    there why you w with this dog let me tell you all right so let me
    find let me find here we go here's
    ptero so Joanie if you want to just bring that down really quick I'll just show the color so this is
    portero Road portero blossoms look at this gorgeous yellow vintage bead is
    that not beautiful like I'm the button I'm just feeling like these need to be
    Center Stage versus like on the back somewhere aren't they beautiful as soon
    as I saw that yellow be that yellow button I was like uh yeah okay so um it's got the yellow it's
    got the Ado uh beautiful beautiful green
    palette absolutely beautiful and then here's the beads I'm going to try to do this so I
    can scoop it up quickly uh oh oh that was
    weird oh see look they're just so look at how beautiful I mean they're just so
    many this one is Gorge so gorgeous look at how pretty
    so you've got your it's like literally driving up portero Road up the windy
    road up the mountain it's it's unbelievably gorgeous this one is live on the
    website yeah and there's just a ton ton of beads
    okay uh let me see what else we got okay so
    this one is live I know I told Judy I was going to try to have them all I tried
    but give me give me I need a couple more days I just it's so so much going on and
    I'm so you know with my dad and everything Jules how do you manage to acquire the most vintage cool beads for
    these kits um I know people I have really great friends I'm a
    good shopper I'm just gonna say it and I'm bummed I I not going to say I'm not
    going to Tucson but in this moment I just don't know anything's possible I might okay oh my God look at this button
    seriously this one is going to be called heavy metal like it just I've been
    seeing ACDC shirts everywhere which I need one but look at that button it's
    ridiculous so so pretty so this is if you want to take notes because this is not on the site and by the way I don't
    have a lot of these so this one's going to be called um heavy metal it's got the
    he I think what is this called This is a metallic Brown and then this is hematite
    and then oh my gosh look at these guys these are like rocking look at how pretty look at how
    PR shiny like rock on has anybody seen the grandma that's been going to the
    heavy metal concerts oh my God she's so funny so Taun Taun still a lot in the
    bag right I know okay that one's going to be called heavy metal I'm going to try to get get them on the site tonight
    after I go grocery shopping yeah they're all beautiful like
    I don't do ugly okay so I don't think I do
    it um uh this one I'll just I'll refer to do you remember Earth we had a really
    pretty Earth kit this is the revamp version of Earth and so look at this
    button these are antique buttons like the button alone probably retails for
    eight bucks and these kits are 25 and like I said I'm sorry but I really can't take coupons or discounts for these kits
    um this is opaque Ox blood I love that okay and
    then a gorgeous topaz look at all the beads this is going to be called Earth
    look at them all okay tons so this one is Earth
    revive cuz we had an earth kit was it called Earth I think it was called Earth
    Joan just left Joan's like over it poor thing she's been traveling all day she's
    like if I I'm gonna only last so long and this one okay this one you might be
    like well that looks a little like M um what we just did but it's going to be
    called wait this is the same one I just did so you'd be right this is the same one I just did Jules you're killing me
    okay is it this one okay this is ocean listen they're all gorgeous all
    right this is like ocean lots of beautiful beads um a gor
    oh I love this button look at that button tell me that's not red it's so
    cool and then you've got the really beautiful luster um is this a turquoise
    yep luster turquoise I would not cover these up I would show them off like I'm showing off the now now
    and then the seed beads are actually premixed with some um with some little
    bugles all right and then there's a couple more I'm waiting for buttons
    there's one that's like a um let me put my let me bring myself up no oh gosh how
    do I do this do I remove this one ah I did it without without ruining
    everything um there's a couple more there's a brand new Serenity um similar but I'm adding seed beads and a button
    and there's um midnight so
    midnight is kind of like the reverse of the Sugar Plum it's got your
    blacks and it's got some like iridescent s um what's that
    word cylinders with like some blue green and
    it's beautiful it's beautiful it's going to be called midnight so there's that and then there's one that's like my
    um what would the right what did I call it back in the day I can't remember but
    it's like you're black and your turquoise so it's more native you know like just really really gorgeous you
    know we've got that chiasa chakov that my mother my mother is chiasa and Chaka
    so if you wonder where my weaving Roots come from um so yeah I'm going to
    do my best to get them all up on the website um and I just appreciate your
    grace it's just it's been a little challenging with you know losing my pops but listen while I
    don't feel like I'm gonna cry I did have a dream on Sunday that he
    was in his Youth and happy and excited
    and he was getting into one of his old old cars and he and he said I gotta go and he said I love
    you so oh Jesus thank you like it just made
    me feel so good has that ever happened with you you lose somebody and then they come to you yeah in a Dream It's just
    precious all right Lori um lean Jules Ed the small wisdom yeah okay yeah small
    wisdom warrior with some hempty Kemp cord it's the only chord I use hemptique I don't
    have it in the shop please go to hemptique they are a lovely company sustainable product
    family-owned um and then blue wildfire and then the rainbow sugar plum kit that
    is on the website that's what I what I use tonight so all right um Miss Joanie
    I uh sweet dreams she is gone she Joan has left the house and uh and I need to
    get to the grocery store and um I'm hungry so that's the worst time to shop
    and thank you yes God's grace God's grace thank you so much Maria thank you
    thank you everybody thanks Judy all right okay you all have a great
    evening next Thursday we'll resume on this project I'm G to use my button as
    the centerpiece and then I'm going to build loops around like under it
    as best as I can and then like around it and since I'm using the button then I'll
    probably find something for my closure something to I just don't want
    to hide this it's just too too beautiful thank
    you Maran thank you car I love you thank you so good to see you Jules where are the kits the ACDC kit Cara I've got to
    get it online tonight let me go grocery shopping so Marlon Marlon Brando can eat
    and mama can eat I'm starving um and when I get back home I'm going to get all snuggled in bed and I will finish
    adding the kits okay so thank you thank you
    everyone I just appreciate you so very much and again subscribe it means
    everything liking oh my gosh if you were to share this it would even help us more
    and um and so yeah thank you so very much thank you thank you Jenny let me know if I can
    help you anymore KY I'm here anybody like if you need help text me tell me that you need to you want to get into
    looming you don't know where to start let me know your background what kind of beating have you done have you ever
    loomed you know what I'm saying let me know so that I can help you best all right good night good night Elana good
    luck honey if you're having a show this weekend you're killing it girlfriend okay
    Tutorial 2:
    there we go now you can hear me okay Joan and I um we love catching up
    it's like our little moment in the background to catch up and so uh of course we look up and we're like oh my
    gosh 14 seconds hey everyone welcome welcome welcome I'm Juliana Avalar um the
    inventor of the jewel loom bead Loom this is Thursday night and on Thursday
    night we come together and we weave we
    bead we create and as a community um we hang out and so we have um we have a
    live feed on the Facebook group under the JW Loom name we have live feed going
    on over here on the YouTubes and so there's always a lot of interaction um
    people are talking back and forth and I am demonstrating teaching you how to do
    something on a loom on the one of the many looms that I currently
    have you know I got something up my sleeve when I got the little Winky Winky
    going on all right so let's see who's all who's who's all here Caroline Sherry
    Zach Maria Maria is always in the house in the chat room before we even start
    she's like this is I am position number one
    Maria Maria Maria so so great to see um everyone here and uh again I'm Juliana
    and uh I've been in the creative world for just about 30 years now and I
    started off way back in the day with elene Jackson and I've had a lot of fun doing a lot of really cool stuff I was
    thinking about the time when we had this company come on and it was like a so
    many moons ago and they were taking drier lint and they were turning it into
    the most magnificent art that you've ever seen in your life and we were just
    like like what like we would um that show was so cool because it really
    allowed for the artist you know um the family
    who was still working in the out of their garage oh my gosh was it stamp pendis I think it was
    stampendous because when they would come on to elans they were still working out of their home they were just like a
    little little boo boo company right so so many great memories and
    um and so much exposure to like different types of crafts you know if
    you're familiar with alen's tacky glue in the gold bottle you also know that
    back in the day we were doing papier-mâché we were doing paper napkin applique we were making bread dough
    roses with glue that was Joan fee she was like the queen of that um and oh my
    gosh I remember this one time when we did faux stained
    glass okay and I'm not just saying we sat around with little 4x4s and did
    Stone glass us right we did an entire Booth like back in the
    day like how far back Jewels okay the late the mid to late 90s
    and like the and like before that is like when you could go to a trade show
    and you could barely walk down an aisle because it was pumping
    like things were happening and it was amazing and you couldn't even maneuver
    down the aisle alen would take an aisle like her Booth was so big and it
    would be on both sides both sides and so this one year prior to a trade show we
    would tape the television show all day long we would have guests coming in I would be co-hosting I would be
    demonstrating and then we would literally stay up till like midnight in the studio and we were making faux glass
    windows for the booth it was the most amazing thing that
    you've ever ever seen and so I just think about creativity and
    general how lucky how blessed I've been that I just so happened upon that
    job after Josh was move born and we moved to this tiny little town uh called
    Loke and the town where alans was located was in Buon California where PE
    soup and Anderson's very famous and um and so it's just it's exciting to think
    about that and I'm very inspired by those days and um I I love creativity I
    love creating whether it's on a loom whether it's a home decor piece in fact
    next month as I've mentioned and I'll mention again we are coming out with the wine caddies and they're going to be
    gorgeous so the creative soul members they're already dialed in
    so they're getting a beautiful wine caddy I put together this bag of beads
    where we're going to um decorate the wine caddy so I've got the holes in here
    and this is the beautiful design so you can stain it and then it's just going to be like a chandelier you know and you
    put it on your wine bottle or your decorative bottle it doesn't have to be
    wine okay like if you don't drink wine totally cool and you slide your glass so
    I'm super excited about that because I I just love all areas of
    creativity so yay all right so Melanie's in the house
    Zach and Robin and uh looks like everyone is here again I really want to
    um encourage you to spread the word about Thursday nights over here on the
    jewel loom Channel how we're a community of people create creating chatting I
    love how everybody is just like chatting it up talking about what they're doing talking about um Caroline's talking
    about macom a wall hanging and Robin says wine my kind of
    drink hey David David's here um my my
    David and Tammy who I met when I went on the trip to Prague uh that oh last year
    because we are in a new year so yay awesome okay so listen um last
    week we um I showed you all the new
    kits and holy guacamole you all thank you thank you
    from the bottom of my heart like you love them like you really really love them
    and uh packing's been going on and on and it's like multiples it's like well
    wait a minute she just put an order yesterday and then another one we and I'm like okay gather them gather them
    all together you know and and get them and out and so I will tell you that the
    majority of everything that ships from California went out today uh and I am
    hoping that tomorrow there is another huge batch that goes out all creative Soul kits for January have been shipped
    out and I'll start working on the education for that my deepest apologies
    for not having something dialed in for December um but we would really like to
    show off what you've done that box was beautiful and I think there are so many
    different things that you can do with it thank you for your grace you know you know that my father passed away between
    that and the services and the holidays I'm so sorry that I have not touched all
    the yummies but you all are doing amazing so you're like the teachers you
    get to be the teachers for December so yeah um Hey listen last week when we stopped I got the base of my project
    done and congratulations to all of those that bought a small wisdom Warrior I'm
    so proud of you like I really am I know you're G to love her and I just think
    it's a really cool step that you took into your creative
    future and every every time I saw one come through I was just like you go girl like it was so cool to see that so
    um yeah so last week we and let me just pop out my B my button my botton last week I did the
    Bas I warped with the hemptique um cord oh secret I saw that they were doing
    some sort of a $5 off sale so I think you have to be uh subscribed to their newsletter but remember I want you to
    get your H teque cord from ique okay and I'm hoping to get it back in stock but I
    got to figure out how to do that with them so I built the base um after I did my warps with the hemp
    cord it's the variegated one it's a purple blue Vari variegation I can't
    remember what the darn name is it's so delish super super delicious okay and
    the button that comes in this H kit the sugar the sugar baby the
    um sugar oh my gosh why can't I remember Joe what is the
    name sugar baby we just renamed It Anyway this button comes in the kit and
    it's so stinking beautiful I wanted it to show you know to be shown off so I was like oh that's what I'm going to do
    I'm gonna um sew it into the middle of my project rainbow sugar plum kit yeah
    like come on girlfriend so um and then I thought well you know what I'm going to take some of
    the smaller beads and I'm going to make loops on the bracelet so sugar kiss you
    know what it's sugar something it's amazing it's delicious it's delightful
    it's absolutely scrumptious so okay so without further Ado I want to go ahead and get into it I'm gonna get ready to
    come down to my table here and um once Joan brings up the overhead I'm going to
    turn on my light a little bit there we go okay and now mama can see
    okay so uh you may or may not remember and you'd have to go back to let me pull
    this into the frame here all right so when we left off last
    week my needle and thread were down here on the bottom row because I had built my
    base okay so we come all the way down and my needle and thread were down here
    at the bottom I had plenty of wildfire left over which by the way using the
    blue and I just ordered more I don't think I put it into the darn system
    though if you need blue you're going to see that it says sold out remind me when
    we get off and I'm going to go um put the new inventory in there I totally forgot about that okay because you all
    bought what I had so um so what I did was I literally
    took the needle and thread and I just weaved all the way back up and I left
    let's see about one two three rows that I'm going to that
    I'm going to put loops on I don't want to overtake the button it is
    so so so beautiful I mean come on
    now come on now look at that it's so beautiful so I don't
    I I really want it to be the showpiece I love the too seed beads I love the hemp
    cord I I love everything that's going on so I don't want to do too too much what
    I am going to do now here is my Wildfire it's out here on the left side I'm going to turn my loom so that
    I'm on the right side here where I'm going to put my first Loop and what I'm going to do you can see um this is all
    the little stuff I pulled out all the big stuff because I'm not going to use that so I'm just going to put that to
    the side okay because that makes it easier when you're trying to figure out like oh my gosh what am I going to do so I'm
    going to take the needle and thread and I'm going to go through the first bead and then I come
    out in between let me see if I could bring this down a little bit more hold
    on let's see see
    okay so I'm coming out in between that first and second
    bead and what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to grab some of these little
    guys and I think I want to do
    blue and then this pretty lavender and then another blue let's see how this
    works out and I'm going to let those fall and then I'm going to go to the right side of the
    80 through the second bead and then up and out between the second and third I'm
    actually G to attempt to do a loop on every
    Ado okay so I think that's good now is it
    going to get a little crazy with tightness let's see what happens for giggles
    um I might reverse and pick up a
    lavender and then a blue and then a
    lavender and going to go through the right side
    now I will tell you when you warp with the hemp it gets real tight in there
    so you just got to be patient um and I just love yeah this is going to
    be so cool okay so I'm going to do another one I'm going to go back to the original
    blue Lavender Blue okay and then let that
    fall and then I'm going to take the needle and thread on the right
    side okay so let's
    see oh I picked up a different kind of blue that or did I is it just the iridescent looks different whoops
    whoop oh let me get the camera to readjust it did not like all the
    movement okay so that's good all right so I'm going to turn the loom around again I'm always coming in from the
    right side we'll get it's really tight in here let's see what I'm
    doing I got to stand up hold on it was okay so I'm G to come
    through that first let me see something one
    two man that is really do I want to do one two or do I
    want to do okay I'm G to come through here for
    Giggles I think let me
    see what's going on okay
    um all right so I kind of maybe want to
    do let me see let me see let me see let me see
    there's so many options okay so if I go blue but no I want to alternate I want
    to I'm going to go lavender and
    blue and then lavender or mauve whatever this
    is and then I'm going to go through that first hole that first bead I mean and I think
    I'm going to go all the way out and only do two Loops because it's getting really tight so let's just do that and we want
    to make sure that these guys are nice and snug and kind of even help to
    manipulate the bead in there a little bit Yeah I think this is good because you know what like I said I don't want
    to take away from the button and instead of
    changing it up I'm I'm going to keep it the same so Lavender
    Blue Lavender is that the right blue no that's not the right blue I need a
    bigger blue okay and then let me
    whoops let me go back through the right and it's yeah it's getting really snug in
    there so you're just going to want to take your time and um help to guide the
    beads and pull nice pull there okay so I just don't yeah let me bring
    this up to the camera I got to go slow or it gets really
    angry so by all means if you're feeling like you want something bigger you can
    do that I'm just trying to be a little bit more cautious of not like
    going too crazy and really allowing the button to take Center
    Stage so I think I'm just going to do this little Nestle on each
    side but now what I got to do is I gotta come in here
    and secure the button oh there goes Marlon Brando okay
    so I'm going to I'm working underneath here so that I
    can get over to the
    button so the the shank here is I don't know if you're going to be able to see
    it's kind of dark but I just pushed it through so it's right here by my
    okay so is getting very tight there um before
    I go all the way I'm thinking I'm thinking we know what happens when she
    thinks I think let me see if I can so I don't want to break my needle
    because it's really I'm I don't think I can do
    it so what I'm trying to do is I I would oh I no yes yes okay I wanted to come
    out so that I can go through the the through the shank
    now okay so I'm putting my needle through the
    button come on buddy there we go so do you see like
    there's a lot of maneuvering a lot of like shifting so just um bear with it
    don't like you know just don't get all crazy and so I'm gonna you know just
    pretend like I'm sewing on a button like I would if it was on
    my my sweater or my shirt and I'll just do this a couple of
    times okay maybe that's all the times and then what I want to do is get into
    that oh thank you for working thank you oh it's so wonderful when it goes the
    way you want it so all I did was I I I snuck the needle into this second bead
    here and shot up the only reason why I'm like kind of being dramatic about it all is because it's super tight like when
    again when you're working with the the hemp cord it's a really beautiful nice
    sturdy texture for your warps but um you know it just gets tight and so you know
    that's why I'm I'm just like saying the things that I'm saying uh
    oh okay so let's see um sometimes when your
    needle will not go through I don't want you to force it I want you to bring your Flats
    in and very carefully just try to figure out like okay well where's it getting there we
    go see that way it doesn't break
    okay so that's that works all right
    okay so I think I'm in the position now where where is it one more
    maybe okay might be one
    more okay so let's go back chills
    flash okay so we're g to come back here to this side
    side and I want to mimic what I did over here so I had a
    lavender blue
    lavender and we only did two Loops closest to the button so I'll go all the
    way out and again this is just what I'm doing so so you know if something else
    is speaking to you then you know by all means please you know please
    that and we're going to turn it I got to stand up so I can see and
    then on this one I'm going to do a loop on every
    80 so we had
    blue lavender I think there's like two sizes
    of Blues I keep grabbing the wrong one and then we're going to come out in
    the middle there
    and then I reversed it so was it yeah Lavender
    Blue Lavender in the middle and then all the way
    out oh am I out of the camera
    sorry and then once again blue
    and lavender and
    blue okay cool all right oh that is just enough just enough I love it oh my gosh
    it's so amazing okay so I'm going to turn this
    around and I'm just going to weave my way
    down thank you Lori I am just loving this it's so simple um but it's like
    screaming is it well I don't think I can say the brand I don't know I don't want to get in trouble I don't know I don't
    know what so it starts with a C it's just reminding me of
    like something uh a really beautiful jewelry
    brand what a great um simple quick project I
    mean these vintage buttons just really set it off I'm going to have to see if I can get some
    more so
    pretty so there's still um quantity on the kits and um these configurations I don't
    have anymore so everything will have to be uh sourced and curated and I don't
    know in what time frame that would even happen so if you want
    one yeah might ought to get
    one okay okay so now I'm going to take the needle and I go
    under it's a little challenging when you got the hemp
    cord but well worth it so I'm just trying to get the needle under the warps
    and through the beads I just like to do that little
    extra bit of
    anchoring got to turn myself cuz I
    C okay okay
    I think my battery just dead okay well did that have to do a
    little more so okay um oh my God I love
    this okay hold on let's put this over here so I don't lose a needle we don't need a puppy with a needle in its in its
    foot and I'm just going to close that really
    quick we'll come back over here and just going to try to undo the
    knot don't want to scratch my my
    girl oh what happened
    here okay so
    I let me put my my beautiful she's so gorgeous okay let me
    put her over here so we don't have a loom
    down um oh my heck are you kidding me right now look with my check glass
    bracelet a come on come on now can I get a come on
    now wow okay so here's my dilemma I turn this place upside
    down and I'm not exactly in love with the idea of a
    slider I don't know for one it's it's bigger than the three
    across okay so I'm not I'm not in love
    um and I'm just going to be straight up
    honest right now I'm gonna have to go on a hunt
    for a little I I was going through all of my stuff and I just didn't find one I
    just didn't find a but a button that I wanted to use I thought about the butterfly and
    maybe painting The Butterfly um purple so I might I might do that but I
    don't know all right I gotta come on now from
    Zach yeah so I'm loving it and I don't know I might break down and
    do but I just don't think it I don't think it's right I don't
    think I don't know I don't think it's right I don't like it I don't like the
    slider so with that said I will be I will be on the hunt to the the
    other little button that I was thinking of you all hold on don't go anywhere
    um I don't know I think these were in I think these
    were in a creative Soul kit oh it won't work they're too
    stinking small ah darn it okay hold on let's look for something
    um so I think if I were to if I were to paint one of
    these like that might be actually kind of rad like if I stained this like a
    really pretty purple blue that might be really cool the sword
    and the Vintage button that might be really hot I don't
    know but at first like if I if I painted this
    up okay so I like that um I don't know
    about the butterfly I mean it could maybe but don't you think I feel like
    the button has like a really um uh Roman
    Empire you know goddess like it just has like this feel to
    it so I'm kind of still yeah and no the shells are not going to work I'm leaning
    towards this button I'm leaning towards the sword I'm kind of feeling like it's a
    part of the armor and I'm okay so basically
    Judy are you talking about like what so then what would I do like this is just going to be the old school you know
    where I'm tying the
    ends you know and then I'm doing the loop I don't want to make it permanent
    because I'm I really want to um I really want to I want to add this button but I want
    to stain it
    yeah yeah there's plenty of tutorials on how to add the button um and after I
    stain it what I really need to do well I do have um so I'm super stoked about and I
    don't want to Royal Talon their 100 plus
    year old paint company I'm going to be getting some paints from them and I'm
    using their product in my um NAA project
    my national Arts material for
    creativation and I I bet their paints would be really stinking cool on the
    Baltic Birch button so I'm just making knots Judy
    like I'm just bringing them down and then basically after I paint
    the so sword whoops you know you just put the ends through your button
    holes and I'm going to want to keep this clean so I'll go back through and then I'll pull all of that
    together again I'm just showing you I I definitely want to
    stain paint color my button here but I love the sword and you know they're
    available now separately from the designer pack so if you like it too um
    they're sold in
    threes it's always a little more challenging to
    get come on there we go so I'm just
    like weaving this back through the
    hole and then I would just like tug and pull
    down okay so you'd have your one in there all
    right that's definitely got to be painted and then you know you fit it so
    that you can determine like how big this Loop over here needs to be
    where's my third hand all right so we're putting this in here and then I'm just going to do like
    this little wonky thing here where I'm like trying to figure out how big of a loop I need to get the button back
    through so then I like do like I'm Houdini or something right like a little
    magic trick I think I got to back it up a
    little I know I cracked myself up okay so all right got out so then I would I
    would eyeball that and go oh okay well I need my Loop to be that big in order to
    get this big old button right back through it that's my intention right
    now I'm looking at it I love it but then I'm like why it just seems like it might
    be a little too big I don't know is it no one's I mean like it's balanced it's
    not going to be in the front it's not going to be like and the cool thing too
    about it is it's almost like you're G like if it does move on your wrist you're G wrist you're going to have like this really
    gorgeous piece on the top and then if you come to the bottom it's like this
    yeah I think it's gonna be okay actually I think once I paint the button right now it's annoying me because it's it's
    not painted but I think once I paint it stain it color and I'm not going to
    color it with pencil it needs to be it needs to be a really nice finish so I'm going to have to talk to the Royal
    tannins uh folks and I'm super stoked about that um yeah so there we
    go there we go all right let me turn the light down so I don't scare everybody Joan already did that
    and we can come back up yeah glossy Lori right yeah so glossy in order
    to I think if we do that and match that then it's going to be fine it's worth a
    try and I love the symbolic of it all like you have this vintage antique button with the
    really cool it's like got of armor it's it looks like a stinking armor like a PL like you know like come and get get me
    cuz I got my sword double snap all over the place so
    I think it makes sense it's just throwing me right now because it's not painted I'm going to
    get some glossy paint I'm gonna paint that bad
    boy I'm super stoked about this project look at that come on now rainbow sugar
    plum and I'm going to see if I can't get any more of these buttons
    then you will have two focals on one bracelet yeah I'll be
    balanced and who doesn't want to be balanced well good I'm so glad that that
    worked out Judy that did that help yeah I think so like a Wonder Woman
    cuff all day did you see how quick I went into
    that have I been practicing you know it very cool okay so um let's see I
    think not too sure what I'm going to do next week I've got a lot of new things
    coming lots of new things I can't wait to share like all the monthly creative Soul kits that I was just telling Joan
    that February look I'm going to count the months February
    March April
    May June and very possibly jul well no July two are all dialed in and the product
    for all of the months is here except for one
    month it's not bad considering I feel like a grownup now
    I'm like getting so good at this
    I'm getting so good at getting all that together so yeah um oh Hey listen if you
    had if you did order wood I wanted to let you know that because of the freezing
    temperatures like even here in California I know I know crimeia River jwes it was 58 degrees it might be 46
    one morning and yes as Californians are having kittens I know it's not that bad
    compared to the rest of the country but in Missouri it is cold and so we don't run the lasers when it's freezing like
    that because it's not good for the machines and it's not good for your product so if you did place a wood order
    just please bear with us know that you know how we take making those looms very
    very seriously so um we're hoping that we're going to get a break with the
    weather in the Midwest and uh Robert will be uh and the elves will be back at
    it so we had a a couple of nights below zero in Eastern Tennessee yeah like I
    don't know I don't know it was it's yeah we're
    supposed to have we we've been having like really cold cold but I feel bad I
    can't I can't whine about the California cold we're such babies I'm gonna be the
    first to say it the whole country is frozen yeah yeah and a heck of a lot
    worse than we are so Hey listen I am so so grateful for um when you show up and
    you hang out and you talk and you help me through things Joan's going to be
    posting I think a really fun post tomorrow uh in regards to Thursday
    nights and I don't know like what kind of little hint could I give
    you I don't know would it be fun if like uh Joan come on real
    quick you can get rid of the overhead wait just a
    minute sorry um okay sorry about that that was
    a lot of maneuver me noone's out the controls yeah so Joan and I were talking
    tonight and um you know at the beginning of the show I really was talking about emphasizing like Thursday night
    is our community night it's Community night um Where We Gather we're weaving
    we're creating and I love that all of you are chatting Joan's busting a gut in behind
    the scenes know and and I think the
    teases what if you we don't want to see me here every week well now we always want to see you
    here well it'd be nice to see another well what if we did see another face
    yeah what if we saw another face there's more than just my face in the community
    out there yeah I mean what if what if we
    what if we made it to where you could come on
    with us where we pick somebody and he can't Jan's gonna talk
    about it tomorrow but that's that's all I'm going to say okay Judy says can you just show the
    rainbow fibers the rainbow fibers I'm gonna assume that you're talk about the
    hemp cord are you talking about the hemp cord Judy it's a variegated hemp cord it's
    hemp te it's like a purple blue do you remember rainbow colors too yeah it's
    rain they have a rainbow they have a earth they have um it's their variegated
    hemp you want to buy buy the spool that's your best deal buy the spool don't buy the you could buy the ball if
    you want you don't have to but buy the spool the on you're oh I don't have
    those in the room what is it Judy wants to see my fibers for NTA I oh I got that
    stuff in my bedroom because it is cold out here okay California cold or not it's
    cold out here so the goddess and the fibers and everything that I'm weaving
    for NTA they're in the house right now um but I'm more than happy to show you
    I'm more than happy the my um uh source is Cam GC M
    ji Fiber Arts and if you go on to the um the
    Instagram okay I follow them on the Instagram under the jewel loom
    and um but they they're they got fibers like
    w they got fibers and they're very reasonably priced I mean I'm just buying them at
    retail because I need them but I can um I can show a picture my six-year-old
    made her first li what stop it you need to share
    picture what on the baby Loom
    oh my gosh okay pal I I gotta go play Bunko or
    I would take a f listen wait I did do I did do a real
    there's a real I did a real go on the jom Facebook page and
    you'll see what she has finished so far just down a little bit I took a picture
    of the fibers so if that's not if that's not what you're talking about just let
    me know no because I just remember the fibers hanging down so far what you got done yes and today I started weaving the
    fibers and making poochy things and like swirly curly like with your like with your hair where you'd go like that and
    then like all of this would be bunched up I did
    that I can't wait to see that come on now see you need to do something like
    that like on one of the fiber looms to show us yeah I need to do a fiber
    project it's been while it's been well anyway I have one I
    started last year and it's still sitting there it's three two thirds of well I'm doing a purse and I'm I think it's the
    second panel to the purse you know this small Sun Weaver and I I think it's been
    almost a year since I touched it I need to get it out again yeah I love the large weaving goddess like I she's also
    known as a sunw weaver but she'll always be the weaving goddess I love the large Sun Weaver so
    much like I just every time I warp her I cry do it on the
    boov that hair thing oh like just like a like a
    miniature yeah I don't know it's like a go bigger go home go so you need the large sunw Weaver to do
    it please do fiber project okay fiber projects are not going to be in one
    night let's just know that because it's it's just to it's like trying to do a
    looped bracelet in one night but I'm more than happy to start something and then we'll do a progressive it just
    takes it's is a lot longer than an hour um but I would love to do that with
    you okay wish me luck anybody play Bunko in here because like I'm all I'm all
    into the bnco I don't even know what it is I think he told time it's a dice game
    and you roll and then people yell and you win that is not nice to roll
    dice I can't if I drink too
    [Laughter] much Joan dice we're rolling Joan
    dice now every time you look at dice you're gonna think my name on her
    around oh my God I couldn't
    resist I think it's it's perfectly perfect oh my God all right guys I love
    you have a beautifully blessed evening I am gonna go roll dice and um have a great time and
    perhaps a glass of wine and I will see you next week week I'm going to think about what we're going to do I might I
    might do a little sneak peek demo on the wine caddies and um yeah and so oh and listen
    I once I get my paints I'll totally share them with you and let you
    know how how that yeah because it's got to be glossy and iridescent and yummy
    it's just got to be like full on yum Noms I can't wait to see it Stephanie
    thank you honey for your card thank you that was so precious thank you a I love
    her I love you okay so um Roland Roland who
    dice I missed that one thank you everyone watching on Facebook thank you everyone watching on
    YouTube please make sure that you subscribe and like and oh my gosh I would love you forever if you share
    share the jewel loom love wherever you can it really helps us to like keep keep doing this and you know sharing our
    creativity I mean I know you might be like what is a like what is a subscribe
    it's a lot especially too over on the juwel loom Facebook if you would follow
    the juel loom Facebook page I would be forever grateful um you know every it's
    all a numbers game but you know what we're playing it and we're just trying to We're just trying to get there trying
    to get there so it does matter um and I appreciate I appreciate when you do that I appreciate when you share the love it
    means everything to us so Joan thank you for always being amazing and awesome and
    um I'm gonna every time I roll tonight I'm gonna be like yo Joan yeah Jo there
    you go let's see how hard you could toss
    Jo whoa whoa there she
    go oh oh my God we put the F in fun and
    now we're gonna go bye-bye I love you have a great evening