by Joan Dice

How to make Hemp Cord & Scrubby Yarn Earrings on the Loom - Jewel Loom School with Jewels

Learn to make a fun, festive & ticklish pair of earrings on the loom, In this Jewel Loom School tutorial, using Hemptique Hemp Cord & Scrubby Yarn we will call Tickle Earrings 2. These are like the earrings Jewels made during Deb Floros’ Tickle Earrings tutorial. 

Supplies Used:

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Sign up for the Jewel Loom newsletter & get 15% off your first order, plus a free pattern:       

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hello hello oh my goodness welcome welcome to jewel loom School live I am
Juliana Jules Avalar the inventor of the original jewel loom bead Loom it's right
here in front of me I'm going to be using it today let me profile it with my earrings
put my hair up today so that you could see it and it's like oh my gosh I wanted to have like this cute thing and it just
didn't really work out I'm such a mess but that's all right so anyway how's everyone doing on this
great Tuesday it's it's funny right Tuesdays and Thursdays and trying to
keep it all dialed in which Hey listen so I have had
um a bunch of stuff come up but what we're gonna do is this coming Thursday
Joan is going to be jewels
and we were just talking about it and she'll come on at the end but um on Thursday Joan is going to do a feature
on the silver silk loom we haven't talked about the silver silk loom in quite a while
and she really is nelay's um one of his hands anyway right right hand
Left Hand Middle hand and um he's had all kinds of new things
happen and new products and oh my gosh it's his birthday today so if you haven't given baby daddy love
make sure you go and give baby daddy some love and um and say happy birthday but yeah so we're really excited about
Thursday and um Joan is going to to be our featured
guest and again she's going to focus on the um on the silver silk loom and break
it down and then she's gonna warp it with some new materials and so that will kind of be like part one but um I'm
really excited about that because I've seen the new things and I'm also excited to use the new silver silk product on
the other looms so so stay tuned on that but listen let's talk about Tuesdays
um so I definitely am in um had some things come up and so we
just need to put Tuesday lives on hold until probably the end of August
definitely September 1st um I've got some traveling coming up and
I've got some family things that I'm navigating and so I might have just bit
off a little bit too much in this moment but I am dedicated to it and so we will
um definitely pick up pick back up on Tuesdays but I'm here I'm here now and
I'm super excited because [Music] um do you see them so Deb are our delicious
Deb floors when she came on and did her Pom-Pom earrings what several months ago
now I got so inspired and I just sat in the background and I weaved these up
with a hemp and then this really funky yarn that I bought at Michael's
craft store like a long time ago look at it and so I was just like you know we've
never really done um a demonstration just on these because pretty much I was just like working
alongside Deb so we are going to do that and here's our beautiful Sabrina I'm
glad everything's going well for you today um
so yeah here we are here we are and Danielle is in the house and Robin and
did I see Stephanie did I see my girl did I see my California yep there she is
California Stephanie and Gloria and I think I saw Jeanette peek into and Maria was here first
and uh hey Maria did you get your um latest order
just want to make sure she did so put a little something in there for her um in addition to thanking Maria with
some little treats I just want to obviously publicly thank Maria because
um she she hangs out in the Facebook group a lot and is always showing the jewel loom a lot of love and
um I think there was a day when Joan wasn't here I think you were chasing birds somewhere
in the country and Maria came on and started um helping out so I always just like to
make sure to say thank you you know there are a lot of people in the jewel
loom community group on Facebook that are just so unbelievably kind and gracious and helpful
and um it's just so cool we have a really beautiful community and um so
yeah if you're not in that particular group you definitely want to join it's a free group on Facebook and it's where
everyone posts their um projects and or where people get you know help from
other people in the community and so it's just really really precious
but anyway so as I mentioned I'm definitely going to be working on the
jewel loom hey there's a big cell going on let me tell you where it's at
and it's not at a big huge mass store it's at my baby store at jewel loom and
so um I put having a huge summer sizzling cell
um I'm moving a bunch of stuff around and so your beads your hemp cord your
Wildfire your findings they are all at 25 off I the only other time I ever did
that I think was on Memorial Day and so right now we want to move stuff
to make room for new stuff and new education and so if you need things
awesome and if you don't that's okay but I want to let you know that there is a
cell going on and I really haven't put an end date just as yet so
a lot of people I know don't get paid till Friday and by the way if there's ever anything like you know
if you ever need like time with stuff just let me know and we do offer after pay and shot pay which acts actually
lets you make payments and you don't pay the fees I do
so that's pretty cool right I think that's pretty cool um I do want to point out that you could
definitely use your small wisdom Warrior um you could use your large wisdom
Warrior but the hemp cord by hempty works really beautiful this is this must
be this must be Point yeah this this is 0.5 because you see how it's laying in the
grids and wasn't it just last week we were talking about how the thicker
millimeter sits on the grids either that or I was taping something and that's I
don't know who did I say that to was it in the workshop I don't even know anymore
so much going on but anyway I love love love love warping with the
hemp cord by hamtique because it's just so strong and then I love it as well
because then I can string it through my buttons and um do that kind of cool closure this is
where I've warped with the Hem teak and then I used the sorry ribbon to weave with and I even sewed in some beads so
if you did the Jesse James um winter camp winter camp
same idea we warped with him teak and then we did a lot of weaving and a lot of beading
with beads and sorry ribbon and fibers and so so you could totally do that all
right let's see Eliana the Floridians are in the house the southerners are in
the house the West Coast Peeps are in the house what do we call is it just what do we
call Montana and Wyoming is that like upper Upper Midwest I don't even know
uh Jones like Whispering something we call it and Cynthia's here welcome
welcome very cool okay guys and girls [Laughter]
I think I had an order come through a gentleman I don't know but it was just so funny because we were all talking
about that because I was all Google analytic crazy oh hi Nicole
oh thank you for taking um the workshop too I'm so excited I'm super stoked about the um
meditation prayer pouch that I'm teaching this month which by the way there are still kits available and so
remember it's a workshop you do not have to subscribe but when you do it just
guarantees that you're going to have a kit um but you can buy as you go
and so uh and so yeah and so you um you
should check that out because it's an amazing
it's just an amazing project and I'm not gonna let the secret out for August yet but I could just tell you
that if you're not a subscriber I don't know that you're gonna get August because it's gonna go really really
quick but July is still available and so um if you do want July
go in do a one-time buy see how you like it see how the courses work for you all
the courses live in the jewel loom School everything's very organized in fact June's project had 21
segments because I just kept breaking it down and I kept sharing my everything if I had a
mistake I shared it so okay um we're gonna get started and hi
Melanie everybody is here I love it um
do I want to sh yeah you know what let me for Giggles okay Joan says that they're called the Midwest Midwest
actually covers a huge chunk of the country okay so I'm just going to bring this down a
little my head's going to disappear I've got the jewel loom in my hand and I don't think I can show this you
know too much like I think it's always important to know how to set up your original blue jewel loom so you're going
to take the metal rod and you're going to insert it into the hole that is closest
to your body okay and then I'm going to straighten it out and then I like to use
my belly and then what I'm going to do is I'm going to bring that up and snap that in all right
and so don't ever force it if you find that you were trying to get the metal
rod into the holes and they weren't going shift your loom just shift the
tension even when you're getting ready to take it out um don't ever force it just shift you
know turn the loom so what I mean by that turn the loom try to remove it turn the loom try to put it in that is if the
metal rod is just giving you a hard time but as you can see I was able to do it
in in one quick one quick maneuver there
um so what I'm going to do first is let's see I guess I want to make sure
I'm positioned over with my overhead
so I do have oh you wanna can we go to the overhead
okay so I do have kind of a tight screen here but that's I think good so I'm just
gonna scooch over a little bit um let me give you some idea of where everything is at all right hi Carmen so
this button right here is at the bottom of the jewel loom and it is closest to my body all right
and this is my right hand and this is my left hand and I'm working straight from
a very big spool of hemp cord when you buy the Hem cord from the shop it comes
in a um six yard where'd it go
I put away my hemp that I was going to use I'll go get it when I get ready um a six yard piece so what I'm going to
do first is I just like to make a little knot a little Loop and then I'm
going to put it over the back button and then I'm going to pull okay and then
I'm going to do that again so I've got two knots now and with
and there's Marlon Brando um he has been so Barky lately all right so
what we want to do next is or what we want to make sure of is that that knot
that I just made let's bring it in here okay this is blue wildfire that I just
used on my last project that I forgot to cut off so don't you know just ignore that
um but this knot that I just made with the Hem we want that to be as close to
the center um because we don't want to lose any of the tension when we go to pull the hemp
whether it's hemp or Wildfire or whatever product we're using so always make sure that that knot is facing you
and that it follows you as you get ready to um to warp your loom now I'm just going to
use a little part in fact I'm going to bring in my clasp really quick I think I'm going to have
three warps so let's just lay this down and whoopsie
we're gonna let it lay down and then we're going to pull it to the
bottom and we're just going to eyeball it don't get all weird about it you know having
the same um count on you know the top grooves as
there are the bottom grooves just give it an eyeball and um and lay it down and
then what we're going to do is we turn it around and we're going to go around that back button
and I'm just going to give myself some
hold on what did I do oh my goodness
all right well that's not that's not a good thing hold on when you're when your teacher is uh got
issues so what's happening over here just so you know I'm kind of a little I got a little tangled up and so you
don't want that to happen in fact it looks like it might darn it have a knot
well let's see how are we going to resolve this Jewels we're just going to be patient
so when we um wrap the hemp we
um that is why we we do what we do so if you bought hemp from me before you'll see that um we take a lot of time to
wrap it so that it doesn't get funky like this but this is my fault this is
not antiques fault this is a jewel fault let's just be clear oh I don't know if
I'm going to be able to save this poop okay hold on hold the front door I'm not too sure
what's happening here hmm
all right I might have just screwed up my whole project but let's see let's see if the hip gods are with me right now
I I had to cut and I think I'm gonna lose it so hold on whoopsie
let's see if I could get anything out of this I don't think it's going to be long enough
can I get three I'm gonna go back and make it more oh I can thank you him God's okay
all right hold on give your Jewel a little break okay
okay here we go let's start over all right sorry I keep hitting everything I'm in tight quarters all right so
here's our knot and I'm going to lay this down okay and then I turned it around and I'm
gonna make it come all the way down just gonna eyeball it and then we're gonna flip and we're
gonna go around that back button and I'm just gonna skip like I don't
know like say three is that three like two or three grooves we're not trying to fit a bead in the
space we just need to be able to get our fingers in there or needle
[Music] and then we're coming down
so that's three those are going to be pretty skinny but that's okay because you know what a 13 millimeter hold on
let's see if that's going to work a I'll just have to get more oh that's
perfect okay these are going to be long and skinny all right so what I did let me tie off
so that I don't lose that because I have a very short warp so we're gonna make
this come under and hopefully I can grab it awesome
let me get there okay and the camera there and I'm just going to bring my flats in
makes it a little easier to grab which way are you coming through here
buddy my um
I had a lot of stuff I had to do yesterday physically and so my fingers are not
they're not flexible right now so let me try this one more time here
there we go there we go come on
and we're just gonna pull that tight okay so let's turn this over and I'm going to remove the rod so this
is pretty nice but it can get uh even better so I'm going to
very carefully pop the rod out and then what happens is you can see that it
extends even more [Music]
and I've talked about this before but I think it's really important to remember the distance between the bottom of the
jewel loom and the warp bed right here it you don't really want it to bend more
than an inch and a half to two inches I've seen some Looms where you know I
mean they're they're just warped so tight that the scoop right here is
really just you know way too much and so you're going to be putting tension on your loom and you don't want to do that
all right so we're going to um I got to get my my hemp that I put
away I'm not sure what I was thinking there
I saw it laying there all by itself and I was like oh I better put that away but I didn't need to
so this is how we package it so that when you get it you can very carefully
take it apart um because it definitely has
a little Groove and get all these tools out of the way
now I'm just going to be using the Taffy today because it's a variegated hemp cord by him teak and
um that way I can just keep going and we don't have to keep changing but
you could you know you could use multiple colors so you see how this is just
nice and now I'm not going to probably this is six yards this is probably a
little too much than what I wanna I wanna weave at um
hold on one second because if I were a wooden needle where would I be I'd be on the floor
okay all right so what we're gonna do again
I've got the loom in front of me and I have a wooden needle and I'm just going
to come up and over I'm gonna see how it works using the needle sometimes I end up
stopping and you know what where's my new best friend at hold on laughs
so in the jewel loom starter kit we're
um we're putting a piece of this liner in the kit because look at isn't that amazing it just helps the
jewel loom not to wiggle so much because remember it's a very portable lightweight tool and so it's going to
move you can use a double stick tape if you want
um you know any type of a non-skid beadalon actually sells a really cute little mat as well
so I'm I want to do two earrings so I'm going to leave it just about like right there
for right now and again I'm going to see how I like
working with the needle I might transfer over to my hands
and as I have jewels oh my gosh what did I do
wrong let's see what did I do I just came out oh I needed to go over not under
all right so let's pay attention all right let me get back on track here so we've got the hemp
and okay so I've got to go over not under Goofy
in this first weave is just going to be all over the place and so once you
get that in you can bring everybody up to the position where they need to be
okay and let's do that let's do that and then
we're just going to scooch them up with our nails and then we're going to go under so the first couple of weaves are always going
to look just a little off this kind of is what it is
and then it's going to come together and just be so incredibly gorgeous
okay so let me bring that up because you can already see the weave coming together all right and then again
because this is under the warp we gotta come back over so the needle is going to come over that first swarp orb
count um it's really just going to be like how long do you want your earrings to be
and so since these are a little thinner than I originally had planned on
yes you can absolutely and I usually do like so Sabrina what
she's saying is like can I tie yes because you know so I could do this for sure and then it
would just kind of hold me in place she's like I spit I I'm I got my eye on
you girl all right so there we go and another thing too if you've been
noticing I'm not I'm not distorting the shape of the warp so I'm not pulling too tight to make it like really super you
know I don't want to pull too tight I want to keep the width of this weave so
I'm being really careful um when I go back and forth
so this is pretty much it I mean it's super easy peasy you're just going back and forth you know with your
hemp and then scooching it up
I'm going to come over a hair because I'm fighting with space over here with my camera
you could just keep going too and this could be a bracelet by the way
and if you wanted you wouldn't have to use a blunt needle you could just use your hands
okay I need to be careful I might be pulling a little too tight there we go
I want my earrings to be all Wonka doodle
project for um you know traveling because all you have to do is put your hemp your blunt
needle um your jewel loom what else would you need like your flat
nose pliers and a pair of cutters
and then your crimp beads so a great traveling project for sure I
love this Taffy it's so pretty
yeah you know I'm going to show you what I would do if I was not using a needle and
I was just using my hands
so you would just literally find the end of your hemp cord and then come
under and go over foreign
but you can definitely do it with um you know with just your hands so like if you're thinking about well what's the
bare minimum and there are plastic blunt needles that
are sold at the craft store um so if you just wanted to keep it even more simple
they've got a big eye and um because they're blunt they're also you know safe around
the little ones okay I'm gonna go back to the needle
in fact hold on one second I want to see I think I have an example let's see if
it's easy enough to find [Music]
well I was hopeful I thought maybe I had one that would
pop up to me but I guess not so they're about
um I don't know they might be like three inches long and they're in the craft
stores um they're they're plastic and I don't recall them being very
expensive so but if you have if you've purchased like the Booboo Loom has a really nice long
narrow needle that comes with it uh you know
the uh the other Looms a lot of them have
a needle that come with it
okay now I just need to be careful that I'm not um pulling too tight
hello Carol are you able to do this on the baby absolutely you could do this on
any one of the Looms I mean it's you could do it on the wood looms you could do it on the plastic Looms
absolutely the baby Loom is fun because if you are
doing earrings then you know you can you have a smaller paint a smaller space to
to work on but I wanted I think we're how come I feel like I just worked on
the baby limb with something what did I do just like for the life of me
we've got so many projects going on I'm I'm not remembering what I've done
need like a a board a cheat sheet or something
so very fun my goodness Cara is it um is it 124
there again cares in the in the desert and it's been
really really hot
it's actually been hot here in um Southern California as well I'm assuming
the valley is probably worse because usually if it's hot here it means it's really stinking hot in the
so yep so I'm still gonna go at it I think that these are way too short than
what I would want um but I'm almost there was it the two oh the ear yep thank you
Mel that's right I was using the baby Loom
to do the two-hole diamond earrings no I did the pendant
Jeanette did the earrings right
yes right I did the pendant
I don't know if everybody saw the post that Joan did was it yesterday on Kara's bracelet that she made which Pro which
Workshop was that off of
gosh we have almost three years of creative Soul workshops
it's just incredible
and this motion is so meditative right like it's not like when you're doing the beads you kind of have to concentrate I
guess maybe a little bit more but um with this process it's it's definitely
um not as it just like go with it and relax
oh I'm loving how this looks
okay perfect yeah it's like well who did what
who did what who's I feel like there was another
um what is this we broke the record from 74. oh my oh my so crazy
wow oh Zach you're cute thank you you're
really sweet from the February Workshop okay
really gotta start logging those workshops guys
yeah we have a the um July as I mentioned the July Workshop there are
still some kits available I'm gonna start working on the content this week um the first round uh shipped out
yesterday and um and so yeah so if you want to try out
one of the courses that meditation prayer pouch is extremely special and it's super fun to know how to make that
um I think so anyway and then like I said August
and and again you don't have to subscribe the the benefit of subscribing is that you always know that you have a
seat in the next one um and I have started to make more kits
but the August one only get a certain amount of
what this special person designed for us and so
um pretty much want to make sure that you have a seat in that
Zach making me blush
how cute so Kara are you and Robin close to each other
I mean Arizona is a long state
all right how am I feeling about this length because I'm going to lose I'm going to lose a little bit when I
put the ribbon yeah I gotta keep going because I'm going to lose some on the
top and the bottom so I'll probably go about what I don't know if I need to do
a whole half an inch but let's see what happens here and again how do I keep scooching over
all the time
like I'm moving everywhere let me just let me calm down let me get
get myself situated here oh see that was a little too tight Mama
all right let me back out a little there we go okay
thank you you know the thing about these earrings
too is that if you are making jewelry you know I feel like you always
have to have a variety of offerings right you have like your really high-end piece which hands down would be
something like the meditation prayer pieces um because there's going to be a lot of
time a lot of a lot of um energy is going to go into that piece
and the cool thing too with the meditation prayer pouch is that it literally is a pouch and so you can you
know put something special whether it's a sea glass or you know maybe it's a
crystal point or you know a special an arrow you know like any it it all
depends on how big you make the pouch um and so that in my opinion that would
be that would be your hundred dollar plus item depending on what type of bead
you use and um yeah you know and and if you you know
if you do a Swarovski one uh you know that's definitely going to be a very
high-end piece for you but then you can always have like these really fun and funky
um these are not going to cost a lot to make and once you get your Rhythm down and you know what you're doing and you
don't get your your hip all tied up like I did I mean you can definitely
um make these earrings very quickly all right so let me see what's happening now because I'm going to lose
you know I'm gonna oh wait that's where did the little guy go hello
um so let's see I'm gonna lose about that much
all right believe it or not I still want to keep going
[Music] so this is really
um an interesting exercise because I started off with six yards and
um I haven't used it all but I've definitely used a lot of it already so
we want to keep that nice and tight so I'm just gonna do a little more
because you can see that it's transitioning back into the orange here
okay um so let's see how are we doing maybe a
couple more and then that way I'll get like that you know variegated look
all right let's see what it looks like now so I'm going to hold this up so I'm gonna lose all of that orange
and then I'm gonna lose some of this Orange
so let me put my thumb there is that enough orange and enough yellow
I want to go a little more
see what happens here see what happens here
so you can hopefully get the idea like you know you're also looking at the pattern I I mean I'm using a variegated
hemp so I have the consistency of color but if you were using bits and pieces of
different color different colors of hemp than
you can see that you know you would need
you would need a few different a few different colors to get this
I need to get the camouflage back in because I think some camouflage earrings would be really hot
and the Earth Tone remember how we used uh the Earth Tone for that one bracelet oh my God that was like one of my most
favorites okay I think I'm good all right so what I'm gonna do now I was hoping to do two earrings but
that took a little bit more time but at least you'll you know you'll know how to make them
um but hindsight if I knew I was only going to get one done I would have used the baby Loom as to not waste but hey
I um you know I just did what I did so I'm gonna I did
a little knot right there and I'm gonna come back and weave this
and now it does you know okay cool and then I think I'll do
another another knot before it gets too short and then I
can't grab it so that's going to be hidden by the um
the ribbon crimp so we're just gonna nip that
and we'll do the same thing up here I'm just gonna whoops weave back a couple of times
actually I just want to get going on the um fluffy part so let's just make
another knot
okay so now
so now I've got some pre-cut so this is some more fabric that I found fabric
more yarn that I found at Michael's like years ago every once in a while I'll
just go there and peruse the aisles and you know grab whatever is on sale
but I'm just gonna do some little knots so I'll fold my piece in half
and then I'll take the folded end and I'm going to come under the first
Warp and grab that Loop and then I'm going to grab these two
pieces and pull and then there's the first part of my
little leg and I trim everything up in the end
so let me come under here and I just keep doing this until they're as fluffy as
I want them to be oh wait a minute
oh I didn't do that I listen to me talking to myself I didn't do a ribbon crimp I didn't do ribbon crimp at the
end I'm such a goose I only did one on the top okay all is well in hemp world
almost thought I was gonna have a little boo-boo but I didn't so
just once again see I is something in my brain knew what it was doing my memory
was just a little off whoops start that over again
okay so
you know if you wanted to add like another color of this you could too I
only have the blue I wonder what that would look like maybe I'll cut some of that let me do
these layers and see what happens maybe add like a little a little ice blue might be really fun
so I just keep making the little
little knots these are really fun when you're doing the weaves as well
okay let's see if I can't find
okay finding the end of this might be oh here we go
so when we say for giggles what this might look like
just to add a little
a little um oh a little yeah now you're talking mama nice okay let's do that let's do a
couple of those so I'm just cutting some pieces off
random and then like I said I go back and then
I trim them up according to how wild and long I might want them to be
thank you
yes you absolutely could Robin says that you could add you could sew in
um some beads absolutely you could go back and sew some sequins
on the top of there you could sew in some little seed beads on the top if you
wanted but I think what you mean Robin is that you could actually weave a row of beads and absolutely you
could so I just want to see how we're doing so we're going to have like this little
I will go in there with um some fast grab
glue white glue and I will put when I'm done I will put some under there
to hold that in so I think to I'm going to come back
whoa let me see if I can't sneak oh okay I can hold on I want to see if I
can't sneak a first row of blue in there because I think that'll be that'll look
um well they're really tiny so I mean I guess it just is depends on
you know what makes you what makes you happy aesthetically like
what are you you know if you like the sequins on there
but I'm loving that idea anything with the go big or go home
sparkly is right up my alley
whoops okay this is a little where's my flats
and so I love these because I can't get them with my fingers
so let's do that
I need one more like I think I did a lot on the pair I'm wearing because these are really
these are really um oh I really love this purple and blue together it's
really pretty
okay so let's pull all this back together
I feel like I'm a stylist right now and I'm doing somebody's hair
and the people are going thank God she's not laughs let's see which where did this
come off of
Oh Come Back okay you know what hold I'm gonna get um
the white glue hold on
okay so using my favorite Owens I love turbo
techie it's so awesome and I'm just gonna come up button under
here and get these guys to stay in place for a while
thank you
see I do have the um stylist maneuver though
okay I just got to hold this up to myself really quick to see how it's looking
um yeah I think that's kind of fun like do I want more purple I'm just looking at
it and talking to myself I think it's actually fine
um so I don't know what do you think Joan can you see it you want to bring me up and I could just show everybody where
I'm at it's kind of hard to like get a real visual when it's when it's laying flat
so they're cut they're suit they're a lot are they they're a little bit longer but they're more narrow too
so you could definitely do more of these little guys if you wanted but I think that's kind of cool
and I'm glad I added the second color because it definitely gives it like definition you know like these are fine
because it's like so much but these are yeah that's really hot
hmm I like visualizing a really pretty blue
something like I don't know like a little folk or something maybe in the middle here I don't know I don't want to
Overkill it okay let me come back down to the bottom and what I'm gonna do now is I'm going
to take this one off
and I'm not working with the beads so I'm not too worried about it bouncing but I'm still going to be careful whoa
that was a good Warp if I don't say so myself
somebody's got good Warp all right so I'm going to come over here and
got to be really careful because it's still drying
so I'm just going to tie these guys together and it's the same carefulness that you
you know you want to take you don't want to pull too tight because you don't want to distort everything
so I'm just going to make some little knots
and you know you're not going to really see them so it doesn't they're just going to be a part of the
the design
and not for nothing I mean these you know if you had the right size beads
here's a fun thing I mean you could string some beads onto here and I think Robin
was that is that what you know not what you mentioned but you know we
were talking about adding some some beads I mean you could totally do that so if you had a big whole bead
um that wasn't too heavy you've got three opportunities right here to actually add dangly beads that'd be
really sexy um I'm not going to do that though because I don't have time
that's a great idea and I would love to see somebody do that so I'm just going to be really careful I may not get as
close I might go back later when I can really see what I'm doing
and so that's the bottom and I'm just being very careful as usual
you know just kind of letting everybody
will rest oh that is so sweet oh my God super sexy
okay yes danglies all right so I'm going to come over here now and we're going to do the same thing
these are just precious not for nothing this could be a pendant like if you just
wanted a really cool pendant for um a summer top or like
um your bathing suit you just wanted to like if you're at on a cruise or you're
at a resort and you just want to wear something um
with your with your your evening you know that time frame when you get
off of the beach and then you go sit at the bar
and you have your you have your refreshing drink and then you go back to the room to get changed to have dinner
that time [Laughter] so all right so I'm trying to get these
to relax a little
I'm really stoked about this okay am I okay with all that I think I am I'm
gonna put a little glue on these just because
okay hopefully that'll come apart I don't think it quite matters but I'm gonna put moral or glue
and don't do what I'm doing with the glue oh my God I'm such a horrible that's like the biggest do as I say not as I do
because you know we're supposed to put the glue on a paper plate and use a toothpick the biggest Violator
oh well don't tell anybody all right then I'm just gonna grab my flat nose and my um and I'm real careful with this
let's see so I've just got them in my flats
and just very carefully I'm going to walk that over and then very carefully I squeeze once
let me come up to the camera so I just flips I don't want to lose that and then squeeze so I'm always walking it I try
never to like really go down all at once like I like to walk it
and I do see that I've got some glue seepage so I'm going to go back
and get rid of that and that's why we want to use glue that has that dries
clear and it looks like one of my Tails might have been a hair too long oh well we're just going to add that as an
embellishment and then voila oh my gosh they're so
they're like little fairies [Laughter] like little fairy earrings
let me see now when you come over here you could probably like comb this out a
little and let's see I mean if I don't know I kind of like the length on everything I
don't whoops let me pull it up a little I mean if you wanted you could maybe trim these guys
let me come in I gotta come in at my stylist angle here
oh yeah that's a lot better these will go on the top and then we just need a jump ring and a and a watch
it collie bring me back up really quick Joan
let me see if I can't push that up in there oh well I'm not going to worry about it I don't want to worry oh there
we go it's going to hide okay I'm talking to myself
all right let's see here I don't have a yeah they're really cute aren't they
look how fun oh my God I would tell oh my God they're so fresh
super precious let me see if my um
it's kind of fun to just wear one too huh I don't have all my thingies to put the
hook on like so I was thinking oh I just did it in the same year
Joan you want to come up relieve me of my insane
I can't add the earrings for you sorry this is gonna drive me crazy I gotta
figure out how to shove this little piece back up in there I don't think I can though oh well I'm
not going to worry about it no one's gonna see it I'll sew a bead onto there are you redecorating where are your
background yeah I'm redecorating I'm I've got a oh my God I got stuff going
on Mama and then look at I was oh look it I could even do it look see that could be
my pendant wow it's pretty I I'm already I mean I
think this is a little Overkill but some people could totally do it you know when you're saying wear it to a
bar or something on the cruise ship I can't tell you what I was thinking this
is a business show leave it to Joan here she comes
my hand's like all over the floor it's crazy oh my goodness you fine so next um no so
this Thursday um this Thursday you're going to come on
with silver silk yeah I'll give you a sneak peek of his own project okay yeah let me put up
three colors like this uh his newest um three needle chain which he says is 1.5 I told him it's not
I think it's more like one tell Neil he doesn't know what he's what
he's talking about and I measured it while I was sitting here I mean it's hard to see and I promise
I'll make sure the camera is good on um
oh yes it's very it's it's very and see like this is a large hole Pearl I was
able to stick it in there oh gosh yeah and so you know you could see by us then
it is I make great warps wow and I'm thinking I'll try it before I mean I got
some things planned for the silver silk loom but I well I'm almost thinking you
can use this on the regular jewel loom too I just by the by seeing it yeah it looks
like you could and this would be good for the silver silk loom now this isn't one of the cup let me put just a minute
because he's got a sale going on this week too I know he does yeah and then okay so
um this actually is from this pop-up shop a previous one but he's got knitted leather now permanently that comes in
one foot okay it's not this color I just wanted to show you what it looked like okay that yeah I want to get it that
would be great for the little too whatever he has yeah you want to play with it and so
this Thursday you'll come on you'll talk about the silver silk loom break it down show people what it you know talk
through the things that it can do what you can warp with and make
um and then you're gonna set up the Lumen warp with this new three nib three needle
right what what does he call it it's called three needle chain it's called
three needle chain because it's only made of three needles where you know all those others are made with I think six
or more six okay three and this is gonna be hard for my for my enunciation three
needle shame
[Laughter] yeah needle chain yeah okay
okay and yes that's my baby daddy creation yeah and I he named it and we
didn't discuss it really I mean people have known silver silk for years there was an old product
that was neat three needle chain two it's better oh you know because some of
the things he got rid of and he's kind of bringing it back but you know he always looks for ways to keep improving
products but yeah he didn't like the original oh okay so this is this is new
and improved yeah all right you know and I haven't been around for years several years okay got rid of actually
he never had it in his shop oh okay so it was something he was aware of and
then he just yeah I totally get that I know I was talking about old stock because I have some of the old stock oh
okay yeah well who knows yeah oh go ahead go ahead no sometimes sometimes we
just you know as a manufacturer what have you we're just like
you know we figure out a different way or a new way or a little bit better of a way to do something you know and and so
um but I think I think the customer appreciates that and can I just bring up one other thing
there was a question about um you know I know you've answered it before about how to keep the Loom from
moving yeah you know I mentioned the rubber mat but I also mentioned the sticky mat and this is the sticky yeah I
made it's sticky on both sides and you can rinse it off yeah and I had it in the shop to protect
it yep I did have it in the shop but I don't have it anymore but you can go to and buy it directly from them right and um I think that's you
know yeah because other places they do have sticky mats like this but I don't think they're double I never see the name see
it say double sticky yeah so Zach said she had a call but um so Zach in
addition to what I'm wearing this is the original this is the idea this is the inspiration that was born from Deb
floors pom pom earrings that she did with us a few
months back and then today what I did was a thinner version and so
um with uh I can continue it's a variegated hemp cord by him teak and so
I just kept weaving and weaving um Peak at the top she just used it as the
warps right yeah I you know what that was six yards and I have
this is a jewel that's a jewel yard right so um I know a yard goes from the
tip of my finger to my other shoulder I measured it the other day well just to
be on the safe side I don't think this is two yards at all left so I would say that it's it's going to take a good five
yards to make if you make a long one like this
um so you're gonna I sell it in six yard
sections so you would need two yeah you would need two to make two earrings
so but you know what I also encourage you because I'm not so I'm not so um
greedy uh hemp teak has a consumer friendly website and they sell their
hemp in many different ways so if it's more economically friendly for you to go
to their website and and buy it then blessings because I love them and they
love me maybe they'll give me an affiliate link yeah right yeah I don't
have enough but um you know I've also got a bunch of colors in the shop at 25 off so you
could you could live on whoever whomever you want to um and there's that I mean I posted it
on the jewel loom page what in the last couple weeks but there's this really cool bracelet made of nothing but amp
too where you'd use a variety of color but that's the lazy way out and I got the uh variegated one for you okay yeah
um the very I mean they have rainbow um I have the rainbow the Russ Rasta
Rasta is what they call there's camouflage Earth there's a really pretty what is that one
called that I have it's like a purple blue I can't remember what that color is
called but that one's really pretty too but I love all their variegated I think for what we do it might
I think I'll when I re-do the offering I think I would go with like a few solids
and then all the variegated because we're doing things that lend themselves to that I don't know we'll see there's
so many colors [Laughter] there's so many colors yeah you got a really nice selection in your shop yeah
I well I took everything in the beginning I took all because I didn't know I just didn't know what colors to
pick so I picked them all
put them all on the cart I hate to see the bill for that
it actually wasn't too bad it was there there they're such a great company I
can't say enough about him teak you know me I'm a fidgeter if that's when this earrings I would constantly be
touched you'd be like this yeah I would yeah twirling them in my face my name is
June my name is Joan see I could fly
everyone oh my God and your T-shirt and your
underwear at the hotel that would add ginger on the T-shirt
release your inner Ginger and I had no pants on oh my God
I want to know how all the girls that do their hair like this keep it up high there must be no you know some of them
looks like they have the sticks in it and I don't know how that even stays up yeah it sticks I'm just gonna hold it
because it looks better I think it's cute on you well it's also like it's
falling and I have so much stinking hair that it's like my whole it's like pulling me backwards so I'm
just going to end like this can you make a ponytail at the top and let it fall around or something I've
done that yeah right now I have like 500 flipping
what you call these bobby pins oh okay that's what I thought it would but it's
like I need like a maybe I should invent something yeah
remember those um bumps I need a bump the late 60s and early 70s you're not
old enough to remember that but no but a great big um beehive
well actually and I'm just I think that they didn't they used to put something in there hairspray tons of it
yeah but um yeah and a lot of bobby pins is it just that
back then yeah tons of hair I think it was a can of hairspray for one of those things
there's a hair donut it's because when I was I don't know I
might have been about 10. my best friend her aunt was uh um you know a beautician
and she wanted me to she wanted to get something for me for my birthday she got me one of those beehive things
10 years old this is why you have such a great personality
that's why I know what it feels like it was all Hairspray and bobby pins
and you're so dang cute I love that Joan
it's too fun all right well
Mr B is over here grumping at me you know I stop what I'm doing in the middle of the day because he's grumping I'm I
cook him food like y'all this isn't just like I go get a scoop of dry food and put it in a bowl for this bougie dog I
like cook him organic hamburger meat and broccoli and cold pressed olive oil
that's not what I'm doing you know lay out the mat for the prince the whole nine and he just looks at me
make I had a cat that quit eating um cat food
and um after she was you know had bad case of
diarrhea I guess it smelled like it she would not eat cat food after that and my other cat
was fine with it so I would make her chicken she'd eat that well he's
allergic to chicken so well I'm just saying she's a cat so
your cheese and butter and she gained a lot of weight and I was the one getting in trouble from it from the bed Maria I
made him carrots last night and because I had no more broccoli um so I did do carrots
and he's hit and miss on the carrots like he loves the broccoli and so I'm
good with that because it gives him some of the things that he needs um and he does get a little very
high-end bougie bougie freaking dry food um because it's the way that he gets you
know the other nutrients but yeah he's
he's special very special
come on Bobo are you hungry how come it looks like you got your head wet ah what happened
did it rain there I don't know and it looks like he has blood on his ear I need to go check him oh yeah you better
go okay guys to end on a weird note um don't forget the jewel loom starter
kit 25 I for the most part it's about five dollars in farts yes it gets farts
um uh and the shop is on sale 25 off you
don't need a code just go Shop and Save so yeah I hope you I don't know
maybe somebody kissed them and he's got lipstick on us for I don't know what happened somebody
system no I'm just not glad it's lipstick listen just between us I'm going to tell you what I think it is
so are you wanting this on air I'm with you on air I know where okay
okay it's just us okay come in close
everybody so I don't have to talk so loud so I'm just I'm just saying I think
what it is is he keeps like digging to get to the neighbor's yard
because the new guy over there smokes a lot of skunk weed
and I think I think Marlon Brando thinks it's a real skunk
[Laughter] and I just wants to get high with the
guy you have no idea like I it's
I don't know is that how you still do it I don't even know how you do it anymore but I'm just saying it's a possibility
that he thinks it's a real skunk over there because it smells that bad
would you smoke something that smelled that bad I would not say I don't know Ginger says that's medical marijuana
when it smells that bad oh really well then they're just they're just killing you oh God anyway don't tell anybody I
will if it's Medical [Laughter]
okay I'm gonna go make sure my dog doesn't wasn't stabbed night everyone
I love you