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  • How to Make a Willowy Bracelet on a bead loom with the Serenity Bracelet Kit

    November 03, 2023

    How to Make a Willowy Bracelet on a bead loom with the Serenity Bracelet Kit

    How to Make a Willowy Bracelet on a bead loom with the Serenity Bracelet Kit

    Learn from Jewels’ creative processes, as she designs & creates a willowy bracelet on the loom, usingdecorative beads from the October Creative Soul Box, called the Serenity Kit. Jewel Loom School's goal is to teach different techniques you can add to your weaving arsenal to develop designs of your own, besides showing you how to make the designs our artists create.

    This tutorial is broken down into 5 parts. This blog will be updated as each part becomes available. Part 5 on how to finish the bracelet will be on Jewel Loom School Live, Thursday 10/9 at 4pm PT/7pm ET.

    Here are the tutorials for this project. Currently we are having an issue uploading Part 2, so are offering the same technique in a different project. This blog will be updated, when we get the correct tutorial uploaded.

    Part 1 - How to Warp Your Jewel Loom for Willowy Bracelet:  

    Part 2 - Weaving the Base for the Willowy Bracelet This video was originally 24 minutes long. For reasons unknown to use after several attempts to upload it we finally cut it down to 10 minutes. Weave 3 TOHO Size 8/0 beads across and the length of your wrist down. My wrist measures 6 inches so I weave that length plus 2 rows for extra wiggle room. I will be sewing on a clasp in Part 5 that we will add to this blog. 

    Part 3 - Looming a Willowy Beaded Bracelet on the Jewel Loom:  

    Part 4 - How to Embellish the Willowy Beaded Bracelet 

    Part 5 - Finishing the Willowy Beaded Bracelet with a Button 

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    Transcripts Below:

    Part 2:


    welcome to part two of The Willow
    bracelet that I am creating um I looked
    up the term or the words thin narrow
    streamlined and an alternative was
    willowy and I thought oh my gosh I
    totally love how that sounds I wanted to
    come up with a bracelet that would be
    quick to make
    but not so much just a friendship
    bracelet with a flat pattern but to
    utilize the loops that I know many of us
    love including myself and so we're going
    to be using a size 80 too and we're just
    going to go three beads across normally
    when I do these bracelets I'm going six
    across so that is why we have the um
    warps and they're sounding good and just
    to um go over again remember remember
    you want the bottom of the base of the
    jeel Loom and the top of the warps to be
    no more than 2 in um many times I'll see
    people really just make those warps so
    stink and tight that they um Loom is way
    too too bended and you need to remember
    this is a flexible plastic not a
    bendable one so again the belly of your
    Jew Loom the top right here and the
    warps should be no more than 2 in all
    right so um i' also got my beads on the
    jewel loom bead board this is the cork
    where you could put your needle and I've
    already threaded my Wildfire I'm using
    beige and it's the
    0.006 so I'm going to take a
    seat and what I'm going to do is find
    the end of my
    Wildfire and many people start off in
    different ways I you know usually we'll
    just tie um a little knot right here and
    I like my projects to be centered so I
    have even amounts of warps at the top
    and the
    bottom okay so the bottom and the top
    and usually for me having a 6in wrist
    that means that I go right below that um
    hole right there where the rod was so
    I'm going to place my loom down and let
    me just double check on my shot here
    okay I am working with the loom in front
    of me it's a little bit at an angle this
    is my right hand this is my left hand
    and so I'm going to take the needle and
    the thread and I'm going to transfer all
    of that over to my left hand and let me
    just get that in there I'm going to
    bring the needle under the
    warps and then transfer it back into my
    right hand and then I'm going to pick up
    beads and I'm a scooper so I'll just
    scoop them up like that and then I let
    them all fall I help to guide
    them and as I'm bringing them up and
    under the
    warps I'm going to use my left hand to
    help guide them and you can see that I
    put pressure in the middle here of the
    Loom with these two fingers right my
    ring finger and my pink pinky finger
    this helps to stabilize the loom so that
    when you're working with it it's not so
    Wiggly but you know do
    remember that it weighs very little and
    so obviously you're going to have a
    little bit of a wiggle um you could
    always use double-sided tape to keep it
    from moving around you can work on a non
    um you know non-skin surface there's a
    couple things that you could do also um
    take note that I then bring in my right
    hand to help stabilize the loom again
    and then again bringing the needle under
    the warps and then we're going to pick
    up three more beads so we just keep
    doing this process until
    the um length of what the bracelet we
    are making is
    I'm uh have a 6-in
    wrist and In This Moment and I'm looking
    at sewing on a button clasp I might
    change my mind um I always say to know
    how you're going to finish before you
    start and hey I'm sometimes not too sure
    but in this moment I'm considering
    sewing on a three hole button um clasp
    I'm probably going to stick with
    that and again just scooping
    up letting them fall help helping to
    guide them and then popping them up and
    between those warps and then you want to
    make sure that the needle is going
    through the holes and that the needle is
    on top of the warp if the needle is not
    on top of the warp your bead will fall
    off and that's not what we want um I'm
    going to scooch this up a little bit and
    then I just want to make sure once again
    yep we're still in camera
    view and going to pick these guys up
    three this is where that nice
    meditative quiet time comes in because
    you're just really busy
    focusing and it's such a a beautiful
    my fingernails are currently uh
    extremely short so I usually like having
    a little bit of length on my thumb there
    because it makes as a good scooper but
    we are working with the minimum right
    now when it comes to
    fingernails and I have a a LoveHate
    relationship with uh fake nails I I
    think they're absolutely gorgeous and
    however they're not always the best for
    your finger nail bed
    so it's like
    anyway really does help to um pay
    attention to how I maneuver my hands and
    keep the you know keep the loom still as
    I'm working on
    I am working by the way this is the
    rainbow um Roseline
    Ado it's one of my favorites I think
    I've worked with it uh several times now
    it just do a nice base and in all
    honesty you know it's not often that you
    you see the base when you're um making a
    bracelet like this because it's all
    covered up with the decorative
    beads so you know you could kind of go
    in any way you wanted even if you were
    just trying to use some beads that you
    had I love when it makes that sound and
    you can feel that the beads are actually
    popping into the warps it's pretty
    cool I want to bring this up really
    quick here and just point out you know
    like I'm always making sure that there's
    no excess um
    thread you know that's really nice and
    and clean and so you'll see how I'm
    maneuver my fingers when I'm doing
    that again let's just make sure we're
    good here
    okay always giving it like a little tug
    there and so right now I'm working on
    base for my project for my willowy
    bracelet and um I have four
    warps I skipped one Groove and I am
    using the too size
    eight round SE bead
    you always have a base to your looming
    project and it just depends on you know
    what bead you choose to use you can use
    beads you could use um the square beads
    you could use 6 mm 8 mm 10 m you know it
    just depends on what type of project
    you're making we're working with a
    Loop bracelet and
    so I tend to go with the
    Mostly because you definitely can
    get back through the to make your
    Loops the 11 O's uh would be very
    challenging to loop as with the 15 O's
    so I'd recommend always going with an
    eight um and then you can explore what
    it looks like if you were to use a 6o or
    perhaps a three which uh would probably
    be really
    Part 3:
    okay so I finished my
    base and it's um just maybe one or two
    rows longer than 6 in which is the size
    of my wrist now when I finished I ended
    up having a yard it's just about a yard
    of wildfire left so I kept it connected
    to my piece there's no sense in cutting
    it off since I'm going to be doing the
    looping and what I am going to do is I'm
    right down here at the very bottom row
    and this is my left hand so I'm going to
    take the needle and thread and go back
    through that top row the row above the
    last one and then pull it all the way
    through and then this is where I will
    start my Loops because I want to be on
    the right side and I will take the
    needle and I'm going to come through the
    first first bead and then out and in
    between the first bead and the second
    bead let me get that a little bit more
    in Focus because it's a little too close
    guess okay so the needle is through the
    first bead and then it comes
    out in between that first bead and that
    second bead and then I'm going to
    pull and now I'm ready to make my very
    first Loop
    and so what I want to do with this
    project is I want to have like a
    combination of of well think of like a
    Vine right so I want it to be very viny
    willowy so um the technique with the
    loops is pretty simple the more beads
    you use the bigger your Loops so the
    fluffier your project the less beads you
    use then the tighter the loop and the
    tighter you know your bracelet looks so
    let me just show you what I'm talking
    about these are the 11os I chose
    hopefully you can see those y so I'm
    just going to pick up
    two and we're just going to start off
    small since these are the
    ends so I'll pick up two seed beads
    these are leonos and then the middle
    bead I refer to it as a decorative bead
    and then I'll pick up two more 11os
    okay and then I'm going to go through
    the right side of that first bead
    through the first bead through the
    second bead and then all the way
    and let me bring this up to the
    camera there
    is my first Loop and you can see how
    tiny it is right it's very tiny and so
    we'll do another one
    you can make a loop on every single bead
    if you wanted it's just going to take
    longer um to
    make or you can skip
    beads so I just made a loop on the first
    bead and I'm making a loop on the third
    bead so I'm going to the right side of
    bead and again let me just make sure
    we're in the shot here
    and then there are my first
    two Loops let me just come up
    here there we go so there's my very uh
    first two Loops now what I'm going to do
    so I'm over here on the left side right
    this is the left side of the Loom so I
    turn the loom and I transfer the needle
    and thread to my right hand and
    so we have a visitor so what I'm going
    to do now is I'm going to take the
    needle and I'm going through the first
    bead the second bead and then out and in
    between that second and third because I
    just want to loop on the middle bead
    there so pull through make sure I pull
    nice and
    tight and again since these are the ends
    of my bracelet I'm just going to keep it
    um keep it keep it small so we'll pick
    up one of these pretty white
    beads um I'm still I'm working from the
    serenity bead kit there's just a
    plethora of beads so I'm going to let
    fall and now what I will
    do is I'll go on the right
    side of that bead and all the way out so
    you you're basically just in this rep
    repetitive motion of creating these
    loops on the beads so then we turn the
    loom around so that we're on the right
    side again and this is going to be
    pretty okay and I'm going to take the
    needle and
    thread and go
    through the first
    bead and I'm going to stick with just
    lower tight look for a while here so
    I've got two seed beads and we can pick
    up one of these Pretty
    Pinks and one
    two on the right side of the
    bead all the way
    out and then again picking up
    one two and oh this is
    and then back on the right side let me
    bring this up to the camera for you so
    you could just
    see okay so I'm on the right side of
    bead and I just want to guide all this
    oopsie okay so now I have just within
    matter of minutes right I just have like
    I have um five Loops already and I'm
    keeping it really tight um just because
    again I'm you know going to try to
    figure out my pattern where I'm just
    very organically making it more Whimsy
    willowy so we're back here on the right
    and I'm going to put a loop in the
    middle so I go through the first
    bead and the second bead and then I'm
    out and in between that second and third
    and let's see maybe we'll
    do shall we do one of our I don't know
    if I want those in the middle I kind of
    want to show them off those big guys oh
    this is pretty I've got like a
    frosted frosted white bead so
    one two and then again we're going to go
    on the right side of the
    bead and all the way
    out so hopefully you if you've done one
    of these types of bracelets before you
    can see that the
    thinner um base really allows you to
    quickly so I'm
    out just do let's just make sure y okay
    always want want to make sure that you
    know your threads are actually pull tot
    and that they haven't accidentally
    grabbed one of the loops cuz that's a
    bummer okay so we're going to pick up
    one two and I think you know I think in
    I'm going to grab one of my
    daggers let's just see
    what what happens with that so we'll do
    that oops
    and we're going to go to the right side
    and all the way
    out we just want to make sure it's not
    twisting here so I'm just going
    to Y let's see how does it look we
    good yeah perfect okay awesome awesome
    that's going to look really
    fun all right and then we'll do this
    next Loop
    one two and what do we got going on here
    this is always the the hardest part
    right is like
    picking picking your
    beads a little action going on behind us
    and then one
    okay and we'll push those all the way
    out awesome so I am just going to keep
    doing this we're just about at 10
    minutes here so I want to make sure that
    this is a easy view um I will keep
    working on mine and you can follow my
    pattern I will probably gradually add
    more seed beads maybe just to to get
    like a little more loopy and so just
    remember less seed
    beads tighter the project right tighter
    look smaller the loop the more SE beads
    use the bigger the loop the more fluffy
    so I might do a combination we'll see
    I've got a lot a long way to go so go
    ahead and get started and um I can't
    wait to see your
    expression of this will

    Part 4:

    0:02 hello hello hello okay we were having a

    little bit of a moment of uh trying to
    go live and um and I got the okay from
    the queen in the background that I could
    touch the blue button because we all
    know that I am typically not allowed to
    do that hey everyone how you doing um so
    happy that you are here it's Juliana the
    mama of the jewel loom and today I've
    just been having so much fun with this
    project I mean really I just I've really
    was thinking about how do I design
    something that's a little more quick you
    know not necessarily a friendship
    bracelet because we did do that and
    those are easy peasy pumpkin squeezy you
    can you can knock those out of the park
    all day long um but yeah so you know I
    was like well what can we do and then I
    was thinking how we I love the look of
    the loopy bracelets but you know they
    take they take more time right because
    we're going six across way down for
    different sizes and We're looping and
    We're looping and so I was like well
    what could we do that's thinner except
    for I didn't really want to use that
    word and so I looked and of course you
    know you can ask the Google what's a
    different word for thin narrow Etc and
    it said willowy and I was like oh my
    gosh that's like so precious I'm totally
    going to to use that and to do that
    so um pretty much let's just be honest
    it's half of a half of a
    bracelet we can make it sound cute and
    all that snazzy stuff but really just to
    help your mind if you're trying to
    process it it's literally half of a
    bracelet and so I'm really excited about
    it let me um just back up a little bit
    part one where I warp the loom is is
    up part two is being a pain in the
    butthole I am just here to tell you uh
    we've been trying to upload part two all
    day long don't know what's wrong it's 24
    minutes long it's not having it I'm
    going to go try to hijack somebody
    else's Wi-Fi and um part three is up
    part two easy peasy it's just building
    the base you're going to do um well
    you've already done the four warps in
    part one you're going to add your three
    size a Toho beads to build the length of
    your bracelet most of us have done that
    a hundred times and if not you can um
    enjoy the friendship
    bracelet series Joan that would be a
    good one to share if if we can't get
    part two up right away and somebody's
    never built a base we just did that so
    that would probably be a great link that
    you could share um part three I started
    the looping
    and what I talked about was that the
    loops are either really tiny and tight
    or they're large and they're loopy so
    the difference and I'm just going to
    bring my loom in
    here to show and I am super loving this
    already I wanted to wear it tonight but
    you know I'm not that
    fast so if you take a look at the
    top and I apologize on my end it's just
    kind of like going really slow hey by
    the way I'm back in California I know
    it's just so crazy um back in California
    back by the military base Lord only
    knows what I'm up against when it comes
    to Wi-Fi and communication so just bear
    with me but the beginning of the project
    right here you could tell it's very
    tight-knit I did two seed beads a
    decorative bead and two more seed beads
    and I did that pretty much I think on
    the first five to six rows and then I
    just came
    in with this big bead isn't that so cool
    and it's like laying let me go let me
    tilt here a little bit and it's laying
    on the rest of the vine like a flower so
    what I did was I picked up six seed
    beads these are eleos by the way they're
    Tojo eleos one big decorative flower
    bead and then six more um
    Leos and so I'm trying to hold this nice
    and steady because as far as my view
    goes it is looking um a little in and
    out of the I don't know Joan is that
    what you're seeing does it look a little
    a little slow does it look okay you
    could just give me a thumbs up if if
    it's all okay on your
    end the faces she is making right now
    Priceless I don't even know if she can
    hear me um so so moving little little
    blurry okay okay sometimes what happens
    is after the show it actually corrects
    itself so um let's just hope that's what
    happens but
    anyway um okay it's narrow yeah yeah I
    I'm loving it narrow so this bracelet is
    going to be a combination of picking up
    the amount of seed beads that really
    speak to you in your pattern visualize
    Vine visualize you know like the boken
    Vila right boken Vilas are my favorite
    and when they're a Vine they're
    absolutely divine right they're they're
    climbing up the edge of something and
    they're all you know some of the booken
    Vilas are are just sprouting everywhere
    they're in big bunches and others are
    really tight uh to you know to the
    branches so um let me go ahead and I'm
    going to in this collection here find
    my find my
    needle and where I left off was I had
    made two more Loops so I have the um the
    two seed beads a decorative bead and two
    more seed beads and so what I want to do
    now and I think I I think I talked about
    this I really wanted to kind of go bold
    and by the way this is the serenity kit
    this is the creative Souls Serenity kit
    there's still seven of those left really
    not sure why this is
    blurry hey Joan what happens if you put
    me back up on the screen does it balance
    it out at all I know it kind of changed
    when you did that can you put me back up
    with the
    overhead let's
    see I don't know I don't have a clue if
    that's going to help or
    not all right well what we're going to
    do is because this dragonfly bead is
    pretty big and it basically is just
    going to be sitting on the base of the
    bracelet I'm going to pick up two
    Leos okay and then I'm going
    to insert that needle into the bead and
    then I'll pick up two
    more so the dragonfly be is basically
    sitting like it's
    on let me just hold
    that and then we're going to let's see I
    want to see where I want to go
    in my goodness what is the military
    doing Lord only knows so I think it's
    going to be this
    row right here so I'm just gonna I'm
    coming down a few rows so right now all
    of these rows are going to
    be um they're going to be empty let me
    do one thing let me do one thing here
    because I'm not digging the
    iPhones let's just see for
    giggles and Joan can you remove the
    thank you and can you tell me if this
    looks I could just see by my fingers
    that this looks a little better does it
    look a little more
    clear she's she's going ah just a little
    all right well we'll just do this for
    right now because this is going to be a
    short presentation and then I'll come
    back up so I'm going to take the needle
    and I'm going to go whoops going to
    attempt to go
    through so it's a little wonky because I
    just I got to get it stabilized there we
    go okay so now my dragonfly is really
    stable and I've got it
    connected and what I want to do is I
    don't want to let that go so I'm going
    to sneak in here Whoop I'm going to
    sneak in here and I just went through
    that first
    bead and I want to get something up here
    to Nest that in quite quickly so let's
    just pick up
    one two I'm bring these beads in a
    closer okay
    and um um what haven't I used I don't
    want to use a dagger I'll put a dagger
    over here um let's just do something
    simple so that it doesn't take away from
    the dragonfly so I'm just going to pick
    up a little round bead and then two more
    beads and we're going to go through all
    the way out and this is going to be our
    first our first blue
    oh perfect see how that's going to Nest
    up to that this is going to be so
    incredibly cool when it's all done all
    right and now what I'm going to do is I
    want to dagger I've been trying to space
    my my daggers
    out so let's grab one of
    these and then we're going
    to grab two
    and we're going to go all the way
    out so part three um I highly recommend
    you go back and watch because it really
    does show you the ins and outs of the
    process and so when you get done oh my
    god seriously I can't wait where am I
    showing it
    to tell me this is not going to be so
    stinking cute when it's all
    done so before I go any further because
    we've just got like a short period of
    time here together since I uploaded so
    much stuff today and I apologize I do
    have an appointment that I have to go to
    that I totally forgot so I'm wanting to
    add another big one and then where's my
    other hold
    on I'm want and then I'll probably make
    this dragonfly kind of like come up so
    this is my plan is is to
    alternate the daggers that are in the
    kit right to build up higher Loops lower
    loops and to use three really big beads
    that usually I stay away from but this
    time I was like Oh no you're
    mine and so try to space it out when
    you're laying out your pattern so that
    it all makes sense unless you don't want
    it to because it makes sense however you
    want it this is just what I like to do
    okay so whoops let me remove these two
    then let's see do I have to turn yeah I
    got to
    turn and now I'm just going to put a
    loop I'm going to put a loop in the
    middle so I'm going to come up in
    between the second and third
    bead oops
    uhoh what happened
    here oh Jules what' you
    do don't screw up the
    project oh my goodness I think my uh my
    thread is just having a little too much
    fun with all of these Loops let's see
    happened definitely something you want
    to pay attention to don't go too fast
    like your Yours Truly over
    here okay I see what happened yes oh
    thank you thank you thank you thank you
    all right now where where am I okay so
    am I
    turning maybe I had already
    turned where we come oh there we go okay
    we're good
    gosh oh my goodness so funny all right
    one two I think I kind of want this one
    to be a little taller so I'll do um I'll
    four I'll do four and then let's see
    what kind of bead what kind of bead this
    kit is full of so much deliciousness I
    just don't even know what to do half of
    the time because it's like everything is
    so stinking pretty I'm looking at the
    do I want a big white one right there
    that might be kind of
    fun o look at the leaf oh that would be
    gorgeous okay wait did I just lose a
    bead okay somebody help me what did I
    just do didn't I just have four beads on
    here oh for goodness sakes all right
    one one
    two 3 4 pick up a leaf
    okay and let me
    3 four okay so let's go back
    my Loops want to get attached to
    here oh so red okay so so this Leaf I'm
    going to
    position and then what I'll do is I'll
    come underneath here with some other oh
    that's so pretty look it because it's
    like the dragonfly and the leaf and
    everything isn't that
    sweet okay I want to get in here really
    quick and then I've got to get
    on I got to get on the road but I I
    can't let's see where where am I at okay
    I'm going to just come over here really
    quick okay and I know let's
    um should I do a really look I should do
    one of these These are
    okay and then we'll do
    okay and then we're going to go back
    through the right side of the bead and
    all the way out and then we're going to
    have another loop I love watching them
    come together like that oh that is so
    pretty let me bring it up to the
    camera it's definitely going to be a
    conversation piece all right I'm going
    to make one more Loop really quick here
    and we're going to do
    one whoopsie one they're bouncing all
    over the place and I haven't used a
    copper in a hot minute so let's use a
    copper and
    one two
    so going on the right side of that bead
    and all the way
    out oh my
    gosh so sticking cute all
    right I Absolut okay I'm coming back up
    here so
    silly oh my gosh all right so let's see
    here oh I'm so excited about this
    I love how the dragonfly is sitting on
    top of our
    base and you know you can always at the
    end if you were like oh geez I wish I
    had more Loops in that particular area I
    have totally been known to go literally
    back in and sew
    Loops after the fact like you can
    definitely do that think of the base of
    your bracelet as a piece of material and
    so you can always go back and add
    more okay oh my goodness all right so
    this is where we're at I'm going to
    continue to work on
    mine and I just want you to keep in mind
    that you can you know if you pick up two
    seed beads and you pick up a decorative
    bead and and if you're haven't watched
    part three yet a decorative bead to me
    means anything other than a seed bead
    right so it can be a 4
    millimeter round it could be a flower
    it's a decorative bead okay so if you
    the less seed beads that you pick up
    decorative bead two seed beads it's
    going to be short and
    tight if you pick up six seed beads a
    decorative bead and six more seed beads
    it's going to be loopy okay so all right
    I am getting the timeout
    signal referee Joan is in the background
    there um hopefully this helps you to get
    started again this is all based off of
    the creative Soul Serenity kit there's
    seven kits left as before I went on air
    there were there were seven left um
    Trisha made a Barret last week I'm
    working on the willow we um bracelet I'm
    also going to do some earrings I mean
    there's such you could go all day long
    with this kit there is just so so much
    in fact you know what just pull up my
    overhead really quick Janes so we can
    everybody so this is and everything that
    I have used on the bracelet seed beads
    are not included in the kit it's all
    decorative so you have all a strand of
    these gorgeous pinks you have a bunch of
    Big Stone in fact there are some
    gemstones in here too um I don't know
    where I put them they're off to the side
    here here's the others so there's so
    many and then these antique pieces
    there's a button in there just a lot of
    I mean look at it's just like all day
    long and all of this is in the kit
    except for the seed beads all right so
    yes part one live part three live this
    is part four
    part two is building the base we're
    trying desperately to get it uploaded
    part five I will take it off of the Loom
    and I'm choosing to sew on a button
    clasp that's how I'm going to end this
    particular project so I hope this helps
    and um it is a little bit of a quicky
    live but I know that you all have been
    consumed with a you were consumed with
    the baby daddy before the baby mama
    right so you got a little you got a
    little n and a little Jewels Lori I miss
    you yes thank you these are these are
    delightful and delicious yeah so and I'm
    going to put my ring on because like I
    said I have a an event to go to tonight
    so I've got my ring I have my wrap
    bracelet I have um a beaded bracelet and
    then this is n silver silk around my
    neck and I've got the um the Disco kit
    and and some little wired artistic wire
    little chunky monkey um wire beads so
    and my jersey Hoops even though I'm in
    again all right love you guys I miss you
    too honey I'm
    sorry uh gotta go and uh I will see you
    again I'm gonna try to come on this
    weekend and review those 30 new beads
    that are in the shop
    and remember when you're a creative Soul
    member you get 20%
    off all day every day when you're a
    creative Soul member all right so if you
    buy the serenity
    kit that's what's going to go down
    um if I haven't tagged you yet though
    your code will not work so if that
    happens to say hey jeles tag
    me and I
    will all right love you guys love you
    you thanks uh for your patience as i d
    drove it back across country again but
    thank Jesus I got here good so all right
    gotta go love you and I will see you
    again hopefully this
    weekend all right bye am I ending are
    you ending Joan
    Part 5:
    hello hello hello hello Maria hello Sherry welcome welcome to juel loom
    School live so happy to see everyone here I'm
    super excited about this project I just have to say
    that this is definitely like one of my most favorite designs like I loved doing
    this so much and it worked out exactly like I was hoping and before I
    go any further the queen Joan is not with me tonight and so I am definitely uh on my
    own I would love to hear from somebody that you can hear me okay and that there's no background noise um if
    someone could just give me a thumbs up and let me know that we're live and that uh The Voice
    the volume and everything is sounding good that there's no feedback that would be really wonderful I see everyone
    saying hello but I'm not getting a hey you sound great awesome thanks Maria
    thank you thank you thank you so yes hey everyone it's Jules Juliana
    Jules Juliana jws as Sheldon calls me um so incredibly
    precious Hey listen I um I'm the jewel loom mama that's right the jewel loom
    Ina is here and Becky is here and this is J Loom School live we are streaming
    live to the um who says the book of faces because I think that's so stinking
    cute so we are streaming live to Facebook and that would be on the juwel loom page and um I don't know I think it
    goes somewhere else on Facebook as well but it's also here on the YouTubes and
    so I can see your comments on YouTube but because Joan isn't with us us tonight I can't um I can't see you on
    the Facebook on the book of faces and the Book of words I cannot see you so we
    are over here on the YouTubes and we're working on part five tonight and I've
    got the bracelet um in my other screen and really I I just I told you I think I
    told I don't know was it last week it seems I I it's like everything's such a blur I was like was I live last week we
    had a little snafu with Tuesday and so um I think that's what got has me a little discom but um uh oops yeah let me
    use my other hand for that and so we I was talking about how when I designed
    this project I did it based on wanting something that was more narrow
    specifically so that it could be done quicker so typically when we make this type of a bracelet it's six rows across
    lots and lots of loops and it's absolutely stunning but it takes more time and so
    that's where I came up with the name willowy and so that is what is right here and in addition to only going three
    across I I got a little bold and look at the big beads that I
    used I really really love this bracelet I am just so in love with
    it I love how it turned out I love ooh excuse me there's like something overcoming me that is so weird you know
    what it is we I'm back in California and so um the Santa anas yeah so I haven't
    sneezing all day they followed me into the back here and so uh pardon me if I
    sound a little stuffy but that is why uh but yeah I love this bracelet it was
    just so much fun I used the components and I'm just going to try to sneak those
    in here right now by by the way I bought this cookie sheet at the dollar store
    which isn't really a dollar anymore everything is a125 I don't know if you knew that but
    and maybe I'm late to the party so I bought this um cookie sheet
    for a125 and this is how I'm hosting storing
    all of my projects that are in process but look at all of the beads that are still left over from the Serenity kit
    now there's five of those kits that are left you can find them on the jewel website the 11 O's do not come
    with the kit okay your 11 O's and your 8 O's are are purchased separately but
    there is a ton of beads that come in this kit and so um I know that two of
    them flew out the uh the door today listen if you're a creative Soul member
    and you paid for um last month and this month for the creative Soul member ship
    I may I sent you an offer on the serenity kits this morning and
    um you should take advantage of it so if you if you didn't see that text
    basically for uh creative Soul members that are current who have November uh
    coming to them still because that has not gone out you can get the kit for
    $25 which is ridiculously awesome and I'm going to put it into your
    box and I don't think there should be any extra shipping and if there is I'm going to cover
    it so who's your girlfriend who's your girl Jules right
    here so there's only five of those left if you're a creative Soul member and you
    want one of those you need to get on on that uh if you're worried about losing out on that
    and you go buy one right now it's at regular price I'll re reimburse you immediately for that 20 extra bucks okay
    so or you can text me and um and I can send you an invoice all right okay so
    let's get to business um part one part two part three and four are all live up
    on the YouTube channel and so you can if you're just joining and you're wondering
    well it's already done that's because this is part five and I'm at the point where I'm going to take it off of the
    Loom and add a class I definitely highly recommend that you
    know how you're going to finish your project before you start
    it sometimes it's hard I started off with thinking I'm going to sew on a thre
    hole button clasp and then this afternoon I'm in my little tool chest
    looking at all my other different options and then I circled right back around and I'm sewing on the class but
    it's always important to know that because because especially if you're doing something really wide you know
    some of the clasps out there are only so wide and then you know you'll have to Source it if I don't have it so it's
    just always really a great idea to know how you're going to finish your project before you start it and so I am going to
    use the three hoill button again I looked at it a few times and I was like oh is that what I really
    want to do but in the end it is and so you can see that it's going to actually really go well with the bracelet because
    there are other round um beads so Gloria
    says the serenity kit was what you sent in the October yes Gloria it is there
    are extra kits and so if people wanted an extra kit discounted because maybe
    you just wanted to make more fabulous things with those beads I offered them
    to um to you and the rest of the creative soul community at that
    discounted price and um and then again as long as you're getting the November
    box I'm going to put it into that box and even if it does weigh a little bit more I'm just going to cover the
    shipping so it's just more yeah you got it okay yeah so when that happens I like to
    if we have extra kits then I like to um at some point in the ball game just say okay I'm G to stop selling them and then
    offer them to the creative Soul Community so there's my Spiel on that all right so
    I am going to I have to do all the things like a big girl okay make myself
    small and ah gosh I love this project so much
    okay so I'm going to take it off the loom but first I do want to point something out I just hit my
    camera uh by the way I think the picture is looking really good I went ahead and
    uh I did secure pure what's it called uh like a Wi-Fi hotspot so I'm not I'm it's looking like
    I'm like it's really good I'm paying for it so after last week I think it was
    like the blurriness just really had me so discouraged so I was like Jules you have to just bite the bullet and uh and
    get the Wi-Fi hotspot especially you know being next to the military base and stuff so what I'm going to do um I'm
    going to go ahead and turn my jewel loom over and like I've mentioned before and
    I'm going to scooch over myself I'm going to take the project and I'm going
    to hold it in my hand and then I've got my fingers and it's kind of like I'm just sandwiching the loom and the
    project in my hand because when I cut the warps I don't want all those glass
    beads to you know pound down on whatever surface I'm working on so I have a
    securely in my hands and let me get the the warps up here this is always the you know oh my
    gosh all right so all is well there and we'll put the we'll put the fabulous
    jewel loom that is flexible not vendable over to the side should be in
    my advertising right okay and I also want to mention that when I left off I
    still had a plethora of thread like I did have to rethread in the middle of
    my project and I was probably a little overzealous um but that's okay and um so
    yeah I have a lot of leftover thread and I'm just going to keep that to the side and so in the meantime here I've got my
    piece oh my gosh let me just put it on my oh it's so oh my gosh where we at
    where we at y'all come
    on come on I feel I feel like I'm going to go
    into a sermon can I get a
    amen seriously so stinking cute and awesome I'm totally in
    love with this all right I'm just going to do the pinch test here let's see how we're doing oh okay so this is going to work out
    perfectly for my wrist because I'm going to on the button it's going to add right now those two ones were pretty much
    kissing with just a little um little leeway and um oh my God I so love this
    okay this is going to be my new jam I'm gonna be doing these willowy willowy things a lot I could tell because I got
    it done so quickly you know and I just I've been listen bead weaving is not
    stringing right you it's just not going to happen like within you know a short short amount of time if you're making a
    tiny little piece I don't know you might be able to get something done in 30 to 45 minutes but all in all it does take a
    little bit longer so I think the streamlined three
    across with the looping and the bigger beads and it just looks fabulous okay I
    got to stop ooing and aen will be here all night um first things first I want to make sure that I don't get that piece
    of thread that I need to sew on with and let me make sure I'm in in the screen
    and what I'm going to do I feel like I still have to scooch a little I've got these four warps and so I'm just going
    to tie them
    together I am sorry but I am not a fan of daylight savings I think it's
    silly and I'm going to look very Angelic now but that's
    okay so we've got the um I don't know how people live without you know like an
    a light cuz I absolutely cannot live without
    mine okay I got to make sure that you don't distort your warps I'm going to come up a little higher here awesome
    thanks Janette okay so I'm just going to do I don't want to tie that guy I want to tie these two
    guys I hope everyone's doing
    well so I did Let's see we were together last week and um so you know that I
    drove back across the country um on my own like a big girl with a dog I had so much fun I never
    once turned the radio on I didn't listen to anything I literally just was brainstorming and um you know I'm a
    big prayer so praying a lot tripping out on all the road signs some of the
    message some of the Billboards are so funny uh so I was having a lot of self
    Giggles with myself um do you think size six beads would work well instead of
    8os I would I think so why not and um
    it'll just it'll it probably will go a hair
    faster um because you're not really going to in the end see the the base but um if you
    have them use them I'm I'm in for all that not 11 O's though because 11 O's
    are too tiny to go back through and that's how come we want to stick with an 80 but do a 60 I want to see what it
    looks like there's your challenge mama so I'm totally being a little
    overzealous on this because I'm trying to talk and tie knots I know that I did
    enough but I'm just going to do it again so you can kind of see that I'm
    just grabbing them and um and then tying them
    together but yeah okay so what I want to
    do next is I'm going to trim these so they're not in my way while I'm
    sewing always another scary part right
    and because I want to get that hidden I'm just really really care carefully
    going to bring in my Wildfire um burner and I really would encourage you to get
    to know your burner and you know play around with the idea of using it on
    these strands on these warps that are very
    very tiny so what I do is I just kind of I try to get the top
    there and I'm pretty sure this was a Wyatt or Meredith method so they just
    kind of create like a little Ball but you don't you got to really pay
    attention because you don't want to you know burn the
    wrong the wrong part so it's kind of like you're just
    fraying okay so I'm not going to I'm not going to press my luck okay so I'm just
    going to tuck these down a little bit and I'll go back in and
    and clean that up let me just make sure I'm in the screen here and I have my button and I want to
    start with the pretty side of the button facing down so I'm going to put that over here
    and what I'm going to do I am feeling like I need
    to come down a row because I feel like that top row is
    just a little too Loosey Goosey uh oh what's going on
    here okay if you ever have trouble pulling your needle bring in your
    flats and it just helps to avoid a
    breakage okay and you could see I have a ton of
    wildfire whoops hi
    Carmen Jan will be pray proud I'm in the frame everything sounds
    good oh my god when she said she wasn't gonna make it I was like oh
    no uh oh something's going on here I just got so much um oh come on Jules don't screw
    this up oh I got a knot in my Wildfire yeah you got to be really careful when you got this
    much slow slow slow okay so all right I feel like
    that's a little bit better okay so I'm going
    to um let's see that bracelet
    was the two ends were meeting pretty well and this is going to add another half an
    [Music] inch I don't know if I want to I'm I
    guess I'll do two I'm going to pick up two I'm just trying so like the
    more you were to pick up the more you could actually like add length to
    your bracelet [Music] um if you needed to but my two ones were
    kissing together this is going to add a half an inch I don't want it to be too loose oh I'm feeling
    like all right I'm going to just go with it if it's too big it'll be somebody's
    gift all right so then we're going to go through the back well that's actually the front of
    um the button hole there and then we're just going to
    pull and that's the first hole
    okay and then I'm going to take the needle and I'm going to go back through I push this away and then I'm going back
    through those two
    it's like surgery you know at first it just just
    kind of like uh how's this all going to come together that's why you want to go slow because you're just you've got so
    much going on and then just very carefully we're going to bring it all back together and
    tighten it up so that's
    cool okay nice then I'm going to take my
    [Music] needle so I'm over here on the way
    outside and I want to come back through the right side of that
    first bead and then I'm going to come out I'm coming out the left side of the
    second and in between that second and third bead so the needle is like going
    towards my left side and then very carefully again you
    don't have to work with this much wild
    fire it's just that that's what I had left so I kept it
    intact okay and then I'm going to pick pick up another two
    and we're going to go through the front side here of
    that middle hole there are phenomenal stepbystep
    photos from the jewel loom Inspirations book which I did finally hear back from
    the attorneys at the publisher I do actually have um the rights back to my
    book and now I'm just um in the process of figuring out you know the software of
    how to add it to the website and um make it a downloadable I
    won't be printing it it will just you know I don't have I don't
    um I I want to make sure I have the type of software though to where I think you would be able to download it I think
    there's that kind of software where you could have like the option of downloading and printing a copy but that
    would be an awful lot I think it's like 116 Pages if I'm not
    mistaken I don't know why the yeah you got be careful when you're working with a lot of Wildfire because it likes to
    kind of make little faux if you have too much it can make like a little faux
    okay so that was the second one let me bring that up to the camera
    so and then again I'm just going to the
    front side there of the button yeah I think there was 116 pages in the book if
    I'm not
    mistaken yeah Maria I think so too and I I think it just depends on the software
    program I have to look into that and
    see I feel like this is one of those like when you're putting mascara on and your
    tongue's hanging out of your
    whoops I just want to be careful that I don't like have this big
    crazy okay there we go okay awesome
    beautiful all right so let me see let me bring this up is it 112 not including
    the cover I can't tell you because I don't have it in front of me but it must
    be it could be mhm I don't I gosh Maria I did it so long ago but I
    don't know if anyone's got a copy handy I'm still kind of
    unpacking and getting things organized again so right now I've got I have the
    button Marie is all I have it in front of me I love you um I have the one end of the button all
    sewed on but I want want to make
    sure that it's really nice and tight so I'm going to go
    through I'm going through the row below the row that I just so it's
    row two we're just going to bring that up oh
    a little tight there so I'm bringing in uh oh come on
    buddy o that was a tight
    one that one made me
    nervous you also just want to make sure that you're not grabbing anything that
    shouldn't be
    grabbed okay so I'm going to because I have so
    much stinking
    thread whoopsie hey
    hey where do we
    go selling a lot of wildfire right [Laughter]
    now did you really need two yards Jules
    so the funny thing is that I didn't intentionally mean for that Loop to be on the back side but the fun thing is
    that it's going to help to kind of help me clean up those
    knots because I want to push them down I'm I have some white Glue by the way um
    to the side here I have the means fast grab tacky glue and I just put a little
    bit of it on a paper plate with a toothpick and
    um I will fact I'm just going to do that
    right now I'm just going to put like a little bit it dries clear and I just kind of
    want to get these guys a little secured and I'm tucking them in between
    the the beads so I'll have to clean that up a
    little so if you're um just tuning in this is the whoops this is the
    willowy bracelet basically the word willowy was an alternative to thin
    narrow skinny um I just wanted it to have a cute
    name oh sweet baby come on don't do that to
    me I don't know why this stuff is wanting to tangle
    itself is this a thing and I don't know oh boy well that could just be my
    final you're done okay so on that note we're going
    to go ahead and cut and I'll just do well
    shoot hold [Music] on hold on let me see if I can't back
    myself out boy that really bums me out why is that stuff doing
    that because I'm just working with too much I
    guess I'm backing myself out of this last row and I'm going to see if the
    needle gods are in my favor I'm just going to try to literally back all the oh thank you
    thank you thank you it worked am I out of the
    frame okay so the the only thing is this silly knot is right there I don't even
    know if I'm going to be able to do what I'm thinking I want to do let me see for
    Giggles if I can just attach myself to the side right there was like an operation now we're in
    operation save the save the day mode here I think we're going to be fine it's
    just going to be a little wonky
    Rando is scratching out the door See My worry is that I'm going to
    get this knot in here nope it's going to work thank you thank you so I'm just
    trying to get like a little knot going I don't know if that worked or not
    okay so I'm just going to trim this and then I'll use the wild fire burner
    to make a little
    ball so I just I'm like pouncing on it like I just take the top there and then
    you're just making like a little ball and and now I do believe it's Meredith who has shown
    this okay what's that
    okay so let's just look at it from this side Okay cool so we have oh that looks
    really good okay oh I just love this bracelet so
    much um I'm like really in love will you be getting in more starter kits I you
    know funny I was just sitting here Cecilia yeah so but but they're going to
    have a different bead configuration but I
    um but they'll still be you know they'll be great um but you'll get the jewel
    loom the baby jewel loom the needles the button and the hemp cord but the beads
    are going to be probably the 5 mm fire polish beads but you'll get more because
    it'll take like a five strands instead of four strands a 6 mm so if that's okay
    hopefully they'll be you know it's always nice I always try to do nice things um one of the things that I'm
    thinking of and I've done in the past especially since I accidentally took that last Loop That was supposed to be
    on the front of the bracelet and now it's on the back of the bracelet which is so fine um you could
    do that like if you want to go back and kind of like do Some Loops in that area
    where you tied off and you don't really if you can't really hide the knots very
    well then I have gone back back in here and actually made loops and it's kind of
    just like a nice Finishing Touch so that your back side looks as pretty as your
    front side um I will end up doing that so
    after the show probably and then I'll take a closeup so that you can best
    understand what I'm talking about okay so I'm going to turn this
    around and there goes Mr Brando barking
    my tough guy um I do need to figure out how much of this is usable because
    there's a knot somewhere where' the knot go there it is okay so let me cut
    this and we'll put that over there and then let's go ahead and um tie this in
    how's everyone doing are you hanging in there it's kind of a you know tedious like um and we've done this before but
    you know I don't think you can watch it enough and I think I probably got off track when we were talking about the
    book the fact of the matter is that the the howtos to sew the clas Bon are in the book the photos are phenomenal so
    I'm really excited to have my rights back and um to be able
    well since I have all the files I bet I can even go back and make some adjustments if I need to because it's
    been since 2016 when the book came out I think or
    was I working on it in 2016 I can't remember but but it was in that time frame yeah mb's out there he's not happy
    because I'm not letting him in I think he thinks I'm really his
    mother I guess I really am so we're just going to tie these
    together I'm really happy about it too I think it's extremely
    um powerful and and it's just yeah it's such a good
    thing it's such a good
    thing so just yeah I'm just over here kind of like tying all these warps
    together and then I'm just going to pinch them
    all all the warps here and I'm going to do what we did you
    are 's mother I know I am I'm a French Bulldog he's so
    funny um I don't know if I've ever told you this before but my dad always used
    to when he was a puppy my dad would speak to him my dad is Portuguese but my dad would speak speak to him in
    Spanish and I kid you not when this dog hears people speaking
    Spanish he just like stops and he will listen and it's the cutest thing
    ever so I'm like you're a little Mexican
    Bulldog you're not French but yeah he would love that my dad would just speak to him so you know
    precious in Spanish
    I just feel like I have to make sure I'm seeing these so that's why I'm clutching down to I just don't want to screw up
    okay and then I'm just going to push those
    down and so I have to start now with um a
    new I got to bring in the needle and the thread so I'm coming three rows
    down is it Maria's I love you R's like yeah it was 2016 I got I got all your
    stats right here [Laughter]
    Jules so um yeah I'm excited to make one very big
    change in the book in the acknowledgement area so that
    I can once and for all get uh that out of my life and
    [Music] um yeah that will
    be that will bring a lot of closure for
    me okay so now I'm on the right side of
    the second second row and I've got my needle
    on thread in my right hand and it looks like I'm going to have
    to come up and
    through oh Juliana julana julana you know what I feel like I got to go through this row I just feel like it
    needs to be better attached as part of the whole so let me just do this really
    quick it's really funny because um Portuguese some people think for some
    reason you know that it would be similar to to Spanish but um it's
    not I wrote my Portuguese Grandma a card I remember I think I was in high school
    or right out of high school I wrote her a card in Spanish she didn't understand a word of
    it it was not the same thing
    okay so now I'm taking the needle and thread and I'm
    coming up and out of the um first bead in between the
    first and second bead Maria says I pulled out the book when you mentioned it I don't normally have it in front of
    me okay it's just I'm so grateful that you have it oh let's see
    here um I need to make sure that is the front side correct because
    you do not want to sew yourself on backwards so this is the top side so
    I want to face that down so I don't screw up okay so lay this back
    down and I was just about to pick up two of the
    and then I'm going to go through the back or well the front side of
    the clip
    part okay and then I'm going to take the needle and
    thread the needle and thread taking the needle and coming back
    through coming back through and then you could just tell
    like there's a lot of holding and a lot of guiding and you need to pay attention
    when you're doing this this isn't one of those steps where you could just kind of um
    not pay attention Okay so we're going to pull that nice and taut
    perfect and then uh oh look at I was just getting
    ready to take that Loop okay so we want to tuck these guys
    in and I want to go on the right side of the second bead and then
    out and in between the second and the
    third the funny thing is back in the day on aans all we did was sew on the button
    clasp there you know there wasn't we weren't doing anything else we were sewing on the button clasp
    so I think when I learned other ways to close my beaded bracelets I kind of got
    most you know I got into
    that I got into warping with the cord and adding a button because it just seem so much easier you know because forever
    this is all I did um but I'm relearning
    my passion for this in fact I found the most gorgeous seven
    hole boxed clasp amongst my Arsenal um
    my all of my things and um I was like oh my gosh that so needs to be
    used probably bought it like at a beach shop who knows how long ago okay I've managed to turn myself around come on
    Jules see what I mean it's like you got to pay attention
    okay and I want to get these down
    here okay so now I'm going to go to the right side of that last
    bead okay cool and one
    two and the back side of the third
    there and then back through ow as I'm poking
    myself okay let's get all of this laid out so that it's
    not my goodness he is not giving
    up whoops come on now pull tight okay so
    I want to I want to go back
    through that first row I want these things to be really nice and SN
    snug okay okay straighten that out let me get
    this back over here yeah I'm going to go in there and
    clean that up for
    sure okay and then I'm going to come down to the second
    whoops the seagull are
    out yeah I'm just going to
    secure switch over I was by
    myself come over to the the
    YouTubes oops sometimes you got to slow down or
    you won't you'll miss a whole
    bead make sure I'm in the [Music]
    camera okay and then we'll just do one more and
    then I'm going to knot off
    okay okay and let's see actually I'm going to
    come down here and I'm going to now that this is uh oh don't forget what am I not
    forgetting I'm just going to grab
    come on okay I'm just grabbing one of the
    warps to tie off
    on okay perfect okay so let's see here
    [Music] it's so pretty it's just like a Vine
    like I
    wanted okay where the other one
    here okay and I'm just going to put a little
    bit of
    oops got a lot of whoops just trying to tuck those
    in definitely going to go back and sew some
    so some oh my gosh I'm so excited I can't
    it did we get it oh my gosh seriously I
    can't I'm so stinking happy that I decided to
    use those ginormous beads it's so
    cool oh my gosh so cool okay I'm going to take my
    Angelic light lighting down [Music]
    and let's see we're going to do
    this and actually I think I can now remove that one
    yay oh my goodness okay now I can scoot over and let's see oh my
    goodness yeah
    oh I'm back that was weird I don't know how come that did that am I back now I hope that
    I'm not frozen am I good
    anyway are you loving the thinner willowy yeah
    I I am so happy so so stinking happy
    because it's such a cool technique I love love love looping like that's all
    we did back in the day on aans we just looped and looped and we'd have oh my
    gosh hundreds probably thousands of beads just in fishing boxes everywhere and we and everybody
    was everybody was beating Tiffany was beating Joan was beating Lauren like
    Lauren the whole staff The Producers the talent we were all sitting around
    beating but we were all doing these the really big ones and so you could imagine like it was a process but I love this
    three across okay three80 three six0 janette's going to take that challenge on um and
    then some bigger beads I think this is the ticket I'm
    really stoked about this because it's per it's really a
    showpiece and if you're making pieces for gifts or for your boutique which by
    the way somebody's got something going on this weekend who was it someone's got someone
    has a show this weekend make sure if you see who that is that you um send them blessings but I
    just love this I can't so anyway Serenity kit there were a few left before I went on the air there are a ton
    of beads there's a ton of beads in this kit
    and so um yeah a I love yeah are you looking at
    the yeah these are look I could just take you over here so the large Sun Weaver
    whoops the large wisdom Warrior getting a little fuzzy yeah and nay's Loom and the boo
    boooom the coaster maker yeah they're all very
    beautiful okay so that's my story I'm sticking to it
    I love it I'm so stoked that I get to actually wear something it's not all the time that I
    get the time you know to make something and
    actually get to wear it and so I'm so excited I'm gonna be walking
    around like this hello how are you hello
    hello yeah oh where is your beloved it's right there
    there it is the jewel moom so Robert make that made that
    little [Laughter]
    um okay Robert made this little stand for the jewel loom I don't know if you've
    ever seen it and we never went any
    further it's pretty simple I mean it literally just holds the
    loom what do you think I should have Robert send you one Maria and you can test
    it and you can tell me if you think it's fine just the way that it is cuz I don't
    think it needs to be too complicated and we've had it had it for a
    while so that's that and there is a
    little sneaky peeky right there little sneaky peeky and that is awesome that's going
    to be added soon right there Circle just circle all
    right so we did pretty good it's uh 454 I'm so proud of myself that I didn't disconnect us and that I got the project
    done and um and it's lovely it's so awesome
    all right what else is going on anything else that I need to tell you about I'm working on some other new kits that are
    super cool and the November creative Soul kit the sister
    circles it's awesome yellows and reds and I've got some more vintage beads big
    silver ball things um little things that look like tiny
    little bullets uh yeah and then um oh gosh what would you
    call them they're oh my goodness I'm losing my train of thought of what the bead is called anyway there's a lot of
    cool stuff in that but um I think there's only going to be a couple of kits left for November and I'll let you
    know if and when they do come available so thank you thank you
    everyone thank you for your juwel loom love thank you
    for using the Looms
    because it's one thing to buy a product um but you all use them and every time I
    see something that you've made it just fills my heart it blows my mind and so
    many of you have just been really thinking out of the box lately and I've seen some some pieces and I'm just like
    wow that's so cool and there's just nothing better than to see what people are doing doing with
    your product and that they're actually using it so we love it Robert and Karen
    and the boys are so grateful cuz you are helping you know several little
    families in the jewel loom Spear of things right and so we're all so very
    appreciative so and you're just so you're all so unbelievably um talented
    and I'm just sending you many blessings and favor if you're doing boutiques this
    holiday season I'm you're in my prayers and I'm rooting for you and I just want
    the best for you so um something you could do uh for myself and the rest of
    the jul Loom family would be to share the YouTube Love uh to make sure that you've
    subscribed to the channel that you like the videos that you watch them um but
    that would be really really really great if you could subscribe and like and
    share oh yeah Sabrina got you girl I mean we do what we do when we can right
    so I'm just so grateful that you have the loom and if you're inspired and you're
    happy that's all that really matters as well so okay I want to go take Boo Boo for a
    quick walk because I think that's the problem here he's usually on his last walk of the day by now so I love you guys thank
    you thank you thank you make sure you like make sure you subscribe share the jewel loom love wherever you can that
    helps us that just really helps us to stay afloat and um and so yeah and I'm
    here for you as well so have a great weekend and I um just send you many many
    many many blessings all right love