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  • How to Make a Multi Fiber Coaster on the Boo Boo Loom with a Beaded Embellishment

    December 03, 2023

    How to Make a Multi Fiber Coaster on the Boo Boo Loom with a Beaded Embellishment

    Join Jewels as she makes a special gift for a friend on the Boo Boo Loom, using different textiles. This loom makes squares so it's perfect for coasters and other home dec items. Jewels also discusses ways the squares can be embellished & used. She uses the Micro Tiny Earring making loom to bead an embellishment 

    Have you seen the Boo Boo Bead Weaving Loom yet? If not, you are missing out…great for beginners and advanced weavers! Use this sustainable baltic birch loom to make coaster size patches out of anything you want, including fibers & beads. You can use them as coasters (as long as they are flat enough to safely set a glass on) or stitch them together to form a purse, wall hanging, potholder…only your imagination sets the limits.


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    welcome welcome welcome hello everyone oh my goodness Joan and I were just talking away and
    brainstorming and uh if you don't know Joan dice Joan dice is our uh our Queen
    behind the scenes she keeps track of everything and she's here to answer questions and post links and and what
    have you and so before the show we're always CH chatting and we're watching people come into the room and so so she
    was like oh we have to go it's four o'clock hey welcome everyone how you doing I'm Juliana the
    inventor of the Jew Loom be Loom um where's it at right there the blue the
    blue one I should get like a little wand like a little wand so that I can like point at all my
    babies all my babies that are behind me and so every Thursday we get together
    and we do a live show where really um
    you know I'm coming up with something to share with the audience and to be here to demonstrate how to work the different
    looms as you can see there's a plethora of them over here the family is over here to the left they're like in the uh
    the balcony section of the theater so I love watching everyone chitchat as we're
    getting ready to go live here and Maria was asking how long have you know has anyone
    any uh anybody watching or reading left a project on the jewel loom and it you
    know I honestly responded because we weren't live yet I just thought for
    Giggles I would respond and I said 10 years and that's the that's the truth so
    you know the jewel loom is 10 years old now and so when back in the day when I
    was traveling Jewelry Television uh different places to demonstrate the jewel loom there I had many of them many
    of them that were in some form of you know uh de demo stage you know like they
    were warped they were they had beads on them you know what have you and so so
    Maria 10 years because I literally am talking about the Looms from
    2013 so when the Looms came out in the year 2013 and I was on the circuit going
    to Jewelry Television going to all the different shows demoing I always had Jewel Looms in some sort of stage to
    show um the second part of that was when you took the project off of the Loom 10
    years later which honestly right behind me there are still some on the loom um
    but some of the Looms went completely flat back and I don't know there might have been one or two where there was
    just like a little you know where permanently had like a little bin to it but yeah so um I I read Maria that you
    said you've had a project on there since May I wouldn't sweat it I think you should be fine
    um but by all means let us know let us know how that goes the jewel is almost a
    teenager now yes as long as it doesn't get Cranky Pants we're we're cool with it becoming
    a teenager that's so fun but listen I
    um I love the boo booom I just think it's so stinking cute where's my I've
    already tied on my one right here but here's the booooom so you know I just really when I came
    out with this it was just kind of like for fun because Marlon Brando my French old dog was always behind the scenes you
    know under the table behind me snoring logs like you know and everybody could
    hear him and I thought oh my gosh how stinking cute would it be to have a loom based on you know on my dog and so this
    is Marlon Brando it's the boo boo Loom you've got a five by5 area to work in
    and so we'll refer to it as the coaster maker because I mean let's face it I
    think my coasters are behind me um it mix a square other people I know Melanie
    one time talked about um I'm I'm pretty sure it was Melanie correct me if I'm wrong sweetie but I thought you had
    mentioned one time about making a bunch of squares and then even like turning it into a quilt or I mean you could just
    like sew a bunch of squares together and have a cool stinking scarf like I really
    would love to have the time to do that I think it would just be really fun especially if you
    used product that you already had or you know going to the thrift stores um
    that's one thing about the booooom you know the the product you're going to use will be a combination of Yarns and
    fibers and so ribbons and torn material and I mean there's just so many
    different things that you could use and so here it is the boooom and that's what
    I'm going to be using today um I'm working on a gift for a very special
    friend who I'm hoping um not hoping I have to have it by Sunday so I was like
    well I'm going to take this time and why not share it with you all what I'm going to do and so um the product let me just
    talk talk to you too so I've I've shown you this before I also have it in blue I
    did buy mine it's a very textured very stringy it's so it's really super
    stinking cool um yarn and I purchase mine at my local Michael store um I
    always recommend that you go to your independent store to help support the
    independent small business if you don't have access to that then by all means you can go to your larger um stores like
    your Jo-Ann's and your hobby lobbies and your Michaels but this this particular
    type of yarn I have always found on um
    like they call them power panels so you have your aisles in your big stores right and then on the front you can you
    know you'll have like an endcap and it's got lots and lots of stuff and then in between the aisle and all the stuff
    right there's always that side grid and we in the industry can refer to that as
    power panel because typically it's not as big uh with as many products on it
    but that's where I've always found it sitting and so I do need to go to my local Michaels I don't have an
    independent yarn shop around um and when I do I'll take some video so that I can show you but it's not expensive and I
    would highly recommend I have used it so many times I just yeah it's really cool
    see it almost looks like this one especially it looks like gold chain in fact when I was looking at it I
    was like oh you know it I mean it would be so complimenting right to n's uh n
    silver silk that would be a really interesting project someone needs to get on
    that Joan she's like girl I got enough to do
    so yeah so let's go down um to the table hello hello everyone's coming in
    and we'll see if Joanie can switch me up
    here there we go a and there's my boo boo okay so let's just um we've got the
    teeth really nice long ones up here on the top and then you've got a grid
    that's going to accommodate a thicker material you could definitely probably
    get some of n's um silver silk product in into these grooves and so that would
    would be a really cool fun thing to work with on the Boo boooom as well but I am
    I'm doing my warps in this gorgeous gold and let me just show you right here I've
    already tied off okay so I took this big piece of wood right here and I've
    already tied off and then I've brought the yarn up and over that Groove and it's coming
    down towards me and I'm just going to lay it into the groove at the bottom and then
    I'm going to wrap it around that tooth and just watch How I maneuver my fingers
    so now I'm holding it with my pointer finger on my left hand and I'm going to lay that down into the groove and then I
    let it release but I I definitely want to make sure yep that I've got a nice nice grip
    and that my um my warp is staying nice and taut and then I'm just going to lay
    it there on the top and then I'm going to do the same exact thing on the back and then I'm going to come around that
    tooth and lay it down now for this particular
    project I'm not skipping any grooves I'm just going around and then I'm coming
    back up oopsie so beautiful so beautiful okay
    and then we're going to come back again now I've already got a loom that's completely warped but what and so I'm
    going to go grab that one but what I do want to show you the stuff is wants to grab so you
    got to be careful with that okay so what I did want to show you
    was I love you know even like even like this thickness that would
    make a super cool bookmark and how quick could you do that like you could do that
    very quickly um because what we're going to do next is we're going to do the weave but if you just
    did um you know what is this probably like an inch and a quarter maybe an inch
    and a half thick it's one two three four five six seven warps that would make a
    really nice book Mark and so I thought oh that's a really cool visual to show
    you so um you know like I said I've already got the other one warped I'll just show you a couple more times how
    how my fingers are holding everything and I'm guiding this material but isn't
    it beautiful I just love that and now we're like peekaboo where are you Boo
    Boo and so yeah Carolyn so I'm using um I'm using a ske of yarn that I I
    purchased at my local Michaels and um I've got it in blue I've got it in
    Gold I don't have the the right name I'm going to definitely hit up Michaels this weekend though so if I find it I'll take
    a picture okay so I'm going to go ahead and I think you get the gist of like how
    you're warping it's very similar to what we do with our other looms and I'm just going to put this one to the
    side oops okay and then I'm going to bring the one in that is completely done look
    at how beautiful this is oh my gosh so I'm focusing on gold and a cream colored
    weave um again this is a surprise gift for a friend of mine that I need buide
    this Sunday um she does a lot of really cool stuff I'm so afraid I don't think she
    watches so I'm too afraid to like give you too many details but um but it'll all come together here so I have some
    basic yarn this is just like everyday yarn um you know a neutral color I love
    to just grab things especially if they're on Cale and uh you know just so that I have them in my my yarn Arsenal
    so I'm going to take my needle and I'm just under over under
    over and so when you are working on a piece that takes up the entire
    width okay you just need to Zoomies you just need to guide it now
    this is um three about three yards I didn't really want to work with anything
    that was longer than that because then we'll be here forever pulling it through okay and then I'm going to bring
    in the boo boo comb that comes with the kit and then we're just going to push that up I mean that is like magical all
    right and now I want to go so let me here's just here's a little tip right here let me come up to the camera you
    see how this yarn left off and it's down
    right so it's on top of the second w and it's under the first warp what that
    means is that I now have to take my needle and I need to go over the first
    warp under the second okay that way it'll actually grab the first
    warp so it's like you're switching up the direction okay
    and pull that through
    so you know you could cut a shorter piece if you want to um just depends on
    how you how you feel about pulling it through I think it's fine for me so then
    what it you see how it's kind of like down here and then I'll bring in the comb and I'll push that up a little and
    then I'll pull and then push in pull a little bit more and so you know the
    trick is that I don't want to pull too hard because I don't want to distort you
    know the sides of the warp threads all right this I'm ultimately going to bring
    in my sorry ribbon but I like to start and finish with a basic weave which is
    what I'm doing right now with a basic yarn I just kind of
    feel I like the idea that it is uh um oh what would be a proper word
    like like it's secure you know like it's that it's it's the edging so to
    speak so I like to do that how long of a tail um so on this guy Maria I left a
    tail right now of about you know whoopsie where's it at six inches but I'm going to go back in and I'll end up
    tying that to the side of my um my warp okay so I need to bring bring my
    comb in again and I'm just checking my sides I just I want to make sure it's not too
    loose not too tight it's such a fine a fine line oh this is it just
    makes me so happy when I start to see the actual weave come to life you
    know that over under process it's just so beautiful like the bind off in knitting
    okay all right so I'm going to go over under and really you're just um you're
    just doing this like it's not you know it's not like super difficult the cool
    thing about the boo boooom I love sitting with it um and doing this like
    on the couch or you know the edge of my bed and because it's so solid it almost
    has like its own little built-in tray so I feel like it's definitely one
    of those looms that you can hang out with and you don't have to worry about having like some real solid
    surface okay so let's bring in the comb again all right and I could see that let
    me bring this over here I can see that I've got a little Loop so I don't want that so I very carefully
    pull and again I'm just going to scooch that up so I'm kind of thinking that's
    all I want for that right now that was what three rows and I think that looks
    really good I'm going to have to pull this just a little more there we go okay and by the way the comb says I
    love my boo it's so cute all right so I'm gonna
    go ahead grab my scissors and I'm just going to cut so I just cut those and you know I
    could probably let's see I'm going to come under here all of this is part of the project
    by the way I'm not trying trying to hide these I'm not worried about them like it's all a part of you know what I'm
    creating these are very organic very um
    handmade you know you could even because of this yarn you well either you know
    the yarn or the warps you could probably add some really cool beads this project
    for me is all about the colors though so I'm focusing on the the gold and the
    creams so okay where's my okay let me grab my Sor
    ribbon so I'm just going to put this to the side I feel like I need an extra table
    for this I have so many cool things everywhere all right so here's the Sor
    ribbon and I've got a bunch of them cut at three yards because I just wasn't too
    sure exactly how much I would need again this is very basic coloring you know you
    could use any color combination that you wanted um I'm just putting the Sor
    ribbon on the needle if you're wondering to yourself whether or not you have to
    use the needle you don't if you want to use your hands you could just weave with your hands but um I'm going to start
    doing the ribbon here and we're just same process just under
    over but now when I do this it's going to be obviously it's thicker right so
    definitely want
    to that's a really cool cool look all right and I don't want to get all tangled over here so let's
    just three yards is a lot here we go okay and then I can bring
    in my comb and just kind of scooch that up oh it looks so
    pretty and I just want it to be nice and taut you know like I really want all those look at how pretty that
    is and that's going to be so gorgeous I love love
    love the um the gold uh material okay so we're
    going to go down the cool thing with the Sor ribbon is
    that it's so much thicker that it kind of goes quicker to make these but again
    you you know you can tear material you can
    um you can go to the shop and buy material you can go to you know so many
    times people will take their Yarns and what have you to the thrift stores um so
    don't you know don't pass that up because there's probably some cool finds
    all right so once again now remember with a Sor ribbon you're going to have like you know some of these come and
    they've been tied together and so you just have to you know help sometimes help guide it through there okay and
    then we're going to because here's where we can start getting a little distorted so I just have to be patient and
    slow and then I'm just scooching this up
    look at how beautiful it is already I'm excited about it and there's nothing like making your
    gifts I mean I know we're all super busy but there's nothing better than
    receiving a
    handmade what did you say I put word out
    okay all right and I just want to so so yeah I got a little got a little ribbon
    going on over here but you know there's such a natural flow to it too like again
    I don't want to be so too too worried but I also want to keep the integrity of you know of the
    warps okay all right so before I get too far
    along I do want to tuck this in this tail because I'm going to do the same
    thing this is how I'm this is how I'm attaching just making a
    fun fun knot on the sides I just love how this adds extra
    personality you know it's it's these are the projects that I love on the Looms
    because you really can just have
    fun with how everything looks so beautiful okay I just feel like
    I need to scooch that up a little and we're going to bring this back
    in oops I think I have let me move that over I've got so much
    you know we did this um we I've used the repeat from bolon that's really cool
    stuff it's really a lot more um uh stiff
    so you have like a whole different feel to it you can work with that though if you choose it's a little higher end
    product so you know economically you'll have to like do the math on that one but
    but uh it is super
    cool so pretty so yeah you know if you want to introduce
    weaving to somebody just the concept of warps and WS you know and a basic weave
    like this is such a great way to show somebody and then you know be able to go
    to the next level with the beads and everything but I I love this idea of you
    know starting at this point and teaching people okay so let's pull that a little
    bit more bring in the
    comb so pretty and it looks like we got to come
    under I mean and talk about a great travel
    Loom I mean this this is perfect right right size grab the comb grab a bag of
    all of your Yarns all you really need are a little pair of scissors and you know this would just be
    amazing by the by the campfire you know if You' got a RV and
    you're hanging out and you're traveling or you're going to the resort
    because it's cold and you got to go somewhere warm
    Mexico God I haven't been in so long and I miss it I'm such a a Mexico
    girl let's see I kind of feel like that still needs a slight
    tug cool so yeah just going to scooch that in and then yep okay so
    over want make sure you don't get that knotted
    [Music] this is so beautiful I
    can't just two colors and um wow you
    know sometimes you don't have to I mean of course you know I love color and I love using lots of color but the impact
    that these two colors are having with each other this gold and the cream it's really really
    beautiful so I'm still on my first um three yard
    piece so I thought it would be a good idea to kind of help everybody out too like you know with hey how much you know
    how much was that okay so here's an interesting um little moment to share so
    here's one of those you know areas where these two pieces of Sor ribbon when they
    were being made um most of it comes from India and so you can you know I can see
    where it's been sewn together so you kind of have like this bunched up area so let's just see where it wants to end
    up in the project because I'm not opposed to it kind of
    being um prominent all right let me get the comb
    whoops I kind of like that I think that's cool all right let me get this centered
    in the camera nice all right so yeah so just play with
    those um you know if you do choose to work with a Sor ribbon and you find that
    you've got you know pieces that have been sewn together or what have you and you've got like a little bit of a knot
    just work with it in your project and let it become part of that
    [Music] see that um I just I don't like want to
    distort it so just kind of
    keep it so oh my gosh you guys it so reminds me of like a highend piece at a
    gallery like when you see the woven pieces you know like silky um threads
    it's really beautiful okay so yeah
    down it's also very
    not too much more but I thought it would be fun to just kind of see like well how long is
    this really going to take because they don't really take that long at all especially if you use the
    Sor ribbon so the bigger the weaving material you um choose to use the
    quicker this is going to go because you can see that the area is being you know filled in quite um quite
    quickly and sometimes if this gets bunched up a little too much and twists you can always pull it out a little and
    even it out somewhat if you don't want that look so let's to see
    oh what do we got going on over here
    make sure you can see what's happening
    here wow this so this is pretty impressive so so remember I said I
    started off with three yards so this is really good to know because typically um
    the skes of Sor ribbon have like 10 yards so so you can make quite a bit
    with just one but of course you're going to want a lot of colors
    so okay look it we're almost almost there
    probably have one or two more of the story and then I'm going to switch back over to the regular
    the comb is everything the comb is so
    important okay let's do one more of um of the Sor ribbon
    oops I just need to look at it for a second here okay cool I just wanted to make sure I didn't like miss
    any any areas all right so I'm going to just like I did over here I'm going
    to cut off so probably like five inches or
    so and it looks like I still have a yard left so that's awesome so two yards so
    you could do like five coasters from a 10 yard piece of um sorry ribbon that's good to know good math and then I'm just
    going to come over here and
    let's just give it like a little knot and then I don't worry about trimming these things until the end just to know
    like okay well what do they mean to me do I you know do I want to cut it shorter so I just wait I don't worry
    about it until it's off the loom um okay let me find my I got my other yarn now
    so I'm going to put this
    through okay so this is just that basic yarn that I I did like a couple rows up
    here just to kind of like secure it all in okay so I'll just start
    this oops
    this was also three yards and I barely used any of it
    so okay I am going to cuz it's getting tight I want go ahead
    and I want to go ahead let me get in the camera here sorry going to go ahead and just knot
    this off and let me scooch my
    body make sure we're in the camera okay get scissors out of the way we got
    all kinds of stuff going on all right let's go back the other direction so are we down or are we over
    we're over okay so we're going to come under it's getting a little tight in
    here okay so this is my second one I want to
    have one more if I'm not mistaken
    Robert says he's on he's under Karen's name but it's actually Robert and he's making boo Bo
    looms I bet the I bet uh Sheldon loves it when you make the boo boo
    looms the boys got to meet Marlon Brando when I was out there and they were so good with
    uhoh it's really [Laughter]
    tight oh my goodness is it gonna come out I'm pushing the limits right now I'm
    pushing the
    limits come on buddy thank you yeah it gets a little tight down
    there on the
    bottom all right so this was my third my third row so it should just be
    able to yeah I think I would be pushing it if I tried to get the needle through there
    one more time so I'm not going to do that and I feel like I have a nice Square here so all right so let's see
    let's take a look let me go ahead and um going snip that and then just come
    around here
    and got that now what I like to do
    is I like to I like to I like to I like to
    um you know what let's see for Giggles am I going to be able to do that I don't think so I think I was just lucky with
    that one I think I got it too tight to let's
    see yeah I think I got it too tight this isn't necessary I'm just
    trying to be overzealous and get these off without cutting them it's not going to happen Okay so I'm going to cut in
    here I've got my loom turned uh up upside down uh so this is
    the back okay and I'm just going to take and I'm
    nipping I'm just nipping the warps where they
    cuz I want as much as much of the warp as I
    can feel like I'm giving it a
    haircut okay oh my God
    it's totally got boho Vibes and all kinds of Vibes did I miss
    this okay oh jeez it's so bitching I'm sorry
    about it cute it's so cool oh my gosh okay
    what's going on here these tiny little pieces you can hardly
    see them but they're still attached come on buddy that's so funny
    man this stuff is strong okay there we go holy cow it did not want to come
    apart oh my god seriously I can't this is like the most magical Loom look at
    that you guys come on tell me that is not so
    bitching I love it oh my God the surfer girl in me is coming out with all her
    all her rad words look at how beautiful this is oh my goodness okay
    so let me get over myself all right so what I'm gonna
    do I don't feel like let's see did I already double
    knot that I feel like I did I'm just going to do it again for Giggles so what I'm going to do now is I'm just going to kind of like come in and you know like
    do a little trimming on some of the pieces and I need to come in and
    definitely grab these warps these are short I don't know how I did that to myself but I
    did so let's just I need to calm down because I'm overly
    excited is that possible so I'm just going to take these
    and it's it's going to be a little tedious I did we made Lacy Fringe so
    very carefully I just want to tie some of these together and it's going to be a
    little more fun than humans are allowed to have but that's okay jewels come on
    Mama there we go uh more than likely what I'm also going to do is I might
    take a little bit of aans white glue um since it dries clear and I'm probably
    going to put a dab on each one of these knots for Giggles okay
    so um so that's what I'm going to do to this side and this is going to take a
    while because I don't want to distort the fabulosity of what I got going on
    because I just love how this looks um but I've limited myself with my fingers
    and so that's fine I'm going to do it um same situation over
    here oh my gosh what to do what to do what to do because that's so cool too
    but I don't like how this got loose so we got to figure out let me bring this
    back in so kind of got a couple little strategy things that I need to do
    here um these are longer you know I could do the
    Old Dan could I do the Danielle Wix pull the pull these guys I know I did on
    another one but then I'm going to lose The Fringe up here okay this is going to be a thought process I don't know where
    I'm going with this and that's okay as far as like I don't really want to lose this
    side so probably what I'm going to have to do is go ahead and cut the loops in
    the center and then tie these guys okay but again this is going to be
    a little bit of a process because they're short and I am going to go in
    with some white drawing uh drying glue and just put a little bit in there on
    each little knot to make sure that it doesn't doesn't come apart okay so
    stinking amazing fabulous but wait it's not over so the next thing that I'm
    going to do to this project so I will tell you this my um I don't think she's
    watching my girlfriend that I'm doing this for is like seriously she's a rock star like like she's a rock star um and
    she does like these she does some really cool instr strumental Jam things with
    gongs and and Crystal bowls and and and that's like her side gig cuz really when
    I tell you she's like a rock star she's like a real rock star but um what I want
    to do is I want okay so I'm going to pull this in and show you so I'm making
    on the new configured microtiny earring
    Loom I did uh nine warps AC crossed and uh let's see 1 2 3 4 5
    6 7 8 nine 10 rows I'm not putting loops on the first
    row or the last row because I haven't decided quite yet how I'm going to attach this
    to the coaster to the little mat so I'm kind of envisioning that she could take
    one of her brass bowls and that did I don't even know I
    guess I don't have a brass bowl out here I used to have a brass Bowl I don't know where it's at but um she could put like
    her brass Bowl on here and then there's going to be like this really bitching um
    Crystal piece and you guys are going to lose your mind right now when I show you these okay these are vintage
    Swarovski like 19 late 50s 60s vintage
    Swarovski look at how bitching they are they're um they're Bic cones they're
    little baby b cones and so I'm doing this oh my gosh is this not
    gorgeous I mean really it's so beautiful okay so I'm just going to be doing the
    loops so I'll pull this I'm going to put this over to the side because I I have to I
    know anyway so let's put that to the side because I'm going to finish that and I'm just
    going to bring this in here to give you like some inspiration so um where was I okay so
    let's bring this in and we'll just bring all these sovis
    these deliciousness and I'm not I'm not using any seed beads so I thought it would be
    fun they look like little flowers don't they so I've got of them so let's see
    I'm in the middle right now and let's pick
    up one two
    three whoops four five okay so it's it's all the
    bigger beads and of course it just got really dark out here so I'm going to go through
    and then I'm skipping one and then I'm coming
    out so that's see how I'm coming out with the needle right there and then this is going to make
    oops don't screw it up Jules okay so that just made the third
    Loop so this is going to be like a little you know like a little um a
    little brooch a little decorative piece where I'm going to sew it onto that
    cloth that we just made and then she can either put one of her Crystal bowls on it because they have all different sizes
    she could put her um Mallet for her gong on top of this and that's the reason why
    I went with all the white and the gold um because during these sound sessions
    that she does it's all about you know just being light and um you know being in a calm
    state of mind and so um yeah I'm just hoping she likes
    it okay so five
    whoops and we're just going to go back through the right side of that and then all the way
    out so I'm just going to continue to to do this I might start making the loops a
    little longer so that it's more bushy but I'll bring in um some of you might
    remember when I did this crazy ring so it's the same kind of concept you know where we're making a base and then we're
    sewing in the decorative pieces obviously this ring is super go big or
    go home um and so I probably will start to gradually make the loops bigger so
    that it's more of a presentation and then like I said I'm
    just going to figure out how to let's sneak this in here you know like it'll
    it might I might even have to make I don't know we'll see what happens I don't want it to be like over the top I
    want every element to be appreciated and so we'll see we'll see where it all goes
    but yeah so very stinking cool all right Joan you want to bring me back
    up oh my goodness yay where did that there's like some light on
    me it's the project anyway yeah so I'm just going to go back and I'm going to play with these
    sides very very carefully and um I just love this color palette it's so
    beautiful it's so organic it's so bohoy you know the colors and then to add in
    you know this little Crystal little element on here so that she still has room I mean I know she drinks drinks tea
    right so she could put her teacup on there she could put her Mallet on there she could put her little Crystal bowl or
    her brass Bowl you know so yeah I'll I'll definitely let you all know what
    she thinks when she gets it but the big part is that it's from my heart like it was really important for me to actually
    make her something with my hands to give to her and I know that you all
    understand what that feels like and so you know I will do my best design job my
    best handmade job but really it's also from um from the heart in which this
    comes from but yeah so I'm loving I'm loving the new design on the
    loom and this is the uh earring Loom that was in the Gratitude offer which
    ends at midnight by the way and so you could see where where Robert gave us
    extra room for our hands and let me tell you boy was I appreciating that um today
    and so um the other really super cool thing is I think you can see the notch
    right there so that's where we're tying off now and it makes a world of a
    difference um December 11th is when I'll be doing a full presentation on using
    the earring Looms with the new configuration and so um hopefully you
    got that kit you still have uh what six seven hours uh before midnight to get
    that and so y there were two of these uh the crown beadboard and then the earrings
    that have five holes across and so what I'm going to do is I'm going to use gold seed
    beads I'm going to use gold seed beads I'm going to use the earring Loom and I'm going to just do really
    Sleek sexy gold earrings that attach to those um
    Crown earrings that are also hold [Laughter]
    on that are also coming in your uh gratitude kit so hold on let me show you
    these These are super cool
    okay you see how Robert gave us five holes right there so what we're going to do is we're going to um we're going to
    make the earrings right and I'm using gold I just want them to be really sexy and I'm not going to do a pattern
    I'm just I want long as long as I can go on the earring thing
    um earrings and I want them to be attached to my crown so I'm loving the five little holes to do that with and
    that's what we're going to do on 1211 yeah so and Robert saying something
    um I remember packing yours the kit also has a crown bead and a set yes how do
    you like yours me too I got mine today right after I created an earring on the P
    Loom oh that's so cool just waiting for mine I know it's in the mail yes thank
    you guys I seriously um you really you you blessed all the families all the
    jewel loom families with uh uh the Gratitude offer and Ro Robert's like I
    just I just can imagine him and the boys like you know little eles you really
    should wear elf's shoes and and hats when you're in the in the uh the man
    shed uh making all of these pieces because I know it's a lot of work but
    you know we do um we've talked about this before like the wood pieces aren't just sitting around
    like we make them to order because we don't want the wood to be damaged or you know anything to happen so you know it's
    a process and um Sheldon is kissing every
    box I love that kid that is so cute all right well I think I'm super
    stoked now I'm like looking at the crown going how can I I might have to sew oh my heck what if I
    sew o o see what I'm saying look how cool oh
    my God okay I might have to figure out how to
    add the crown oh okay my mind's going all over
    the place right now and then having that somehow attached
    to our handmade piece here so like we've got this piece that's got to be finished and come off and then somehow you got
    the crown you see where I'm going maybe that oh my God I can't wait to finish
    this yay I will definitely get it finished like I said it's birthday gift for Sunday it will be finished and I
    will um I will post in fact probably what I'll do is just tape something very
    simple of showing how I'm assembling it all so that you will you'll you'll be
    able to be a part of that but um yeah so hey we got the 12 Days of Christmas
    coming up it's going to be a combination of oh my God tomorrow is is tomorrow
    December 1st Jan's going yep oh holy cow okay
    well tomorrow we've got a set of new
    products that I'll be announcing so I probably will come
    on and and do a video to show you okay it's
    amazing it's amazing and anyway so every day so 12 Days of Christmas so you know
    it's going to be new product announcements um there's some fun stuff so every day for the first 12 days of
    December be a little of this that it could be a video it could be an email um
    if you're not on the email please subscribe you get an automatic 15% off
    coupon when you do and um it just keeps you in the loop you know to know what's
    going on and all that good stuff so tease I know I'm totally tease could put
    a brooch yeah like that you could those little pieces can turn into anything
    wait till you see the little beaded ornaments that I made for the silver silk ornament like it's all the same
    technique it's just different ideas right so we don't have to like reinvent the wheel we just kind of like switch it
    up a little bit and you know the idea of the base with the loops can become so
    many different looks and um for those of you that are in nay Workshop that is um
    December 12th I believe is me and um Joan's going to be in there as
    well showing her take on the ornaments and and of course neie and I will be doing our our thing hey by the way
    December 8th is the deadline for wood items to be received by
    Christmas that means you get your order into Jew Loom we do our thing we're not
    guarantee that you're going to get it because we are not
    USPS okay okay we're not but we do everything we know to do to get it to
    the USPS in a timely manner by December 8th we need those orders in if you want
    to receive them by Christmas and Robert also known as Karen
    is saying Christmas ornament orders and silver silk ornaments are shipping tomorrow as well and um the new items
    tomorrow are amazing they're freaking amazing uh tomorrow is the deadline for silver
    silk ornaments by the way so the silver silk ornaments are specifically for the
    Nay ho down holiday ho down with nay I don't
    know the word don't be mad at me Nee I love you Joan knows the word she'll type
    it but tomorrow is the deadline to order your silver silk
    ornaments if you want to make sure that you have them on the 12th when I show
    you and Joan shows you and Nee shows you what we've done with them okay bead
    scape scap aade bead scapade is that how that's such a big word I can't enunciate
    it's beads capap like
    esap I like n's uh holiday ho
    down let's tell him that one for next year yes you please rename it to ne's
    Holiday ho down Maria we are definitely gonna be uh
    we are definitely going to be doing that
    yes oh my God no we're just being funny okay um I
    think I'm I think that's it oh hey when you order the boo boo Loom you automatically get $5 off did I
    say that already I don't know but I put that in there for you you don't need a code you just order the Boo boooom and
    $5 comes right off because we love you okay super
    substantial look at this like Robert doesn't mess around when he makes these looms they're very substantial very
    sturdy Baltic Baltic Birch sustainable Baltic Birch which is super important to us great
    idea I'm afraid to admit I have three no don't be afraid you need more than three
    actually you should have like a dozen there's always something going on
    all right you guys I love you and have a beautifully blessed uh night because I'm
    going to see you again sometime tomorrow I'm just not what sure sure what time Jules what if we double the arm you
    could do that sure Maria says she has four original
    Jewel looms thank you yeah this is the 10 years man I can't believe they've been out for 10 stinking years can you
    believe that the jewel came out 10 years ago what a blessing so cool and it's
    still number one all right night all from Missouri yes okay uh I'll see you sometime
    tomorrow I got a meeting at 10:00 in the morning I'm hoping pray for me on
    that I can't tell you the details but it's ridiculous but I'm believing in God's
    favor okay all right so I'll see you sometime
    tomorrow and um I'll post the 12 Days of Christmas so that you you kind of know
    what's going on oh no I don't want to do that I want it has to be a surprise never mind forget I said that I'm not
    telling you [Laughter] okay see y'all