by Joan Dice

How to Loom Etched Tile Earrings - Jewel Loom School with Jewels

Learn to create a gorgeous pair of tile earrings on the Original Jewel Loom with Jewels in this quick & easy Jewel Loom School tutorial. She uses beautifully etched Czech Glass 2 hole tilebeads from the April/May Creative Soul Box & Beadalon’s Wildfire to weave the beads. Jewels bought these etched beads when she was in the Czech Republic in April as a benefit to her Creative Soul subscribers. But the Jewel Loom store also has regular Czech glass tiles, which can be used in this design…or even mix & match the two!

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I am live it's so nice at Tick Tock can tell me that I am live hey hey
everyone oh my gosh I've been uh Joan and I were just like tripping out and happily watching all everybody like log
in it's like so super cool so thank you so very much for being here hey
I'm Juliana Juliana Jules Avalar my nickname is Jules everybody typically
calls me that and I am the inventor of the jewel loom the original blue jewel
loom got the best warp in town [Music] this one came out really good
this is like some really awesome work right here so hey how's it going
um we just saw each other on Tuesday and Jonah and I were talking um looks like I'm I am going to start
doing a regular Tuesday jewel loom School live in addition to the Thursday
um it was a lot of fun sorry about the internet um believe it or not it didn't come back until the next day so it like literally
went down and um but I did just for those of you that might be here today I
did finish the wrap with the fire polish that I've got available in the shop and
all I've got to do is take it off of the Loom and then do the closure but I'm
going to tape that and then I'll upload it so that you can get to that point sooner than later and
then actually next Tuesday is the Fourth of July Joan so maybe I'll just get this uploaded for
that Tuesday since everybody's probably going to be barbecuing and and and what
have you so we'll have to talk about that to see what makes sense so there'll probably be a taped a taped version but
anyway so happy to see you Irene you are here Maria and Stephanie and Sherry and
Jeanette and Zach and it's just scrolling so quickly so so grateful and
honored that you are here today um oh got a lot of East Coast peeps
because I guess the seven o'clock right oh and here comes our Here Comes our Arizona girl Cara how's it going I hope
you're staying cool and Gloria so nice to see everyone oh and hey
there's that girl Joan very nice
um a few housekeeping things we're down to two June kits all right so if you
were waiting and you were kind of on on like hey I'm not too sure there are
only two of these left all right um I've got
two more videos to tape basically I have to take this bad boy off of the Loom and
then I will be adding the slide clasp so if you are interested in the blue
chalcedony diamond cut bracelet um there's only two kits left so you'll
want to check that out and don't forget um I did the cute little bonus
pendant with the extra beads and so that is really really cool I still got to
find a piece of chain though because I think that'll make like a super hot very sexy pendant very cool and they're not
they're not too heavy probably could do an earring I don't know for my lobes I'm thinking that might be a little a little
Hefty um the other thing the boomerang kit one left
so if you've been on the fence about the boomerang kit remember we did a wide cuff we did a um
thinner cuff and then I also made a ring so you got like three projects there's
one Boomerang kit left that's it and remember I bought all the boomerangs
so I uh I don't know when I would even be able to replenish that so if you are
interested in either of those kits might want to jump on those but um today what
I wanted to do was I took a strand of the six millimeter tile beads that were
in the special creative Soul April May kit that I purchased when I was over in
the Czech Republic recently with the ever so fabulous Jill Wiseman and the
most delicious um tour group I I just it's still you
know I'm still dreaming of Prague I'm still dreaming of Prague I gotta get back there at some point very fun hope
to take my my people with me next time I hope some of you get to go but I'm gonna
work um with one of the uh lasered stamped tile beads
and this was again from that very special box and so this will give an
idea for those who bought the box kind of what they can do with their tile beads and then I'm also mixing it with
some of the tile beads that I have in stock which by the way are marked down
20 percent and so I didn't know if you know that or not
um but yeah and I'm I'm going to focus on some earrings so this is just an example this is um
actually mixing tiles and six millimeter fire polished together and then I
actually sewed in some some beads there this is another example this one's
actually in the uh julium Inspirations book
and so you can see that's like all the tiles they're just so fun I'm gonna do
two across today just because I really want to like be able to show you how to make one and what else I feel like there
was something else I was going to I was gonna say was there anything else
oh yes let me tell you about a little secret so listen I got this new thing going on in the shop it's very
interesting so when you place an order okay you're
going to get an opportunity for like a screaming deal on an item
and the item right now is the 10 strand fire polish
assortment so if you put things into your cart and you go to checkout
it's going to send you a hey [Laughter]
what about me at this awesome price okay so just to kind of give you a heads up
because I let everybody in on that on Tuesday and I got a lot of 29 strand orders and then they got that
10 strand order and um added it to their car and so they got like a screaming deal so I'm just
telling you the secret that my Shopify person did we must
I think it's good to know so okay and Jeanette's got a trip to Prague on her bucket list girlfriend I'm telling you
we're gonna make that happen for us because it's like unbelievably delicious
and it will change your whole world all right um I need to leave and come back in
because my screen's all messed up I can't see everything so you didn't think I'm leaving you oh
my god thank you because I would be heartbroken laughs
hopefully she goes out and we don't lose every okay okay she'll be back
I remember one time somebody did that and we lost the entire broadcast so I'm
gonna I'm gonna just kind of give her a couple minutes there to come back in um and yeah oh my gosh hi Rhonda
and if you did um there she is there's her face are you are you back Joan
okay let me get that out okay good we've got thumbs up from Joan okay so
um I'm working with the original jewel loom all right remember it is flexible not bendable
um this is a really great can you see the bottom of the Loom right here
and the warps okay so it's about a two inch
Gap right so you've got the bottom of the jewel loom you've got the warps
and so the distance between the two are about two inches there's been a couple occasions where I
have seen people I swear their goal is to see if if one side of the grooves can
kiss the other side of the grooves they can't they can't and they should not so if you're just curious as to hey what
should my loom look like this right here okay not for nothing
Julie Mama I'm telling you this is like this is what you want to achieve so bottom of the Loom
top of the warps and you've got about a about a two inch spread right there okay so hopefully that gives somebody out
there a little like aha like oh great I'm so happy I know that I
I worked with blue Wildfire because I'm working with some blue beads it's a little challenging to see
I should have probably done black so just know that the Wildfire is there
this is when you know you got good warp because you can like do your little strumming
okay all right so we're gonna go to the overhead and get started and um hi
Deborah yeah the interwebs they're just funny and
um do you wanna do you want to switch me Joan
okay awesome I'm gonna scooch over a little uh disclaimer MB is in the house
he is behind me he is snoring um I tried to get him out Joan Joan is
my witness on that and he was not having it so anyway
um once I get the beads up there should be hopefully a better better situation I have got one two three warps because I'm
going to be working with two size six
millimeter tiles all right this is the aqua transparent it is absolutely delish and
then I'm going to be working with the lasered let me see if I can't get that you see that little laser pattern on there
so that bead again was in the check box that was an exclusive
all right so I'm going to be working with two of those um I am working like I said with the
Wildfire I've got uh the jewel loom needle on
and I'm just going to attach
the Wildfire to the first Warp
and the cool thing about making the earrings on the original jewel loom is
that we can make both pair on on the loom at the same time okay so let me
just give you some um give you a feeling of how all of this is whoopsie let me also there we go and
then God said let there be light okay jewel loom is in front of me all right
and this way is my body so down towards the screen there is closest to my body
and this is my left hand and this is my right hand and all of my beads and the
things that I'm going to be using are on the right side here okay so what I'm
going to do first is I want to get a row of seed beads eight O's in place because
I'm going to be using the slide um clasp to finish my my project for my
earrings so I'm going to transfer the needle and thread under the warps
and then I'm going to pick up six eight O's
oops okay and then we're going to just guide those whoops all the way down to the end here
and as we know or maybe you don't that first row is always a little wonky
so we're just gonna get those in place and I'm supporting the beads with my pointer this is my
pointer it's my finger and I've got pressure on the loom so
that and I'm working on a bead mat so that it doesn't slide around I'm going to take the needle
and I'm going back through the Edo's and I'm on top of the warps
okay maybe I'm on top of the warps [Music]
no I hear you
you just heard a horn okay so there we go
all right so there's our row of Edo's now I want to make sure that those are really nice in there so I'm going to
turn my loom around and I'm going to go under the warps
and back through I know buddy so many noises
so all I'm doing is going under the warps and back through the seed beads just to really get them locked into
place and then we'll go back through and this time I'm on top of the warps
so when I do my um my tiles all right we're going to
pick up we're gonna pick up um a blue one here they have two holes so
I'm going in the top hole and I want to make sure let me see oh they're stamped on both sides so it
doesn't matter how I pick them up if they were only stamped on one side
then you would want to make sure that you inserted your needle so that um
okay the design was face up all right so I'm once again
I'm holding and propping those beads with my pointer
and then I'm going to take my needle and I'm going back through the top hole
and then I'm going to push the little bottoms down so that their holes are under the warps
and then I'll take my needle and I'm going to go back through the
bottom hole while those holes are underneath the warps
and I'm going to do a little wiggle wiggle so that I know that I'm in
right and then we're going to pull through
and then we're going to prop that up and we're going to go back through the
bottom hole on top of the warps
okay so there's our first row of tiles and don't worry about that
um you know that first row up there is just going to be a little wonky with the seed
beads but it's all good so next I'm going to pick up um this time I'll go and do a reverse so
I'll get a blue
and we'll prop those up
now you can make these as long or short as you want whatever your style is I like to have long earrings because I
have long hair and then once again I'm coming let me get let me see how can I
it's kind of hard to do this with the I'm trying to show you and get my hands out of the way let's see did I get
yeah I gotta hold it it's I gotta hold these guys
come on buddy okay there we go so again let me just do this shot
you can see that the needle oh just fell out
let me get back in there so I'm under the warps
I'm going through the bottom hole and I'm doing a little wiggle wiggle to
make sure that I'm in both holes and then I'm going to pull through
looks like I got the tail there okay and then I'll go back
through the bottom hole and I'm on the top
so we got like a little checkered pattern going on
and now we'll just do the reverse
so if you have a large wisdom Warrior um you can lay out a bunch of earrings at one time and really do a lot of
production type work so first hole on the top push these down
and now I'm going to go through the bottom hole helping to support them with my fingers
whoops wiggle wiggle
and then we'll go back through that bottom and there's our first few
I think I'm going to do five rows because I like I like my earrings to be long
and again we're just going to push those down so that the bottom hole is underneath the warps
and wiggle wiggle make sure that we're in there and then we're going to pop that up
and pull through and once again
holes are tiny
these are going to be sweet super quick and easy to make oh no
oh what happened Joan
I actually put you on since the overhead is black yeah what okay hold on let me see what's
happening here what is happening let me just get this last
row done I don't know why it kicked me off okay
okay so it's kind of got the camera at a weird angle huh
all right let me just do this last row of seed beads so you want to end it with a row of seed beads as well so that you
can put your um your slide class spawn
and I'm going to do the same thing that I did in the beginning and that is go under the warps and back
through those eight O's
I'll fix the camera here before I go to the next one and I'm also wanting to go ahead and
take the excess beading thread and weave back up because they are earrings I just want
that extra stability especially since I've got like an
enormous amount of hair so we're just going to weave
back up and this will just give it a little bit
more um sturdiness and
where am I
okay so this time let's see what do we got going on here
I'm gonna come up here and come out in between those um two beads
and I'm gonna put the needle underneath that Warp
and I'm just going to make my knot right in the middle here
and I'll do it again for giggles you always got to have a giggle knot
and then I'm going to take the needle and push it down so that the knot will follow the needle and it'll be more on
the back part whoops okay okay um
because I don't like how that just moved so bear with me
I'm gonna go ahead where am I I'm gonna shoot my needle back up
come on buddy and I'm gonna come back through
I don't like the um um I don't like the connection between the
tile bead and the seed beads I feel like it's a little loose so I'm going to go back through
and I'm going back through the tile and I just felt like it was not very
um secure so I'm doing this is why I'm doing this
because you really want to make sure that all these bits and pieces are connected together
okay so I'm going to turn myself around again and come through here and do that one
more time [Music]
so hopefully you under it's kind of like some stitching just happened
and I would rather be safe than sorry and then I'm just going to push that down to the back
I want to take this tail
and I'm just going to give it another Knot Before I cut it off
okay so that's the first earring I want to fix my phone so hold on one second
okay there we go
don't forget about the awesome cell yes that is an awesome sale Okay so we've
got earring number one which is just adorbs I can't wait to wear these
it's got like the sparkly gold and then at the end here I'm just going to slide the slider on so I already have my
needle and thread for my second pair of earrings all ready to go
so I'm going to do the same thing I'm going to
turn it around and work from the opposite end
bring this over to the left side here and I'm going to pick up six
eight O's
and your 80s don't have to coordinate because no one's going to see them so you know what I mean like they could
just be a part of your stash maybe that you have like leftovers nobody will ever see
them underneath the slide so you don't have to really worry about that
okay and then I want to do the same thing with this end where I'm going under
the warp and back through the beads foreign
and then I'll go back through on the top
okay and let's see what did I do last time we gotta do
blue oopsie
then we're going to pop those up
and you know let's see something here I'm going to go back through the top row
while we're here
and back through the row again
and then perfect and then we'll push that down and we'll go through
the bottom row sometimes they're
oh my goodness
hmm I don't know what's doing that it's awfully spooky
with the two holes it takes some concentration
so I am concentrating I don't want to screw it up
cut it can talk and do a one-hole bead right but when we got two holes
kind of want to make sure we're we're on the right
right page so
you know I think if you've never beaded before on a loom I would highly suggest
that you start with a one hole bead and get that Rhythm down before you try
to conquer two holes um I don't think it will take you long to advance to a two-hole bead but I
would suggest that you know you really kind of get your single hole bead process down first
but once you feel ready to go into the two holes it really will
they'll rock your world I mean they're just so much fun you know the bracelets
are so beautiful the earrings pendants I mean you could just do all kinds of things with these you could just do like
a single row of the tile beads for a wrap bracelet
okay what do I got one more row yep see this one this one really quick because I
was concentrating I think I'm gonna just kind of tilt this
a little bit more too this will be my last
um my last row of tilas of tile beads Square beads come on buddy
sometimes they want to go and sometimes they don't
oh am I Frozen
looks like we might have been frozen for a hot minute there foreign
maybe that's why we froze okay so I'm gonna pick up another row of
eight O's so six eight O's
and yep nope one I need one more
she she's back
Okay so that one in the middle is just being a little booger
oh now Jones losing internet oh my God so weird with the interwebs
so remember I'm gonna go back through the beads but this time I'm going under the warps because I really want to
secure that row
and because I have so much excess um thread I'm gonna go ahead and weave back
up whoops come on I want to weave back up
let me just make sure there's a good connection here is it good I'm going to do it one more
time for giggles
a little obsessed with the edos connecting to the tile beads but hey
I don't think that's a problem
so right now I'm just taking the excess beading thread and I'm going back up
through all of the holes
I think intuitively you just know when to do this um you know if it was a seed bead
pattern I I mean it would be a little challenging to get back you know into
all of the holes so and it's a little more lightweight um than the tile beads so I'm just kind
of being extra extra cautious here and that's okay
because again you are going to be wearing them on your ears um on your yeah your earring holes so
we're just going to go back through
the seed beads oops keep getting caught on there
and I'm going to come down another row and this is just really connecting
everything really nice and um then I'm going to come up and out in
between those two beads
and then I'll just grab I'm going to grab the orb
easier said than done because I can't see I'm going to turn myself let me see what's going on here
where am I
I got it so tight that am I going to be able to actually okay yeah
I did such a good job I can't get back through all right so I think I'm just gonna do one knot because I've got it
really tight and then I'll just take the needle and I'll pull that back so once again let me figure out my phone
here I'm not sure why it keeps doing that to itself okay awesome sauce
so there you go look at that oh did we slow down
hey Joan why don't you get rid of the overhead and just come up and uh and I'll do the Mac
[Laughter] figure that out okay here's the two
earrings super quick um it's 4 36 so I I mean I know I chatted
for the you know first several minutes but wow right look how quick I got that
done okay so oh all right that's cool so what
I'm gonna do now is I'm going to take this off of the Loom and remember when I'm taking something
off of the Loom I like to hold the pieces in my hands so that they don't bounce and that's also why I work on the
bead mat and then I have my hand my thumb um embracing the uh you know the bot the
back of the jewel loom so very carefully I'm just going to snip
that was a little dramatic I was telling Joan I I pulled this loom out of my my
abundant stash of looms and it felt um I felt a little stiff
Okay so oh I just really hope that didn't
distort let me get everybody back together because it looks like that bounce kinda
shifted things here
okay so I'm just gonna right in the middle
and I'm gonna cut where's my um hold on one hot minute
Joan can you take down um the forward camera
okay thanks oh awesome foreign
so I'm just gonna go and get these guys I'm gonna be really careful with the burner
I've been practicing I've been kind of trying to mimic how Meredith works with
it um obviously don't want to burn myself there so I'm just gonna do
I mean
and you don't want to pull too tight because you'll shift the warps oops
I hope he's okay I feel like there's something wrong with the dog
foreign just being really gentle and I'm just
tying these knots
if you wanted to you could put some glue on here
um so I'm just going to grab my
I already opened some of these a little bit sometimes they're they need little
help opening up so I'm just going to slide that on
thank you and then we're going to close it
and then we'll take this one and I think it's got to go this way
there's the first one yeah I want to get like a really pretty
chain to go on there so then we would just do the same thing um oops down here
foreign that one off really quick
oh I was like where did that come from there was only three warps that's the back the back knot
it's okay
make sure all of those are in there foreign
and there we have our two earrings I don't have any fish hooks I don't know where my fish hooks are but just like
look at that how quick 445. that was that was quick all right
I'm gonna come up
so let's see how cute they're gonna be just like they're just little boo-boos
and I'm gonna find some chain or something or I'll do so oh I know I'll take the fire polish
I could do like the little um what color here's some blues
look at all the oh this might look these four like look how gorgeous these are
and then like make the little dangle doobies on the bottom wouldn't that be fun like I did on the
um you know like on this pair right here got the little dangly doobie dogs
very cool what do y'all think easy peasy pumpkin squeezy
I'll definitely add the fish hooks and I'll make the little um the little uh embellishment pieces I
gotta get this one in here a little bit better hold on I don't want to forget about it and then there we go clamp was
it all the way down so yay very fast very easy super fun
I know I'm trying to think where my fish hooks are
let me try not to fall over everything oh my goodness okay here's a box found a
box [Music]
if I were a pair of Fish Hooks where would I be in my stash somewhere
let's see what do we got we got hooks
and now we need we need jump Rings right
so we don't want them to be too big let's see what we got in here
it's like the full-on stash box fun times
now who was saying that they were um is that you Deborah you
you haven't tried your loom you have a loom you have a jewel loom what kind of loom do you have
tell me babe
waiting so I'm just oh I just opened that upside
down let's see if that works I'm not sure if that's going to be big enough
oh yeah
what am I doing well I'm trying to use the I actually
need um I need the thingama digs you know what I'm talking about
yeah these guys I was like why aren't those working
because they're the totally I have an Indian Loom okay cool and you just you haven't tried it yet
I don't know how you um how yours works or anything but I'm hopefully whomever
you purchased it from has um directions and you can you know it's
pretty you could once you get your warps down and your wefts then it's very similar
okay so let's see
he's super cute I'm totally gonna make a little doogle berries okay so there's
one and then
I don't know why I'm pretending that I can see
put this car on ion
it's like putting mascara on I feel like my tongue is hanging out is my tongue hanging out
nice oh those will be really pretty once I
like where's where's the I don't know what color I would go with so these are in these fire polish are in
the assortments that are online but I would totally use my head pins
for these heads let's see it's like I found a box of tricks
and when whoa I just heard one fly across the room
maybe I'll do three that'll make them longer
oh I feel like this is one of those uh
segments of design on the go right and I don't have all my tools so
I have to run over and get them because this is kind of like on the whim here
do some old school let me see
okay I guess I'll just do that
I used to do these all the time
especially when they had all the artistic wire
these are like my favorite I don't know if you all use these These
are the beetle on um not the name
anyway they work really well for my small little hand
anytime you're cutting wire put your hand over that cut because you don't want that little piece to go into your
eyeball so this is not to be graded because I do not do loops very well I'm
a really great Weaver not so much um
a loot maker Katie hacker she's got all that down man she can like string stuff up and do
loop-de-loops and yada yadas and
but it's not my so we'll just pretend
you'll get the idea you'll do this much better than me
oh my heck is that so cute look
what a difference that makes just so that's three five millimeter fire polish
super sweet do you like it Joan
uh I love it I love it I love it I love it okay so
um get that fire fire polish assortment and don't forget the um two holes are well I think all the Czech beads have a
20 off um discount on them so that's that's great
so I gotta remember to do this earring but you want to come on and and Say
Goodbye Joan what'd you think you could get rid of my overhead there
we go well it automatically came on when I put myself on
um do you have a secret for making um Loops I just can't I'm just not proficient at them do you do you use the
tool I use the six steps step Looper
um I think I put it away I wonder if that's something I need in my life that
or before I got that I was using the bail making pliers oh okay you know
because I had both sets yeah see I still have both sets I just
don't um and you know when Katie does this she just makes it look so stink and simple
Neely does too but he I mean he probably quit using it but he talks about breaking the neck it sounds so vicious
oh my God and then he's got Meredith calling it
breaking the neck now or now I'm not going to be able to unthink that
oh my gosh that is so funny breaking the neck oh it's me like baby daddy
baby daddy what are you thinking these are just too stinking cute though
they are I love that shade of blue and yeah they're really and I had that five
millimeter fire polish set sitting out yeah in front of me because you know I
was playing with them for design and I am love I don't know if you can see it this looks like aquamarine yes it I
think I is that this one it's not the lightest blue I'd say the
next light is blue this one no no this one
let's see you know I guess the lion kind of sucks so it's it's a clearer one than
that this one a little bit okay yeah there are some really not real clear
there's some great colors in there okay I want to be we got time so I want to
finish this really quick so we can have a finished pair of earrings at least I
have the tools up at least I have the tools
I got told next to me too and I you wouldn't believe all the pliers I have
well yeah and over the you know years I've acquired oh my God so bad
in fact I just got one in the mail yesterday and I ordered another one today oh God
suppliers okay that's just gonna have to work oh I lost my head on this one
what happened see look it I'm already falling apart I said um Deborah wants to
know those earrings are my favorite colors what are the colors called were they both from the um box no the aqua
transparent is in the shop but the other color was a special strand
for the jewel loom um creative Soul members only that came in the check box
I'm just going to look real quick to see if there's a comparable color in the com the shot yeah that's a good question
because it's like a navy blue but it's been stamped on so oh it's a navy blue I thought it was
like a bronzy color no you know on my computer okay oh that looks like navy blue
see I'm looking in the shop [Laughter] [Music]
oh those are hot oh those are gorgeous aren't they Gorge
yes see because I got all the hair
yeah you know and somebody likes doing uh what they call the Cha-Cha stuff they
could hang a little chain from there and hang a bunch of beads hanging down you know off the chain wow wrapped around
the chain so you hardly see the chain where you've been hanging out knowing all the machachos and the Lalas oh
cha-chas is a JTV thing
come in um she was calling the Cutters you're using
plier 61 so I know she watches JTV a lot they were called items everywhere
well and that's a great place because I know JTV has all of the beetle on yummies look at all right see I got the
tools I'm I'm like I'm in I'm cool I got the right stuff I just don't know you
know okay tires yeah I got all the things I got the things I got all the
right Beetle on tools do you have the bent nose pliers and the chain nose pliers I mean is that what you're
holding that's these guys because that's what I need for chainmail
I've been doing Neely's chain mail kits and my hand here is hurting yeah I yeah
chain bit or no bent change yeah round
round flat oh and Robin has her cousin on first
time she's ever watched and Robin's gonna give her one of her jewel loom no that's so cool that she's
interested in learning you're a sweetheart what a good cuz I love that
I love that yay I just feel so accomplished I mean a
finished finished less than an hour right now you know and again if you put them on
if you do some production work on the large wisdom Warrior you can literally make I mean you could you know we've
warped this bad boy up bad girl up um you know once twice and then you
could get many of them on here I know Amber and Kelly they've done the the earring large wisdom Warrior Challenge
and not only can you do the front you could do the back that way and really go at it
seriously you can yeah you can use the production Loom that was
something really impressed people yeah yeah no I love that I totally see that
what are you doing oh I'm making about 40 earrings
it's true you'd have to space them out quite a bit but I bet you could make a lot because
you saw the distance in what I did on the original jewel loom so I bet you
kick again you can at least do three or four rows across yeah especially if you only do especially if you only do two
tiles across so yeah but even three tiles have crosstalk yeah
you do is leave a little gap between them if you're that you know if it doesn't bother you yeah
I really love how these look so thin and like like yeah it's such a and so this
is using the ribbon um crimp so instead of the slide yeah
yeah I'm almost um feeling these days that I want to do the
Salvage with uh 0.5 hemp
I was surprised you didn't use the hemp Oh you mean so you can use the ribbon cramps yeah
okay I'm gonna you know that would I think that would work because they'd give it
some bulk yeah yeah I I liked it yeah I'm I think I
think that's going to be my go-to I might have to play with that so anyway okay so I'm super happy and um
this went really well thank you internet for staying on I've got to figure out why the iPhone keeps
um there's something that comes up and I there it must have connected itself to something that I don't know
and you know it kicked me off somehow my laptop I ended up in airplane mode
that's what kicked me off I wasn't even touching anything I was just reading channels in a way oh my God
that is so funny oh my God I was thinking funny
that's why I think somebody I thought oh this may hack in and put me in airplane mode yeah that is really bizarre really
bizarre thank you Rhonda thank you Maria and Donna um is the wisdom what you can do happens
on yes Donna hi Donna hunt I love you um yes that happens
large wisdom Warrior hat bands chokers belts
um I I really want to you know Amber had
mentioned a long time ago when the when she first came out Amber wanted to do like some curtains
yeah she was trying to figure out like you know and so between the large wisdom
Warrior and the large goddess son Weaver Loom I think I think curtains are in the
somebody's future I do have a question you said last week
that or like maybe it's Tuesday night that somebody knows how to weave all the way around are you going to be able to
get them to do a show you know without skipping a beat I think it's I I think it was Paula so I think we need to find
that um Post in the in the Facebook group and get that coordinator coordinated with my
schedule right now I'm thinking it's not going to happen till September but if we get it on the books then I would love
for her to come on because even if she could just show us the aunt how she yeah just wraps around
the ends that would be yeah that's the part I keep thinking I don't want to put something else I want to keep going
smoothly right um Deborah the large wisdom Warrior she
is um from top to right here about 24 24
and a half inches yeah it makes 25. weaving Area 25 so I'm guessing almost
27. okay so then if you go all the way around it's been four
up to yeah so typically people are using the front of the large large wisdom
Warrior um for like hat bands chokers Etc so yeah she's a big girl that's a
large wisdom Warrior which by the way I mentioned it Tuesday night I'll mention it again
um there is a code out there so um it's uh KD 20 off and you can get 20
off of off of the large wisdom Warrior
and that's a nice savings and it does come with Wildfire jewel
loom needles the crown bead board and
it comes with um is it five tubes I think five tubes of
um five tubes strands yeah five tubes of what you call
these seed beads yep those guys and a pattern to make a hat band
oh I'm thinking never mind strands was the um brands are those yeah beginner
kit yeah yeah so all right guys uh ladies
delicious people all yummy humans
hi all right we'll see you we'll see you next week laughs