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  • How to Make a Simple Sparkle Bracelet on a Bead Loom - Inspirations with Jewels

    February 11, 2024

    How to Make a Simple Sparkle Bracelet on a Bead Loom - Inspirations with Jewels

    Wear your sparkle proudly by learning to make a simple sparkle bracelet on a bead loom in this Jewel Loom Live Inspirations with Jewels tutorial. Julianna Avelar uses Hemptique Hemp, Wildfire, & Fire Polish Beads on the Original Jewel Loom to create this beautiful & easy design.  This technique is a great way for beginners to learn to use the loom & for experienced weavers to quickly whip up a beautiful bracelet. Click below to watch the tutorial.

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    we are live and once again Joan and I are going 90 miles an hour behind the scenes and uh and then she just cuts me
    off I'm literally telling her a story she cuts me off she's like I'm sorry we gotta
    go oh my goodness it's Thursday I don't know there should be a special name when
    it comes to like some something about laughter and Giggles because up until the moment that we go live you know it's
    like just doing stuff and getting stuff done and we're chatting and doing and then we
    go live and it's just like this energy of happiness and laughter and so anyway
    welcome welcome to jul Lim School live it's Thursday February 8th I just once
    again time is like uh just moving along here and I'm so happy that you're here
    it's so funny I had to go back and look at last week's live because I literally couldn't remember what I wore
    I was like did I wear this sweater I just need I'm a uniform type of person
    how about you like do you like I like to have I'll I'll buy five of the same
    shirt in different colors and similar sweaters and I love my jeans um but I
    just like getting dressed to be kind of simple during the work week off
    obviously if I'm going out like tomorrow like I bought me a new shirt I'll have to I have to show you it's super cool I
    would have not bought this top in the past but I like it and I think it looks
    good so we'll see but anyway all right so we're talking fashion now we're now
    we're the juwel loom School of Fashion so anyway I hope you are all doing well Maria um was uh in line she is always
    the student who is waiting outside of the door you know the ones always the first um and so anyway I
    went to the harbor post office the other
    day and um there was an envelope in my little My Little Harbor Post Office box
    and everything about that word is yes if you're St Jules are you saying that if
    you look over here there are boats and wall water and fabulosity and then there's this tiny little post office y
    that's exactly what I want you to visualize and it's so cute there's all wood floors and wood walls and um but
    anyway so I have this special little envelope in my you know in my
    secured post office box and I pull it out and and there are jump
    rings I think there's like a trail of jump rings and I'll have to ask this person is that like their confetti um
    but I'm pretty sure that some of them followed me to the car but anyway without further Ado I do have to show
    you I do have to show you what was in my mailbox come closer look
    it are you kidding me right now are you just kidding me right now
    look at that these are going to be like my oh no you didn't double snap earrings right or
    when I go do salsa who hooked up a mama who hooked up
    the juwel L mama who did it I know who did
    it Maria if you're not like my twin like my soul sister like seriously come on
    now come on now you are I mean these are like masterpieces like masterpieces girl look
    at these they're long they're sexy they have the copper like copper is my whole
    world um look at them Gorge right so we can like pretend to put the hair
    up oh yeah you know when I need some
    attitude I'm G to be like somebody goes blah blah blah I'm GNA go excuse
    me oh no you didn't I might even like beat him with
    my earrings okay so if that's not fabulous
    enough look what else look what else Maria Maria Maria
    Maria I know that's a song right but I I can't hold a note girl I
    need to know where that class came from because like I'm all up in the business of that clasp and I need that in my life
    look at your this is like okay like do you go to New York and
    hook yourself up when Fashion Week is in town because you need to be that
    Designer like these are Perfection they're perfect everything is like
    unbelievably perfect look at
    them it's just amazing your first loom braid this is not your first loom
    braid are you kidding me you're you're just you're unreal you
    are just like Perfection I have a photo shoot on
    Saturday I'm gonna I'm going to figure out how to wear these look how rad they are oh my God
    Maria seriously you are just that was like the kindest most
    amazing surprise and it just filled my heart and I am so very very grateful um
    just unreal unreal girlfriend I will Tre
    treasure these you were experimenting well I like your experiments because they're phenomenal I
    mean they're just phenomenal she even did like the the um the safety thing right the on the
    back of the earring right so that they don't fall because they're they're a lot they're major like big
    girl look Stephanie just joined us Stephanie look at the earrings Maria made for me are they so
    rad I feel like I should go get a professional updo so that I can wear my
    earrings thank you that was really really really really cool thank you Maria I just
    like so happy so happy they're so yeah Maria
    made them stuff they're just crazy
    fabulous I'm gonna wear them tomorrow I'm gonna wear them tomorrow night so I'm in I'm in all black I'm like
    representing Johnny Cash tomorrow I got this new top and black pants and black heels and I'm totally G to rock these
    this is going to be my jewelry I'm going to show it off to all my friends okay
    anyway hey in case you're just joining wondering what in the world is going on um I'm Juliana the inventor of the there
    she is the blue jewel loom and all of the other fabulous Baltic Birch sustainable Baltic Birch
    designer looms that uh take your Beating to hatbands and chokers and all kinds of
    other long pieces all the way to the uh oh the weaving goddess the one thing I
    forgot to tell Robert to make me is another another weaving goddess Loom a large one Robert if you're
    listening um so anyway we have beautiful beautiful looms and and wonderful kits
    and supplies and every Thursday we gather as a community and um and we make stuff and so sometimes it's very
    structured most of the time I kind of know what we're going to do and uh other times we might have guests on and like
    we did a couple weeks ago with Anne Butler um the publisher of bellcraft publish in and I put a little nugget in
    her ear the other day about maybe doing something and she was like
    uhuh so if that comes together holy guacamole but I am one of her um one of
    her teachers at her bellacon event and so we do have a link that you can use if
    you want to sign up for that an and I talked all about that so there's there's a lot of information here and there and
    um is there an Clips tonight oh I thought it was April 8th is there one tonight as well because I will tell you
    to tickle April 8th because that I think that's the big
    eclipse April 8th um we are going to have
    something amazing beautiful portable
    gorgeous delightful Divine loving energy
    wow April 8th make sure make sure you tickle yourself to uh make sure you're
    on the newsletter if you haven't signed up for the jeel loom newsletter make sure you do that so when you do sign up
    for that you're getting a free um PDF to make friendship bracelets and then a 15%
    off code uh off of your uh first order Jules is there a price yes so Judy
    there's two prices um um and I don't know if the first one has sold out or
    not it went live yesterday or today uh to the people who have attended in the past the there's two prices
    $147 gets you the swag bag that
    has it's ridiculous like it has so much yummyness from a ton of Manufacturers
    including dul Loom um and it gets you into all of the classes
    and so I think last count there were probably like 30 some classes over a 4day period I'm teaching two of those
    and then the other the other number gosh I hope I'm
    right about this I think it's $97 Joan am I right about
    that okay she's shaking her head so the $97 um version is everything except for
    the swag bag and those are going to go quick I think there was only like 125 Swag Bags because they are they're
    huge and I know some of it and I'm just like wow that company did that I've not
    finalized my um my offering yet Cara says isn't that
    for 100 125 people get the swag bag those are the people who pay $147 they get the swag bag and they get
    all the education they get an opportunity to win all the things over the four days and then it's $97 if you
    just want the workshops and all the other stuff I'm G to be there in person
    I'm flying into Texas
    it's and I have something brand new I have something brand new that I'm going
    to be offering so I'm going to have a new offering um with a fiber bead kit two workshops
    and I'll get it up on the website um hopefully well no later than uh the last
    week of February because we want you to be able to get your kit in time well it's not till April it's not going to
    take that long but I do have a new product for the paper crafting world so
    I'm super stoked about that there is a meteor shower peeking tomorrow the 9th
    just check app okay anyway so um yeah so make sure if
    you want to get info on the bellicon event that you uh do that I'm going to post uh some links again tomorrow on the
    juwel loom page hey make sure you follow the juwel loom page on Facebook it would
    really be helpful and um here on the YouTube If you like And subscribe that would just
    be fabulous as well and um we so appreciate it when you do that and
    believe it or not really helps um helps us to get out there helps us to get seen
    and it allows us to keep doing what we love and uh which is serving you and
    making products for you and and kits and patterns and and all of that good groovy stuff so anyway this week I just wanted
    to do something chill um which was just a simple bracelet we've done it before
    you know but I don't think that you can show the um the uh process of warping
    and WS enough you know there's always somebody out there who just needs a refresher or somebody who's never even
    seen it so I put together a very simple I I feel like I'm always like I need to
    make myself a new choker because I'm always like gravitating because that would be a hot choker um it's kind of
    like a little like a rock o it's going to match my Maria bracelet so so very
    simple I added a made with love charm uh five strands of 5mm fire polish and a
    couple of yards of hemp cord and a black button and it's like $10 I just did
    $10 I'm like let's just go easy let's do 10 bucks easy peasy all the way around
    on the pocketbook on the you know on the learning curve something very very
    simple very similar to what we've done before in fact I just added these beads
    um for March if you like to celebrate the greenness of March this is the Kiss
    Me I'm Irish button that's part of the charm set in um on the julan website as
    well so anyway just thought it would be fun here's the kit easy peasy I
    do oh sugar hold on one
    second I do want to show you and I want to tell you a little secret
    so okay so there's a new 5mm strand 12
    strands 5 MIM 12 strand fire polish assortment
    okay if you happen to put this or any other item in your cart right and then
    you go to check out it's going to be like hey with its earrings
    hey and the price on these comes down to like I don't know it's something
    ridiculously good so you put something in the car and you
    go to buy it it's going to ask you if you want to add this 5mm 12 strand
    assortment and it's something like 20 some per off of what it's regularly
    priced at so it's a great deal so that if you want to make more bracelets it's just a little secret I'm letting you in
    on so that you know and um I got my blue wild a blue Wildfire is like I don't even know how
    they did that because honestly it's probably the most beautiful by far beating thread and I
    love Wildfire so it's Oly obviously like the best oh I have to order more it it
    really went fast it did so um I'm working so funny enough I said I was
    going to work on the um small
    Warrior and I got the jewel loom ready Jew's like Mama come on show me some love um which I've been showing you a
    lot of love lately and um and so anyway we're actually GNA work on the original
    jewel loom which is just fine because it's got the best warp hands down and
    it's so funny because I picked a rod that must like be from I don't know 2012 it's like
    pretty it's pretty dirty anyway it's not going to not going to cause any harm um
    let me get things out of the way here and get things a little bit more
    adjusted did my overhead go away no
    oh I got kicked off hold on am I I'm not there right
    Joan I'm not there sorry let's me start over
    if I knew what I was doing I would have done it I got so excited about these
    earrings that I forgot to go on and Joan and I were obviously talking
    and laughing oh my God I didn't do anything I was supposed to do hold on guys I'm so
    very sorry okay um I'm gonna enter the
    studio whoa you
    want you want to take that off real quick um I gotta get us
    positioned and bow down okay is that the right way yep there we go okay cool can
    you hear me still okay awesome all right so like I said
    I'm working with the jewel loom and um just a
    reminder that the jewel loom okay the jewel loom is a flexible
    not bendable plastic super duper lightweight all
    right and what we're going to do is take that metal rod put it into the bottom hole and then bring it forward and snap
    that in I like to do a little wiggle wiggle to make sure that the metal rod is really in there okay and it is and
    I've already taken my hemp that comes in the kit and I like to make sure that the
    knot is actually facing me so I'm pointing towards my
    body this is my right hand and this is my left and so what I'm going to do is
    I'm going to grab the hemp cord and I'm laying it on the grooves these are the grooves of the
    Loom so we're just going to lay it down and then flip it
    over bring it forward and then I'm just going to do
    little eyeball I'm not really worried about it being exactly in you know like 12 in on the top 12 in on the bottom as
    long as it looks good then it's all good in the world then I'm going to flip it
    over again wrap it around that back button and I'm going to skip three grooves kind
    of have that down in my my visual since I've only done it like a 100 times or a thousand 100 times and then I'm going to
    bring it back up and then I'm going to flip it over
    again and just I got to move this really quick it's sliding everywhere and then we're going to lay
    that down flip it
    over lay that down again flip it
    over and then we're going to come back up and you can see this is part of the patent right with these
    buttons so you don't have like all of this waist in the middle of the Loom
    because the buttons when you wrap around the buttons you're going back up so that's like a really cool part of my um
    US patent and then we're going to come back up and I'm only going to do um three rows across so I need four warps
    so it's always one more warp than it is beads across what's a warp these are warps this is what I've been doing I've
    been going from the top to the bottom and Back Again these are my warps all right so just want to get that nice and
    poot and then wrap it around that back button the cool thing with the hemp is
    that it's so thick that it kind of locks itself into place for you makes it a lot
    easier to um you know to tie off you don't have to really worry about losing
    your tension so I'm just trying to get a knot
    here obviously trying to do it with one hand is a little challenging and then
    sometimes I'll just come in here with my first tail you know and then just make sure
    that it's nice and tight awesome and then I'm going to um cut the excess
    off this is hemp cord it comes in it's h hemp cord um I love hemptique it's all I
    use and it comes in your little kit so what I like to do when I'm removing the
    rod and let's let's just visit this for a second here the distance between the
    belly of your loom okay this bottom part I mean we're calling it the bottom right
    now really it's like the top right so like the belly of your loom okay and the distance of your warps
    you want to make sure that that's not more than here I'm going to get my measuring tape because I want you to
    really get the
    visual and what I want to do first is actually remove my rod so let me do that so like I like to put my
    pointer over the warps and then very carefully okay I go to remove the rod
    okay it doesn't want to come with me so I shift the tension by turning the loom
    around and then it pops out all right so don't ever force it CU then that's not
    going to be your happiest day all right so going back to the belly of the Jew
    Loom and the top of the warps all right let me get the measuring tape here so
    basically I've got just it's not it's just like a hair
    right under 2 in so I don't want the distance between
    the belly of my loom and the top of my warps to be over two inches then you have just pulled it way too tight and
    you're going to put way too much stress on your jewel loom and that is a very important little
    tip okay so you see the distance there the belly of the jewel loom the top of the warps I don't want you going over
    two inches so if you do your warps and you're just like oh wow you know the two
    ends look like they're getting ready to kiss you have you have really gone way way way too tight so loosen up all right
    I'm going to bring the mat in and again this is just a really simple um really simple
    project we're just going to grab our aren't these gorgeous these are in the
    shop by them um avail ailable by themselves too look how pretty they are in the bracelet it's like a little
    rocker Little Rocker um bracelet okay so we're going to bring in my needle and thread I am
    using black wildfire
    006 and I'm just going to find the end of it's 1 millimeter oh I'm sorry
    somebody's asking something about leather why am I doing Jones
    sorry all right so I'm just doing like a a little knot and I want to Center my
    project on the loom so that I have equal amounts of warps to tie at the end for
    my button and my Loop for me having a 6inch wrist that usually means that I
    start right under this one hole right here so it might even come up just a
    smidge okay and then I'm going to transer for the needle and the thread over to my left hand and I'm going to
    bring it under now under all the warps so my my needle and my thread are under
    the warps and I'm going to transfer that to my right hand and then I'm going to pick up three of these little
    5mm gorgeous silver fire polish beads and I'm just going to let them fall I
    like to help guide the Wildfire because it can be a little um danc see and so I
    like to guide it and then I just popped those beads up and in between the warps I'm going to come closer to the
    camera and I'm helping them stay secure by letting them rest on my pointer
    finger you see how my hand is in fact I want you to even see how my pinky is a
    part of the party whoa where she at okay look at how my pinky is at the back of
    the Loom the other three fingers right are on the top of the Loom beads
    are resting on my pointer and my thumb is on top of the wars okay so there's my little sandwich
    that really helps me to keep my jewel loom under control so that I can get a
    really nice weave here now I'm going to take the needle and I'm going back through
    the holes and I want my needle to be on top of the warps
    see that you see how they're on top of the warps there you go there's there's the money shot okay so then again I'm
    just going to push that through and then you see how I take my pointer and my thumb and I immediately switch the
    weight to my right hand and now I've got my my pointer and my thumb are acting as
    like a little you know like a weight to keep the loom in position Now by all means if you have your jewel loom stand
    you're not going to be doing this little hand dance but um I like to show people how to use
    you know perhaps what they got and make it as easy as possible so again um I
    went under the warps and I'm going to pick up three more
    beads and then I'm going to let those fall and I'm just helping to guide the Wildfire because I'm working with two
    yards by the way and then I'm going to bring in my pointer pop that pop those guys right up
    in between okay and now in this situation I've got
    like my whole hand kind of in the party here right so my pinky is not necessarily under the the loom it's a
    part of like the weight holding it down and then I'm going to
    transfer and I'm
    pulling okay and then once again I came under the warps transfer the needle to
    my right hand and pick up three more
    beads and then we're going to go
    through I can do that hold on one
    sec okay so Leanne would like to um see this
    on the Jew Loom stand so we introduced a new jewel loom stand um I feel like it
    was in December but I've kind of lost track of time I think it was December and so it's been really really
    well received and so hold on for a hot minute I've only got one of these too
    how come I don't know people how come I don't
    know all right so um Joan I well hold on I don't let me
    see if I can bring this
    into okay so we're
    just okay just slid that in all right and then let me turn it around yeah we
    might have to do that let me come let me bring this down a little
    bit okay and so the loom is now sitting in its in its
    Carriage the queen is in her carriage and we're going to take the
    metal rod you're going to put it in the top hole pop it into the bottom
    hole pretty cool right okay so now what I'll
    do okay hold hold the presses because I kind of got a little I got my needle already
    here let me get this out of out of the back here so I can get back into a position that makes
    sense okay let me
    see I'm not really sure
    oh did that
    no we might have lost that stay we'll stay on this is what I'm thinking I'm
    going to push this out of the way JN
    we just get a little closer here there we go okay so it's kind of
    awkward because I'm not I'm like trying to set it up for the camera all right so we're gonna come behind all right right
    hand so still the same same dance and I'm going to pick up uh you won't be able to see me picking up the beads but
    that is what I'm doing two three so really it just gets it up off of your
    table oh now it wants to grab everything though hold
    on obviously you would have this in front of you um I'm trying to position
    it in front of me but also for you so so I'm just going to pop them in just like
    I was doing nothing really different other than than the loom is in an upright position
    now so
    okay no problem at Allan I'm I'm happy you asked I mean it makes sense
    right by the way if you did buy a creative Soul uh kit
    yesterday um I posted that if you wanted to add any of the coasters
    um you could do uh I I figured it out you can fit four in there so but you
    need to let me know so I can add them to your order and then I'll just send you the in voice um and then that way if they go in
    your creative sold box there won't be any extra
    shipping so is that helping
    lean so like if I was working on it for me me like if I wasn't trying to make
    sure you had the best um view so it would be in front of me this is my body
    right and I'll just do it this way for a hot minute so that you could see my
    actual truth um and how I would be using it not you know like for reals so let's
    just pick up these guys three of these guys oops except for wants to be a part
    of my chair
    too my God there's a cricked in
    here I got a crcket on the loose so yeah so like
    this is how I would have it positioned and um my my chair is a
    little low so I'd probably get my pillow to work on she looks Regal in her throne
    she really
    does so is that helping you um everyone with a better visual of like how you
    would put your loom in uh into the stand and how you would work on it
    good it's hard to work on it
    sideways yes
    we put the C in clever like I had mentioned before we've
    been talking about a Jew Loom stand forever in a day I just couldn't wrap my head around like why you know like I
    like to have things that are purposeful right like I don't want to just make
    things to make things um and so for a couple of years
    now Robert and I have gone back and forth and then this was finally the uh the one
    that made
    oops okay I can't I can't work sideways you
    guys I'm GNA have to go back down because I can't can't uh I can't show you the proper camera and me work on
    this so hold on you know what I I do want to see something hey why don't you try show him how to use it in the Cradle
    instead I I was just gonna do that and then you scared the panties
    off it's like who is that in the background I've not done it this way
    yet see my chair is hold
    on I've lost um my C my overhead camera so you can also just lay it
    down okay so it's it basically just lifts it up
    right so it's it's got its throne and it's got its
    is that helping everybody can everyone see that Joan you could take my overhead off because I can't get it to be
    positioned correctly there you go that's
    these are really great I I am boy I'm just like having this visual
    of everybody in a workshop and with their Jewel looms and the stand
    and our wine caddies with our chardonay
    which you know what I think next week is that's what I'll do I think next week um
    I will decorate the caddies I'll do the bead work and stuff
    that I'm have Vision that I'm
    I can get my beads over here
    remind me to show you the other half of my uh I finished the loops on the other side of my NAA project remind me to show
    you it's really pretty and I requested my my paints from
    Royal T Talons so I'm super stoked to get
    those do I have a blank caddy what do you mean
    blank like one that's not been decorated I have one that I mean I don't
    have one without are you saying one that doesn't have roses or grap vines on
    it or just one that's not
    beaded I don't know let me know I can't see Jan so you'll have to tell me what
    she say up to what size beads and fire polish crystals would you recommend the
    fire line thread um I always use the
    0.006 anywhere from a 2 MIM an 110 too
    15o too um all the way on up to you know a a
    12 mm beads so I mean that's what I'm normally working
    with I haven't ever found that I needed to use a different size of wildfire I guess if that's the question I just
    always have had success with the
    0.006 I feel like with looming with bead weaving on a loom I feel like there's a
    a lot more forgiveness and a lot of flexibility and
    um for using so many different things right
    like I just I don't feel like there's like oh my gosh you have to use this
    size or I mean looming just gives you the freedom to really um use so many
    different things where I think and I am absolutely not proficient in off
    beadweaving off loom bead weaving um but it does seem like there are some particulars you know like different
    beating different size beating thread and what have
    you where with weaving on a loom I just feel like it's a free-for-all party it's why it's right at my
    alley I want to use anything and every I always say if it ain't moving it's fair
    game try it
    out was that um who asked that question Cynthia or Caroline Oh Caroline does
    that sound okay Caroline oops whoa I literally almost
    just dropped all my
    beads and and I do want to kind I I'll correct
    myself on one thing I am not a 15o girl right like my girlfriend
    Brandy um who does a lot of our patterns uh she's a 15 15 old girl um and I'll
    have to ask her what size she really likes beating with on the
    loom because I don't I that is I'm not proficient in the well
    I just don't use the 15 o like they're so tiny they're gorgeous but um I'm not
    sure you know Wildfire only came into my life when I started working with Beeton
    uh on the jewel project because prior to that we were using fishing line
    back on Al's crate of living literally would go to the fishing
    store uh shop and you know we were buying uh big rolls of fishing line and
    at times we would use Nyo but all we ever had back in the day was like white
    and so I mean I have bracelets that were just made with fishing
    so you could see like you're just doing the same repetitive process with a bracelet like this um you can use
    different colors you could mix it up it could be 5 mm fire polish beads it could
    be um a combination of seed beads that fit in the same little warp like
    whatever you can fit in each little warp you could use different type of beads I mean there's so many things just with a
    basic process like creating your warps and then you know doing the Ws and then
    the rest is just like a creative shorish board like you know you have such an
    opportunity to do um lots of different
    things so I think I just got a couple more rows
    me do off that one ended up being a little too
    big for my wrist I might have to put that one in your what's what size wrist do you have
    Joan I can't remember
    whoops forgot to go
    under I might have to put it in your
    box so it's pretty cool to see like you know I think working with it in an upright position and then you know
    laying it down in the Cradle the options that the stand gives you it's pretty amazing
    oh pay attention to what you're doing there Jules
    whoops just knocked her out of her
    cradle okay I think for this one I might go ahead and stop right here because like I said
    the other one was a little so I don't know if I want to do two more rows or
    not yeah I think I'm going to stop I like my bracelets to be a little
    tighter so
    um okay so I'm going to bring you back back up here oh you know one thing that
    I do like to do I'm going to scooch this hold on I really like to make sure to go when
    I'm done I got to remember to start doing it on that first row too i' like to go under I like to go under the warps
    through the through the beads just as another anchor
    for securing the first and the second row which I forgot to do on the first
    row but oh well it help
    happens so then when I'm just going to come down a couple
    rows so I'm just weaving back
    through and then I'm just going to take the needle and go through that first bead and then out in in between that
    second and first bead and then just anchor on to the warp and this is where
    I'm going to tie my little knot to hide it
    and then I'll just tug it down so you can't really see it and then I'm going to do it
    again and I just go back through the
    loop and then I'm just going to push that through the
    back this way I can use the
    um wildfire burner and
    so I'll just leave a tail for now and then I'll go back and use the Wildfire
    burner to to secure
    that sometimes you can just undo your knot I'm not going to like fuss with it if I can't get it undone I mean because
    it doesn't
    matter oh actually I wanted to do that before I did that H bummer okay hold on
    I gotta I'll do that later all right just get keep that out of the way I'm talking to myself
    sorry and then I'm just going to do these little knots so I'm just taking the warps
    just making like a little knot there and I like to get it as
    close I'll just and I'll hold on to the warps because I don't want to like distort the bracelet right and have it
    shift and then I'm going to do that on this
    side so I'll just like walk down the little
    knot there because I want to get it as close and then I'll like take each warp and kind of pull on it then I take these
    two and do the same
    thing and then usually whichever end is longest if if that's how it worked out
    that's the end like this is pretty equal this might be a smidge longer so
    I'll use this end for my button and then I'm just going to put the two warps
    through there and then I like the clean look these
    days except for I did that on that one so I won't I won't do the clean look we'll be
    Rowdy we'll be Rowdy with this one so I'm just gonna take these
    and then I'll pull that all the way
    down and then just um do a
    knot and because I am doing it this way I might choose to get a piece of like red artistic
    wire and then come in and like wire wrap or silver I could do silver too that
    would be fine so there's the one end and then for sizing I'll just put that on my
    wrist and try to figure out how big my Loop needs to be so I just kind of like
    do this crazy little thing where I'm trying to with one hand figure it
    out so yeah so I could see like I need my Loop to be yeah so what is that like a little
    bit maybe an inch or something so then I'll wiggle my way out of here
    okay and we'll just make a loose knot to make sure I don't like to make anything too secure so that if I do have to
    adjust I have the freedom to do so so I'll just kind of do that for
    right now it's super pretty huh it's really
    fun yeah so I'll go in there and tighten and clean up that mess but gorge in in
    less than what in less than it's four 455 and
    I talked a lot like usual and still got it done and then what you want to do is if
    you buy the kit you're going to get that little made with love heart then you'll just grab a jump ring and then you're
    just going to put that onto the hemp like that easy peasy pumpkin squeezy you didn't
    start until about 20 minutes after I talked a lot sorry so that's that is a
    wide cuff very cool hey you know what would be fun to wear too oh we'll put
    Maria in the middle hold on let's put Maria in the
    middle that's so cool oh my God totally are we come on
    now come on now can I get it come on now from my lips to God that is
    fabulous tell me that's not fabulous come on now even Jones in the
    background come on I can't it's so red so the silver
    with the black and the copper is like rocking it guys look at that so cool come on now all the way from Jersey come
    on now David's in the jacuzzi giv [Laughter]
    Hearts oh my God I love it it's
    wonderful excuse me and he's got a little Glass glasses
    emo emoji on I'm loving this color palette's really like very elegant but
    very rock and roll I like it I like it a lot I might
    do this tomorrow with all of this fabulosity did okay if you missed
    it these were in my in my post box do you see these Dave David you're
    gonna have to show Tam too look Maria made these for me are they
    Rad or what oh my God tomorrow when I I'm going to the Harbor
    tomorrow for a birthday celebration I'm G to be like
    this what am I gonna do I'm gonna like fluff my hair I'm make sure these are out can I help you ma'am what would you
    like to drink I'd like a shardo
    Nay you know it's it's G to happen it's G to happen I'm going to have someone
    videotape it I like a chardonay please with my earrings just a little
    chardonay with my earrings right here and I'd like to sit here and just drink my chardonay with my
    earrings did you screenshot them they're so
    cool okay Maria wanted to see did Maria want to see the caddy I didn't
    understand her request I don't know if you were just wanting to see the
    blank those earrings are made for swe there could be dancing tomorrow you just never know with with my
    girlfriends wear your hair up and show them off yeah I should do that except for I don't have anything strong enough
    to hold this mon like all this hair I just have so much hair I've got my hair is definitely
    from Portugal but anyway Maria is this what you wanted to see the
    caddy so the this is the caddy I don't know if this is what Maria
    was asking me yes that is what I wanted to see yeah so you put it over I mean this is such a horrible way to show it
    but you put it over a bottle a wine bottle and it's got two two slots for your stemware okay but
    we also drilled holes into it all the way around so in the kit you're getting
    like a plethora of gorgeous beads and artistic wire so you could like you you
    know make swirly thingies and then string your beads and like chandeliers right like just gorgeous chandeliers let
    me get that out of the way and um or you can make S hooks right heavier
    S hooks S hooks out of heavier wire to
    turn it into a jewelry display so like if you want to hang your necklaces or whatever off of it so it's got options
    but it's intention is a wine caddy put it over the bottle slide your stemware
    in um but then I was like well it has to be decorated okay so so there's two
    Swarovski adorable gorgeous pink crystals in this
    kit um they're they have a a foil back
    they don't have a hole so you're you're going to have to decide what to do with them I and they're real they're the real
    ones and so I thought it might be fun to put like at least one of the sovy hearts
    like you know around this area like you could just glue it down really nice and then what I was telling
    everybody is there room in the box so that if you want to add the coaster the matching coasters um then you can you can do that
    so we're going to have a whole you if you go to the website J click on home decor you're going to be able to
    see like The Coasters because there's also a four there's also one that does four
    stemware right it holds four for stems so then you got glass glass and then all
    of them we put the holes on so that you can you can do you know chandelier
    type I can't believe I'm so tacky this is like my I'm not GNA say you know what
    I'm thinking like why don't I have a pretty bottle God I'm such a goober I am a dork I am a
    dork okay anyway this is the Grapevine like a traditional pattern but I wanted
    um something really beautiful for the creative Soul peeps for um you know
    valentin's because I am so grateful to all the members and um can you make them
    float for the hot [Laughter]
    tub Lord only knows
    anyway Joan I feel like there was something else and um I'm just
    not we talked about the creative soulbox we've got the kit for the rock
    and roll rock and roll band there's still some beads you could take this one off
    because I was doing it um you let's say you're going to post a link tomorrow for
    the bellcraft right Bellon Bellon there is a there is a link that you can use
    basically it's a link to just let bellacon know that we're promoting it I think some of you are just using the
    main link um which is not a deal breaker but it just helps Bellon to know that um
    the juwel loom Community is signing up under the juwel loom link so I will have
    that I could post it tonight too like but tonight or tomorrow it'll be on the J Loom page and in the JW Loom group I
    started to share it here but I wasn't sure if it was allowed tonight I could pull it up real quick yeah just do
    it the one that I gave you in messenger the private yeah that's the one I'm pulling up yeah so um oh I know I was
    gonna show you remember I Came live I I was live was a live on
    Saturday um and I did I did some weaving I
    finished the other side so this is the the big piece for my NAA Pro that is so
    cool it's way cool my arm was like killing me though I could I could see
    that in somebody's hair on a Brad yeah you're not you're kidding I mean like seriously right so um so Saturday night
    I got half of the I got this half of the loops done and then we all decided
    collectively that I should go do the other side with the loops because I wanted to see like okay well
    what's going to birth in the middle and now I want to get my gorgeous
    bugle beads out oh yeah I'm gonna have the hardest time
    walking away from this project I'm usually really good about like you make
    it you send it on its merry way you just got to be that way you gotta let your
    babies go they might have to Pat me down before leaving the show I was gonna say there's
    some things that might come up missing off your board off your eye a big void in the crown you know
    what but anyway um thanks everybody for for hanging out with me Saturday night I
    think we were on there for like 90 minutes at least uh live and um and it
    really did take a long time just to do these Loops because they're very very long and there's a lot of them and so we
    all collectively excited because I was like you know I'm not feeling it to just go into the middle I'm going to get off
    air and then I'm going to finish this and then and then things started to
    birth Mar I keep can I say what I keep seeing in the middle if you have a big
    gorgeous bead I mean like you know that's kind of flattish that you would sew on there like I don't know just need
    something there in the middle just is gorgeous or sparkly I wonder if I have
    you know even if I have to take this apart I wonder if I should I don't know if I have any more of those gorgeous
    bead butt oh those buttons oh for goodness sakes you got it girl you are
    right you I'm gonna have to take this apart I don't if if I can get one quick enough I will I hate for you to take
    that apart though too oh I know it's not a d you're an antique button person
    don't you have something else put some other stuff laying
    around probably probably anyway I think I wanted to show you that and I
    did um yeah so oh there's these These are so precious so you're also going to
    in that kit and they're I think they're almost sold
    out so look at these come in the in the kit with the caddy too look at these they're so tiny AR this cute look at the
    heart it's just so stinking cute I can't look how cute so you can hang them from your
    little chandelier droppings it's going to be fun I I definitely will start the
    process on the caddy next Thursday I might have to run if the
    paint doesn't come I'm gonna have to run over to Michaels and just buy some I don't care I'll do that the Pearl paints from ro oh yeah I
    know I know M said she got hers out of Michael's in Canada so I'm hoping that
    the Ventura Michaels or the Camaro Michaels has them and I do have to go A
    Thousand Oaks this week so I'll check all of my Michaels I forgot the one time
    I was in Michaels and then the next time I was near Michaels I forgot all about the paints oh I do want some of that
    plural ENT they're so pretty yeah I just yeah I hope to get
    mine soon but anyway um all right so I think that that's what I wanted to tell
    you I'm real excited I'm just real excited there's so many really cool things going
    on lots of cool stuff there just is so
    cool oh Lena wait to watch till from the beginning enter enter with caution hey
    again thank you if you're new if you're new to watching um you know the intention is just to uh inspire you to
    do to to weave you know I mean when I
    birthed the original jewel loom it was during a time where the bead
    shops in this C in our country mostly were really having a hard time they were
    really struggling I was a part of like some big bead organizations and um I really wanted to
    come out with something that would help them teach their customers and and sell
    beads and as we all know it takes it can take a lots right so that's really where
    that pass a lot of the passion came from and then just over the years um as you
    can see I mean so many different things have birthed so this channel juwel Loom is really about um creativity about
    inspiration and again from time to time you might see two people talking about
    creativity you know and sometimes we might talk a
    lot but I hope it's worth listening because we really do want to talk about
    creativity and inspiring and I I'm a huge Healing Arts you know supporter I
    truly believe in the idea of of filling up your soul with something that you do
    with your hands even if it's cooking or gardening or what crafting whatever it might be I do believe in the connection
    of healing by doing so you know that's an amazing story I I just how that came
    about because you also I mean for teaching and things this is actually the
    easiest one to use the most economical one because it I mean it's one of the um
    Best Buys plus it doesn't waste your Wildfire so it's really amazing that you
    brought it out for that reason I mean the economical use compared to other looms too is yeah
    amazing yeah no I I really did I I was uh it was during a time I mean you got
    to go back to 20 late 2011 2012 when I was going
    through the patent process and everything and the process with beon and then um and then she she came out was
    she come out 2012 or 2013 I always get those two years because they're kind of like all merg together but yeah you know
    it was really a very um very purposeful like I want people to do things with
    their hands I want to help the independent bead shop throughout the country and so um yeah so anyway Healing
    Hands for the soul yes yes I love that that's beautiful that's super beautiful
    a thanks we love you too Maria thank you again that just really such a very kind
    kind kind thing for you to do and it just fills my heart and um there's
    nothing more that brings all of This Joy than seeing what you are all doing you
    know I see what you're doing in the group and I'm just like oh my gosh oh my
    God and when I get a mic drop or a OMG or come on now like it's really like I'm
    over here just like losing my Cheerios because what you all are doing is just
    amazing on every single level no matter where you're at your first piece your
    10th 20th piece like they're all so heartfelt like no matter
    what just truly heartfelt so I appreciate you and Maria again I could
    just I'll thank you a thousand times so they're just hot I can't wait till like
    tomorrow I thought the last thing someone would send you was jewelry that's what Maria
    wrote believe it or not I don't have I don't have earrings I don't
    have oh my gosh and those are perfect earrings for you with your long they're
    perfect yeah thank you I might even eat a steak
    tomorrow Mama might have her some steak tomorrow bring on the
    flamon you're gonna find an excuse to go out for the next month wear those earrings ched and some steak
    don't forget to flash your bracelet while you're at it I don't know I might get well I'm not
    in Philly I if I was in Philly I could probably get away with that here in California you're holding your wine
    glass hold it like this not take it a sip look at
    Joan all right we're going to go down the wrong Avenue in a second I can feel
    there I love you guys and thank you for putting up with
    us good night [Laughter] everyone