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  • How to Make & Embellish Earrings Using the Earring Loom & Baltic Birch Earring Charms - Jewel Loom School with Jewels

    December 29, 2023

    How to Make & Embellish Earrings Using the Earring Loom & Baltic Birch Earring Charms - Jewel Loom School with Jewels

    Learn a new technique to decorate your earring charms, by weaving an eye-catching, gorgeous dangle. Jewels teaches how to do this, using the new, updated Wisdom Warrior Earring Loom, made of Sustainable Baltic Birch & is the perfect size for earrings, minimizing the waste of your warp materials. She adds the woven dangle to the Baltic Birch Crown Earrings. Treat yourself like the queen you are & make a pair! 


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    hello hello alrighty welcome welcome welcome you guys I miss all of you so
    much Hey listen I've kind of got um a horse
    throat I um lost my voice about a week ago or so and um it
    it's a combination of things obviously stress having uh all the things that are
    going on but um I'm here I miss you and I wanted to come on and do the best that I can and so um you're just going to
    have to deal with jules's sexy voice and um and that's my story so welcome
    thank you for being here for those of you that don't know I'm Juliana I normally don't have a husky Demi Moore
    voice but um I'm here with jul li School live and I'm really excited hello Maria
    hello Janette and uh Leanne everyone's coming into into the room it's Thursday it's
    December 28th and um a de it's always great to
    see you and Zach and Melanie and so yeah so I'm um I'm
    currently working on a project that is for the
    national Arts Association trade it's a trade group it's called called napta n
    MTA and I um napta has acquired uh a
    while ago um the creative Industries and so for those of you that may or may not
    know way back in the day it was called hiia then it was cha creativation acci
    it's had like a lot of names right and the creative Industries just to give you like a visual is if you walk into my you
    walk into Joann's any big Mass craft store any independent um you know that's
    that's the um that's the creative Industries right so it's like all the manufacturers that make product you know
    from paint to glue to craft sticks to paint brushes to beads to you know
    jewelry findings to yarn um frames everything everything that you
    would see right that makes up the creative Industries and so NTA which is
    um the national Arts industry they uh predominantly were with like the
    painters of the world right so like your um what's the Aaron Brothers and other
    small independent uh paint shops and so
    they've all merged and um and so what they what they did was they asked 13 designers from the
    industry to participate in designing a letter that spells out
    creativation and so I I am
    literally I am the letter I okay I'm the first I in the word uh creativation it's
    18 Ines tall and it's about I think think its widest point
    it's like 12 in wide and so I'm going to pull this in a little I can't even come
    in that close because it's so stinking big so every one of the designers right
    all 13 of us we all got these huge letters they're made of wood they're stinking heavy man like I could
    literally do like you know my presses with these um and so yeah so I'm uh
    designing uh one and I'm got this
    visual imagine that I've got this Visual and my
    uh my inspiration is the coat a coat of
    arms and so uh and so I'm laying it out
    as like a jewel loom coat of arms and so we're going to have the leather and the
    leather I wasn't Ling on leather and we having Leather So anyway yeah so I'm so I'm
    working on all the bits and pieces and I've gotten till like I don't know maybe February and so it's a lot it's a lot of
    work because you know like some of the girls are like they do paint they do scrapbooking um and I was like oh my
    gosh you know doing pieces on the loom what am I going to do what am I going to do so I have all this
    grandiose visual that I'm going to do and so I'm really excited about that so anyway I'm using for um some of the bits
    and pieces and some of you that are in the creative soul group you probably remember when I did the jewel drops and
    they were just these little nuggets and it it's you know if you look at the picture of um what we used to promote
    the show today it's basically making a base with your and then you're just
    doing all the loops right this one actually has um a gym stone with it
    and and so you know you can take these pieces and they can just be so many
    different things and um and I'm just visualizing them like all over my coat of arms like
    on the top I want to like have like this amazing head piece and so as I build it
    I'm going to take videos and all that good stuff to share with you there's a couple video there's a video up last
    night I think I posted one last night so and I'm going to use the um earring Loom
    because the last time that we uh talked we um we talked about the new the
    way that little that little piece that Robert put in there for us to make it a little easier to um actually tie on to
    now I'm going to pull the Kelly Hawkins card here
    and it's possible that I'm going to pull
    in the large wisdom Warrior because the large wisdom Warrior is going to allow
    me to do some serious production work meaning I can make a bazillion of these
    little guys at one time so I'm contemplating that thought
    um why would I do that the one of the visuals that comes
    to me is is that I can kind of plant them all on the large wisdom Warrior
    right and Visually see the color patterns and um and so yeah I I might do
    that I kind of like that from a production standpoint and from a design standpoint because the the large wisdom
    Warrior has a 24 inch uh length and I can warp two sides of it and then get a
    lot of these little pieces going at one time so I'm just kind of talking out loud telling you what the design process
    is for this project that I'm working on uh in my ever so sexy horse voice so all
    right so Joan if you want to um really quick here though I do excuse me but I
    got to get some hot water in my throat
    okay so this is um and I'm going to bring it up to the camera here
    so you see that little that little um what's it called
    like a little Notch right there like that little piece that's cut into this big thicker tooth
    right so I had told Robert that I wanted something to Anchor the thread onto
    because it would just make life a lot easier and it has and so basically what
    I do and let me just see let's we'll leave it right there and see what happens um I'm working with the wildfire
    and what I like to do is I'll find the end and I'm just going to make a loop
    right like I'm just going to make a little loop with the wildfire and like a little I call them
    little you know air knots right like a little lasso and I'm actually going to stand up
    so that I can look down onto the loom here and I I want to get that Loop I'm
    going to get it like smaller and I'm going to very
    carefully of course you know it went really quick when the camera wasn't on there we go and then yep cool so then I
    just anchored it and now it's in that little slit right there so that's
    and that's two knots okay all right good all right
    so what I'm going to do next so I'm setting up the loom to have um I want
    five across so I've got one two three four five six warps and I'm
    skipping one of the grooves okay so I've already already anchored
    that off and when I'm working with and I'm just going to see if I can't let me see
    what happens here I need a little more light for myself okay
    cool all right awesome so I'm just letting that lay in the very first
    Groove and I have my right hand this is my right hand making the Wildfire
    wiggle and I'm going to bring it down and match it up to that first groove on the
    bottom and then I'm going to take my fingers and I'm just going to hold the
    loom and then I'm coming down here to the back and then I bring my thumb in
    just to help to secure and then I just let it lay into one of the the grooves
    there and then on the top again I want to skip a
    Groove so so can you see that I skipped a
    Groove and then I'm going to I do a lot of walking with this Loom right like
    with my fingers not my feet and then I'm going to lay that
    down let's see up here at the
    top all right so that's and then again see my little my
    left pointer here mov moving I'm going to put my pointer on there and then I
    just lay it down and pull it looks like I skipped to so let's
    get into the right one here all
    right so it's a good idea to even with the original jewel loom all the Looms
    really I do a lot of maneuvering with my hands
    and I just like to show you how I hold the
    Looms and because I'm going to do five across I'll need six warps right so
    this is
    four and there is a little looseness there but I've got control the entire
    time just makes it
    easier okay drop it
    down it's nice and then again I'm just going
    to so it's just one of those if you haven't
    used the small earring Loom you you just need to practice and kind of get your Rhythm down so 1 2 3 4 5 six
    so there's my six warps so remember it's only it's always one more
    warp then it is the seed beads right so I'm going to go five across so I need six warps and what I
    just did that's called the warps the warps go up and down on your loom
    and then I'm just going to bring that around and really the ultimate goal is to just
    tie off and what I've learned along the way is that each one of us kind of do it
    differently right so I can kind of you know you you're trying to do it and you
    don't want to lose the tension of your warps and so really this is just kind of
    like a personal kind of how do I get there
    and so I wrapped it around and then I'm going to cut it um
    cutting a little bit longer of a tail than I normally would just because my space is really
    limited so I'm just going to take that end and again I don't want to lose the
    tension so I kind of have to be careful here not to not to do that and you know you might
    have a different way that you like to tie off and that's fine because again the
    ultimate thing is to literally just get a knot up
    here so I have one over here all ready to go my camera seems to keep freezing
    Joan am I okay she says yes okay so I'm going to
    put that one to the side um and I've got an needle at least
    I did oh here we go got my needle and thread all dialed
    in again I'm using a wildfire beige 006 and I did finally get Wildfire back
    into the jewel loom shop it's been a while but um it is in there I will tell
    you that the uh black I was only able to get a 50 yard Spool in so it's a little
    more um than the uh Whata call it the 20 yards but if you use a lot of black it's
    probably the better deal so I'm going to move this over
    okay and I'm going to take the needle that's now in my left hand and it's threaded
    and I just anchored onto that first warp with a tiny little knot let me bring that
    up and I'm going to come under all the
    warps and I'm going to transfer that into my right hand and I'm working with an 8o
    transparent topaz and the 4mm aqua um gold Aqua fire polish they're
    just stunning put roll my sleeves up so we can get to to working
    here and I'm going to pick up five
    and I'm going to let those drop all the way to the bottom and I'm just going to guide the
    thread okay then I'm going to take whoopsie I'm going take take my finger
    and I'm going to help to pop those up in between each one of the
    warps and then I'll take the needle and I'm coming back through those
    beads and the needle is gliding on top of the warp threads and then we'll pull that all the
    way out
    I've got quite a bit of thread because my goal is to go straight from doing the base into doing all the decorative
    loops and I have I'm comfortable working with a lot if you're not then you know
    don't cut so much okay so the first row is always a
    little wonky there but there we go cool all right all right so then I'm going to come under again coming under all the
    warps so my needles under all the warps transferring the needle to my
    hand helping to guide all that
    wildfire and then I'm going to pick up five more
    then we're going to let those
    fall pop them up in between the warps and the needle once
    again is going through the on top of the warps and all the way
    and then you want to give it a nice little pull there because the last thing you want is like I call them the little
    Wildfire ribbons CU you know if you don't pull tight enough then you'll have like this little ribbon on the side and
    it's going to drive you crazy so again we're coming back under
    the warps and picking up five
    and going let that
    drop popping those up and in between the
    and this is a very lightweight little wood Loom so you know you can keep it in place by holding down on
    it I think you've seen me kind of maneuver I want to pull that down a
    okay one
    last night I um warped my large sunweaver
    um and I wore I used that really cool gold
    fiber yarn that I picked up at Michael's that I've talked to you about shown you
    before it's so beautiful anytime I warp the large Sun Goddess Sun Weaver I just
    get really emotional and I don't there's just I've said it before there's something about when you warp her it's
    just I don't know know it's so cool it I think it's just because it's really
    beautiful you have like this gorgeous design behind the warps and it's just
    really really
    pretty so let's see I've got what do I got
    seven rows y so I want to do a couple
    more obviously you could do this on any Loom you know whatever jewel loom you
    have the original jewel loom the baby jewel loom what I like about the earring Loom is that if you're specifically
    making a very small piece like I am you're going to have you're not going to
    have a lot of wasted wildfire and um you know it's
    it's a reasonable price but it's not you know it's not cheap right so we don't
    want to waste and that's what's super cool about the earring Loom is that you
    literally end up with very little waste okay
    um that's 1 2 3 4 five 6 oh that's
    seven um I'm going to do another
    one now you certainly could just do a row of or 11 o like if you were
    going to make a pair of earrings I think that this would just be really gorgeous just you know like you
    could just have literally like a base um obviously they'd be super lightweight as
    well and you could make them very
    quickly okay so that's is that eight rows one two 3
    three four five 6 7 eight okay so that's eight rows let me see I'm going to bring
    this guy in really quick cuz what was this one it looks about the same one two
    three four five oh that was seven that's funny okay well that's
    fine okay and then um so since I have like a ton of thread already what I'm
    going to do so I'm over here on the left side of the Loom and now now I want to start doing my Loops so what I can do is
    I can take my needle and thread and I'm going to go all the way
    back through this we'll call this the seventh row since this is the eighth row right
    so we're going to go all the way out and that's going to put my needle
    and thread on the right hand side of the Loom okay and and I want to get these
    guys out of the way cuz they're just in my way so I'm
    going to scooch those over and I could get to the palette that I'm actually working on here so now what I'm going to
    do is um I'm going to take the needle and the wildfire and I'm coming
    through the first bead my needle is coming see it come out
    so my needle is coming out right after the first bead and in
    between the first and the second bead and I'm going to pull that all the
    way okay and I'm going to pick
    up so I want these to be really fluffy so let's see
    one two three four five
    six so these are 610 they're like a matte gold and then the aqua
    gold 4 mm fire polish is in the shop and it's so incredibly beautiful so one
    two 3 four five
    six okay and I'm going to let all of that go and fall
    down okay so you see how that
    looks and then what I'm going to do is take the needle and I'm coming on the right side of the first first bead I'm
    going through the second bead and through the third
    bead and then out and then we're going to
    pull and that's going to make our first Loop look how beautiful that is oh my
    gosh this is going to be so gorgeous now if I were to use less seed
    beads I my pattern would be really tight and short but I'm kind of in a go go bigger
    go home mode so so I'm going to pick up six more
    seeds and then another fire polish
    and then six more seat
    beads then I'm going to go to the right side of that third bead so you're going going you're always
    coming out on the left and then coming back
    through on the right and then we're going to go through
    all the beads that are remaining and all the way
    out and this is going to make our second
    Loop and I'm going to come over
    here excuse me
    sorry and fire
    polish okay short
    one and we're going to let that fall and then again we're going to go to
    the right side of that last
    bead and now we have our first row with all of our Loops this is so incredibly
    so the easiest way to find those Aqua by the way well Jones got them listed so
    that's good um they're all under that new new bead category okay so um I'm here with
    my loom in front of me and my first three Loops right and my needle and thread are in my left hand so what I'm
    going to do is I'm going to turn the Loom all the way around so that now that row of Loops is at the top okay and my
    needle and thread are now out here on the right side and I'm going to go
    through the first bead again up and out in between the first bead and the second
    bead now you can choose to put your Loops wherever you want okay this is I'm
    just working on a piece that I really want to kind of be bold and so I'm using
    a lot of seed beads so that there's height and then I'm doing um a lot of
    the a lot of the beads I'm putting a loop on a lot of them okay so let's go back to picking
    up picking up the gold whoops and if you wanted to you could um
    change up your quantity so you know like
    if you wanted staggering Heights of your Loops short
    tall you could do that too so six seed
    beads fire polish and then six more
    okay so I always do that because lo and behold if there isn't a bead that
    sometimes is just not got a really great um Center to it and the jewel loom eye
    the jewel loom needle eye tends to be a hair bigger than some of the needles that are out there but it's the
    only needle I can work with I can't work with the short ones
    whoops okay and then I'm going to go back to the right side of that bead
    through the second and then up and in
    between so at this point you're just repeating this step multiple times you're just doing it until you've got
    the amount of Loops that you want on your project so I'm going to finish this row and then I'll bring in when that's
    already done so you can see how I'm going to finish
    it yeah that's awesome thanks lean Maria
    yeah okay so got to get to the right side of that
    bead and then all the way
    you know what I'm going to need to make me a ring I need a ring with this color
    palette what do you think we need a jewel ring um because this is just too
    much I love it so much but I need it on my
    finger where to
    go come on buddy oh I got stubborn on me there we
    go okay oh boogers see I didn't listen to my ad own
    advice did I a shcks okay so now I got to take all that off because this will be is not
    wanting to go over so let's just do that
    one let's make sure okay so the first six went over in fact I got more than six on here
    oh hold on holy
    guacamole so one 3 six how'd I get more that's like
    nine okay here we go one
    okay yay that worked okay all right and then we're going to
    go to the side of that last
    speed kind of working there we go it's getting a little dark in
    here I'm falling off the table
    okay oh wow look at that let me bring that up to the
    camera yeah this has got to be a ring so I'm definitely going to be using um a
    bigger Loom of course and I'm going to make a ring with this color palette this needs to be a part of my
    life my everyday life it is super cute it's really it's good stuff okay so
    again at this point I would just keep making these Loops um based on you know
    uh what it you know what you were going for right so again I'm I'm doing a go
    Bigg or go home so I've got three uh loops on every row I think for my
    girlfriend if you don't recall um or if you do recall that the Sor offski piece
    I made I think I did one on every bead and and that was spectacular
    so so I'm going to put this to the side because uh I think you you get the gist
    of that um and let me just secure my needle so I don't poke
    myself I'm going to scooch this over and let me bring this one
    in and so what I was excited to show
    you let me get the needle over here and I'm just going to lay my pliers
    on my needle so it doesn't go away and I'm going to take a drink real
    quick and I got to scooch this over a little more okay so um doing a couple different
    things here right so I um oh sugar
    snap wait a minute actually I need this to come back I only need the loom
    project to go so let's very carefully scooch that
    over and then I'm going to bring this back [Laughter] in but wait there's
    more okay so yep there we go so bringing it back in bring bringing
    it back in bringing it back in fantastic all right so this piece um has already
    been made obviously and this is actually with some um gemstone
    chips and seed beads all right so just the decorative bead ended up being
    different and it looks like there's like three three to four loops on every row
    so it's pretty voluptuous it's a very you know very big piece and what I want
    to do is I want to so I've got these pieces up here
    right and I just need to kind of keep them out of my way and I'm going to
    bring I'm going to bring my needle going to bring my needle to the
    third row and I'm um
    G to come all the way
    out I'm going to leave a tell of about 4 in or so and I'm going to come back
    through the second row ow I'm
    alive felt that
    okay and again I just got to get these out of the way and then I'm going to come up and out
    between the first and the second bead and I've got my crown earring here and
    I'm going to turn it over
    okay hold on um I need to bring this through
    first so I'm going to bring this all this thread through first and let me just make
    sure okay and then I'm going to pick up
    one seed and one fire
    polish no I want to pick up two seeds I'll pick up two seeds and one
    fire polish
    and um I got to remember what I did two seeds and a fire polish then I'm going
    to pick and then I'm going to go through the
    so basically what I'm doing okay bear with me
    here no that's not what I want to do hold on hold on I need a designer pass I need
    a okay okay so I just did
    this it's a little fumina and then we're going to do two more of these
    ruls we G to go through the
    we going back
    up um um I think you'd have a hard time getting through the 11os to do loops but
    you can knock yourselves your socks off and try that's why we normally use the
    oops um um just bear with me here this is you know I had this all down and then
    life kind of happened and I think that my mind kind of went into a different place so hold
    on so I've got the two and then I've got so let's just
    see okay and then we're just going to do two more okay so let me just finish it and
    then I'll walk I'll talk through
    basically you're just stitching the crown earring back onto the piece that
    you made right
    yes so you need to be build up your I know I just got a ton of seed beads in
    and I haven't been able to check them in yet a lot of them are for some new kits
    that are just Gorge okay I just need to make sure I'm not screwing up here hold on okay so far so good
    so you see what I'm doing I'm just picking up the seed beads and then I'm basically just stitching them
    on um wait I'm getting out of I gotta get
    back in here got more more holes in my uh in my Whata call
    it that's what I was doing too I was getting that little hole there while I could but you can't do that J you have
    to pick up your seat beads I know it looks a little fumina
    and crazy but when it's in your own hand you'll understand what you're
    doing see how it's just stitching it on there I know I mean the camera's making
    it um fumbly but it's it's
    just yeah okay we're
    good does anyone have a question about this like do you understand how I'm just
    basically stitching the crown earring onto the loomed
    yes so six of the bigger the bead the better just because you're trying to like when you try to get back through an
    110 it's very
    challenging I love these crowns they're just so cute
    sorry oh well you
    can play with the six of I think they're really
    pretty okay so you can see like there's the back so see how I just stitched it
    on get that warp out of there come on budy are you already down there okay
    you're already down okay so how we do over here
    cool and then what we're going to do
    is where we yeah we're right here so we're going to go back
    through because we got to Anchor this all this
    excess and it doesn't hurt to go back through all the
    rows if you can see
    so I just went back through all the rows and I'm going to come back
    up and out after that second
    one try to get all these guys whoa whoa whoa out of the way
    here and then I'm just going to take my needle and thread and grab one of the warps to tie on
    to okay okay so now you have all this
    yuckiness back here so let me get the
    Wildfire burner and I'm going to get to where there's a little better light so I
    don't screw
    up okay
    I'm going to do a little balm knot over here
    [Music] too okay now what I like to
    do is a little surgery here right so I have
    some of the alen um turbox turbox turbo tacky glue just
    going trim those a
    little right and then I'm going to lay those
    down and I'm going to put a piece of faux
    leather I've also done like velvet before too
    so so I can hear Taps is it Taps that they what do they play with sundown at
    the base I always for it's is it TAPS in the evening I can
    hear some of these are just too
    long Taps yeah so got that going in the background making beaded
    jewelry can't feel like I got like a major mess going on
    here why is it that we turn into KY garders one anytime white glue is
    so you see like it's a little bit of a come on guys lay
    down just trying to get the warps up and into this bed of
    glue and they're being very very
    finicky going have to bring out so this is a white drying glue and we want to be
    really careful because yeah obviously we don't want it to get on our stones and so that's why I'm just being
    like kind of careful
    here manam
    this it's so funny it's just being very
    naughty it doesn't want to
    cooperate it's resisting it's resisting [Laughter]
    arrest so then what I would do is bring in my little patch
    here and it's just a fun little way to kind of decorate its
    bottom and I like to use velvet I used to I like to use
    leather okay so after all of that this is what
    we got we've got like like it's actually really gorgeous I mean I
    love and it's backside is all nice and clean tuck those little boogers in there
    boy they were they were feisty they're very very
    feisty okay reel R in the morning yeah retreat evening and
    nice very cool all right let me turn the light off so I can come back up I've got
    beads spilt everywhere oops
    okay if you want to bring me back up
    Janes so I've actually glued my fingers together
    not me but Leanne has I need to make sure I just didn't ruin my scissors such a don't do as I
    just [Laughter] did yeah isn't that pretty it's so pretty let me bring it up here
    so yeah so you just Stitch that Crown earring on if you bought the um if you
    bought the Gratitude offer so you got these two earrings well you got a pair
    of earrings the crowns and then you had the bead board and you had the um
    earring Loom and so obviously adorable
    pendant it's a little heavy with the gemstones for an earring but it would not be that heavy
    if you just used fire polish or seed beads the the gemstones are definitely definitely heavier but I'm
    I'm going to be adding this to my piece that I'm working on but I flipping
    whoa I super love the idea of sewing on these crowns to the um to the loomed piece and
    then here's this little bottom is all nice and clean the faux leather is okay in this situation it's not going to be
    seen um if I were making the earrings and I was going to do that I would I would
    probably use like something real pretty like like a velvet or
    um crushed V you know like some like a pretty piece of fabric or something
    something just in case like when you're whipping your head around or whatever if you had short hair too like you would
    you know you would want that backside to be nice and clean so yes a Christmas
    ornament yeah the little GW nuggets are just perfect for anything and everything
    I think I accidentally bought two [Laughter] well that gratitude offer was Unreal
    right it was so good 20 bucks for everything that you got it was awesome
    but it's well worth to make that offer to all of you because you are the most amazing people and I so appreciate you
    and I am so grateful my family's so grateful for all of your heartfelt messages and um you know they're just
    unreal and we're so grateful thank you for your love and your prayers and all
    the things that you've sent um you know through messaging and stuff like that so
    very very grateful so listen I'm definitely G to lose my whole entire
    voice here in a second but I really wanted to come on and uh bead with
    you and um and yeah so yeah don't um forget the
    beads are on sale for oh I know I wanted to show you these they're so
    cute they're like remember that little spin top game that you you would have
    and then you take its top off and it would spin all over the floor aren't these beautiful they're 9 mm this color
    right here is just killing me look how pretty these are these are all brand new
    beads that I just got and they're a part of the cell and so you can't go wrong
    with that anyway there's like six colors and they're just really really pretty
    and they're lightweight so if you're thinking like well Jules that's a bigger bead for what we do but no not really
    they're really lightweight and they're glass um and I was just I'm really surprised so I think you could
    absolutely put those into one of the loomed projects and you could do stringing too like you know you could do
    that thank you everyone I will I mean I you know the process of everything
    that's going on I'm sure it's just like also emotional right like you lose your voice
    cuz thanks Kelly I can't look at my large wisdom Warrior and not think of you Kelly
    Hawkins you're like forever the honorary godmother of the of the uh of the large
    wisdom Warrior so all right well I still have one more errand to run and then I'm G to
    come back home and go to bed thanks
    Cil thank you thank you so much I love you girls too so very much and
    guys you're all so good you're so good such really beautiful souls got really
    really lucky to meet all of you and I hope someday Joan and I keep trying to figure that
    out planning the jewel loom event of the century
    thank you lean thank you so much all right I'm going to take off
    because my voice is going hi Stephanie Howard love you honey Stephanie is the honorary California lomer we
    decided all right y'all thank you thank you I'll see you next Thursday
    Happy New Year oh my God that's right happy New Year I'm so off have a wonderful and thank you thank you thank
    you thank you thank you I don't know if you saw my one post but we did some um I did some research and I was curious like
    where we Shi to and we have shipped to every state but one and that doesn't mean there's not a
    jewel loom in this particular state it just means that the jewel loom e-commerce shop is not shipped to this
    one particular State I just found that to be like really interesting like how could that
    be um and uh Australia and you know what on Blue Ocean Jewel which is my shop on
    Etsy that I've had forever I found it easier to process International orders
    as other than Canada so a lot of Australians have been
    asking me lately um so Blue Ocean Jewel is my Etsy shop and again it's just been
    a little frustrating to say the least to figure it all out as far as customs and
    everything on my Shopify platform I know people do it I just need better
    education but in the meantime Etsy can process an international order so that's
    just a little side note but yes happy happy happy New Year we all appreciate
    you so much I appreciate you Joan for hanging in there with me and doing all the things you just knew last week I
    wouldn't be in any shape to do anything and you just took the wheel and you were
    like I got this girl you go take care of your family and uh and I just love that
    I love that you were you just got in there and and did that and it was a great um great jewel loom School live so
    I appreciate you I appreciate everyone and in fact you know what this is number 300 for videos and um you know I got to
    thank you Joan I got to thank Amber Scott Trisha gazon on um you know the
    three of you have helped to get to that number of videos and I'm forever grateful all of our guests De Flores
    baby daddy Nee um our uh what is Danielle
    Danielle's just like the most precious little thing right huge thank you to Danielle Wix I don't know what else to
    say other than she's so precious so a lot of people um have taken part in
    getting to the 300th is that how you say it 300th video here on the YouTube channel
    and of course um subscribers thank you keep subscribing keep watching keep
    sharing it's how we grow the brand and um and uh you know we appreciate that so
    so much your likes and your shares and your subscribes are like really important so yes Danielle and elay were
    big influences on my project yes they're just good stuff everyone's good stuff
    all right God bless you I love you thank you a thousand times thank you to Robert and Karen of course they've been on a
    much welld deserved vacation over the last couple of days so if you placed a wood order um that'll ship out next week
    and um yeah so here we go we got fun stuff planned for next year so I'm super
    excited about it all and I'm going to go because I'm going to keep talking and then I will definitely not have a