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  • Firecracker Earrings - Jewel Loom School Live with designers Amber Scott and Tricia Giazzon

    May 26, 2022

    Firecracker Earrings - Jewel Loom School Live with designers Amber Scott and Tricia Giazzon

    Learn a couple of new techiniqes in this tutorial, besides creating an awesome pair of earrings! Amber Scott shows how to loom these earrings, even providing a written pattern, then how to make the fringe. Once it is removed from the loom, Amber teaches us own to form a tube & put a couple of beads inside to stabilize the tubes. 

    Written Pattern for this Tutorial:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-MhdWyb7hdbVb3yGJfJF05lvfVittUPJvobofCQ3PzI/edit

    Supplies Used:

    Seed Beads:  https://jewelloom.com/search?type=product&q=seed%20beads*&aff=4

    Czech Bead Mix Kit:  https://jewelloom.com/collections/bead-mixes?aff=4 Wildfire:https://jewelloom.com/products/wildfire-beading-thread-white-006-20-yards?_pos=2&_sid=bcfbd7ba1&_ss=r&aff=4

    Small Wisdom Warrior:  https://jewelloom.com/collections/jewel-loom-original-baby/products/bead-loom-wisdom-warrior-3-x-12-work-space-with-needles-sample-bead-kit?aff=4

    Original Jewel Loom:  https://jewelloom.com/collections/jewel-loom-original-baby/products/jewelloom?aff=4 

    Baby Loom: https://jewelloom.com/collections/jewel-loom-original-baby/products/beadalon-baby-jewel-loom-baby-jewel-loom-beadalon-baby-jewel-bead-loom-by-julianna-avelar-portable-beading-loom-bead-weaving-easy-to-use?aff=4 

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    Tricia:  https://linktr.ee/pinkpoodlecraftstudio

    Amber:  https://linktr.ee/mtnittanycreations

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    hey friends hi guys welcome in
    it's that time again yay and we're both here
    two weeks in a row how did we manage that i don't know
    yes say hi when you join us friends i see a couple friends who've joined us here
    over on youtube on the youtubes youtubes yes come on in guys
    we're gonna make a super fun project this week we're making some fun dangle earrings amber has designed these they
    are absolutely adorable look at that firecracker earrings she's calling them
    yeah just it's good good go ahead go ahead no go ahead i was just gonna say it's gonna
    be a fun project i originally called them chandeliers see there's but you can definitely use all kinds of different
    ways of doing it but in honor of memorial day beautiful yeah the firecracker
    hi zach hi sandra hi becky hi guys
    it's very hot and where in texas are you wayne
    we don't say hi girls anymore oh yes please just say hello everyone
    we don't want wayne to feel uncomfortable because we like having a buddy here that's a gentleman
    so nice hi elena hi austin area he says oh that's where
    my brother lives so fun yeah so cool cool very fun
    yes i'll have to ask them if they've ever seen your creations they go to all kinds of street shows and
    everything in austin yeah so very fun very fun
    i don't know tonight well i think we should say happy early
    birthday to somebody i forgot to put my ears my thing on i was gonna wear my birthday crown too
    and i did okay that's fine becky
    she was just saying hi to us oh no i didn't see that i that was completely out of my brain honey it wasn't you
    i didn't even see that comment so oh sorry i think she was meaning more us
    and what we say yeah amber and i no you're fine honey
    i didn't even see that comment oh my god my brain sometimes but
    you are just fine becky so wow what cinder says and gentlemen and gentlemen yes
    so excited wayne's here to join us again so if you want to join us in beating
    tonight you can grab your original jewelloon
    hey paula hi paula but um get your original you can do this we're
    going to be doing wildfire and wildfire can be hard to warp so
    i find it easier on the original but you can certainly do it on
    the small wisdom warrior oh the ladies comment and zack says happy birthday uh her
    birth her birthday birthday on sunday yeah 64 years young so happy birthday to
    zach and to trish early yes i'll be 47 so
    yeah so fun
    hi sherry hi coral but our project's big tonight so
    i'm gonna go ahead and go go right to it um i gotta flip my
    flip cameras here okay um so you can talk for a moment i'm here for your entertainment
    [Laughter] so i am actually just putting on
    the bottom clasp on the the silver soak pendant that we made last week onto this one
    because it was still up here and i've been so busy i haven't even put all the bottoms on yet so i was just messing with that so nice
    let's go here to you amber and let her i'll let you be little
    okay it's okay sure so let's see so grab your original jewel
    loom or your small wisdom warrior which i don't have next to me or i'd show you
    mine isn't either i can grab it off the wall though yeah you could sure i'll grab it while
    she's grabbing it give you some clues i've seen a bunch of people having trouble
    with it i really my hands are warm tonight so i probably don't even need to rub it but take your loom and just warm
    it up a little bit um it's it just helps it be more pliable
    um and then lift up my camera a little here you know put it on your goddess belly
    and take your rod so here is our small wizard moyer
    yeah very nice so either of those looms
    if you got the baby loom for this project it would be difficult to have both earrings on it but if you wanted to
    just make a pendant show everybody just crown here
    i got to put my birthday crown on whether i stay on there or not is
    another question and it's probably crooked because you look lovely darling hold up your
    loom again since you're a little bigger now can you oh okay sure
    there we go there's our small our beauty beautiful wisdom warrior here
    hi carmen hi rose yeah the only thing is this is really heavy on my head well take it off when
    you're ready then yes you know what i couldn't do is just switch it out with these oh yes
    that's what i was gonna wear hi rosalind all right so take your loom
    you know put it on your goddess belly gently push it after it's been warmed up
    you toss zach says you look lovely and now we're we're set up
    here and ready to go so i'm gonna since this is such a big project i have
    all the steps kind of laid out on different looms and stuff um so i'm just gonna review warping with
    just a couple lines um but we i did write everything out for you
    um and trish is gonna put that if she can uh in the comments
    and we have our friend joan joining us um
    so you're going to use wildfire for our project tonight and as i said our loom
    if you want to bead along or you want to start looking for the materials this is the siam ruby we're gonna use
    red white and blue um so the siam ruby this is the rainbow light but that's also just a regular
    rainbow one as well and i did the the example in that so
    they're just slightly different um but they both turn out
    beautifully uh you're going to need some wildfire now i did the original
    with a tan i'm just going to show you warping with a red here
    i also use the tohos that jules has this is the aqua
    the dark aqua and then
    though the white that she has i actually didn't have this this is mine but it's the same
    as what she has um so for those of you who are just joining us we're making firecracker
    earrings um so there's several steps to this so i'm going to show all the different
    steps but i do have a write out for you guys to print out um
    so that you can go back and do that so uh donald
    trump she has a moment joan do you john do you have that the
    link to the um instructions you can post for us honey so
    i got a yes thank you joan um
    so so grab your wildfire and
    flip over your jewel loom and i apologize so i'm my hands are
    having trouble tonight so i'm just gonna just do a couple
    warps um but it virtually the big thing even though it's a big project it's a lot of
    repetition so i will try my best to and trisha's hands
    are hurting her too so we will try our best here to get this to review how to warp so you wanna test one and not
    message that's why we do this together because
    together we make one person
    and i and one thing i do for those of you who have trouble with your hands i actually use my pliers a lot with
    wildfire so just tie it off
    and i did the red too so you guys could see a little better here because the tan just blends right it's beautiful
    it's great for your project but so there you go the the the link to the pattern right up
    is right above your comment there and um joan has posted it for us
    thank you joan yeah so then after you tie a double knot
    you come around and you go in one of the grooves
    and you hold it tight now that's the thing with wildfire yes we have the tension rod
    um but you still need to hold wildfire pretty tight and then you come around
    lay in one of the other across make sure it's lined up
    grooves and wrap it around you can do one or two either one and for
    this project we're just going right to the next the next groove so we're not skipping any tonight
    come up next groove wrap it around and i'll go through one
    more here go down
    next groove and wrap it around and on the last one i
    wrap it a couple times to kind of try and hold the tension and then you want to find
    your we have these great cutters that i love
    that cut it so beautifully make sure you don't use them on anything else they're wildfire cutters
    anything else but your wildfire it really dulls them but then
    i hold up here to try and hold the tension while i not
    and this is another spot as you can see with my
    arthritis and stuff i can use the pliers so i got it underneath the warps
    grab it with the pliers if i can without losing the tension
    and then of course i am so you as you can see you just want to
    tie it off up here and i'm sorry my hand my i have a blood clot on this side on this arm so it
    makes it difficult plus you have arthritis all the time on time and chemo
    yeah we got a lot of problems honey ignore that awful knot
    they get the idea i'm sure to take a lot of smarties in this group they know their business and jules has this kind
    of video on there multiple times so imagine it's knotted
    and you're going to push on your goddess belly again and gently pull this out and mine's going to come
    undone because i didn't knot it but that gives you an idea how to warp your loom
    right thank you yes joan you will if you look at the write up you will need 15 warps
    tonight so when you get down to it it's going to end up
    looking like this beauty so
    of course my needle fell down in there um so the one thing
    you can definitely use the jewel loom needle but sometimes
    we have fined if i could figure out how i tied my string through here
    oh my goodness um one thing i have found that sometimes it
    doesn't go these are the 11 0's it doesn't always go through oh and the eight o's the blue is eight o's
    everything else is 11 0's but the blue is an 8-0 just so you know if you're
    looking to purchase get my
    i want you guys to learn from my mistakes too all right let's see if that unties us
    here that way all right so we're gonna go through and take the needle off and just
    hope pull for the i carried it downstairs into my office from upstairs so got a
    little tangled all right so this that's how you want your warp to be
    when it when you're done um so you want 15 across
    okay um because we're gonna 14 is a big number in this project so it's going to
    be you're going to bead 14 across and 14 down
    um yes thank you joan for uh reminding them well i'm putting my needle back on trish do you want to tell
    them about the giveaway yes every week we're doing a giveaway
    and this week is no different and we're giving away a jewel kit
    this kit includes a baby jewel loom an original jewelry jewel loom
    100 beads and some hemp so if you'd like to try to win this
    just sign up for the newsletter subscribe to our youtube channel
    and like the jewelry page three things
    and we do have i'm gonna look for this week's winner but you go right ahead honey and you
    keep going okay so i did have another needle and thread here all ready to go
    and i don't know i how it always goes
    i think i found it there it is all right
    done done and done lizzy sounds awesome lizzy awesome lizzy awesome awesome
    um so this is what what we will be being i'm gonna keep the thread attached to that
    so when we go back we are adding all kinds of beauty to our piece tonight we're going to add
    a picot stitch on one side and some tassely
    dingle dangle all those technical terms on the other so
    so you're going to want definitely technical things you're gonna want
    um two arm lengths of wildfire i found i could do pretty
    much the entire project with two arm lengths you're gonna take
    the wildfire you're gonna bead with and you're gonna make sure that's that's the
    big thing while why we're not using the baby loom tonight you need to make sure you have enough room to tie everything
    off um so and get two on here so i'm going to come
    all the way down here because i need the space from this one and this one to tie off the bottoms
    and they don't have to be pretty we're gonna hide them on the inside of our earring
    you will also need i think these are about eight millimeters some
    beads from your stash so they will give we're gonna create the
    cylinder and as you can see they will help give it shape i can get
    it to yes the beads go through the inside of
    it yes is that right okay so that'll help hold the shape and
    create where we put our ear wire the structure there in the middle cool
    so yes so all of the directions i typed up for you guys because there are a lot of steps
    but a lot of repetition
    now this needle i have on here is a beading needle but i'll switch it to the
    uh joule needle because when you do the picot and stuff
    sometimes it's helpful to have a beading needle versus the jewel loom
    but when you're doing the original steps when you're just doing the the looming
    having uh having the the jewel loom helps
    and of course so that's a little trick take your flat pliers
    i'm doing here but i can't see it because i'm blind
    but it helps helps it go into the needle easier
    so this is shorter because i was using it earlier but um you definitely want to make sure you
    have enough space for when you're finished so then take the siam ruby
    so that's the reddish colors that jules has and they're so pretty so so so pretty
    see if i there we go go under all your warps and we're going to pick
    up 14.
    you still there me yeah is that quiet yes
    i got quiet i'm just paying attention yup i'm still here honey
    all right so all of them thankfully fit and that's the other thing going back
    through the 11 0's it helps to have the the beading needle for later if you have
    one and as always the first row is always the hardest
    so you try and especially when you're doing this number of beads
    so lizzy we are making a design that aimer created they're called
    the firecracker earrings and they're a cylinder earring that have
    beads inside of them to make this the structure and then
    lots of dangles on the bottom so it's going to be a super fun project this week it is being a super project
    already quite interesting and to answering let's see um vicky said this pattern
    would make a great flag do blue with red and white fringe oh yeah
    um okay so give girl i can't remember who you said
    you were but it left me already i'm sorry i was wondering what question you all were answering because i didn't get
    a facebook notification i just noticed i didn't like the facebook page lol
    look what i am confused
    and notificat uh did you say who the winner was
    no not yet no no not yet i didn't say
    well i don't know what we're answering oh okay we'll we'll work it out here
    sometimes we're a little slow on the go so maybe somebody knows what
    you're talking about all right so see how i make sure so as i said 14 rows down and 14 across
    so if you're just joining us we warped 15 and then we have 14 and 14.
    so i'm going to pick up another 14.
    so this is you it's it's what takes it so long as the repetition
    and since many of you know how to beat on the loom i'm only going to do this
    part a couple times and i lost count
    of course and the 11's are always eye crossing hi devil
    so bring it under the warp first
    and then lay it between each
    of the warps and make sure you go on top
    and a great way to check that is to see if you can see your needle in between
    each bead sometimes it's a little harder with the lemon o's but if you just stop for a moment
    you can kind of look in between before you pull it through because if not you lose a bead and i do
    that all the time yes
    so under the warp sometimes i don't pull it under until after i pick up the beads
    you could do it either way um jones said she didn't get a facebook
    notification either um i thought we were supposed to stream to the group jules
    page and youtube and i don't think we are oh no yeah we forgot the facebook
    page a group i'm so sorry can you pop a link over there
    uh joan can you do that
    sorry i'll blame it on my chemo brain oh honey you're fine all right so here we have some safe
    changes i'm trying to broadcast there as well we'll see if it actually works and it did it's broadcasting over there now
    great the this uh lebano got stuck so it's not fitting over the jewel loom
    and these break really easily so i just go back take it off put it to the side
    and just pick up the three again you don't get all aggressive like i do i you know how many i've broken of the
    lebanos well and especially we're going through them so much it's not worth
    yeah if it was a project where i what i like wasn't going through them multiple times
    then yes i probably would be aggressive and just push it through but because i know i have to go back
    through it again i i mean they just this little they can break so easily
    it wasn't on the group though joan because i had to add the group in it was on the jewel loom page
    um but we added the group and now my lights like flickering for some reason
    huh oh that's awesome
    aggressive is my middle name from uh things getting hot that's the main
    reason so i'm gonna stop there because it's just it's just the same so you pick
    up 14 go under the warp line them all up in between and then go
    back over top 14 times so 14 across 14 down
    and if you're in oh great mary you got a text if you're new there it uh look in the chat there is a
    pattern right up so if you've missed anything all of this is written out for you that you can go back
    and check it all out so there was some so many steps and i
    wanted to make sure i got them all out there for you guys so i've been leaving
    i'll go back and finish that one and then i'm gonna pick up we're gonna
    work now on as you can see we have a pico stitch and
    we also have the tassels so how many rows did you do of seed beads
    there there are 14 across and 14 down okay
    so see vicky knew that but i hadn't been paying attention see that's okay
    so you do the same thing flatten the end of my thread but of course i'm so blind
    i can't see the hole but i have a 12 a 12 beading needle here
    i tried a 10 and it was too big so i just jumped down to the 12
    um for the picot stitch and everything um
    get that out of the way so 14 down and 14 across so 15 warped
    so for the pico stitch that's when we bring in can we see my
    is that good yeah that looks good that's where we bring in
    our lovely whites and then uh i think it's like opaque
    white or something on the website and then this is the aqua this is an 8-0
    so the others are 11-0's and then the blue i used in 8-0
    um now you are very welcome to change this will make the earring
    dangle down after wiring everything about two and a half inches if you don't like it that
    long then by all means what you'll shorten up is um
    how many warps across so if you want it shorter you can do it that way
    uh so or they can make their dangles shorter too oh yeah yeah so make it your own
    um yes so we'll start here with the picot stitch so
    for the picot we're picking up and that reason i went with the beading
    needle is because the levenos are so small and i just makes it easier doing the picot and the
    tassels so you're going to pick up two 11 uh two of whites one blue
    and then two whites and you certainly could do this any color pattern jules has so many
    beautiful um seed beads in her shop i just went for the memorial day
    look so here's kind of what it'll look like
    when we take it off the loom so we're gonna we're gonna come out
    we're already coming out the first one we're gonna skip a row
    and just go in the top bead of the third row
    and you pull
    don't get caught on the desk knob drawer knob and then i find if i pull up on the
    the blue on the edo it lays really nicely then you're going to go into the fourth
    11-0 so you go over to the next one
    and you're going to come out there and when i was making these i kept forgetting to do that and then i'd have
    to unbeat everything yeah i've done that with pico stitch before myself
    and just hang it and then you just repeat pick up two a
    white eleven o's one eight oh and then two
    white 11 0's and once again you just go
    into the so now it would be we have 3 4 five six seed bead for the next third
    you could certainly make this a bracelet and just do the picot on one side and the tassels on the other
    don't have you probably make it a ring there's all kinds of things you can do with this technique so when we finish it
    off it'll be the same technique you would use for a ring except it's just going to be much smaller so
    and once again i was just about to do that make sure you go through the seventh seed bead come out before
    you pick up your beads and we're going to just do a total of it
    says in the i wrote it all out uh the fit we're only
    going to do five picots is what fits on there
    i can't even tell you how many samples i made to make it get it all worked out
    i was doing a lot of pico and a lot of feeding yes this project took a lot of uh work
    on the front end didn't it it did but it's it's really cool
    yes it is yes it is well we we appreciate that for sure
    lizzy said pretty bracelet you were wearing amber oh thanks that was one of uh our lives
    with the silver silk loom trish taught that so if you want to go back and learn how to do that
    uh we did it with the bracelet
    so so far we've got three so we got two more to go so make sure
    now we're going through that's nine so now we're going through back up
    through the 10th
    so that was just recently that wasn't too long ago yeah it's up on the youtube channel
    and if it's not on jules which i'm sure it is it's would be on either one of our youtube channels as well probably mm-hmm
    soon i didn't get that one up yet but it's okay i think it's online yeah blog
    too you might have that one over silk loom yet lizzy says okay
    you can certainly make this project on the small wisdom warrior or the original
    it the with the silver silk though the uh sorry silk just falls really nicely
    yeah it does so once again just picking up two white eleven o's and eight oh and
    two more eleven o's for the picot and just going through the top there's
    no need to go all the way through all 14 beads
    if it was a you know if you wanted to it's an earring so you don't need that extra backup
    but if you wanted to do that you can certainly do that for a bracelet or for
    but with the earring there's no need for all that extra beading well there you go joan uh link the sorry
    silver bracelet tutorial right there thank you so much joan you're always on it
    you don't want it she don't want it
    the square fiber loom works as well vicky says oh yeah if you have that one
    it's not one i have they are jules is not selling that one
    anymore so but the silver silk loom works a lot like the fiber loom
    and now we're on to our last picot stitch perfect
    and with this one you can go all the way to the other side
    and it doesn't matter if you're on top or bottom if you find it difficult to go all the
    way to the other side just be careful that you don't break any of your beads you know be gentle
    so now we have our pico stitch very cute and i love that uh siam rainbow that's just
    gorgeous beads right there so you are aware one of them i was wondering what happened
    will be only two apart instead of the three in order to get it to fit right
    just okay i meant to do that on the end but i wasn't paying attention and did it sooner
    but it's very it works when it's all wrapped up and everything
    you don't notice it as much so i like to and i did this over here
    tie a knot off before i start uh my dingle dangles
    my task my tassel is that would you say i said dangle dangles well
    you said start my danglings i am a tingling sometimes i got jones
    i wouldn't be surprised if that's what came out of my mouth there we go
    all these technical terms after tying your knot make sure you go back through
    so it just lines up right there with your seed bead
    oh and i'm messing around she's impressed by how ambidextrous amber is
    oh because i keep switching hands yes yeah yeah yeah that's not a strength of mine
    that's for sure my husband on the other hand as well but not me oh interesting my mom is left-handed so
    i learned a lot of things going back and forth okay
    so i'm all the way alrighty that's i don't even know why this is here so
    um okay so with the tassels you are gonna have
    and this is totally up to you with the pattern there are two that are open
    that don't necessarily have a little dangle down if you want to fill those in by all
    means it it's not noticeable when we roll it up um
    but uh to keep the pattern i just skipped them
    so that is totally there's a total of um [Music]
    so there's three to the pattern um we have one the first one
    here if you can see it is white with a red ending
    and then we have white with a red and white ending and then we have our white with the red
    white and blue so that's that's the pattern that repeats
    and i believe it's how many times is a one two
    it's all written in the note four times for you guys so it repeats four times the the the first of each set is only 12
    and then white and then the next two are 14. if you want to do them all the same length
    you can but it gave it uh this each one is a different length by doing that
    so completely totally up to you want to do all them white twelves it was just
    the pattern and i had decided on um
    so we actually are skipping the first one and coming and why i do that is the way we close it
    off i'm gonna have to go through all those seed beads again and so
    just gives gives it that space to do that
    so as i said the first one we're going to pick up 12 whites
    how are we doing on time we are uh you still have 25 minutes okay
    you're doing great
    we're moving right along great
    all right they all fit so you got your 12 and then
    i like i said we're ending with the red you pull them all up close to the bead
    work like that
    and then you're gonna skip that red bead
    that's going to kind of lock it off and then you're going to go back through
    all of your white 11-0s now make sure you do or you'll see it'll i can show
    you where i've messed up but it'll make that one seed bead stick out funny
    not totally noticeable but if you have any ocd or any
    it will drive you bonkers like it does me so you go through all of them and then you go back through
    just that one seed bead
    sorry my hands are not super steady at the moment
    take your time honey always happens live we will add the project write-up link to
    both the blog and youtube video write-ups for this tutorial guys so you
    it's here and she has kindly put it into the comments here but it'll also be
    um on the blog and the youtube video so you'll have lots of chances to get ahold
    of that so make sure your dangle is as close to your bead
    work as possible and then you're gonna pull as if i don't know if you can see i'm holding
    the one thread to try because sometimes it can get all messy like it just did
    and uh if you hold the one closest that and it'll hold it up next to the bead work
    until you get down here and it just makes it a little easier
    and there we go now with the wildfire it does make the tassels um
    [Music] like stiffer if you wanted to change out to a
    less stiff material you could but that is completely up to you i find it
    easier to just do the whole project in one thing so then you just you came up through
    that same seed bead and now i'm going to go down through the next one
    and this time i'm picking up our lucky number 14 for tonight
    carmen says she loves the design amber oh i'm so glad
    yes that's a very cool designer but i was thinking of trish and her birthday when i
    i've made this you pick up your 14 white 11 0s
    your one red and then pick up another white
    so you just think of the ends as we we did the red now we're on our end is the
    white so it's the red white and blue it was what i was thinking in my head i was also making these
    red white blue red blue absolutely that's gonna be adorable
    but you can certainly make this with whatever colors you want
    what jones says happy birthday trish i'm sitting here with my party horn
    party tiara he is oh my goodness thank you joe i will see you
    oh we'll pop her up on the end of the show yes we sure will put her up there so everybody can see it
    i had my tier on but it's really heavy this is like like one let's go big or go home that's
    my whole life and boy it is big because that's like if i lean forward
    [Applause] so here we go all right or something but anyway we've got our
    two tassels i'm working on our third
    yes tiaras need to be pinned down so as you can see they're a little stiff
    um with the wildfire but it works and now we're going to pick up 14
    white 11 0s and this will be the last one i'll do since the pattern just repeats
    um yep you're still doing good on timing
    about 20 minutes
    great so sandra says everybody calls her sandy
    huh we can cover sandy from now on we will try and remember sandy
    and susan says very cool ladies would have never thought to make a fringe on a loom piece
    wow look at that so i've picked up my 14
    did i pick up 15 by accident probably let me count them
    not that it's a deal breaker
    no maybe one's just bigger or i picked up 13 lots who knows anyways
    so then we pick up our red we pick up our white
    and we pick up our lucky number blue there we go
    yeah that blue color right they're all pretty but that blue is very it just pops doesn't it does
    so same thing as the other tassels skip that first bead so our ending bead and
    then go through all of the rest so that kind of holds it all on there
    and then back through that first seed bead
    and then just etc until you get to the end so
    as you can see as i said you skip two rows this last one i kind of
    put through dangles between the two to make it even out but so repeat this pattern four
    times so red white blue red white blue
    and repeat it four times thanks um and then you just tie it off after
    that and you cut and make sure you do the second one and then repeat
    and cut the project off the loom so you just would trim it back here make
    sure you hold it and trim it i'm gonna finish these so i'm not gonna do it right now
    um and you have your base for your earring
    and then the next part all set up for you guys
    is leave you want to leave your line on there with your needle
    because you'll need it to sew up our inside or our cylinder
    so you want to get i think this is a one and a half inch um
    eye pin oh that's a small one with the length that i made them i found
    that having four eight millimeters so jump into your bead
    stash find some that are similar all that's important is that the top one
    is the only one that's going to be seen so what you put on the other ones really
    doesn't matter the ones i have came from jules's check mix one of her
    check mixes um she has a really pretty blue
    and that's where actually this this blue matches really well with that check mix
    um but all of these seed beads and these beads are all
    in her shop
    you can also if you wanted to change it up this also came from a check mix so you
    could make the ends with bigger beads or smaller beads um but here's a learning experience
    the check mixes are beautiful make sure you count how many of the beads you have
    oh and i do have um some white ones i can spare you by the way awesome awesome
    i really like that here is the blue mix that amber is talking about i believe so
    yes it just has some really pretty blue beads in but
    they're all they all have some really nice colors in them this one has some reds in it you know just
    yeah either of those are what i choose from yeah so
    you're prepping your um eye pin and i like my handy dandy
    looper here so i use the 3.0 that's not something
    jules has but these are very handy dandy tools or you could just make it yourself no
    reason i just like it if you're good with wire work make your own pinheads
    or i you know what i mean eye pins that's the word
    and you want to leave i put the blue on the top because that's the one that's going to be poking out
    um it's it's not needed but you you might not be able to see it online but i can see it
    you know looking down on the earring but totally up to you
    so put that to the side after we no i should have knotted some of these
    beforehand oh well you're going to go through and gently
    knot all of your threads i find this that's why i spread my work
    out to find make sure i have enough room to have a decent size for knotting
    um where it's comfortable and i don't feel like i'm struggling to knot it yeah because there's nothing worse than
    that yeah but you don't want to not like secured yeah
    and you don't want to knock too hard then you kind of warp like your
    loom piece so just
    once again and it's et cetera et cetera et cetera et cetera
    so it's not just go ahead you're putting two knots in right when you're knocking on the sides
    because we will be pulling on the beads uh when we close it off so you don't
    want to run the risk of having the loom works you know spread out too much
    wayne says i picture putting a red white and blue on the end of the whites
    and then skipping the red white and blue and making a picot like ending
    oh yeah by all means swain i love it really cool
    yeah i was just my goal tonight was to give you the technique but you guys can certainly run with it and make it your
    own so just how to make the little tassels in the picot stitch
    on a loom tearing and it makes it look like a firecracker
    i thought definitely or chandelier was the other word i was calling it
    yes i think either one of those are very fitting
    looks like we have about 10 minutes great
    thankfully we're almost there right yeah you're doing a great job i don't know that's a lot of project to
    get through in one sitting but you're sure doing it yeah well i'm nodding this off do you want to
    tell about the contest again and who last week's winner was sure sure guys um
    maria from riverside california is the winner now maria um
    jules says she doesn't have any info on you so if you are listening to this
    if you could please either textuals or email jewels uh to get in contact with her so she can
    get your prize to you that would be much appreciated so that was maria from
    riverside california so just go over if you want to be entered
    for next week guys and it runs till midnight of next wednesday so the night night
    before our show day which is always thursday at midnight is when it cuts off
    and you subscribe to the youtube channel sign up for the newsletter and like
    jules's the jewel loom facebook page good job yeah i'm getting it you know me only it
    takes a few times but yeah so maria um as i said just reach out to
    jules if you get a chance so we can get that to you
    awesome congratulations maria yes most definitely congratulations because that's a great prize
    so after all these little knots it can be good to add a little bit of hypo cement
    um i won't be doing that tonight but that's a great glue for
    you don't necessarily need it because we're going to be sewing through everything but
    just in case yeah definitely
    i should have put a picture of how i sewed this but i will try and do that
    well it's just it's a zigzag right yeah it's like a zipper closure which is in
    essence a zigzag so if you've made rings with us before
    you have definitely seen this technique yeah i tried it with the single right down each side and it just
    it was gapping too much i guess because it sat like being small
    yeah so the zigzag works better yeah it just seems like you said like it
    just neatens everything up then yeah keeps it from gapping
    so uh if you're just joining us i'm just nodding away here
    and if um you amber was kind enough to uh write
    everything up for us so that'll be linked in the blog and also in the description of the youtube
    channel guys when this video is uploaded oh yeah i didn't put it in the original
    description because i just wrote it today oh that's okay we're gonna forgive you
    on that one okay thank you thank you very much you're welcome and we're almost there folks
    you're doing good that's an adding but it's well worth it
    let me tell you i think i'm getting some crazy hair here from my crown
    it'll be funny when i'm done i'll just walk downstairs with this on and see what my husband said
    i'll be like man my birthday weekend starting you better get prepared
    whip out that wallet here where are we going where are we going i
    know right hopefully to bead fest in august that's
    my goal yes anyone else going to be going to bead fest and it's in lancaster this year
    always was in philly and it's going to be in lancaster for the first time this year lancaster pennsylvania with all the
    amish yes of course you probably won't see him because we'll be in the city but you
    know right so i'm gonna just trim these guys up oh go ahead nope that's okay it wasn't very
    important so we hope to be there that's our plan for sure so if you want to meet up with
    us let us know if you're coming yep we can plan an impromptu meetup or
    that would be awesome bring your looms we could get together and loom maybe
    yeah that would be fun so now you just want to go through and
    trim after you've got everything knotted because you don't want them in your way
    but make sure you don't cut your original thread
    i mean if you do it's not a problem but it'll be just harder to knot it in there
    and these are all going to hide inside the earrings so they don't have to be pretty
    they just have to hide yeah that's one nice thing they do turn in when you do your um zipper stitch
    yeah all right get them all out of the way so
    now we're here and you go through
    and look at what side looks prettier i think they both look pretty
    and you just push all your knots toward what side you're gonna put on the
    inside okay
    now this is where it gets a little tricky you're going to lay this sucker in there to help hold the shape
    and i find you just have to go through and push down those little threads they'll pop up but you can just sometimes i even take
    my needle in and just kind of lay it in the in between the two openings and kind
    of push them down and that's up sometimes that works real well yes especially if you have glue on them
    that's another reason to glue them it help like they'll stick down in there
    right and this is where you can test to make sure your beads
    you know fit in there because you want them to be snug in there but not causing your
    beadwork to pop out so depending on the size it's a good bead stash throw in there
    and so i already have my thread all ready to go so you're gonna take it and go in across
    only into the first seed bead
    and pull it through the first couple are always the hardest
    just getting it to all and as you can see my knots are popping
    up but you just keep pushing them down or trim them up a little more yeah
    and now it's coming out over here gonna go across to the second
    seed bead so we're doing a zipper stitch we're doing every other bead and then we'll
    come back and do the ones we missed and sometimes
    your knots pop out thank you lizzy for subscribing to all
    of our pages and channels and all that we appreciate your
    how are we doing on time [Music] we got about five minutes okay
    no yeah five minutes by my computer um and we're about at an hour on the
    live so right well we started five minutes early yeah yes so you just
    finish up we'll have plenty of time to do that awesome
    we try to stick to the hour but sometimes we run over by five or ten minutes
    so as you can see this one's being a little finicky so you just took your pliers and pulled
    on that needle yep sometimes i don't crack the bead when i do that
    do you have a seed bead needle one i do and it's still with the knot and the
    extra layering going through that's why i recommend pulling out your seed bead
    needle yes we got it in there good
    and just once again push i think it got caught a little on the knot so
    just keep pushing everything back in yep just keep working on it as you get
    it stitched and this is the same technique you can use for making rings
    or you can make a pendant cylinder all kinds of things that you could
    come up with i'd be excited to see what you guys could come up with by nicole thank you for stopping by
    we appreciate you being here dear bye nicole
    and just back and forth
    and make sure you don't get caught on your tassels yes don't want to do that
    joan you have a question there in the chat uh where is the link to sign up for the
    newsletter on the website somewhere i couldn't find it
    joan will get you hooked up i know that and rose says amazing design amber thank you very much oh you're welcome rose
    it is an amazing design i love it i'm so glad you guys like it and um
    sandy uh joan just put the link for the a newsletter in the chat there
    and lizzy said thanks for taking the time to show us how to do something different with the loom oh you're
    we have such sweet hearts don't we we do i can't wait to see what you guys do
    with this design that's like the funnest thing to see how you guys make it your own
    but sherry says love the tutorial thanks to both amber and trisha
    i i didn't do much this week i'm just kind of enjoying it
    but next week i will be so i'm actually going to stop there my hands are starting to not work
    but that's that's just fine honey you will just once that's the the big thing with this
    project you just keep keep going so just the opposite bead back and forth and then go back through
    back and forth through all the beads that you skipped last time i know we have ring videos
    and and you will finish it off the same just kind of knot it off put a little glue
    and then you'll be all closed up and you pop an ear wire on the end
    and you have love it your firecracker you're so cute and it does look like a little
    firecracker so there we go friends
    is it alina i am probably butchering your name dear i'm sorry lena
    diaz or diaz diaz i'm sure uh trisha and amber you are great teachers thank you
    um she says i'm sorry if i put your name clever from project sandy says
    awesome uh joan loves the earrings great job amber so much jewelry to make so
    little time i know we feel your pain there janice yes we just love our amber and we are
    so glad to have her with us during this time she's a strong lady that's for sure
    coming in and doing all that designing and being with us we just love it
    yay and trish has a fun project to share with you guys next week so we'll
    announce that in the facebook group here soon yes that'll actually probably be going
    up by monday yes hopefully yeah
    maybe tomorrow maybe no yep we have our projects all planned out
    for june so far so we'll be putting those up and you'll be able to see what's coming down the line in case you
    want to go and get the products that you need to meet along with us that's always fun
    yeah we originally had another project tonight but uh this just came about that
    it happened but this worked out you did an amazing job amazing job my friend yeah so again
    maria from riverside california is our winner for last week and please sign up
    and get into the drawing so you can possibly win that wonderful kit that jules gives
    away every week and i'm going to take your tiara oh
    got a pattern no honey this is amazon i could make it
    here i'm sure but this one's like metal it has little butterflies on it and i
    had to have the butterfly that is just so cute well i'm gonna pop joan on the stream so you
    can yes let's put our team we'll have our assistant
    hey happy birthday thank you happy birthday trish and
    joan's birthday's coming up too happy yes that's right so we're just going to be the birthday
    girls yeah same week yeah three days apart actually
    yours is the second yeah it's sad we need to come on special
    and have a party with joan
    happy birthday they love they're loving that you're bored neela and jules were
    singing at the end of the last show and maybe we can get them to sing for us
    what were they singing and you know i'm not a singer so i can't sing but
    they're singing um you know that wake me up before you go go with yourself
    before you go they're saying it makes fun of us
    well happy birthday to everybody yes i see someone someone said the 29th i missed you yes
    oh no rhonda emery robbie yeah happy birthday rhonda go
    girl get your tiara out and put that baby on
    once you have a couple of drinks you can just
    we're family friendly i have a fat head so mine doesn't even
    want to stay on so cute all right ladies well
    we are going to end our broadcast on that note thank you for all the happy birthday wishes guys i appreciate
    love y'all we enjoy your time and come join me next week and uh yeah
    next week guys possibly with leather just a little heads up set your hair chain and leather
    get them all excited [Music] all right guys we will see you in the
    next one we'll see you next week thursday at 7. i was trying to do something
    sorry there it goes all right bye everyone bye