by Joan Dice

Three In One Stack Bracelet

Ever try to make a bracelet on the loom, which looks like 3 bracelets? Watch as Amber teaches us how to do this unusual, but fun, technique on Jewel Loom School Live with Amber Scott & Tricia Giazzon.

Supplies needed: 

How to warp the loom to make Amber's Design

  • 2nd Warp - Skip 3 spaces & put warp in 4th space
  • 3rd Warp - Skip 1 space & put warp in 2nd space
  • 4th Warp - Skip 3 spaces & put warp in 4th space
  • 5th Warp - Skip 2 spaces & put warp in 3rd space
  • 6th Warp - Skip 3 spaces & put warp in 4th space

Original Jewel Loom:

Small Wisdom Warrior:

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