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  • SilverSilk Loom Designs & Introducing New SilverSilk Wood Bead Board

    November 04, 2022

    SilverSilk Loom Designs & Introducing New SilverSilk Wood Bead Board

    This is a must see show, especially if you love designing, learning behind the scenes info, & laughs in all in one show. The show is a collaboration between Jewels & Nealay Patel, using the SilverSilk Loom. Jewels brings out one of her huge wood buttons for the bracelet she designed, showing how you can loom with it on & what it looks like on a bracelet. It definitely can be a centerpiece, which you can paint, use markers, or even collage onto it!  They also introduce the new SilverSilk Wood Bead Board, which Jewels found out can easily slide under the loom. This board is awesome! I bet this will work with most of the wood looms Jewels has designed. 

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    mine's got the cork on it and I'm telling you I can put all the needles and stuff it's perfect
    we are hi everybody we're starting a little early in our broadcast and
    um I've got the beautiful The Talented Miss Julie um Juliana Adler with me
    and I've got spam calling me so I'm turning that off okay
    like phone calls on my phone lately and it's kind of annoying because
    um they're just all Spam calls it's all fall oh yeah no I get so many spams I
    just don't even if your name doesn't yeah mine especially
    I didn't lean on it exactly like bye-bye
    um well I'm glad you could join me today for an awesome another awesome demo for
    the jewel loom right I'm such a it's been a while big fan of your work your
    your body of work that you do with the fiber and the beading and just
    everything um and you bring such a unique talent to jewelry making in general but it doesn't
    just stop with jewelry making it's kind of a holistic thing with you so anytime that we get together we we always spin
    off of each other's ideas and just kind of build on the goodness and
    um interact with each other's worlds and for me that's just such a touching great thing that I get to do with um with you
    and my community and the friends out there that I have that are creators like you so yeah
    I'm glad I'm glad we got to do this yeah I love that love that and I was I responded to your Instagram
    how it's such an honor to design products for other companies because I
    feel like I get to tell part of your story through my eyes and you know when we were talking about doing a bead board
    for you I was like well it has to match the loom it has to be strong you know it
    has to have like it you know just certain
    certain shape and a certain feel and here's the interesting thing I I just
    figured this out too I don't even know but it slides underneath the loom did
    you notice that I was gonna actually talk to you about that on camera and I was just like like look look at what's
    happening right now was this intentional what are you looking at like was the loom supposed to fit with
    this thing
    and that's what I'm saying it's so awesome how how this story just comes together and
    there's not like 5 000 hours and a chalkboard trying to figure it out it's so intuitive and so when things like
    that happen I just am because I accidentally did it earlier and I was
    like are you kidding me right now well no I did that earlier today and I was just like
    like yeah I'm just like wow um because this makes it easy to travel
    with and like I could think of all sorts of reasons why this works that's what I was impressed
    um and I thought that was intentional you know why that I don't know I did not
    I did not say that I really just um I am not 100 percent sure that it wasn't I was never told
    that I just think that it happened so yeah so definitely I know right
    anyway I'm I'm blown away when you do that yeah if you don't have both get get
    the two things get the loom and get the little bead board they slide together
    yeah like as perfect companions kind of like you and I I know I know and and
    Mila you um my when mine came it was like get I gotta get that prototype like I need
    mine like right now because we're doing this thing and then you gotta get niele his and mine didn't have the cork in it
    and I was like uh hey but see mine does yeah so and I'll just have him ship me
    that piece and I'll glue it in but um I'm just going to show everybody yeah I was gonna stick a needle in it
    and it it's very effective for holding my needles um I was actually using it yesterday to
    create a design um after my day job and I ended up
    stitching I gotta show you this it's nothing major but like I started
    stitching this little like tassel together right [Music] but I was using I was using the bead
    board because I had my Beats Spilled Out and it came at the perfect time too oh my God but this is a future demo that
    I'm gonna do I want to be in on that that's hot I think it's kind of cool
    super hot it's like you know what's the colors and stuff it's very boho yeah no I love it I love it
    um yeah but yeah it was it was funny that it came yesterday at the time that I started to sit down like it arrived in
    my mailbox at that time and I knew you had sent it out I just thought it would take like forever to get here but um
    shipping you just never know you don't you don't ever and I've had
    some well I won't go into it but anyway let's pray that at all
    goes well this holiday season and get your orders in early and and yeah
    definitely yeah yeah you know it's the US it's the people who work for USPS
    like it's not their fault so go easy on those folks don't you know don't get ugly with them this year it's not their
    fault they're short staffed they're working their butt off I mean we have some customers that I know work for for
    the Post Office and they're beautiful people and um so don't ever get mad at them I agree
    I agree it's it's more than just the person working it's an entire system that makes something happen so exactly
    not their not their fault or whatever but oh my gosh okay so they're so stinking cute to look at it's like I
    want the I want the logos to like be matched up and everything um
    I was looking at all the pieces that we've made and I I really seriously just started to well up with tears because I
    can't believe uh you know the little moment you're a couple years ago now with the fiber Loom
    and using the chain and then from there birthing you know the actual Loom to
    accommodate the chain and then everything since then you know like this
    is still one of my favorite pieces I I really can't get enough of it yeah with
    the chain and then the sorry ribbon and uh yeah and it's it's unreal it
    seriously is just unreal um and then every time I look at the go
    big go home bracelet you know which is ginormous you know and
    then I did this thing too I think I showed you that where I figured out how to put um a bead and then slide up the chain
    yeah how am I gonna do that with this guy you got to secure it somehow or tighten it
    so that's such a yeah idea yeah I love that way I won't be able to get out of it
    but yeah and then I I was just showing you before we started you know this was an original piece also and I love it and
    you know and then I did the the magnetic clap clap clasp
    so yeah um I just uh super excited I love those designs I it is true we we've
    kind of built our catalog our library of different um videos but also designs up
    to this point so yeah what are we learning today because I don't think we even we kind of mastered as a demo
    we just didn't even talk about anything you know I thought I would just keep it simple and um because I'm still
    obviously in love with this color um and I had another ginormous big are
    you kidding me I freaking love that look how beautiful that blue color is it's so
    crazy well now I have the buttons that are this big
    and so wait Patricia's are they on the site they're not they oh yes okay so they're
    on the site under the button assortment there's a look at your button yeah
    yeah and then um yeah so I'm gonna um switch to my overhead
    okay and let's see where am I at because I always screw things up I don't want to screw things up Joan's like don't touch
    anything red I'm looking okay the buttons while you
    do that and I'm going to let's see you said designer buttons
    yeah this one is so cool look at that this is really rich I just love oh gosh
    yeah so this was three war or two warps
    um actually three warps and then we did the multi-strand
    yeah the triple strand is perfect yeah really gorgeous so happy with it
    okay let's see I might have to bring this in a little bit um I've been a bad boy because all of the designs that
    we've made together via demo so far I've given those away to my customers
    oh my gosh that's not bad they probably just really love it well you know Trisha's done
    um a handful as well and I believe correct me if I'm wrong Joan but didn't she do a really beautiful one with the
    with pink with some pink
    um posting links and stuff for us so give some give some little golf claps for Joan and if you're out there in the
    digital world we love Joan we love what she does for us
    silk and um I'm gonna place it onto the loom and
    so actually let me kind of adjust a little differently here
    I'm going to give you the big screen okay there we go and then I can just be the
    voice in the background
    I'm trying not to waste I know I'm bad about it too because I
    end up with a lot of mini scraps I mean I could turn those things into bracelets and earrings
    tassels yeah I'm totally with yeah I just uh the more I can reserve and um
    keep at the sidewalk but I'll try my best to do that oh yeah all lined up I
    you could feed it into the teeth up here but then you typically have some looseness and so I'm gonna I'm gonna do
    it this way which means I am going to have to coddle it a little up here so that it doesn't come out of the grooves
    but it's not a deal breaker okay so I'm just going to lay that in and then I've got
    um I might have to switch I feel like I'm too far away from everything
    okay so I've got my needle which by the way a six pack of Julie needles does come with
    the purchase of the Jewel of the silver silk William so that's pretty cool yeah definitely a great deal because I'm
    I'm actually while you're doing that I'm digging through my stash to find the things and I thought since
    um you're working kind of on an overhead cam I thought I could show the setup with mine
    as well so that they get a couple of different perspectives yeah
    so yeah and then I'm just going to work with a um seven millimeter fire polish
    bead that is just a list
    I love your fire Polish Collection is pretty awesome
    so going through that hole and I'm I'm so
    there's always this talk about you know are you going on top of the silver sill to can you go through the silver silk
    and I think that each one of us has a different answer and I really don't
    think that you know I don't I don't think either way is wrong or right I think it's just
    if you have like I'm working with the Green wildfire so it coordinates really well so I'm I'm fine with going on top
    of it yeah I find that the Wildfire really
    does blend it in well because they come in so many different colors yeah and I'm
    not using green per se here I'm going to do a double screen here but
    um I am using let's see the sort of beige color of wildlife just gorgeous
    of this stuff and I'm getting my thing here set up on
    my loom so like here's basically what Jules did so we're using them
    yeah well yeah yours had a gigantic button a button on this I know I know my
    phone will go big or go home sorry mine um yeah we'll start that let's just say
    I want a discrete Loop so I'm gonna start mine there and
    um what I'm gonna do we can maybe show them the two different options in fact if if you wanted to sew above or over
    the silver silk I could sew through it or vice versa I'm actually I've been
    going on top so oh okay yeah I could sew through it to show them what that would look like
    okay um just as a different option yeah yeah and then you had mentioned some beading
    needles also distributed by beadalon
    yeah needles and those come with the silver silk loom and they make those for me
    um like they do the original blue loom and then I make all the wood looms and
    can uh with my loom partner in Missouri
    awesome yeah he's equally as talented as you are for creating these things with
    yes he is beyond talented and smart and
    I'm like we need blah blah blah and he makes the magic happen it's like
    pull it out of my brain it's an incredible group of people that
    um that birthed all of these things yeah totally it takes more it takes a
    village to create a a brainchild and make it come to life I think so Village
    to anything these days you know that's why I love these collaborations because
    um I think they're just so important we there's really
    um strong and empowering when you see people in the same industry working
    together and even though they may carry some similar things there's still room
    for inspiration and um and I love that about this group of
    people that we get to do fun things once absolutely
    um feel the same way all the things there's definitely room for everyone and I think how silver silk has functioned
    thus far is it kind of complements the different types of mediums and you know feed
    businesses and whatnot um and less competition which is like for
    me the the best place to be I get to kind of play in everybody's um and
    everybody's uh with sandbox if you will yes yes you do
    you might have to every once in a while push down to keep it in place
    where you're probably not having that problem because you're really sandwiched into the grooves
    yeah I kind of went really deep in which um kind of sometimes can create a little
    bit of a dent in the mesh uh but because the knit
    is tighter on the on the newer version of the silver silk I'm actually not experiencing it as much as I used to
    before but um yeah this stuff like stitches up very quickly like you know I
    kind of slid one bead on and then I need to hide my thread a little bit better
    but um you know that shows you the position of the next Crystal I think these are
    actually 10 millimeter beads um those are the ones that I've
    got yeah so they're kind of kind of a chunk are those fans
    yeah yeah yeah those are pretty those are nice from his
    um bead box for November actually I think um he's getting ready to put
    something out again so I got an advance notice that I'm probably not supposed to talk about but
    here we are I'm sure he won't mind me advertising
    for him yeah we had fun with him and um Danielle at
    bead Fest was so sad I missed that because that would have been an amazing
    it was really sweet it was really really sweet
    okay so to hide my thread for my version because you're going around
    the silver silk instead of sewing through it so I so sewed sewed through is that the
    right turn I've sewn through I weaved through I
    weaved through there you go we okay I can
    I just um I went through the knit and down about three of the ball chain beads
    and that's where I'm going to exit my thread and oh okay essentially go on
    with my next bead there okay Stitch through says Kathy sometimes
    I have um English problems does everyone have English problems here
    yeah words I like to make up words she's also asking about what bead sizes we're
    using um which mine was about I think it might be minus 10 10
    millimeter and I'm seven okay and these are very unique I love this size it's really unique so skipping
    the two grooves like I did here will accommodate us a 10 millimeter pretty easily
    and a seven yeah and that's sometimes all you have to do is like play around with you know what how many groups to
    skip and in order to figure out like what size B but you can always
    put different types of beads in too right so like if you had too much space you could you could bumper it with like
    some three millimeters or even some NATO oh yeah like put some seed beads in between yeah definitely
    caught on everything here started with like two yards and it's
    oh see this is part of a that's okay that's gonna look super cool
    I think that's why I did give my designs to my customers that these
    um weave up so quickly and so if I had to produce another one I could do it in
    like less than an hour oh for sure yeah whereas some of my other designs are a lot more tedious
    oh my gosh yes so there it is my next ditch
    as you can see mine so this is like one of those really easy projects and having
    a loom that's portable like you can go watch TV do this in on any table if
    you're at in sitting in your bed and you just need like a before bedtime activity this is a great thing to do that and you
    can carry your beadboard with you because it fits into like hello yeah
    yeah just take this to bed with you a little too much I feel like I'm on QVC
    or something right now like I know really I just I'm I think this was the best
    um Discovery was that it fits on the loom so you really could just take this Anywhere With You yeah
    no you totally could I was tripping out when that happened today um
    and and yeah okay there we go I also didn't notice but you could measure your
    bracelet because it's got inches on here and so if you layered your bead board right on top and you can see the length
    of the bracelet you need to create see how long right so that's I did that earlier I was like oh because there's seven seven inches correct let's see one
    one two three four five six seven yeah seven inches wow and so I know who are
    you right now
    genius oh I have a question to ask while we're on the beadboard these little arrows
    that point up like what is what is is there an intended purpose for those or is that just an aesthetic thing uh
    aesthetic ah I do like that I kind of thought if
    um it's like kind of to help beaten move beads around like if you kind of swirl
    your fingers it definitely does it definitely does keep them but also see the little polka dots are for that too
    so that they don't but that they kind of have like a skid pad um yeah especially if you're trying to
    pick up seed beads which gets tedious um those little those little guys will hold it in place yeah I love that we
    were we were trying to figure out what the what what the icon was for you
    um but it's really more of a feel and a look right it's more like I said strong and sleek and slightly sassy
    definitely all those things I when it comes to design I'm a huge minimalist
    and so when I designed something it's with great intention and purpose and um when
    I look at stuff in my world for example like a mug right
    um the the way it's designed there's a handle to hold it it's functional because it holds your drink it's nice
    and thick so you can put your fingers around it with a hot drink it's a sense that it's aesthetically pleasing excuse
    me because it's got all these great photos of my friends um and so like whenever I got the bead
    board and I kind of closely examined it it it's not a whole lot of fluff to it
    it's got an intended purpose the Aesthetics are done beautifully but it the dots as you said serve a purpose to
    holding the beads from rolling around on you whenever you're picking it up with your needle um it's got a cork on the
    side like the measurements and everything it was done in a way that I really respect you seeing that
    those elements to put into this design for me so to me it spoke all the
    language all the love languages of design all the love language
    it is I know this is how we create little design babies [Laughter]
    we always somehow take it there I don't know why but we do I don't know I don't know
    we had a baby we have two I guess kind of we do have
    two babies we do have two babies and it makes me wonder like because we're it seems like as stuff is now
    being stacked on top right like what will the next invention be and how will
    it work with these two items yeah right right because this I
    I um to your point of things being um with a purpose and on point and not
    cluttered and and I do always try to do that I think if you look at every single loom that I've ever come out with
    um it's had a purpose it's not just for coops and Giggles right yeah no totally there's an intended like
    purposeful project and yeah yeah and the story behind it and why
    um and then you know obviously supported with with a lot of ideas
    yes and definitely and so yeah I don't who knows I mean
    because I had this on my mind for several months and um I knew you know
    that I wanted to show you something that we needed to have something next so it'll be interesting to see what
    comes to our our minds down the road is yeah totally
    there's so many um shows popping up that are coming more
    back up in style or you know back to humanity
    um I know that there was a show in Milwaukee that sort of left a hole in people's hearts for a little while
    um yeah so I don't know well I don't I don't know I'm I'm hearing a lot of different things so I'm
    trying to like kind of funnel down what's going to yeah what's real and what's you know
    what's going to be a thing um that makes sense for me to go to and so yeah but I think three shows right
    right I know but yeah that was one of the things I did here so I was I was kind of excited for them about that because they've only yeah historically I
    think I've done two or one yeah I remember yesterday but
    um but I I believe one of them's in California I'm I'm definitely going to do my paperwork to to be there so
    um yeah yeah and then Tucson and
    um that's definitely gonna be a treat for everybody yeah if you're planning on going
    um so far I can confirm that there is a giant possibility
    um but I think for me I meant not using I meant like people oh oh yeah our people like for you as in
    everybody but I hope you do if I do go there though it would be for
    like the shopping and extravaganzas and not so much I wouldn't have a booth like silver soak is no clearly online
    um event wise and you know sales and the e-commerce still exists there but I want
    to see people my friends my you know um partners and stuff that I work with
    the person so um I would definitely go out there for all the giggles
    yes all the giggles all right I'm gonna bring my ruler in because I think I'm close
    this is okay I'm just stitching along and answering some cues on the background
    here but I'm sewing my beat well here I don't want to hold this whole thing up
    there we go I'd like for it to offer to all find this I'm a little bit slower
    than you are but I'm kind of loving this like storm and this sort of
    um it's kind of fun that is a beautiful
    bead that is I might just finish it I'll surprise Sam yeah that is he will love that especially
    yeah definitely [Laughter]
    I know I just I get to weaving and this is why I always tell people it's like once you get going you just get in this
    like meditative State and it's kind of hard to come outside
    Vicky so calm who is this I haven't noticed it is you're almost finished too wow
    um Vicky is saying uh haven't you ever noticed that creative people always get along
    uh all the differences in style and inspiration are uh openly accepted and shared within the creative Community
    we're joined by Creator spirit I love that um and that's true I think more so in
    the beating World there are a few artists than creatives that are a little bit too high maintenance
    um and can be sometimes but I think with people like Juliana and myself it's just
    like we just kind of get each other's Vibe and it's always like it ends up being more so a creative
    Love Fest and then we end up again with just like really great ideas walking away from our conversations and feeling
    uplifted so I'm blessed to have people like her in my life
    well I always think too that we it doesn't
    you know it doesn't have to be so intense I always try to come from a place of technique driven type of
    uh demonstration you know projects because it really is technique driven
    now I love telling people what to do but it's not my goal like I'll say okay this
    is what I did with these colors um and now if you want to change it up
    you know go knock your socks off because that's what it's all about right I don't ever want anybody to be like oh God I
    have to do it exactly like that so and I get spoiled in my workshop because my my
    students are just like a lot of them like to take the ideas and then they put their own
    twists on it so I'm going to lift this up really quick here and just kind of see where I'm at
    oh my gosh I'm obsessed with those buttons
    um yeah they're super cool I'll have to send you yeah I definitely would love to work
    with one but and I would probably left off where you had a necklace going one time yeah and then I turned it in and
    then is how to I'm going to show that right now I think we're good on time
    [Music] got this color this is just hands down
    my favorite color I'm just yeah that is my one of my soul colors green is really
    my soul color and then it's followed up by blue teal yeah yeah I love
    they make me happy I was gonna I was gonna use the silver again but the silver I have is chunky
    it's thicker than this green would that make sense does that sound right
    say that again it seems like it's like it's her than um
    [Music] chain I used last time the silver chain I used last last time seemed thinner
    than what I was going to use today I wonder if I don't know
    um there is a couple of reasons why that could be so I'm wondering if that was an older
    like was the knit on the silver tighter do you remember yeah I think so
    okay yeah I bet so the silver does actually have a different gauge from the
    other colors and so it probably felt thinner because it was a it was just a thinner wire that was woven together
    um and probably was a little bit more fluid um
    I need a dental assistant okay
    so I'm just for Giggles gonna
    oh I forgot that little trick that you guys do oh but I don't want it to be that long
    well we'll start with this oh Kathy is asking are those ceramic
    buttons um I'm assuming it was ceramic the ones that are in the shop
    are the wood ones gotcha okay yeah
    yeah I unintentionally have like half my bracelet well maybe less than a half
    complete um and that was just sitting here talking to you
    but I could finish the entire thing I don't um I don't feel like it's this doesn't
    take a whole lot of time which is great yeah I was able to do this earlier and
    of course it's going to give me a hard time now
    come on little buddy thank you
    so the trick is oh well I was just going to ask what your trick was yeah wow
    I thought I had it dialed in um the trick is that you know you have to have a barrel bead that's got well
    it's like when you're doing your hat fans right so you need a bead that's got a big hole but not too big because it's
    got a you know fit these two strands of of um and so of silver
    silken the first time I did it worked it'll get in there it's going to take me
    a hot minute and if anything I'll show you my white one so that I'm not boring everybody I
    can see it coming through oh
    I see what's happening yeah yeah yeah and it again it worked earlier of course we're on camera and live
    it's also kind of a very tiny thing to squeeze through but I think once you get that yeah once you do get that through
    that slide it doesn't come out see this is you can see it on the silver
    one right oh yeah yeah totally so it works out really well um I just don't know why this one is
    being fussy because it knows it's got a bazillion eyes on it right
    quite a few of us are looking very closely at the screen to see what you're doing [Laughter]
    anyway so this is um you just have to find a barrel bead
    that's got a big enough hole and it's starting to come through so
    thank you oh and I just pulled the dog oh ferns have been sinks okay I don't
    want to break it
    did you finish yours not exactly um I was piddling on the computer for a
    second and but now I'm back [Laughter] well I'm gonna have to work with that
    off for everybody [Music]
    look at that just a simple I mean and we're only at four at what 40 minutes right now
    oh yeah no we're good on time uh I was actually scrolling up to see some comments from folks um from our friends
    out there and she Melanie says I have two of your of your looms and um
    I'm waiting back a bit more with silver soap before I get another one oh who am I kidding I'm gonna be getting one as a
    holiday goodie for me yeah okay y'all one thing you need to understand um I would really like people to
    understand this is the Looms are just not sitting around they don't it's not like we Mass produce the wood looms
    um we pretty much build on demand which means when the orders come in because
    you don't want the wood sitting around a warehouse to
    um to warp to get damaged and so we're really really careful about the timing
    of it all so in other words typically you're not going to get it the next day we're
    talking you know three days sometimes five days depending on the demand so
    anyway yeah I remember that um yeah you had to
    tell me to tell yeah my customers that there is a lead time but they were able to get it done very quickly no we didn't
    done really quickly I just don't ever want anyone to be disappointed yeah totally we get that we get that so
    the the Aqua Beads are those in your shop yep those are the seven millimeter
    um they should be under check beads perfect oh my gosh this one's just being really
    stubborn I feel like he's being silly my tongue and teeth are sore from watching
    and helping you my tongue and teeth are sore just she's sending yeah the I feel like I would but
    no not good for your teeth oh my God
    and then spacers round could it be squished to be a little bit more opal or that's what I just tried
    no I did this is just like it's just being fussy okay let's see how it's
    working yeah I just have to like scoop it up I just feel like there's
    something it just because you're on camera
    someone's making me nuts but Melanie excuse me Melody is asking um some tips
    on stains and seal for um her Looms yeah so
    um Joan did do a video um that's in the
    um on the jewel loom YouTube site but and she has like a whole I'm gonna come back
    up she has like a whole um process
    I love that you can do that on the Fly I and don't ask me because I screwed
    everything up and I was just like I don't know so I don't know
    anyway I just pretend I know what I'm doing and I don't touch things that are red
    I can't tell you how many times I have ended the live broadcast on accident
    put a little oil in there will that mess up the chain if I do just like a dab of olive oil
    No in fact I have to use machine oil on the needles to get the wire to slide
    correctly so um nope
    okay well no this is gorgeous I might you know I might try to see if it's so
    weird is it it's a same stinking bead I think unless my eyes have gone bad and
    it's the same size chain isn't that funny with the silver chain
    have a different texture than the seafoam I mean Etc I
    don't think so I don't know yeah yeah I bet you that I've just bet you that you
    know the um Barrel is not the same even though it should be I mean I'm
    looking at them and they look what's the um inner diameter of the barrel bead
    because I'm wondering if there are other beads substitutes that might work out there for folks out there yeah this is
    just this is from my personal stash and like you know obviously it works on the
    on the crystal one it did beautifully it's just yeah
    totally like I was so stoked and um I bet like we'll get off camera right and then you'll like easily be able to just
    like I couldn't believe
    me [Laughter] I mean like that crazy blonde
    TF2 now but yeah so yeah get your get your silver silk loom they're so fun and
    people ask me a lot like um you know can you and can you mix other
    um fibers and stuff and obviously this is a great example and correct me if I'm
    wrong but didn't Danielle use John Beads macrame stuff awesome
    there is a video on over on my YouTube channel for how to macrame on pipechain
    and she used the jewel loom to stabilize the chain so that she could macrame on
    it so she's like a macrame board I was I was blown away um I have never even thought of it that
    way and I think because it's still such a new ish product out there and we're
    just like really we're creating that library of projects so like the sky's the limit you know yeah on your YouTube
    and I'm sorry I don't know this answer but is it does it say silver silk loom
    like playlist can you go just to a silver silk loom play I'm working on
    that actually I have a playlist for the silver silk loom projects um but I've been lazy to not add videos
    to it so I have some maintenance work to do on the background but there is a playlist
    yeah exactly
    I know it's really so this one will be added to that Library so okay
    um yeah and yeah as I'm creating different types of tutorials I've started making playlists for those
    um as I can kind of think of them for folks out there that want to end the videos um I'm just blown away how many
    emails I get um just saying like things for these video tutorials and
    um you know it's like the information is quite Priceless and the level of
    imagination and fun that we bring to these projects is always yeah um always appreciate it so I think uh
    we're on the right track yeah I I love that I love hearing from
    um the jewel loom community and and you know when they get inspiration from something I did a video by the way on
    um which jewel loom to buy or to add to your collection and silver silk loom is
    a part of that family so I don't know if you saw that or not um
    and so talked about the silver silk loom and and the brand and everything so
    totally and I'm adding on additional information to the site as well and
    there's a little tab for the silver silk loom that's directly on the whenever you go to the silver silk and more website
    it's it's all right there and so I'm just sort of it's one of those pages that I keep adding onto which is kind of
    brilliant and fun um just with us in projects and stuff arise so I love that I love that well it's
    make it easy right you want to inspire and then just make it easy for people to find all of the accudomones that they
    need absolutely and then explaining to folks that they can't buy it from my website
    but I know a person you can go to it and get this stuff from you can go to my baby Mama's website
    precisely so that would be and I believe Joan posted some links on
    where to get those things or to find more information so thank you Joan for helping us out on the background and
    Juliana is there anything else that we missed or that you'd want to say or want to advertise
    well I know there's um you know the beads of Courage um is the 13th of November and you know
    you know the folks from Katie and yeah absolutely um so there's an event that we're a
    fundraiser so Meredith myself and Danielle um are donating our time and talent and
    design and I made a loom for them oh so you remember the little silver silk necklace that I did first for you before
    I did it for anyone um we did a beads of Courage one thank you
    yeah and then they have like um they have two little charms and so that
    project is always a always a way to just kind of kind of get introduced to the idea of warps and
    laughs without all the technical stuff right so I designed that for them and
    then I'll be teaching um that project and again Meredith and Danielle and myself November 13th and I
    know that was very limited seating um I'm not sure where it stands right now and if that's a Sunday like at I
    want to say like at three or four I can't is this what we're talking about [Laughter]
    but you're doing this too right oh yeah you're doing that
    [Laughter] um
    anyway I don't know um but yeah so okay you've got a whole lot of stuff going on then Missy
    so that's exciting yeah and you're in good company um obviously but yeah I love I love
    everybody look at that yeah so Sarah from Jessie James Dean Sarah asked me to
    design a loom for the winter camp and um and so I'm making work my
    crazy piece nope yeah I didn't actually get to see the
    finished product um where I didn't look online to see so curious
    it's gonna be so much fun you guys there's stuff going everywhere okay so this is the bracelet
    oh my gosh I love that isn't that crazy look how fast it's the best it's so so
    it's all sorry rib like sorry ribbon and then beaded in beads
    um seed beads and then what I did was I built like this whole castle right of
    beads so they're on top of each other and woven back in
    um yeah and then the this is a wood button this is one of my wood buttons so the so
    the folks got um the students got the loom and the button and then all of the accudomones
    to make the break I noticed that was in there too yeah it was like an all-inclusive package deal so like you
    know what I was thinking is that some of your other looms they're they're not meant to remove the woven element on
    it right so I was kind of thinking instead of maybe doing a bracelet because we had talked about if you learn
    the rules you can start breaking them I'm wondering right yeah
    with these things uh it's kind of a thing that lives on here and then I can
    like hang it on my wall or something cool yeah and then I can look back and say I did
    this workshop with my friends so I think that's my that's going to be my goal I could certainly do that and if
    you want another one to play with kind of know people [Laughter]
    yeah exactly the walls um Decor I think is sort of a Gateway like this might be
    my gateway to doing some of that stuff um oh that's so funny should I continue to pursue it so which I probably will
    because well all of us factors have a need to create
    um from beadalon and myself we're doing we're doing something on December 1st
    okay and
    I was just like one of those things you can't really advertise yes no I just can't tell you what it is but I can tell
    you it's like it's precious I love it okay well people know about
    this ahead of time yeah we haven't even really started um I think we teased about it on a Jesse
    James live feed you know feed Jesse James feed live last week or something like that yeah but um but yeah so we're
    so I'm going to be using it anyway it's a it's a whole new preciousness
    all right so I I think the the takeaway here is is that just to make sure to tune in that I'm on your social medias
    and everything and um keeping up with with everything that you've got going on calendar wise
    through there because I think I I kind of operate the same way of actually Joan does a lot of the stuff for me just
    because like I I schedule and then she's the one that tells everybody now she she does everything when she says she's
    going somewhere like she went to the JTV experience I'm like oh that's so wonderful but I was like I'll just hold
    my business for like a full week because I can't do any of it I'm like I can't do anything
    all right well we love you Joan thank you again for posting
    um thank you everyone out there for for tuning in uh hopefully if if you've learned something from this video that's
    fantastic you can check out each of our social handles at jewel loom for Juliana
    and um at Silver silk and more for me and um if at the very least if we've made
    you laugh then we've done something good for the day so yeah I'm I'm do I have a new campaign
    it's it's Gen X to the Rex rescue so I'm doing a lot of dancing
    all right yeah you've been doing a lot of dancing girl like I have to sometimes those uh to 80s
    Friday night jam session where you can just come dance with me my God yeah why we should do that on a
    travel trip we do we just need to like lighten up and have fun like I just want
    to I just want to smile I want my cheeks to hurt yeah well mine are for sure like I think
    they've been doing that throughout the duration of this video so but I can't help it because uh you bring
    a lot of joy into everyone's world so thank you keep up thank you those amazing little reels on Instagram
    because that's really where the and Tick Tock um because that's that's where the good stuff is
    yeah um that's where I'm at all right well guys I think we're out for the
    evening and I hope all of you have a wonderful rest of the week and we will
    catch you again on another tutorial down the road okay