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  • How to use the Boo Boo Loom Coaster Maker!

    December 02, 2022

    How to use the Boo Boo Loom Coaster Maker!

    Join Jewels & Joan for the World Premier of the newest Jewel Loom…the Boo Boo Loom Patch Maker!If you have watched any of Jewels’ LIVES or YouTube Videos you know that Marlin Brando the "Frenchie" is always in the background snoring away. So why not make a loom with his image so he can be with you always, making smiles, giggling and of course creating adorable coasters! Plus he’s a Fur Baby and who doesn't love that! Put a little Boo Boo in your creative life! 

    Julianna Jewels Avelar & Joan Dice talk about & show the versatility of this new loom, which is great for beginners! Jewels demonstrates how to warp & weave. Joan shows one way to finish off the project.

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    oh don't hurt yourself hi everybody we get a special guest in the studio
    tonight look at that cute little face say hi everyone Hi
    everybody he wants to introduce his own Loom Okay blah blah blah
    blah blah blah blah yes nor for us [Laughter]
    you guys say hi to the girls oh gosh
    oh God bring your lemon doesn't look like you
    look at your face [Laughter] okay everybody look at my Lou
    see I got it too Marla Brandon look
    [Laughter] oh God I covered up your face how dare I
    do you see everyone
    look at your handsome face look at your handsome face it looks just like you
    oh my God he's just talking away
    Talking Tom for boys
    are you flirting with us he's telling you all about it okay my
    mommy doesn't feed me enough food I don't get enough treats I don't get no
    love I don't get to sleep in her bed he's totally like going backwards in my lap right now oh my God he wants to be
    seen on camera oh God he's so heavy okay all right little kids
    [Laughter] now we all got to see Brandon Brando I
    mean I can't even talk tonight go lay down buddy lay down
    that's why she's look at this cute comb let me see if you can I love my boo and that face I just can't
    it's so stinking cute and then Zoomers zoomy is that it's running around
    so when Frenchies get all crazy when they like run around they call them the Zoomies because all you can see are like
    their little piglet bodies everywhere when he wears a puppy he would haul
    booty down the living room and he would his bed would be at one end and he
    literally would fly into that bed hit the wall
    what is that kind of wrestling called um
    [Music] WWEF whatever was called yeah
    that's what he would do
    yeah he would totally just body slam himself up against the wall he was like
    you're not supposed to do it to yourself yeah I'm like I'm gonna
    I'm gonna follow you her life is contagious
    yeah I had people tell me I had the dirtiest laugh in the world
    well between you and Ginger I don't know who's worse anymore
    I'm a little angel yeah I'm not buying it no I used to
    think that I used to think Joan was quiet and concerned
    I sit back and see what I could get away with yeah yeah you definitely had your coming
    out party yet JTV with your with your uh t-shirt only
    the missing pants oh my God I'm like oh uh all of us at
    Jewel's room are just so proud
    one of these days hopefully you can bake it yeah I know well it's been so long my
    gosh yeah well before my time oh really
    you you weren't you weren't at JTV when I was teaching and the first time I went
    was 2017. wow yeah I just didn't realize that I
    feel like we've known each other forever so yeah I mean we've done like a lot this year
    you know what I mean like we've got like a lot well it's been Fair it's been over
    two years I believe since we've been working together yeah
    oh my God I just have no concept of time anymore like it's just
    it's this very um very I don't know I just don't have a lot of concept of time I was mostly
    behind the scenes so yeah at the beginning so yeah you've come out of
    your closet
    and we like it he kind of was gently pushing me
    like come on now people want to see you get out there anyway oh my God okay you all so um so
    we were we were going to kind of maybe I don't know today was kind of like what are we gonna do it kind of just all
    manifested and came together um earlier I was on with beadalon and
    Meredith and I had so much fun and we were using their new product fairly new called repeat and I had started to play
    around with it uh with the new Booboo Loom and in the meantime Joan got her
    Booboo Loom and she like literally went to town and bought Yarns
    and she's like you know on the phone and telling me all the different things she's finding and I was like go for it
    like you know I'm super stoked and and uh and so anyway you you made the very
    first coaster right so he made a coaster yay
    it's so adorable I love it but um just to kind of give you a little idea about
    the Booboo lamp obviously you know for those that have been in the monthly
    subscription for oh my gosh that's been going on for a couple of years now
    um and or if you've ever listened to one of the videos he's constantly behind me
    snoring occasionally farting just doing what Frenchies do and it's
    just so stinking funny and so I thought you know I loved this is actually a picture of him so this was a picture and
    I said Robert can you can you laser that and he was like yep
    so we came up with this 5x5 Loom and of
    course it needed to have you know some sort of purpose right I mean you know I I could do cute moves all day long but
    the purpose of the Loom was to be able to do um I don't want to say necessarily
    potholders but if you get the right material you certainly could right you
    could totally make a pot holder you just need to make sure that you're working with um like what would you say fire safe I I
    don't even know what the right word would be I think you want to say it
    um you all yeah heat proof he proof is that is that what okay so
    um so if you're you know so warming pads potholders again you want to look for the right types of materials
    um I was envisioning just like adorable coasters little patches uh Joan
    throughout you know you can make two of them sewn together and have a purse um Melanie last night was saying how she
    was super excited to use it for knitting knitting squares and she'll hopefully I
    saw I think I saw her name in here so she'll hopefully Mel you can chime in
    uh there is also tell me again what you thought um you would do with it
    um I also just wanted to mention because I was looking at you know the old potholder Loom some of the projects and
    this would be so much cuter he used instead of football moves they were making scarves with them and putting
    several together for a bigger purse yeah I mean the scarves blew me away yeah totally yeah well it's a square
    y'all so it it can make a square Joe's going to actually detour from the square
    and make a rectangle shape but um it's five by five so you you know you
    can make a bunch of squares sew them together um what does she say if it's a five by five I could use it to make bracelets
    for myself well there you go Maria right on that's super cool
    and then Becky says beaded name sign is what I was thinking
    oh I don't know what that means but that sounds cool and you can you could totally weave in beads like we're going
    to definitely be pushing Yarns and fabrics and sorry ribbon and and the repeats
    um but you could totally sew in the beads in fact I was kind of thinking about big beads
    like 10 millimeter beads you know like really go big or go home like I think that
    would be very interesting things to try to do that so so I will I
    would and it is on the home page of the jewel loom go ahead I was gonna say I'm I was also thinking of you know like
    some of the projects we've done on previous um dual school like that bracelet that Trish did with some
    Nightmare Before Christmas well I never made mine but I want to make like hanging art with it and do that same
    thing but filling this up and that way I can add both right now my brain's going
    with the names but Sally and her bow and the dog you have a moon too yeah so I
    have a little scene I can hang up yeah you're being inspired by the idea of doing fiber art if I'm hearing you
    correctly like a mixed media well that would be that would be um that would actually be all beets but
    I also thought it for a hanging one using your bracelet your sorry silk bracelet would be cool too
    yeah uh Vicky it's five five so it's five down five across so
    square and Leanne it retails for 39.99 it has the comb and
    um and the needle it's absolutely I'm telling you I was sitting in bed the other night with it on my lap
    and it was like reading a book like it was so amazing I was like oh my God this is actually really cool
    but um let's see if there's anything else like a walking oh I got you yeah
    sure like you could weave in a letter um Michelle did that for me when I did
    JTV she made she made a beautiful piece I don't know where it's at I think it's behind me
    somewhere so anyway I I just want to show you really quick kind of like what I'm going to be working on and with and
    then Jones going to take it over and she's going to show you um what she has done I really think the
    most important thing about what Joan did was how she finished it so she was
    inspired by Danielle Wicks um Danielle process in which she's
    pulling the warp threads to make everything really nice and clean and
    that is the million dollar shot so I'm going to test
    [Music] who you got just you
    um sure I'm gonna go down to the table here awesome
    and I'm just going to show warping it really quick with the repeat so this is
    beanalon's product called repeat it's a sustainable recyclable product I am in love with it it's so stinking
    sturdy um this is the 1.5 and it is the color sand okay earlier I was using the 1.0
    millimeter that is thinner and I liked that with the original jewel loom I
    would probably choose to use the 1.0 with the wisdom Warriors but because I'm
    working with the boobo loom um it would also do well with the sunweavers Neely's silver silk one so
    you can combine maybe a little of this with a silver silk um and which other Loom I think that's
    what other looms are there and so yeah so anyway okay so what I'm going to do is let's see try not to get myself in a
    knot here hold on okay
    so I already have like a little Loop made and I'm going to attach that to the top
    tooth here and then I'm going to bring It Forward just like we do all the other Looms
    holding the tension wrapping it around the back tooth
    and he is snoring away
    let me just reposition myself because this repeat wants to I think I'm going
    to put it on the ground I thought you would think this is the
    first time I've ever done anything okay hold on
    so again we're just going back and forth and how many warps did you do
    oh I don't think she can hear me oh hold on I'm not even hold on
    there we go it's like why can't I see anything so I'm just
    um warping the boo-boo Loom and going back and forth wrapping it around these tall teeth
    laying it into the groove and again I'm using the 1.5
    millimeter repeat this is the color sand and it's so stinking sturdy oh my gosh
    so if I were going to do a purse um I would definitely use something really strong like the repeat
    I'm being overzealous by warping this whole thing but I think it's important
    for you to see foreign
    okay let me go let me lay down now you've kind of seen that let me see if I can't do this
    I wish you could see how beautiful
    really nice tension
    foreign I'm going to bring the one in that I
    showed on the beatle launch show earlier
    it goes pretty fast when you're going to do the whole thing
    it might be helpful to um to actually do it the way that I am here
    like kind of holding it up
    all right so that's the last one so let's bring it up to the camera with this
    it's like the boo-boo oh I totally forgot to tell you about the super cool thing you see the QR code
    so we just started adding the QR code to all
    I'll listen so when you hit that QR code it takes you right to the school is that not so stinking awesome
    okay so I'm going to trim this now
    a little trick with the Wildfire um tool
    but I'm going to practice that trick [Laughter] and then I'm just going to take this
    through and try to you know
    I love using my flats as an extra extra
    reminds me what's that game doctor whatever the Potato Head
    okay awesome look so it's all nice and warped that was pretty quick huh look at how fabulous that is
    really really really nice warp so again this is the 1.5 you could certainly warp
    with a hemp you could work with your beading thread all the different fibers
    and things that we've been using you could totally use but really nice so you've got five down
    and five across and I'm going to bring in the one I did I started warping this one
    uh um you can tell that I pulled a little too tight okay so showing off my
    boo-boos um also I weaved a little looser up here it got a little bit tighter as I went
    but look at how beautiful that weave is I mean and that's all repeat so really really beautiful
    so we did talk about it um not necessarily being the right product to put a hot plate on but it
    does make really really cool oh great question uh I think it might
    um these are no these are too tiny Vicky I don't think it will
    so okay so I'm going to put that to the side now I'm just gonna show you what I'm going to be weaving
    with so that Joan could get into her demo I have this absolutely delicious yummy yarn that I just picked up like I
    don't know probably Michael's um I bought the sorry silk from
    from A supplier um and I've got look at how gorgeous the sand and look at that the blue so I'm
    going to be weaving with these three pieces I'm going to be using my Zumiez
    needles my wood needle and I've also got my comb so I'll be doing that but do you
    want to bring you want to bring me back up and then we'll come back out and put you on
    yeah bring me back take me somewhere do I I don't know how to bring you back up
    because I thought you had it on your laptop um hold on hold on I just have to switch
    cameras because I'm just so fancy like that
    you must have a toggle on your laptop yeah no it's just um I'm I'm switching
    from the the max camera to the Logitech
    are you ready to take it over and I'll start moving and then um we can show my
    progress when you're all done okay so bye-bye
    uh what up sips okay can you hear me
    okay so um just to make it quicker demo I just um
    weaved in with six warps and I'm going to show you how to remove it and how I
    finished it I had the thread rug in mind when I um came up with this
    so where I have it knotted on the ends for the warps I'm just going to snip it
    I don't want to sniff all of them you'll see why in a minute
    so then I'm coming down to this end and pulling some of that war at least enough
    so I can get this off
    and that's what I'm going to keep doing so I got here and pull up this in
    and just I'm working my way back and forth
    Danielle is um demoed this with beads and um I'm pretty sure that
    trition Amber have done it too sorry I'm not used to hearing myself talking my
    ear you have to be careful not to pull it
    too too low okay so now what I'm gonna do
    is pull on this warp to make see I'm making this one shorter by
    pulling on this one
    I did a boo baby right there I mean he tweezers to get it out
    I'll show you the other end what you want to do but okay so now we're gonna pull this
    one we're gonna pull this down by pulling the end now if it feels like it's going to get
    Warped lay it down flat and just pull on the end
    and so you see it against there not going to the other end and doing the same thing
    now I'm going back to this end and pull in so this shortens up
    and then I'm going to hold it flat if I pull on this cord
    now I had to add threads and
    so I had some loose ones I just left one to show you how to add it in
    I already added in the others
    okay oh I'm using this um this needle it's like a knitting
    um stitching needle for afterwards you can see where I messed this up
    so I'm just wear it wrapped around the warp I'm just feeding this through some of
    those weaves
    because I had already knotted before
    do you want you could take it up another it's easier to hide when it's all the same color but
    I forgot so I just went up the next row and did
    the same thing flatten it because this is going to be my backside well
    I just want to say that like when it comes to these little patches my vision
    is that they're not necessarily perfect right they're
    they're vintagey right they they're fun they're um patches you know and so I wouldn't
    worry about all the little faux pas that maybe you're seeing because
    I can't see anything that's my two cents gotcha
    okay now with the warps that are left bye-bye I'm gonna take myself out okay
    you eat tie a knot just to keep them from sliding through
    you know make it bigger than so it won't go through
    but what I've done is taken some and fed it through a little bit too
    you don't have to now if you don't want to weave it in like I'm showing you know
    tighten the warps up you can always cut them like we do and
    um and jewelry making and just make little fringes by knotting them
    so that's how I hide my cord and I just try to cut it cut it close
    to the yarn without getting the uh and that's it does anybody have any
    all right I'm going to just show my progress here really quick
    there we go okay so this is what I've got done
    and you can tell let me bring it up to the Logitech and try to get a really nice
    clean shot
    isn't that amazing I mean this is I'm loving this stuff holy cow I didn't realize I was gonna love the repeat so
    much so pretty Pretty stinking impressed Pretty stinking impressed but look at
    how beautiful that is and then look at how gorgeous and I'm loving the comb because it just fits right in here
    okay and then you just come up and you're squeezing all those weeds so that they're really nice and tight
    super cool okay let me you know let me do a row
    of the sorry well let me do one of these so just everybody can get the idea so
    I've been coming under over under over
    it's pretty amazing to watch
    um I think that the this product is going to be really nice
    so just just let's see can I turn this might be okay so when I pull I
    don't want to distort the warps like I did on my first project so I'm just going to bring the comb in
    and scooch that up and so yeah that worked out really nice okay so I think that's
    that's I almost just wanna now that's okay because I want to show you I'm going to leave this here I'm going to take that off
    and then let's bring in oh good this is on its own let's bring in some sorry ribbon
    and so again under over under over
    and we're just going back and forth
    definitely can use um the hemp [Music] I think I have quite a long piece here
    ah look at how pretty this is so very similar technique uh to when we
    made the jjb um cuffs and wouldn't it be fun to go
    back in and so some of the beads so oh look at how cool that oh gosh that's delightful look at
    that I love when that happens let me do it this way hold on
    see how it just pushes it up isn't that gorgeous okay I'm gonna do
    one more because I think that'll look super cool
    so we do have um we did actually with this Loom after
    what happened last week with the buy one get one frenzy
    um we did make a handful of these because uh yeah we we just wanted to get ahead
    especially if you wanted one of these for a gift I think that this would make an amazing gift for a beginner
    um and or even an advanced a weaver beater Weaver beater I like that that's funny
    okay so once again I'm going to use the comb scooch that up oh holy guacamole okay I'm gonna pull just a little more
    because I have a little too much of a ribbon I'm going to really scooch this up
    a little lopsided hold on
    oh my gosh this is going to be so pretty or what so see this is where I could I don't
    know if I could I think I'm going to end up hand sewing I think I'll end up hand sewing on this like we did the um Jesse
    James bracelet so I'm going to do another row here just to show you
    um I want you to kind of get the idea of like how peaceful and calm and quick and
    relaxing if you're just looking for something to like chill out and
    you could do this while you're watching your favorite show of course this is your favorite YouTube
    show okay so we're gonna oh did I mix miss that ah I sure did oh pumpkins okay so
    I'm gonna take it out but that's okay because now you can see because I missed that whole Warp
    and we don't want to do that so I'm just going to pull pull back out what happened is I went over instead of
    coming under but it's all doable look okay awesome
    let me start over old school learning exactly
    okay so I gotta come under right yep okay
    I must have missed that one what I love about weaving though you can
    just correct it
    the other thing is like some fuzz going on here foreign
    there we go there we go now see I'm going to catch that warp right there let me get back in
    the camera shot see I caught it this time awesome but I don't want to pull too hard
    and I'm just going to take that comb Stitch It Up let me see oh beautiful
    absolutely gorgeous so the next layer I'm going to do is
    going to be the blue so I'm going to trim this foreign
    I'm just going to do some blue really quick because I just think it's so pretty
    after I get my mess out of here so let's get some blue
    oh I'm gonna have to cut a piece let's see what we got oh this is so delightful okay how much
    do I need maybe a yard let's try
    yeah I'm gonna go to this right before that knot
    [Laughter] okay let's see
    Okay so I'm gonna come under
    and then probably what I'll do is I'll go back and repeat the pattern so go back to the yarn then I'll go back to
    the um the Sandy kind of color sorry ribbon
    tail so I can get back in there
    I keep scooching sorry
    so when you have like these thicker oh that actually looks really cool but um
    oh I like that that would be fun to make like a little wave with anyway this is the fun part with the comb because it
    really will help it just to scooch up
    make sure I'm coming in the right way
    you can see how these could come together very quickly
    again I just want to make sure that I'm not like pulling too hard because I don't I want to have like a really nice
    a nice Square
    so cool foreign
    gets quiet when you're concentrating and you're weaving and you're doing that Soulful dance
    such a great time to be in meditation prayer
    God these are funny look at these big pieces
    foreign let's see I'm gonna do one more just for giggles
    ah George that was so pretty okay hold on I want to get this a little more straight okay
    I mean you could just see the possibilities right I mean just all these really gorgeous I mean what a great thing to make and
    especially if you have like your little signature charm that you do like you know what I'm talking about you could
    have your little signature charm um oh my gosh you could sell these all
    day foreign foreign
    so I'll just continue I'll probably get uh yeah one more pattern right one two
    three so
    super super cool super cool and then if I wanted to let me just um move behind me here
    so you know that really cool technique you learned if you did Winter Camp with jjb of sewing on all the buttons oh all
    the buttons all of well you could do buttons oh my God that'd be so cool oh that's what I'm gonna do on this one I'm
    gonna find some vintage buttons oh my heck yeah okay I love that but
    you could also do this right you could you could sew hand sew some beads on
    oh my God I just can't it's so cool that's really cool uh oh yeah and you
    know what I don't know it's kind of short but if you have a small wrist whoever
    said that earlier I see you could go this way could you go that way I don't know if it could go that way anyway whatever it's cool all right hold on
    ah getting a little excited
    yay caught me as I put my drink down
    so cute and I just now I'm super excited because can you see like a bunch of vintage like buttons on here you could
    like totally totally hand sew um and especially when we were visualizing about how to sew two pieces
    together to make a purse you know we'll have to do that because that would be super hot a trivet yep
    I was also thinking you know how Vicky last December's
    um in a monthly project the subscription Workshop a year ago and that was yeah a year ago
    it was sorry stuff in those big beads that's what I want to try on it oh my God yes
    yes yeah that was enough that was also a fiber fiber project but um oh my gosh
    yeah yeah yeah even yeah look at you could do like oh okay you could do this
    button right in the middle look at that like one of the wood buttons and then wash it like I did
    and then sew it in just from the middle for Giggles whatever that's a cool
    decoupaging something onto that wood button some kind of cool picture to complement the
    yeah it could be Ginger's face
    it also very nostrils [Laughter]
    yeah you're in your space right on that [Laughter] Ginger
    she got here so nasty says
    she'll never know this is just us and several hundred of our greatest
    friends [Laughter] Nancy said how would you sew two pieces together to make a larger piece
    um yeah or like the Wildfire you know you could thread some wild fire onto the jewel loom needle and
    um do that or you could use some sewing thread and and a needle and sew two
    pieces together I would imagine if you were a sewer like if you had a sewing
    machine with the with the feet the you know how some people have like really like a zigzag
    yeah they probably would better understand um how to take two of these and I have
    to ask my girlfriend Stacy she's a local and she's like a quilter so I'll have to ask her about
    that but uh you know it's just a fun thing it's really a cute little Loom too
    um I think introduce somebody to the to the art right to the craft because it's
    just so stinking cute and would it help removing the project if the teeth on the ends were a tad shorter so Robert wants
    to know if the teeth need to be short well um the first one I made that Jules asked
    me about it I actually just used the top teeth and then I had big problems you know because they were shorter and they
    kept wanting to come off so I was constantly pushing them down so I was glad that when I made the second one the
    long teeth it saved me time to get things done okay so Robert if I hear her correctly she
    she's fine with the way the teeth are but a good eye so right is that what you're saying yeah good with the teeth
    Joe yeah I'm good with the teeth I mean unless he doesn't think it'll slide you know the sex you know the
    second set back here because I was actually just using the top ones to keep
    me from having to move so much back and forth but they're coming off when I was weaving and I started to keep sticking
    them back on there oh I get what you're saying yeah congratulations Cheryl yay
    Cheryl got her boo-boo Loom yay oh can I
    this okay can you see this yeah um I think it was Nancy or Vicki or Nancy
    asked about other weaves and I this is the second thing I made and I tried it
    almost looks like a popcorn weave the first two rows but unfortunately I used the wrong thread or um a little bit
    better that's okay see how it looks it kind of looks like a
    popcorn weave or something and actually that's just going underneath one warp
    going around the top of it going underneath that one in the next warp going around the second or you know just
    keeps doing that um and we do have um some other weaves that we
    can do because we also want to uh you know because Jules also sells the sun Weaver
    and the the big and the small one and all these weeds will work on that too if you want to make a bigger project
    oh yeah so you know your boo-boo Loom is
    um you know I just did that video kind of describing the intention of all the different looms
    the Booboo Loom is literally a five by five square right so if you
    want to make five by five squares for fabric appropriate pot holders
    uh warm plates coasters um sewing pieces together to make quilts
    blankets you know some people do like a meditation table and
    they have like really beautiful you know Mats laying down and they have all of their kudamans on
    that I mean there's just a plethora of things that you can do it's pretty easy peasy because it's a
    five by five square and you got your warps and you got your webs and yeah so your your sunweaver small
    your sunweaver large your um your boo-boo Loom your soul
    Overstock Glam uh am I missing
    any limbs am I missing anyone Robert
    oh yeah or elbow patches
    on your jackets okay pocket tell me if my visual is correct tell me if my visual is correct
    could you could you Stitch a piece of fabric on
    the back and then put your fusible web onto that
    well put your fees the web onto the square patch
    then adhere that to the patch and then you iron it on but then you have to be
    careful you have to put something over the yarn anyway I think that would work try it
    did you follow me
    there's really so many different things you can do you know like I said samaritus earlier today just keep it
    simple right like you have your warps you have your wefts right it's also known as your weeds right so your warps
    go up and down that's these guys right up and down and then your wefts the
    weaving process goes from side to side right and then really it's you know your
    imagination of everything else right I love to refer to this Jesse James bracelet because I just love you know
    the dimension with the with the beads and I'm just thinking oh my gosh I mean you're talking about wall art fiber art
    like hello that would be cute in the middle of what you're doing now with the
    other stuff on the ends you know like going down the center and then the
    super excited okay Becky Becky Jazz wow enchanting and then she said or use fabric glue duh yeah like I'm an old
    school girl like I'm going back to a lean so I'm like get some infusible web I got my iron that I don't own anymore
    yeah I like you Becky I like you Becky fabric glue make it easy peasy pumpkin
    squeezy yes so that would be cool because some of my genes don't come with you know some of
    them come with holes [Laughter] hey I got actually look wow I please
    have your pants on
    uh oh she's over it spray paint Eileen's
    oh and there's lean and there is a lean
    making an appearance yep so Patrick just for your jeans patches
    for your jackets I mean oh my gosh can you imagine the fun thrifting like you could probably go and get some really
    cool yeah go I think we need to go thrifting all right who could use some kind of rubber
    and skin proof your socks
    Nikki is always so much oh my God
    but that how about the bottle the repeat cord
    some patches with friends yeah there's so many you know yeah don't make it complicated
    just have fun with it I'm super excited to see what everybody makes and um again we did manufacture a handful of
    them so that they would be ready for you um to hopefully by this weekend to get out and
    just we are thankful Beyond thankful for your support over
    um Thanksgiving weekend with all the pre-orders on the buy one get one with the mini and the micro cannot tell you
    thank you enough um the crew in Missouri is like they're like little elves right now
    that's my the picture in my head is like Robert and his family like in the little Elsa
    Blues making looms you know
    use Christmas colors and weave oh a plaid tree ornament with these oh my
    hats yes and you could do like a little hanger thing so yeah I made me a little pendant on it
    I don't like the cord I use I tried it at satin cord but I know you tried some
    beating yeah because this is a thicker cord and then I just did a um
    Barrel knot on top and then that you know it once I cut it down and wow I
    could put it as a necklace I'll just put on some cord ends I'm just trying to think of something
    simple where you could translate
    but the necklace you're wearing right now what is that um it was I think it was on the monthly
    projects it might have been earrings I made into a necklace
    I nice I think it was nice I love it I
    think it was earrings yeah I don't know that one I think was actually a pendant on the micro
    s I have to look it up it was like three or four months ago okay
    whatever you wanted right whatever you want it to be so well
    everyone has a plethora of ideas so um I'll be excited to see what you what
    you create and um as usual we're just like over the moon grateful for you and excited and I
    do believe Trish are you still here Trisha will be back um next week if I'm not mistaken
    and what do I have coming up so oh my gosh I just I can't wait to take
    some time off and relax um you have something December 9th next week ready
    with Sam yeah so Sam and I will be on uh I will
    be on with Sam's on in his uh on the 9th of December it's a Friday
    and I think he does three o'clock I think he does three o'clock yeah
    three o'clock hour Pacific time yeah because Sam and I are both in California so
    um that is December 9th and let me see let me just see if
    there's anything else to be tickled and Trisha I don't remember what she and
    I talked about her doing next week Trisha's here maybe she'll pipe in or at least she was here
    okay let's see
    yep so Sam and Jules uh Friday the 9th at 3.
    and that might be the last hurray
    yeah I think that's the last one as far as like you know
    Danielle and I were talking so I might get Danielle to see if she can come on because
    we're referring to her a lot with that technique and maybe I should talk to Danielle and
    see if we can't um can't get her to do that I do want to tell you that next year I have got some
    people dialed in that I don't think you know and they're like really cool they're really cool women
    who have in some ways experience we've all looked
    very some similar challenges where um we're all artist designers but they kind
    of come from my other world and um so I'm super stoked to have them come on and show you
    how they interpret the womb and how they incorporate it into their lives yeah so
    that's going to be super fun and uh and then of course Trisha will be here on Thursdays and I do think we're gonna go we're
    gonna take a little break at the end of the year so that everybody can just be with family and we can kind of all breathe and regroup and uh and stuff but
    uh she will be here next Thursday and I think the Thursday after that and Trisha
    you could correct me if I'm wrong but I I don't think she's here
    okay and continued prayers and all the love in the world for Miss Amber yes so we
    always holding her very tight and miss her miss her um her darn walking what is the earmuffs
    things [Laughter]
    he does that just makes my day to see her do that well Carla her Princess Leia look but anyway
    it's so princess thank you Maria thank you so much thanks
    everyone I will just tell you really quickly I did something last night so I was
    ordering some more beads like oh my God help me and I saw these three O's staring at me
    Touhou 3-0 I may or may not have bought a bunch of Touhou cereals so it's ones that are
    almost like pony beads I guess I don't even know what I'm
    getting they were hungry I was like I was like we need those
    yeah they're huge awesome because guess what they might be really fun with the Lulu that's what I was thinking I was looking
    at bigger beads you know when I was out shopping for yarn because I think it'd be cool to make something flat with
    beads on here yeah oh you could make a beaded coaster oh my
    God that would be so cool but I was looking for something quick because I was actually looking at the
    pony beads yeah I don't think three O's are as big
    as pony beads God help me I hope they're not that big but Maria says ooh so she knows she
    knows I've seen him I just can't remember what they like compared to ponies yeah
    well thank you Joe thank you for like literally just getting the Loom Your
    Passion just like screamed immediately you were like on your way to get stuff I was I'm just so grateful because
    you had not worked with it and look at what you what you created so I'm so impressed well I've had things going in
    my mind and I just hadn't gotten to them with the sun Weaver and so that helped quite a bit too
    well it really does because if you're going to do squares again you're not going to have any wasted material so
    like the sun Weaver the little one goes up to what 12 13 inches the big sun Weaver has 18 or 19 inches on the front
    so if you just want to do squares you're going to get a perfect square with
    absolutely no waist with the boo boo Loom and you're gonna have the cutest dog in
    the world looking back at you have fun decorating it
    you need to you know we do oh we need to see an updated photo of all of Jones yep
    oh that's why it's wondering how am I gonna do that little tiny mini one with the great big wisdom Warrior
    I may have to do a step you might have to lay the warrior down and then kind of like you know prop it up a little bit
    and put all the other looms around it I don't know get up on a ladder to take
    a picture you know from above well yeah Vicky you don't you know the
    intention is certainly not to pull a pot out of the oven and put it onto any of this stuff right because like that is
    all special material when you put a hot pan
    with pot holders like legit pot holders so you know I would keep in mind
    right now we're talking about warm you know coasters type when we're talking about heat like take it down and I did
    some research on that they says the best material to use is 100 cotton and the
    next best is wool and I'm thinking I wouldn't want to wash the wall that's you know a potholder or a trivet so
    that's okay so that's what I used on the Square is 100 cotton
    so it was that sugar and cream so perfect too good job yeah nice
    Joan thank you I love you I love you too thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for everything you do thank
    you Trisha um you were here I guess you're gone and she's like it's eight o'clock
    hi Shelly yeah super cute just makes you happy puts a little smile
    on your face so I had to say it's hi Tiff for I mean up here too hi Colleen
    yeah glad you're feeling better yeah that's something else
    yeah okay all right y'all lots of love lots of love lots of yummy prayers for
    everybody lots of creativity and um lots of smiles let's just get our smile
    on you guys don't see it when uh Trish and I say goodnight to each other after the
    show so I'm going to give it to all of you oh I love you guys I thought all of you
    yeah so much love so much fun all right
    that's anything you have to end this thing or oh that's right okay well good
    night bye I forgot
    I'm not