by Joan Dice

Earth tone Beads In A Bag Kit Earrings

Join Tricia Giazzon on this episode of Jewel Loom School Live, as she uses the Earth Tone Beads In A Bag Kit to make some Fun Earrings. Learn to make picot stitch edging & decorative loops to enhance your earrings & other loom projects.

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yeah hi guys welcome in welcome in my name is
Trisha gaison with pink poodle jewelry Studio I am here today on behalf of Joel
Loom today we're going to be making a super fun pair of earrings made with the
Earth Tone beading bag kit and also um the designer Baltic Birch
um earring collection as well so super fun project there please be sure to
subscribe to the jewel loom YouTube channel give us a thumbs up a comment we
always appreciate that and also I have a YouTube channel as well it's Trisha's
pink poodle jewelry studio and I do teaching videos on there as well so
don't forget to head over there and subscribe like and comment on some of my videos
so that being said let's say hello to some of my jewel loom friends
see Sherry Sherry was first in tonight guys she won I don't know what she won but
and there's Maria okay Melanie's here hi hi hi Mel Melanie
Maria Sherry we're coming in we're coming in hot guys
so don't forget to share this out um if you can share this with your
friends right now and that will get us more of a
um more people to join in on the fun and to watch our project tonight
so before let me get [Music] um
I'm gonna turn the camera around here and we're gonna get started and let me
just go in here and you know we get a little bit of a black screen for just a moment
and I'm gonna go over some stuff with you here before we get started
okay here we go and I have finally figured out guys how to have the camera
at the correct angle so you're actually looking at what I'm looking at okay so here we go uh hello
gal how are you sweetie so nice to see you from from Nebraska awesome
okay so what we're going to be doing tonight guys is we're going to be using the Earth Tone bead in the bag beads in
a bag kit that kit is gorgeous I do have that to show you in just a moment but I
do want to kind of let you know that we did do a video when we first
started of the beads in a bag or cone beads in a bag bracelet now you can find
that video on it is or excuse me natural but you can
find it on the jewel loom YouTube channel and also on the
blog so this is what we made this was the bracelet that Jules intended when she
put the beads in a bag kit together but I'm going to show you tonight you can
make anything you want out of that out of that kit but this bracelet is
absolutely gorgeous of course and then here are this is an example
of the earring that we're doing tonight we're going to use the Baltic Birch
um beautiful earrings collection that Jules has and of course there's our bead
in a bag beads everything that you need to do this project is contained within
this feeds in a bag kit and in the Baltic Birch collection you only need
two of your earrings and that's nice because Jules puts pairs into those as
you might expect because it's an earring kit but let's take a quick look at what
this kit offers and then we'll go over what tools we need for tonight guys
so this is a beautiful mix I'm just going to put a little bit
out because I do have to clean it up but just to kind of give you an idea it is a
beautiful mix of natural stones there's Goldstone in there there's some some
pieces of um cords there's uh beautiful citrine in there and
there's tons of fire polish bug weeds just some real gorgeousness and you can
kind of see that a little better down here and then she provides our Edo's which
are so nice for a base on a project you always need your eight O's to if you're
gonna do loops it always makes it so nice so I'm gonna pour some of these out these are quite pretty
let me put them in my hand and bring them up to the camera for you
because I know this is um a little far away to be seeing tiny
beads so grab those
but those have such a pretty lining inside of them absolutely gorgeous
and then we have our oops spitting them
then we have our 11 0's which are a gorgeous purpley Brown
mix there we go you can kind of see those in the bag pretty well
but gorgeous gorgeous and then I'll just put this in my hand before I put it in the bag and I'll show you this a little
closer but that kind of shows you the
gorgeousness that is in that beads in a bag kit so um head on over there get your Earth
Tone beads in a bag kit and if you have not picked up the Baltic Birch earring uh collection yet you're going to be mad
if you don't that's all I gotta say because they are absolutely adorable and
so versatile you know you can use them for a lot of different things
so let me just put this back in here
okay so now we have what we're going to be using for our
project besides our main event here so I'm going to get my beads over here
I'm going to be using some 0.5 hemp I might do in that you need to and I
have see I'm used to turning it around so there you go we're going to be using
some 0.5 hemp we're going to be using some Wildfire I'm using black but you
could use any color that you want again we're going to be using our little Daisy
charm than the right way next time it'll be easier for me guys this was just a
change tonight okay and you're gonna need some GS hypo
cement that is a must for this project or E6000 that would work as well and
that's pretty much it because like I said you have everything that your little heart could desire right here in
this collection in this little kit so I'm going to pour out some of my eight O's here and we're going to get started
okay and what I've done I've already warped the loom and I have done
let me get this into the position okay so I have done three warps
because I've done three warps because we have three holes in the bottom of this and it'll make it easy to connect it
and between each one of those warps I've left four spaces now how I decided to do
that was I just held my piece up to the loom and I could judge then how
far apart I needed to make my uh hemp okay so that's an easy way to do
it if you pick up any of them and you want to use you can you know hold the holes up and decide okay well I need
this one only to be two apart or three apart so you could do this same concept
with anything with any of them I mean so I did thread my needle and I have tied
on to the left most
um Warp and we're gonna get started with our Edo's our edos are going to be our base
and like I said you know they're awesome for bases a lot of times I'll use eight O's for the bottom especially if I'm
going to be doing Loops or picot stitches we're going to need to pick up six eight O's
okay make sure I have six on there and yes I do and we're going to drop those beads
down onto the wildfire and then I'm gonna
shuttle my needle across and I do and I say this in every video
but just to let any newbies know I do loom from the bottom up but a lot of
gals prefer to loom from the top down so it's all in what makes is the most
comfortable for you so I take my finger and I'm pushing those beads up through
my warps okay and I'm just gonna take my needle now that I have over here this string is running underneath the right
most warp and I'm going to put my needle in through
the beads that we've put on and I'm also running that needle across the top of
the warps you want to make sure that when you're running your needle across you can see
the little silver needle I don't know if you can make it out but if you can see your needle
through there you're doing it right okay
and I got so much stuff laying over here my do as I say not as I do you know guys my
String's getting caught on it so we're going to do eight rows just like that with the six across okay this is a basic
just a basic simple Stitch and we're going to pick up six again here
okay and do the same thing and we're going to just continue to do this
and work up the warps okay
all right so make sure you're pushing those up through there and everything's going across the top
thank you now you can do this also with six O's if
you prefer that would be a great bead to do it through do it as well because with
this project you're going to be going back and forth through the beads of quite a few times so the eight works but
if you would prefer you could also do a sixes and Jules has some gorgeous colors
in the sixes as well but the seed bead Supply that she has
now guys if you haven't checked it out you really need to because she's just knocking it out of the park with the
seed beads it's crazy I'm I'm just glad I I just have to not
go on there because her website that much because I want to buy it all I want
to get it all you know it's just so beautiful
so we're working that needle across and we're already on our third row
this works up really quick this space does guys
so I hope you all had a good week this week and everybody's doing great
we are getting ready for the holidays here at the gaizon household I am I've
been decorating for days and days now it feels like but
I hope you all are starting to enjoy your holiday season for sure
what's a turkey of course we'll be having lots of turkey but here is our fourth row and I have
pushed those six beads up through and across the top of the warps
I missed it Hearts family art what happened
that's what happened when you're teaching you know you miss stuff
four five and six
okay number five
and pushing that up through and locking it in
okay and make sure that your strands are
pulled nice and snug along the sides I just ordered my first Loom it will be
here tomorrow so excited oh that is exciting good good we're always here if you have
any questions
Vicky asked do do my puppies have Santa outfits for the holidays my cat said no
way my dogs actually do have Santa hats they hate them but they have
now we're going to do our sixth row here
okay and this is moving right along for us
and we only have two rows left
okay whoa that one got a spin you know I'm excited if I spin the loom
okay so we're dropping those beads down and shuttling our needle across
okay and then across the top
and only do our last row here
two three four five and six okay
until our last row and get that hooked into place
and go across the top so now what we're going to do our needle is going to come back out on the left
side here guys okay I can get that in the right place so my
my threads coming out on the left side on the side that we started from originally
and so what we're going to do now is we're going to work around and put our picot stitch on I've found that if you
put your picot stitch on first and then go back and do your loops or vice versa it's easier to do them
separately I tried on a couple of them to do them at the same time and I couldn't Master it it was just getting
like all befuddled and I didn't like the way that it looked so um that's up to
you if you feel like you can do that by all means but we're going to do it separate so we're just going to pick up
three of our Edo's and I'm coming out of that first
top row and I'm going to just go into the row underneath it
I love picot I just think it makes projects look so cute makes like this little Lacy effect
and then I'm just going to pull it so and then we have a little picot
there we go on there and now I'm going to do the same thing pick up three more beads
and I'm going to go I'm coming out that that lower roll right beneath that and
I'm gonna go back into the top row okay because I want these to be on the sides
of the first top two rows and I'm just going to pull that
you want to make sure as you're doing it you're doing it snug but not too crazy tight or it won't it will not sit right
for you so I'm just pulling that and now what I'm going to do is I'm going to run
it back through that second row drop down
don't go through the beads for your picot Stitch it'll make them sit oddly for you so I'm going back through that
second row and then I'm gonna just do a drop down
I'm just gonna drop right down into the third row from the top okay and you're
going to want to put your three seed beads on first before you do that because Oh no you're not you're going to
want to drop down I'm sorry guys drop down to that third row see that's why I was messing up when I
was trying to do it all at one time I'm like oh I need Beads no no you don't
now we need beads because we're back on that left side and we're gonna do our three
two and three and drop those down
and then go into the row underneath so this is the fourth row down
and Shadow your needle across through the beads there
and then add three more
and put that in through that third row and across and we're going to keep
working our way down just like this okay
and then we're going to drop into the fourth row again
crossed [Music] okay
and now we're going to do our step down into the next row
and bring our needle and thread over to the left side again okay
add three more beads
and then drop into the row underneath so we have two four
these are rows five and six that we're working on now
you know I have too much jewelry laying around with my string picks the jewelry up and starts pulling it toward me
I don't know I just make a lot of jewelry so it just kind of gets a built
up you know so anyway we're pulling that we wanted to come in there not Twisted I
can see how my my string is wanting to twist there so I wanted to set properly so I want it to come in straight
we're going to pick up three more beads
and then in through the fifth row
and then back down through the sixth row
and then our step down into our seventh row so you can see guys this is pretty
simple it works itself up pretty quickly
okay we're back on the left so we're going to pick up three more beads
one two and three and drop those down
okay and then I'm gonna get that string out
of there our starting string I sure don't want to have that intertwined so let me get that out of there
pull that down toward the bottom
there we go and then three more beads
and then back up through the seventh row
and again don't forget you don't want to go um through your picot Stitch with your
thread when you're stitching through the rows an extra time okay
so I'm going to drop down here into the eighth row
and now we're going to get our materials to start doing our loops okay
I think I can cut that string now I'll go ahead and do that
so we're done with our edos so we're going to get out some 11 O's and some of that beautiful
yeah Vicky I think um like I said the eights work but especially for someone
that maybe not as comfortable with um looming the six O's may be more
helpful to them so so what I'm going to do here I'm coming
out on top of my let me get my mix out first before my
mouth starts going I'm coming out on top of that warp on the right hand side
with my thread so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take this needle
and thread and I'm going to go around that outside warp and underneath
and I'm going to put my needle there in through there I'm going to go back through the beads underneath that warp
but I'm going to pop my needle up when you have on the third bead over from the
right okay can you see that
and then you're going to want to pull that through so what that's doing is doing two things for you guys it's
locking that side in so you're not going back through and then your beads are falling off you want to make sure you're
locking it around that outside warp and then you're getting in the correct position to start your Loops okay you
want to come up through the middle there and we're going to pick up three seed beads
okay and one of our beautiful beads let's do a fire polish
and then three more of our 11 O's okay
oh Becky you're never late no problem thank you for joining us tonight
and then I'm just going to take the thread and I'm gonna go out and through
the furthest bead to the right as I do that I'm going to take my needle
the whole way across and the whole time I'm avoiding putting the needle through the picot Stitch okay guys
does not look nice you don't want to do that and then I'm just going to pull and
that's going to make us our first Loop on that row
you can see that so I'm going to do the same thing over here I'm coming out on this further side
and I'm going to pick up three eleven O's
and let's see if I have another one of those in there I've been doing the same beads
um beside each other but you can mix it up as much as you want also if you want to put more loops on it you can go
through I'm doing three and three but you could do two two and two and it would give you like three Loops across
so again you can modify it however you want to but
so I'm just gonna pick up another fire polish and then three more elevens
yeah this is a higher end mix because of all the natural stones that
are in it I think it really is a beautiful mix because it's like I said it makes a little bit of an impact
because it has those natural stones and then I'm just gonna go back to the
center and I'm going to run my needle through
the third bead from the left I'm going to try to get my needle
through there can be a little fidgety sometimes
to get right in between those beads there you go and then I'm just going to feed that across again not going through
my picot Stitch okay
and making our Loop and I am picking it up again I apologize that's habit
so when I Stitch it home that's what I do so we have our first two loops and
then we're gonna go up to the next row and we're going to do the same thing we're going to go in through the
furthest bead come out through the third bead into the center
okay we're basically just making our Loops at this point you can
um it's a basic process but for anybody that aren't is a newbie and you're
having trouble keeping track here you can always reach out to us we're happy to help so I'm going to pick up
see let's do I like the Goldstone let's put some Goldstone on
it's gorgeous can you see that so pretty and then three more elevens
and we'll do this a couple more times guys just so you can kind of make sure you
have the hang of it and then we'll get on to attaching the Birch piece
the Birchwood okay so it's coming out it's coming up in the center there
so what I'm going to do I want that Loop to go here and around on this left side so I'm just going to turn my loom a
little bit and I'm going to take my needle and put it back through that
for the speed over and as I'm running this across I'm going to go through the first set of three
beads into the next set of three beads and a crossed because we need to make
another loop and I'm just double checking here that I'm not catching my picot Stitch
all right
okay and we're gonna pull that two
and there is another loop and we're going to do the same thing
three seed beads a gold stone and three more eleven nose
foreign and then back to the center
and I'm just going to go over to the right
all right do you feel comfortable enough with that guys
I can show you how to cut your project off and
attach it I mean that's the basics on the loops
so as long as I don't hear anybody holler I'm gonna go ahead and move forward with that so I'm going to just
keep my needle here because I'm going to go back
unprintable words will start coming out of your mouth if you do that are you what
girls you used to scarfed me up so I'll thanks Maria thank you honey
okay so we're gonna move on what happens if you go through a Pico bead you must have done that because you're being very
insistent that we don't it just warps it it doesn't look as pretty and it gives
it a different shape and I I don't want that I want it to all be pretty and even
in the same shape the whole way I'm very insistent you know me
don't do it so we're gonna cut this off guys and I'm
just gonna do it the same way as I always do I'm going to take my two fingers here and put it around my work
on the back I'm gonna push this end into my tummy
and I'm just going to give it a slight Flex just the flex flexible not bendable guys
and then cut off our project okay
and then we can cut this end off no problem so why it works so well to use your
original Loom with this process is because you need some extra thread at least on the top part of the uh project
because you need to be able to tie that through your piece to be able to make sure everything
is hooked in the way it needs to be let me grab my little
piece of wood here and so what I'm going to do is I'm going to just cut this in between here
okay so I've left enough on either end of the one I'm going to finish so I can go ahead and put that to the side and
now we have our piece with the finished loops on it okay so it gives you an idea
and what we're looking at
thank you oh you guys so now what I'm going to do is I'm going
to tie off the bottom and you can just simply tie that as you normally would
just tie um two knots take two of the threads here and I'm going to tie two knots
you're not going to be able to see them because they'll be behind the beads that are hanging down the bottom
I'm just going to give that a nice snug pull without messing up our beads and
then I'm going to take the middle string and I'm going to do the same thing with the other
string on the other side just to give it two knots and then you're going to want to glue it of
course glue your knots that's going to keep um your pieces from coming apart
and like I said you can use the GS hypo on this it works great or if you have like any 6000 or something like that you
will have to let it dry a little longer but that would work just as well so I'm
just going to take my glue oops I don't think I got a paper towel
guys that's oh here it is because you know me I need to use my purple towel with my GS hypo cement so I'm just going
to warm that up in my hand a little bit
excuse me and there's a little dot forming on the
end of it and I'm just going to go all over my Notch just to make sure everything's
nice and covered I don't want to cut my strings before my glue dries
because that it'll possibly feed its way back through
and once the glue is dried it won't do that okay so I'm just coating those and
then I'm going to do the same thing how I always close that I'm going to just lay that nozzle on that paper towel
and then slide that needle up inside the end because this can this can be a
little um of a challenge to close the GS hypo okay
so we just want to make sure that we're not making a mess and we get
everything closed up so it doesn't dry out on you okay so
we have that done I am going to cut mine do as I say not as I do guys just because I want to be able to show you
the finished product here that we've created
and then we're going to bring in our Daisy
so let me give you a couple tips here guys you can do it exactly how I'm gonna do
it here I'm just going to tie it through glue it make sure it's tied in there nice and snug that's why we need so much
string because we want to make sure everything's nice and snug
but if you leave your needle at the top you leave your thread in your needle
you can use the thread once you've tied on your
hemp and you can put sew on your daisy as well with your wildfire and then go
back through a few rows with it and tie it off that's going to give you an extra security okay
um it it will work either way but if you're more comfortable you can certainly use
your needle and thread and sew it on as well so I'm going to do this is just as simple as it gets
I'm gonna take my Daisy and thread one of the strings through it
and I'm gonna give myself a little bit of room here to groove and I'm just going to use one strand
per hole okay so I'm gonna do two knots with one and as I'm working this I'm going to
work this Daisy down as I'm pulling on this this string because I want it to be those holes to be kind of hidden behind
our work that we did okay so I'm pulling that we got our
first knot in place so now I can do our second knot pretty easily
stronger magnifiers required believe me I never had to wear glasses all the time
my whole life and now my late 40s it's just a given
so I'm gonna tie the next one off do the same thing
I'm going through that second hole and we're going to do the exact same thing just as simple as tying a couple knots
on each one all right
I'm just going to move this down with the knot so we can get it nice and snug
in there behind I mean you're you can show these
little holes they're not going to hurt anything but that's just kind of how I designed it
all right I'm gonna do one more here
if I can get it with my fingers I'm kind of fiddly tonight I was busy all day so I've wore myself out you know
so I kind of my hands are like nope we're tired
we're not doing anything more here tonight okay I'm just gonna tie that off as well
so we have two done and let's just do our last one quickly and then we can glue
hi Alina
okay simple simple simple
all right
foreign you can do this with any of the
charms they work will work beautifully with it so there we have it
everything is nice and snug and in place and we're going to glue that
and this is the part you want to make sure you get plenty of glue on these
knots because these are supporting your earring okay so make sure you get your
glute nice and covered on the whole notch
all right so we're nice and glued there let's put our lid back on
okay and that is done we're gonna cut these strings off so you
can get the idea and I have another one here that I've made so you can see that well but
leave them on until your glue dries or don't fidget with it too much if you
do but here's the one that we made tonight oops I'm doing it again so used to turn
on my stuff and then this is the design you can see these these went behind here much easier
but if you're doing it at home you can decide you know do you mind seeing the
little holes and another thing you could do with this project guys you could use your flat backs
and put onto your uh Daisy or whatever you're using
or you could glue a pearl in the middle or bead in the middle I just put lemon
oil on these this time just to kind of keep them natural but you could of course color them
and that would be very nice as well so quick project Lizzy
uh yep but you were just finishing up honey so yes please do watch the replay
we appreciate that and now I'm just going to switch my camera back guys
and here we are so yes thank you Joan um my link trade my link tree is in the
description below if you want to check me out on all my social media it is there and don't forget to subscribe to
the jewel loom YouTube channel and if you get a chance stop over and subscribe
to Trisha's pink poodle jewelry Studio YouTube channel as well guys I hope you
enjoyed the project tonight it was super fun and I will here's the schedule though
guys I want to let you know before I do sign off next week no no Joe Loom School
okay um then the first week of December Jules
is going to be doing the jewel loom School live the second and the third I
will be doing and then we'll be off for a couple for Christmas and New Year so that's kind of just giving you a heads
up on everything that's going on and so I will not see you again guys until
December 8th I know you're gonna miss me and I'm gonna miss you what are you gonna do you're just gonna
have to give Jules a hard time that's all I know but
so thanks for joining us tonight guys and I'll see you in a few weeks bye-bye