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  • Finishing Bracelet with Button, Using Barrel or Overhand Knots

    May 16, 2023

    Finishing Bracelet with Button, Using Barrel or Overhand Knots

    Learn how to finish a single strand bracelet, using either a shank or 2 hole button & either barrel or overhand knots. Joan shows these techniques on how she could or did finish her wrap bracelet she was working on during the Jewel Loom School chat. During the chat, she showed how to make dangles with small, top drilled beads. Below the finishing tutorial is a link to the chat, if you are interested in seeing how Joan weaved the bracelet. 


    Link to chat where Joan shows how she made the 2 hole bracelet & teaches how she makes the dangles: 

    How to Warp Your Large Wisdom Warrior:

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    about a week and a half ago when I did
    my tutorial on the large wisdom Warrior
    to make a bracelet I said I would do a
    tutorial quickly on how to do these um
    how to finish off a wrap bracelet you
    met with a button you know for a clean
    finish and using some
    uh bear Lots
    so this is an example one I've done
    before and notice that there's two
    different ways I mean like the buttons
    I'm going to use is this one my mom was
    I'm also going to demonstrate with one
    with the shank button really quick you
    know and then remove it but as you
    notice on this shank button
    um you can get both
    through the shank
    but there's also way you can do it you
    know if you can only get one
    cord through the shank so these are four
    cords you know it's not going to work
    with fire polish it should work with
    most cords that you use even hemp
    um not in cord okay so then um so let's
    get started
    okay straighten up making sure that your
    bracelet is facing up the right way nice
    you can use a straw which make it easier
    for you but I can't find my smaller
    straws and this one like a milkshake
    straw is too big I couldn't tighten up
    the knots so you can use something like
    a peg or a stick or something but like
    um I I do usually use like coffee straws
    you know thinner straws
    when editing I didn't like the way I
    showed you how to do the barrel knot so
    I'm going to show you in a different way
    and edit this back in So pretend like
    this is
    the end of the bracelet
    now you know the bracelets attached and
    there's two you know there's a few
    different ways you can do it we want to
    Anchor it down you could even use a
    board like this
    and Anchor It Down
    by taking one cord and wrapping it so
    you can have a little bit of a work
    space and they will not will move the
    knot down
    so you know if you have one of these
    boards you know how to use it
    um but I'm going to do it this way
    to show you you probably have something
    like this at home I even before I got a
    clipboard I've been known to use a pad
    of paper you know just you know stiff
    pad of paper or something and using
    binder clips or if you have some kind of
    so what we're going to do is clamp one
    and then I'm only going to clamp
    the other end
    you know with one of the strings because
    I'm going to work with one so this is um
    if you want one way to finish up the
    off the bracelet right next to the bead
    okay so to do the barrel knot
    need a rod if you have a straw I had a
    straw but it's a little bit too big
    the inside and I couldn't tighten it up
    but if you have a coffee straw or
    something a little bit bigger that would
    make it easier life easier but I don't
    so I'm just going to use like a rod in
    this case it's a reamer
    and what we want to do is wrap
    this around lift it up a little bit so
    you can do some wrapping and we want to
    wrap it around the cord and the rod and
    the purpose of the rod is to give you
    some space to feed it up
    once I get it wrapped we want to wrap
    where the rod the the cord where it
    comes up on the other cord in the rod so
    now we got like three things to wrap
    around so you can see where
    your cord
    wrapped around the other cord and then
    I'm going to do three
    try to keep my hands out of the way as
    much as I can I'm going to do three
    loops around
    now if you have a naughty do it all or
    like one of those lights that has two um
    to like alligator clips you can clip
    this in between two and make it a lot
    easier for you
    so now what I'm going to do is I'm going
    to go up
    follow the rod up and feed that cord
    that I was using for wrapping up on the
    rod I'll take the rod out
    now I'm going to unclip these so I want
    to feed it down next to my bracelet
    like I said pretend like that's the end
    of my bracelet
    so I just keep kind of wiggling
    I want to get it centered
    then I want to pull on the string that
    did the wrapping
    tighten it up
    and so that's one way you can put next
    to your beads or
    or you could um this next knot that I'm
    going to show you you could also just do
    the wrapping around here and that's what
    I did on this bracelet because I wanted
    my loose knots to or my sorry Barrel
    knots to look like beads also so I
    actually did separate knots
    so now to do the um the next knot
    I'm going to tighten it on here I'm
    going to clamp down both of them because
    we're going to be stringing along both
    now get the bigger one
    these binder Cuts come in handy I've
    even used them as bead Stoppers before
    too especially these little tiny ones
    so now
    I'm going to take a cord and I'll use a
    different color
    once again I need my um
    Rod to wrap around we're going to wrap
    around both of them so what we're going
    to do this is a little bit easier
    you're gonna
    feed your string
    along the underneath the rod in the two
    and then you're going to wrap around
    three or four times
    so you can see it I'm wrapping around
    trying to make it look neat but I'm also
    keeping it
    loose and making sure they stay in order
    now on this we're going to feed um
    one and
    up through the center
    and we're going to feed the other end
    the opposite way up through the center
    we want to keep those wraps like a corn
    and you know wrap around as many times
    as you want you know whatever effect you
    want this time it was four times for me
    I'm going to take the rod out
    unclip it because I want to
    straighten these out so they lay nicely
    and then I'm going to tighten it up
    and that's how you
    make the barrel knot that's probably the
    easiest way to do it
    now take both ends of the barrel that's
    working with the barrel knot
    and just tighten
    it's nice to have it tight but don't
    have it too tight because you know we
    want this to slide up and down
    now before
    I do anything else I'm going to make
    sure my button goes through here
    we do want to take a little bit of glue
    me tighten this a little bit more
    and I don't want to put too much glue on
    this because I want it just to be able
    to slide so I don't want to glue to the
    other two strands so since this is the
    Strand that I tied with I'm just going
    to put a tiny bit of glue where it's
    coming out and not
    some people some people don't do this
    but I just feel a little more secure on
    a tiny bit of glue
    so much for a tiny bit of glue
    I like this GS hyper cement because it's
    got the really small nozzle
    and I need to find my strand again it's
    not that one
    it's that one by the
    by this thick as that one
    so I'm gonna oops that's where you gotta
    be careful
    it might be good to use like um a
    toothpick or something
    so I'm going to flex these
    now I'm going to do the other side where
    it's coming out
    a tiny bit
    and this one I don't want it to move so
    I'm not worried about where I put the
    I just like to be better safe than sorry
    wipe the excess glue off of other places
    well I sure hope I didn't mess that up
    case I did I do want to
    put this in at least I have my button
    in the right spot
    I don't want to trim down the excess
    until I find out
    so I'm going to measure that my
    and once the glue is dry
    you can come back and um
    cut these about a quarter of an inch
    away from the knot
    it's not it so that's probably this one
    might have been smart for me to do this
    next step first
    well I want to go back to it because I
    really want to do the other side
    for when we make adjustments
    okay this other side
    you can do the same kind of barrel knot
    but since you want to make sure your
    beads are sticking up straight first but
    since I'm going to be using a flat
    button on this I'm not going to but I
    just want to show you and because you
    know the barrel knot is Thicker Than
    This overhand knot
    but you know I already showed you I'd do
    the barrel knot here
    it would be the same as for both sides
    so and the button is going to hide these
    that's another reason why I'm going to
    do the easier overhand knot
    and like I said you could do this
    overhand not on the other side
    so then you want to tape well if you had
    if your Shank
    is big enough to put both through put it
    if you want to use a shank button
    and then tie another knot
    now if your shank wasn't big enough you
    could just put one through
    and feed your leather cord along the
    other side this extra leather cord and
    then tie the knot they do that a lot in
    you know making leather knotting
    so I'm going to do this I'm going to try
    the same thing with this I'm going to
    try to put um
    my leather up through this hole
    and both since I'm using one and a
    make sure your bracelet is facing up but
    I'm using one one and a half millimeter
    Leather So they both fit in these holes
    okay make sure I just want to make sure
    my leather is laying the correct way I'm
    going to push this down towards the knot
    and then I'm going to do an overhand
    knot here now this is where you could do
    another coil knot
    but since they're not going to be seen
    I'm doing the easier of the two
    okay now if you did the coil knot I
    would suggest
    um cutting this and tying a couple knots
    so it doesn't feed itself through or
    just gluing these
    so it doesn't come undone and that way
    you can cut it like a quarter inch
    behind so you can't see it
    that way you don't have a little string
    s right well
    well let me cut it that way you could
    see what's going on on the other side
    it wasn't so pretty with this
    I'm just going inside the knot
    putting a little bit of glue
    after it dries I've got I'm in a little
    bit of hurry so I'm going to cut it a
    little bit shorter but after it dries
    you cut it
    I just want to make sure
    to do this the right way
    I made this so those dangles will go
    next to my hand
    let me move the camera closer to me so I
    could do this right
    I'm just making sure it's laying out
    right so
    cried on me
    okay so I'm gonna put this on
    and I made this adjustable so
    we can tighten it up make it a little
    bit easier I slid it down
    one of the cords one quarter ended up
    bigger than the other
    so see how I tightened it up
    by moving this down
    after I put it on
    so you can have that sitting on top too
    if you want
    I'm going to take it off so I can finish
    the ends
    okay let's see
    now what I want to do is I want to make
    a couple of angles you know just
    decorative ends
    and tie the knot here
    a smaller one
    tighten it up
    I use a large hole bead I slipped
    through my beet soup for some larger
    whole beads to put as dangles
    and that way it won't get slide through
    that Barrel knot
    and then do the same on the other side
    me or not
    I'm going to kind of space them just to
    make it look nicer
    space them a little bit
    then you could put glue in these too oh
    I got too much glue
    and after you dry you just
    snip it off about a quarter of an inch
    then you have your knot
    let me show you how to put it on this
    it's a little bit easier than on my
    and then
    once you get it on you could just
    slide this down to tighten it
    decorative dangles
    on this one I misjudged on how many
    beads I needed or something I was
    sliding in I got um
    so that's why I made a third one so like
    I could have two Beetle holes or
    whatever and you can see I made the
    dangle shorter on here so it's just make
    the length that you want
    these are probably a little bit long I
    could fix that later
    but um so that's um how to
    that's how do you put buttons you know
    without having things sticking out of
    the top on your
    um wrap bracelets or any kind of cord
    bracelets so if you have any questions
    just leave them in comments and I'll try
    to get back to you
    thank you and have a great day