Value Pac 18 pcs Wooden Buttons

Value Pac of 18 Baltic Birch Buttons. 

Made in the USA 

9, 1 Inch Round Decorative Buttons, with 3.63mm holes to accommodate material. 

3, 1 Inch Round Blank Buttons 

3, 1.5 inch Rectangle Decorative Buttons, with 5.26mm holes to accommodate material.

3, 1.5 inch Blank Buttons 

Buttons can be painted, Stained or Decorated with Colored Pencils or Markers 

Perfect for use with your Jewel Loom®️ Creative Projects 

Customer Reviews

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Wooded button pack

These have been sold out before but I have mine now! These will be perfect to color or paint and perfect for the loom bracelets we've been making. I love everything I've bought from Jewels.

Love the buttons

I haven't got to use anything yet my husband had a stroke Dec 19 then open heart surgery Jan 15 been busy at the hospital and very wore out he came home for a week and passed out on the floor so he is back in the hospital he is not very well right now but I sure am looking forward to my new looms and buttons as soon as things get better didn't mean to bend your ear so long just wanted to let you know why I have no pictures Linda Lee


Great value for the amount of buttons you get. The beach theme buttons are my favorite. Like the blank buttons to design as you please.

Buttons, pyramid beads, looms & accessories

I love all the products I receive from Jewel Loom! The buttons are fantastic, can't wait to paint them to match the bracelets I make. All the pyramid beads are beautiful plus you will find a large supply of all types of beads to use with the Jewel Loom & the Goddess Looms. Customer service is great & you will receive your order quickly to start making the wonderful bracelets. I highly recommend all the products from the Jewel Loom Company, you will not be disappointed!


I am very happy with my purchases. Can’t wait to create my first project. Going to make the bracelet from the video with you and Nealy Patel, it was a great video, I had just discovered Nealy 5 months ago, I enjoy his video very much. That’s how I got to see your video. I only stated making jewelry about 6 years ago, I love it, there are so many different artisans that I follow. So happy I discovered you too. At 81 yers old it’s so important to keep my mind discovering new things. Thank you for sharing your talent . I love what you do, your Loom’s are so beautiful. Ordering from you was a pleasant experience, so quick and efficient. Thanks again, Catherine