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  • Jewel Loom Wood Bead Weaving Loom Boo Boo Coaster Maker Loom

    Jewel Loom Wood Bead Weaving Loom Boo Boo Coaster Maker Loom
    Introducing the NEW Boo Boo Loom! If you have watched any of my LIVES or YouTube Videos you know that Marlin Brando the "Frenchie" is always in the background snoring away. So I thought why not make a loom with his image so he can be with you always, making smiles, giggling and of course creating adorable patches! Plus his a Fur Baby and who doesn't love that! 
    Put a little  Boo Boo in your creative life! 

    I am absolutely loving the solid wide base on this loom. It fits perfectly in my lap while weaving in bed, lol! Jewels 

    Made in the USA with Sustainable Baltic Birch 

    Kit Includes:
    1 Boo Boo Loom, 1 Wood Needle and Wood Comb 

    Working area measures 5 inches wide by 5 inches in length. It makes squares but of course you can use any area of the loom to make what speaks to you!  

    The Boo Boo loom was designed to create beaded and fiber based Warm Plate Pads, Patch's and other square in shape items. The grooves and teeth are large so they will accommodate thicker materials. 

    Of course we will all get creative and design other ideas as well. I am visualizing the foundation for a purse, fiber pendants, book markers and other small items. So fun! 

    How to take care of your Boo Boo Loom
    The Boo Boo Loom can be cared for by using a light coating of beeswax. This will keep the wood smooth, flexible, and less prone to splintering. Baltic Birch is also perfect for staining with any variety of stain. Some stains even come with a poly base that also provides a glossy or matte finish if desired. Just make sure that you dont use any WATER BASED products. 

    Please note that there may be a slight color or shade difference on your untreated piece due to the nature of the Baltic Birch. Your Boo Boo Loom is a wooden product and although it is strong and flexible, proper care must be taken to prevent damage.

    Your Boo Boo Loom comes fully assembled with permanently attached risers and grooves. There is also a stability insert to help keep your risers from bending.

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    Nancy Veino
    Love the Boo Boo!

    Simply the best and cutest loom around! The creative possibilities are endless..love it!