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  • Beadalon Slide Connector 26mm Gold in Color

    Beadalon Slide Connector, Jewelry Supplies, 1 Set, Gold in color 26mm, Metal Base

    Use the Slide connector with your Jewel Loom seed bead bracelets

    So easy to use!

    Materials: metal base, silver plated, nickel free

    Length: 1

    Height: 0.25

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Sandra Peterson
    Beadalon slide connector 26mm

    I like these because they are a bit wider
    ( inside diameter) for thicker materials, Like hemptique, l still do 11/0 on ends, and knot hemptique also . I am able to get the knots in slider, with other silders , its harder to do.

    Joan Dice
    Easier to Use than other Brands

    I have tried other brands of the slide connectors & they are harder to slip on the beads than the ones the Jewel Loom store carries. And they make finishing off my projects so easy & with cleaner ends.

    Donna Moseley

    Same thing with the gold. It will be easier to finish with this