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  • Jewel Loom Bead Loom Ultimate Bracelet Starter Kit with Beading Thread and Stand

    Jewel Loom Bead Loom Ultimate Bracelet Starter Kit with Beading Thread and Stand 

    I have made it easy for you to get started on your weaving journey with the Ultimate Jewel Loom Starter Kit at a Super Great Value! If purchased separately you would pay $67.45, buy the kit for $34.99 plus shipping. 

    The NEW Jewel Loom Ultimate Bracelet Starter Kit Bundle includes a 20 yard spool of Wildfire Beading Thread and the NEW Jewel Loom Stand that automatically turns the Jewel Loom into an Upright Loom. 

    Exceptional Value! 

    Kit Includes

    1 Original Jewel Loom bead loom

    1 Baby Jewel Loom 

    1 6 pack of Jewel Loom Needles 

    1 Spool Wildfire Beading Thread 

    4 Strands Czech Glass Beads 

    2 Yards Beading Cord 

    1 Baltic Birch Jewel Loom Button 

    1 Jewel Loom Bead Loom Stand 

    Great kit to get started on our bead loom jewelry making journey. Also makes for a wonderful gift! 

    Note: Displays, Props and Finished Examples DO NOT come with your kit. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Alice Campbell
    I'm in love

    I received my Jewel Loom Starter kit and an absolutely in love with it. I also make handmade jewelry but have not made anything like the beaded pieces that I seen on your videos. I was looking for some knew ideas to add to my collections.. I have PLENTY of different kinds of beads and have been playing around with the loom trying different things.. Thank you so much for the advertisement I ran across. I will definitely be ordering more stuff from you. I am such a satisfied and grateful customer.


    Like this loom.


    I have one this is just adding to I love it


    Love, these

    Karen Lloyd
    Jewel Loom Starter Kit

    I bought this for my grandson's girlfriend. She has never used a loom before and I thought this would be a PERFECT place to start. She was excited to receive this. If I can pass on the passion for all types of beading to someone else, it makes be happy. I love beading!!