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  • Jewel Loom Bead Weaving Loom Kit Upright Wood Bead Loom for Beaded Hatbands and Patterns kit

    Jewel Loom Bead Weaving Loom Kit Upright Wood Bead Loom for Beaded Hatbands and Patterns kit

    Our Wood Looms are made to order here in the USA. We take a lot of time and pride in manufacturing these items to make sure that they are top notch quality before they leave on their way too you!

    Please allow 7-10 days for your loom to be created and shipped.  Our goal is to make and ship within 5-7 days but we don't want you to be disappointed if we have a delay so assume 7-10 just in case :) 

    Bead Loom Upright Wood Bead loom for beaded hatbands and patterns kit 4" Wide by 24" long beading area for jewelry making large wisdom warrior 

    All wood products beading and weaving looms along with bead boards are made to order. Please be patient as we make your gorgeous designer loom and or bead board with superior craftsmanship and love.

    Bead kit includedwith this item is a Bonus addition. The colors of beads are subject to change from image but will always be an assortment that looks good together. 

    Beading Loom Designed by Julianna C. Avelar

    Made in the USA with Sustainable Baltic Birch 

    Kit Includes: 

    1 Large Bead Loom Wisdom Warrior Kit

    Working area measures 4 inches wide by 25 inches in length. You can warp both the front and back of the loom to make a longer piece. There will be a gap in the middle where you can sew in beads or other embellishments. 

    INCLUDED IN KIT and Subject to change relating to Colors of beads and Wildfire.
    5 Tubes of TOHO 11/0 Seed Beads and Pattern via email to create a Hatband.

    1 Sustainable Baltic Birch Wood Bead Board Style Crown

    1 Six Pack of Jewel Loom Beading Needles 

    The Wisdom Warrior loom was designed to enhance your bead weaving experience with extra width, length. Perfect for Hatbands, Belts, Long Necklace's, Chokers, Multi projects at one time and so much more!

    How to take care of your Wisdom Warrior Loom
    The Wisdom Warrior Loom can be cared for by using a light coating of beeswax. This will keep the wood smooth, flexible, and less prone to splintering. Baltic Birch is also perfect for staining with any variety of stain. Some stains even come with a poly base that also provides a glossy or matte finish if desired. 

    Please note that there may be a slight color or shade difference on your untreated piece due to the nature of the Baltic Birch. Your Wisdom Warrior Loom is a wooden product and although she is strong and flexible, proper care must be taken to prevent damage.

    Your Wisdom Warrior Loom comes fully assembled with permanently attached risers and grooves. There is also a stability insert to help keep your risers from bending.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Joan` Mullins
    Looks Great!

    In the process of staining and protecting it with some Varathane wood stain. It's a Christmas gift for myself so I promised myself not to use it till after Christmas. I've been designing hat bands and can't wait to try out my designs. Pleased with the bead tray and kit that came with it too.


    the loom is awesome, love it! just wish the hat band pattern would of came in the package. Going on line isn’t the easiest for me and i have to do everything on my phone. but I do love the loom.

    Dixie Gough
    New Looms

    I can’t wait to try out my new loom. I used to make belts on a small loom years ago. Now I am trying my hand at hat bands too and this longer loom will be so much easier. I bought the plastic loom that bends too and have already made a bracelet. It was so much easier than my other one and went quicker. The design and picture on the large loom is beautiful. Keep up the great work.
    Thank you, Dixie

    Love my Loom

    I watched a YouTube video on making hat bands and the presenter suggested I buy this loom. I’m glad I did. It is well made and I have already created a loomed hat band with it and am starting the next. My only observation is that that warp guides are a little shallow which make the stringing a little difficult because the warps want to jump of the tracks. Other than that, I think this is going to be a great addition to my beading.


    Just received my wisdom warrior large and my wisdom warrior small can’t wait to start a project. Love them.