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  • We are a brand born of a love for the beauty of restraint in design, the inherent grace of feminine strength, and the necessity to treat our environment and each other with love and respect.

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  • Each of our carefully researched, styled, tested and distributed collections reflects a particular aesthetic and ethos. We hope some of these speak to your own style, and help you refine and redefine your own look and style philosophy in the process.

  • Jewel Loom Designer Series Baltic Birch Wood Buttons 20 piece Collection

    Jewel Loom Designer Series Baltic Birch Wood Buttons 20 piece Collection

    ALL THE BEST SELLERS in one Pack! 

    Made in the USA 

    12, 1 Inch Round Decorative Buttons, with 3.63mm holes to accommodate material. 

    3, 1.5 inch Rectangle Buttons with Seashell Design

    1 Rectangle Sword Button 

    1 Feather Button

    1 Surfboard Shape Button with Swirls 

    1 Extra Large Thick Button 2.25 inches 

    1 Large Thick Button 1.69 inches

    Buttons can be painted, Stained or Decorated with Colored Pencils or Markers 

    Perfect for use with your Jewel Loom®️ Creative Projects 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Theodosia Payton

    These buttons will help me so much.

    Bobbi Olcott

    I love these little, big, and medium size buttons!!! so many sizes!! and beautiful. I just wish I had gotten more.

    MaryAnn Umlor

    This is just an amazing assortment of super high quality wooden buttons! Beautiful just as they are, but with the added bonus of being able to add colors or stains to them and therefore being able to customize them for your particular project…it’s a win win! I’m never disappointed with anything that I have purchased from JewelLoom.com. When Jewels says she offers high quality, she absolutely means it! I’ve been so very impressed by the consistency in quality of all the products. I keep coming back for more. I highly recommended them and the wonderful community and school that accompany the site.

    Birch Buddies

    I love the assorted array of button designs and shapes. I love being able to color them to match beads being used in design.

    Betty S.
    Designers Series Birch Bark Buttons

    What a wonderful array of buttons. Each one is lovely and can easily be embelished with paints etc.