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  • The In's & Out's of Making a Beaded Hatband on a Large Jewel Loom Bead Loom

    March 16, 2024

    The In's & Out's of Making a Beaded Hatband on a Large Jewel Loom Bead Loom

    In this Jewel Loom tutorial, Jewels discusses the Ins and Outs of making a hatband on a bead loom, including size of the hatband & an adjustable closure. I uese the Large Wisdom Warrior upright beading loom to make the Sedona Hatband from the kit that is available in the jewelloom.com shop.

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    yay here we are oh my goodness what an incredible day what an incredible day I
    did a post today about um oh gosh let's see we can we can have regrets about the
    past we can worry about the future but if we just stay right here right here in
    today and be grateful for what we have
    yes right and it was like hey you know what you woke up
    today got a roof over your head got some food right shelter then all is well in
    the world so um welcome welcome welcome to J Loom School live I have been so
    busy today like sharing sharing the uh announcement about today's show because
    I feel like it's a really important one it kind of started with one intention and then it evolved
    into uh the ins and outs of making a hatband on a beadloom and so I really
    feel like it's important for me to speak to this especially since we have the
    gorgeous large wisdom Warrior that uh most people are using for hat band
    making and um and then we have some hatband kits and so I thought hey you
    know what let's kind of massage the title a little and uh think about uh
    actually speaking to you know some of the questions that I've been getting asked in the recent probably gosh just
    the last five to seven to 10 days I've had a couple couple emails where I thought it was really important to speak
    to this so um hey I'm Juliana the inventor of the jewel loom the portable
    bead weaving loom let's see where are we right now right now where are we there she is there's the original blue jewel
    loom total Powerhouse and you know back in the day before I had the large wisdom Warrior we were making chokers and long
    pieces on the original jewel loom we were just simply sewing them together so
    don't feel left out if you're not you know if you're not uh in the market just yet for a large wisdom Warrior you can
    still do really cool long things on the original blue jewel loom you just have
    to sew all of your pieces um together so you know usually usually there's a
    fix for these types of things so I want you to um to know that you can still do
    that so hey Robin hey Maria and Melanie and uh Joan dice is behind the scenes
    and she's also watching the feed here and Gloria is here and it looks like
    Zach and Rosalinda Rosalinda Viva Las Viva Las
    Vegas Mexico where did all that come from oh my God give the girl a glass of wine
    and Jane so everyone's in in the house everyone's lined up in the hallway um I
    love that visual when when we're waiting to go on of just like all of the jewel loom students hanging out in the uh
    jewel loom school hallway waiting to come into class on the YouTube so
    welcome welcome and Jenny is here Jenny got a loom right if I if I read that correctly on uh in the juwel loom
    Facebook group I do believe that correct me if I'm wrong wrong I think Jenny's
    boyfriend right was your boyfriend or your husband um bought her Al Loom and so
    that was really stinking cool for her birthday so she's a happy camper yay go
    girl um what else is going on so yeah so I'm gonna kind of get right to it because I feel like there's a lot of um
    you know just yeah speaking speaking to this whole idea of making a hatband on a
    loom so a couple of things that came up um one was from a hat maker and so in
    her festar rating which y'all did you know that we
    have that so when you buy a product from Jew Loom uh a few days later or so you'll get an email from a company it's
    judge me right so that's like the program I use and it'll be asking you
    for a review and so we're so so incredibly blessed with a lot of really beautiful reviews and um I got one from
    a person a hat maker who had talked about a kit and how um a a normal size
    for a hat for a woman's hat was like 22.5 and a man's was like I think she said 23.5 or 24 anyway she makes hats
    first of all how stinking cool is that because I'd like to know how to make hats I think people who make hats and
    shoes I mean like that's cool right I really think that's stinking cool imagine being
    able to make your own hats and shoes so um anyway I'm just gonna kind of be speaking to um her comment in regards to
    um our kits okay so the high desert hatband kit the Sedona hatband kit and
    then the beaded pattern that comes with your large wisdom Warrior kit all make
    up to a 22 inch long piece for your hat
    okay we teach how to make that
    hatband with the concept of this type of a closure so you can see the hatband
    this is the high desert all right this is Brandy did this one she's done all of
    them and her style her technique and how I learned right is that we do this with
    the leather enclosure so we've got these leather pieces and then we've got some suede cord and then like a barrel bead
    and so this helps to basically you know take up that extra
    space that you know like if a 22inch long hatband finished is is not long
    enough then you would be able to finish your hatband and have plenty of room the
    other um let me just bring this up here the other
    style is where we've actually taken and we've put the sliders on the ends and
    then we use some gorgeous check chain so this also is a really stink
    this could like double as a hatband and a necklace I don't want to put it on I'll never get out of it um but but this
    is also another way so you know let me just bring that up that just slid right over right over the hat and it just kind
    of loosely you know is acting as a hatband and so these particular hats I
    actually bought for the creative Soul members I don't know if you all remember that but I um gosh it's been a couple of
    years now but the hat and the hat band couple years ago for the creative soul
    group so we had hat boxes everywhere I mean it was just
    insane and then to have to take all of those to the post office like oh my gosh anyway super fun so here's the thing
    measure your hat if you are trying to make a hatband that's going to go end to end somehow sew it together or attach it
    to your cowgir cowboy hat then yeah my kits that only do up to 22 inches long
    are going to be they're probably going to be short so you know you might need to have an extra couple of tubes to to
    make the length that you need so just remember it's all my kits are based on
    this type of a closure um and the other one that I just showed you so FYI okay so the other little
    thing that I got and and I think this is where I'm going to stand up Janes so you can just add my
    [Music] overhead as I adjust all of my pieces here okay so I'm going to bring in the
    large wisdom Warrior and we're over here to this camera awesome sauce I'm going to try to bring
    it in as much as I can so I got an email from Maxie and you might even be
    watching Maxi because I I gave you the link to tune in so whether you're watching
    um whether you're watching live or the replay hey so I wanted to like do a visual for
    you to better understand um how I can help you okay so if you look at this
    example all right right I think that um yeah okay yes you
    can see that so when I started this particular hatband I probably came down
    a little bit more than I normally would and I want to bring in the sewing tape
    measure really quick to kind of give you a better a better understanding here
    okay so if we take the tape measure and we hold it
    right here and we go all the way down we've got a good 24 inches that we can
    bead so we have plenty of room for our 22 inch long hatband so that means hey
    we don't have to be so snugged up against this top right we can kind of come down a little and like I just said
    I I came down a lot I'm not sure what I was thinking but it's going to work out
    so even even with me starting down here let me put the tape measure and go all
    the way down I still can get 22 inches so Maxie you were talking about
    how you started about an inch down and you were worried about whether or not you were going to have room for 22
    inches I would love to you know take a photo so I can better understand perhaps
    to what what you know what it looks like but I think you should be okay because even with me
    starting down what is that an inch like
    1.75 okay I'm still if I put this right here and again I go all the way down I'm
    still gonna right there is 22 where my thumb is so you definitely
    should be okay especially if you only came down so if you have a sewing t tap
    measure okay if you don't get one I've got like 20 of them laying around here I must have collected them from my mom and
    my grandom but um yeah so so I think you
    should be fine but the gist of it is that the jewel loom hatband kits are put
    together in order to make a 22 inch long
    hatband okay and so um I'm always thinking about
    quality right and the uniqueness of the pattern and of course the pricing I mean
    when the high desert hatband kit first came out uh several years ago I actually
    had gone to Tandy and bought hides leather hides and we were cutting
    them and we were putting them in the kits well as you can imagine and suede I
    mean it was expensive then and now it's like super expensive
    so I'm also thinking about pricing you know and I want to get you I want you to
    weave you know there's nothing more that just warms my heart I want you to weave
    and so I really do work hard to get my pricing correct
    um so yeah so the hatbands make up to 22 in long if you need more than that then
    you might you might need some more tubes of of seed beads so I hope that helps um
    both of the hatband questions that came in front of me I think the hatbands are just so
    incredibly awesome and you know what with the Sedona kit so I also want to point out if
    you're just like girl hatbands are Super Rad but I don't do a hat I don't make
    you know I'm not into the hatbands that's okay because you can still like I did look I made a bracelet so this is
    the Sedona kit I made a bracelet I'm totally GNA whip out some earrings and I
    could probably do a ring because if you think about 22 inches minus what like
    say up to eight inches for a bracelet and then some cute little earrings even
    if you did two and two so four + 8 is 12 and then you do a ring which maybe might
    be another three that's 9 10 11 you got a lot you got a lot so if you're not
    into the hatbands but you love the pattern you can still get the kit and then do bracelets earrings a pendant
    ring you could do a bunch of small things so hopefully that helps um again
    just wanted to really speak about the ins and outs of you know creating a hatband on the large wisdom Warrior
    where our concept where our design where Our intention is coming from especially when
    it's um you know when it's about the sizing and everything you know like if
    you take this hat so my girlfriend Jackie bought me this hat and I just did a bunch of reels with this right it's
    Super Rad look at that and it's got to be so great with the Sedona kit um and
    so you know I let's just face it girls and guys I got a lot of hair I got a big
    head so this fits my my big Jewel head very very well um earlier let's see I
    did measure what were we at it was I think it was like 23 so I'll just take that
    sewing measure tape and yeah this guy's almost like 24
    so if I do the 22 in and then I do the closure like I showed you on the high
    desert it's going to be fine it's going to be fine it's gonna work out just great so anyway super cool thank you
    Jackie for my hat I love it I can't wait to get started with actually you know
    making my Sedona hatband so okay I'm GNA put this to the side so hold on one
    second and we're going to go down to the
    table so yeah Fringe earrings yeah right on right on Maria that's right up your
    Alle babe I love that so oh so I do just want to say too
    that I felt you know kind of bummed when the pricing on the hides and the leather
    and the you know and the Suede and everything went up and and I really wanted to give you something so what you
    will find is faux leather it's faux it's
    not exciting it's just not but you know what there are people who actually don't
    like to work with the leather for personal reasons so it does work for
    them and at least it is something right so even if you wanted to practice with
    the faux leather and then invest in some real leather I I'm actually gonna next
    week I'm GNA take a drive downtown um I'm lucky enough that uh I have a Tandy
    um locally and I'm going to go for giggles and just kind of see what the hides are and and you know what's
    happening in this this day as far as pricing but for now there is at least a
    piece of the FAE I do include a little Barrel a little Barrel bead um it
    doesn't have cord and I don't list in the product description that it comes with any anything like this because I
    I'm just giving it to you right so anyway that's that story and we'll see
    what um what the leather and all that good groovy stuff is selling for when I
    go downtown next week so all right um in this moment I think I need to bring you
    over so Joan I don't know if you want to bring up the other camera too I'm G to
    scooch this one
    over and we're going to bring it
    okay I'm going to get the door because you know who's scratching at the
    door come on bubba come on you're going to have to wait I
    know go lay down I know what Mommy can't cook for you right
    now it's like having a child it's seriously
    like having a child he has really high quality like dry kibble in his bowl right now no no he wants me to come in
    and cook the organic hamburger meat and um the carrots and the broccoli and the
    white rice yeah so I'm like you're gonna have to wait so
    I'm actually um going to sit with my large wisdom Warrior as you could see
    earlier it was in um its stand which I totally love but I have to like
    manipulate the table and bring it down and it's just a little too much construction during a live so um yeah
    here's a closeup closeup of the bracelet isn't that gorgeous it's really really pretty so I
    I actually was asking oh dab anyway I'm my throat's dry hold on
    don't freak out because I'm drinking from the plastic I never do that I just didn't have time to get get my cup Al
    together okay all right so where was I gonna say
    um I asked BR I asked Brandy last night I said so what's the story behind the Sedona
    bracelet and she's so funny I mean when I tell you she's a rock star and she writes songs and she sings things like
    Stevie Nicks I'm not even exaggerating I will have to share the link to like some
    of her music because I mean really in essence
    that is the story right so you have like this really cool chick okay who
    like is such a rock star you know uh plays the guitar just played in a big
    huge event in Prescot Arizona um Can belt
    and and she just she sings like an angel and so really that is the story that is
    the story because she makes these patterns for us she's a silver smith
    she's a beater she's a singer songwriter artist um and so it's kind of funny
    because when I said well what's the story behind the Sedona you know hatband and and and we you know it wasn't like
    this clear romanticized verbage that she gave back
    to me and and really I just realized you know what the story is her the story is
    her we're so lucky that we have this incredible Talent who's like taking her
    time to make these patterns for us and so I don't know you will love I'm GNA
    post one of her her videos where she's singing and and you'll get what I'm saying that's the story behind all of
    the hatbands from juw zoom and Brandy and myself so anyway my little Soap Box
    okay so as you can tell um I already have the loom warped and I've already
    talked about how I got started okay um there
    is a stepbystep course that Trisha um
    did for us a while back and my intentions are to get that uploaded um I
    do need to find a better situation to upload from because I'm so close to the
    military base uploading is next to impossible
    so I actually had I actually like put a APB out today for you know who's got
    wifi in the 805 and then I forget how big my county is right it's not like Los Angeles or
    anything but I got a friend like on the other side he's like you can come to Santa Paula and upload and I'm like oh
    my God that's so funny like I literally would have to like dry 45 minutes just
    to go upload something but I will do that for you all because um because I want to and I know it's needed and so
    anyway so we're just going to do a little beat along today um and then I
    will definitely be uploading the entire Sedona hat course which Trisha really
    knocked it out of the park she did some really fun things um originally it was in a kit so there are some components
    that she used that really added a beautiful touch to the hats so hey
    Claire ah canita all right so let's see Joan where
    am I gonna let me I don't want to roll over Marlon Brando
    so I think I'll get this out of the way and I think I'll
    do this and then let's see uh oh
    what happened hold that thought I don't know
    what just
    happened why am I getting just for you what how did this
    come up did we just lose total oh my gosh what is
    happening this is like the second time
    now the military base doesn't want her to use her Wii it's so hey there's been
    f14s flying over like and I'm I used to work at let me just tell you have I ever
    told you this story while my while my iPhone comes back up um I used to work
    at Point Magoo Air Force Base not Air Force airell Base okay
    and and that's not far from me so when I was 17 years
    old just yesterday nah not just yesterday a long time
    ago plus 40 right um when
    I there we go when
    I I okay
    so mute and I don't know what this is okay so when I was 17 I got an
    opportunity to work at the point Magoo base where all the fighter jets and the
    Blue Angels and the opportunity was at the chow hall at the mess hall at the galley
    I was a galley girl and I remember asking my parents telling them and they
    were like you can work out there but you are not allowed to date any of those Sailors and I'm like I'm not going to t
    a sailor that's a whole other
    YouTube uh let me just tell you it was the most fun I ever had in my whole
    entire life like the best job but anyway so when the fighter fighters you know
    when the f14s and stuff fly over I'm like crazy I'm like running outside screaming in America I don't know I'm
    I'm out of my mind okay so I've already got like a lot of
    wildfire probably too much I'm a little overzealous sometimes on my jewel loom
    needle by the way I use my Jew Loom needles all the time for everything because my hands just cannot hold a
    smaller needle so um I'm just going to come in hopefully you can see this I
    don't know Joan if you want to reverse that or um take me off also I think I'm going to
    have to plug in the
    lights okay oh and then I guess it would help if I actually turn the light on
    there we go awesome sauce okay so I'm just going to take the
    needle let me back up a little here and I'm just coming in so here's
    the last row I was working on I'm coming up one more I'm hoping I can get through
    here it might be hard I know buddy oh my God I wish you
    could hear all of his little he's talking 90 miles an hour he's so over me
    right now oh my gosh please don't get stuck okay so I never pull my needle
    when it gets um tight like that with my hand I use the flatnose pliers because it really
    distributes um just I guess like the the tension or what have
    you so yeah I had the best time working out at um at the base so we would sneak
    out to like these sailor parties on the weekend don't tell anybody and so we
    would be like I don't even know if we were 18 we were seniors in high school Brandy
    was with me this is how far back Brandy and I have been friends so so we were
    like seniors in high school and we'd get invited to these parties out in town you know oh girlfriends let me tell
    you so much fun those were the days lots of lots of
    great music and dancing you know just partying and
    having a great time we were all safe of course but you know our parents would
    not have been too pleased okay so let's see where I'm at
    I'm going to come under the warps and I got to pull my sleeves up
    here and um we've got one two three four five six seven eight nine yeah so I'm on
    the 10th row
    yeah you can make um make a bracelet or earrings Maria okay so one two three four five six
    seven eight nine 10 okay awesome so I'm going to open up my pattern um the
    pattern obviously is a part of the um the paid
    kit and let's see B is mauve so and then Four
    A's one two three four so you know what
    um while I'm doing this I I do believe that there's an update on Jackie and Shadow are you up for sharing that
    Joan I haven't looked lately oh you they had some babies I know the first one I
    heard the first one so do they have two I think I know that there were two I I saw a third one but gosh darn it looked
    really tiny I can look really quick okay
    okay so for those of you that weren't with us last week um we had a lot of fun beating and Joan ended up
    narrating the beautiful story of Jackie and Shadow the um Eagles that have been
    sitting um oh do you want to take me off Joan that I've been
    sitting uh on these three eggs for quite some time now and um and it was just such a
    beautiful combination of beating and listening to this beautiful story of these very
    Majestic um gorgeous Eagles you know how uh you know the male was just so
    unbelievably protective helpful and um you know just and and
    then correct me if I'm wrong but I do believe they said something about uh the
    female sitting on the eggs for what was it 62 hours or something during the
    snowstorm and so it's I don't know Wildlife is just so fascinating right I
    don't know if we can get any closer
    here there we
    go so yeah so it's just really
    um really a cool story about these eagles and their eggs so I'm going to
    bring this up to the camera because I feel like you know you could almost
    do maybe two of these for a pair ofar
    RS and then my guess is that it would be like three of those for an average size
    ring but I'm not 100% sure I put my patterns and notebook page protectors
    and use dry erase markers to cross offline I love that that's really good
    I'm always going by the seat my
    pants but I love everybody everybody's uh better way because yeah
    all right so we're gonna um we got a shamrock and we got a peach
    cbla and this gorgeous color
    here I love this color right here this pumpkin it's so
    pretty oh I guess you're not really
    seeing I guess that's not too much of a dealbreaker that you don't see me picking up all the beads
    but um just a minute I just got an update just do you have to have me on or
    can it just be you I'm trying I oh okay I can't I mean let me I was trying to
    get myself off and too oh well let me give you the update I
    had been hearing anything is none of the eggs hatched it doesn't look like they're going to wait I I swear I just
    saw a Tik Tok that showed that they hatched I just saw read a news report about that was made this afternoon what
    so I mean because I was going through my Facebook pages and nobody was saying anything and so then I finally just went
    to YouTube and did a search and I found that news report that's why I wasn't seeing
    anything to know anything they I just feel so sorry for that Nest they just having the hardest time a and there's
    another one in the Channel Islands I just love that mom so much because because there's still DDT I know that's
    what's causing it in the water and it makes the eggshell soft and um there was one year she went
    laid eight eggs four different batches of two and they all kept breaking and
    you could just hear her crying every time one broke it was so sorrowful and finally then the next year she had three
    and oh my God they spoiled those babies to death and then the next year they only had one and that thing was the
    biggest rly Poley you ever seen it to death and they haven't had another one
    well no they moved their nest but then the next year they didn't have it because it start the eggs were breaking again oh
    man so yeah so oh nature yeah what is
    the stuff that you said is in the water it's still some DDT out there you
    know from years ago that's what most of these um Birds years ago you know they're using DDT on crops and
    everything to kill and it got in the water and that's what did killed a lot
    of the birds not just Eagles but a lot of birds of prey and of other birds and
    stuff and that's why you know you may not say you may say I've never seen an eagle and all a sudden you're see Eagles
    they're making a big comeback now over the last 20 years where we weren't seeing them like at least when you and I
    were growing up you know yeah wow that's really fascinating yeah we have had
    definitely some some um natural disasters you know like you know we've
    had the big oil spills and you know things like that that have caused a lot of Destruction and
    so um
    yeah I'm going to get myself in trouble here let's see yeah don't don't lift my on air uh
    pattern because it could be screwed up that's for sure oh my god well thank you for that I
    I am bummed that people you know the the bad thing about AI is that people are
    using it to literally create false things and so what a shame because I
    literally saw you know this post with the with that was claiming to be the two
    eagles with three um hatched eggs I know what Nest that is I saw it today it's in
    the Channel Islands I that's why I pop back on it's um Thunder and aacha nest
    and I can't remember the name of the nest right now but it's on one of the islands it's like Cliff it's on like a
    cliff on an island okay so there actually is a successful
    there's two or three on the Channel Islands that are successful so and that one yeah that one I know the long
    history of that nest and it's pretty cool so but I'm I'm not gonna go into
    it well why not it's just so well I know that
    originally you know there's I'm trying remember can you can you just do you and me beating no because I would have to
    take you off the only way we could do Let Me Wait I know what I'll do
    let talk in the background we'll talk the backg okay I'm not thinking clearly
    okay um on the on this island um Nest I mean it goes back to where they were um
    you know how I mentioned that they populated the islands through the um
    through um using the San Francisco Zoo oh yeah okay yeah and then they move the
    eaglets out there and after you know they were it was time for them to leave their parents and things so because when
    um eaglets or after they start flying they're called fledge linges they will come back to within like 35 most of them
    not all of them will come back to within 35 miles of the nest they hatched in but
    in in the case of like at the since they hatched in a zoo they will come back within 35 miles of where they probably
    started flying because that's where they were looking and get in imprinting the area you know to learn
    it and um well there was um I think her name was F she had another mate but I
    can't there wasn't much history there but she lost her mate and she got
    another mate and they called him Superman there's here's why because when
    she was in the hack Tower you know when they're in printing the area she was in with another E you know female eag
    and you know they probably thought they were sisters well that female never got you know by the time they mature she
    couldn't find a mate and so she joined their nest oh my
    God so um um Superman that's probably why they named him Superman was taking
    care of both of them and they both actually laid eggs but not necessarily did they all hatch you know and they
    knew both of them were laying eggs CU one time when they went up there to check back there was you know they call
    where they lay their eggs they call them egg bowls oh okay you know and that's
    there was a second Egg Bowl with one egg in it so they figured one female was laying on it and the other one had to hurry up and lay the egg so she created
    another Egg Bowl real fast I'm telling you these they're very very smart aren't they yeah just listening to your stories
    and I mean how you know what they know to do is just like mindboggling and that that I guess by
    what I heard you know because I wasn't watching it back then that uh I guess Superman wasn't very happy about having
    to care for both females and these all these babies and stuff and finally um
    fa's you know so-called sister um found another mate and left and um and then
    like soon after I guess it was on 2017 or 2018 something happened to Fay and
    that's when thunder came in no Thunder was already there never M so somewhere
    around the mid 20 so um thunder came in and they really had a very successful
    Nest I mean that was one that was a fun one to watch because they're kind of crazy and stuff oh my and then something
    happened to Superman and she a four-year-old they're not fully mature
    till five so like the four year olds usually act yeah once in a while you get a good foury old but if they're male
    they usually act like um you know um excuse my language horny
    teenagers okay so they're not fully responsible you know oh my God and so
    that was not a successful year but after that it's just like everything kicked in the next year and they've been having a
    real a really good luck and that's akacha everybody kept thinking akacha wouldn't I guess that's how you pronounce his name wouldn't be very good
    father but I just knew he had a um once his hormones kicked in he would he's been an excellent father wow so
    incredible that they're so intuitive like that I I just wouldn't have ever in a million years thought that the Eagles
    were um you know I mean just what you have explained from last week to to now
    it's it's fascinating yeah and you know I I only learned about Superman because
    I was so fascin you like I said that my favorite Nest to learn about is the um Trio Ness with which two adults you know
    yeah or three adults and um so I had a friend the first year I started watching
    Eagles you know we both we made a Facebook page for just the two of us and we're St you know anything we can get
    our hands on we were both studying a lot about toness and I still have that page
    you know so I could go back and yeah okay do you nurture that page
    at all like do people go and no it's just mine and hers it's very private page we were the only two on it so that
    way we could say she said I could add more people to it but but um she got sick and I had not been able to find out
    anything that happened to her she lived out there in California too okay and um
    so I mean I wrote called and everything but I don't know I think something happened to her which makes me sad every
    time I think about it because she was so awesome a okay Rosal Linda thinks that uh the
    ones I'm referring to could be in Big Bear do you know who Big Bear Big Bear
    is Jackie and Shadow oh and that's the one I said I just saw the news report because it was only about a minute long I listened to it
    really quick okay to see what they said okay okay very interesting yeah that
    surprises me that not even one hatched but Rosalinda you're saying that
    you Rosalinda are you did the did they hatch in Big Bear or not because I did see a news report
    today about a cheetah and um Thunder that their three eggs hatch that's why I was thinking you that was the news
    report you that's what you heard Jules okay okay I yeah I don't know I can't
    now I can't keep my birds straight I mean come on lastek I was this was not a
    part of my life and now I'm trying I'm trying to keep the bird
    straight how did this happen David says love how you can count beads and talk birds at the same time true beater are
    amazing yeah I can't do it if it was me yeah I'm not sure what what I don't know
    what's going to happen if this is gonna turn out I'm not gonna show
    anyone oh my goodness so I'm just saying this for for beginners since my voice is
    on Jules is actually following a pattern to the left and it's showing her the colors to pick up in order yeah so if
    she reads the pattern from left and to right and she's working from the loom moving her needle underneath that's left
    to right you know yeah so thank you yeah oh speaking of the fighter jets here
    they come I hear
    them oh my god did you guys hear that I did but I have earphone in you
    better okay so the fighter jets just went over the that's so
    funny yeah oh my gosh during the air show I mean we didn't even have to go to
    the base because when they ended their well when they were practicing they were
    practicing right over my mom's house I mean it was phenomenal David says he could hear
    him I um one year we were in um Jacksonville Florida and they're getting ready to have a um Air Show and the um
    you know Blue Angels were there they were practicing the day before and we happened to be on the beach and you know
    the air um um Air Force bases right NE near you
    know really close to the beach if not next to it and so we were able to see the whole thing that day when it wasn't
    crowded my goodness yeah it was here I mean I was just tripping out I was like
    you've got to be kidding me right now they were just like totally totally bringing it right over
    wiimi like people didn't even you know we were just all like just so
    stoked it was really neat that's cool
    yeah yeah I always thought I mean we had a small Air Force Base right Patterson in Indiana I always thought it was just
    so cool to drive by it yeah we have two so we have um we
    have a CB base that's the one that I'm butt up to and then we have the point
    meu and then vanderberg that launches all the um shuttles you know space um
    SpaceX oh yeah we watch some of those whenever we catch it on we watch YouTube at night instead of Television just
    whatever comes up and they do a lot of those um you know that comes up live so vandenbberg Air Force bases about um
    about two and a half hours but we get the Boom
    yeah we get the boom and so um it's pretty cool couple years ago we you know well
    my brother-in-law lives in Jacksonville so we were down there and Doug and I was at the beach and we were watching an
    osprey and uh you know offshore fishing and everything and and then this lady
    come up and did she she um she goes did you see that I said yeah it's pretty fun watching the ospry she goes no I metant
    the I metant this rocket shooting off I was always wan to see that I was so
    disappointed oh no oh my gosh that's so
    funny and by the time she said it it got behind the cloud so we couldn't see
    anything yeah it's pretty cool when it happens like there are some launches you
    know from vanderberg that you can you can see quite a bit wow yeah so it's kind of cool I mean
    grew up with you know grew up with the military basis so I'm an army brat my
    dad retired when I was six oh that's when we ended up in Indiana yeah
    okay he was actually he was working at the Pentagon when he met my mom and she's working at the US Treasury in
    Washington DC yeah that's so cool and you know I didn't even know it until after he died
    and my sister said something and everybody goes I can't believe you're you're you didn't know that Joan
    uh when you know three of my brothers was in the Army and when one of them retired I mean was went through um basic
    training at Fort KNX uhhuh you know and that was only a few hours from our house so we all drove down my sister and one
    of my brothers went down with my mom and dad and they went to the museum and dad goes well there's my
    jeep jeep and they go they go what he was the driver for
    um uh MacArthur during the Korean War
    what are you kidding that was your dad did that man yeah so that's why he was
    at the Pentagon before that because you know they met before he went to Korea that's so wow you know I just never
    thought about what he was doing at you know I was young I didn't know it I didn't think anything of it what was he
    doing at the Pentagon just driving the big guy around that's all I guess I didn't realize how big the you know how
    important the Pentagon was I was figuring everybody ended up there one time or another oh
    yeah yeah oh my gosh that's so cool but you know he like a lot of veterans
    didn't talk about war either and that's why we didn't know right because he would have still had nightmares and
    stuff I if I had to wake him up I'd rather use a um broom because he'd come up swinging you know because after you
    know whoever it was took over from MacArthur he ended up stationed all by himself somewhere in Korea wow so he
    didn't know who the enemy was God that is crazy you should I you journaled all
    of this and well it's just pieces all over the and most of what I know is from what mom
    told me you know because they were engaged when he was in Korea wow very fascinating yeah very
    fascinating yeah I don't know what my I don't know I just when I got my job 17
    years old working at out at the base I mean you know it was just a party like I
    can't even begin you know we were going to the enlisted men's club every you
    know oh my gosh so oh my gosh I used to love going to the army base just to look
    at guys in uniform I just thought sexiest thing you know in my 20s oh yeah
    I'm a big sucker for a man in a uniform me too that is just the hottest thing
    yeah well you know Officer and a Gentleman was out when when you know uh when I was
    working out at the base so you know it was a little like you were a little mesmerized by by all of
    that that's too fun too too fun but we would have these
    parties so um all the people that um the chefs and everything they were all
    Filipino and we would have these big huge parties uh we would rent uh the
    beach house on the base there were like these beach bungalows and um and so we would have
    toga parties and we would have we funky socks you know to the party or you know
    just all these different themed and then all the Filipino um cooks and chefs and what
    have you they would make all the food so we were eating lumpia and you know all of the good
    Filipino food like I don't know if you've had a chance to enjoy Filipino food I've never had it
    it's amazing and I mean Filipinos know how to like really bring it we have a
    very big well we're in a very diverse Community here in Ox nard we have like you know ask Rosalinda Rosalinda is very
    familiar with the nard and uh we've got this Hispanic culture with just
    outstanding Mexican food we've got you know a big Filipino community
    but yeah Lumia and all of the other um wonderful things it's just super super
    yummy wow yeah yeah fun stuff I like
    food I like food this Asma belly I've lived a
    sheltered life I haven't had much variety really uhuh oh
    girlfriend can't you get into I mean I mean I would does Nashville have any
    Diversified type of offerings for food well Nashville's like two and a half
    hours from me I'm not gonna go there just for dinner are you serious see I
    would there's a variety around here I mean not a huge variety but there is
    some and there's probably even more in Knoxville but I'm not sure you know I just never sought them out yeah I feel
    like Knoxville has um has a nice selection of of things just for my trips
    and stuff so you know there's a candy store in there JTV a candy store Tandy oh Tandy I
    thought of that yeah because I went there a couple times yeah well that's where I um I go to get my hides and I
    was going there um and so yeah yeah I
    think G and I checked it out but it wasn't anything we really want to pay that price for you know we don't
    expensive it's very expensive and I I did it for the creative Soul Community everybody got leather everybody got real
    suede you know those kits were really really um really nice so I'm going to do
    one more row here so I'm um you could see like goes together pretty quick even
    when you're when you're talking I got to count the A's one two three four five
    six seven eight nine nine A's maybe I need somebody to start
    coming over to my house and chatting while I'm doing my hat me
    four five five
    six seven did I say eight or nine I think I said
    nine oh my goodness what does he said I have a son living in
    trer trer where is that Dave camp
    atterberry but he's in Trafalgar obviously Indiana Camp
    atterberry sounds like something in Indiana because it's been um since I lived in Indiana I moved from there in
    1999 so forgetting places I'm so stoked to go to yeah
    Indiana it's in Indiana okay so I'm gonna um I need a pencil where no do I
    got anything I got nothing all right I'm just going to scooch this
    over and I'm going to bring this up to the camera really quick it's such a beautiful I mean it's
    going to look hold on where's it at oh I moved it to across the
    table oh isn't that beautiful you know the colors look different when you loom
    them on there then it does when it's laying on the mat yeah it they take on a
    totally different shade well
    yeah well I can't help but think too like I bet um I bet if I were to use
    pink Wildfire for my WS instead of the green
    I bet the pink going through these colors would also be pretty
    phenomenal oh I it would be too yeah because like when we did the Friendship
    Parts last week the red going through the beads the transparent beads just
    made that bracelet look so genx vintage but if you were to run white through
    those beads it would look very different you know like a real clean clean look so
    um anyway all right let me readjust here really
    quick okay if you want to
    bring bring me on up wow so I did a whole thing without
    like screwing it up I'm so proud of myself I'm so proud of myself I might I
    don't know I mean I'm kind of wondering I might when I run out of
    Green wildfire I might um I might try the pink for Giggles cuz it's it's mine
    and so you know I don't care if it's like different just to see but I kind of
    am wondering like on some of the iridescent translucent type colors like the um Glazer and the
    cobbler that pink running through it might be very interesting very
    cool so
    yay so I want am I going to keep working on this tonight I really should I have another hatband that we designed oh my
    gosh I can't even wait to show you guys but that's me that is me so laori says I can't wait
    to see your earrings Maria yeah I can't wait to wear my Maria earrings next weekend when I go to the
    show you know I'm going to be rocking those girlfriend I'm GNA be like with my hat
    and my earrings um how many columns I think it's 11 or
    13 over what is
    it 13 yeah so it's wide it's wide it's
    wider than some some that we've done but anyway I hope that um the ins and outs
    that we referred to at the beginning of the video helped you if you were in any
    way you know trying to figure out things um as far as
    you know the length and again your kits that you get from us are going to um
    make up to 22 inches so if you if you definitely have to have something longer than that uh you might want to just keep
    that in mind so um but but if you use the closure techniques that I showed you
    in the beginning then you really should be just fine um because because it'll
    make ultimately a very big piece so hey Carmen Jersey's in the house
    hello hello oh I totally just about almost forgot to tell you and I didn't even
    tell Joan So I did an automatic discount on the
    six patterns right now that are in the shop so the Sedona pattern the high
    desert pattern the Friendship pattern goddess
    Friendship High Desert Sedona beaded
    pattern Chevron so you don't have to worry about
    a code or anything um you will automatically get 10% off of those kits
    and that's going to be good till Saturday since we've got a lot of people that watch the replay okay and so that
    is again just automatically a 10% is going to come off of if you put one of
    those in the the cart and I don't know if it shows up like when you put it in the cart or it shows up when you go to
    check out but that's my story I'm sticking to it so okay um five o'clock
    wow that was thick and juicy we had Eagles and we had f-14s and we had
    beading and um stories about all kinds
    of things I love it I love story time I
    really do love story time so we're gonna have to figure out how we can incorporate a a little bit of story oh
    and I'm totally gonna post I'll post it in the post it in the Facebook group I'll
    give you a link to one of bry's um one of her her singing Adventures so
    she can serenade you let's just put it this way she sings Landslide and I cry
    like a baby every time every every time oh yes and and men in uniforms that's
    right I'm not gonna say what I want to say I'm just gonna I want to keep my
    YouTube channel so I'm just gonna with that I love our military men and women
    I'm so grateful for you thank you thank you and yeah okay
    and thank you David to your son for serving God bless him and give your bride a big hug I miss
    her so we need to get her we need to get her um beautiful face on here she's a
    phenomenal artist herself so both her and David all right everyone thank you for um taking time to hang out and um
    again hey if you're not subscribed I would just cyber yummy
    kisses for your your subscription and your likes and even more so your your
    shares that really really really helps us and um and yeah and so we appreciate
    you so very much and we will be back next Thursday and then I leave for NAA
    on Saturday and I am gonna have obviously a lot of footage I'll be in
    and out randomly lives show showing you products and
    showing you things John bead's going to be there there's going to be a ton of art artsy people you know like paints
    and markers and brushes and I can't wait for all of that and HTI is going to be
    there and so we're just going to have like a lot of fun I'm GNA really hopefully get a lot of footage and and
    um you'll get to meet a lot of the designers on the other side of
    creativity so that's always fun and cool but hey Brenda I will watch a replay
    just done with work okay long day honey all right thanks everybody um I'm gonna
    go and cook the prince his meal his organic hamburger
    broccoli and carrots with a little white rice oh and he likes ghee yeah you know
    how much ghee is right now like for like that size it's like 14
    $4 byy kits buy Bead kits I got to feed the
    dog all right I love you guys have a beautifully blessed evening and weekend
    and I will see you again