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  • Fishing in My Dads Memory Papa Joe Hatband

    May 09, 2024

    Fishing in My Dads Memory Papa Joe Hatband

    Creative Soul May Reveal featuring the NEW Papa Joe Hatband Kit 

    Make a Personalized Memory Hatband for a special father in your life using the large Wisdom Warrior Bead Loom and the May Creative Soul Kit available Now! In Honor of my Father Jose Lima Avelar and all Fishermen and Women who love to fish and catch! My dad loved to go out on the boat and fish. He was a true fisherman from the Azores and enjoyed many fishing trips on the various vessels docked at the Channel Islands Harbor. I was blessed with being able to fish with him and enjoy the beautiful connection between a father and daughter. My dad went home to be with the Lord December 18th 2023. To say that my heart is broken is an understatement but I know he would be super peed off if he knew I was sad. So in typical Jewel Fashion I am sharing my story with you through the art of weaving. My lifelong bestie Brandi took my idea for the Hatband and created a pattern for us to enjoy. I thought that a sparkly wrap bracelet would also be a great companion to this pattern. I hope you can appreciate the love that is in this kit. Perhaps there is a Papa that you would like to honor as well. With a tremendous amount of love this is the May Creative Soul Kit

    If you are already a Subscriber to the Creative Soul Membership you do not have to buy this product. This is for NEW Subscribers and Buyers. By all means if you are a subscriber and want to buy another box then you can! You are buying the May 2024 Creative Soul Kit

    Kit Includes: 4 Strands of Czech Glass Beads 10 Tubes of TOHO Size 11/0 Seed Beads 1 Papa Joe Hatband Pattern, can also be used for a bracelet, earrings or any other wearable that might spark your creativity 1 Spool .006 Wildfire Blue 20yards 1 piece of faux leather 1 12 inch piece of cording 2 yards of hempcord with warp threads to be used for wrap bracelet 1 Wood Fish Button Cookie and Tea for your beading enjoyment

    Finished examples in photos are NOT included in kit. Loom is NOT Included. Hat is NOT Included


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    hello hello welcome welcome to juwel loom
    School live it's Thursday I've been watching Everybody
    hanging out in the hallway I love that the visual of just like everyone Gathering and chitchatting and saying hi
    to each other it totally takes me back to um my high school days hang out by
    the locker you know seeing your favorite teacher walk by it's so cool Hey listen I'm
    Juliana the inventor of the jewel loom right there and this is jwel Loom arts
    and crafts with me Juliana and we get together on Thursdays
    as a community and we hang out and we have fun and we um make stuff and talk
    about things and all creativity it's it's really a great time I'm so grateful
    that you are here um hi Mel can Canada is in the house Claire Leanne Robin come
    on now come on now all right so thank you
    for your patience um this afternoon I was working on some things and
    um and I had to run a couple errands because you know who needs needed
    food that little Frenchie so um yeah so I got a little
    bit of a late start hey Lori oh so fun to see everyone I always enjoy seeing
    everybody's um name and am always holding on to the visual of the day when
    we're all going to to see each other and be able to weave and there's Gloria
    fantastic so nice to see everyone Hey listen um I thought tonight uh I would
    do uh you know the reveal of this month's creative Soul kit and it is um
    totally in honor of my father Jose Lima
    avlar um my dad was born and raised
    until he was about almost 13 I believe it was in the azors so we're Portuguese and um he's
    from the azors the floors islands and um you know
    fishing in the azors was just a an absolute way of life in fact they
    actually um his uncles did a lot of wh fishing which I'm obviously not for but
    Hey listen different parts of the world different things that they have to do to eat so um but yeah so so my dad and my
    grandpa when we were little they would they would go fishing and then they would go out on the boats right here in the channel is Harbor and they would
    come back with just like tons of fish you know and there were times when they
    would go clam digging and and there would be buckets and buckets of clams and and crab and I mean it was just
    unreal the photos that we have showing just the massive amounts of fish and
    ginormous like I'm not just telling a fish story like they were they were big
    big fish and so as a little girl I remember all of this and um and then I
    was blessed with the opportunity to actually go fishing with my father um in
    his later years over you know um these past 10 years or what have
    you and so that was really a memory a memory that I just will hold on to um
    for my entire life and and he was quite the fisherman and obviously I got my
    fisherwoman skills from my pops and uh and and my Portuguese bloodline and so
    yeah so I've enjoyed it a lot and yeah so I'm wearing um his hat and what I
    really wanted to do for this month and especially with Father's Day coming up
    is to make a hatband or make a pattern based on this um you know hobby for some
    sport fishing for others um a away past time on the lakes's edge for some and so
    I just thought it would be a great way to um you know to share my dad's passion
    for fishing my passion for boating and fishing and so yeah so I actually let's
    see where do we want to go from here because it looks like I can see myself over there but for
    some reason it's black over here so um Joan is not with me today so I would
    love for you to tell me that you can see me
    hey and that you can hear me I'm assuming it must be a yes because
    nobody has said hey I can't hear you oh Jenny yeah yeah so I just lost my pops
    back in December as um I have shared before obviously making this project you
    know it's just like the last couple of weeks I've been like a big boohoo mess oh good I can see you and hear you thank
    you awesome awesome so I ended up using of course the um large wisdom
    Warrior and my my bestie my Rockstar bestie silver smith beating Queen Brandy
    we known each other since we're 13 and so she's been designing the hatbands and
    I said hey can you make one for my dad and she knew my dad we obviously you know we've grown up together and so I
    Saidi just want a a variety of colored fish that represent basically what's in
    the ocean and so um because we're ocean Fisher
    people not that there's anything wrong with fishing from the Lakeside but I mean I'm just sharing with you like the
    experience is from um is from the ocean and so she put together um a pattern she
    laid it out wait till you see the new way that patterns are laid out by the way they're really really cool and um
    and so I'll be making a colored copy for those people who have bought again this is the creative Soul um box uh kit and
    for the people who um are subscribers you're already dialed in
    you'll be getting um your boxes I do believe credit cards get charged tomorrow and um we've got everything
    pretty much ready to go I was hopeful there's still some boxes in route and I do believe that they will um be here in
    plenty of time with the goal of everything going out on Monday and so um
    but yeah okay so Leanne says fishing with my dad um I was so little that fish
    pulled me in oh my gosh after my dad finished freaking out it laughed and told me that I was supposed to pull the
    fish out not you in oh my heck yes
    um that's really interesting Lorena because I when my dad was in the hospital this last time when he was got
    the pneumonia and everything I could definitely he was speaking of places that he had not
    spoken of before and so I feel like that sounds really familiar so again he is
    from the aor islands outside of Portugal specifically the
    floors f l o r s so yeah I actually was
    too comfortable on one of those rubber tubes I was sitting and woke up I was in the middle of the
    lake there's something so incredibly healing about being on the water um I'm
    overdue for for a boat trip and so um
    yeah fishing and the water is just like so cute I know isn't that a cute story Lori so sweet so the kit that I put
    together for you I'm just going to pull in um it's always you know an interesting challenge with the large
    wisdom Warrior I want to tell you that I worked I worked with the stand in so
    many different positions it was it was
    comical like I really was like at one point G to run out here and get the tripod so that I could I could show you
    all these different ways and I still could do it but it was like this combination of her being in this
    position and then at some point I had her sitting on my lap and then at one
    point I had it like propped up and over on the computer like it really I was
    blown away how the stand the large wisdom Warrior stand really helped me to like get all
    of this done because look it I mean come on now when I tell you Mama's arm was about
    ready to fall off because I was just like a beating Queen um trying to get this all dialed in and
    done for you and um and so anyway I just if you don't have if you have the large
    wisdom Warrior awesome if you don't have the stand
    why why oh my gosh really it was so cool especially when I was able to I just
    kind of want to see see how so I had it in my lap like
    this at one point and then I was scooched up you know where the table would support it so it was on my lap
    very very sturdy my head so big um and then I was able to like do the weaving
    it was so cool and then you know there were like when I got really down here
    like I said I had it like propped up at an angle um this isn't the table I'm working I was working at because the
    other table's a little bit lower but um yeah so anyway I just I felt like oh my
    gosh I just I didn't realize the versatility of the large wisdom Warrior
    stand I mean come on now how did I not know this but in all
    honesty it was the first time that I was really needing and wanting to get this
    hatband done so that I could share it with you and so um so it was really a
    cool experience so that's just my little Spiel on the uh the large wisdom Warrior
    stand and so yeah it is so big it really is but um so as I was making I just love
    this I really it's so cool and you're just you know like At first it's like fish and then I saw the pattern and I
    was like dude you killed it like she just killed it I loved it so um so then
    I was like you know what it really needs like a companion because I love
    um I love stacking my pieces on my hat let me
    see so you know we got all this stuff right here hold
    on okay so I'm going to use this one because it's is so pretty so this is the pattern that comes
    with with the large wisdom Warrior the pattern and the beads and everything
    come when you buy the large wisdom Warrior kit all right and I love look at
    the chain such a great way to um to make that closure so I'm going to put that
    this it's a little big for this hat but and then what I love to do is take
    another shiny piece and I love layering my hatbands I just think it looks so
    cool so I wanted you to have that opportunity with this collection as well
    so with the kit um you are going to get four strands
    okay there's four gorgeous watercolor strands so I don't
    know if you're familiar like if you've ever approached an island before excuse me or if you're I don't
    know in Mexico the Caribbean when the water hits there's a combination of colors
    that are made that are just like if somebody could bottle that it would be pure gold you know like it's just
    magical the color that is created and so I had the opportunity many times with
    my dad um we were out on the boat and we were on the back side of annappa Island
    and when the water would hit the island oh my gosh and it would just rush in you
    know and then it would do this thing and it would turn this gorgeous turquoisey
    gorgeousness H it was so beautiful anyway I wanted to like be able to
    communicate that somehow in a piece and so you have these different colors look at how pretty they are you guys look at
    how they match the fishes as well isn't that so
    gorgeous and so these colors really do
    represent I'm going to come in here so you see how we did on the
    pattern we did these really cool like the gills right so what Brandy and I decided was we're calling that F that is
    the that is f and f is the like the gills and when you pull the fish out of
    the water you know there's just like a lot of shimmering different colors going on and so we've given you three colors
    to use as F okay and you can use one
    or where did I go to town on one of these guys I think it's this one I think
    it's the salmon I think on the salmon I ended up using like all three it's kind
    of hard to see but it just they all give you and it
    and it's the um the they're expensive these beads are not they're
    not cheapos uh oh kumel I love KML I love Cancun I love Mexico I i' live
    there like I love it that much um anyway they're lustered colors and so they're
    just they're so pretty and they they match the beads in in the rep and by all means you could you don't have to have
    this as a hatband you could use this as a wrap bracelet and what I want to tell you too
    is that there's 10 tubes of seed beads in this kit and um so you have the four
    different colored fish and then you have the three different options as f for the
    inside right and then you're going to have three tubes of the aqua Capri um
    this is this is the water and it's also acting as the fish's eyeball and because
    I'm giving you three whole tubes of the blue you still have so much left over
    you can make earrings you can make a pendant I mean there's still a lot of beads left over and if you're like Jules
    I really don't want to make a hatband don't like you could do a bracelet you could do earrings you could do a p pin
    it you could do multiples I mean look at this this is like this is 23 in by the way so make that note if you're getting
    this kit you're going to do 23 inches which equals how many fish one two three four five six seven
    eight nine 10 11 fish I mean come on now right because
    each Fish can be an earring um this is probably a good size
    bracelet so you're going to have a lot of options you can make the hatband you're
    going to have some leftover beads you can make some earrings I'm totally making earrings you know I am I needed
    to do that but this was a lot so um the
    other thing to Rainbow or mermaid hemp cords going to be in your kit so that
    you can make your um your wrap here and look it Robert made us a fish look it he
    made us a little fish button isn't it the cutest thing You' ever seen okay so you're going to have a
    little fish button in there so so again you'll be able to use this as a hatband
    as well and I did some seed beads all right uh you're going to have to measure
    out because four strands these four strands are not okay
    let me correct myself if you're going to make a wrap bracelet it is possible that
    the four strands will be enough and you won't have to add seed beads but I need
    you to plan it out okay so what I did was I did a
    patch here this is better I see how I did this patch of seed beads look how cool that looks and then I did the check
    glass this is all check Glass by the way and then I did more seed beads and I did that in two
    sections see it up there as well so I really wanted to use all of
    the check glass beads um but I realized very quickly that I was going to need a little
    assistance with some seed beads so I laid out the pattern and whether you do a wrap or you add it to your hat it's
    going to look spectacular and you're going to be sparkly um faux leather is
    coming in the kit you can buy real leather if you want if I buy real leather for you it's just going to jack
    up the price like things are just like I don't have to repeat myself you know that they're expensive so if you want to
    do faux leather awesome you know if you want to um go to if you have a Tandy um
    Tandy I I love Tandy and I usually buy hides from there but they're just so
    expensive so um I didn't want I wanted to give you more value in the beads and
    so um the kit makes both bands yeah I'm Giving You Everything love yep yeah
    absolutely yeah that's why I'm saying like you're going to you know you'll have some leftover beads so that you can
    use it to stretch out this this wrap and I did it at the same time too so after I
    got done with my fish band I ended up um warping for you
    know I ended up warping for the wrap and I'm just referring to it as a wrap but I'll probably end up putting it on my my
    hat so it could be a wrap bracelet or it could be a hatband so yeah you'll have
    the hemp cord four strands of beads and the fishing um and the fish button to
    make this piece right here and then you're going to have 10 tubes of seed
    beads to make the fish hat band and ore okay
    and Mom knew you were GNA go through can I say a
    buttload all right I added a whole spool of wildfire
    to the kit and it's blue okay because I love you so um wildfire Beeton
    0.006 in blue a 20 yard spool is also
    coming in your kits so because it uses a lot
    and I was like you know what I want to give them the Wildfire as well because you're so good to me and um so yeah
    okay it's a big kit um if you need to
    add anything to your box let me know there are still for the creative Soul
    members there are still some March and April kits I do believe that I sent out
    um a text about that so if you're interested in one of those at the discount let me know and and I'll charge
    your account and um and put it into this box I think it should work out fine so
    yeah so you know I think um they're so pretty on the loom some
    sometimes I crashed my head sometimes things are just so cool on the loom I have a hard time does anyone else have
    that like you have a hard like they look so pretty like art that you're like I have to take it off now anyone else or
    is it just me a my honey just said he wants a fish
    hatband sounds like a okay I totally want to know about yeah
    I would love to when if you get this kit and you make it and stuff like I really want to know the story I know the story
    about your pops I want to know the story about that special person in your life Hey listen women
    fish I am a fisher woman like I am and I'm a catcher I don't know if you saw
    the thumbnail that I did for this video but um I caught those fish and so uh I
    would like to say that I have I'm a very good fisher woman so women fish men fish
    mom's fish dad's fish so whoever you get this for make it for and if you're making it for yourself awesome I'm going
    to be adding it to my um my dad this was my Dad's hat like I said and so I'll be
    adding it to this and um I'm sure I'll be making uh my little brother one
    so but uh I haven't started my last hatband yeah it's a
    process making the hatbands is definitely a process it does take um
    some time I will tell you that with this pattern it's the cool thing is like
    you're looking at the pattern right and so once you get one fish done then you're like oh repeat second fish done third fish done
    right so like it is a little a little easier oh my goodness there's Maria we
    were all worried about you y oh Maria you're tardy for the
    first time I think you get a pass I think you get a teachers um teachers pet
    pass very cool so I think um what I'm gonna do here is let me take I'm G to
    take the um clip I would say that's a clip off
    and remove cuz I do think I want to take the uh wrap off for you just because I think
    it's really cool and unique I know it's so
    cool all right so I want to I'm G to okay we're gonna go this way I'm G to
    see for Giggles if I can unwrap it um without cutting it and let me just bring
    you down to the table here okay cool so sometimes you know it works out to
    where you can just get your pliers I mean I'm not really oh
    looks like it's coming apart very easily the other thing that I'm thinking about doing and I really just want to do that
    um where I can tape it is um to remove
    the hatband The Fish band and only cut up here at the top and then try to see
    what happens if I do Danielle's technique of the pulling I'm not 100%
    sure it's going to work because I don't know I did have a little
    faux paw um in this one area and so I don't know okay so I'm just gonna clip
    that off but how cool that I could do two pieces at one time you guys I mean I didn't do them at one time but I
    finished this and then I warped the wrap and then I um I went on to the be
    so all right so we'll just take this and where we going to go I'm going to
    put this back on the stand I don't want anything to
    happen it was such a it you know I it's I feel like I'm always trying to like come up with things for you all which is
    awesome um and and this time I really got the opportunity then to work on the
    loom and um you you know really be able
    to experience everything in a timely manner I don't know it was just very
    cool process okay I think I want to do this
    end so let's see this fish is killing me it's so cute
    um whoops sorry about that
    okay so the probably only going to be able to um yeah probably GNA have to
    just do like a cool knot or something on the top well actually okay let me see
    for Giggles I don't know if the hole is big enough um because what I would have
    liked to have done is maybe go back through but I think yeah the the hemp is kind of
    fray so well just do like a cool little
    knot yeah that looks
    cool so
    cute okay and then I'm just going to leave a little bit of a tell right now
    for the moment um and then I'm going to go back and I'll clean that
    up okay so you know if you're if you're going to put it around let's see let's
    get one of the hats back out here well let me take off my fishing hat sweating
    under there all this hair okay
    so oh very cool look it it just works but we probably want something a little
    bit more sturdy I wouldn't want that so I have to think about how let's see
    probably let me see if I can maybe do like a knot that would make a very cool belt
    totally I don't know if I'm going to be able to do this let's
    see just trying to make the loop like a little smaller and by all means again this can
    be a wrap so I can just do this
    right I can do a wrap bracelet I still need to get my Wildfire
    tool and burn some of my ends there so what do we got we got
    two three and then four okay so this could be a wrap bracelet as
    well so that would be super fun to wear while you're fishing of
    course I used to wear my stuff I used to were my rings all right let me put this
    around the hat so oh perfect perfect perfect so you
    got the little fish in the back here you know it'd be fun I'm gonna have to get some more of those fish buttons I could
    sew them into this straw hat that would be so cool okay so there's just like a first
    layer of fabulousness I mean even that as a cute little something for a fishing band or a
    fishing hat a fishing hat very cool and then um what I'm going to do is again I
    want to take the fish hatband off of the
    Loom here let's just so when you're out on the when
    you're oh my gosh I don't know if this look it's kind of like a fishing SL witchy hat right it looks like a big
    Halloween Wishy and my head is so big though okay oh my heck all right um what was I saying very
    cute very cute so what I want to do is I want to tape taking off the piece from
    the loom um so that we have clean footage of that and especially since I'm
    G to try to pull the warps at least one end of the warps I'm not sure how that's going to
    go I had a bead okay here's the truth when I was
    weaving I cracked a bead and so I Maria have you ever done that
    so you're in your project you crack a bead and I was like oh crap what now um
    and so I literally just sewed it back in so I know Maria's like ouch but I was
    able to save it I was able to sew it back in but that's what's kind of like making me
    think that I don't know if I'm going to be able to pull the warps so we'll see what happens not a
    deal breaker I mean the ends are going to be covered with the faux leather anyway so it's not like the end of the
    world I'm just trying to see if maybe it would work because then that leaves one
    in not to fuss with not a deal breaker um I've done that with a ring not on the
    loom o yeah so anyway um the the kit is on the website
    and I know that a lot of them were already spoken for but I do believe there are still some left and so um so
    if you do want one of the kits make sure you go and get them you do not have to
    subscribe you can either subscribe or you can pay as you go and so
    um and so uh just know that that okay cool Jill wisman has a repair video of
    course she does she's the queen like she had to be a
    bead because she just yeah she's got all those tricks I'll have to I'll have to
    ask her to send me the link so still saving for my
    loom so that um we do have shop has four
    installments and that is between you um and Shop pay I Do cover the uh fees for
    that and um um but you deal with shopay
    it's totally out of like my hands but there is a program and you do get that option when you're trying to check out
    so you can make four payments four equal payments is what I believe it comes down
    to I hope you and your sister have a wonderful time together a that's so nice
    Lake of the Ozarks o yeah you guys had some
    storms yeah let's give a big shout out to um all the paper crafting uh folks that have come over to to join us I'm so
    appreciative of you I cannot today there was uh two there were two projects that
    were made on the Eileen loomloom uh today I believe that were posted in the bellicon event and it's like holy cow um
    um so really cool stuff it's just so cool to see everybody making neat things
    I did that on a Peyote oh yeah yeah I was I was definitely um
    bummed but I fixed it I mean I just picked up a bead and I sewed it back in
    like what you know what I mean like I don't know if that was right it doesn't look wrong but but I was able to do that
    so all right um not sure if there's any other
    questions my mom and sister just left a Kentucky Derby listen next year I think
    whoever I don't know the particulars like you might be like Jules the tickets are like $500,000 I don't know I never been can
    just every day people go to the Kentucky Derby I don't know Robin can you can
    they do that like I don't know I just heard like something ridiculous about the Met where
    people were paying $75,000 for a ticket don't know if that's the truth just
    heard it on the interwebs but if if us folk can go to
    the Kentucky Derby I'm all in for dressing up and putting a hat on so I'm
    not sure um what is oh yeah oh she said okay yes just as long as you have the money so it
    is expensive you have to like buy buy a ticket and it's expensive I mean I'm
    you know I don't know I really honestly don't know like can you do like a fax
    Kentucky Derby like locally or something like D I bet people do that right there
    must be like like uh Kentucky Derby celebrations on a budget outside of the
    Kentucky Derby I mean surely maybe we should Robin maybe we should plan
    that oh my goodness so much fun yes but my house is okay
    they are wicked this year bring on the crops yeah so crazy hi
    lean I am from California born and raised
    yes yes a great idea beaded hat oh beaded hat Derby oh we can gather in
    Kentucky and wear our beaded hats and our pretty dresses
    you have a cookout girlfriend oh yes I have a big cookout
    when we place our bet online oh my gosh when I was a little girl my girl my mom
    would take me to Santa and need a racetrack she worked for 3M and they would go on the bus from Camaro to Santa
    Ana and as a little girl I would go to the races with my
    mom oh my God God so funny so funny beaded hat Derby I'm
    in I am totally in I'll have to talk to Brandy what do that look horse horses
    right so we need a horse we need a horse uh horse pattern
    so all right you guys thank you for just hanging out I wanted to um make sure
    that you know we we always meet up on Thursdays even if sometimes it's just to chitchat and go over um go over the
    creative Soul kit for the month and uh yeah beaded horses would be
    so rad I'd love that it's really a great box there's just so much you're going to
    be able to well you see you know there's totally at least two big projects if not
    a bunch of tiny ones right so um Churchill Downs on Derby is out of my
    will I how do you know how much it is because I really I don't have a clue
    like I'm don't have a clue I I could see for sure that there were a lot of
    celebrities there so my assumption is that it's a you know it's an expensive
    thing but um but I'm sure we could we could do us a party
    too yes yes Jenny this is the um creative Soul box for May and um if you're a
    subscriber then cards are hit tomorrow the 10th and
    um and then Prett everything's supposed to be here today like it's showing that
    the beads in the Wildfire are going to be here that's pretty much I'm waiting for and I have to go over to the
    um oh heck what is it called West Marine I have to go over to
    the Marine shop I want to get some twine like some nice twine for the
    back you know for the hatband so I'm just going to you know get some cut some up into like some 12inch pieces my husband
    is a fishing guide this time for Father's say yes my
    gosh and I don't know
    why oh I'm back okay it looked like I went so all day long all day long the
    little tornado the white Wi-Fi thing fully loaded ready to go 4:00 comes around I'm really starting
    to think that it's because we're streaming to multiple places so might have to just start
    streaming to the YouTubes and then post over on the Facebook I'm really starting
    to think that's the reason why this happens so makes sense I think I yeah I
    can't wait I can't wait for everyone to make their their fish Hab band and and to show pictures definitely please share
    them yeah and you can do like a hasht Papa Joe that would be way cool my dad
    would get a kick out of that yeah Marlon Brando is not here thank you for noticing that his his snoring is not
    here he's being a weirdo right now I don't know what's up I think he's mad because I haven't taken him for a walk yet so I'm sure I'm gonna have to go do
    that but anyway all right I think I think we're
    good um oh Robert I'm like who's this guy
    Robert Robert says Enfield is $130 a ticket well that's I mean that's that's
    cheap compared to like some other things are you sure I mean that's do you not
    get to see anything if you're infield I mean I would have thought they were all in the
    thousands yes Maria do so sooner than later because I do believe that the
    extra ones that are non-subscribers were going quickly um you coming across as an 80s
    dubed movie nice yeah next week we're just gonna stream to the YouTubes and
    let's see if there's a difference yeah and I was going to hop
    onto my Hotspot that I also pay for and the stupid thing like there was it was
    empty on um battery whatever I was like how'd you do that I
    charged you all night so who knows I don't know it's crazy anyway all right I love being with you thank you um if
    you're just watching know that we get together every day as a community as the jewel loom
    community and we um talk and we demonstrate and we brainstorm and we
    share ideas and so this is our time to come together um outside of that I do
    upload how-to videos on um a lot of weaving um but you'll
    also see earring making and pendant making and other off Loom projects
    because we're expanding I've got 30 some years in the Hobby and Craft World and so I've done a
    lot of different things and so we're gon to start we're g to start getting a little messy messy fun though so I just
    ordered mine I can't wait
    Lori I don't think order though aren't you a [Laughter]
    subscriber what is I don't know what the first three things
    say well um I'll reach out to you Karen I'm not exactly
    sure um what what that means but I'll reach out to you
    privately okay okie doie all right um I
    think that's it so yeah if you're just watching this yeah we do that yes I'm the only person
    in the room but I really am engaged with my chat over here because I love my folks and so um I'm sorry I'm like the
    Crazy Aunt so if you if you like what you see and you want to have fun with just a bunch of fun people then
    subscribe to the channel and um get your notifications like things if you like
    them and by all means if you can share the jewel loom love um that helps the
    channel so much and it helps me to keep doing what I love doing so um that would
    be fantastic and just know that everybody is extremely helpful and kind and uh we do have a free Facebook group
    as well where everyone hangs out so okay love you