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  • Make a Personalized Woven Bookmark using the Eileen Hull Bead Loom

    May 03, 2024

    Make a Personalized Woven Bookmark using the Eileen Hull Bead Loom
    Make a Personalized Woven Bookmark for a Card using the Eileen Hull Bead Loom Kit 
    Jewels recently partnered with Eileen Hull Designs Paper Crafting Expert and Sizzix Die Designer to create a NEW Loom specifically for consumers that enjoy making paper crafts such as Journals, Scrapbook Pages and Decorative Paper Arts.
    Eileen and Jewels have worked together in the Creative Industry for well over 20 years. While Jewels was the International Sizzix Spokesperson, Eileen was engineering innovative dimensional dies. They are absolutely genius!  
    Jewels introduces the Eileen Hull Loom to our Jewel Loomers in this Jewel Loom School tutorial! Not only can you use it with a combination of fibers & beads, but also can weave with only fibers or only beads. The loom’s work area is 1.5” wide & 6” long. Many paper crafters arealready using it to decorate spines on their journals & to decorate different types of boxes they created. 
    Watch the tutorial below.


    The Eileen Hull Paper Crafting Loom kit contains a loom, comb, & needle, all made of sustainable baltic birch, besides a journal kit, which contains 1 Eileen Hull Journal Blank, 1 piece of printed cork to adhere to journal blank, 3 yarns containing a variety of fibers, yarns, & sari ribbon, 2 strands of czech glass beads, & 2 yards of cord. Get your Loom Kit here: 

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    hello hello thank you oh my gosh Cara I was just thinking about you earlier welcome welcome welcome into JW Loom
    School live I'm Juliana hey I've missed you over the last couple of weeks um I
    was traveling to bellicon which was listen I really I just really want to
    encourage you start saing now start saving now because I cannot believe what
    an incredible event that was bellicon it's a virtual event um just off the
    charts amazing tons and tons of Education in the creative world and I
    was uh blessed and honored to be one of the teachers that was actually on site
    it was so good it'll be happening again in April of next year so start saving
    it's not very expensive at all so I think if you saved like $5 or $10 a
    month but that put that aside for the bellicon event um after I went to Texas
    I came home for a day and a half and I went off to Vegas which was super cool and I was um
    really surprised at how I don't know it just like this weird happiness came over
    me like I was super stoked to be there it felt good the first day I got there it was like 90 and it was that dry heat
    we're in Texas I thought I was going to die um so it was kind of interesting to go from like one extreme to back to
    California and then over to Vegas and um I did get a little bit of a throat thing the first night I was there but gargled
    and did all the things and and I survived so but I missed you so very
    very very much I um look forward to Thursday nights it's so much fun to
    gather as the jewel loom community and to talk about what's going on and to see
    everybody in the classroom I'd like to look at the chat and refer to that as the classroom so it's always so nice to
    see everyone Maria missed you and Rhonda and Melanie and Karen and there's
    a slew of people that are in here the hallway is packed this week Joan how fun is that and Claire very very cool so
    yeah so big thank you to Joan I believe the week before last she did um a
    project for everyone and so that was really cool and then last week we had some technical difficulties and um
    couldn't go live but that's okay sometimes we just take a little break and then we we regroup so listen it has
    been a lot of fun introducing this new loom and for those of you who are just
    like girlfriend serious iously what do you mean a new loom
    listen I wanted to make something specifically for paper Crafters you know take it way back 2012
    I believe it was uh when I actually came out with a line of dieses for the scrapbooking industry with spellbinders
    prior to that I was with sizzix as their International spokesperson so I have a really big background in paper crafting
    and um when I came out with the loom in 2012 we were using it to do different
    things it's like the dice came out and then the loom came out it was kind of like these you know two amazing um
    presentations all at the same time but they all go together so the een hole
    Loom which I do believe uh you've had a sneak peek at all right it's got about I
    think it's like a one and a half inches wide and it's uh just about 6 in long so
    the measuring on that was specific Al for things like you know the spine of
    journal and so Eileen designs these crazy dyes for for
    sizzix and um she has a lot of different dyes and they make journals and they
    make I mean she has like a camper die like she has a lot a lot of dyes okay like she is one of their biggest
    producing dye designers and a Dye is when you put it into a machine whether
    it be a spellbinders or sizzix or other type of die cutting machine and you roll
    it through it's a PR well some of them are presses some of them you know go down with a handle um technology and you
    make an object and so like if you're a teacher a school teacher and you have to do your alphabet or your apples right
    you're using these big steel press D um and machines and you're cutting out all
    your shapes for your classroom and so that is very much um what the consumer side of of both
    CICS and and I mentioned spellbinders just because I had my di with them what they do and so Eileen is a part of that
    world she's a real go-getter she just left for Europe she's already taking her
    baby our baby over to Europe I mean come on now right which by
    the way big announcement I did finally get international shipping dialed in and
    we did just get an order from Europe and so I'm a little nervous because we haven't done that before and I know
    there's like all these things I'm just hoping it goes I
    just my connection might have um gone away I hope that I come back let see
    what happens let's see what happens here oh there I
    am okay am I [Laughter] back so it looked like it popped away
    listen I'm so sorry once again you know we just have um we are where we are you
    know I'm buy a military base I don't know what why they got to do what they got to do when I'm coming on air you got
    all day I love you I love you US military but
    seriously can you just get your work done from like 5 o'clock in the morning until like 3:30 and and all would be well so okay
    Ronda says that I'm back very very fun and Terry says with International shpping the hardest thing is that custom
    fees are often due to and customers don't really always understand that yeah it's pretty clear on the site like C all
    the fees and stuff are are definitely paid by the customer Hey listen I want to get into it um once again we're just
    going to play around with the new loom what I want do is something simple and I
    was thinking hey um I had this
    card let me tell you something buying a die cutting machine and some card making dyes is worth it because I went to buy a
    card the other day it was $88.95 I'm not doing it I'm not doing it
    so anywh who this was in my stash I did not buy it it was in my stash and so um
    yeah so I thought okay well let's do like a bookmark you know we'll do something something kind of um simple
    you are coming through like an 80s duped movie your voice and lift movement aren't synced oh my gosh okay well I
    don't know what to do or say we still have a connection sounds like it may not
    be the best in the world though so let's just see what happens we'll go down to
    the overhead maybe the phone will um like it's its existence better than the interwebs
    on the laptop so if you want to um throw me off Joan and throw up the overhead we
    can just like maybe stay there and see what happens okay so yep looks like I got een
    upside down we don't want that and so Maria says keep going please
    yes yes yes yes okay so you know we'll just um we'll just adapt and we'll see
    what's going on so I do just want to bring in the kit really quick it's the einen hle loom and
    the precious comb and her needle which says it's not perfect but that doesn't
    bother me and I love that saying super cute there's some hemp cord um there's
    two strands of beads and I'm just going to come in here really quick with um
    with the rest of the components this is the journal backing so I bought a bunch of Journal uh pieces from eileene that
    were already cut and then we added in some fibers and some s ribbon and some
    beads and so yeah I didn't introduce Eileen on a
    stick um I also included some of that gorgeous cork that I brought home uh from Louisiana and so Mama Bev cut
    everybody a piece of this and that is also in the kit and you can cut it to
    the size of the journal and then um adhere it onto that so all right we're
    going to push all this to the side for right now and get started on warping
    again I'm using my hemptique hemp cord that comes in the kit and then I'm just
    going to make a little Loop like I normally do when we're getting started with any of our
    projects then I'm going to put that around the top left hand little Notch
    right here so the cool thing with the Eileen Loom is that Robert did all these little notches for us it's very similar
    to what he did with the earring Loom and so it's really helping to start the
    project and um you know with a little more
    ease I would really like for somebody to comment on the clarity of what's going
    on right now because my view does not look good and I don't want to
    um be driving everybody nuts
    with so keep moving along and then you could just let me know if it's irritating and then we'll have to figure
    out something I don't know what the answer is so I'm just coming down here to the
    bottom and you can watch my fingers how I use my thumb to just help
    guide the hemp cord up and then we're going to lay it down into the Groove I'm
    only going to get one
    Groove okay so we'll just keep going sometimes what happens is like during
    the lives the video can be like poo poo and then and then it fixes itself so I
    don't know what that's all about but so I'm just laying it down this is a 1 mm
    um hemp cord and so it's working beautifully in the
    notches and then I'm just going to wrap it around again using my thumb to help
    guide and I'm just doing um one two three four warps because I really would
    like to get the process you know some somewhat done for a bookmark so I'm just
    going to cut off now Eileen was blowing my mind at
    bellacon because she was not tying I don't know I know Betty was
    there there were a handful of Jewel lomers that were in the bellicon event um and I think we were all holding our
    breath but smarty pants mama elen was elen oh my gosh Eileen was literally
    just putting a piece of tape back here she wasn't tying and you know what it worked so I don't have a piece of tape
    so I'm I'm going to go old school and I'm going to like figure out how to tie
    this together let me see I'm going to come back around the front here she has a
    point with the tape because it really does um it really does
    uh work okay what what's the difference between the mini wisdom Warrior Loom and
    the E Loom so the mini wisdom Warrior Loom that's a really really great uh
    question it says Mystic images art I don't know I I see your cute little
    figure in the um thumbnail I don't know your first name love so the mini wisdom
    Warrior is a beading Loom which means that it has a beading grid right so it
    has a grid that is very similar to the original jewel loom so it's a very
    tight a very tight grid I'll bring it in when I can um let me just let me just
    get this knotted and um it's also wider oh hi okay honey
    I was like that's a very cool name but I don't know your first name and
    so okay there we go all right let me show you because I hen to have one right
    here so if I bring in the question was what's the difference between the mini
    whoops the mini wisdom Warrior and
    um and ien slom I mean just by first GL but you know first look it it it's bigger right so the min mini wisdom
    Warrior is bigger I believe this this is pretty sure it's got a 3in grid but
    these are beading grids you see how tiny they are so they really accommodate beading thread like wildfire that's what
    they're most um going to accept in these very tiny little grids and with Eileen's
    Loom it's more about the sory ribbons and the Yarns and the cords and Etc so
    so and it's more narrow it's only 1 and 1 12 in wide by 6 in long and again the
    mini wisdom Warrior is if I'm not mistaken it's like I do believe it's the same width of the um original jewel loom
    so probably what is that 2.75 three inches something like that and then let
    me see it is is it the same length it's a little shorter than Eileen's Loom as well it's only got like a five maybe a
    five and a quarter inch long base so I hope that answers the question and they're definitely
    different um and both fabulous so what I'm going to do
    next is I'm going to start with some Sor ribbon this is in your
    kit and you can use the needle that comes with the um you know with the Loom
    or you can weave with your hands whatever you know whatever you're comfy with
    and so I'm just going to start by coming under over under over and then I'm just
    pulling and I think I'm GNA have to yesterday an from bellcraft
    publishing was working on that piece of C uh what's it called the um oh heck
    what is this stuff the drawer the drawer liner the dra what is that stuff called you put it in your cabinets so things
    don't slide away I can never ever remember the name of that anyway Ann was working on that so that so that her Loom
    wouldn't wiggle around so what I'm doing right here on the side is I'm just making a
    knot and sometimes this will end up being a
    part of my project and sometimes it won't but for now we're just going to leave it and then I'm going to come back
    in the other direction okay and then this this is
    where I can bring in my silicone pad thank you love mama can't always find her
    words okay and so you know you'll just use like different
    colors my goodness yeah an was Ann Butler who owns bellcraft publishing was
    live along with Lisa Roos yesterday um on the channel and they were working with the loom and they were using the
    most gorgeous uh fibers and silks and I do believe that Joan ran out into um ran
    out into town did you did you end up buying some stuff
    Joan she's gonna share with you I think what she did so I'm loving how look at
    how this is see the weave look how pretty that is with the Sor ribbons and how it starts to like Bunch together I
    love that okay so let's just see because I got a bunch of other yummy yummy
    yum okay um yeah let's let's start another one
    and so what I'll do here is the same thing I'll just come over here and I'll make another
    knot and I'll just push that down really carefully because you know I don't want to distort and then I'm just going to
    cut and what else do we got we've got um
    what do I want to go into I'm gonna oh look at this you guys look at how pretty this is so this is
    some of the fibers I'm just so so so in love with you're gon to you're going to
    get these right and they're all like in these cute little you know bunches that
    Mama Bev does for everybody and you just you just want to be careful you're not necessarily going to use use it all at
    once but by all means it speaks to you and that's what you want to do then knock your socks off but what I like to
    do is I like to spread the love so I'll just grab a pinch and then very carefully pull it
    apart and then just you know see how that's coming coming apart like that and
    I'm just really careful with it it's just so beautiful and yeah so let's play with
    this part so with this one you could also put
    it in the needle but I found that I like to just do it by hand so I'm again just
    under over oh look at how pretty and then you could kind of like do a little twisty
    dupy there all these technical terms bring that out I see see how this is a
    little thin though so I think I want to come back want to come back
    um I want to pull that a little bit you got to be careful because it'll just start you know doing its own thing so
    I'm GNA I'm going to leave it like that for a hot minute and then I'm actually going to come back in this
    direction and so these are just really beautiful uh raw
    um uh like Silk fibers that have not been spun so
    typically when you're buying the fibers that look like this you're then putting it on a spinning wheel and you're
    spinning it into yarn and so I like to use it in this raw State because I just
    think it's so pretty and I haven't decided yet what am I going to do with this guy because it's
    thin on the end so I'm very carefully I'm G to use
    my needle there and I love work I oh look it look
    it oh my God I wish you could see that okay do you see what happened right there it's like a this darn interwebs
    let's see come on baby come back come back yeah I'm gonna
    let it um I'm hoping that it comes
    back yeah it's called ring right yes it's called roving
    yes it's called roving so I'm just um hoping that
    um picture gets a little bit um better here so let's just keep going
    and we'll just uh yeah I can hear helicopters
    and they're like hey it's Thursday at 4: and Jules is trying to do a live so
    let's just launch f14s and military helicopters
    yeah I am not Terry obviously proficient in uh in in this particular you know
    give me a bead any day of the week but I do Source from an extremely
    reputable um outlet for all of these um fibers I'm always really
    careful about wearing buying stuff and so I'm learning just like you all are about the different verbage and how
    things are you know how they can be used I just think they're so pretty I just
    know I just grab stuff I'm like oh that's pretty I have to buy it I can't wait to start weaving a yes yes on the
    on the Sun the sunw Weavers are just so so
    beautiful so you could see like just how that works out really well are we getting any kind of clarity though on
    the photo because on the video it seems like the shots are really
    blurry that's frustrating we were just talking about how to produce better videos and
    [Laughter] then so hard when you're used to you
    know being on the big networks I was talking about that you know how it kept me from not doing video for a long time
    because I didn't have people in my ear or million dooll cameras around me
    because I want you to have a great experience so it's always you know it's always frustrating to uh get on here and
    then see that it's not super clear so I'm just going to um gosh I hate
    cutting but I'm going to okay so we're just gonna do that it's actually kind of
    cute because then you can Fray it open and um I don't yet let me see let me see see
    see I think we're okay to kind of pull this one let's see what
    happens see if I just pull it it's still probably not going to get short
    enough so we'll see we'll see what happens there okay and I'm going to bring in
    this time actually I think I'm going to bring in some of this funky yarn that's in the
    kit so eileene has the Looms in her Etsy shop and Joan correct me if I'm wrong
    but you said that they're back up right so they're in her shop as well as the jewel loom
    shop okay she's shaking her head so so basically you're just picking the
    different materials that come in the kit and um and you
    [Music] are working with those okay so I'm I'm definitely going to do like a
    little a little knot here I'm gonna see if I bring hold on for for me for a
    second here I'm going to see for Giggles I don't want to because when I'm
    looking in the camera on the iPhone it looks really nice and clear on my laptop
    it doesn't look clear what is the
    consensus just wondering if we maybe bring the camera up a little
    here oh earlier I got a big visit from a
    Bumblebee and man it was big okay Cara
    says it's not clear it's clear when you stop when you
    weave it gets blurry autofocus is struggling on my cell a little
    blurry okay
    well we will um I'm working with some YouTube coaches
    and so this is hopefully something that they
    are going to be able to say Jewels da D du
    and and hopefully except for if it's the internet connection are you on Wi-Fi it
    could be that strugg yeah I am on Wi-Fi and I am I am it doesn't matter if I'm
    plugged in or I'm not I'm by a military base and it just is so very
    frustrating we kind of struggle with this probably a little too
    much but we're just going to do what we can do and hope for the
    best so again just kind of going under and
    over yeah I have two military bases you all two so I have
    f14s um flying I've got helicopters I've got the machine gun's always going in
    the background it's it's kind of crazy but I grew up with it so you know like I
    don't really think too much of it except for when I get on my live and then it's
    just a pain in the tush but I hope you can see and I'm just
    going to stop for a second I'm going to bring it up to the camera and and just be really steady
    okay so it's actually turning out really [Laughter]
    beautiful yeah I that's a good idea too I know earlier we tried to just get to just use
    my well what what you're getting fed right now is coming from the phone and
    so that should be better than the actual um computer that we were looking at
    earlier and so I don't know I'm just hoping that it fixes fixes itself when
    it uploads okay so we'll go like one more time on
    this so you can see like the smaller um
    thinner kind of of cording you know like this took up a lot of
    space and you know each fiber kind of like has
    own what does it have inside well you know like this is really thin right so it's going to look different it's going
    to have like a whole different look and a whole different vibe I am going to cut this one a little
    bit and cut that a little bit oh it's it's really
    pretty it's really pretty okay let's bring in some of this gorgeous blue
    fiber and again we just want to take a
    pinch I don't know if you can hear but Marlon Brando's under the table snoring
    away just gonna pull that and sometimes I like I'll just do this with my fingers
    it's so [Laughter] pretty and they're so good at what they
    do so this time let's see for Giggles let's do I'm going to do this it's just
    it's fun to work with this because it's like really wants to be artistic so like
    you can do some fun kind of tucking and then see
    how fluffy it is now on that side like I love that look I super love that look okay so then we're going to come
    back under over oh my gosh I got to tell you about
    um our meal in Vegas so the last night Tiff so Tiffany was with me Tiffany
    Windsor my bestie and she flew in from Tennessee and um we went all the way up
    to the top of the M Spa and Resort beautiful hotel it houses the uh
    Raiders and so you know there was a lot of Raider football stuff and um not a I
    can't say I'm not a Raiders fan because I grew up with the Raiders so it was kind of exciting um but anyway we went
    up to the very top floor I think it was the 17th floor and the restaurant up
    there called Lux l u XE and they had like sushi and
    everything so we were really excited but we ended up ordering oh my God this is
    going to freak you out we ended up ordering oxel soup and it had Ginger and cilantro
    and um what else did it have I don't know if Tiffany's watching but it had like an array of
    just like all these herbs and um and it's something that I've never ordered
    before and Tiffany ordered it and it looked good and I really needed some bone
    broth and um it was delish it was so so
    good so what does it say well I'm and and keep in mind this is
    not a bracelet this is a bookmark um for either a
    card or for a book and so I'm
    just making I haven't decided yet how long I'm I'm G to just kind of keep
    weaving until I've used all of the things that come in the
    kit so you can see all the colors cuz it's really really pretty hi
    Linda but anyway um that soup made me feel really good
    okay so I want to get like a little poofiness over here so let's see what am I going to do I think I'm GNA come
    under like and then I just I'm G to like leave it I don't want I'm not going to pull it as tight as I've pulled
    everything else and then I'm going to come down
    oh this is so fun okay this is fun and then I'm just like I'm leaving it like poochie like I'm not pulling it down
    really tight okay and then let's come up here for
    giggles and oh my gosh I love it so much okay and then I'm gonna try I'm gonna
    try to secure it let's see this is why I always have my flats with me because they're really helpful when
    you have to like grab short pieces of stuff and I'm just trying to get like a little
    anchoring okay did eileene use paper products on
    the loom um like trying to let me bring something in
    that Ian did this is Eileen's project that she did at bellicon so she used the Tree of Life um
    charm and then she did this really cute you know top right
    here so super cute
    yeah all right so we've got one two three four and then here's the fifth
    there's a lot of you know I always make sure that there's lots of fun things to play play with in
    your in your kit here let's see so we'll get this one open again this is just Sor
    ribbon and um there's like a yard I believe of two different colors and
    we're just going to so you can see like I kind of go back and forth sometimes I
    use the needle and sometimes I just use my hands
    [Music] I don't know if you just heard that but he just
    went in asleep this so cute we're animal lovers around
    here okay so nice tie yep all right good good stuff um let me see I think I'm G
    to put this on the needle let's see what we got
    a hi Sandy awesome yeah it's been so cool to
    watch everyone make their projects um and Brenda Brenda's been going to town
    man she's made like a few things already on the loom and E's you know paper
    crafting Community is super enjoying the uh Loom and they're already
    just having so much fun so I think I kind of want to stretch this out a
    little so you can do that you can kind of go back and you know like massage the
    pieces and I love all the different um all the different poofiness and then
    the flatness and then you know you have like the wildness right there so it's really fun all these
    different all these different materials
    I love the look I just when the weave comes together it just like blows my mind I love love love how that
    looks and you know you can use your comb to bring that
    in okay
    you know and if you're not stopping to you know fuss with cameras and answer
    questions and you know all that you could probably get I hope you get the
    you know the idea that this will come together very quickly so especially if
    you're just using the fibers you know it's one of my most favorite um things
    to do I I love it too I'm loving I'm loving not pulling super tight because
    then you get this really really precious little ribbon it reminds me of when I used to do the Japanese knots the ribbon
    knots on um alen I'll never forget when I had to teach myself how to do that I
    had a segment and they were like okay well this is all on Japanese ribbon
    knots and I was like you're kidding me right like what and I had to teach
    myself y' all and I was so nervous doing it on air this was a bazillion years ago
    but um I did it there were some that were just really hard to figure out but
    then there were others that were not but I don't know if you've ever done that before Japanese knots I kind of feel
    like it might be something cool to visit and um figure out like maybe how how
    could we incorporate that into our weaves because I could see like coming up into the weave like we do with our
    beads but using the Japanese knots with different ribbons oh my gosh I'm on it
    okay homework homework okay so we're just
    going to trim that and let's see what else where do I
    want to go to now um oh I haven't used I haven't use the blue so here's the third
    color of fiber that's in the kit there's a lot of stuff in here you know I don't
    skimp I'd like to give you I told my mom I was like okay this kid has to have all
    these five fber so do what you did last time and so she
    did all right the snoring has escalated so just so you
    know poor guy so it's interesting this one is this one is presenting a little bit more thin
    um so I find that that's very interesting
    tall I love when he snores and he dreams he does like this little moaning
    thing oh I won the jackpot in Bingo the other night you guys I was so stoked I
    wish you could been like I had I won a couple games and I won a couple cool things and then I lost them because it's
    that's how we play but then at the end I covered my bingo board um and I was like
    in shock cuz I I don't I think I might have one like that you know when you
    have to like um what's it called the very last game and you clear out all the numbers I think there's actually
    blackout and um I think I I've done it like once before but I was super stoked
    I was like I won so today I'm like going through my wallet I'm like where did all these 20s
    come [Laughter] from fun times it's the little things
    that make me happy right weaving playing bingo playing bu I'm also a big dice girl now I don't gamble um and so like
    when I was in Vegas I didn't you know I didn't uh do any of
    that I do find um what's it called when you roll the dice craps or something oh
    Linda says it's blurry on her iPad so the funny thing is that my laptop is
    cleared up I do not understand what's going on that is so funny so my laptop
    was um showing blurry my iPhone was showing clear Linda says that her iPad is now
    blurry I don't know maybe we just have to wait to see what happens after we get off the
    live I do sometimes wonder like how how is it possible to
    to you know really when you think about it there's probably a bazillion people all over the world right
    streaming like how how can you possibly keep
    bit perfect during the stream um but we'll have to
    see so this is interesting look at the weave on this one look at how it's really presenting as a
    traditional weave you know and you've got a little bit more drama up here with the soor
    ribbon but this fiber like really was very voluptuous and very happy
    [Music] so I like that okay and then Claire says she's
    clear so oh well all right so you know um you could
    do something fun too like what if you wanted to bring this tail right and you wanted to like kind of crisscross it
    like do a cool a cool like badge or what would
    that be called like an like a um sash look how cool that is that's
    fun that's really fun I like that a lot so I just took the tail and I stuck it
    back down and then if I wanted to for extra security I could totally come over here and like put a little white dab of
    um of glue all right so I think I think I'm going to do one more I'm going to go
    back to the original color of purple and I will let's go ahead and put
    it back on the needle it does seem to work a little bit
    faster okay and um where am I at so yeah so then we'll do
    this and since we're at the end here I'm going to make sure that we
    [Music] tie okay and
    nice so you see that I'm just being careful not to pull too tight because I don't like really want to distort the
    side warps but oh am I not in the picture there here let me scoot up a little bit or scoot back a little
    bit there we go I was like all excited
    uh doing the project and slid right out of the
    spot yeah did Sandy did I did that help yeah I just realized I was out of the
    view thank you okay good all right so yeah so I think that looks about like
    equal and you know I like that let me see let me bring it up a little here yeah okay so then I'm just going to come
    up and do another
    tie and we'll just trim that off okay so at this point all right so
    we just have like this fun little Gathering I am going to trim this just a little
    bit it's like cutting hair um there are
    and hey y'all let me just let me show you this look at what's left look at what's left okay this is
    left this is left well there's that's
    left this is left this is
    left and there's some more pink and this is left and this is still yep look at
    all this okay look at all this and even these little boo boos don't throw those away you can weave them in and we
    haven't even played with the beads yet all right so there's all of that they're
    still your Journal still your beautiful cork so always like to have enough to do
    a couple projects so we'll scooch that over for now and I'm going to bring the mat back in so what we could do is you
    could use some of your beads and literally hand so you know
    some into the bookmark now we have to take into consideration that that's going
    to add a little bit of Dimension but let's just I do kind I
    want you to see how that would work so I'm just going to take those off and these are in the kit there's a strand of
    the purple and a strand of the pink pink kind of went for a sweet you
    know um Motif something peaceful I do have my
    needle my jewel loom needle and my Wildfire already threaded and I'm just
    going to do like a little whoops a little knot here at the
    couple of Nots okay so what we can do million dooll
    question you could do them on the end too uh they're not going to go through the hole of the Wildfire but you could
    just okay let's do that so Terra uh Terry says the beads would be
    fun as Fringe off the top or the bottom and I'm just for Giggles going to go
    with the bot so I'm just taking my needle and I've I've come up
    here and we'll just let that and then I can feel the knot okay
    and then I'm just going to pick up like a couple we'll just do something fun like
    one one two three and I'm just I am just
    following Terry's idea here um with that said though
    Terry if I want to do little Fringe legs I need a seed bead um so
    hold hold please hold please there must be a
    seedbead around here somewhere um seedbead seedbead where are you seed
    beads okay I saw seed beads earlier I think they're behind me hold on
    and the qu is what color oh here here's a cool color purple okay so we just
    need just need a
    SM okay so what we're going to do then is pick up a seedbead okay and we're going to let
    that fall whoops and then we'll push the seed
    bead towards us let's make sure I'm in the camera we're going to push the seed be
    towards us towards us towards me towards yourself and then we're going to insert
    the needle if I can see okay I'm going back through the
    holes and then I'm going to go back down into the base here
    and I just want to make sure it doesn't get all okay so where's our oh there it is
    okay so this would be like our first little leg okay ah cool great idea Terry thank
    you look at how precious oh my heck okay so super cool um Let's
    do let's do another one got to find my needle and then I'm just going to come I
    think I'm just going to do like since for timing sake you could like go to town and put a bunch of these but I want
    you to get the idea of the technique so I'm just coming back
    under and definitely want to guide the
    Wildfire okay and then yeah super cool all right so we'll pick up um
    pick up one [Music]
    two come on bu three and uh and then a seed bead this is an 11 o by the way
    Dingle danglies are seldom a bad idea right on I love that okay so once
    again I'm going to push the seedbead towards me bypass it take the needle and
    thread and I'm going back through
    hey where'd you go are you through all three yep and
    then back down
    oops so super stinking cute idea look how cute
    I mean definitely I would add more like I don't usually like
    um even numbers of things so I would definitely want to do like a third
    one and I think I'm going to because I
    can whoops so let's just add that third one
    for giggles
    I will sleep better okay
    one one
    two whoops come on yeah The Fringe is fun it could be
    longer you know I just want you to get the idea of how to do it so again we're going to push that seed bead towards us
    and then we just go back through those beads want to make sure we're actually
    through them and back down into the bed of the
    bookmark and then we're just
    pulling okay a super cute super super stink and cute so yeah I mean you could
    definitely do more if you wanted that's three little leg but we'll go ahead and stop there you get the gist of it you
    know the idea you got the technique um and then I'm just going to tie
    off in the back um this is where you know if you if you tend to poke yourself
    maybe a thumble a thimble not a thumble in my world it's a
    thumble okay and then I'm just gonna so the fun thing for me is like
    always had to hem all of my pants when I was growing up because I'm I'm short and
    you know I had only the money to buy my Jord Dash jeans and my ditos Etc right
    and then I would have to get them hemmed and I didn't have as a 16-year-old I didn't have the money to get them hemmed
    so I had to learn how so we'll just um I'm going to leave
    a little bit because I want to use the Wildfire burner okay and so we'll just scooch
    that over um we could have put the beads anywhere right so Terry had this really
    fun idea with the little French legs and I thought that was precious they could be longer you know um I use three
    decoratives I call them decorative beads they're in your kit and I did have to go grab some of my seed beads a little Leos
    but you could come back in and sew more beads throughout the entire project if you wanted like that would totally work
    um so I'm going to go ahead and take it off of the Loom and let's see sometimes we get
    lucky and you know we're able to just kind of like untie especially when we're using like a cord because um it will
    like untie itself but let's see what
    happens and
    so I think I probably did a pretty tight knot
    so yeah it's just it's fun and you know we use the term paper crafting only
    because you know um een e folks are
    mostly doing paper crafting and so while we do a lot of jewelry making um you
    know so we're using terminology to help all these new people
    understand but it's a lot of what we already do as jewelry makers and so we
    can always incorporate oh I just saw that okay so we're going to take that off and then we'll leave that end now
    because I did the sewing down there I don't know if um if I'm going to be able to pull let's just see for Giggles oh I
    am so this is pretty rad like we just ended up um we did this I got to get
    these things tight hold on hold on okay so we're just G to pull you see what let
    me bring it back in the camera view here so we're pulling very carefully and the
    hemp cord is going to just the warps are coming back into it
    so it's kind of cool because it gives you that freedom of a clean at least one of your ends is clean right and you
    don't have to fuss so we'll just pull nice and kind of down on that and then I'm going to I'm going to focus on
    pulling this one Eileen is ridiculously talented she is and she's the sweetest
    human I swear we just had so much fun together and she's just we're having a great time
    with this and we're super stoked about sharing the love of weaving um with all
    categories of of creators whether you're a paper crafter or a jewelry maker or
    you make clothes or you know whatever I okay seriously this is just turning out
    to be cuter than I originally even was thinking Terry you
    brought it Mama right on okay so now we have a fun
    little bottom that's all nice and tucked in here and we could just kind of come in
    here and you know this one's kind of short so we'll have
    to just be careful so I'm just doing some
    knots now eileene had a pony beads that had bigger holes and she was able
    to thread them onto the cord and I love that idea I really love that idea I
    might have to go into um might have to go into town
    tomorrow and hit up Michaels or something for some to see if I can I bet you they got them in the kids section
    because um that's usually where you can find ponies and if I do because I therefore
    therefore I think I'm not going to cut these ends because I do want to do what
    e did I want to copy e so I'm just going to get a couple more of these oh my gosh
    this is so stinking cute though I can't even with the cuteness I mean I knew it was going to
    be cool I just didn't know how cute it was going to be all right I can't okay so I can I could definitely
    trim um I could trim and trim and trim and you should keep these
    because you can weave them into your next project so we'll just add all of the scraps over to our next little pile
    right there and so basically let me bring in Eileen's
    example so you can see so I'm going to attempt to find see these guys they look like
    they're like they're they're either sixes or threes
    but they have they've got a much bigger hole so see how she just threaded them
    onto the end of the warps there sled them down and then she was able to
    tie a little knot I don't know if I'll get a knot or if I'll end up like gluing but I want to do that I want to do that
    on this I think that's the best way to finish this very stinking cool okay so
    yeah so like if you were G to give somebody a gift card right I mean come on now where's Ron look it come on now
    it matches and everything I didn't even plan that out so you can put this into a really
    pretty envelope and you know this can be the gift and if you wanted because actually
    after you put those guys on there I'm just thinking too like you could put like something pretty like a nice
    texture back here like what if we use some of the Sor ribbon that was kind of
    thicker right and then you just like glued that down and then you went like
    that because you want it to kind of turn into a bookmark right so we would do
    that okay oh my gosh I'm so happy I hope you're
    [Laughter] happy I like it gotta try mine soon yes
    you do you do oh my goodness all right I'm very very happy with this and and
    and I'm so I love it when we get together I was telling people like part of what ends up happening on Thursdays
    is that ultimately we come together and and it's cool when collectively we can like
    resolve or figure out or brainstorm and I really I it just makes my heart so
    happy when we end up doing that so love this thank you Terry and I love the
    preciousness of how tiny it is it's so cute and I'm definitely going to go find
    um some ponies to to slide on there some pony beads with a bigger um a bigger
    hole I also Alo want to show you that you can do look at this you guys you can
    do traditional weaving so I made this little piece right and then I just glued
    it onto Eileen's Journal so we have some traditional jewelry style making
    weaving and then over here we have the weaving and it happens to be on a journal we're not wearing it but our
    project is so super cool okay I'm going to come
    back up coming back up let me remove let's
    remove this one
    yay I hope you're as happy as I am oh my heck that was good so good look at this
    how sweet oh yeah my camera's like yeah we're not going to look at
    you but I love that idea how precious is that I can see like if you're making
    pieces too for your um for your boutiques you know like Ilana if she's
    um doing some things this summer this is great for those of you that make and sell because this is not going to cost a
    lot and it's not going to take a lot of time so this is the kind of thing like you need to have on your table because
    it's the like oh my gosh what is that that's so cool and then you can make them too like if
    you're what is it in Alabama roll tide is that it like are
    there two are there two uh competitive colleges and you could do your you know your your um
    college team oh what if you're uh a Kansas City chief right what is that red
    and something or if you're I don't know like I'm just saying I'm just saying it doesn't have to be sports related why do
    I go to sports probably because in sports like they're themed by colors
    right I mean it's a very a very thing to do okay roll Tide and War Eagle I knew I
    had an Alabama person in here somewhere but you know and just like
    sports in school too you know like your soccer colors or what have you so do you
    boo do you all right I'm so grateful for all of you I missed you I love weaving
    with you um and I'm still working on figuring out where we can meet up
    probably in Tennessee and uh and we can just do a very casual get together weave
    I really really want to have the opportunity to meet people and and uh create together so thanks Jenny Yankee
    pen Stripes right on Maria right on yeah yeah I used to be a packer girl used to
    be a packer like you know we're talking Brett Favre Reggie White days like when they
    won the Super Bowl I actually live there for like a very short period of time but I did fall in love with the
    pack and and so the cheesee heads right so it's just fun fun things that you can
    do and definitely if you're making stuff for sale like it's a great way to get people into your into your booth so
    thank you Gail awesome thanks Elizabeth and Claire and Rhonda right on come on
    now come on all right hey l listen um I hope
    you're subscribed if you're not please subscribe to the channel That would be awesome sauce and if you like this video
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    help in um this Mission and passion of like spreading the weaving love uh out
    to out to the universe out to this big huge world that that uh we are a part of
    so have a beautifully blessed weekend and again I am so incredibly grateful
    for you and I will see you next week I'm going to actually be working on um the May creative Soul
    project it's so good I think it's good anyway it's heartfelt so okay I'm going
    to watch the whole replay because yeah let me know how that works out because I'm thinking that once it like is not
    streaming it might be happier all right we appreciate you so
    much take care be well and we'll see you next Thursday at 4M again