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  • How to Make a Beaded St Patty's Bracelet with Painted Charms - Inspirations with Jewels

    March 08, 2024

    How to Make a Beaded St Patty's Bracelet with Painted Charms - Inspirations with Jewels

    Learn to make a sparkly beaded St Patty’s Bracelet on the small Wisdom Warrior sustainable baltic birch upright loom, using Fire Polish beads. Jewels also discusses painting the Irish charms, which can be used to decorate the bracelet. The charms are also laser cut from sustainable baltic birch wood.

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    hello hello hello welcome in everyone welcome to juwel school live I almost
    said juel well no it is it's juwel Loom school where did I just like cross over
    to JTV you know why we were talking about
    Tennessee right so so there that's why that on my mind Joan and I were talking
    about Tennessee so there you go I love Jill school so
    there's that too I love me some Susan oh and whose birthday was it just
    the other day gosh darn oh that's sweet um is it Katie was it okay it was Katie
    yeah so happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday sweet
    Katie from juwel School happy birthday to you woo
    I hope it was her birthday I'm pretty sure it was Joan Joan's like yeah you're not crazy it was her birthday so yay okay so I'm just
    seeing um Hey listen I did add my name to the the juwel loom um YouTube uh
    Channel and so I just looked over and it says J juul Loom Juliana so I just kind of wanted to make sure that my personal
    brand being me is showing up on uh on the Channel
    and so hey Brenda hey hery hey Maria Maria was in line of course such a good
    student ready pounding on the door let me in let me in Cynthia is in the house
    so much fun to see everybody I feel like this last week went by really really quick what do you think I mean it's like
    boom bada bing and we're all here uh for juel Loom School live and uh and so yeah
    f last week I really just wanted to do something kind of I've been I've been
    I've been working a lot people let me just say oh my gosh good stuff fun stuff
    I've got shows coming up March and April are just like Non-Stop and then I almost
    just committed to go to a show in Chicago like it would have been like boom boom boom in April and I have to
    know just what my limits are and So currently I'm not going to do that but
    everything else is keeping me very busy I'm it and it's all for you I've been working day in and day out on the Papa
    Joe uh kit that Brandy and I have been designing together and so I've been
    working with a color palette that I wanted to play around with to see if it would work and um and so we're really
    happy with some of the colors and then some of them we feel like they need to be a little bit more poppy so I'm going
    to be trying some different things um probably this evening and what will be really fun is
    that I'm going to leave the Prototype on the loom I'm gonna finish
    it and so you'll be able to kind of see the trans transition of like um the
    design process and again this project coming up for Creative soul in May is
    the Papa Joe project that's my father who we you know some of you may or may not know that um you know we went to
    heaven in uh December December 18th and so it's almost been three months now it's still just kind of like so bizarre
    I don't I don't know that it ever you know like do you ever I don't know I think it takes I
    think it's a lifetime of healing right but it's all good I know I know where he's at so I'm all I'm all good with
    that so I've been very busy with that and um I just thought well what are we going to do today I thought let's break
    out the small wisdom Warrior I just love her she's so sturdy and strong
    and she's you know she's the little little sis to the big large wisdom Warrior that's so popular with hatbands
    and chokers and you know things that are longer than a bracelet um but the small
    wisdom Warrior is perfect for bracelets and um you know multiples like if you're
    going to do multiple earrings or Rings or something like that and she just pretty to look at so small wisdom Warrior um working
    with one millimeter hemp from of course my favorite hemp teak which I'm super
    stoked I get to see them at the Napa show coming up here in two weeks whoa I
    just finally ordered my business cards and I had to pay priority to make sure that they get here did I not know that I
    was going to the show for at least the last three or four months yes did I stop
    to order business cards no so oh well that's what you get it wasn't that bad
    it was like 129 9999 $12.99 so I'm not uh I'm not too worried
    about it yeah Mel we miss you and you're welcome to come back anytime that goes for any creative Soul member um you know
    you're it's always been that you know you can subscribe to make sure that you
    get every month in case you know sometimes I might only have a certain
    amount of something um but you don't have to and so you can pay as you go and
    so um I love that freedom and I think that's a good thing so yeah so again so
    I'm going to see hemptique uh in a couple weeks there at the NAA show in no
    oans uh never been so I'm super excited about that they are introducing some new
    products I heard that they've got some leather and of course you know they have all the gorgeous hemp cord that we love
    and so I'm excited to uh talk to them and see what's going on see you know
    what we can do in the future and good stuff like that not only am I going to work with the 5mm sparkly green AB
    yumminess here okay I did decide to go ahead whoa and
    pull God I got sounds in the background I did decide to go ahead and play around
    with the 12 strand 5mm fire polish set now if I'm not not
    mistaken I want to say that it's like
    it's either n something or 10 I can't remember but it's if I'm not mistaken
    less than a dollar a strand something like that a dollar I don't know it's a great price so I'm
    gonna be working with those guys um brought out my Wildfire
    .006 Green wildfire love Wildfire I basically
    have only used that like I think I've used Nyo and or the G you know that
    stuff's really cool but it's it's expensive um but Wildfire just always
    does it for me when it comes to working on the loan like I can pretty much say
    that I have always been faithful to that and
    so that's my that's my little my little Spiel Kelly says hello
    friends I was thinking about you today I'm always thinking about Kelly Kelly's a cool chick she's an an Oregon origon I
    don't know what yall call yourselves anyway she's super cool um
    great designer does a lot of shows shows her work um and you know she's just got
    like a lot of heart and a lot of passion and a lot of real life experiences that
    like come through her art and so I I love that about makers diyers jewelry
    people creators you know when it comes from inside and you're just like
    flushing it out through your art it's it just means so
    much ah you're blessing okay what else am I using um
    yeah so the jewel loom needle fire polish it's a pretty simple project I am
    using the Kiss Me I'm Irish button in the end um this is part of the St Pat do
    we call it St Patty St Patty's um Irish set I will tell you that I did
    attempt hey you know what I don't cover up my faux Paws because how are you ever going to
    know so so I thought it would be really fun to use the Royal Talons paints that
    they sent me for my project for NTA on the charms and it's a very very cool
    process I have to say that the black acrylic is like unbelievably delicious like it's
    so um you can feel and see the richness
    of the black acrylic um but anyway so there's my little lucky charm hat and so
    basically you have to paint like all these pieces black right like I did on my tags I painted my Baltic Birch tags
    black and then you use the pearls right to go over that and it's
    super super beautiful I mean it's it's unbelievably
    gorgeous but it's a little more fun than humans are allowed to have if you're trying to do them on the
    charms but you can you just need to like that needs to be your thing for the
    afternoon and let me just say that I had black paint everywhere and I was like
    okay we got to put the black paint away and uh so yeah but anyway I think it's a
    lot of fun I know Mel you bought the paints um from your Canada Michaels
    craft store so I'm not too sure if you've used them and she says now I know what to do with them since I have the
    paint well there you go so my suggestion definitely would be you know
    toothpicks uh tweezers and and uh yeah Kelly it was
    it's a lot of fun it really really is and it's just it's really gorgeous you just have to be patient because our
    charms are really small but you know when you start with the black acrylic and then you put um
    the Pearl so what happens is like this comes out pure like a white color
    and then you could see that it's like a like a purple pink type of color it's
    probably gotting probably get a name except I'm not going to be able to anyway so when you then when you
    brush that over the black that's where all the magic happens so yeah it's so so
    pretty and um you know I could see you know doing it on on bigger pieces like
    you know if you wanted to make your new oh did you see the new tassel set little interjection there um you know if you
    wanted to paint you know the tassels or whatever like you could totally do that but I had a lot of fun and I really felt
    like I could just kind of like come out of my you know my box and be creative and explore so really good stuff that's
    the Royal Talons we've talked about them a few times so without further Ado I'm
    going to go ahead and warp my small wisdom Warrior and again I'm using the 1
    mm um hemp Co cord and so I'll push this screen back a
    little bit and I guess Joan if you
    wanna there we go okay so let's just look at the small wisdom Warrior this is
    her top okay and this is the top button and
    then if you go all the way down to the bottom this is the Bottom now is there
    really a difference between the top and the bottom no it's just the artwork
    right so it's just that we refer to this as the top because well she's not upside
    down so but you could work with it in any direction you could even work from uh with her side to side so I'm gonna
    see if I can't bring this up just to smidge we're always trying to get super
    low but for this let me see if I can't okay so what I'm going to do so
    this is my top and I've got the 1 mm hemp cord this is hemptique H it's a
    sustainable uh hemp cord that we really enjoy using and I'm just going to make
    you could see like the little little loopy that I made and then I'm just going to attach that to the
    knob and get that as tight as I can and then I'm going to do another one and
    just like with the original jewel loom or any one of the other Looms I want to make sure that that knot is facing me
    okay so this is my pointer and I'm pointing towards my body and I want to make sure that that knot is facing me
    okay because that's going to keep um the tension it's going to help with the warp
    that very first warp not sliding now the grid the Grid on both the original blue
    jewel loom and these wisdom Warriors they're built out for and when I say
    grid you know grooves I'm talking about this area right here so they're built
    they're designed for beaing thread like wildfire okay something thin so when
    we're working with a 1 mimer cord it's basically just going to lay on the grid
    okay it's not going to fit into these little grooves it's way too thick this is a 1 mm so I'm just going to bring it
    down all the way here to the bottom running out of running out of room and
    I'm just let me scooch just gonna eyeball and I can see
    like that looks pretty let me get in the camera here so sorry there we go okay so
    I can see that I'm lined up pretty well I'm going to go around the button so let
    me give you some sense of direction let me get my pointer okay this side is the
    left and this side where my thumb is is the
    right okay and this is closest to my body this bottom button and what I'm
    going to do is I'm just going to wrap it around I like to always do that first warp around the button um it just tends
    to help in the process of keeping the warps nice and taut then I'm going to
    bring it up and I'm always working with my fing fers to help keep
    [Laughter] oh there we
    go so I'm always working Joan's working with her fingers back there
    too touching buttons so I'm just gonna um let's see for five millimeter I think
    I want to skip I think it's two or three we'll go back and look at that because I don't want to lose the The
    View because I'm kind of at an angle here so see how that looks just want you
    to get a really good idea and then I'm always you know working with my thumb
    here to kind of keep things in place and then I'm going to come all the
    way up and I'm just I could use like a a bigger table
    here okay and then let's come here and we're going to and let me just bring in a 5 mm bead
    here so let's see yeah that's going to work so it's about let's see one two it's like three
    three grooves okay so I'm there I am
    okay and you see how I've been holding that with my pointer okay so I'm I'm really keeping
    the pressure and the totness and I'm coming around the back side of the button
    up and then again I'm going to use my pointer see how it gets in there that's my finger and I'm just going to help
    guide it and lay it down on top of those grooves okay and then again we're going
    to come all the way down and where we at okay and then I'm
    going to come around and then I'm G to come back up now I'm working with three beads whoops
    I want to see I want to make sure you saw that hold on see look how oh that's so good so I'm working with three beads
    across so I need four warps so this is going to be my fourth okay so here we are at the top
    all right and then again I'm just going to help to secure that with my pointer
    and I'm going to come around the back of the button keeping it nice and taut wrap
    around again looks like I've got a pretty long tail so I'll just wrap it around a few times and then I'm going to
    turn the loom so that it's closest to me so
    afraid I'm going to lose my computer here hold on I've got way too many way too many things on my
    table uh
    oh let's see I'm not sure what happened
    Jules are you there she'll be she'll be coming back
    hey guys okay so I'm not exactly sure can you hear me did we just lose my uh
    we lost my phone so that's really bizarre
    um we lost your phone before we lost your [Laughter]
    face oh my God okay let's see did it come
    back so just so you know we are in um we have
    uh fighter jets flying overhead and um and so who
    knows what they're what they're doing or what's happening so uh a lot of that because I
    was actually connected to my phone and I got kicked off of that so I don't even know where my phone is right now um I'm
    trying not to lose my I'm in the same position I was in before we before we um
    I lost you so bear with me for one second here I think what I want to do just so that I don't lose
    my seriously technology what is going on okay so what I'm going to do is when
    we got cut off I literally was in this position and I haven't changed so um I
    just need to tie off you know that's where I'm at I just need to find the end of my hemp cord and I just um I need to
    you know get it under here and secure it and you know my thing
    is just just get it done right whoops except for don't distort your
    warps Jews come on
    Mama everything is fixable there we go Okay so so um so yeah so I'm just going
    to come and do this a couple of times and all right and let's see what's going
    on with the phone here hold on one quick second I'm just G to come back
    up so funny okay so it literally took me
    off mute okay are we yeah okay we're
    back okay so we're going to there we go and let me get my my
    stuff all right well that was fun okay so these are these green beads are the
    green beads that I showed in the original image for today's
    show um I'm wanting to mix it up and add some of
    the 5 mimer polish from the really good 12 strand bag and I definitely had my
    eye on that blue and I think it was this blue I mean look how pretty that is I think that
    would look really gorgeous together so this is two strands and these are two strands I'll
    get these out of the way and for my wrist a 6 in wrist that
    will four strands would be good so you know with that with that one
    package that I'm referring to you would be able to make like three bracelets so that's pretty pretty good
    right pretty good for what $10 or
    something well we got one that doesn't want to come off hold
    on yeah so yesterday we just had rain and rain and rain again and so so the
    interwebs are wet the lines are wet right is that sound
    good sound like a good excuse It's been a weird week technology
    Right Way ways right wise Facebook and Instagram down and
    that was that was a little crazy okay so what I'm going to do I've got my little
    pile and I've got my wisdom Warrior ready to go it looks like she moved a little bit
    when I tied her I'm not g to I'll squeeze that bead in there okay so
    I'm just going to take um the end of my Wildfire and I'm just going to do a
    little just a little loose
    knot okay and I'm starting with everything in my left hand so let me
    just show you this is my left hand okay and over here is the right side of the Loom so I'm going to come under the
    warps and I'm going to pick up three of the beads so I'll just do like an
    alternating pickup I'm not going to like get all crazy about a pattern but you
    certainly could and then I'm just going to pop these up in between the
    warps and then I'm taking the needle and I'm going on top of the hemp
    cord and then all the way through and then I just like to help
    guide the Wildfire so that it doesn't get tangled up with anything okay and on
    my first row I like to go back under in
    through those beads just to really give it a nice little secure
    um weave so I like to do that on the first row and the last
    row and now I'll just go back on the top and it's going to get a little tight because the the one millimeter hemp is
    very thick but I love love love that okay so this time I'm going to come under
    again and I'll just switch and I'll go light blue transparent and
    green and these bracelets come together so quickly you know like if you're um
    wanting something for your table at your craft show uh
    Boutique these are you know really simple fast bracelets for a really great
    price that $20 bill these are the this is a $20 bill right
    here right you don't got to give anybody change just
    $20 put it in a cute little bag and call it a day
    what has it been the large amount of sunspot activity oo that's very
    technical Joan is that a eagle thing
    no have you been watching the eagle that's in a nest somewhere and she keeps talking to her mate and I
    think she's sitting on an egg or something Have you seen that Joan
    there's one that's near not far from you at Big Bear that um first time she ever laid three eggs oh maybe that's it yeah
    Jackie and Shadow Jackie and Shadow I knew you would okay so while I'm making
    pretty cool I've been following them since before he was her mate because he just like he came one day and decided
    her neest was a mess he started cleaning it up and she threw a fit stop it stop
    it are you is that and he kept coming back every day and she yelling at him and he ignored kept cleaning her
    nest oh my God to be honest so we think because they do look a lot alike except
    for being male and female we think they're brother and sister and they both hatched in that Nest
    oh that is so incredibly bizarre okay so how how does this can we have a little
    biology uh course while I'm while I'm beating so uh so when she lays the
    eggs it does I mean but then does he have to like does he do something oh
    yeah they um have he he's on her back and they touch you know they have to
    swish their tails out of the way and they touch their you know behinds together if they don't do that then
    she's not gonna get pregnant or she not gonna her eggs aren't going to get fertilized it's the same way with
    all birds so oh my God that's so fascinating okay so this guy shows up to
    clean house and he even had a baby in the nest I mean he wasn't real young he was getting ready to fly and he didn't
    want him touching his pine cones oh the whole thing was hilarious
    and we thought he was mute for like two months he wouldn't say a word for two months oh my God God okay so these guys
    this is Jackie and shadow shadow yeah and there's three eggs being tended to
    right he's really good cha Shadow is the dad Shadow's the daddy yeah and he's
    he's a good daddy and he's like so they did their business and we think we're gonna have three hatch EGS well I saw a
    thing on YouTube right before we came on that there's a news report they not sure if the first egg will hatch oh is that
    normal because it's already um I mean it's considered a successful
    season as long as one actually starts flying even there three but it I was
    scared of three because for some reason the resources are out there bad oh and
    and there's been a couple that died of the cold weather and stuff yeah okay well I mean so made me nervous them if
    they had three I hate seeing babies die oh please I'm such a I know I can't even
    stand yeah knowing that is just making my heart s um so so what happens to the
    third egg if it doesn't hatch do they like it do they eat it some do some don't they'll try to
    bury it in the nest unless the eaglet decides I mean they won't decide for
    quite a while probably at least a month that it doesn't work you know it won't hatch the Eagles themselves and
    sometimes the eaglets consider it theirs and they start getting mad at the parents if the Parents try to bury it or do something
    with it so do you know so this month as you do know uh there are owls in the
    creative Soul kit uh what did I just do yeah oh look it I'm getting all excited
    that I didn't do okay hold on let me repair whatever
    the heck I just did what I just did do oh I didn't go through this I didn't go
    through that okay see what happens when you get excit excited about talking about oh no I really screwed up hold on
    all right I got all excited about Shadow and
    Jackie we could talk in the background let me do that
    okay you can still hear me right I can still hear you but I need to figure out what in the BB I just did okay I got to
    come up here and then I got to go through okay I just yeah I got super
    excited about Shadow and Jackie and babies and okay so do
    owl's uh nest and you know like are they as similar do they do
    they yeah are they like eagles different out Nest different
    okay Great Horn owls are known for stealing others nests they won't build their own and in fact they have been
    known to watch Like an Eagle or Hawk build a nest and they'll sneak in there at night and lay their eggs in it you
    have got to be kidding me no they I'm not this is just Great Horn house not the other Great Horn house yeah the
    biggest ones in the United States the biggest ones in the United States are so stinking lazy that they will literally
    steal an eagle build its nest and then have the audacity to go they're
    squatters yeah they'll yeah they'll do it to Hawks too
    they'll do it to Hawks too wow they'll do it to a hawk wow what can I mean like
    do the so who's the strongest bird I mean is the eagle gonna come and like
    kill the owl I mean is the owl strong they F they'll fight this owl is
    sneakier about it because he will come he or she will come and knock an eagle
    out of the tree when he's sleeping at night you got to be kidding me as far as
    the um grip of their talons the eagle is stronger I think at
    Eagles is a th000 pounds per inch and um Great Horn owls an 800 pounds per inch
    but the Great Horn Owl is nastier wow a gry Horn Owl can break an equals
    back with his geeeez and I thought owls were so stinking sweet I guess not huh no this
    is great hord owls I love all other Owls Great Horn owls gives me the creeps all
    right so just they've always gave me the creeps wow well I mean I'm creeping out
    now too I mean so very interesting okay Mel says
    that she saw what did she say Jones she saw a white out oh okay
    there's um if it's in the winter time it could be an um a snowy owl but then Barn
    ows can also look most you know there are a few that are white I love barnow
    and snowy ows those those are my two favorite super cute so I like their eyes are like great
    big discs oh my gosh you know I what do what kind of an owl do you think that is that
    um I mean I didn't even ask I just said make an ow please I was thinking I think
    I mean I was looking at it before the show and I kept thinking I I think it's a Great Horn Owl oh great so we got a
    naughty owl let me look at the other owls and see if I could come up with one that looks like it that's so funny okay
    because now Eastern I love Eastern scree house they're little tiny things they're only
    like four ounces and they're so but they look similar people think their babies a
    Great Horn Owl so we could always say it's a Eastern screen show oh okay
    that's so funny how many um how many years now
    have you been studying the feathery friends I
    started December 2016
    okay yeah I mean it's mostly um Eagles at first and then you know getting into
    the other ones Eagles and ospre and then you know it just kept getting more and more and then when I moved here of
    course and that's when I started seeing the all the other ones and I kept wanting to read up on them oh wow
    because we have a really large you know um bird of prey population here oh um
    yeah and bird watching is like a thing like oh yeah yeah like people it's
    a okay and this is another thing if you're out like like by a river or you know any body of water and you see
    photographers unless they're really snoody you know go up and ask some questions what you looking at or
    whatever because you know that that's a good way to get information on what what they're
    seeing birds are in the area right no that's very
    um that's very cool fishermen too fishermen will know like especially if Eagle oh yeah there's eagle nest right
    over there yeah yeah oh the fisherman
    oh almost almost did the opposite I feel like there's something in this one did it fall out wow that's
    really cool thanks because I I was watching um on the Tik Tok I saw Jackie
    and Shadow yeah I I've loved them I started following them like I said that first
    year actually probably was 2006 17 you know yeah within my first year because
    it was just so cool because Shadow is only like four years old is that's one year before
    maturity oh all right an eagle doesn't I mean a bald eagle doesn't look like a
    bald eagle until they get to be about four years old and then they no really
    what do they look like before they look like a bald eagle they could during their first year
    they could be mistaken for a golden eagle you know the ones in their first year and then they start changing colors
    and patterns and no two look alike but they usually stay Brown to like a creamy
    color until they start getting their white usually after their third year
    okay did I ever tell you about the dream I had about eagles no it was so crazy so
    I go into this room and there's like I don't know a
    dozen half a dozen to a dozen Eagles but they're all like they're um
    uh you know like say that they're like caricature like you know and they're all
    different they all have like this different attitude they all have like different you know feathers they're you
    know they're all fancy um and I just remember waking up thinking about these
    Eagles and how they were all so different it was just like one of those really profound like gosh what did that
    mean well you know I think this is the same for any um animal especially anybody who own pets every animal also
    has their own personality yes and and you know when you're observing Eagles especially if you're watching them on
    camera and there's a nest here that I observed that's actually three adults it's two females and a male and um it is
    so fun watching them the two females spoil the male because he doesn't want any other eagles but those two around
    him or any he's raising he's a really good dad very protective but once they leave home don't come mess
    with him again okay I gotta get I got to get a grip on this there's two
    grown adult female Eagles and one male
    Eagle uhuh and he do they all live in the same nest oh
    yeah in fact so they're like in a they're like in a multi-level condo no
    they're all the same m one level and what it is that the older female is a
    lot older and I really think she brought in this younger female because they act a lot alike you know they're both very
    caring and they both teach the Young Eagles when they come through it's really fascinating to watch them because
    they're different than any other eagles I've seen and they um
    um well the older female seems to like me because she comes um flies around
    above me circles around me to say hi until I say hi and let her know how pretty she is a that so cute and U the
    other one's protective of her and the older one now has arthritis in her feet really bad so that means she can't catch
    fish very well and we notice that both the male and the younger female take fish back to the nest a lot so they're
    taking it to her you know this is when there's no eggs or babies wow so they're very Community very family well maybe
    not Community but they're definitely very family oriented they all only hang out with each other unless you know
    they're a bonded couple they'll only hang out with each other outside of nesting season but once they start
    getting the nest ready to get they'll ever another Eagle better not come approach their nest
    Wow girlfriend I did not know this about eagles I just saw you know I don't even
    know thought I mean I know they're Majestic and I know that you know they're like you know we love Eagles but I couldn't
    tell you why but this is fascinating the way that they take care of each other is pretty pretty incredible yeah because
    there was one the first well like we call them Trio Nest the first Trio Nest I ever seene was actually near Fon
    Illinois along near the Mississippi River and that one had two males and a
    female and the first year I was watching it the female was killed by another Eagle because another Eagle pair was
    trying to take over the nest so the Two Dads raised the babies by themselves and everybody kept saying it wouldn't you know they wouldn't be able to do it
    they'll abandon the babies but they did an excellent job oh my God that is so
    and they found a a new mate for the next year and they stayed together for about three or four years but it got to be
    where one of the Eagles was doing all the work but does didn't get to spend time with the babies and he finally went
    and got a new mate what yeah he was doing s like a reality
    TV show I mean but if you said it you know the people who officially I mean they thought they
    owned the nest but they didn't they got mad at me when I was saying that and I said you can't tell me anything
    different because I was recording this nest and I was watching and you can't even answer questions about that Nest
    yeah so nener nener
    yeah don't take away my uh and I had an official Eagle place kind of back me up
    on that too you know a a big organization that's so funny hey I just
    want to point out that I ran out of a thread and I just added more to my
    needle and you might have seen how I smooshed the end with the flat nose pliers look I still have black paint
    under my fingernails um that helps to get it through the eye of the jewel loom needle just just a little thing there um
    and then what I'm going to do to get going again is I'm just going to come from the left side
    and out the right not too far and then back um
    through the last row that I just finished so I didn't I didn't um I
    didn't calculate correctly that's okay um so
    what I'm going to do is just like multiple rows of green and I think it's actually going to be really pretty
    because it'll be either at the end or the beginning so I don't know let's do
    it and just go with it and see see how fun it looks so anyway sorry
    Joan I just wanted to make sure everybody knew where where getting tired of me rattling on so I was gonna stop
    and get off I find it fascinating I think it's great to beat and learn and
    you know it's kind of like when we're together in real life we're talking about we're talking about our lives
    right and like what's going on in the world and and I think it's funny how these two Eagles
    Jackie and and Shadow have captivated um you know they've captivated the
    attention of of us humans and we get to have uh the honor of having our Joan
    know so much and she um actually I the last
    couple years or maybe out of the last three years there's two years they didn't have um any eaglets because um
    one year the Raven got them a actually I think two years Ravens got
    them like that they're being real cautious the second time but the the you
    know got the eggs and ate them and the second time the Arabians got real sneaky lared them from the nest because they're
    being really pesty and then another one came in and ate them while they're you know chasing away those Ravens are
    naughty yeah so I hope they have a successful year this year I hope so too
    everyone's going to be a little heartbroken if they don't yeah wow so tell me how did they get what is it a go
    camera or a GoPro or something that's like how are they filming all of this so and I
    mean um do you know I'm not sure there I'm not really positive there I know
    there's a group called friends the uh big bear eagle nest or something oh okay
    but they also the um you know the Eagles on Channel Islands out there yeah that's
    by me yeah well he just retired last year but the doctor that you know got
    you know re the bald eagles repopulated in California okay that was done with
    the help of um of um the San Francisco Zoo um he would go up in the nests every
    year and ban them to keep track of them to make sure they were okay you know and see and so they have a genealogy of all
    those Eagles out there and he also did the Big Bear since it was so close yeah we
    have yeah there's some cool things like that they um there's people who also
    track the orcas and they have family names for for the orcas and um they know
    the pods so like they can identify the Pod of orcas as they're
    traveling you know through our area you know to wherever they may be going and
    you know in San Francisco and what have you and I just find it fascinating that
    they can that there's distinctive uh ways that they act and
    behave that they can um you know that they can they can identify I mean I just
    think it's incredible well you want to hear something really cool too about the California ones you know after they were
    done repopulating the islands and let them do it on their own the Eagles that were at the zoo that
    was El the a eggs you know and um hatching the eaglets and stuff for that
    they were sent here they were sent to Dollywood and
    American Eagle Foundation which you know um Dollywood supports you know is the biggest supporter of American Eagle
    foundation and um so the then when they started having babies here now their brothers and sisters are out here their
    relatives see one of them had their own Eagle Cam and I see her a lot she flies around her
    territory is downtown Seville oh so cool yeah so and she likes hanging
    out at the golf course wow wow It it's fascinating because you
    know they're just they're so smart these animals okay so I kind of love my little
    unplanned situation where it just kind of the last several rows are solid a
    green look how pretty that is I love that I love that you stuck with the blue
    mostly through the middle yeah no it's just a it's just a an unplanned random pattern that wasn't um
    planned out and so I love that okay so I'm gonna go
    under this last
    row or at least I'm going to try I just like to have that
    extra ump there we
    go yeah that's all really fascinating they had a picture of a an old Orca
    Grandma they call her she's a grandom and she took out a white
    shark oh wow yeah so they never used to
    think that the orcas would be aggressive like that I guess with the whites the white sharks
    but um yeah well I wonder if they're just like some other creatures too where
    they just get fed up with it and they finally just lash out yeah yeah I don't know I don't know but
    it's I can see that happen because I've seen it with other animals you wouldn't think would attack another one but they just get so fed up with it
    yeah I don't know I mean I I certainly I love being on the water I'm
    not I'm not in the water um p in the ocean but I do find sharks to be
    incredibly fascinating I mean I I do think that they're incredible um animals
    and of course the orcas are just like unbelievable L intelligent and you know
    the whales like I just I love all things you know in the sea um the Dolphins and
    what have you oh I know I love seeing the Dolphins when we go stay on the coast and then when we lived up in New
    England we would go to Plymouth Massachusetts take a whale Bo we did that several times you know whale
    watching but one time this guy was um on there and they they said he was a
    researcher uh for sharks and so he stand on by himself and I went you know I went
    over to him to ask him some questions and a shark went right in front of us
    right underneath the boat it was so cool to be right next to him he got so excited because he really didn't think he'd see a shark but he was hoping to
    oh yeah I have seen one when I was well it's a long story I don't want to share
    but anyway I have had one a good sighting of one
    okay so okay super fun now what I'm going to do is um I'm just going to trim these
    guys and then I'll use the
    burner okay I got one bead left I'm going to scooch that
    over so this is just the basic um sometimes if I can figure out how to untie this mess I will I mean it doesn't
    it doesn't make a difference whether you cut it or untie it I
    mean unless you think you want to I don't know do
    something so we'll just go ahead and try
    that so pretty I want to grab the Wildfire burner hold on one quick second
    here I love this
    thing so I'll just like be really careful and I'll I'll um
    turn it into like a little ball but I try to get it short so that I
    can still see
    okay oh another straggler
    I think I'm just going to do let's see let's get a little bit of a tie on these
    so I'm just going to grab the two
    warps super cool I'm actually digging that like it was totally unplanned but I
    really dig
    that okay and then since this is my short end I'm going to use it for my
    button and sometimes if my if my warps are long
    enough I'll try to crisscross over but they're pretty short so I think I'm just
    going to do like a knot and it looks fun you know so I'll just do
    this and I don't ever cut these ends until I know for sure that it fits
    correctly so we'll get this come on buddy
    okay we'll just start from the beginning there we
    go there we go okay so we'll just leave that want to make sure I didn't go too
    tight okay so let's see where we're at oh oh my god
    seriously look how gorgeous that is super super pretty okay so then and
    then we're just going to come over here and do a fitting so spread those
    too and yep that looks [Music] good so don't want to lose
    okay let's see now clean that up I just want to make sure it's the right
    size yes it
    is those colors together are so stinking beautiful
    so pretty yay all right and then what I'll do is I
    can just come back um
    whoops I just want to make sure this is nice and
    taut I may put a dab of white glue in there for Giggles so I'm going to leave that long for right now
    but gorgeous I really like that so it's like
    a thick it's just like several rows of the same color but it's hard to really
    you don't like really see that because of the ab right so it's just really really pretty enchanting yes it's very
    enchanting a I love it okay so um I do
    what do I want to do let's see so I think yeah I showed
    these in the beginning that you know basically you know it'd be fun to play
    around with but they're so tiny the little charms to get them painted I
    would have I definitely would have paint brushes because it was just too hard to
    use the foam brush but again all I did was you know I painted them black and
    then this is the pearls so it's really super
    pretty so yay look at how fast that was I'm going to remove
    this so how do we like those uh that the bird stories thanks Joan that was really
    good stuff yeah that was really really good so yeah let's
    see I really really like that that could be like a fun necklace
    too or even like a cool pattern for a choker that would be cool nice nice nice
    nice okay um good stuff yeah if you don't have the
    small wisdom Warrior I highly recommend her such a Powerhouse you know really
    nice and sturdy so some people really enjoy that and
    um yeah so busy week and I hope that just kind of inspired you to do
    something fun and take advantage of those 5 millimeter 5 millimeter little
    packs I actually really like that a lot sometimes the unplan things end up
    being really really the best right
    so yeah I like the I like the uh fascin ating conversation while we're beating
    because we um you know when we're you know together then everybody's like
    around a table and we're sharing stories and stuff and so I really like that
    added element I think we need to find like more more interesting animals to to
    follow Joan we need more stories will you bring us more let me
    can you come on I'm gonna bring no um there you are okay wait thise okay you can hear me
    okay yeah I mean I'm mostly follow Birds I know some other things but it's only my own personal
    observations well like I was telling Jenny I said one of my favorite memories is an elk female elk walking right up to
    me there's only a Pioneer fence in between us and it was in the Smoky Mountains and so they always say say 50
    yards away but since she walked up to me they did didn't I didn't get in trouble for it
    oh you know and the people who walk up to the buffalos I mean come on oh no I
    mean if a bear tried to walk up to me I would take I mean I would get I with the
    black bears you want to walk backwards you don't want to show Fear oh okay you know and just make B and be noisy yeah
    but the grizzly and don't play dead don't play dead with what either bear
    don't play dead black bears don't play see you as a food source okay but
    I'm to walk backwards with the black bear walk backwards yeah and what do I do with a
    Grizzly run
    pray pray yeah run I wouldn't even stand
    still well folks it's Jew Loom we
    uh animal education it's good stuff it's good stuff Story
    Time good stories thanks Joan I really I everyone really loved that I think that was really
    fun yeah well keep us updated on Shadow and Jackie and we'll find out more about
    their their their lovely family next week okay yeah U surely if the first egg
    doesn't um have the other two will be hatched by next Thursday oh wow okay
    well because they L three days apart okay they um but they also um they
    do what they call delayed Inu incubation so they can try to hatch clo together
    oh it makes it easier because the older eaglets are aggressive to the younger eaglets so if they're closer in age
    they're also closer in size yeah there's been known to be sibling side you know
    the God yeah it's pretty vicious and it yeah you know because they're predators and
    yes they are we miss remember they're animals and that is their natural their natural Jam so wow
    yeah okay well uh here on the national uh jewel loom animal show we're very
    grateful that you tuned in because we do need to feed and learn and be more
    educated all right everyone thank you so much for hanging out um I hope you make a quick
    and fun easy bracelet something fun for the uh fun for the soul easy on the mind
    right just a very quick I love these single hole beaded bracelets they're just super quick and easy and fun and
    and it's just rewarding it's like I made something bing bada boom it didn't take like five hours and um it's just very
    rewarding I love love love love them so yay thank you hermy thanks Maria as
    always Mel Zach nice to see you everyone on the Facebook everyone on the
    YouTube thanks Joan all right we'll see you all next