Weaving Loom Fiber Loom with Yarn Kit

Fiber Loom How-To Instructions

Jewel Loom®️ Fiber Loom™️ Kit includes:

Made in the USA - with Baltic Birch from sustainable sources. 

Small Wooden Laser Cut Loom made of baltic birch. Working/Creative space 8.5 inches long by 5 inches wide. There are 21 notches/grooves on the front of the loom. Back of loom can also be used to weave on with a working space of 5.75 inches wide 8.5 inches long. There are 14 large notches/grooves to accommodate thicker materials. Overall dimensions are 7 inches wide by 10 inches long. Loom is assembled and ready to use. 

1 Baltic Birch Wooden Weaving Comb with “Creating with my hands” laser cut into the wood. Measures 5 inches wide and is used to push your woven rows either up or down depending on which direction you are working. 

1 Baltic Birch Wooden Weaving Blunt Needle with “I am an Artist” laser cut into the wood. Measures 6 inches 

3 Baltic Birch Wooden Rectangular Buttons with two holes to make fiber bracelets. Measurements are in inches, 1.58 x .44 Button holes are .21 

1 Baltic Birch Wooden Mounting Bar for hanging your finished project. Measures 6.5 x .53

7, 5 yard Fiber Spools with a variety of colors and textures. Each spool has 5 yards of fibers. Color’s May vary. 35 total yards. Make one wall hanging or 3 bracelets depending on size and actual project created. 

Customer Reviews

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Mary Clark

Sorry I have not received my order yet but will be happy to review it when I can

Love the fiber loom

I am loving my fiber loom. Have made my first wall hanging and thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Charlene Quandt Hardee
Fiber loom

Just the right size. I thought they showed 7 different yarns. I only received 6. The darkest color was missing. But I love the kit.

Sherry Buit
My fiber loom

Made my first fiber loom piece. Absolutely love how easy it is to get wrapped up in making something beautiful.

M. Jane Chipser
Fiber loom

Okay can I just say that I love my fiber loom! It's helping me explore so many new things related to looming and weaving!!! Thanks so much for your products!