Weaving Loom Fiber Loom with Yarn Kit

Fiber Loom How-To Instructions

Jewel Loom®️ Fiber Loom™️ Kit includes:

Made in the USA - with Baltic Birch from sustainable sources. 

Small Wooden Laser Cut Loom made of baltic birch. Working/Creative space 8.5 inches long by 5 inches wide. There are 21 notches/grooves on the front of the loom. Back of loom can also be used to weave on with a working space of 5.75 inches wide 8.5 inches long. There are 14 large notches/grooves to accommodate thicker materials. Overall dimensions are 7 inches wide by 10 inches long. Loom is assembled and ready to use. 

1 Baltic Birch Wooden Weaving Comb with “Creating with my hands” laser cut into the wood. Measures 5 inches wide and is used to push your woven rows either up or down depending on which direction you are working. 

1 Baltic Birch Wooden Weaving Blunt Needle with “I am an Artist” laser cut into the wood. Measures 6 inches 

3 Baltic Birch Wooden Rectangular Buttons with two holes to make fiber bracelets. Measurements are in inches, 1.58 x .44 Button holes are .21 

1 Baltic Birch Wooden Mounting Bar for hanging your finished project. Measures 6.5 x .53

7, 5 yard Fiber Spools with a variety of colors and textures. Each spool has 5 yards of fibers. Color’s May vary. 35 total yards. Make one wall hanging or 3 bracelets depending on size and actual project created. 

Customer Reviews

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Sorry I have not received my order yet but will be happy to review it when I can

Love the fiber loom

I am loving my fiber loom. Have made my first wall hanging and thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Fiber loom

Just the right size. I thought they showed 7 different yarns. I only received 6. The darkest color was missing. But I love the kit.

My fiber loom

Made my first fiber loom piece. Absolutely love how easy it is to get wrapped up in making something beautiful.

Fiber loom

Okay can I just say that I love my fiber loom! It's helping me explore so many new things related to looming and weaving!!! Thanks so much for your products!