Portable Bead Loom Jewel Loom® with Needles

This packaging includes one Jewel Loom, Metal Rod, Instructions & 6 pack of Needles.

The Jewel Loom was named one of the HOT 20 products by the Craft and Hobby Association in 2013

The Jewel Loom designed by Julianna C Avelar, is innovative, portable, lightweight and easy to use. The sleek design with a work surface of 2.75" wide and 10.5" long is perfect for creating fashionable, on-trend jewelry pieces. The Jewel Loom fits perfectly in the palm of your hand allowing for ease of use for a comfortable grip and ultimate control while bead weaving. Enjoy endless hours of creativity while making unique bracelets, necklaces, pouches, pendants, ring tops, apparel, hair accessories, and much more! Instructions included with both loom sets.
Patent #D676,879.


NOTE: finished items on loom are not included with purchase. Shown for visual inspiration only

Instructional Video for the loom:
Jewel Loom Instructional Video


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kelley hawkins
Easy to use

Jewelloom is my go to creative outlet! You can use it with so many different threads and cords and fabric strips and even wire. Not just for seed beads either! You can add almost any size bead or no beads at all. The creative potential is fantastic, with this ingenious invention from Jewel Avelar. Once I tried it I bought the book and the baby loom. Check it out!!!

Cathy Davison of Designs by CathyD
Excellent Beading Tool

I’m so excited to use my Jewel Loom to create custom designs for my customers. The Jewel Loom is easy to use and set up. The directions are easy to understand. I highly recommend Jewel Loom products

Janelda Mitchell
So easy

I used my loom the other day for the first time and it was so easy. Easy to follow instructions. Looking forward to making a lot of great creations in the future.

Melodie Grimmett
I Love It

I Love It. Thank You.

Bambi Garcia
Loom Love

I'm going to spread much needed project love through this Loom!

What sets the Jewel Loom apart from other looms?

• Affordable
I want weaving to be available to anyone, so I designed the Jewel Loom to be highly affordable. This means if you’ve wanted to give weaving a try, but not risk spending a lot for something you’re not sure you’ll enjoy, I’ve removed the risk factor!

• Appropriate for Any Skill Level
The Jewel Loom is easy enough to use for the true beginner, yet offers unlimited possibilities for the more experienced designer. I like to say the Jewel Loom meets you wherever you are in your journey.

• Amazingly Versatile
The Jewel Loom will accommodate a large variety of beads—both is size and shape—as well as warping materials from beading thread to leather, fabric strips, yarns and more. Additionally, you can enjoy both bead weaving as well as traditional weaving on your Jewel Loom.

• Portable
Lightweight and minimal in size, the Jewel Loom makes it easy to pick up your project and take it with you anywhere.

• Simple and Straightforward
Unlike some other looms that can be complicated to set up, the patented design of the Jewel Loom makes it super simple to get set up and creating right away.

• Waste Saving
I created the Jewel Loom to save your resources! Many looms require you to use twice as much warp material as you actually end up weaving with, but the Jewel Loom minimizes waste by only requiring what’s truly needed.

Additional Benefits

• Soul Medicine
The back-and-forth process of weaving with the Jewel Loom reminds me of a soothing dance. Once you’ve completed a couple rows on your loom, the process relaxes and you quickly find yourself falling into a meditative state. Bonus: At the end of your meditation session, you have something new to wear such as a pretty bracelet or pair of earrings!

• Access to Loving Support and Community
When you purchase the Jewel Loom from me, you’re instantly allowed access to the Jewel Loom Facebook page family. Here you have access to me and full support for any issues you may have. Additionally, you can be kept up to date on specials I often run on supplies or workshops.

Introducing the Baby Jewel Loom!

• All of the benefits of the original Jewel Loom in an even more compact size.
• Perfect for single-wrap bracelets, earrings, pendants or rings.
• Smaller size is even easier for children’s small hands.