Designed by Julianna C. Avelar

Made in the USA with Sustainable Baltic Birch 

Kit Includes:
1 Large Wisdom Warrior Loom Kit - Working area measures 4 inches wide by 25 inches in length. If you warp from front to back you will have double the length approximately 50 inches long
1 Pack of Jewel Loom Needle's 

5 Tubes of TOHO 11/0 Seed Beads and Pattern via Jewel Loom School to create a Hatband. You will get access to the course once you purchase your loom. Make sure you are signed up at to subscribe

The Wisdom Warrior loom was designed to enhance your bead weaving experience with extra width, length. Perfect for Hat Bands, Belts, Long Necklace's, Chokers, Multi projects at one time and so much more!

How to take care of your Wisdom Warrior Loom
The Wisdom Warrior Loom can be cared for by using a light coating of beeswax. This will keep the wood smooth, flexible, and less prone to splintering. Baltic Birch is also perfect for staining with any variety of stain. Some stains even come with a poly base that also provides a glossy or matte finish if desired. 

Please note that there may be a slight color or shade difference on your untreated piece due to the nature of the Baltic Birch. Your Wisdom Warrior Loom is a wooden product and although she is strong and flexible, proper care must be taken to prevent damage.

Your Wisdom Warrior Loom comes fully assembled with permanently attached risers and grooves. There is also a stability insert to help keep your risers from bending.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kelley hawkins
Best Buy

I am in love with my wisdom warrior loom. For one thing it is simply beautiful to look at and is begging for your personal touches to color it up. Both sides! They are both beautifully decorated and YES you can use the back to loom too! You can wrap all the way around. I have used mine to make a 3 in wide fine seed bead hatband, a single row of beads hatband, multiple rings at one time, a triple wrap bracelet is a breeze on her! I am in progress on a beautiful choker right now. Try it out! You will fall in love too! Lots of room for lots of creativity!

Shirley Featherstone
Master Piece

I purchased the Wisdom Warrior Jewel Loom and was flood by it created design awesomeness. What a Master Piece! The creative ability is limitless on the Wisdom Warrior Jewel Loom. Phenomenal Julianna!