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  • Micro Loom Earrings - Live with Danielle & Jewels

    September 26, 2022

    Micro Loom Earrings - Live with Danielle & Jewels

    Join Danielle Wickes & Julianna Jewels Avelar for this special Jewel Loom tutorial. Danielle shows how she makes a pair of earrings on the micro tiny loom, which is also Jewels' business card! She gives suggestions on what to use at the end to keep the warps lifted up, so you can work under them. And she finishes off the ends of the warps in a way which has not been done on a Jewel Loom tutorial before! Amazing & so easy!

    Click the following link to an article about how these earrings happened, besides to a link to a pdf tutorial for this project:

    Supplies For This Project:
    Mini Loom
    Wildfire .006
    4 colors of Size 8/0
    Ear Wires
    Focal Bead
    22 gauge craft wire
    jump rings
    Chain Nose Pliers
    Round Nose Pliers
    Flush Cutters

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    8/0 Seed beads:
    Wildfire .006:

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    there we go this is live now was it lunch with Jules or was it wine
    30. I'm right there so I know that's because
    oh my gosh I hope that we can um find find everybody to come back oh my you
    know and the sad thing is is that it literally says end broadcast like it couldn't be in bigger more red bold
    letters and yet my mind just will not process that for
    some reason I've done it twice now so I am to blame for those of you who are
    wondering wtw like what the what
    because I am just not allowed to touch anything anymore so anyway hopefully
    Joan is re-sharing to the world that um that Jules is a knucklehead and
    is not a it's not allowed to touch yes yes
    [Music] I love it awesome oh Daniel thank you so much I
    know it's so fun and so you know I have to um so everyone Danielle amazing Wix is that is that
    that is how you enunciate it right Wix yeah okay easy peasy
    um is joining us today and I had the honor to meet um Daniel at the bead Fest and so while
    we had seen each other and um you know like when you were on niele show and everything we had never
    actually met in person and so uh so that was super cool and
    then you got a hold of what I brought to the show as like this little calling
    card you know like in lieu of a business card I thought well you know I should
    have a little micro tiny Loom to represent jewel loom and uh and when you
    came back with this whole like I'm gonna actually use it as a loom I was floored
    and so um and we should tell everyone a little bit more about you I know everyone a lot of people know you and
    love you and adore you but you do many things you have your own business as a
    artist designer but you do a lot of work with um John John Beads right is that
    the right way to okay um they heard me full time like maybe
    gosh it was and almost going on a year and a half ago and then since April they
    gave me a new position so I get to do their um creative director so for their content marketing yeah yeah no fun at
    all right like all the fun in the world
    it should never be that way I mean I I know there are different seasons in our lives where we have to do what we have
    to do but ultimately it's such a gift to to see it that way to where you can do
    the work that you love and and that it doesn't seem like you know a grind or
    whatever so congratulations on that I know they're an amazing company and I know that you do a lot of things as an
    independent as well and so I'm just delighted that um that you also have a
    love for the jewel looms so thank you I do and that goes that goes way back I
    think it's one of the first looms that I tried oh wow okay it's I got hooked on
    looming it was I think it was one of the like maybe the third bead Stitch I learned with seed beads oh my gosh I
    love it because it's fast right like if you learn peyote first everybody learns bad and then you get this gorgeous cuff
    bracelet and you're like wow that took me a long time yeah he's like way faster so yeah and
    you know I I never was an off Loomer so I've only been and yeah I've only ever
    been an on loom person so when people ask me things about off Loom I'm just like um
    you know like I don't know like I love those words
    no I'm not an yeah I'm an I'm a water worker like you know artistic wire was
    my was my jam for a really long time and and um but but beating on a loom started
    way back in the 90s when I was on Eileen's creative living and so that's actually how I got turned on to looming
    and just felt fell in love with that and so um yeah you know Jill Wiseman was
    always that off Loomer queen that I knew of right because she would do all the things and uh yeah and I would just be
    like oh my gosh and uh but yeah I I'm an on on Loomer so so but I I'm so
    respectful and and honor everyone that does all of those different stitches because I'm like oh wow that's so cool
    but you know oh that's fun yeah yeah so you'll have
    to show me that one day we'll do yeah
    eat fast I walked into like showroom and you were presenting yes ran over there yeah you did I was I
    think we were both like like you know uh I don't wanna well I don't know I was kind of stalking for you because I was
    like I have to make sure I meet her and uh and so yeah no yeah it's so fun it's
    so good when you know Beady Spirits find each other and we have a passion and a
    drive and a love that's hard for everyone to understand you know so it's
    like you you know you can't like go to your neighbor's house and be like oh my God so I like loomed this thing today
    they'll just be like a Wyatt what'd you do is that legal
    so yeah yeah but anyway I'm so I'm so happy that you're here and it does look
    like um folks are finding us and I apologize you all you know I have decided I will not touch I am not
    touching things um I don't know what it is it's just so stinking funny and God bless you Joan
    for not I know if Joan sees me she probably will beat me with my loom
    kicking her head no she's taking her head now
    yes Joan Joan holds quite a few of us right she she's behind the scenes but
    she holds several of us and keeps us all looking really good so we appreciate and
    love you Joan very much yeah so so we're um correct me if I'm wrong
    um we're streaming to the Facebooks and streaming to um the YouTube channel so is that
    correct Joe so I would just want to say welcome to everyone I see the little TVs and the
    little F's for the Facebook so um super excited to see everybody Bonnie
    is here and Melissa and uh and I did see Maria and it's scrolling a little too fast for me to
    keep up there but yes from Hawaii awesome so anyway
    um you're gonna show us and I'm I'm very fascinated I'm gonna try to work along
    I'm wanting to make um these patterned earrings
    and so I wanted I want to use the turquoise and the beige and the Terra
    Cotta and the teal that mimic um the hat band that we've made before
    and so and so I love all the Native American
    um you know earrings and what have you and and stuff so I'm gonna do that and
    then I saw the tassel I can't and then I saw you know I grabbed all the things I was like
    what is she doing so I think I have the things
    yeah you did so in case anyone didn't have the one item there could be some other item in
    order yeah yeah yeah definitely and so I um uh
    I'm just going to turn it over to you and then I'm gonna be back here watching I will say I love how you
    you tied in the front here and you're going to show us all that but that was smart because I think that these little
    guys are too short and could be frustrating for some you know to try to
    get a knot around that so I thought it was brilliant you're going to show us that now and I'm going to stop talking
    [Laughter] so Joan do what you need to do honey
    I don't know if she's going to kick me out or put me to the side or what's going to happen here
    oh there it is okay um so what was when I first got the business card
    from Jules I was looking at it and I without really thinking much about it just looked at it and thought Oh my God
    that's the coolest loom ever and um then I was sitting on the airplane on
    the way home and I started to play with trying to get it to work and so I kind of just used
    what I had on hand at the time which was a pencil and then I warped over the pencil and
    then it kind of pressed it up toward the top to create some tension and it went okay but um I wasn't able to get my
    finger under the under the warp threads and um you know when you loom you want to be able to get your hand underneath the
    warp so you can push those beads up so they pop up so that you can get that needle back through over
    the warp threads um when you're doing your wefting so um it was a little challenging for that
    reason so when I was on the plane what I was doing was just kind of pushing this down and I reached a point where I could get
    this under it and use it to pop up the beads but that one was more um like it was more like it had to really kind of
    fuss with it and play a little bit and plus you know there was turbulence and all that but it worked but then when I
    got home I started thinking what do I have that's as tall as my my fingers so I can get my fingers under it and so I
    started looking around at stuff and the first thing I tried was like a well I tried the burner first wow because it's
    about 14 millimeter diameter a bean tube would also work so like if you don't
    have that you can just use a bead tube and um just anything that's about as tall as your finger so you can get your finger
    under it would work and then um Joan was saying Hey try the tassel maker and I think if you could get it to stay
    upright that would also be pretty cool um and then last but not least if you can do woodworking
    I sent the heavy out to the garage to make me this after I made the first few pairs and this is probably the one that
    I think is the most handy although I wish I had maybe I need to sand it down a little bit or even create some grooves on it but this I can fit my fingers
    under it so I can get my you know warps going um the right way when I get the the
    beads on there so that's another way you could do it um so try all those things
    um the cool thing about this and why I went through all the you know rigmarole to get it to work was
    I was thinking um it's like the least wasteful for your thread and um the wildfire that I'm using right
    now is the point I'm using I used 0.006 you could use 0.082 but it doesn't use
    that much thread and then at the end I'm going to show a method where you can just pull all your warps through and all of the stuff I've been saying
    and um all of the pattern and diagramming and stuff is in a handout that Joan's been posting in the chat
    over there I saw it pop up a few times there so there's and there's pictures of all these things including my I took a photo
    on the plane of like look yeah lots of fun stuff to check out um and then so what you'll need in
    addition to that little Loom and something to create tension with is some seed beads and you can get any size I
    use size eight I think this will work with other sizes but size 8 is the fastest and the easiest and it also
    makes um you know kind of a one for one with this size right here spacing so that's why I
    want the eight and um four colors is what I used in the patterns but you can use any colors you
    want and you can change up a pattern um and let's see anything else you might want some tools at the end some focal
    beads some ear wires charms whatever you want to do to finish your earring would be great
    um yeah that's that's pretty much it so I'm gonna just dive in and the hardest part of this of course like with everything
    else is those first rows and getting it set up um but once you've got it going you've got it going and you're good so um
    I did work from the school and just directly off the spool is easier for me
    and then I chose the top left corner here and I'm gonna just wrap it around this Edge once and just do a knot just
    to get it to stay so going over here and please feel free jump in with questions if I'm going too
    fast or if there's anything that doesn't make sense this is definitely a lot of info coming at you all at once
    and I'm just going to make a loop so one thing I do when I'm starting a loop is you see how I kind of made that one
    through I'm going to go through it once more so like a surgeon's not right that just
    makes it not wiggle when you place it onto the little Edge prong there
    and then I'm going to do one more knot and we'll cut this off at the end so it
    doesn't need to be any certain length or anything this is just going to be something we'll cut off when we remove it from the loom
    and so even though I have this handy dandy thing here that is is like you
    know the the ultimate like for for me to use I'm going to try to work with another item so that you guys can get the idea and I
    might fumble with it a little bit but just stick with me I'm going to use
    um I'm going to use this again because this worked for me last time but I do think seed bead tube is
    actually even a little bigger well hey maybe I'll use the CV tube even though it'll be my first time trying it it's kind of the same
    concept and um you need to put 14 warps on if you're doing the same pattern as me so it's a
    13 rows so you want to do 14 works and again this pattern is in
    in the back of that PDF that Jones been posting so I'm just going to come down here
    and then turn and come up so here's the back I'm just using the prongs that's just
    like a way to turn and this is a lot like uh the other looms the uh the warrior limbs too these
    kind of the same setup I just got one for but I think is the
    September activity that's it's pretty tiny
    and cute a little bigger than this one more bracelet-like right
    but this is just ideal for earrings and
    pretty quick to do to work let's see how many I've got
    I'm gonna fix that edge one two three four five six seven eight nine
    ten eleven twelve thirteen here's my 13th
    and I'm using pretty tight tension but I've got a little trickier at the end for us to give it one last little tight
    okay so there's my my 14 warps
    and now what I'm going to do is not this to the edge so first I'm
    going to trim some of this off and get that spool out of the way
    and what I did to keep my tension going while I did this kind of like looping around as I just went around a couple
    times ago
    I'm getting it through the loop third okay now I gotta tighten everything up
    and so what I noticed is my knot side will tighten up a little bit if I pull
    it this way and then and slide my tube all the way up
    and get that tension to tighten and anything that you need to adjust like I have some adjustments that need to be
    happening here so this one and so I wanted to also point out that
    this process is a lot easier with something that doesn't move while you're doing this stuff so when I work with my
    little block over here when I'm doing the warping it's kind of it's down a little further towards the
    little round part and then right before I get ready to do my first stitches I
    push it up to tighten the tension and it stays put I'm gonna have to do that over and over
    again as we work with my tube because my tube is going to wiggle on me so that's the only thing about using
    like a tube ideally if you could get like a half moon dowel or something blocky would be even better but I
    figured I wanted to show it's possible on something everybody's got in their stash which is a team so
    so there's that and it's going to move a little bit on me I'm not going to worry about it you get some more some more thread here
    you'll need um and I think I might have left that info out it doesn't use a lot of thread but maybe like 35 inches or so
    to do your wefting would be good if you're doing the full 11 rows with
    the uh 13 beads across like I'm doing so there's my flattening I'm flattening
    this so I can get my needle going and there's that okay so let's get some
    beads earlier I just dumped out all these so I'm going to use these again
    [Music] okay so I'm going to start and try to match
    what I got going over here and any questions out there please jump in and let me know if there's anything that
    I've skipped over gone too fast
    so just copying that and something that looks like this
    and I don't knot the edge of my thread on as I'm going can you hear me Danielle
    yeah gotcha okay sorry I'm I'm over here in the bottom corner like I couldn't hear you are you I know I had
    to be added to the screen okay so let me just ask you something because um so I got I got this far okay but but
    if I'm not mistaken what I really should have done is the the goal would be to
    whatever this is be it the burner or a seed bead um container that it it
    needs to stay up here as close as possible because I can't get this to go up any higher
    yeah yeah all right well yeah
    is that what like I tried okay because but but I guess I guess
    that I would have wanted to and I'll loosen it up but the goal would have been to
    oh so I needed to stay a little bit more loose uh so this is a psychology thing
    because when we're weaving normally it's all about a tight warp keeping the
    consistency so we all need to remember that if we're going to use the micro tiny Loom
    we have to keep it a little loose in order for it to then get tight because we're adding the tension afterwards it
    does that make sense yes it does okay because I didn't do that okay redo all
    right um but I do think I mean I feel like it can work either way right like for example if you had something that
    wasn't going to wiggle on you yeah moving it toward the top the only reason it actually ended up
    getting loose on me as I warped it yeah is because my thing my my tube is moving
    around as I'm yeah I really feel like the winner thing here is like a half moon dowel yeah I'm helping uh uh I'm
    sure we can make one [Laughter]
    yeah but now I better understand that see you know because when I teach and I
    in my head I'm I'm like okay trying to keep it tight right I'm trying to keep
    it tight because that's what we do with all the other looms but now we have to
    keep it a little bit Loosey because of yeah okay all right so we're good okay
    on the trickier side for sure yeah no it's awesome it's so awesome I I just in
    one of those um you know visual thinkers so I have to get it in my head yeah you know what I'm
    saying so I just have to process okay I'm gonna leave now bye oh no okay
    well yeah so that that was great a great um
    yeah no it was great um a great thing to point out because I hadn't mentioned it as I was going I didn't really think
    about it that much um really I wasn't able to get it to be as tight as I'd hoped as I was warping
    it and sometimes it goes better for me than other times and definitely goes better when the object that I'm using
    like a tube here isn't as able to move around because at every Stitch I'm probably going to be pushing it up
    and so it's going to get a little tricky but um when I start my lines I do things
    kind of different I feel like you could do a little knot here on your Edge most work
    I feel like that would be totally fine but there's a thing we're going to do at the end where you're going to want to be able to get that loose
    so I think what I'll do for mine I usually actually don't even not at all but what I'll do for this one is I'm
    gonna experiment with doing just one knot and see if the one knot
    makes it just a little easier to do this next step this next step is um oh rubber band around both sides oh my
    God that's brilliant brilliant yes and that it would work because you've got these little sides here
    so we've got some great ideas out there yeah oh I wish I had one I would go
    around here and then around the other side and kind of like Hook It To The Top
    okay I'm definitely going to try that I'll get a rubber band after the live hearing give that a go
    oh they've saved me a lot of kind of fumbling around with that too right
    and so I've got my knot here and I'm going to bring these little beadies under it and what I was doing on the plane
    because I had set it up warped it so I couldn't even get under it so I was actually pushing down on the beads
    I did that for my first free rows just to get started I didn't have the tassel maker at the time but the tassel maker
    can really help you with that too because you can get the tassel maker going and bring these down oh and I kind of
    look really weird um Loom weird eye Loom from the bottom up a lot of people go from the top down
    I was doing this for some reason and it's going to work either way for you you'll just end up doing this Step
    at the end instead of the beginning there it goes
    a lot of you out there are thinking yeah that girl was determined to be able to Loom on a plane and you're right that's what was going
    on with me I was like I was just determined to make it work that day
    I don't know I can't sleep on planes so I just have to have something something to do
    okay so there's my first row got that on there and I'm just gonna put
    my second one on oops I'm going the wrong way look at this one
    all right
    yeah that rubber band ID is brilliant I gotta remember that
    oh the bead comb that will work too yeah and I just got that I did I think it's um in the last
    kit that came out I'm so glad I discovered I didn't know
    you did a um a monthly class and I just joined and it's exciting to me
    and I was joking with Joan before class and I always sign up and forget to join the classes I gotta remember
    and definitely join it so what I'm doing right now is I haven't really gone underneath my my warps yet
    kind of on the edges I'm doing that a little bit with my fingers but I am making sure I stay above my warp threads
    as I'm going through and doing this part
    in these first few rows are going to be my Nemesis they're a little tricky but it gets much easier as you get gone
    okay so let's get some more threads here
    threads beads
    and I'm gonna come underneath these
    and I'm starting to get to that spot where I feel like I can get my fingers under it right above the third row is where I get
    I get there speeds to come back
    another thing I noticed is as you add rows it just gets a little tighter every time which gives you a little advantage
    but I bet Jules as you're watching this you're thinking because you're an inventor and that's how your mind I feel
    like that's how your mind will you'll see what I'm doing and you'll be like I know exactly how to make that better
    and make it like more efficient so I can't wait to hear your ideas
    and here's three and one
    hey so I have to type out Joan add me
    yeah yeah are you having ideas right now I
    wonder what you're thinking like as far as changing stuff up and making it more efficient yeah I think I think um I
    think it's I I've texted Robert to to get over here as well and uh to peek in but um I
    stopped trying to follow because I want I have to watch I have to understand every second of what's Happening Here so
    um first of all again to take something it so here's it ah I I might when I go
    back off I might go grab it so here's the funny thing or interesting thing in 2019 when we came out with
    the first wood Looms the goddess shape and I was getting ready to propose those
    looms to JTV she was flat
    really yeah and I'm gonna go find her I have her I'm gonna go show you the
    original so and it's kind of funny because I have a um so it's not what we ended up moving forward with and the
    funny thing is that there's possibly a dozen of them so I was going to put them online but I thought to myself people
    know what to do well now they will number one now they will know what to do
    with her but uh yeah it's so interesting because I think that uh
    it really is the end users what they need right uh I had one person
    um or you know people will enjoy more space between the risers and you know
    the bottom of the Woodland like with the original jewel loom when you warp it you know you have
    you know gradually you work up to what like two inches or something two and a half inches of space but when you're up
    here on the jewel loom you know you've got you could get under there like what like into I don't know an inch and a
    half or something so to work on something flat is like a whole different experience is what I'm trying to get to
    so it is I I think it's all in what you can maneuver and
    so um but it is funny I'm gonna go find I'm gonna go find the flat because they
    were flat but this is so awesome and I'm I'm understanding uh-huh sorry
    oh no good you're I was thinking like it would need um maybe something top and bottom
    because it's the size that um is so appealing for earrings yeah
    but there's less waste yeah which is teeny yeah so there's the right
    because the mini is not everybody got the mini in their September Workshop but um and she came with a necklace kit but
    that has not even hit the shop yet as an individual um really item so I'm going to put her
    up for October my birthday month I'm just trying to decide what I want to
    I usually like to offer something with the Looms um but anyway so that's that's the mini
    but oh happy birthday yeah I think yeah a couple weeks
    yeah so the this micro promo business card that has turned into obviously
    um something incredibly awesome thanks to you um yeah we'll have to definitely
    definitely see uh what we can add to it to make it a little more simple
    and um yeah yeah it's so it's it's really
    fascinating and I'm just I I love how you um start your your weave and it's absolutely you
    know you can start on the bottom you can start on the top some people hold their Loom you know side to side so this way
    instead of this way you're going to get to this yeah you're going to get to the same place so
    um that's all good it is cool it is super cool I love how it works no matter like what
    way you you try it you can always make it yeah that's the coolest thing about
    looming yeah so many ways it makes great stuff and those beads uh if my eyes
    serve me well are reminding me of the rasta hemp cord
    do you all agree yeah it's reminding me of the of the rasta palette on the on the hemp cord
    that we have and so that's really fun it's so beautiful
    that's super pretty I can send you a batch of these beads these are the Czech
    Terror intensives oh what how does the check wet
    um precious colorway now um and they come in this
    lustery one and they come in a mat now there's a matte finish oh but it's um super slick this is like the purple and
    these are some of the other they have I remember correctly nine colors in total here's some over here that's the
    rose yeah that is gorgeous that is super gorgeous you know
    October's colors I love yes yes yeah
    well and I have a um when I went to Mexico several years ago I um bought
    dishes you know I could not leave messages in fact if I could if I could
    figure out how to live in Mexico I'd probably be one of those people that would go live in Mexico like I love the
    country so much but I have yeah I have this I have dishes that are in those
    colors and they're just so fun and yeah they're okay I have to go unpack
    everything [Laughter] yeah temporary quarters for the last two
    years everything's just kind of staring at me um but yeah yeah I really love that I
    love both palettes this palette is reminding me of of more of my Portuguese
    Heritage and the other pile definitely yeah it's got that Mexico Flair
    happiness fun festive break out the Margaritas that's a feeling that it has to meet you
    that's the first thing I thought when I saw these vibrant colors yeah I just brought that all back I I also
    come from Southern California so oh he's a strong influence for me too yes so you
    know yeah it's just so pretty wow how many how many rows do you have right
    now this is my 11th and last row oh okay oh okay oh so I I I wasn't off then I I was
    getting concerned that uh that I wasn't going to be able to get my
    enough rows but I see now so I'm glad I stopped so that I could have a better
    visual this is what's so great yeah I felt like my my burner had fallen
    and and I was trying to get it up to the top too much oh I see what you're saying yeah because
    I can slide it around if I wanted to move it right now I could just go ahead because it's not something like with the
    bracelet you wouldn't be able to do it as easily but right yeah yeah yeah so psychologically you all
    um we're gonna have to think a little bit different when we're warping this
    um because it's just going to be just a little bit of a different flow so so make sure you watch this
    demonstration a couple of times to best understand the positioning yeah exactly
    that's so good and will you do the front really quick again okay so see I was fine I was I was
    thinking I was I was thinking I needed to be up higher and I did not okay okay
    awesome no I think I love this yeah where there's something up here and
    something down here that's thin you know like yeah like that yeah and then just in the shape you just pop
    it in your purse and then if you get if you need your loom fix no matter where you are you're okay you know that's what
    I was thinking and I was thinking that um you know when I travel and if I need
    to put the needle I take the blue tape the blue painters tape and I'll I'll
    kiss the needle up to the loom and then I'll put a strip of blue paint or straight tape so that it doesn't poke me
    and then I can still travel with my needle needle not that they're going to take a needle away I hope but um but to
    your point how stinking fun to have your little bag if you're just gonna do a
    weekend of earring making at wherever you know yeah so perfect I'm just so
    grateful that you you did this and I'm sure everybody is yeah well I'm grateful
    you gave me these cool little cards to play with that was like a six hour four hour one
    or five hour ended up being six hours with everything I know sitting there like with nothing to do yeah no it's
    great because you could put everything you need into a little bag and and call it a day right so cool yeah it's super cool okay I'm
    Gonna Let You continue I just had to no I was I was hoping this question mark
    um because I know your eye when you see I think there's something about watching somebody
    maybe struggle through something a little bit to create Innovation it's that necessity yeah like she's doing
    that and that could be so much better if you just we just yeah and then it just triggers all these the inventors that
    block that block is awesome though the block is really yeah yeah
    I want to cut it in half this way yeah
    well it's like your career you're creating you're creating uh removable risers
    yes yeah exactly yeah I forgot my other light this is too
    bright but yeah very good I'm going to be quiet now
    I'm going to take this off um and then finish it okay what do you think yeah so Joan go ahead and remove
    me because for giggles I'm gonna go find the flat Loom that we started I can't wait to see that okay so real
    quick guys I'm just gonna pull this off alone and um we can do it again with this one if you want to see it twice but
    um in the diagram you're going to see something a little funny now of course once you take that tension rod whatever
    tension tube out of your loom and you pull it off it's gonna look like that perfect go ahead and just take it off
    the top you might need to cut it free or you might be able to just slide it off this way I've had luck getting it off and then
    sometimes I've had to cut it so whichever works and this one the knot that I did here wasn't fabulous and it
    just I can just undo it so there we go step one get it off the
    loom and then you'll want to lay it down and just have it it doesn't actually
    matter which side front or back you lay it but if you wanted to keep it exactly as it's written in the diagram the side that you
    had your knot on which was your top left is the one that's going to look like that okay knotted so you can just kind
    of Orient it the same way making sure all my Loops are separated out from each other not hugging each other one's going
    through the other one and now I'm going to do something with my chain nose pliers to get rid get my
    warps to kind of just like strand through um and the first thing I want to do
    though before I do that I had a thought I want to un not my side here if I can
    remember we started this one with a little a little V knot there
    I believe it's still going to pull through even through my little knot but just in case remember this is the weft
    knot that we did right at the beginning and I did it as a single
    and if I can't get it to come loose easily I won't fuss with it too much but I feel like it might help me
    was getting this next step to work out a little smoother and it's coming out just fine so here we go
    and again this was that single little knot I didn't do a double knot it was a little single knot that I did to the side thread
    when I was first getting started with my weft
    apologies for the view of the top of my head well it's loose enough now that it's going to pull through okay
    so that's gonna work out fine and I do think it would still work even
    with that little knot but okay so again that that the diagram for what
    I'm doing here is in the handout and the only thing you want to think about is where is my Center so I'm going
    to grab my chain nose pliers again over here my center row is my middle uh
    orange one here let's put a little bit a little lower come down
    here we go so I'm going to take my pliers and I'm going to pull on this one this one right
    here that's the one that is just to the left of my Center
    and you don't have to pull very hard just be very gentle and just kind of push on it push it down a little bit and
    as you pull up do you see that bottom Loop it's just coming up and it's just gently hugging my bottom feed don't pull too
    hard or it'll kind of cinch up your work it works beautiful and flat right now I just want to keep it that way so just be
    really gentle and slow about everything methodical thinking about it and again in the diagram it says the
    next one you're going to do it's numbered you just go ahead and pull down on this side
    and this will work with different counts the trick is always to work from the center
    and every time you do it it's gonna you're gonna have more thread to pull through because it's going to get longer every time
    and yes this works on bracelets it's trickier on bracelets I also really highly recommend if you're
    going to try this doing it with wildfire because other threads that you can puncture
    it won't work at all if you've punctured the thread with your weft when you're coming through if you puncture a warp
    thread this won't work at all that it works great with Wildfire because it's very hard to puncture
    Wildfire you have to try I feel like
    oh yeah painters tape for sure and that's really handy on a bracelet especially if you're working with beads
    that are smaller than Ada definitely true
    all right and so this is the side where you remember we have our little knot over here I don't think it's going to be
    a problem but I'm going to just be gentle in case I feel like it'll pull right through my
    all right so one side's done so we're good on that side and now I need to do my other side
    and um remember we started in the middle and we
    pulled up from The Middle what you want to do now is pull down from the one that's left of the middle
    now when we pulled up from here and we pulled up on this one what it did is it pulled this Loop down
    here all the way up to Huggy that line so our next thing to pull down is this
    one and then we're just going to do the same thing we did before so on and so forth just keep going and pulling each of
    those sides down so here comes this next one it's just traveling
    I'm going I actually really love doing this it's really satisfying to finish a loom
    project like this really fun
    there's that one
    and you don't have to use your pliers I feel like there's other ways you can pull it through I just feel like the chain nose pliers get a better grip
    and what's happening up here is this is going to get stuck inside my Loop so I'm just going to get him out of
    my Loop again just getting that thread
    and pull that down
    coming up and we're really close to being done
    here's this side
    there's that one last one and I just wanted to say something real quick about the last side
    your right side if you're working like I did where you started this way and you
    pulled back through kind of the right-handed loomers way if you did that your type side is going to be this side
    the right so this one's not going to come through with as much ease you're going to have
    to really like not get scared and just go ahead and just pull it so I'm going to push down
    and then just pull it but don't worry you haven't done anything wrong if it's not working right away it's just that it this side is
    going to be your tight side because when we did our our back weft it put pressure on the side here
    but there you go so all set there and all we have left to do now is weave in only these four strands
    and what I did on my designs was I chose the shorter of the two and just got rid of those first and then I took these
    long ones that I have left here at the top and I use those to make my Loops for my earring
    and so I was just going to check in with Jules and Joan and make sure I'm still cruising okay for time if you'd like me
    to show put in those loops on and doing the weave in thumbs up if you guys are okay with that
    now let's make a start at it really quick so I'm going to Loop over
    um on this side you see how we've got our like our warping thread oh hey Jules okay so
    um yeah so I this is so good because who knew that weaving had so much
    psychological stuff but um
    it's super meditative and it's so interesting because I'm always saying be
    careful how you pull one end of your warps right because they're going like
    this so to actually see it how you're doing this it's like you know my mind's
    blown because it shows everybody like how those warps can shift
    but how brilliant to turn it into a finished you know technique so yeah I can't wait
    to like now I'm like oh I gotta make something because I wanna I've not done that I've not done that and so I'm I'm
    yeah I've not done this idea that you know where you're pulling um because I'm always in the frame of
    mind to be careful of how I'm pulling my warps right so that I don't shift my
    project and so I appreciate yes so I appreciate this very much because you're getting so
    many visuals today that are um they're just so big so thank you
    yeah they support other ones where you
    were eating so it's so good that's cool yeah it's it's so good thank you thank you oh thanks
    yeah go for it keep to keep doing your thing it's awesome I'm sitting here drooling so just keep going
    yay well all I'm going to do is just weave in and then create those little loops and then we can um I figure
    everyone's seen the wire wrapping before for like putting charms on the stuff but oh sure yeah but like for this one this
    this is my uh side warp right here and sometimes when I'm about to weave in
    what's left this is what's left on my left it even still has my needle I look at where it's exiting and see I'm
    exiting kind of like under it let's come over it and then go through
    okay just to get myself in there without um the thread not catching on that side
    one you want it to catch on that side work so it's tight yeah so it's it's grabbing it
    yeah and there's no reason are you using you're using a smaller needle but I could use my jewel loom needle right I
    think so okay yeah okay I just wanted and Nicole's asking can we use yeah this
    works on all Loom projects and yeah I think um with beadalon we did a live or we did
    a really long one yeah um it's a little scarier on a long one does that make sense like right so get
    the technique down on these little ones yeah because it doesn't move as freely and then also you have to really hold
    your piece but um some I think it was Maria that said painters tape someone posted newspapers Maria did put put that
    and yeah because the whole thing when when we're talking when we take a piece off of the Loom like a bracelet
    you know there's that concern that you don't want to pull the warps on the one end like I already said right so you
    have to keep this consistency of not of just being careful that your whole piece
    doesn't shift so I would say get the technique down on these little pieces and then Advance into trying it on a
    bigger piece and then definitely keeping the weight so it's a go slow go slow is definitely yeah that's going
    to go slow yeah and I have a hard time with that because I get excited at the stage
    I know yeah I know I I get way too excited I hit buttons that say in
    broadcast instead of you know for sure I do that too so Hands-On thing
    all the things good I feel so much better
    we all do it takes the courage to try to do stuff
    online I'm just not getting brave enough yeah I think that is good to know you know
    there are so many different techniques I've watched um uh I think it's I think Leslie does this
    rondowski she um will do the invisible uh I don't know if that's the right word
    but she'll she'll do this where you take and re-thread all the warps and then you know she's putting them back into the
    piece and it's it's ridiculously stunning um time consuming is all get out but so
    beautiful right so I feel like we have yeah and there so there are all of these different stages of how you can
    how you can weave how you know and and it's great because if you're just starting
    then it's good to know that you can do these simple things and still have an incredibly beautiful piece and then as
    you grow right you get to learn more advanced things so it's I love the versatility of
    it all yeah me too yeah and then there's always a tool in your pocket for ending anything and finishing anything and
    right [Laughter] and it's just so easy I feel like to
    weave in the rest of the way I don't um I've watched some of your lives now to do leading in do you like to do the
    picking up the warp thread yeah yeah I think yeah so like I'll come back in
    exactly I'll come back in and see and so Leslie has a technique um where where she'll grab those long
    warps and go all the way back into the finished project and and it's stunning because she's using
    um you know those crazy beautiful Delica those tiny little guys that I can hardly
    see I need to tune into this I need to I have to tag you in the video um please do yeah and uh
    yeah but I do I'll grab one of the warps oh yeah yeah I'll grab I'll grab one of
    the warps to tie off on like that yeah yeah that's the the way that I've always
    kind of liked doing it because I have a hard time with um I can't really get my needle through the
    sides very well when well these are Big beads but like some of the smaller beads that I like to use like the delicas uh-huh at this stage like I'm having
    problems getting my needle through my beans because I've gone through because they're so tiny yep for sure like
    wildfires is beautiful thick doesn't stretch yes and multiple trips through a bead is sometimes like a problematic
    step for me especially an 11 hour a 15 or yeah yeah you like to work with 15s
    oh no I used to and I don't I know okay that
    it's probably not fair to say that I just feel like it would be hard on my eyes
    um but my girlfriend Brandy my childhood girlfriend Brandy she is
    she's that person like she does yeah she does the extremely
    tiny beads and and patterns and um yeah she's
    really good with that yeah yeah um Kelly Dell is the one that really
    rebirthed my passion for seed beads you know somewhere along the way I just kind of like I don't know it's really weird
    how we transition in our um oh I don't know if you can still hear me
    I can hear you yes oh awesome okay um yeah it's kind of it's interesting how
    we Tran how we transition in our create you know creativity like what beads were drawn to and
    um and so seed beads have just come back into my life with a Vengeance and really Kelly from off the beaded path really
    helped to rebirth that passion you know because that's where I started back in
    the day on a leans that's we just did a ton of seed bead work and so and then somewhere along the way somebody turned
    me on to check beads and I think it's when I had my company jewelcraft that I
    got really into into the um the check beads but we had checked seed beads back
    then and so yeah yeah so anyway I I love
    what you're doing right here that's yeah oh thank you so you're just kind of
    crisscrossing around and yeah just kind of getting me back in there like if I change direction three
    times in a lot of my other seed beading classes I always say that's kind of like three turns as a charm forget you
    something woven in yeah without having to do a knot because I tend to not not but um a lot of my friends that do see
    beating they are knotters and they do a knot right so it's really beautiful so I always say just go with which
    whichever method you like to do yeah I'm so glad to see you do what you just did
    to re-thread yeah yeah yeah that was I I it was Wyatt I believe who
    it was either Wyatt or Meredith now I can't remember it's been so many years but one of them did that and I was like
    oh duh oh he did they did it years ago and I was and I think it was Wyatt who
    said Jules you know if you just blah blah blah and I was like oh good to know just smushed the wildfire and then it'll
    get into the eye better oh exactly yeah all right yeah oh that
    just you know I have to just tell you and I don't know if you've had this experience but there is something so
    um it it's it's so many words when you have
    a piece on the jewel looms uh the wood ones in particular
    it's interesting to me where things end up so like right now you have your piece
    and you can see the crown right and so do you ever find that
    when you get your piece and it's on the loom and then do you ever just notice where your piece has landed on the
    design work of the Loom have you ever resonated yeah like that's something for me and I don't know maybe
    just because I birth them that I'm more connected to that visual but um
    sometimes I'll have a hard time taking a piece off the loom because people on there doesn't it
    because it looks like it's added art and it's so hard for me
    I don't know if anybody else has had that experience or feel you know it's just something that I really um it just
    I don't know there's something cool about it there really is no for sure I feel like um that that's
    probably why um like you gave me the extra looms and now I can do that yeah
    and I accidentally only put um I put the wrong number of seed beads here oh I say that yeah I'm just pulling it out but um
    you could just go with three but the reason I went with four is because I like how my yeah would like sit in between the um
    I can't get enough of that palette I'm gonna send you a whole set of these so you can yeah
    yeah they are uh yeah super duper fun
    and just happy we all need happy we do and like I feel like um you know
    right before I made those ones with the cats I literally searched my entire studio for sugar skulls because I know
    I know I have the like really cute Chuck ones yeah for the life of me cannot find them in my studio right now so uh and
    it's October it's their time to shine yes so I will locate those and yeah is that
    like a coral color it's kind of I um it looks Coral to me it's called
    Terra intensive orange oh okay so it's like a terracotta Orange yeah Coral that's really really
    beautiful it's so pretty it has a very different look in the matte finish which I don't
    have an 8-0 yeah like 11 0 right now yeah super pretty I really want to get them
    in like all the colors all the finishes oh gosh yeah because I need more seed beads all right
    I'm so glad my house is so much there's beads everywhere my kids find oh my gosh
    and they just like we're gonna be like put it on the mat oh my goodness Marlon Brando will find them and he'll swish
    them around in his little Frenchy mouth and then he throws them up in the air and chases them it's hysterical but I
    can only let him do that like once because I'm afraid he's gonna swallow it
    yeah and that'll be a bad Frenchie mom okay
    that's funny yeah they do they definitely they
    definitely um I like my son wants a dog really bad my older son oh boy and I'm I'm not ready
    to take on that responsibility it is like it's a child it is it is and our house isn't safe right now for kids yeah
    yeah like debris everywhere yeah it's a lot of work I mean Marlon Brando is a
    tremendous amount of work you know with his issues and
    um okay I mean he's delightful I love him to death but it is it's like a child
    it says it's something that you have to make make sure you're ready to do every day right yes
    yeah because he you know he's got to do all his business and you know he'll stare at me until I take him out to for
    you know a w I can't even say the word because he's snoring behind me right now so it'll wake him up right because he
    can hear him yeah he'll he'll be like a w then I'll have to stop everything I'm
    doing to go for a w which is fine usually except for it's
    been like very hot here so you know it's not safe um because what's your temperature today
    I today it still feels warm let's see
    um okay so it says the high is 73 but I
    swear it feels like it's 80. two in like Havasu so there's that
    I know that is hot yeah so I don't know if I mentioned when we met I grew up in the Mojave Desert at
    least that's where I lived from when I was 10. oh no way that's so cool we used to yeah
    we moved there from Florida oh my gosh so you went from humid to
    yeah to hot the kids in the neighborhood were like what we got all these like boogie boards
    and beach stuff because we lived in Tampa Bay and we got there and there's like what are you gonna do dirt surfing
    because like we go in the backyard with our little kiddie pools we're trying to fill it up we were so sad it was like
    120 degrees is very different than like eight years yeah I definitely like the
    dry heat over the humidity and Rosalinda is is mentioning that there is humidity and it's so crazy
    it's been a very weird season here in California for for the weather but I do
    like the hot um dry heat my body enjoys a lot more in
    my hair awesome yes yeah yeah so everyone's
    giving you um a shout out for your weekly shows on on Michael's and so I
    think that's so special yeah they love watching you every week and Jones been
    posting links to your shop and and all the things where where you can
    be found oh thank you Joan yeah I'm just starting to do a little
    bit more lives like for a while all I really did was the Michael's classes and it's mostly just because I I um you know
    didn't know how to prepare more content than that in such a short period of time yeah it's a lobster a little bit at it
    and so like last was last week or not last weekend but we can before that I I was like sitting here working on
    something and and I'm like oh I could just turn on my YouTube and see if I could record it and
    so I just like literally did that it was so crazy yes yeah
    yeah it's a lot I mean what did Trisha and Amber are on every Thursday on the
    YouTube um jewel loom channel on the Facebook and the preparation I I mean I have the
    utmost respect because it's been my life for 30 some years so I get it
    um and and so it's it does take a a lot but it is a passion and a love and look
    at those oh my heck I can't even so stinking cute
    and you know the fun thing too is you could actually use the tassel maker to make tassels and have it off of that
    yeah I'm screaming over here uh-huh oh my goodness
    it needs a colorful phrase yeah absolutely
    yes and I'm making my own tassels um I really really dig making my own
    yeah and you know there are definitely tassel makers out there my girlfriend um Patty paddy whack from aleene's back
    in the day she actually has um a tassel making system for
    all kinds of sizes and so I thought well you know I'm just going to do this little one for you know little bits and
    pieces but tassels are fun and it is awesome to be able to make them out of the materials that you know that you
    love and that you have on hand Joan do you want to bring me back in bring Danielle and I back in
    because I'm not touching anything I don't know
    okay I'm gonna back up a little because okay so this is where it started oh
    is that so funny that's beautiful so you know we weren't
    far off right so two three years later so this is
    actually how the goddess Loom had started um and she was flat and so we actually
    made a handful of these and then this is not what ended up going live and so it's
    fun to see how you made it work because now I feel more comfortable putting putting these in the shop
    um uh and people will be able to you know kind of see that it's the same similar
    type of structure or what have you so um yeah and then yeah the way that you um
    the way that you set it up will be the same right you can just use like any kind of you would just need something a
    little bit longer than maybe like a tube maybe like a yeah I don't know if like that dowel lady I would be
    okay yeah I'm I'm sure the one the moment Robert sees all of this he's
    probably already got something he's probably got something already I can't wait to see you yeah yeah well I mean
    he's Brill he's brilliant he's just absolutely I love that he could take my crazy mind and and you know help birth
    the end result so but um it's just unbelievable amounts of gratitude for
    you and thank you so very very very much and everything that you've done on the
    silver silk loom as well I know that Neely um yeah and you know so it just it feels
    like this whole beautiful family type of thing where you know we're all just using each other's yumminess and sharing
    it with all these amazing amazing people in our lives all of our yeah I hate
    using the word customer it just feels more like a community and our friends and family everyone that you know enjoys
    all the products and designs that um that we birth and so forever grateful
    for all everyone beyond words and so these are just amazing so one we're
    going to get them posted into the school for sure so we'll have um
    have that in there and then Joan I believe you've posted it all over the
    Galaxy [Laughter] yeah she's shaking her head she's like
    yeah so what do you have coming up next like where what's going on with you over the next couple of weeks do you have
    anything we should know about I do so I've got on Friday is I'm
    teaching a class for this bracelet oh wow oh yeah yeah like a
    bubble Stitch ladder stitch that's on classes okay good and
    that's uh that's offloom off yeah these are all awesome okay but
    I do want I'm gonna bring back another Loom one in November oh awesome sauce okay so these are just the rest of
    October okay I teach with them or at least almost every Friday okay good so we have I'm popping on with
    Sam on the um what I believe is the seventh uh October yeah okay okay my mind and
    all the dates they're they're running like everywhere I might try to do my own little pop-on on the first on a Saturday
    I first yeah okay I was just gonna just do like a Peyote Stitch thing I don't know
    just see what yeah okay well I'll have to if you published that one I'll try to pee in so that I can maybe learn yeah so
    I'm just now learning to do um streamer with myself like I've never figured out how to schedule and stuff so I'm still
    learning and then I need to make sure oh yeah he does where he does a pretty like how to do a lot of things
    yeah all that I know I know I obviously that's not my my in my wheelhouse to do
    that because I just let Joan and everybody else because it's like yeah but there are
    certain things
    he's got the advantage well make sure that you squeeze Sam I
    will say that the live that the three of us did during bead Fest was all-time favorite like so it was so much fun it
    was so much fun to be there yeah and it just really shut you know I I y'all we
    had a table that was like probably a 24 inch round if that and all the makeshift
    things that we had to find to hold the camera and to you know and it just was probably
    it really I think it was really a lot of fun for all of us because the three of us are pro you know we're always trying
    to make sure that everything's so dialed in and and we just kind of got to be like whatever and then it was perfect it
    was so good it was so good so well my birthday is October 5th so I feel like
    I'm going to be sandwiched in between you and Sam on the first and the seventh
    I'll be there for that yeah yeah so tell him I said hi and that I
    definitely enjoyed our time together he is one busy guy so for sure yeah yeah yeah I will
    definitely tell him yeah I think you guys should you have a collab planned right you were talking about it maybe something yeah we haven't
    gotten anything down yet Winky Winky oh Amber's birthday is
    oh good Amber's birthday no somebody's saying Amber's birthday's on the 5th too how why is that not like in my brain
    well happy birthday Amber oh my God okay no now we have to have a party now we
    have to have a party now it just got yeah yeah all the all the October babies they always
    find each other like I just feel like October babies somehow always find each other it's weird I don't know what was
    going on but um yeah so no hopefully Sam and I will get something on the books and we'll have
    fun I do have um soft flexes coming up on October 12th so that's yeah so we're going to be
    playing with the small wisdom Warrior um during that yeah so I'm super stoked
    about that and then I'm doing a thing with beads of courage in November and I
    made them something very special and I designed a loom have you all seen that
    with you I'm doing the same thing again the bracelet
    I'm Visa courage isn't it the designing of the Stars One I think it's the third
    is it the third oh it might be something different or maybe I should look at my calendar anyway I designed this loom for
    winter camp for Jesse James oh for Jesse James beads oh yeah I was about to ask about that that one is so cool yeah so
    I'll be teaching that with the bracelet um that is where she at she looks like a
    headpiece she's very wild and funky but it can be trimmed up and more conservative
    no no I love it just like it I'm like okay snip snip
    but I like you know it's just fun so what size is that Lou um
    oh shucks uh she is she is if I'm not mistaken Maybe
    eight or nine inches long um hermy and uh about two inches wide so the intention
    with the Jesse James Loom uh uh was to
    make bracelets basically and so you you can only weave on the top but
    what you can do is you can add this more sorry ribbon to the warps to
    make it longer and that's what I did on the other piece over there so um yeah so
    there is a you know a technique to do that whoops if you have a bigger wrist so but just the reindeer kills me I
    can't that's so so cute so cute so we got that going on and then
    Neely and I are supposed to regroup again too in November I think we're all just going to be everywhere and we need
    like one room we need like a um not a smoke room what are those roofs called that's the
    only thing because what is that called it's like a conference room you know like yeah like that sounds too boring
    right but it's not a smoke room but where people go and there's like a lot of leather furniture I guess they are
    smooth oh we need a bougie Lounge we need a bougie Lounge
    we need a bougie Lounge yeah yeah oh I'm gonna figure out how we
    can have that wouldn't that be fun you can have up to 10 pizzas yeah
    so Nila needs to design some um bougie artwork yes he does
    tell him he'll do something great he always yeah Joan is cracking up in the background man I don't even know what I
    wish I could see in her head I want to see each other I know Joe why don't you come on really
    quick to say goodbye [Music]
    when you get that look it's like the ginger Joan Vibe where all I can think
    of is that the two of you are like somehow naughty
    oh Patty says a back room that sounds that sounds even like yeah like couple
    knocks on the door you know yeah yeah a break room that's cute
    you know why I said smoke room is because at bead Fest we went to this one little restaurant across from the hotel
    and there was a smoke room oh wow yeah and people go there to smoke I don't
    know if it was a hookah hookah is that right oh it's not puka right it's Hookah Hookah I don't do that so I don't know a
    hookah bar a hookah bar yeah yeah
    I don't know if one of those in downtown there a secret a secret secrecy seed bead
    Society I like that's that sounds like the whole like Academia theme a hookah lounge
    Nicole knows anyway whatever it is it'll be amazing
    so we'll we'll have to figure out how to do that that would be a lot of fun kind of like after you know how like you
    go shopping all day during the holidays and then you're super wiped out and you just want to sit down have a good glass
    of wine you know maybe a good slice right and you just go somewhere to do
    that that's what we need are you talking about doing this online yeah
    okay yeah unless everybody's got some money to like get a ticket and go meet up somewhere amen I don't know I'll get
    in my car and drive and come meet y'all
    [Laughter] yeah I I actually just want to love on
    people so I need more I need more shows I hope everyone's going to Tucson by the way
    I'm hoping to yeah yeah I think I'm gonna try to get a Airbnb
    awesome yeah so anyway oh I was gonna say you might be able to get a house if you several of
    you get together yeah that's what I'm yeah let's just get a mansion
    feed mansion can we [Laughter]
    oh my God I'm not gonna be able to sleep yeah [Laughter]
    your mind's gonna be going oh my goodness Danielle I absolutely
    adore you and I'm honored that I got to meet you and I'm beyond grateful that you
    you know love the products and and use them and that they give you so much inspiration and I'm so grateful for your
    Technique ideas you know there's um always something to be learned and
    one of the biggest things that you can do in a business and a in is always surround yourself with people that they
    say no more than you right and it's true like if you always think that you know everything or you're just so full in
    your own head you don't open up for other ideas and lessons and so I love
    learning from others and to see how you you know yourself and other people have
    taken the products and come up with techniques and what have you it's it's really the best part of this
    so well thank you thank you so many inspiring ideas
    yeah I did take more classes I miss taking classes more than I know so yeah
    yep learning Is wealth it is it's a luxury you get to be a student I feel like yeah it's definitely
    um you know learning is is key it's so powerful to know things right
    whatever it is right so true so
    all right girls ladies and gentlemen and all of you delicious fabulous people we're just
    kissing you kissing you yes we got hearts and we got all that my
    heart's crooked how do you even do that I don't know
    I learned it from my zoom people in my Michael's classes is it okay there we go all right oh there we go if you put your
    point in there oh good heart I'll bring this together there we go and if you go like this you can look like a super
    super hero mine are all crazy
    I'm like I know okay all right everyone have the most best days ever ever ever
    ever I will um Trisha and Amber will see you Thursday Danielle you're gonna see
    everybody Friday on your Michael's live class do we know any of our other friends going to be doing anything as
    neela got anything going on Joan next week next week okay a tutorial
    because I told him he had to get it to me before Friday okay and Sam does he
    have something going on this week that we should give a shout out for he has his regular sales he does um okay
    Fridays or so Tuesdays and Thursdays and then Friday there's usually a class okay okay cool
    okay good so everybody's got everybody's schedule so just don't ever leave your computer
    just bring your phone this is that New York time in three o'clock Eastern time okay
    awesome awesome yeah today's only Monday I'm all off I don't know well next week Tuesday
    I think yes this week off he said he's really really busy well check in with all your favorites I mean Sarah and soft
    flex and beadalon and Jesse James and you know we're just like one big huge family here and we're all just you know
    doing the things that we love so we can just um shout out to everybody and and
    support um all the people that uh that love to bring you ideas and
    inspiration for sure and and John Beats
    I forget Canada can't forget Canada I don't know what accent that was but
    all right love you girls I hope to see you again oh yeah Thanksgiving theirs is like on
    that oh yeah the first weekend of October it's like I know because we have the
    seventh off for Michael's for that because they they're day or something okay good to know good
    to know so we'll have to celebrate with our Canada friends Canadian friends
    thank you again Danielle thank you so very much thank you Jules okay thank you just see you again yeah
    yeah thank you thank you [Music]